The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1947
Page 10
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TAGB Truman Committee Issues Call For Legitimate Exposure of Real Communists and Fascists i By MEBRIMAN SMITH United Presi WWte House Eeporler WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. (U.P,)_A presidential commlUce said to- jday fh»t "»-*Uit« of near-hysteria" over M-called Communists in tins j country threatens • Uie^ freedom of other citizens, But it culled for i M»lous. ('legitimate" expoiyre of "real communists and real Fasces: I The recommendationi were pre- ^ inted to President Truman by * ;con«nttlte on civil rights'which n« (created !ast - December to survey > the condition of human freedom and j equality 'in the United States. Chars les E. Wilson, president of General ! Electric Co., headed the committee. ! The committee iri its 178-page re- •jport also recommended a series of itep» to protect Uw rights of Ne• groes and other minority groups, i It urged congressional enactment j of an anti-lynching law, ellmliia- | tion ol lh« poll tax, passage of * i permanent fair Employment Prac- .! tice Act, and the withholding of fed/ «ral aid ifrom any public or private agency which practices dUcrtmtna- . tkni or segregation. | The committee defended the right ', of communists and "Native Fas! cists" alike to have their sav be\ fore the American people, riro'vided , the people know who Is talking to i them, and why.' , j "The principle of disclosure" was advocated as "the appropriate war to deal with Ihoce who would ' subvert oar democracy by rcvol- i a I Ion or by encouraging disunity | and destroying the civil right* of | Mine groups." I To put teeth In the "principle of ' disclosure," the committee recomm- | ended that Congress force all groups which attempt to influence public • opinion to disclose through syslem- | alic reitialrntion such pertinent fnc'.s ! about themselves as the names of I officers, sources of funds, expcndi- I lures and the purposes of the or' ganizatlon. < Mr. Truman was informed by the ! committee that "public excitement i about 'Communists' has gone far i beyond" the dictate. 1 ; of "good judg- I ment and calmness." A ! "A state of hysteria now threats' ens to inhibit the freedom of gen- J uine democrats," the report said, as I the committee warned against mi 1 emotional abridgement of the tra- j ditiona! American right of free i speech. The report, one of the most strong. BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 're Off! "~ They WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1947 sending anything through the mail that does not bear the name and address of the sender. (This recommendation was aimed at forcing "front" organizations to disclose their real backers and to stop the sending of anonymous "smear" mall.) *. Trial rights for federal cm- employes whose loyalty has been challenged. The commltce also asked the government to announce publicly and clearly a specific standard by which the loyalty of federal workers is to be judged. 8. A statutory prohibition against Jecieral financial assistance to any public or private agency permitting discrimination or segregation bused on race, color, creed or iKitlonnl j origin, This would affect particularly education, public housing and health programs conducted or assisted by federal funds in tlie various states. 10. Passage o! a permanent, lede- I ral fair employment practice act to prohibit all forms of discrtmlns- | tion In private employment. Honor Roll Students Announced tor Jr. High Students of Junior High School who maintained above average i grades during the past six weeks ! were announced todny by A. E Cnldwell, principal. •ITth, grade Honor Roll students were Doris Bean. Betsy Bell, Grnn- ville Coolcy. Cloi'ls Lee Garnett. Charles Kinninghtim. Billie Mayo, Millie Ann Mallory, mary Monnghan, Bobby Orsburn, Jean Phillips, Mary Ann Hobeson and Mac Jean Shelton Those receiving honorable mention were, eighth grade; Wlnnle- bcth Buckley, Albert Falrficld, Jerry Berry, Biitie Jo Browning, Lyda Crittendcn, Donna Sue Gore. Marjorie Onnn, Martha Nichols, Bill! Wnmtcrlich, and Jane Wilson. Seventh grade honorable men- Jo Stafford, number hvo, Etidie, Arcnro up, away from (ho gale first and (lying, and number seven, Brie Guerin aboard, off second, finish in that order in six-furlong race fo: .:olds drawing 14 stavlcrs at Jamaica. Kiel Time, number four, Ronnie Mash astride. Lennie Boy, for thrce-ye'ar- showed. In the Blind j Iy worded documents against dls- tions were Irby Sue Greer. Don| crimination and segragatlon ever aid Gentry, Johnny Loggias. Shlr- 1 issued by the White House, contain- ley Ix>velnce. Snmlra Lang. Geraled these basic recommendations for dine Norman, Kay Smith nnti Hrard strengthening and protecting civil Wyllc. j rights: I 1. Expansion of Ihe civil rights j section of the Justice Department. ' Simultaneous establishment, of a permanent; commission on civil rights under the president and a joint standing committee on civil rights in congress. . ' [ 2. Drastic increase in lines and '. prison terms lor police brutality. 