The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWTLVE BT-YTHEVTLLF: (ARK.y couiurcn NEWS Airline Casualties During 1947 Double Total for Any Previous Year in History, Survey Shows By CHARLES COJtDDKV VMect I'rets Aviation Writer WASHINGTON, Oct. 36. (U.P.)—More tlinn.twice as many poisons k*v« been killed In doniesUcc airline accidents already tills year mail in »ny of the previous 19 years of commercial aviation, an unolilcial Mrwy showed tod»y. In five I»ta> accidents since January, Including Hie United Air Lines DC-6 crash in Utah last Friday, 316 passengers and crew mimi- bcrt have lost their lives. This if more Umn the combined total of me t«*t two xeirs. jt compares with a previous all-time high ol !)7 Ja- teJitios in IMC. « __ In addition, tills yew's domestic airline safety record—in terms at doaUis per passenger miles flown— k stuping UP as the worst since 1912 »od pos'slbly since W3S. , Ttie passenger liuulity rale for Jirst 10 months of this year is er planes o( the past. One Pri'-Wni 1'lane Inviilvi-d Only tiiio r>f ttiis year's latnl iicci- dc-nts involved 11 prc-wnr type plann. It was n Douglas DC-3 operated by Kaslcrn Air Lints. Tile plane crush,*» Jirst 10 months of this year is c d .1 Onlax. Va In .lanimiy ki - y£££££S M PC< lWm *» SfmJUrr- 11 - 11 """ ^™ Rale was HijiliM hi 1938 T1 , 0 ,,i i)cl . , 011| . , 1( . cldon , s . ihe last lime this rate was ex-, A Douglas UC-J opr-ral^i by Unit- I was in 1938 when 5.2 p:issen- i cd A ir Lines crushed at u, GUI, a ; ware killed for every 100,000,000 i Field, N. V in M,, v kil'im- 40 lo»-n. A passenger-! I ) 1 , s ..; P iig t . ls a::cl tlirec'Vrcw' mem- raiser carried one I be,-*; A DC-4 operated by Eautorn ' . Air Lines crashed lien,' Port l)pun*il um , totalities, the .Ate was 1.2. Huuues. tbe .Ate wa* 1.2. i Md ., in M , v , kml „„ ;• U the airlmes have no more_:<cci- fl ,,d lour eiew members; A DC-1 .MM passenger-miles, as fureJst j l'lnra'frit's mSa™'nrai''""'^",/ b»r the Civil Aeronautics Bo..rri, the , V a.. in June. Killing 47 passenaers fatality rste would be 3.24 per ISO,- i and u,™ < ,T,V .m-mb-M-s- i o Dm"MJ!^ 8 ,!;:™' 1 "- . Si "" '"a?;! 1«'X.-.S.,,,e™.«l by Unhcd bmncd •::--- -- sincp Sunday in . nmtpci 5^81,9-14,000 passenger-miles AlRska. Deaths ' in that instance K.nvn lo the end of October A eon < wouW riuse the year's fjuaUty n,,e. .serous of statisticians is hat this ! ,,!]' e . ftd . ^ t>f J":P r . v>lnKi : s " 1MI1S : "B«!T. f.'» '"« «'rllnc»- favor. i ' MOKDAT, OCTOBER 27, 1947 " I example, five uccidenis in 19M kilted i were added 1,250000000 imscS-" 58 passengers and crew members; j miles us the eslinntcd iotil J year^iued'2rr lbCr °' mislmps tilis : feptembe, and October. This 'allows "...,..• . , !or ll 'ravel boom in September and • hand, each success- ! docs not attempt to estimate nos- flowii than was the case with small- Man, Posing as Minister, Faces Forgery Indictment LITTLE ROCK. Oct. 28 (UP) — Robert E. Brassell, 31. ol Bridgeport. Conn., today faced action of the Pulaski County grand Jury on charges of [orrery and uttery. He was under Sl.OOO bond. Brassell pleaded guilty yesterday durlni; fi preliminary lira ring to passing a false $25 check, under the pretense that he was n minister seeking to purchase religious music. According to police. Brassell said he also i»ssed checks in Washington. D. C.. Mnnassns, Va., Ashville, N. C., and Memphis, Tenn. New Concern Operates Cross-Country Pipelines LITTLE ROCK. Oct.: 2S. (UP) — The Eastern Transmi.ssion Corpora- lion of Texas will file a statement of properties in Arkansas alter it a.s.sumcs ownership of the "Big Inch" and "Little Inch" pipe lines on Nov. 1. The corporation took Ihe lirst step toward assuming ownership yesterday, when it filed articles of incorporation with Secretary of Stale C. G. Hall. The Texas firm is operating the lines now under a government lease. However, a statement showed it had paid the government. 