The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 28, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 28, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE VOL. XLIV—NO. 185 lllythevillc Courier Blylheville Daily News BlythfvllU Herald Mississippi Valley Lead*r THE DOMINANT NKWBPAPEH OF MOUTHKAST ARKANSAS ANU 8OUTJ1KABT MISSOUW One Indictment Reported by Missco Jurors 12 Witnesses Heard During Session in Court House Here One Jildictlnent -,va.s returned al'.d om? dismiss] rey-ortcd by the KiaiHl jury .'01- :!<•_• Chk-kr-.sawbii DIMI-I. -t of the Mississippi C'o-.inty Circuit Cvniri al the cr-iii!ii:<:on venerday of a one-div,- session. Twelve wit- Iies?ef3 were lizard. No in? 01 million was avaiholo today concern in,' Die ti'iie b:tl .vhic-;i was returned to the roni't. A iionc'i warrant was issued n\- Circuit Judge Zal B. HairUon for the arrest of the accused jicrsMi. Dtmiifr ihc Invcs'.isintioii of crim- jurors innl 1 ;, witnesses in a cn'.e :it Armore! when- M. C. Cinrin. N^,-,,, was slaobed unrl killed nlu-ecily by Willip Holme*. another Ne.:ro, "wh.i.v homo is in Greenwood. .Mis= 'lloil'-ei had been arrested lullowinp, c;:'ri-i'iV" death but Hi,- jury did noi return an indictment in this cus.\ The grand jury report Maicu that ihc group had inspected the county jail and found it in a "Jean. order- Ally and sanitary condition." The grand jury also made the following recommendations: : 1) That the garage attached to the rear of the Court House be removed as ii detracts from the building's appearance and is a lire hazard. Court House Kcpairs XJrgcd 2) That all offices in the Court House be redecorated in Ihe same muuKer as the Circuit Courtroom and hallways. 3) That the Court House roof be examined and all leaks repaired immediately. 4) That gutters and drains around tile Court House be re-oj>ened as it appeared that they were .slopped up. The stoppages have caused, the report explained, plaster to fall from '.vails of some oiiices and also have caused the front of the bnikl- inj; to become blackened where water lias backed up in the drain pipes and run down the outside walls. The report WHS signed by Louis G. N'ash, grand jury foreman and Keith J. Bilbrey, clerk. Laverne Mayfield, Negro, entcie-.l a plea of guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated assault and was fined S50 and costs and 'given 30 days in jail. The jail term was sus- •penoen with the stipulation that committment for the fine ant! cost.s .-• would follow if botli were not paid _____ \vH.hin 30 days. ..... . ...- - -, ..... , Several Enter Guilty Pleas The following pleas were entered during arraignments yesterday al- ternoon:: Richard E. Priest of jVBlythevillc. charged with uirce ^:oullts of forgery and uttering, pleaded guilty to all three- Arthur Beck, riot guilty, and Raymond Allen, guilty, to a charge of burglary and grand larceny; "Edna Coldman, Negro. assault with intent to kill, not guilty; Willis Port! of Blytheville, grand larceny, not guilty; -Hazel Walker, grand larceny not guilty; Mrs. Bonnie Sue Quidley of Blytheviile, grand larceny guilty; H. J. Gulp of Blytheville robbery and grand larceny, not guilty; and Al Murphy, Plat Lake Negro, assault with intent to kill not guilty. A jury yesterday found Carlie Davidson oi Blytheville guilty on one count, of assault with intent lo rape and on one count of burglary. Davidson \vas found not KUiH.y 011 another attempted assault charge and a second charge of burglary. The jury fixed his punishment at two years in the State Penitentiary lor burglary and at three years for the attempted assault. Sentence probably will be passed at the end ^d the court term. PI This morning's court session was .