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The Ottawa Citizen DIEFENBAKER rn T7 DIGEST IT .1 Ultli Seal For Tories nicy uerc jlikc iyius Follow ing The Piper OTTAWA-BOUND PC HEAD IS GREETED DURING STOP WINNIPEG (CPt Progressive Conservative Leador John D.efenbaker, looking weary after a flight from Stjka'oon, was greeted during a 20-minute storover here early today by about 50 persons. Mr. Diefenbaker, on his way from his home in Prince Albert to Ottawa, as congratulated at the airport by Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Duff Roblin. He had a smi and a wave for the others, many of whom shook his hand. When aked to comment on the retirement of Trade Minister Howe from politics, he said, "I have often had strong disagree-ments with Mr.

Howe, but I have a personal regard for him." First Settles WHITING '4 Rough Rider Don St. John Visits Here Don St. John is one member of the Ottawa Rough Riders who won't have to go shopping for living quarters when the team assembles here towards the end iy I CANADA A 16-rvolume History of Canada, covering the period from 1000 to 1967 will be published between 1959 and 1967 by Toronto publisher McClelland and Stewart Ltd. Yesterday, several of the 18 authors conferred here on this new work. Left to right, are, seated, advisory editor University of Toronto; executive Morton, University of Manitoba; authors J.

Eccles, U. of Alberta; Saywell, F. W. Gibson, Neatby, UBC and M. Craig, rhota by Newton Diefenbaker was asked if lit had any slatt of cabinet officers to show the governor-jeneral.

"I have seen quite fe slates." he said. "It is inu-reit-Ung to put one alongside another." He told the reporters ht would be Interested in seeing any slates of cabinet ministers they had previously made. Diefenbaker preferred to talk fishing. "The fishing on Lake La Ronse was terrible," he confessed. "But it won't happen again.

If you are ever out my way, I guarantee next time you will catch fish. There are tremendous trout there. 1 Mr. Diefcabaker said he had rarely seen so many in the Baptist Church as he did in Prince Albert last Sunday. Ha attributed the swollen numbers to the press.

WEATHER Ottawa, Montreal, Laurentian, Easter Townships: 1 1 y. cloudy today nd Saturday; widely scattered showers or thundershowers this afternoon and evening and again Saturday afternoon and evening; very warm; tight southwesterly winds. Low tonight and high tomon-ow at Ottawa. 62 and 82, Montreal, 65 and 82, Ste. Agathe.

58 and 75, Sherbrooke, 60 and 80. Summary For Saturday: Scattered showers and very warm. Quebec City, St. Maurice. Southern Half Lake St.

Joha Re- gion: Mostly cloudy today and Saturday; widely scattered showers this afternoon and evening and again Saturday afternoon and evening; very warm; light winds. Low tonight and high tomorrow at Quebec City, 57 and 78, La Tuque and Chicoutiml, 55 and 5. Summary For Saturday: Scat tered showers and very warm. Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Nl-arara. Lake Ontario, Georgian Bay, HaUburton Regions: Variable cloudiness today and Saturday.

Scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly during each afternoon and evening. Continuing warm and humid. Winds southwest 15, except briefly higher in thunderstorms. Kirkland Lake 1 1 a Cloudy with showers and lso-, lated thunderstorms today and Saturday. Little change in temperature.

Winds light. Temperatures: YEAR 1000 TO 1967 Historians Preparing 16 Volumes On Canada Haiti Govt. Overthrown PORT AU PRINCE. Haiti (AP) The government of provisional President Daniel Fignole was overthrown today in a military coup. It was the fifth government to be unseated in this troubled Negro Caribbean republic since last December.

Fignole, who had wide backing among the peasants and working ciasses, took office after street clashes erupted into brief civil war May 25. Police headquaters announced that Antonio Kebreau, the army chief, "dismissed Fignole and the entire cabinet" The announcement said a communique would be Issued later in the day by which the army would take over all governmental powers. The whereabouts of Fignole and his ministers were not Immediately known. Presumably they were arrested in the early hours this morning. Bus Tragedy Toll 8 Dead LONDON (Reuters)-The death toll in Thursday's London bus disaster rose to eight early ioday when Mrs.