8143,127,000 for the properties. Samuel CroWfher, Writer And Economist, Dies BOSTON. Oct. 28. (UP)—Samuel Crowther, noted writer and economist, died at the New England Baptist Hospital here yesterday. He was 07. Crowlher wrote numerous biographies including "My Life nnd Work," which concerned Henry Ford, "Ed- Ruth Milletl We the Women BY HUTU MII.LETT NKA Staff Writer A Wisconsin wife recently won a divorce from her husband who, she complained, made her nervous by getting up nl five o'clock every morning to scnih Doors and do the ironing. Don'L hoot- dc- , Hsively, Indies, be- i lore you consider every nni*li* of this most unusual .situation. How would yoii like to have your husband banging Eiround the house nt live every morning? "* Wouldn't il by nnnoyiny to have lo admit, in the middle of a "men- are - so - hclplv&s - around - the-" discussion, that your husband got up every morning nnd did •[he ironing nnd floor scrubbing? And what chance would you ha\c of impressing your husbnnd wiMi how hard you worked all dny, if lie had risen a couple of hours early just to do the housework? Purl her more, what, pride could you take in your Job of housewife if you couldn't tell yourself occa- .skmnlly that, but for you, the place would be a shambles? STOLEN SI.UMBKIt And would you really enjoy the extra hours of sleep you got? Wouldn't it seem like stolen slumber? Think how the neighbors would talk! "That poor man, having to get up every morning to scrub and iron E And his wife having the nerve lo complain about him!" All those complicating factors are enough to make any woman nervous. Huge Saint Bernard Dog Town's Problem Child FARMfNOTON. Conn. (UP) — Humane officials at Faimintnon wonder what to do with [heir problem child-n huge Saint Bernard dog. The lost animal put a big dent in town funds with his re-venous I appetite soon after the dog warden brought him in. Advertisements have failed lo find the owner of the good-natured monster, who shows his exuberance by bounding about in his kennel, breaking windows and shaking the foundation. Head Dog' Warden William Christensen had only this comment: "How could anyone lose a thing like that?" Faulty Bite Found Often Responsible For Poor Hearing PHILADELPHIA (UP)— Approximately 40 per cent o.' the 10.000,000 persons In the nation suffering from impaired hearing could be helped by a visit to their dentists, Dr. David J. Ooocifriond of the University of Pennsylvania believes. Studies at the university's special cur nnd throat clinic .showed that an aljnormnl dental bite can be an outstanding cause of faulty hearing. Dr. Goodfriend said In a report published by the American Medical Association. The studies proved, he said, that I dental malocchislons (faulty bite) dirertly effect the eustachlnn tube, connecting the Inner car with the, throat. Of a croup of 25 patients with hearing complaints who showed no abnormalities of the enr Itsclt, 23 I pi a ' t ne I1IU were found to have an abnormal \ mc i' C f Congn To Visit State per cont less thnn tho« having normal bites. The progressive adult type of dcafne.s.s, responsible in 70 per cent of all cases, previously ,va.s con- .siderert incurable, but the studies showed ihac proper dental treatment will help even progressive deafness o; short duration, Dr. GoodiriciHl asserted. In older ttip rate of deterioration can be slowed. Dr. Gondfriend said proper den- tiil treatment also will cure certain cases of ncuralRla. nervous pain and dimness due to ear trouble and •'ringing! in the ear." Ne\v Yurk Not So Good NEW YORK (UP)—The Lingua- phcme Institute of America reported that the people in Washington, D.C.. have the best diction in the country and the next best were Nashville and Boston. Max Shcr- ovc», institute president, said he would not name the worst. But, he added. "New York is terrible." Banker's Daughter Dies \ LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 28. (UP>- Funcral arrangements were being planned today for 18-year old Thel- • ma Carolyn Potts, daughter of Little' Hock Banker John a. Potts. \ Miss Potts died yesterday in a St. Louis hospital as the result of a heart attack. She was a former i student at Little Hock High School' and a member of Delta Beta Sigma Sororltv. i Fatcists Active in Milan And Arsenal Discovered MILAN, Italy, Oct. '28. (UP) — Scores of persons were arrested today for plastering the streets with pro-Fascist posters on the 25th anniversary of Hcnto Mussolini's march on Rome. Police sakl they caught several persons In the act of hanging up posters which bore pictures of Mussolini. Police found an arsenal In the roof of a school in the little town of Sartirana, 18 miles South of Milan. The arsenal Included several niachincguns, mortars, grenades and 5,000 bullets. Special police measures were ordered throughout Milan to prevent disturbances. Livestock slate organisation of Young Democrats. 