(aken up in hearing testimony in the case of Gant Summer of Manila. charged with incest. Court recessed at noon and re-convened at 1:30 to continue hearing the cn-se. Blast Starts Conflagration; Eight Injured WOODWARD, Ofcla.. Oc4 2S <UI>> _ At least eight persons *t'rc injured today as a $300.000 iit'e swept through a downtown business block of this city where 86 people difd last April In » tornado. Officials 6 ;.id the (ire remaliMd out of control an hour after It Mailed at H:15 a.m. following »c explosion In the basement of a shrje store. Seven store buildings had been nt.ftl. but fircmenl said they tje- Jii.'vcd all occupants had escaped. injured were firemen and vol'iiuecr fii-e fighters. fire companies from live nearby towns arrived here to help stem Hie blare, and unit. 1 : from four i'lher cities were en route, the Oklahoma higlr.VKy patrol reported. The estimate of damage came from K H. Smith, Ions-time Woori- r.ii!!eil '-vard resident apd United Press correspnnttynt there. Smitr sa[d lie believed firemen woul'.i .nannge to l:ec|> the blaze confined to a single block on the South side of Mala BLYTHKVIU,K, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOHKK 28, 11M7 Win Balanced Farming Award SINGLE COPIES HIVE CENT* . ! Tile hiiildinfis leveled l)y the blaw I ; were Riiiony. hundreds of Woodward f I structures that had been repaired! I or rebuilt following tin Texas- <3k- lahoraa tornado which struck April 9. Second Movie Film Writer, Accused of Communism, Faces Citation for Contempt rliflh Prime Run ' Dalton Trumbo Joins Law son High Frees Due ,„ Refusing to G/Ve Testi To Get Attention Wage-Hour Law Changes Urged U. S. C. of C. Suggests Repeal of Provisions For Overtime Pay WASHINGTON, Oct. 28. (U.P.) —The U. S. Chamber of Commerce asked Congress today to consider eliminating the overtime provisions of the wage-hour act under which employers must pay lime-and a- hnlf for all work over 40 hours a week. The Chamber said the law as it now -stands "ini|ioses a penalty on the employer" and "tends to increase the price of the goods produced to the consumer." The Chamber's views were presented at a House Labor subcommittee hearing by Richard K. Lane, chairman or the chamber's Labor Relations Committee. The congressional group is- holding hearings preliminary to recommending revisions in the nine- year-old statute. ! "The National Chamber has urged in Its declaration of policy that, JJj£._Coi!gi ess , should ..-undertake a thorough study of the en- lire law and its economic effects," wild Lane who is president of the Public Service Company of Oklahoma. "It is consonant with this declaration that I am raising the question for the committee's consideration as to whether the over[™ e ^Provision should remain in Should Face the Facts .Denying that the overtime provisions would spread employment in tune of a business depression Lane said: ' "It would seem to be business •cahties and not the requirements U. S. Out to Break Stalemate on Issues in Korea LAKE SUCCESS. N. Y., Oct 26 (UPi—The United Nations General Assembly today shelved debate of Italy's peace treaty until the end of its session Hnd plunged into a fight over the American-Soviet deadlock in Korea. The postponement of the Hal- B.,™edi, ° m5 ' " Bm " CV "' C ' R °" IC 2 ' " rSt "'"" *"""" '" "Balanced Farming Contest In North M, M1M pp, col , n ,y Is shown above receiving the „«•„„, fro R. Ncwcomb, secretary-treasurer of the Arkansn.-Missouri Power Companv one o, the 1 ,on B,,, P 'T7 fr ° m ' ea l ° ri8ht " re ""• JrlCkS °"' Jil " Ja " k -"- Mr N ~"' ^ -Zr »n. Billy Jackson and Jack JacKson. By wnm,n B fl ,, st plMO ,„ thc cvcnl lho Jack5 ,„„ becRme eligible to compel, for slate Balanced Farming honors. "ut Chn es o ,' . liallj French Premier Asks Confidence Ramadier Brands De Gaulle as Enemy Of French Republic PARIS. Oct. 38. (UP)—Premier •Paul Ramadier attacked Gen. Charles de Gaulle as an enemy of the republic today and denounced the French Communists as pursuing ends contrary to the safety of the country. "There will bc civil war and it camps, Ramadier warned. His reference plainly was to the violently antagonistic leaderships of de Gaulle and the Communists. Fighting for the life of his coali- tioii cabinet, Rarifadlei-lashed" at' both De Gaulle and the Commun-' ists. Iwo of the greatest forces In 1 Grocery Store Price War Brings 69-Cent Steaks Down to 39 Cents VIDAL1A, oa.. Oct. 