Nina Murray, a Canadian from Toronto, died in hospital with multiple Injuries. Her husband, 58-year-old George Murray, was among the seven killed outright when double-decker bus mounted the crowded sidewalk of a London shopping district. The Murrays were on visit to Britain with their 16-year-old son Alex. They were staying at Reading with Mrs. Murray's sisFcr, Mrs.

Bessie Hall, who was slightly injured. The son escaped injury. Of the 20 injured taken to hospital only two remained this morning. Their condition was described as "satisfactory." The London Transport Authority said the driver of the bus told authorities he had. a blackout at the wheel.

Toronto Doctor Cures Dr. Peter of the Guelph curative assistance to sex deviates at his Institution has met with succes. Dr. Thomson told the annual meeting of the Parent' Action League of Ontario Thursday night that half the number of persons referred to the clinic were sex deviates, most minor offendars seeking curative assistance. Tornado In.

Detroit Area PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) Strong winds and dark clouds dotted with tornado funnels moved Into the Pontiac area north of Detroit Thursday night. An Associated PTess correspondent reported sighting a funnel over Keego Harbor, a Pontiac suburb in populous southern Oakland county. The area is about 23 miles northwest of downtown Detroit. The weather bureau put O'lt a tornado warning for the area but lifted it at 11 p.m.

EDT. Streets were flooded and electrical service in much of Pontiac was knocked out briefly but no tornado strikes were reported in the area. A ground Observer Corps station reported a funnel passed over the city of some 50,000 Just before 9:30 p.m. EDT without touching the ground. The weather bureau at Detroit's Willow Run airport, southwest of the city, reported sighting a funnel on radar in the vicinity of Ann Arbor, Mich.

An pilot also reported the funnel. Chief Constable Head Police Force Reports With Deviates TORONTO (CP) Thomson, director Reformatory, says FRIDAY, JtXE 1. 1957 NEW HISTORY OF As the history is aimed at the general reader and the undergraduate student, the treatment will be general In character, to give a balanced presentation of economic, political and cultural factors. This will be the first comprehensive history of Canada that will be uniform in character, produced by French and English scholars and available to the public in both French and English. It has been a generation since the last multi-volume histories of Canada were published Canada and Its Provinces and The Chronicles of Canada, and since then, a vast amount of new research has been, done, with new interpretations of past events coming to light.

The march of recent events and the extent of the Canadian boom will be included in this new works, to be known as "The Canadian University I A History of Canada." Morrishurg Of John Rankin, 47-ysar-old Morrishurg police chief, last night was appointed to head the new Gloucester -Nepean police force. The new force takes over July 1 from the Ontario Provincial Police in the two townships. It was unanimously decided that it would be best to police the whole of. both townships, in order to avoid confusion which would be caused by residents not knowing the names or locations of certain roads that would be used as boundaries between the area policed by OPP and that under township jurisdiction. Total area to be served will be about 110,000 miles.

The appointment was made at a joint meeting of the two township councils in the Nepean Township Hall, at which each council gave final readings to bylaws authorizing establishment of the force. The new chief will have a yearly salary of $4,800 substantially more than the $4,150 he was origanally offered by a Bob Blarkbura Anyone who tuned in late on Climax last night was in for. a lather traumatic experience. It looked as though half-a-dozen different programs had become tangled together. Here was Wild Bill Hickok in a disreputable jail with a drunken Latin pirate, while elsewhere clown was grinning happily as he beat up an under-dressed and overdecorated blonde while a character of Mephistophelean appearance and thugglsh demeanor looked on.

However, things quickly cleared up to reveal a pretty standard Climax melodrama about dope-smuggling ring. The bizarre is a dangerous element to play around with. Climax tried to achieve it by using carnival costumes and atmosphere as a background for dirty handled, preferably in a film or I stage play, this is a trick which can effectively heiehten the hor-tor of a situation, but as Climax used it, it was more likely to provoke laughter than anything else. This Joan Fairfax girl gets better all the time. For a good part of the current season, she wasn't very much In evidence, as the powers that be in the Denny Vaughn show kept hiding her in dark corners as though were an idiot cousin.