50-20; top early -26,15. very sparingly the lowest since July 11 when top wits 26.25. 160 to 180 Ibs. 24.25-25.50: 130 to 150 Itjs 22-24.00; 100-120 Ib weights 19-21 Cuttle 6,000, salable 5,000; cul'J.'s V.500. all salable. Market confined mainly to good and choice offerings and prices strong. Heifers and cows strong, with some cows 25c higher than Monday. Bulls active nnd strong veaiers 51 higher. A few loads of low to average choice steers 30-31; choice mixed steers and heifers 33. with good kinds largely 24.50-27. Medium heifers rnd mixed yearlings 33. with good kinds largely 24.50-27. Medium heifers and mixed yearlings 10-24; good cows around 10.50-17; common and medium beef cows 13.50-15.50; a few at 16. canners and cutters 11-13. ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YAHDS. Oct. 28. (UP) (USD/O— Livestock; j Hogs 11,000, salable 9.000; market i uneven; weights 180 Ibs up and • sows SI.25-2.15 lower than Mon- j day's average. Late sales largely I nt full decline. A few sows early only 75c lower. Weights no Ihs. and down SI to S1.50 lower. Bulk i good and choice 180 to 300 Iba. 25.- ' Negro Deaths Services for Fannie Collins, who died Sunday at Luxora, will be conducted at 11 a.m. tomorrow from the Zion Chapel Church at Luxora. She was 75. Burial will be in Lnxora Cemetery with Rev. I. H. Harvey officiating. A resident of Luxora for the past 3 years, she is survSivcd by twosis- lers. two brothers and three grandchildren. Horn Funeral Home is in charge. Women sleep more lightly and dream more often than men. First wire cable suspension bridge in the United States was built in 1816 over the Schuylkill river. Ison As I Know Him." "The Life of Thomas Edison.' and "Men and Rubber" written with Harvey S. Firestone. Johnny Marr Real Estate Broker * ^*~' . ... respectfully announces the opening of his office at 112 South Second Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. if you are interested in buying or selling any city property or farm lands, a visit with me will be worth your time— 'An Old Boy That Will Work Haid For You 112 So. Second St. Phones: Office 4111; Home 2596 A SMALL DEPOSIT RESERVES THEM.?! AT STORE NAME Now .. . when prices are low and stocks •re high ... is the time to select the gift you want to give and get for Christmas. Join our LAY-AWAY CLUB PLAN . . . your choice will be stored away here until wanted. NO CHARGE FOR CREDIT DIAMOND DUET both for WEDDING BANDS thre * $ I 050 Man's Diamond ring, 14K gold birthstoctf rings DIAMOND WATCHES A Cone ;se ec on, prenatal TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS MATERNAL and NEWBORN CARE, was written by an outstanding specialist for expectant mothers on the fundamentals of prenatal and newborn care. 64 pages of educational text with 29 illustrations, charts and graphs. A helpful guide for all expectant mothers. CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams, Druggist 101 East Main St. Blytheville, Ark. SEEING Ladies' 17-jewel ELGIN Men's ?1 -jewel BULOVA GUARD'S J£WELRY STORE GET THIS PISTON RING SPECIAL In any car, excessive exhaust smoke is usually a sign of worn piston rings. Worn rings cost you money . . . loss "of power . . . waste of fuel. If your car makes smoke signals, bring h to iis for a FREE Inspection. When new rings are needed, here's what we do ... "A: Clem carbon from pistons and heads. * Install new Mercury factory-standard rings. ~k install n«w cylinder head gaskets. "A" Clean ami adjust spark plugs. ^ Inspect and adjust carhvretor. "Ar Road test car for proper operation. All for a Special Mercury- Economy Price, Plus Faster •_ Service ... No Waiting!^. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR CO. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 112 Walnut St. IT'S OUR W4Y OF MAKING FRIENDS! V

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