The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1947
Page 8
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'RIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1947 BETTER HOMES Advice is Needed In Home Building Ready-Mod* HOWM Flan* Still R«quir« Architect's Services With th« , widespread use ol r«4T-n-jd« hoiis* plans, the family which U golnj to build He own home all too frequently decide* that the Mrrlcea of tn nr- ohllecl »re not reaulvxl. But •uch 4eoi*ioii« can ofu>u lead to grief, high costs, and an unsatisfactory hcuM. Architectural services are a small fraction of the tolnl cost of a home, the standard fee ranging from S to 8 per rent of Th,; contract price,-and a competent arclil- tict can and us.ialiy does save hie client tilt amount of bis ft:e. He prepares pirns and specifications, receives b'ris and supervises construction In tafang ulclc, the architect"knows whether prices are out of line, mid in supervising construction !I E sc-;.> '.o It there is no slipshod workmanship nor substitution of mai^rlals. Many Services From start to finish, the nrchi- lect acis as a professional adviser to the otvner in drawing contracts, certifying building i,rmges, ^complying with, building codes ami lien !KW» In other words, iie arcs that the owner gets what he pnys for and, relieves the owner erf a great deal of responsibility. An example of how an architect c»n save money Is In the heating system. This usually Is about 10 per cent ,of the cost' of the house. Figures In the hands of most architects show that proper thermal insulation permit the Installation of a smaller hoaliiis unit and less radiation. The heat- leg contractor generally does not take Inculatlon into consideration. He figure* the sias of heating plant on the basis of cubic content of the house. Recent tests at the University of Minnesota revealed, however, that the cost of the heating, system could be reduced by more than $250 in a home that was Insulated with fireproof mineral wool. Hence, through attention to this one detail. It should be readily apparent that an architect is needed. The «ame is true all the way through construction, from fouii- dsiUon to ins final coal of paint arid Uie tandso&plng. New Business Building Under Construction Work on a one-slory business building on Fifth Street West of Main will be completed In 6(1 dpVs, Tom A- Little »r.,' owner, jiald ves- Urdnj-. I The 60 by 150-foot, building, located In ''ie rear of the new f*'C- Moi-y structure being built by Mr. Little »t th« comer of Fifth and j Main, will be divided in'lo three jstore rooms facing Fifth Street. | B«h win he X) by 75 feet, Mr. ; Little said. The reinalnlnr; 60 by 175-foot portion of the sliuclutt will join the adjacent Ulan Heaili Auto and Home Supply Co. building to provide space tor expansion and enlnrgcngciil of that (Irm. The :uito supply firm will ex- jpand lo utilize Hie additional 4,500 IS.IIIID'C feet or floor space. .The j ccll'nc of tills hnl! of the building ! nil! lie higher than the oilier half • lo provide snnce for a balcony in the rear of ihc expanded Blail j Heath siore, Mr. Little Said. The j balcony also will be GO by 15 feel, adding another 4,500 square feet of floor space. Mr. Little said he did not know what the cost of this construction would be. This structure will be separated from the new two| story building by n 10-fool alley j h.' snld. ! Honeymoon in Britain Planned tor Princess LONDON, Oct. 27. (Of)—Buckingham Palace announced Inst night that Princess Elizabeth mid U. Philip Moumbiitlen will honeymoon in Great Britain. A palace spokesman said the couple would go after their marriage Nov. 20 lo the Broadlands EsUitc near nonisey iii New forest, the home of Philip's uncle, EarL Moimlbalten, governor-general of the Dominion of India. About one half of the honeymoon, which informed sources expected lo last a month to six weeks, will be spent at Broadlands. Then Philip and Ehiabctli will go to the roya estate of Darklioll, near the royal castle nt