28. i U.P.i Housewives hud lo keep looking today at what's been happening ,„ their Riocery mils to reassure themselves that thc M-cenl, steak, the Icil-ccnL brend and s|iu <lB 18 cents for five pounds wasn't a dieain. For a few carefree days. Vidn-+ lians shopped Ihree main fooil stores that were loaded with bargains from thc soft drink box lo thc meat market. » Right in the midst of nationwide inflation so critical the President told Congress lo come on back lo work, the three store owners rared back on their small town individualism and decided to have themselves a price war. fore shelves were stripped of merchandise and the belligerents called a truce during which prices went back to sky high. One owner estimated he had losl 85 per cent on his sales since the scrap-rMrted.-,',- But the ladies" with the market baskets gossiped happily over back fences that ihc truce was only tciu- The National Assembly, meeting in extraordinary session for France's gravest crisis since the war. was :hrown into an uproar by the So-* clallst premier's assault. Working toward an assembly vole of confidence which placed his government in jeopardy, Ramadier drew shouts of protest from the floor when he lumped De Gaulle among the "enemies of the republic" and In attacking the Communists School Mergers Up for Approval County Board to Act On Consolidations at Box Elder, Pawhcen The Mississippi county Education Is expected st-oinp of ai>i)ro--ni on district cnnsolldatlons hi); in the Court House luoirovv afternoon. Formal approval of Die mergers Is all that remains as electors In both BOX Elder School District No 22 and Pawhcen District No 45 have voted In elections to consolidate with Lenchvlllc District No. "here , . — >•"- jctimrememsi ommunss de- 01 the law that determine whether nla " dc<1 'bat no French party not overtime is worked. O f!" snoulci follow ends foreign to the what effect, then, is the overtime compensation requirement In this rtuTlin,, V'V 111 '° '""ease production costs for work done unusual conditions?" tf>-*i ln fi,~ ai<i - " lc Chamber believes J; MJ..l c ' s . 'genuine doubt" as example, women s served by reasonable state reg ulat.on of such conditions But we are confronted with no such conditions in the fair libor t H ards act." ' stand- Four Changes Lane said that "p,. lul ,,., mination as to whether a deter- such Ian treaty was agreed to moiisly on the motion of o unoni- •'*•"- «'IEJ aucn a. sic change as elimination of the o.ertlme provisions is desirable " the Chamber feels thai certain im mediate adjustments ar" ~r?i" snry. He suggested that the sub" committee consider- 1. Clarifying the language of the "ons rC8ard l ° 5PCC ' flc exe '"P- dic 2 tio^ Sl o°v ing V 10 StaU? ' juris ! borders. ma W " hm thelr ' 3 Exempting from the act nil employes whose pay reaches a certain figure. «- Requiring the wage-hour administrator to hold hearings before developing ar . enforcement policy. safety of our country." Sarcastically he referred to DC Gaulle, resurgent political leader who amassed astounding strength I in recent municipal elections, as a modern Joan of Arc. | "It does not seem to me that someone on the order of Joan of Arc could become the head of a no- ' litical party." i He said he hoped any future strikes would be based on professional reasons, and called on the working classes to "beware of any group tending to split your ranks.", "Revision and dissolution," Ramadier cried, referring to De Gaulle's! demands yesterday for revision of the constitution and dissolution of Parliament—"these are old phrases 1 which always covered the enemies of • the republic." Shouts of protest rose from De' the ! Gaulle sympathizers among me Popular Republicans and other right -, .... , . wing delegates. Edouard Herriot as- Churchill Asks Vote sembly president, finally was able to restore order. "The assembly will be defended by me, and I will never give an inch either on the constitution or on Ihe rights of the republic," Herrlot Interpolated. "Thc greatest danger is not in the t Gaullist movement, because no