The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 28, 1947
Page 3
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TUESDAY, OCTOBTO 29, 194T Czar of Films Lodges Protest Eric Johnston Says House Committee Hearings Are Unfair WASHINGTON, CM. 28. (UP) — El lr Johnston. *poke.smau for ma- J°' film proiniceis, told tin- House UnAmerican Activities Committee yesterday that its i-oininuiiisin-in- Ho]]y\v<iocl hearings have create.1 L "scare-heart stufr which is grossly ^ unfair lo a si-rat American intlus- 'i'y." He drill:) tided i hat the cow- niittoo correct lh:s --clamacing impression." "A (laiiKif;in^ impre.-i.sicm ot Hollywood has ,s))rea<i alt over the conn- liy jus a rr.sull of last weeks hciii- - hi'ris," Johnston said. "You have had a lot o/ -sensational testimony about Hollywood. From .some oi it, I he public would gel, Ihe idea that' Hollywood is mmuns! uver .,vi-,;i Communists and Commuin;,ui. "I believe the Jinpres.-;ion which hrus gone out i.s the son oi *care- head stuff winch is gross:-,- uma.r to a great America!! indt'i.Mry. It must be a great satisfaction to the Communist leadership in this nmn . try to have people believe HUM Hollywood Communists are rniiiuni- eal in munher unct irrcsis- tible in power." Johnston said that ie.,llmonv his completely lelutrd ihe coiiimi'ui'o'K charge that -.some of the must :ia- grant ComimmiM Propacancla films were produced as the icsrlt of White Hoiisc pressure." He demanded tliat tile committee make this clear. '•Until the list is made public " |\he snm, "tile industry stands con- '•deinned by unsupported Kenerali- zations. and we are denied the opportunity to refute these charues publicly." 'He repealed Ihe'industry's oifer to put on a special .showing o[ any or all of the "accused" films. '"Unless this evidence is presented and we are sivm the chance lo refine it in these public, hearinjis, n Is Ihe obligation of the commit'te to absolve the industry from the charges against it." Johnston said Turning to tile issue of fiv» .speech. Johnston sirongly implied thai. Ihe committee was enduing in intimidation or coercion to cu:tai! it. "When I talk about freedom ol speech m connection with this hearing." he said. "1 mean jusi this: You don't need to pass a law lo choke off free speech or seriously curtail it. Intimidation or coercion will do it. jusi as well. You can't make sood and motion pictures in r.n atmosphere of fear. "1 intend to use every influence at my command to keep the screen free, f don't proixxse that government shall tell the motion picture industry, directly or by coercion, what kind of pictures it oiisjlH to make. I am as wholcliearledlv against that as I would be against dictating to the pj-ess -or the 7-adio, . to the booh publishers or ihe magazines.;' Johnston emphasized that 'the Industry was a.s caijcr as the committee to see Co mm urns r.s exposed. "Expose them, but expose them in the traditional American manner." v he said. V He said the industry would "insist on our right, lo decide what will or will not go :n our pictures. We are deeply conscious of the responsibility this irecdom involves but we have no intention to violate this trust by permitting; subversive propaganda In our films." CASK.)' ommwn mwn In a Military Manner S(jt. .John Ford and two of the eifihl Irish Krce Stale Army horse* which will compote in the inlei national military iummiv coni.'.-i'- nl Ihe National Horse Show in Maehsnn ScjiKiiv'Gardrn N,,v I 11 The steeds arc ahorlow, left, aiul tlic IB-yea,-oUI ECldiiig.'Uuliiillow,' which was ]>erc in iu;ta. Negro, Absolved by Officers, Beaten, Wounded, Left for Dead Pi!, r 5y Mnnk.s Preferred ELKHART. Iiicl. (UPi— Troupe reported to ]x>lice tint someone had entered his home. The only things missing were three piirsy banks with abom S12. A wrist vvaich and .some .silver dollars lyin^ in plain view were untouched. ABERDKKN, Miss.. Oct. 28. (U.P.) — Police disclosed last night that a crowd of approximalely 30 white men almost lynched a Negro near here Sunday, leaving him lor dead after beating Iiim and firing^ two .38 caliijer pistol slugs into his body. The Neoro. identified a.s John Lloyd, a 43-year-old farm worker. was siisiiecied by [he attackers o; trying to rape Mrs. Arlanncr Roebuck. 