3, Enactment of a «tlrf federal law against bnchlnjs w | ltl p ro . Tttions for FBI 'investigation of all lynching cases, plus new laws against involuntary servitude. 4. New laws to end poll taxes as a voting prerequisite and to permit I all qualified persons to participate S In federal primaries, j S. Self-government and the right to vote lor. citizens of th«. District of Columbia; suffrage for Indians In New-. Mexico and Arizona; and granting of citizenship to the people of Guam and American Samoa. 6. Legislation to end all forms of discrimination -.and segregation in the armed services; coupled will) a .ban on discrimination of any kind against members of the armed forces by any transportation facility, hotel, restaurant or theater. : 7. Federal registration of all groups attempting to influence public opinion, with provisions for public disclosure of their tax returns. New postal regulations to prohibit Texan Killed in Auto Accident Near Brinkley BRINKLEY, Ark.. Oct. 29. <UP) — The collision of two Texas automobiles' near hero yesterday resulted in the death last night of W. B. Anderson. 55-year-old Ranger, Tex., business man. Anderson's car collided with another driven by Georce P. Cohen of Houston, Te.x. Anderson died In a Brinkley hospital without regaining consciousness. - • Cohen \vns exonerated of blnmc by a coroner's jury. Investigating officers said they found more than $4,000 cosh and about SI.500 in bonds in Anderson's clothing. S'^nnP"! 111 ,* 71 / 0 " 1 ","!? Sli " ns his brother, Joe, draws ah« on a flock of ducks in blind on Pennypnck Creek, near the DC in ware River, hard by Philadelphia. Terminal Leave Bonds Converted Into Cash WASHINGTON, Oct. 20^ (UP) —More than hnlf of the $1.800, 000.000 in GI terminal leave bomL already have been converted into cash by veterans, according to the Treasury. In than two months. ex-GI. have cashed $1.020.000,000 worth. Read Courier News Want Adi Here's a Tire that's SPECIALLY DESIGNED for the Kind of Driving you Now Wont fo do.' N*tur«lly, you NOW want a tire tl>*t will permit you to drive u you .couldn't drive during the war. You •want to go more places, travel farther, harder and faster. , That'* why our factory—ax a. rc- *ult of Us experience "in building thousand* upon thousands of mili- ^!7iSff for the w * r ~ has designed and-built thu tire especially to meet year POSTWAR driving needs ' .Behind this Gates POSTWAR Tire •«? ow 1« Million Miles of road tejttm, heavily overloaded, and at •ustained speeds of 50 to 60 miles per hwir day after day after day. H wiU,be * pleasure to show you this GATES TIRE •X the nieord of its performance Now . . . RAYON CORD I* Gorej T/r«i J»«il«b!« now i. All Tiuck " -ill i.r. I! PMii&g»r C«r • in ALL "iiei o»t> u ii M r«yca cord ptrmiti. Gates Tires Carry An URCOfMiitioital 12 Mo. Rood Hazard Guarantee SHUT ON MpTOR *~*- COMPANY mW«ttA»*St. ' Phone 4438 Ballooning spiders travel through ; have been seen hundreds of miles the air on silken parachutes. They ' al sea. floating in midair. Pother's Search For Missing Son May Be Near End PUEBLO, Colo.. Oct. 29. (UP) — Byron Vnnucsl stood guard early today on a lonely limestone hilltop where a deep cavern -held the body o! a youth who may be Vannest's mi.ssing son. The 42-year-old mechanic wa.s determined to solve the mystery by definitely identifying the body. The flickering light of a nearby camp fire showed the lines of fatigue on Mis luce. He had worked 18 hours a day since Thursday, digijms nmi blasting with the help of friends and neighbors to reopen the underground room. The cavern was sealed with what was believed to be the body of Vannest's 17-year-old son. Kenneth, inside. The youth disappeared in March. In Ju!y a body was found 40 feel below the earth's surface, and identified as young Vannest from personal belongings found at the entrance. i While Vannpst and his wife were convinced at the time that the body was that ol their son. they later concluded that they may have been wrong. They asked that the cave be reopened. Authorities said the work would be too dangerous an'l too expensive so Vannest began work on his own, aided by volunteers. He stood guard over the cavern throughout last night, to be sure no one molested the body. "When this is over, maybe I cnn sleep." he said. "My wife and I haven't been able to sleep since the body was discovered. "God willing, maybe after today we'll know whether our son is down there. I'll never rest nor have peace of mind unless I know/' Food From Wood May Help Solve World Problem LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 29. (UP)— Tlie first annual meeting of the Arkansas Wood Products Associa-i lion which ended yesterday in Little Hock Vas marked by an emphasis on : the importance of wood in connection with the major problems of the day. Sen. John L. McClellan told the Arkansas lumbermen and wood products manufacturers that Inde- scrlmlnate use of lumber resources might weaken the United States in the event of a war. Madjson, Wls., research expert, 1 Dr. A. J. Stamm, said products de T rived from wood could ease thfe food shortage 'in