The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on April 30, 1932 · 2
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 2

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 30, 1932
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THE tVCMVfi fITt?tV. OTTAWA c,TTwPT, APP-Tt s. lm CITIZEN PHOVES: QltlN A MBLI N G EFLECTIONS OF PLACES AMI FF.OPLE THR01GM0LT THE DISTRICT OF OTTAWA i ho IT IS Haccr .Tudg. Grout. X 1 went awwy to Pel emai'y tin week, it the type of citizen an ertmrr. unity can ill afford to lose: the dj:f.ct J be poorer became of fcl gomg asd the people tried to convince tin of that ft before he left: probably he sa.d wih the philosopher ol lar.g ego. "Of what can a man be proud ot if r.nt o! rs fner.clj.- He tu f-lfi-ed w:t!i v.mversai satisfaction ar.d to cn'i-cum the duties ef municipal cleric, corporation counsel, cha-r-maa or director of pretty nearly every crgsniatinn having for cb;ect the betterment ol the di-tr.ct. and all of this over a period of more than thirty years, is a ta-able contribution toward the cul-' tural ar.d physical uiials and f a people. Removal cf rich a citizen ir.earj the breasurg of long-standing ties that have ei-' tended to all part cf the d-Jlnrt. j A Canadian, living at present within a few miles of Col. Lindbergh' New Jersey estate. Is home In the dL:'r:ct this meet ar.d discussing the tragic eient that has so stirred the entire world and the rather noisy attempts to recover tile, child, voiced the old philosophy: "You cant to due h'-Xtir.f with a brass band.'' ; The science, ef ei.'zv.m it cat-' in the ratepayer av stupendous i n. i; bu largely in the tag rate ' of ererr rr.vucipall'r in the pre-' v.r.ce ar.d r.o person has clle.-ed eriry-iS obitctxri or criticism be- r ca jse; cf t.Te far-rach.c;r import- ! ' m' cf education on this au-.d sac- ' ceedtr.j (tpr.e:at:orj, bt when m.n-is'ers cf the crown, shone wnrd-may b to bear and urer the&e urnus- taicahle ai:.a.ts iamst domination fcv what r. sr.;. now regard as lii-i-, ptcp tf.rcughout the d&'.rirt look at the rising cost cf it all. At Marruborg a high in trie scale cf Irerary affairs in thi$ province, spcte on 'Natural Eamaclf. or.e of wt-Ch was what he termed "1 uirio j taj-e m the depart meet ot dj' aticn. On every How to Make the Most of That Hour When the Time Changes Dr. Jitterwhisk Incubates Ideas D i:c!e people are a-'aiir.g m'ar.j. hat all 'his The fart that only ten per cert out cf every 2 VO applicant pas t-e tests required of radio announcer isr.t nearly as strange as ts acceptance of some of the artists who pa vi the tews u vocalists. AVUGHT-SAVTNG tune starts i st midnight tonight In Otta- j wa. In irany cities and towns f throcgho-t Ontario and the ret of 1 Cir.aita the hands of the tmte- pie-5 ftin-.p ahead a full (0 minutes. Should joj choose to set jour clocis and natchas aa hour ahead before you reura tonight. ou may ( rest assured that daylight saving time win catch up with them dur-! ir.g the night and that they will be , correct tn the. morning. j Bat if you want to cfcaervt the niceties of chronoinetr.e eonven-; tion you must stay up until midnight ana swing your clock an boar ahead the instant it niushea truing. It will then itrikt one, which will be correct "daylight" time, and you can go back to bed and try to catch up on your sleep. r? ii. Dr. Jasper J. Jitterwakk . . riginated lh saying. "A lime was Bad by all one o clock on the morning of Sunday. May 1. is a particularly auspi- Leazue cf Nations, waich i' best ifneads deplore, nothing positive !caa been decided. Tha matter was ntyA tn The meeting ot the DOCTOR Jii ltRWHISX point- ! coijicU. And. since - although ed cn-t that this is the on tim ' hnrti fnr it the creat of the year when all night workers powers tae failed to agree to come ( can re;ice in shortened worsting to their aid. is it not now the bust- t?ar j ness of those immediately concem- "It is well known." continued the ed to see to their own needs? doctor, altftnately wincing bus side- ! Not that they can dispense with I real waTh and hi wapy brown capital of the great countries, or , beard, human vitality is at a with preferential tariff, treatment low ebb Between midnight and one ! from them, or do without their , am. Tcwiorrow, then, would seem 1 trade. Bat if thev bezan by to be the en day of tne year when ' agrteing among themselves to form there is no recession of vitality. 