true Republican would endorse It * Rnmadier continued — _ut again at any moineiu. They say they know their grocers wei; enough to spot the symptoms. Round steak was an almost stand- just like it was two weeks ago when' all this started. One of the "big three' grocers came to work one morning and quietly reduced his steak price from 69 to 49 cents. The fihst thing the other two stores knew was that they weren't selling any steak. One housewife who found the bargain store didn't tell her closest, friends for a day or so she was afraid the bubble would 'jo poof. But the news got around, including back to thc other stores. No. 2 store slashed steak prices to 45 cents. The business there was soon land office style. Then on Saturday stoic No. 3 went overboard. "Steak 30 cents" read the sign out front. The other stores followed suit. Prices on other foodstuffs skidded downward, too. Irish potatoes were five pounds for JSaturda 18 cents, breakfast bacon 72 cents James a pound instead of 80. soft cirinlts j rcst ' of six bottles for 19 cents and short.- ! he snid cnillg 96 cents for three pounds ' compared to »l 21 before. Needless to report, housewives . -.. are conniving to discover how they For Missinq Transnorf car. get. lhat truce ended rich', i * '"liporr away. This consolidation will reduce the number of school districts In Mississippi County to 28. A special election was held at the I'awhccn School Saturday, when thc proposed merger was approved by thc voters or the district The I'«v/liccn-Lo,icliville merger is the eighth in the past three months and the second to be accomplished by a special election. b''"pe 0 ,u,o,,.s I : lx wcrc bra " eht nbo " 1 Tomorrow's meeting O f the County Board of Education will he Ihe last attended by pluiip j Dc ™ as county supervisor of schools He become supervisor of records Depart- and reports in the state Mr. Deer said today he plans to i leave Blytheville Friday or fnr |y . Deer and their son. •eiuain here for the current school year. the Planes, Ships Search Showing That Attlee's Government 'Has Failed' LONDON. Oct. 26. (U.P.'-Win- ston Churchill asked Commons (o- _,,„ day for a vote of no confidence j £,,, S ill thc Labor Government on ; „'.,. grouiidsjhnt it hnd failed to over- . ' ,^,'J, 1 grave economic j j 0 ' i]lcd ?B KETCH1KAN. Ala.ska, Oct (U.P >—More planes and ships joined the greatest air and sea search In Alaska's history totlny as "'"" weather increased hopes -I- /or Imdmg a u,l.ssi,i K Pan Amer can World Airways DC--) transpo ercvlc" '" '" 1M * C Army Navy and Co rt Debate immediate opcncd „„ iht In cd Slates proposal for United .Nations intervention to break (he slntemate m Korea. OMcials of the II. S. delegation Mid they e.vpertod o blast from Sonet Foreign Minister .\ndrei Y Vishiroky In „„ P.ttenipt to block j ™ SCC1 took issue with a recent.' chimbr'r i of commerce statement that in- i ; creasing the present 40-cert-an, hour minimum wage would b c Ian- come Britain's -- ^... h crisis • = i'i B U l '-P, rlsks st!lr 'ln& agitation Churchill charged that Ihc na- wnicn will prevent European soli- tlonalizatkm program of Prime Minister clement R inet had proved n called for prise. Attlcc will wind up tomorrow night, after —,,.,,. Oujird V.ITI- aided by every avall- prlvale aircraft and three Canadian Air Force patrol] Seven Coast Guard vessels I with hundreds of fi-i.-~-l ParHsan Fighf Looms When Congressman Return to Capitol 11V K,\VMON1> MHK (Ulllti'd I'rc.SK Staff CurrmiKiiKlnil) WASHINGTON. Oct.. 2(1. (Ul>)_ He|)iililU'nn.i and IDciuocnit.s In Con- liress were squarlni; o[f todny for a Partisan right over assessing the bliimu for high prices anrt wnys ol deiilliiu with the problem Spokesmen for both parlies con- ccdeil Mint (he mast of living would be an Important Issue in (he 1041! presidential caiupalKii unless the upward trend of prices was slopped HI. the forthcoming specinl .se.sslon of Congress. They dlsngrecd on who should lie blamed rind some of them foresaw Imtlier dl.siigreoinent.s on whut should be done. Hen. ,|. Howard McCirath. D., R. 