The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE IDC BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 194* Rain Ends Fire Hazard in Forest New EnglondcGet* Relitf After Inferno Claimed Lives of 23 BOSTON, Oct. 29. (UP) — Rain today ended the forest, fire hazard in New England and helped control the remnants of woodland ; conflagrations that, during ihe past ~'.l(i days had cast 23 lives, destroyed finore than $10,000,000 in property .-,and left 7,000 homeless, I 1 'Light to moderate rnln—first In i'tne six-state area In 29 days '-t began'falling before dawn and was ' expected to continue »-ite^iniltently today, tonight and tomorrow. The rainfall began while Army, Navy antl General Electric Co. experts waited at Schencctndy, N. Y., to take off for a possible allcmpt to bring rain to Ihc forest, fire «ieas of Maine by dropping dry Ice Into clouds. '-.'•! The . scientists had readied two *3-n army bomberj, for the r«In- .JiBJiklng attempt. . 'The. experiment — dubbed "Project Cirrus" — was announced »f- ler the Weather Hureau forecast the "probable" presence of suitable cloud formations under favorable temperature condition.':. Army and Navy .scientists snld the tiny pellets o? dry tc? fnrtn crystals, of water as they drop through the clouds, sUrtlng precipitation. But tfiey r addcd that success depends on" perfect weather conditions. ,.-Face Marty Difficulties The' difficulty 'of the cxperimrtit was-demonstrated yesterday when two similar attempts failed In Mass-, achusetts where' they'were tried'"1 against two threatening forest llrcs. A.Coast Guard amphibian pl<tnc. circled alrove - a woodland blaze ; sweeping toward Ihe swank North j Shore community of Beverly Farms, ! slle of several lavish Summer Money From Home [Tcriy Moore smiles with the missus and lilllc son Ronnie at Iheii St. Louis home as llic Ciirctinals' captain and center fielder re- pc'ivcs a check for $1175.41,' minus income lax. a second pldce share in llic World Scries swag. Escapee Who Went 'Straight' During 10 Years of Stolen Liberty Is Caught s o s vs ummer es- • MOBILE. Ala.. Oct. 29. (UP)— business. tales :valued at more than $8.000,- Sllltc correction authorities were I 000. ' ' : confronlc(l Conidr. Reiuhold li nlc(l tcrtay with the age-old I J n _, fluh Johnson. ; l>i'i)bletn of what to do with a fugi- " . ' . , . commanding officer of the Coast : 'tve from Justice who apparently See U. S, NaVV Film Guard's Salem Air Base, said, he ; went straight during his slolcn lib- scattered dry ice pellets on a cloud formation but failed to produce' In the eyes of the Alabama'law any 'rain. The fire wns brought un- James n. Collins, 36. wns still a dcr control several-hours laler. {criminal, object of n nationwide A "° ll ]! r f? llllrc , w ". s . "corded manhunt; wanted as Ihc bank robber who escaped while serving a i life term for murder. i In the eyr.s of Ihc people living g' ; in Ihe little Bucks County, Pa., com- I munlty of Doylestown, Collins had i been a respected citizen for ten in Western Massachusetts where group of private individuals flew over a fire in the October Mountain Stale Forest near Pittstield and "seeded" clouds without suit. Meanwhile, al! foresl fires In New hEjIand were rcnorlcd under control afler 10 clays durinst which Ihcy exacted a loll of 21 dead, $40,000.000 In property damage and 7,000 homeless in Ihc six-state area. Officials warned, however, that! ivc in community civic work nnd extreme.danger still lurked In the I local church activities i drouth-parched woodlands and that, sllcr|rf H naylnonrt AIlUlm wns good friend who thought he ; ; w;is so honest "he could go to a • I He was the owner of a prospcr- ; ous well-digging company. He had (married n local girl and with their j two ctllldrcn they wrre simply j "good neighbors." Collins was acl- Austrian* Want , Soup Is Proposed U. S. Occupation As Aid to Solving While Reds There Shortage of Food ATLANTA, G»., Oct. 2». (UP)—' Former Austrian Chancellor Kurt