D. G. Creighton, editor W. L. atanding: J.

T. Queen's; H. B. U. of T.

if Was It Dragnet, Minimum and maximum temptra-turei iwutd by th Public Weather Office Jor the 24 hour! ending a m. today. Ottawa 73 Toronto 7J Pawnn 4 S4 MontrJ 7 P. George 37 ftl Halifax SO Vancouver St Yarmouth 70 Edmonton 44 71 St. John's 31 Calgary 43 TO Chicago 7 77 Yeiknif 30 52 Buffalo S9 Saskatoon 47 S3 Boaton 58 ReR-ina 49 Ntw York S3 Winnipeg 50 57 Raleigh S7 95 Pt.

Arthur 4 7J Miami 73 37 Marie 58 N. Orleani 78 90 Sudbury 54 57 St. Louis 70 84 Windaor 85 81 Kanua Ci 81 B5 By The Canadian Presa The Progressive Conservative party today claimed its JIUh i if at in the new parliament when complete return from Monday's i vote thowed Erik K. Nielsen defeating his Liberal opponent I James A. Simmons by 49 votes In the Yukon.

With all 35 polls reported, the count was; Nielsen 2.320, Sim- mens 2.271. 4 This boosted to eight the Con-J servative margin over the lib's erals, who won 103 seats. The Yukon contest was the last in the country to be decided. Counts from the last four polls there had to be brought out by I aircraft from remote areas. 4 Mr.

Simmons. 59, was seeking a third term after winning the Yukon seat in the 1949 and 1953 I general elections. 1 Mr. Nielsen's victory was based on the civilian vols. The armed forces vote due this weekend could have a bearing on this contest and several others in Canada.

Rescue Man From River PEMBROKE (Staff) A Pembroke man had a narrow escape from drowning this morning when he suffered an epileptic seizure and tumbled into the Muskrat River at Coronation Park. Frank Shields was pulled troni the river minutes later by Patrick Rissler, of Halifax, who also was at Coronation Park. The injured man suffered a cut on his head, and was attended by Pembroke firemen and policemen and by Dr. A. C.

Coombes who was called. The man was later moved to hospital. Police said Shields apparently was fishing off a concrete retaining wail when he suffered the attack. Miss Wilson Scores 83 Miss Cairine Wilson, of the home club, and Mrs. W.

H. Smith, River-mead, opsted the only scores by press-time as the first' Ladies Field Day of the Ottawa golf season was held today at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. Miss Wilson scored an 83 on the ladies' par 76 course, while Mrs. Smith had an even 90. Approximately 80 golfers teed off in the Canadian Ladies Golf Union medal round competition, Including a number of out-of-town entries' from Smiths Falls and Pembroke.

Leading feminine shot-makers in Ottawa and district were entered. years on the Glasgow police force before moving to Canada. Chief Rankin's first police post in Canada was as chief of the Kingston Township police force, which he held until the area was annexed by Kingston city in 1951. Rankin then accepted the poil-tion as chief constable at Madoc, a village of 1,200, about 50 miles east of Peterborough. He remained in Madoc until he was appointed chief constable at Morrisburg where he has been since last fall.

Chief Rankin Is married and has two children, a daughter 15 and a son 10. The new joint-township police chief said he was most reluctant 1 to leave Morrisburg where; Reeve George Beavers and all members of town council were most co-operative with him. He said there was nothing they would not do for him, which was most Important at a time when the riverside community is In the process of being moved about in the path of the seaway-power development. Starts July 1 Nepean Township Clerk McLean said the new force would 1 be in action July 1, the date set by the OPP when the provincial force ceases to police the town- ships. The OPP, will of course, continue to patrol highways and I roads running through both townships.

"We may not be operating on a 100 percent basis by July first." Mr. McLean said, "but we wiil soon be at full strength." He said plans are under way to provide a joint police station in the vicinity of Hog's Back, a centra location from which officers in prowl cars would be able to reach all parts of both areas quickly. They will operate temporarily from Gloucester Township HalL Cost of operating both forces will be shared on a per capita basis, Mr. McLean said, and this provides for fluctuation in the population of entity. i v- 7 i Chief Kankia Austin F.

Cres I'uuw Stiff Wrr Like children following the Pied Piper out of Hamelin, so did the press desert the cabinet meeting this morning for the new prospective Prime Minister, John Diefen-taker. Dozens of Press Gallery men, photographers, and others stood patiently outside the East Block, or sat at the very stained giass portals of the Privy Council itself. Then came word that Joha Diefenbaker had awakened from his nap, and was on his way up to the Hill Some of us took a stance about half way from the East Block door and the Main Door. Suddenly, John Diefenbaker was to be seen, slowly making his way up the hill, past where the reporters were flagging down the cabinet ministers. With the Conservative leader were Col.

