The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1947
Page 9
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TTJUMPAY, OCTOBER tf, 1»4T BETIER HOMES New CWckasaw Theater to Open A, BI«M MI Mvrch It IW-w>n*triMtto« at ttx ChkHa- ••» The«t«r, (Utt*d by fire March II. I* nearMK aom»tet!on and it in tn opm about Mov. I, w. th«Mw in H». )UM Mock on Mate, KM UMI tnUtgrt and w* IMT* a j«««int MIHK<% <x 840 a. oonipar«d ka U« origin*! o»- PKiiyof a*«M Mft. A i«»- »i»d •yi»Mn a*d «nup.n«K ha, iMUUMl. Mr. Moxlej M kt Several lonmtlons nuxle Tw, L/r*t •A*TA TO. N. M.. Oct. -M (HP) — Two seereurtM at the Ix» AUmos Atomic Project lell down K>w«-inR Trueha* Penk k> their **«th »un- <ia>, and authorHlM Mid kxlav that one of itwm )UM| »acrif!cen h*r Ufe inihw ih»n leave h*r Km- PAUIOII alon« while ihwr riiidil wrnt Tlia T4cti»s w«n ld«nt>fert as PiantM B. KratMa. M, Bait town-. Mo., and Miliired HarMc. M, Brfc \ill«. Int. They wern fwsl rtttorled miKsI y«ww4ft) '•) tli*tr »ui<ie, s*oi Msn- m. yo»r »«vii* iMttit*. Vlir** from Lac Aiamoc afld one trow S*M« Fe- 1U< Iwadqutrteie, lo«k pan ki Ike , r . ta >de«n with lumlnoim «trtp« whk*v parmU vhe aWp-»'nvi (• W «**««! in ;4a dark without or *«<! of each row Hlttm( B .t««l, too, . . A»ot*v»r innovation »•«! be rest """J, fMllille, for little glrk In addiMo. la trioa* provined for adulL wotno AU future. inH tte In miniature. JM Aald. The new otitekjtsaw will be »n iH-whlle t*»*a«T, Mr. Moxlev »tre«i«»d. arm will have no eMored baloooy. The entire theat«r wi! be aii- conditioned, he Mid. •pace and fuMIIUen have beer l>rovldfd jor Ma«« jhews. he poiiHei out. Floating .stage draperies be electrically operated. A« air-conditioned "cry room' ha. been installed as well as a small balcony, he said Candy mid pop corn concessions will be located In the lobby, he added. ROUGH CYPRESS BOXING METAL ROOFING PLAIN RAIL WINDOWS 11-8" FIR DOORS For Farm Repairs E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 119 W. Arii S*. PtlMM SSI CABINET SINKS **•* «•*•»•* tar f am Ihe i<W«l kitchen sink that ihoimndt -f-rromu ™"J* "*'.<•* K> buy. Wh*ra elst can you hope to find its equal in quality «na»P«cia4 fcatum! Bowl.drainboards and 6-inch bocksplash are all of rJTr. **"?'"' °" - " 1 processed again* crackinj and chipping. The '* — -'* ** b *°* te •» proofed agiiinst sound and ruit. Double-walled «««»«« wuoded MTIMCS end mow surface* Ttrmin- and moisture- r»—and SAVE! American jinks are built Transforms Old-Fashioned Doorway PcopU Wko Liy. In GlaM HOUMC Hov« MOT Lif*t» MM- oomta* More aw we tlMMtr 0< |la« md Itaa tiirouthout I—*, , .,.,, say. Practical Build*, ChtM*»- l' *uail „>„„„ .MJ, ^ wlB _, dow. ,»i» •p.tloMnM, („ »pp,» r _ U.K. thro««h Mw M. o< a ilwTw.U, I iulnoi«4 watt* or d«oN. Ourriml- e« Jfcwu u< k*«vy, e^MT |M«8ti>' wt ««Hul«. «uy h> handle In making Inner parHUons, scr«««.tihletdf for KMMmet crwnuel Utihtini Olav blot*. In ItiteeeMlmi pattern* ro, m Long Debate On Stop-Gap Aid Predicted or wWiom I*MT M4-ln M»(-p«rMlU>«. httttM* dlnln, ana. or klMw. and dlnitte. Oct. M. (UP)— »»i. Kvtowrt A. TaH, K O., pfetllcUd to- ift)' Uwl llirNifxl ai'Mlon o( Cons- i IM. would W ubir lo rcduc« (MM. Klve linancUl icllvl to Europe at IH* MI. o< lour ki llvv Wlllon dol- lan a year a«d ti'duc. the national debt »i the MUM time. ^ TaH. who announced IbU.caudl- U*«y for ttie Fteptiblicou )N'eMiaenlla4 iKMO«*Uo« laat week, Bald he (nr«- .««• "pavlluttliu-ly Ion* 11 debal* on Die meaMtr* (or .slop-gap »Ul lo •ufo»« t« W ««ii>l4rrcii at MM i*a*lon. cAU«d fot Not. )'( . New l lib. nhrec ninv; ( n ixi»< Utlok) U avnUablr |« a vartMv (Ittlliiu: louvre<l. Mne<i, niil ch«.