1., prosjieellve chairman of the Uemo- cralic Nntlomil Counulttee, iilntcd nt a puvis confcrcncu yesterday Unit 11 bl-imrllsun plan might he devel- "liecl diuini; Ihe siwelul session to deal with pi-lees. Hut Senate Republican Whip Kenneth S. Wherry of Nebraska scoffed at the idea. "Rid you ever sec a session that was, nmi-paillsan?" Wherry asked reimiiers. "That's my answer to that." And RCU-. Fred L. Crawford R Mich., notified his colleagues that he would introduce n resolution us soon as Congress convened Nov. 17 lo Invtsllgate administration iwll- eies "which created thc current era of high wages, high prices and high taxes." Says Inflation Kile-dunned "As soon as we know what thc Truman administration did wrong and continues to do wrong," Crawford wrote, "we will then know ufl the nicii.stires not to take to fight inflation." . He said the ndmlmstrallon luid encjiirased Inflation during the p'nm by fighting "a non-cxls- ionnry trend." i evP rc -™s;Hlie teller Hint ~—j—is • hare • "more to fear" ENmocralJi in the way of political i cpci cushions from rising prices. He said the Republicans had wanted to drop controls and lo depend on Increased production to depress prices, since prices have continued to climb, McGrnth thought thc Republicans now must have a program for coping with prices. President Truman's plans for meeting the Inflation problem have not yet been disclosed to Congress. IJoth Wherry and Sen. Roherl A. Tuft. R., o., have expressed fear of n "black market" revival if Congress should agree lo the propasal, now being considered by the administration, to adopt an allocation system for scarce commodities. ~r' • I "V I Oniqht ^ WASHINGTON. Oct. 28. (U.P.)_Ho,, S o investigator, ot, in Hollywood today clmi-Bert a second wit;s wit i coiitomnl of COM»II-«S.S mid licard another testify Unit Hod* tried to ca|>liii-o. all movie unions. Film Writer Dalton 'IVinnbo, alleged to bc a Commun- iKt, WHS cluii'Kt'd with contempt of the House UuAmerican' Activities Committee. Tnimbo, defiant on the advice of counsel, refused to siiy "yes" or "no" to questions: as to whether he wa» n, Another write, John Howard Lawsiin. was charged with contempt for thc same reason yesterday. Alter the shouting Trumbo wa* removed from Ihe witness stand. Committee Investigator Louis J. Uu.'-.sell testified that Trumbo was Communist Party card holder (No. 471117). lie had testified yesterday that Lawnon held card No. 41275. Trumbo licensed the committee of setting up "an American concentration aump." Like Lawson, he was denied permission to read a pro- pared statement. Testimony about Reds in Hollywood unions was given by Roy E. llrewer, International representative of the Alliance of Theatrical atiigc Employes. Ills union has been engaged lor Uvo years In a bitter Jurisdiction:!! strike with another API., union croup. Sought (o Control Industry liiewcr testified that Herbert K. Koircll, head of thc conference of Jiludlo unions—the opposition group —was a Communist. He snltl 8or- rell held Communist Registration Curd No. 742U2. Communists were active In tho Juilsdictliiual strike and tried "lo ake over the entire structure ft the pinion movement throughout the liidiisliy," ISicwcr said. Their efforts ' lo capture th« IATSE failed, however, although their "plan came dangerously close to success," Jlrcwer said. Tnimbo was removed from the stand after exchanging shouts with his questioners. USN, As Trumbo stalked from the stand U. S. Jaycees See Navy Film; Plan Dance Members of- the Junior Chamber oT Commerce were shown two Navy films during a Navy Day program at a meeting last night In the •iiycee club rooms. Thc films, showing naval and nlr battles In the' Pacific area were entitled "The Fleet That Came to Stay" and "Fleet Action In the 'aclflc " Chief Petty Officer w. p. Pish- cr, In charge of the Navy Recruit- , Ing Station, presented several Jay- cces with World War IT Victory { Medals. Chief Petty Officer c. W ! Wcatherford. also of thc recruiting station here, was Introduced with [ Chief Fisher by Oscar