54. the nisilu before. Lloyd was rushed to Al>erdee:i Hospital by oftirers who arrived on ihe scene shortly after Ihe attar*. Although one ol the bullets pierced the Negro's chest and lodged in n veru!brae. it miraculously missed Ihe vital spinal cord. He was given a i;oon chance to recover. Uoyd had been arrested in conned ion with the attack on Mr.;. Roebuck but p.fler Ions; hours of questioning he h u< i been released and police said thc.v Were convinced he was Innocent. Pohce | Chief John Barett tool: charge of a relentless two-clav in- vestisalion of the attack on" Mrs. Roebuck and the attempt to lynch Lloyd. He announced that Kyle Mc- Plmil. FBI agent at nearby Columbus. Miss., would arrive "today to help with the case. Twelve other peace officers were ordered on "ilium and day" duly until the;- i.s closed. -Tile belter people here don't beheve in that type o! law." Barelt saio. relerring to the lynch attempt. Mrs. Roebuck told police that sh« was walking home alone Salurdav ni«lit, about 8:40 when nvo Negroes fell in step behind her. Just a block Ironi City Hal! oh the town's main street one of the men pn.'.scd her and (he other seized her. she related. She said he put his hand over her mouth lo prevent her srreamiii" as she attempted lo fit-lit him off and then he throw her into nearby shrubbery. ' Mrs. Roebuck, the .seamstress wife of an invalid, said she managed to Iree herself and scream before the X'eiiro could attack her. He tied as help came ( from a neighbor who heard her call. N'ew.s ol the at lark swept Ihroiuh this quiet Northeast Mississippi comimimiy of 2.501) [lopulation a.s local police olliceis and .slate highway patrolmen with bloodhounds to lend them launched a widespread manhunt. The dons leu police straight to Lloyd's house. The Negro was arrested and taken to cilv jail. Hut after an hour of urilliiij., he wiu u-lcased so lliat h e cml ] a return u> milking chores nl the larrn where he worked. Ofttcer.s resumed their .search alter Lloyd's release. The dogs wont nehl back to Ihe Negro's house, "IKJ| changing their course bv so uiuili as two indies." accoronig lo one member of the posse. Uoyd was arrested again and th:s time he -.vas questioned continuously all day Sunday. By then the .situation in lown had giowu tense. Outside the jail a crowd of between 200 ami 300 white men was assembled, angrily discussim? the case.' 13 ireti said that by 5 p. m. Sundiiv, ponce were certain Lloyd was neitli- cr guilty of the rape attempt nor did he know Ihe. guilty party H,was freed. Ir. was about three hours lat'-r '.hal a small ^rottp of while me-i, lab.'led by Barett, as an "irjcspon- s'.ble crowd." found Lloyd and at- tenipled to lynch him. 5 Persons Die In Accidents In Arkansas illy IMiUi-ii IVfss) Accidenls cost the lives of five IM'isons in Arka'isus ycstrrdny. , James Morris Davis, 41-yeai-ohl fanner c ,[ Kntiland, accldcnlally shot and killed himself at the home of his brother. Oscar Davis lu i-'loyd. White County. A 1'2-cahhei rifle was discharged, the bullei -sliiklni; Davis over (he rlRlil eve, Knrl Kichnidson of 1'OURllkeep- sio. Arkansas, died from Injuries silffcied when he was caiiBhl In a conveyoi bi'h at a sawmill ai Hardy, lie fell on Ihe saw. silffer- inn severe cuts and a broken neck. Automobile accidents resulted In two of llie five deaths. The Koverend Thomas Coouan o[ Ix>s Annelcs. Califwnla. died In a Konest city hospital from m- jui-ic.s reciMvi-d when the ear in which he ua.s rldliiK overlurncd near Palestine And II, T. Pal rick, 37 ol near Conway, was killed when I lie ear in which he was riding overuirn- «1 on Highway OS. Pafriek was Kllemptiim to pass a truck uivl I.s said 10 have lust control of his vehicle. A two-year-old child. Robert B. Cain, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Ii. Cain of Blyllteville. dh-d from burns siilfered Saturday when he fell imo a pan of boiling waier. Fayctteviile Hod Carriers Restrained from Picketing PAYKlTKVILLK, All:., Oct. 'IS, (UPi 'Northwest Arkansas loeiiVs of Ihe Inlernaiional Hod Cui-.lers liave hi-en lempmaiily icsi.r.iincd from inlci fei in^; in any \\av \\iiii Ihe ciiiisii-iii-lioii of Ihe Oofl-Mi-- Nnlr Moitn compnnv biillitliiK in Pnyetlevillo. Tile union had hceii pickeUun since Thursday, claiming the coin- pan^' ii-iuM'd to bargain with common laborers, chancellor John K. Hull granted ihe tem|»ravy injunction, pending a full hi-niinj; following tiie current term o( Wasliiiujloil Circuit Court. 