Europe. He exhibited samples of molasses and yeast made from wood and explained that they would be made available for human consumption soon. And Association President R. E Van Dusen of Malvern said the high cost, of producing lumber was not dug to a shortage of raw material but a tremendous labor turnover. Hawthorne, Junior Rolarians- Rube Boyce, W. H. Fergus and Gilbert Lynch, of Osceola;'and C. A Cunningham, Jerry Poe, and J. Louis Cherry of Blytheville. Textiles Boom In Georgia ATLANTA, Ga., (UP)—state La- bor Commissioner Ben T. Hulel reports that textile manufacture now Is Georgia's No. 1 Industry, with lumber manufacturing second. Textile mill employment in Georgia lias increased 24.1 per cent since 1939, while wages have jumped 190.7 per cent. PUT YOUR CAR IN CAREFUL HANDS-AND MOTOR OH Good care right won; will mean a lot to your car this fall and winter. And need care means two things-one is quality product*, the other is expert service. And you r Esso Dealer gives you bnlli! Sec him this week; winter's j;cUinx r close. Have your car's chassis carefully lubricated from front to rear. Let him check and winter-service your battery; radiator, tires. And above all let him drain out old and dirty summer oil and replace it with fresh, winter grade Ksso Motor Oil... touch- bodied for cold weather engine protection, free- flowing for quick cold weather starling. Known and siikl the world over- it's the oil that has ranted a reputation for he- ingUNKXCKi.i.KDfnr old cars ur new!" —^\ miles? every one of these vital points M i oady for winter — your car may lie headed for costly repairs! [ r\ Oil change to right winter gr«di f (S\ I - 1 Thorough lubrication Job Battery checked (r.-eh.r,«d II IK.d.4) Tir«i and tub«t Inspect** • it* | {/)* Radiator drained, flushed, anH- I I freeze added [j/f Lights and wipers checked for L I proper operation .Srr Ynitr Kfso Ilcnttr \'ow — for thorough inspection — for real protection. Good Care Counts! STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEWJIRSIY Stat. Highway 18, Blyfheville, Arkansas Rotations in Osceola Hear Baptist Minister OSCEOLA, Oct. 29. — The Rev H. J. Clubb, pastor of the Baptist Church here was guest speaker at tlie weekly meeting of the Osceola Rotary Club at noon yesterday. Guests at yesterday's meetin" were Billy Joe Gore and Walter Beautiful, work-saving BV MULLINS, priced within the reach of everyone Tired; All-In- Listless feeling Drought To HaK As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do you get up In the morntngs stll! tired, feel down-and-out all clay? Have you checked-up on your blood strength lately? Overwork, undue worry, cold flu or oilier Illness often wears down the red -blood -cells, Every day— every Hour— million* of tiny red -blood- cells must pour forth from the marrow of your bones to replace those that are worn-out. A low blood' count' may affect you in several ways: no appetite, underweight, no energy, a run-down condition, lack of resistance to Infection and disease. To get real relief you must keep up yourblood strength. Medical authorities by analysis of the blood, have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective in building up lor? blood strength In non-organic nutritional anemia,. This Is due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and. potent activating Ingredients. Also, SSS Tonic helps you enjoy the food you eat by increasing the gastric digestive Juice when It •!* non-organl- catly too little or scanty — thus the stomach will have little cause to get balk-- vnth gas, bloat and give oQ that sou food taste. Don't wait! Energize your body wlt3 rich, red-blood. Start on ESS Tonic nor,-.' As vigorous blood surges throughout your, whole body, greater freehness and strength should make you eat better sleep better, fwl better, work better. play better, have a healthy color glow In your skin— firm, flesh fill out hollow places. Millions of bottles *old. Get a bottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy Health. This Iviin-bow] Youualown calvnel sink can be installed in your home for monthly payments as low as I OOK1XG for a "dream kitchen" at a down-to-earth _j price? Then come see our display of beautiful, work- saving Yoimgstown Kitchen equipment. AH Youngstown units are sturdily made of gleaming while sleel, and include stich features as twin-bowl cabinet sinks, dish and vegetable sprays, sliding shelves, noiseless drawers, and lined cutlery compartments. They can be arranged any way von like. Yon can inslall a Yonngstowa Kitchen in your home now on t'iisy monthly payments. Come and cUoose UIB units thai will meet your particular needs. Mississippi County Lumber Co. 1801 West Main St. Phone 445 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. • CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in the familiar surroundings of their own home . , . by appointment only • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate interior and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography PHONE 4461 -ASK FOR MRS. OENNING The Courier News Co.

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