Von schuschiilgg said todty that he doe* not f»vor military occupation of his homeland but "as long a: a single Russian soldier eats on Austrian soil, Austria doesn't want American forces to leave." Schuschnlgg, here on a. lectur* tour, sajd Austria will be unable to stabilize ILs currency until all occupying powers remove their forces from the counlry. He predicted lhat Russia would never dominale Ccnlral Europe as long a.s the people arc guaranteed a majority voice (I ngoverhmcnL He reiterated a strong opposition to any proposal to unite Germany and Austria because "of differences between Ihem" but. he thinks Europe cannot prosper again until Germany Is i-e-establlshcd as a large economic market. SchuMhnlRg was Austrian chancellor until 1938 when he was ousted by Hitler. lie spent the next seven ycnrs In concentration camps. He said he has no further political ambitions. Blytheville Man Plans To Enter Invitational Tournament in'Indiana W. H, Halcombc. Blytheville trap- shooter, who recently tied the world's record with 100 breaks al 20 yards, announced yesterday hts plans for attending the'ltwllsllonnl trail-shoot to be held at Orleans, Ind., in February. Mr. Halcombc, who is manager NEW ORLEANS (UP)— Ange Gaston AUiatore says people who would help President Trumtn save (ood should try Jambalxy*. He '«lso rec- ommenrts * soup pot. i Alcintorc and other famous New ' Orleans chefs have lined up in support of the nation's waste-less food campaign. M. Galatolre said: "The secret of food conservation is plain food." Luther E. Schefller of the famous Vlcux Carre restaurant, added; "The usual mistakes that housewives make are easily remedied. If they could learn to estimate ac- euinlrly the amount of foodstuffs needed for the dishes they are preparing, wastes would he c,ut.' J Left-Overs Ullttble French chefs say that even overbuying wouldn't be a sin, ,if only American housewives would learn how to make intelligent use of their left-overs. Alciatorc would throw most leftovers—stale bread, ham bones, chicken and turkey wings, meat scraps, vegetables, and seasonings —into a con.stantly-bolling »ou» pot. "Americans," A 1 c i a t o r e said. "very rarely arc luclcy • enough to eat a soup as healthful as those prepared by European housewives —when the Europeans have Ihi food." Alciatore Is a cousin of Roy L Alciatorc. proprietor of world famous Antoine's. He mentioned jamh.ilaya as a sample of the klnrl of dish ideally fitted to Mr. Truman's program. It consist of rice lmd Potatoes with chunks of meat "•• well u good taste and substance. In addition, It utilises 'food to it* fullMt extent." Scheffltr had an Idea about meatlew day*. He aald there WM no nwd tor them. "If th« familiw of Amerlcrf would agree among themselves to have meatless meals, they could have some meat every day," he said. Education Spread. ERIE, Pa. (UP)—Oamion College here boasts two husband-wife teams on lt« faculty. The faculty quartet, Including the Gerold ). Wcber» and the T. D. Howes, liit Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Pitt«. burgh, Ohio State, and the University of Vienna as their alma maters. . , for n Blythcville farm Implement ' or |w ' k sallsa se. Bouillabaisse is concern, stated that he had been ! iino ' llc;r favorite. It is a fish slew invited lo compete in the shoot! maric from assm 'ted seafoods, with and would attend R tomato and onion base. In Ihc imtnial trap-shoot held nt Natchez. Miss., Oct. 19, 'Mr. Hnl- combc tied the world's record with 100 breaks out of 100 shots from the 20-yard line. Only I\VF. persons have ever been known to accomplish this feat, he said. For (he past 40 years Mr, Hnl- Slew Extolled One chef, who did not want his restaurant's name used in con- ncclior. with plebeian dishes, said that although his house had gained '/ame as a specialty house, he enjoyed nothing more than n.good bowl of stew of gumbo. Members, of. the Lions Club were shown a-Navy film on "Fleet Action .„..