1934 Ford Outspeeds- Seven Police Cars NASHVILLE. Tenii..' Oct. 28. IUPI --The hood was battered and old. but beneath it must have been n lini-ly-llined, .vuperi-hnrced mulor. Anyway, one ijolice cur benau chiiMiii; Ihe lfi:!4 model Pmd IhrollKh the business section last, because it was runniiit; without iii-hts. Before the Ford disappeared Into tile fog, will] the police never ealehin^ up. six other police curs had Joined the chace al !)0 lo IflO miles an hour. The ear bore a Pulnain County license. Crash Victims Moved from Mountain Peak Near Atheni, Greece ATHENS, arrive. CX'l. M. IU1>> — Stretcher C n>»» with mules started lolling up ;i.500-(ool lly- nieUiw I'cak toduy lo brhiK down (he bodies of 45 persons killrtl sun- day iilnht when a MwedUl, airlines' uq-4 crashed hiln l> mnuiKiilit. (nislflve ainind. innnmer of the Swedish Airlines oilier here, unlit IMP bodies would be liroiiKliI down to the villuce of Koropl on the imilc.s and Him would bo sent on lo Athens In !< P( t ouv,s mnuiilnmv*. lie doubled whrlhur th» Mrclchcr crews could jench ««, » 1P4 .|i ( o . day. An official commit Irr wns «x- I in; tort to nrrlvf from Sweden within * ilny or two to start »n Invej- PA9I Fire Prevention Study In Schools Proposed I.I'ITI.K HOCK. Ark.. Oct. 28. ' l "'l ..... A lo-vi-nr oJd •tiiluii 1 nuih- IIIK II iiiuiulnlory tu loiu'li (ire prevention in public schools In Ihe sIHte niny be revived. If Arkmunc H'ire Marshul 1^^, Bilker ciirrlen out an Intention announced yeMrrdnv. Bnker snld hr is eoiislderiiiR filing a mandamus still to fore,: Ihe Slate Texlbook Cunmiliiilan to nNii- uly with the 1027 law, which provided thai, students musi goi yo nilnutes a das 1 of fir* prevention instruction nild huve lextbunks on llu- subject, The rue marshal clecla'.ed tlnil Ihe foiiimisslim had denied Ihe exi.stenic of adrrimue irxihuok* on fire prevcnlion. lleferrins lo Ihe iiiandanius sulls. linker jnld — "If such action t-iin be luken I mil willing to back II lo the limit," Paul Kev»r» Ritltt in Comiort; at Ltmit Purt of the Time H1.Y'I 1 I1K, Clll, CXI. ». (Ul>,_ '• Hen. Glen Tnylor, suddlc-sotr. ! bleary-uycrt »iul bearded, j through the de.sert today to spread uhinn »t;niiu>l Ihe nation'A lor- ii i«illcy. [ llf said lh> modern -day I'mil I U<'\ere act WJIA ueUliiK H bix re; sponsi' from people on tile wiiy. Tuy. j lor char»c>: Hint ihe adinlnlstraiion I is le.uliiit! Ihe U. 3. into a war with Kusslii. 1 Motile y.roups come out and aloiiK vciih him to lieur him liilk," his broiher. l>avtd Taylor, 1/os An- neles. said. "One K'dup t*\'# him n soivmule," The 43-yeur-old siiislin slnle.s- initn lell Seal llcaeli, Cul., Sunduy iifterntHnl. Me was in lleaumoni. Cal.. ye.str.'dny nmin nild oxpcrlcd to be In Tucson, Arix . Tiun.sdiiy foj' an uddtcsK. He was in the yehleiday, when an aulomoMlc driven by his Ilier-iu-law t« recover. His nionnls were luwcit nlouit in » M. Kcnnlnijs ....... PlantUf i's. No. Rosu llennliiKS ...... Defwidanl. The rietendiint Uosa Ifu tlennlngs is hereby warned lo appear within thin y da.vs in the court nnineri In Ihe caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint frf MM M. Hennl«««. thi» rt*i HARVEY MOMiM By Dorothy Conl«r. f* B Oook, Attorney for ««ntiff, ' WAItNIN CiOMDKK « Cham-fry 4'mirl, Dislrld,|>til ('mint;, Post Office Clerks Ask Truman for Pay Boost WASHINGTON. Oct. 28. (UP) — The United National Association of Post Office Clerks tlnd.t has asked President Truman 10 support its petition for a $000 annual salary increase. Union President William c Am- briisl resiiesled in a IclCRtain to the Whit,, House thai Mr. Truman In- ciude the postal workers' appeal for a salary adjustment, in his messniic lo the special session of Congress on Nov. 17. YOU'LL SAVE MONEY AT TRUCK HEADQUARTERS Du Pont ARIDEX * Renews Clothes * Makes Them Water Repellent Let us treat your clothing with Du Pont ARIDEX for your protection and clothing preservation. Enables Clothes to Shed Water, Spots and Stains! PEERLESS DRY CLEANERS 416 So. Franklin St. WITH... the Right One of "J Great Truck Engines! $.-••• Gas-saving, I.-head, high compression type throughout! Ihl-srmnt* alumiuum-alloy pis I ons, with 4 rings j>cr piston! KCON'OMV plus . . . hecaiise every unit—in nil 7 engines—is "Joli- llatfil" to fit its job! 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