The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1947 Rep. Bennett Tells of 63 Coses Of Aggression by Trieste Reds '•^ ING «r,on'X^, £ .-2T^^^ fflt BLYTHEVTLU (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Mo., tuerted here yesterday that there h«v« been 6S incident* of armed aggression by "Communists" resulting In U« wounding or de«th of American «oWler§ since the «8lh Infuntry * Division has been it«- ttonrt In ,Trle*t». Dennett <»!d that )iU Infofma- tlon regarding the number was supplied by Army Intelligence. He returned recently from H 20,000 mile tour of \( European countries. Ke i*id the Incidents occurred between September, 19*5, and Au- »u»t, 1MT. "It U a state, of cold ivar over there," he wirf. "American and, Yugoslav troops nrc separated by d barbed wire fences and armed pa- wols." Bennett said that, among the Incident* Included In the total, were the following: loaded with American soldiers, 'A two-man patrol was fired upon while Investigating a tanlc trap. On Insi July n »n American jeep carrying on« officer and two enlisted men wu ambushed »nd th e driver was killed. The next day a Yugoslav patrol ftred on an American patrol, which fired back killing two Yugoslavs." He snld hts Information did not Include how many deaths had occurred during the 63 Incident* Bennett said that he believed there were four alternatives facing First, he said, we could "surren- cr and let the Communists do what they wanted to do." Second, we could fight, which he said was unlikely unless there was "another Pearl Harbor." Third, we could "withdraw al- folith Peasant forty Leader it Located LONDON. Oct: ». (UP) — Authoritative PolUh emigre officials said today that Stanlslaw Mikolt- Jczyk, mtaslni leader ot Ihe PolUh Peasant Party, had been located In Sweden and that he would com* to London *oon. Francis J. Wlik, chairman olMI- kolajciylc'j London Party Committee, said he expected th« Polish leader to arrive within 34 hour*. Wilk spent the day with Mrs. Mlkolaaciyk at her horn* ne*r London. together and chalk up the late war as a mistake." Or fourth, we could expand current short-of-war maneuvers and hope to strengthen our present allies and gain more by helping them out. Bennett said that our national security requires that we do not drop the people over there and that the fourth alternative appeared the best. €> A«o*« HMM, hi; Diih*«M kr WCA SHtVtC I, MC 1 ,CHE knew that il she had just >- awakened from Ihe enchanted 1100-year sleep of the fairy tale, [and ij there had been no calendar iwithin miles, she still could have itold that this was the day college opened. She could have told It by the look of the crowd which jhad taken over Kremolka's Kandy IKitchen, taken it over abruptly land noisily, like the annual in- ivasion of migrating starlings which [blackened the chapel's venerable (cornices for one h-eek-end each ;autumn. Yesterday the campus 1 •favorite eating 'place had been fluiet as a churchyard, dreaming im its golden September lethargy. fToday—a shambles! : The aisles between the high- backed booths were jammed with young people, yelling and semaphoring back and forth with ex- .travagantly waving arms. The coat racks were six deep with corduroy jackets, with gloriously antique pork-pie hats and camel's- hair topcoats. Under each table for four, six pairs of saddle shoes were jammed together in the cozy companionship of reunion. Oz?.ie Kremolka, hovering near the front door of his revivified food emporium, was perspiring in fountains and flashing that wide and gold-toothed leer of welcome which Camellia Austin had known . as his "mid-September" smile since way back in the days when p flrst-of-college had swept upon her with all the excitement and brave color of Christmas or a birthday, interrupting her preoccupation with her dolls, quickening her pulses and brightening her eyes. Sipping the dregs of her malted —the first food she'd had time for since breakfast—Cam tried to count the opening days she had known since that time. But there had been too many. They were ibeads on s string which seemed to run back forever. They all [blurred together, like running col- jors, into a giddy melange of laughter and excitement which left no ;clear impression nor sharp-cut .outline—only a warm, muted gen feral glow. Baing the only daughter of the man who had served Carter College as its Dean since before you j-were born. Cam decided, was a jtreacherous thing.' It gave you : the memory of an old woman, .definitely before your time! Here she sat feeling like a refugee from ^a museum, when, actually, she was still an undergraduate herself. • '-'•*• CHE was just working