-k.n. to, M. i,, IOO Gla«t block and a little lumber easily transform an ol4-(»hlone<l arch or sliding-door frame into an ultra-modern doorway ThU installaliun in a. 50-year-olil home also IILIS :i fnnctiona! advantare— the translucent ulas* block permits soHlyyitiflusert daylight to Alter throufh from the room lo brighten a traditionally dark hall lion rooms; t* oo«cur. mdMJrabte ontsld views; as ti«nsoin« 04- decorative Illumkmud •ow.v*r, K* abated, )u "liu HH Idea" thwe Might b« action on tiir I'litir. lour-yeM' Marshall plan n* w«H as Die stop-gnp III»HMII<' whlc:h would provlile rild Ui newly Europi' iMtkl.Maroh M. All this, lir i«ld. in adjoni'n lor Christ- Roof Playt important- Part in Both Appearance and Weather Protection ON DISPLAY AT OUR STORI TWIH rut 149 152 189 IMMEDIATE DELIVERY limk MAIN S PHONE ?OIS When planning a new home. It's < always well to remember thnl i\ ; good roof Ls a good Investment, i Thai's the advice ot building ex-I peris, uho point out that 'he r<i:,f is one of the most important ten- \ Mi res of the house. Because of the i part Ihe roof plays boll) In appearance nnri In providing %vna'hev proleclion, pcrmnnent roofing ma- i :er:als and good workmanship will Pay off for years to come. [ Wiule il is never vise, to ecoir.)- • ;i/.f nn materials, authorities point '. that construction costs can be i'^LPc! by keeping roof lines .sim- . Tile number of hips, valley:;, j rs and intersections influence j touil cost. A "cut-np" roof re-s imirr roofing material and | " ilashlnKR, which are the metal ' Tlioii.s provided in valley^, i • ;ri chiuimeys nnd where the • IE meets dormer walls. Hoots ' simple lines, moreover, / are y lo be more elficient and leak- L v al condition* must be consitl- '1 in determining the materials i;e used. Many comiiiunllies havii .likims codes which require flre- n-of or fire resistant roofs. ^Climate :]KC: is a fnctor. If heavy snows nrc ' fo be expected, the roof must, be ' strung enough Kl, hold their weight. The materials available for. root- iiiK include asbestos cement shin- iles. asphalt shingles, wood shingles, slat* and tile roofing and inelal. Flat roof, call for built-up .roofing. Among the fireproof roofin? materials widely favored are the ashestos cenicnt shingles, mode by combining asbestos fibers and port- tanil cement. They are stone-like M composition and can be expected to last the life of the building They are not siKcctnJ by axtri-nies of temperature nor iv any o< the common CMUEM of wear, ^or these reasons there seldom k any need lor muhitenance outlays, no matter how Ions; the bnlldiiiR ilaiidt. As- bestofi stiingleK are obtainable in R number of styles and a variety of colors. The manufacturers of roofing materials offoi Illustrated literature describing the variety and uses of their products. A stutly of these lolders will prove helpful lo a prospective home builder or a home owner who Is considering replacing an old roof. Local lumber dealers are always willing lo show samples and the.v mny even have complete roof sections tor Inspection. -all iwneta.' Plate !()«« wkidow. and .oor« tiavt udd«J twauty to many Koniei, ,iv- ! iiilt t*cm Itvlim indoor, wltlioiK. discomfort, add lt»*>t Mu j m iot, Olaa» stiower doc*, and tub enclosures do away with l>«ie <:urtnliw. and colorful Kruotural 1- ... ~ ' ~~ Bln.s« ha« proved ll« utiln, [„ bB ,|,. j W|th Hi* Coiirf« room nnd kitchen for Ita ea*y clean- '• ' "" >-*'*•"» inc. lastiHg attractlVMiM., A> |x<r- inanent drcorailon Wi -the home, utclie<l or sajltj-blnsled deslRim on Tail »«td he vnu confident Cong- l«ui would not HpproprlHU' the Kl.