Gordon Churchill, newly-elected (for the third time) member for Winnipeg South Center; and Alistair Grosart, one of the PC Brain-Ttrusters. Timins! it with split-second precision, George Tustin, former Tory whip, and five times winner in Prince Edward-Lennox, until he retired, arrived by car. He parked quickly, and rushed round to greet bis new chief and old friend. Tustin and Diefenbaker were two of four kids who all went to school together at Plains Road in York County and woo were all in parliament together. The third man is Robert McGregor, perennial MP from York East.

The fourth is the late Joe Harris, MP. Since they are the offices of the Opposition Leader, Mr. Diefenbaker beat a hasty retreat and walked to the adjoining Whip's office. Into this small room jammed dozens of re porters and photographers. Later, more reporters from the Press Gallery rushed in breathlessly.

The Progressive Conservative leader kept It light. He was ever so willing to discuss fishing in Saskatchewan, to tell jokes, to kid the reporters as "false prophets," but he would not discuss his political future. "I am meeting the prime minister at three o'clock," he kept on saying. Mr. Diefenbaker had a lot of fun with the prophets who predicted a Liberal victory.

He turned to one French Canadian who had laughed at him when he predicted a Conservative victory. In broken English, this reporter replied: "Since free days I don't laugh any more!" Then John Diefenbaker really laughed. When The Citizen's Parliament Hill correspondent, Alex Hume came In, Mr. Diefenbaker pointed an accusing finger and said: "Hello prophet." Good Time HATFIELD, England (Reuters) An RAF Comet II jet transport arrived here Wednesday night after flying 8,300 miles from Singapore at an average speed of 460 miles an hour, it was announced Thursday. Flying time was 17 hours 55 minutes.

LB. AVERAGE or Barbecue 6 or. Jar 3i Vi'i tin Yoa Telephont CI 6-7246 Afternoon R'Jflinr' Citizen thermometer, 74 tie arret. Relative humidity, 74 percent. Barometer.

39 80 inchr. rilnf. Sua rote: 13; Sett, 8 53 (EDT). of the month. The fullback, with Frank Clair's crew last Fall after graduating from Xavier University, lined up accommodation for his family (wife Eileen and son Ricky, ust short of four months old) in a 48-hour visit to the Capital which ended this morning.

"I'll be back with the family to stay on June 26," said St. John before starting the motor drive back to Chicago this morning, with a Chicago friend, Tom McAuliffe, "and, with the family looked after, I'll be able to concentrate on football." St. John. 22 and standing 5-11, weighs 210, only five pounds over the weight he carried during the 1956 Big Four campaign. Winter employment with the Recreation Commission In Cincinnati kept the fullback In shape.

"I feel real good," Don reported, "and hope to" come up with an outstanding season in the Big Four." He made favorable impression on Ottawa and Big Four fans In his first campaign, collecting nine touchdowns and carrying the ball with authority. Naturally, St. John had a chat with Jim McCaffrey, club manager, and Hal Ledyard. Rider quarterback of last year who is employed In Ottawa. He met Coach Frank Clair In the off-season and also had a visit from Frank Sweeney, Rider line star of a year ago who Is In the U.S.

Army, stationed at Fort Knox. Maunouiy Takes Over PARIS (Reuters) Maurice Bourges-Maunoury, France's new premier and leader of the 23rd government since the end of the war, took over today from his predecessor, Guy Mollet, at a brief ceremony at the Hotel Matignon, official residence of French premiers. Bourges-Maunoury, who at 42 is France's youngest, premier aince 1883, served as minister of defence in the Mollet cabinet which was defeated last month in a vote of confidence. His government was approved by the National Assembly Wednesday night by 46 votes, smallest majority since the end of the war. 17 IB.

AVERAGE COUPON RECEIVED BY MAIL) 3 for ffe IGA Stort Neartst special police committee set up by the two townships. Mr. Rankin had complained that $4,150 was too low a salary In an area with Ottawa's high living costs. May Be Delay In a letter read at last night's meeting, Mr. Rankin explained he might not be able to take over his new post for another month, the Morrisburg force was unable to replace him in that time.