Balmoral where the princess' father and mother sixnit thc'.r honeymoon as the Duke and Duch- eos of Y 0r i;. WHEN YOU BUY A HOUSE . . . r«m«mb*r, ii'i your moil impofton* inveilnnnl. If yen, ma Vt miilak«, your family will live wi* then. Tak« your time, «ik quertiom, think »ver your family', need* and plan rh» financing of f*i« JMH chat* carefully in advance. firm or your banlc or other au- rhorrty. There ore pilfalli in «on- ilriKliofi whicti con turn your dreom house into o nightmare, So V/ATCH lor warps. Worped doo<l °° ' °'* ^° U *°P " ere alf show hoim- hat icnled, and thai a '* w poinl««'fo guide you when limbering ii nol hecwy enough.Guard you buy a house.' against this construction shorl-cut. bcrlhroom; iiie of both-1 lubs nioaiuie only about 5'x2'4" ; o Tight -. took [or rusly pipej. Courier Kcws CHECK ceiling by Touching wilh broorrulicl to lee it plculering it Ifght. Sagging JUMP up and down in cent brales, house ihakei, ftoarba *>ot iolid!/ conducted, floo T of floor. N ords iv*, the ar« no room vi- hoirie n 'ell bki. RAFTERS, joins, etc., s ho uId be cloie enough J male* frame of house Here, wife meas* urei space betwaen atlic rafters (16"). homr vnll b: niaaV tna/e cojufod- obU by mineral wool inui- latTon fn attic and lid* TAKE a tape measure with you when you inspect a houie. Meosure wall-spaces in the roorm (ai Ihi? couple is doing) lo moke sure your furni- lure will fit in. Chimneys, Roofs And Rubbish Lead Fire Hazard List The three most common causes of fires in th e home, according to carefully compiled statistics, are accumulation of rubbish, defective chimneys and combustible roofs With the winter season approaching, home owners are cautioned to eliminate these hazards as far as possible. For safety's, sake, a "Pall cleaning i* just a* Important a* the more common Spring cleaning Mnke sure that old papers, oily rag* and other combustibles are removed from basements, garages attics and wherever eha they may have gathered, A thorough check of the chimneys, and all other parts of the heating system, is a wise precaution 10 take before cold weather sets In. The safest protection against roof fires is to replace old combustible roofing materials with new ones that ar e fireproof or fire resistant. Shingles made of asbestos fibers and cement are now available. These asbestos cement shingles are not only fireproof but will last the life of the house. Juveniles Given Break NEW YORK (UP)—Police Commissioner Arthur W. Wallander announced that a new policy of avoiding arrest of juvenile delinquents for minor infractions had worked successfully for their re- habiliation. He said the police Juvenile aid bureau handled 21.007 cases during 1946'. but that arrests are no longer made except for crimes that would be considered a lelony or a serious misdemeanor if committed by an adult. thing is to reach a level at which a builder can give an owner a cost estimate on a building operation with a reasonable expectation that It will not be exceeded. I do nol belive that there will be a drastic reduction in the cost of housing for a long time to come. If the present cost level is to lie maintained and housing is urgently needed, then the problem is to find the money for housing." DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME- New fixtures, new paint job, repairs — make your old house a new home. Get the cash wilh a F.H.A. Loan from G.C.P.C. Up io 3 years to repay. 122 W. ASH ST. - BIYTHEVIUI Phont 2»2« GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION •,» PLUG IM T0 HEAR 'STUPORMAN' UNTIL POP GETS THROUGH USING HIS ELECTRIC SHAVER!* P»»'T •v.rlo.d your wiring ly.t.m. WN.n y.» k.lU »r w>d.rnli. pravld. ADIQUATI W/X/NO. " ARK-MO POWER COMPANY Housing Shortage Can Not Be Attributed to Any One Cause NOW IT'S YOURS! GENERAL ELECTRIC DISPOSAL!. EXCITING NEW SINK WITH GARBAGE DISPOSAL and BSSKWASHtiR COMJ'i.riTl Sac it in out Di^pioy Siiawtoarn Th« Famous International 4 ROOM HEATER 7,000 B.T.U. Oil Burner Complete With Blower Only $142.50 GILCO Automatic Oil Burning 'The Best — Costs No More." Only $120.00 National 2 Element Electric Water HEATER Suitable for connection with local power lines IMMEDIATE DELIVERY "PETE" the Plumber. 