- OOO.WO.OOU siiKiieJited l>y Hie s uvcrn- ment Kr UK! yenr's uX|H>n<lltuiif t« Huiovn. He hliiuvlf, he added, would W willUiK lo KO aloiiK at tin rat. o( (our nf live billion a year. tlntsd Hlaac panels have floiiriwcent | l»ck llfhtliiK to'ulve a »It, diffused touch to the room. Tliere'a beauty In glaw—utility and llexlblllty it'i ensy to Install, .simple to fceep clean nnd shlnlnii and doe. not twrxle or rilscolor, hunt. ' The bodies were found yesterday near the foot of 13.275-Ioot TrucKns Peak, in the Sangre de Criito mountain range and highest spot In New Mexico. Silent Heroes Return Home From Europe N NEW YORK. Oct. X (UP)—The cnskets of 6.2M silent heroes of the war in Europe were lifted one by one from the hold of the Joseph V. Connolly yesterday and today for the last leg at trie long Journey buck. Tha Cotwiolly arrived yesterday with her cargo of S.J61 caskets, the first World War II dead to be returned from Europe, Iceland anrt Newfoundland at the request of lh« next of kin. The transport moved Irom a berth in the North River al B a.m. Monday to the Brooklyn Army ba.«. Of- licials said it would take five days to remove all the oaskeU. The last ' was not expected to reach hom« for 30 days. Brooklyn held a memorial service for her dead at 11 a.m. yesterday. Oppont Him TUPEIXJ, MISS.. Oct. » (tIPl — Re». John K. nankin's home town newspaper. th« Tupelo Journal, yestdidiiy idltorlally flay.d him a* a Senatorial candidnle and >ald liii election would be "extremely harmful to the nutlon and lo otic .Stnlc." Thn l«>wx|>aper Httltf Court Rejects Stipulation on Tidelands Oil WASHINGTON, Oct. M (WP)'— The Supreme Court yrnUrday threw out a stipulation between the federal government Mid California which woiihl have' authorlied stale lease* to continue and expand oM and Bi>' operations hi submerged lands off the Callfoinia coasl. Al the same time. Kit high court approved a decree pro|>osid by Attorney General Tom O. Olark declaring thai the fcd«raj gnvernnicnl ha* paramount righu over the oil- rloki lxiuk iFini. oH California's short. The court's action followed *) its I lo 3 decision last .June X awarding control wf the disputed lajirfs In Die federal jovernment. Clark snhmllled the propo«eri decree nnd tile stipulation ls«t month. T"« decree and Etipnlatlotl were snpprMed lo be In accord with termn of the decision. * To- Decorate As You Clean! y tlis ,, your fall cleaning. Our fins av » a ]it,- 'rwints ami wRlljwper will aomplelely transform yonr lioms i"to » homily M** f,, r tlv« new seRsoii at hand. No better lift w»n l>« jfiv»« your family than R spotless, iiew-like home. Now On Hand: W, I, CANVAS .......................................................... Yfi . ,„ Walloper Pastt — Tucks — Dendntng FeR ARKANSAS PAINT Glass & Wallpaper Co. Bob CoUm«n 10S East M.ln St. Phont 2272 Alldle MulUlw vt. Owmalee Mtll- llns. divorce ,lo phtlntlrf, custody. of chtlri to defendant. l*eii«*] Hlkbiirne Harper Vfi. William D. Hnrner, dlvoro* fo iHRin- 11(1. •outliliind Cnnay Co.. ot nl. Vs. .laitiet •. Scllon, ai HI., »vtl( on ••«- LET US MODERNIZE YOU*. MOMI OR OFFICE WITH SUPER! QUALITY DEAL'S PAINT STORE 1«f Kurt 44M Circuit Mnvin Mi'Rdor, court. Giiinn vs. Minnie Lulu apiwalcd Horn Munlolpal Runkln's election To succeed the lute Sen. Theodore O. Hlllio. It called upon volcr. 1 : to "sond a mini lo WLi.slilntjton wlio will work qiilrLly nnd eflcctlvHy. . . rnttu'r i.hnii. . . continue to sUr up unnecessary "oppoillton and bring additional unfavorable attention Ki our slat*." . - K'lipliulxing that Rankln llnlVs from Northeast Mississippi who re the new.spHper circulates, Ihe eill- torial uld; "W« cannot permit loyaHy to a local man lo silence us w'h«n MT* Issue li of axicli .slunil lettuce lo Mi« stale MI* to the nation." The nctt'sptiixT said Rnnkln'?; Mends bud advised lo retire Irom political lift. . . "bin John It (ike an old ftreliorfle nnd dofls not want lo Rive way to Anyonn." (.ATI ACAIN LAST NI6HT, v*rl«Bd y»vr build or m*<Urnli. A»I«WATI WMIN*. ARK-MO POWIR COMPANY urpnse your Family and Friends. Readv-Pasled *• Wallpaper C«« bow «M)r It h to Keady-P*ated Wallpaper . . out paste, took or cutting The* do k yourself! Yow'l b* §H of a <k«or*iing >ob w«l AM*. -,. HARDWARE CO.Inc HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. PHONE 5I

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