up courage *-^ to buck the mob in a battle toward the doorway when Herbert Powell dropped into the seat across from her, winded from his own buffeting amid the menaces of ,the aisle. ; Cam knew it was Herbert before she glanced up, even though she had not seen him all through the summer months. There was no mistaking the way he cleared hfs throat in preparation for speaking to her—just as if he were about to unveil for his freshman class in English Lit the inner mysteries of the Chaucerian verb. "Weil, Cam! I've been searching the town for >ou. r ' "Have you, Herbert?" She tried her best to make herscif sound pleased, although actually she didn't care particularly what young Professor Powell had been doing. "Didn't anybody at the house tell you where t waj? I've been up at the hospital. That's where I always go on Thursdays. War Profiteering Investigation To Be Resumed WASHINGTON, Oct. JB. <UF>- Sentte Investigators have tentatively scheduled to begin Monday the second round of hearings on Howard Hughes' war contract*, it WM learned today. The Senate War Inve*tl«a(!»g Committee will recall to th« witness stand Hughe* ,the West Coast mll- Honnalre film producer »nd aircraft designer, for further testimony on hts $40,000.000 In government alr- plnne conlnicls, it was reported. Also to be recalled with Hughes if John Meyer, the manufacturer'* free-spending press agent. Committee hearings were terminated suddenly on Aug. 11, after two weeks of tumultuous hearings. Grand Jury Indicts Girl 4s Hit-and-Run Driver 3 NASHVILLE, Temi., Oct. 29. (UP) —The Davidson County Grand Jury Indiclcd Miss Mary Sulzbachcr yesterday on a charge of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the hit-run death Oct. 4 of Mrs. Eiiabeth Rutherford. She also waj indicted on a charge of leaving Ihe scene of an accident In connection with the death of the 70-year old widow of a former comity criminal court Judge. A total of *650 in rewards hnrt been offered for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the accident. Less Meat Produced WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. (UP)— The Agriculture Department yesterday re|»rted that production of federally-Inspected meat for In: week ended Oct. 25 totaled 310,000.000 pounds, one per cent above last week's production, but 29 per cent below the output for the corresponding week in 19*6. Read Courier News Want Ads. "But I thoiiEht the summer might hive chanted that," Herbert armed. "Yon know how eraiy I—. Aft«t all, ,a* eamt (o M grieving for Gary Marlowe forever.- I Nurse's Aide." "Thursdays?. It was Tuesdays when I left on my vacation." It was something,of a feat, the way " "-•• rav_-"""a..vt a icai, me way very, exhilarating expert Herbert could manage to look like Herbert admitted, sounding both a kicked snaniol ranH n <-t,.fr n ,j ' i - . ,, ' w "** ul "« cover her confusion. "You must have had a real whirl for yourself I climbing all those mountains." "Very.exhilarating experience." ever Ye he , ., . . ,—~ ""- vv ««""• i'^c : neiueri aamiuea both a kicked spaniel and a stuffed professorial than ever owl at the came moment. His wasn't old enough to be' comb.nat.on of injured righteous- I really. He was only 28. ™. u „«= Lfni " nsu . r yr e11 lartei with : wore that ridiculous pale Tine of cringing wistfulness, was not j mustache to make himself look precisely the recipe to evoke ani- older-more like his own mated response from a girl who - had been on her feet in the convalescent ward since noon. "I guess I'm not up to date on your schedule, Camellia. You haven't written to me very often this summer." Cam felt ashamed. The possibility of having dealt an unintended hurt always affected her this way, with a sense of wrong-doing none the less acute because it often was patently illogical. Letters from Colorado, addressed in Herbert's precise and disciplined hand, had arrived at the Dean's house punctually three times a week all summer long. ^ "1-I'm sorry about that, Herbert, You know, I did mean to write to you often. But somehow there were so darn many other—" "Other letters," he Bnished somberly. Your postwar V-mail " Delicate color burned Into Cam's checks, climbing to the roots of the s.lvcr-g,lt hair still lying smooth under her cap. The clear emerald color which made her eyre through no fault of her own ex-' otic, clouded swiftly. Herbert nad intended his sulky reference to her voluminous overseas correspondence to hurt CHE was ashamed of so many of of those letters, now. Not for what she had written in them, but or what the boys in uniform who lad received them might perhaps lave read between the lines. They seemed, now, with the war years fading, so much too easy, too impulsive—yes, too cheapening. "I was terribly glad to hear from you, Herbert," she said quickly, to I N. P. Richards New Operator GULF Service Station State Lrne (Around the Curve) Featuring: •Jf Gulf Courtesy if That Good Gulf Gas Tires, Batteries Accessories Discount Rate to Truckers Open 6:00 a. m., 10 p. m. Weekends tion of a man w,... _ .