109 N. Fint Phone 2731 The housing shortage can nol be attributed lo any one cause, according to a statement by Max H. Kolcy, New York architect and member or n special delegation appointed by The American Institute of Architects to confer with the Joint' Congressional Committee which is investigating Ihc honstit" shortage. "The supply of both labor, and ' materials, methods of financing I and several other factors should i bn examined." Mr. polry ^\a In I the statement which has'been filed with the committee. "In attempting to speed up construction of homes, it should be understood that It is not possible to successfully divorce Iion«i'i3 from the rest of the construction industry. Any attempt to make the building of houses a healthy vigorous enterprise and. at the same time, neglect or crip-it., the rest of the industry by a'- '•; -ia] restrictions cannot slice ~:d The industry docs not work >it ,av "We hear talk a>:r—i practices, non-prodir:' and lack o? nppr< : To cet nt the truth or t I would advise the CmimUUT to rail the responsible hearts of labor and ask them aliaul llu-se thlniTs. Ask the construction leaders throughout Ihp country i! they can and will avoid Jllrisdictional strikes. Ask them resirictive practices, if any. exist. Ask them for figures on the iiumlirr of ap- preink'C'! and ask the ronirar- ized that construction wages or any other wages cannot re'main stable unless the costs of living in general can be stabilized. With the ever increasing spiral of costs and prices, we are asking tli e construction industry to stabilize nnd Into hold the line. If our people do hold tlw line for n reasonable period, we expect other Industries to do ttie same. "As for materials, there has been a very great increase In cost and « di.'iincliiU'.tion on the part of suppliers to guarantee any prj c <> or any delivery date. My advice :o the committee is to invite ne licnds of Ihe various organizations nnd associations which supply mil . lerials and equipment to ex|)l!i.n ihcir costs anci prices at ihei- plants, show the costs of 'rans- portation to gi^eii points and ttu-n show the prices to the ulUmatr consumer nt those points. "I believe that what 'is more important than a reduction io costs is stabilization In costs It Is to be hoped that we can stabil'z at R somewhat lower level than th- present one but tne important ?.?:; ill Ihe buiklii: K in<!u:i:y for the next three years. The "effort is '.o IH In.xt! Hut !ins .->':<;»;)- Ziitkm w:!l lw extei-.iied ove'- the c..t;re conuLiy. i "But it must, of course, be re,\l- Anything you own can cause an. acci- donl! Our Comprehensive Personal Liability Policy gives you the broadest possible protection against law suits. See us today! T r Ya Know . . . Some Folks Talk a Good Job V/hiIeOlhersDoiheWork! rr \Ve have a lot.of folks call us to repair, or rather, to ic-<[ 0 an elcclric wiring Job thals was i tended. Such work is done by the person who does a job "talking" and a rather clumsy job dit Don'l trust your work to amateurs, fly-VyVight out fits or "talkers" . . . bring it to Charlie's Klectrie. Tor fine work by experienced workmen. CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP North First Phon« 2993 STOP FOOLING WITH GOAL INSTALL IN YOUR FURNACE IvRESIC i PRICES INCLUDE THERMOSTAT *rnd AUTOMATIC CONTROL Small Horn* Sin BUY PROM YOUR LOCAL HEATING EQUIPMENT DEALER House Size .. Kresky Klonr Furnaces and Space HeaU:is JESSE W. PROVINCE PLUMBING AND HEATING Biytheville Phone 2719' ,.ust a few months until weather sets in for tK* winter. Now'« io liuj-i your ^iutt.oi<-,^ syjicm ci.ccis.i«i iina ;..• and f.q winleiiie to meet your requirements. Act novf for con- yenience then! Biytheville Water Co. ALLEN, Manager "Water 7s Your Cheapest Commodity"

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