Fendler,; al representative of the com-1 mandant of the Eighth Naval DIs Captain to Speak At Legion Meet Blythtyillc Groups Conduct Series of Navy Day Programs Capt. H. B. nuttci-ricid, commanding officer of the Naval Air Station will '" address Imlrcs of tl Navy , Day pi- weekly mcctli nlglit at the "Legion Hut This program represents the inld-polnl of the week-long Navy Day obsiirvance here. A Navy film wns shown at the weekly meeting of the .Junior Chamber of Commerce last night. A Navy Day program was conducted at thc Lions club meeting this noon and similar programs will be held «l inenlini>s of the Klwnnls and notary Clubs tomorrow and Thursday. Cnpl. uiittcrfleld. who assumed command of the Memphis Naval Air Station a year ago this month, is rounding out his 21st year In Naval Aviation. Pour years after his graduation from thc United States Naval Academy in 1022. dipt. Btillcrfleld Joined Torix-do Sriuadron One and also served with Battle Force Cruiser Squadrons dui-lnu , the early days or the Navy's air arm. During tho recent war, he served in Pacific Fleet operations for three and one-half years. He was commanding officer -of thc aircraft tender USS Machine the "Jeep carrlnr" uss Nahenta Day and the U3S Hancock. He was also second In command ot the service force which supplied fuel planes and pilots to Admiral William Hiilscy's Insk force during the Pclieu and I^eyte operations. For outstanding performance of duty and service' as chief staff officer of the Naval Air Base at OKlnawa in 1945. capt. IJulleiflctd was awarded thc Legion of Merit and Combat Distinguished Device He ntso took p.irl in (he assault and invasion of Saipan. Tlnian and Guam In thc Marianas and sat down among the spccta- - During (he business meeting, R »as announced that in order lo ! increase thc fund set aside for Uniform JAre Proposed for Armed Services ••-••-•• -••• tJicYi-iu r-uropean solidarity and the reconstruction of our already partly ruined country We will defend France and the republic against all agitators as long as we have your confidence '• Ramadier spoke precisely an hour Ho was applauded loudly by all deputies save the Communists Atllce's cab- failure and return to free enter- j or weaken the proposal. U. S. Buying Tobacco To Stabilize Market t amount to "jacking i!p'7iie"cmi're wage structure." Lester .sa-.y the national minimum wage could be raised to 65 cents an hour without ng retail prices. Pharmacists to Meet The annual convention of District II of the Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association will he hcid at 8 o'clock '"night at the Hotel Noble. Wilkcs Crumc of Hot Springs, president- 1918. win attend. WASHINGTON. Get. 28. (UP) The Agriculture Depart men t an- elect foi nounceci today that it | 5 moving' Into the tobacco market "hm <tlnlcly" to buy tobacco and p,,,- levt growers ''against unstable m:v» (Prices I-'.o B Oilcicnl ^t^Sr^rs ML- *„ °&wz IMS ' . -Mar 336 337 335 iv ing — P^: I Soy beans Former Manila Man Dies r,, - ' ' r alla resident, died at his home in Mem- Phis yesterday. Services for Mr Davis will be held In Memphis tomorrow afternoon with burial also nl" 0 ' A ,,,, dau 8Mer, Mrs. Lillian Rogers, still Asides in Manila N. Y. Cotton Mar .... May close July 340b Oct. 337b Dec- ..... open . 3331 3320 3335 2S87 . 3304 high 3343 3341 3259 3008 3324 low 1:30 3319 3333 3317 3328 3233 2D85 3301 the riebale , which the vote will be taken. The Labor Party s clearcut majority in thc House assured the defeat of tho amendment, but the debate will have served its purpose of a forma indictment by the opposition of tlic government's conduct Monsen radioed he 'was Bi'vlnn i m -•.n attempt to land at the * An- nnttc island Alr,»it near Kctchl- '.an because of strong winds. New York Stocks Former Blytheville Man May Get Spa Appointment William E Armstrong, who formerly lived in Blytheville. is lining considered for appointment chief of police in Hot Springs. was learned today. Mr. Armstrong 'WFIS connected with the state Revenue D-jurl- menl here in 1929 n , K | in 30 ,, m j , later was rmiiloycd as a State 3248 [ Highway Patrolimn hero 3996 His wife Is thc rormer Clarice 33HI Kemim ot Manila. 