„,. ,,,„ ship practically staring him ^ M , c face. His gray eyes, despite their earnestness, were young. So was the cowlick which ruffled the pan in his grouse-brown hair, no matter how long or how carefully hit military brushes might belabor it Cam was gathering her posses- ,sions from the table and jamminj them into her purse. "You must come over to the house some evening soon, Herbert, and tell us all about the mountains. Dad will enjoy hearing about them, too." "Much as I admire the Dean, what I had in mind was seeing you alone." For the instant, he didn't sound like a mentor at all "I've thought of very little else all summer, Cam. You know how crazy I—* "Now, Herbert," Cam cut in firmly. "1 told you last May how I feel about getting emotional. Romances are out Any and all romances." "But 1 thought the summer might have changed that, at least a little. After all, you can't go on grieving for Gary Marlowe forever." Cam's fingers had clasped hart, on the edge of her purse as he spoke the name. Here it was again That persistent belief, with everyone in Carter College blandly refusing to relinquish it. that she had been in love with Gary Marlowe. That her heart had gone down in a spiral of Hame over Iwo Jima, with his bomber. And it was her own fault if the college thought it Her own foolish fault (To Be C*nttnMd) I Hove On Hand At All Times Several tractors and equipment . . . both new »nd used ones JOHN DEERE. FARMALL and other makes. Also, I have for sale at nil llme^ 70 to 80 head of mules. Terms can be v arranged. Will trade for most anything you have. F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Braggadocio Free Delivery Coll PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba Our Boarding House with Maj. Hopple jOUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams •^ ESftD, LEAMDER / 1T'6 PERFECT/ THE frtS IS AS SUCK AS A WATERMELOi SEBO, UNCLE BULGY-*-1 MBfthii AMOS .'-w IT GNSS >OO ALL KINDS OF TIME CW 1HE VJ/XV OP TO GET THE SANDOOTA \SOUR EVES.' OF THE ROCKl^ CUMR f VlE'LL ALL BE. \MAFTGD IfiTO EASY STREET OrtTHE \rtlWGS OF | AW AUTOMATIC eeD-v. WAW /~ SHAKE SCOR MEAD OVER THIS-1 SEE FIVE TEETH Of THE COMB FROM HERE/ \f \Of_TP HARROW THAT THATCH MORE OPTEW OUR COMBS VvOULPM'T ALL LOOK 1 IKE THE SKYLINE OF NEW '/ORK/ BORM THIRT/ YEAP& TOO SOON FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS 8p«*k, Yon By MEKULL Vou MEM ALWAYS SAV WOMEW HAVE A , SOFT SNAP/ U'gE NOT CHAS'GINXi VOUR. MIND, , ARE vou? PONT HA NO ME TU»TV THIS Tfcft-ROOM GALS ALWAYS WH«R6 TO GO ON A DATE---YOU JUST LBT US THINK W«'*E THE ^ BIG SHOTS I •JUV-E-- BMC. Rourwe isjusr AWAO7 "Com* right back and wash your hnnds and nook! You can t get away with that 'summer tun' story any longer!" AL VERMEEB n I Pop. did you hear ^ JLVc*/ course Good, / was afraid it might have leaked '. out! anytti/ny about me } busting a window / at schoo/? VIC FLINT That Hy MICHAKL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK 3 told Grewl what I knew about Jaitus Wadham and what I had been retained to do for him HE CDUtD HAW, BUI THt PMMl JANUS KEPT THE PIUS IN B 5T1U HI* POCKET, FIRMLY CAPPED/ WHAT MAKES VOU THINK THIS ISN'T JUS1 ANOTHER ONE Of THE OtC GENTLEMAN'S HEART ATTACKS, SO IT* A PIU. WHAT Of IT? THE DID MANCOU.D HAVE DROPPED IT, COUtDN'T HE? CARRIED A PHIAL Of NITRO-6WCERIN PILLS WITH HIM AT All TM1JS INCASE HE SOT ONE OF THOSE ATTACKS... WASH TUUBS By LESSLIE TURNER NOT * CHUNCE TO SHMtE T«M COP NOVf. SEMKH MIDFIND1T! A W EM1ERS PULL- MMI WITH TOMW, M4 MITMED ESPEKMELY ON 3£lLE8y lOOkS FOR SOHE ESCWr..tHEN HIS M> H« HIM6LE FIU 5EK6 SUP fc SMM.L CHMAW5 6KS INTO THE The Rush Is On By FRED BARMAN; FRAN! COME HERE •' OLD DUSTER STOKES HAS HIT PAY DIRT.' ME STRUCK .. RlCH.pAUGtVtER.' 15 OUR C*T ,10 1VE FINALLY STOUCK GOLD O,M UPPER COFFISJ CREEK; By V. T. HAMLIN VMLE AU.SYOCP tKfr.!HS HIS PANTS. BSMAOEO IN AN ENCOUNTER WITH * TRUCULENT MONSTcB, THE YOUNG FOB. \vTHOM HE 15 NOW SO CONCERNED 15 CVJEIEO .I TWNK yeu. FHO WHO WtfRl LOOKWd IN TH6 TH 1 OINO»AUa5 & KS? MU5T BE TAN<3UNCI UP AHEAD MeANVVHILC. ANOTHER. INTERESTED PA5CTV NEASS THIS PART OF THE HOOVIAN JUNGLE. BOOTS ANI) HKR By EDGAR MARTIN OO VOO 00ft C \RCOS

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