„ _, In the Pacinc during ft Navy Day the same year program at (heir weekly.'-meeting yesterday noon in Ihc Hotel Noble. Introduced to the club were Chief Pelly Officers VV. P. Fisher nnrt C. W. Wcnthcrford, who me assigned to the U. S. Navy Recruiting Station here. C. M. Mnck of Jone; n finest. "It affords nutrition," he ' said, restaurant, customers asked for and combe hns been participating in trap-shoots in all sections of the bnf rL I 'reco a rd h hV fCl , d ^'V.'^! * ot the usllal succ '" ent •»«' <"<*« !?.'l B _. nm recoul bllt |05L tlle tlllc that ar e specialties at the restaurant:" . One customer asked the owner's wife: ":Why don't you help your coun- French Restaurant Has N Meat on Tuesday After Operators Tour France rlsing wlhtis might fan -'cooling; | ljs ashes into new outbreaks. At leasts . J " 5t ° continued with a backerounrt smoking; forests. State nnd ' agencies rsuhprj port \ lei housing, building materials „,„! financial aid to stricken sections.: Al'so. continued wns the hunt, for Ilrebugs, believed to have set sev-i eral-of the New England blazes. ' Police were investigating a report .. Dllt >W"<«.y Collins was traced hro "f h s ° m( : lc " crs Ilc hilrt w't- • '"!, lls ^''"'tf.. Mr. and Mrs. W.'E. Collins, of Mobile. Fingerprints nml ' l'holoKr:i|>hs were sent to aiithori- "", '" lhc Pennsylvania, county. Slierlft Atilum renhwct sadly lhat lls fnclld Wils a "untcd man. Grimly ' he I 11 ™" up two other ofnccrs from Mrs. Fred Lcland of Camrten.: '" shnrc thn distasteful Job-wlth him Me:, that she saw a crude ctRarclte a "" wc " 1 lo n nichland township -and-nmtchbox : "fire bomb" tossccl ! lousc w h«-e Collins was supervls- froiii .a speeding automobile into underbrush near Rocklnnd, Me. Prisoner Studies Law But Loses First Case n well-digging project. The two Iricnds exchanRCd grcet- inRs. Stale Trnnpcr Kenneth Slumps slipprri slcol linndcufTs on Collins' wrists. Tlie sheriff, said he wns sorry. "Don't be rough on me," Collins told "his friend. "I know what It's all aboul. But : thought they would NASHVILLE. Teilll.. Oct. 20. <UP) — Richard A. Neumer is en route back to Alcatraz today, per-, never get me." haps to study more law. ! Collins satd thnt In 1928—when Neumer received n 25-year sen- he w;is only 15—he acted ns look- tence here lor robbery in 1935 and °i't for a cane of bunk robbers who wound up in Alcatrez. He spent killed n banking official during' n his spare time studying law. look- holdup of a Citronclle. Ala., bank. Ing for legal loopholes in his case. The killer was executed nnd Col- Finally, he thought he found one, lins was sent lo prison for life. He and he asked for and received a said hr escaped from grim Speign- hearing on n motion for a new er Prison once and was recaptured, trial. Neumer was his own alter- Later lie was made a trusty but fled ney at the hearing. utter yrwini; seven scars. :Yesterday Federal Jurtse Elmei\ He made his way lii Philadelphia Davlei said: "No new trial." '• : where he worked for awhile In n • ' — f restaurant nnd laler for a contrac- ; Read Courier News Wn«S Arts. • tor. He finally started his own trvpicn by not serving meat today?. .^, " Wo werc J' 151 - '" France." she i ATLANTA, oa.. Oct. 29. tUP)—i replied. "If you have $10, you can nlso wn S It wns meatless Tuesday. ' buy meat. If you're poor/you don't At Emlle's the swanky French get It." WALLPAPER REDUCED </,l FADEPROOF PAPERS As low as. WASHABLE PAPERS Ai low as . EMBOSSED PAPERS At low as . 18 20 C C sv roll C 5,V. Wants, your hc.iJ.,('-'!' 1= for Mylifli <v.!ll|v|>rr=, now has a wide variety nflicauliful original patterns lo compliment every room in your home. Washable, scruhbaWe, cmhosscd, they're all specially, priced In save 'you money. Drop in and sec llpi now! \ MTTER WALLPAPER FOR LESS AT WARDS Johnny Marr Real Estate Broker T... respectfully announces the opening of his office at 112 South Second Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. 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