2 P.M. Stocks A T ,V T Arner Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth siecl Chrysler ', Gen Flectric Gnu Motors MonlKomcry Ward N Y Central .., lilt Harvester H - North Am Avlatlin Republic steel Iladlo So'.-ony Vacuum Studebaker Ttandaui ol N J ., TcNns Coiv Packard U S Sttel Thc Rhythm Kings will play for Ihe rtnnce, which will begin following the niylhcville-Tcxarkana game here that night and last until 2 a.m. Inducted as new members were John V. Rawllngs and Marvin Smith. 158 70 351J4 9534 64 12 37 18 59 3 8 58 1 !•! H 58 88 1-1 958 Drirerj Pay Penalties Guadahipe Ozna was fined $50 and costs In Municipal Court this morning on a charge of reckless driving He was Involved in a minor collision here Sunday. Finley Carson forfeited a $35,25 bond In court this morning when he railed lo appear lo answer a charge ot driving while under the 28!i2 influence of Intoxicating liquor. 878 1538 lit .« 21121 Weather 7G58 5S3'4! ARKANSAS—Fnir today, tonight 538 -Mid Wednesday. Not mucn change 765,8 in temperature. form. Ho ordered a Joint study "with a view lo Authorizing an appropriate evening drew uniform" for the three services. He said he acted under instructions from President Truman. Press officials in Forrestal's office emphasized that this did not constitute an "order" to the services to itrc-vi alike on formal occasions. . Hut the defense secretary said he 1 thought it would be "fine" if they did. Temperature Drops Here to Low of 47 night to a mil seasonal low five degrees of {he Old Man, tVinter served advance notice of his tm- n I fir Joiic-'lij.ari'd Lauren Bacall. ' :• Committee.. Chairman J. Pnrnell Thomas, fl., R J., gaveled thc audience Into' silence. He wtrned against furlhcr demonstrations. The contempt charge wns voted unanimously by committee members present—Thomas and Reps. Richard Vail, R., 111., and John McDowell. H.. Pa. H must bc approved by the full committee and the house before prosecution may be started. Bv-FISl Agent Testifies Louis J. Russell, former FBI agent and now a committee investigator, presumed thc testimony about Trum- uo's party membership. Russell snld Trumbo's card was Issued lit 1944 In the name of "Dalt T." He s'ntcl "Dall T." was the mime Given Trumbo by the Communist ' parly. In announcing the contempt action, Thoimis said: The evidence presented to the committee on Danton Trumbo clearly Indicates that he Is a member of the Communist Party. "Also [lie fact that he followed the Communist Party line in refusing to answer questions asked him by tht; committee indicates that he is a member of the Communist Party." The committee read a long, memorandum asserting that Trunibo was affiliated with a long list of alleged "Communist Front" organizations. It then called Roy E. Brewer, Hollywood union official. Brewer already had told a subcommittee that Communists tried lo capture Hollywood unions as a prelude to attempts •.to take over the movie industry. The committee also put in the record a nine-page memorandum listing a host of'alleged "Communist Front affiliations of Dnlton Trumbo." The memorandum said Trumbo never had denied he was "holder of Communist Party Book No. 36602." Among "front" organizations listed were the American Peace Mobilization, American Youth for Democracy, the Joint Antl-Fascist Refugee Cominiltee. and.the League of American writers. Democrats to Choose 1948 Convention Site WASHINGTON. Oct. 28. (U.P.) —A 44-ycnr old Rhode Island lawyer, sen. J. Howard McGath. will bc named chairman of thc Democratic National Committee tomorrow. He expects his blood pressure to be "quite normal" after election day next y««r. . . Democratic"' leaders .also will 'choose tomorrow between Phill- Jphi», and still Francisco s(s the: site" for their 1848 national nora- Inatlrig 'convention. : Republicans already have .sclocleb: . Philadelphia for their ccohvcntton. weather observer. lormHUy.

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