1 the projected economic and cus-Theref ore, this is an excellent even-1 tarns union, which, once there, leg to stage an all-night party. would certainly have to be reckon-"In that connection I also may ed with, mucn opposition would Rodeslly suggest a plan I have ce- 1 lose its force, many prob.ems would vised and named the 'setting-ahead' be solved; and what eagerness to party. This is mean of paying aid might suddenly become rr.ani-off social obligations. Invitations fe?t among those who so far have should state that the novel affair i opposed or put off action in view wiu lait only from midnight to one ; of the weakness cf the Danubiaru. o'clock in the morning, but that i nose rivalries tay tPe '" -there U be something doir-a; every i pioit: minute. When midnight enrr. ,h. I Asked Outside Aid jdertaken by France, wa foiled by situation latposea upon theja s and agree among themelTes. ensidera'kjc of ir.tematioral poll-j common economic system within And if among them there arw ' tics or of misxicers'.ood ecocom-; the bounds of their reciprocal poll-1 some who, in obedience to eerraia lie interest itical freedom. j influences, hamper that salutary j Is the matter to be left there? Eewawatie lBterdependrae. action. let those who can come to J Eeprt fr leatw. The economic developments of ?rwm,nt br'n loln bf: t The f.nancial committee of the today .t created among the na-'te,fn themaehes. The others wi.I League of Nations has issued a re- t!onj s3 which! otl4 to fom m 5000 " port which hide not one iota o! : u .,nriiatrt . ,r,,,,-r,. i coherent bloc exermin, it natural ; the shocking reality. In tonse- ( lhe ,ar This erowth of inter-ieuence of that unhappy tendency dependence has become more eri- to postponement ana ce.) in dent a a eult of the shiftine ot cerxain rronuen in conlomuty with the right of peoples to dispose of i themselves right which. America inscribed above the peace trestle, but which does not do away with the necessity of restoring economic relations and commercial exchanges between the peoples who were long held together against their wU within common frontier which nave cea&ed to exist. Build en New Order. Europe, wrecked by war, must rebuild upon a new order. In the first place she must count upon herself. Especially necessary 1 it that the small powers whose disordered condition ha repercussions throughout Europe and Is nourished by the rivalries of the great powers, should count upon themselves has cerr.e inta force of atiraction existence. So far. the question la ore of rational economy, debts and reparations. I say the sax thing whn I come to speak of security. Instead of waning for the organisation of world soeunry. which know can never be assured unless and until America takes part in it for that very reason and to win her to participation and hasten the realization of our friendly wish-let us help ourselves. Let us first establish an organization of security in Europe. And in Europe let those who think tin should be doc set about doing it. The others will follow suit. Th lowering of expenditure, the reduction of armament which would result from It. would be the bet arguments to convince those who do not yet believe. ; cjous Ume for doing certain thing. 11THATEVER you do. however, ar.d ; Worrvlrr for )rJUnce n would guest havirg Just arrived, excited rApeciaiu. me nostes pushe the clock n hour ahead, and everybody has to go home." Speaking in the district a few clay ago the honorable provincial treasurer of Ontario advised h.s hearers that educational matters in this province are dominated by professor!. Inspectors and teachers and he advised trustees to form an association to guard against these evils. Another member of the Ontario cabinet uttered similar sentiments not long ago and many people are beginning to ask what the department of education is doing about it. or whether Jurisdiction has been .transferred to the profera, inspectors and teachers referred to. , 0 - - Luy .i.i- L i . i t Economic ills breed deopair and the reult l soir.e' tragir. A youthful writer of the district refers to th" chartr'er who "s'rtiir.g ta molozist. that vanished hour need th window, opened it and threw not be entirely wasted. out his ehet." i Thw reporter found Dr. Jitter- ! whisk hard at work in hi labora- If the Polish population in the.tory He was winding watches, five upper reaches of Renfrew eourty of them on each wrist. Thus the are. a frugal ptor:t, loval to the ' scientist is able to tell at a glance, i country of their adoption and to the difference between solar time, , high principles of citl.riship. credit 1 standard time, daylight savings ' mu?t be given at least in part to the pioneers who came out here, settled amid the hills of the Wiino . sec'ion ar.d bv indomitable will, suffering, privation and unusual.)" hard work cleared the land of timber and of the million of field 4'ores that would seem to have been sown there is incalculable numbers. One of thee pioneers, as Adam Prmee, w ho today lies ill in an Ottawa hospital. Over a very . .. . .... iii j... uu.iu an aairoiocurt of a Whole TOUT 1 going lO Crop OUI conirmp.'