Township clerk Andrew McLean said it would then be necessary to appoint an acting chief constable for the Interim from July 1. Nepean's Reeve Aubrey Moodie, chairman of the police committee, said the new force would likely comprise four constables in addition to the chief. It will also have two radio equipped cars, which, it Is hoped, will have a radio hook up with Ottawa's police force. Born In Glasgow The new Gloucester-Nepean police chief was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where he served Sixteen ef Canada's mast outstanding historians are new at work on a 16-volume History of Canada, covering the period from the year 1800 to 1967, It was announced here yesterday. The history will be published by Toronto publisher McClelland and Stewart, Limited, between 1959 and 1967.

The 16 historians, scattered from coast to coast each have been assigned to prepare one volume of the history which will cover economic, political and cultural developments. Publication will be in both English and French. The history will be under the direction of Professor W. L. Morton of the University of Manitoba, who has been appointed executive editor, with Professor D.

G. Creighton of the University of 8oronto as advisory editor. Each of the 16 volumes will be 125,000 words 300 pages In length and will have illustrations, maps and bibliography. Completion of publication of the aeriea is timed to coincide with the centenary of Canadian Confederation, Professor Morton told The Citizen. $12,000 Fine For Toronto Realty Broker (CP) Real Estate Broker George H.

Ridout was convicted today of infringing the real estate and business brokers act. He was given the choice of paying a fine of $12,000 or (pending six months in jail. Ridout was found guilty on J2 counts involving the removal of $123,400 from the trust account of the firm he headed. Teh fine amounted to $1,000 on each count. The Ridout Real Estate Company, was oneof the largest real estate operations In North America, with an annual turnover of about $80,000,000.

Through his counsel, A. J. C. O'Marra, Ridout, 36, asked for three weeks to pay his fine. He aald later he would appeal.

Magistrate Thomas Elmore said a jail sentence would have been imposed if Ridout had not reimbursed the trust fund with he raised on a mortgage on his home In Forest Hill. "The act which you have violated calls for a proper accounting system to be set -up by a real estate broker," said Magi-itrate Elmore. "It also reads that a. proper accounting of the trust fund must be kept." Howe Bows From Scene By The Cinidtan Prm Bushy browed, lantern jawed Clarence Decatur Howe, Liberal government "minister of everything," Thursday announced his retirement fro mthe political wars. The commander of key ministries in the Liberal administration for 22 years told reporters before entering an all-day cabinet "I'm a retired politician." Thus in four word he summed up his defeat by CCF candidate Douglas Fisher In Port Arthur in Monday't general election and his decision to have done with Parliament.

Parliament may not see his like again for a long time. At 71, he Is as hard-driving as he was when he came out of New England as a youth to amass a fortune in Canada beiore nc The broad shouldered boss of 4he trade and commerce and defence production departments he-came a legend in his own time. For Heroes WASHINGTON (AP The president of the United States would he authorized to present medals to persons who endanger their lives saving or tryinK to save lives In highway accidents under legislation signed by President Eisenhower. Ia ft I I If ti yuuVHyxlLra Pwv TELEVIEWS Howdy Doody, Or What? TABLERITE GRADE OVEN READY ACRONIZED 2 3 lb i ll FIERY RED SWEET EATING INSTANT COFFEE (WITH 10c P1 UVJ Lately, though, she's been a little more visible. Recently she did a guest appearance on the Jackie Rae show, to which she was such a welcome addition that she was brought back last night for another appearance of healthy proportions.

If the mail received by this department is any indication. Miss Fairfax must have one of the largest fallowings of any Canadian TV personality, and she deserves it. Why the CBC can't show her to better advantage on a regular basis is one of the great mysteries of the year. It's not too late to rectify the error if someone in power would wake up to the fact that the error exists. Joan, incidentally, has just recovered from an unpleasant case of blood-poisoning, but she showed nojsjensof it.

These days when the weather is of particular interest to everyone, CBOT could perform a service by giving hourly weather reports at the station breaks. They seem to have some notion that you can't say weather on TV without drawing a map. All that's necessary is for the announcer to say tomorrow sunny and hot" or "cold and wet" or whatever. It takes less than three seconds and surely wouldn't require a great deal of scripting and rehearsal. CLOVER LEAF FANCY S0CKEYE '43- Sm 111 II Mill 1l.

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