.e out uouuiri omj our-'rj .. - t itterwnisx f the riav B it accorriinat to Dr. lr ,n' penoo. Jasper J. Jitterwhisk. eminent coe-j "Oenerosity is or of the good ' qualities that cou'd be cultivated! then. At 12 midnight aU the winners in poker garres should suggest , nugrlanur.ousiy. Oh. let s play until ! one o'clock and give the losers a 1 chance.' Then the winner can get i up, set the clocks an hour ahead. and even body will, or should, go home happy. "I fear, however, that there may also be certain wives who will seize this opportunity to berate tardy In the day wnen Italy was still dismembered, broken up into rival state which, being insufficient to themselves, appealed for tb help of the foreigner, who then installed himself m their terntones. there Jitterwhisk i ri Italian statesman, one of ed a few words of advice i lbe rttf" of tbe nineteenth cen- . lury, wno ULtrrea wirs sunpie the hours1 i. . . i of m.dnight and one am. Sunday : -Italy will manage herself.'' Italy did as Cavour had told her to do, also vent anjd prophecy. "Between no er- 1 time, sidereal time, mean time, synodiea! tune. Greenwich time, anomalistic (or perlheliont time, equinox time and nautical time. morning ." he said, garing steadfast ly into a crystal paperweiiht. -I can premise that there will be no deaths, no robberies, no births, no tcioen-s. no nits, no runs ror. "Under the ign of Taurn. 'the bull' (which has nothing to do with the market- the stars make the brief period I mentioned a propitious tune for signing DromLworv "M Y research hss revealed," be- husbands. Imagine the pJght of a note for fr:end.. for calling ud your gan the venerable tentimer, midnight if he is one second late . stock in new oil companies, and for yrupos.nit marriage to widows with that from 1J ociock midnight to it will be one o'clock before he can1 show how Jai-ob had been equally get Into the house.' twelve children.' and today ihe is a great country, with which all others must reckon. I agree that In Itaiy th?re was a common language, common memories, a demond for common frontiers determined by nature and by history in br.ef, there was a fatherland. , Now we have to build up the European fatherland. And that it may be well built the foundations must be laid, in the first place, by bringing into more closely-knit groups states which are politically divided but whose geographical Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Co. .Represented by C. VIBERT CRAIG AUTOMOBILE. LITE, TIRZ, ETC. Room 11585 Sp&rks St Q. 384 long period or years he has been a leader of these lnd Virions people, he has constantly sought to have their hardships alleviated and their handicaps lessened; now he is serl-oufcly. iji, the weight of years dims hu eye and somewhat retards his prngre-s. but he has fought manv a good fight, successfully and In ail parts of Renfrew county hope Is expressed that the courage and tenacity of the fine old warrior may carry lum through this wie. . Addrewrtng a gathering In Perth recently on the subject of Peru, the reached patriarchal age. This col- j umn ha frequently referred to them and now another centenarian j has been discovered In the person i of William Bolger. at present resid-1 ing in the Canadian West, but j whose life was spent in the town-i ship of Adrraston and his family' name Is among the oldest and most i esteemed in ail the county. i Mr. Bolger came before the ad- vent of raiiwavs. he cut the virgin forest into square timber and "drove" it to Quebec, he was one . of the boatmen who met King Ed-ward VII when the latter journeyed up the Ottawa beyond Chats Fall waies; Next Week in Ottawa A Diary MONDAY Gloucester Council, Billings Bridge, 10 a m. Rotary Club, Standish Hall, Hull. 12 43 pm. City Council. 7 30 pm. Hull Ctty Council, I p m.! i lorn - - v. . n-. nf . i. i.i. , ... ill low; ma itic mn v il e, , ln!lmarveUou. have been the change ,P0f,tC'H"lln'"'r'i' pIZM Mnce William Boiger tame to the though, half savage people." They DJsfrict fl hty y.. , ,et h u fhl'Ir r?M "T ' 'till act..: mentally and physically he Ottawa district most of whom nt, t0 nctn tn4) KMat .r J. J. 7 7 t,J"u"'u"8 1 scene of a colorful past. CHAR LF.SON A ' 1 1 w . ? ! r urn ir)ni ii ifi 1,4 iifimiii-iH c practice on May 2nd with offices in the Blackburn Building under the J name of Edwin H. Char.ewi, B A, LL.B , with whom will be associated ! Dr. Charles Morse. K C... who will act as counsel in the Supreme and Exchequer Court and in Depacf-mental matters, JAR VIS' LENDING LIBRARY Fnr the tnrmtlis of Mst. June. July and August w offer the RENTAL cf our Boom witBmrt tnemberHbip fe-. at 2r a Uy with the option ot Joining a reuiar member at the enrt of tbt period. This offer li for the purpose of ere- inn employment and to give -v-rv-Dne a ehsnre tr know and read our Llbmry. Ht nne mpulsTion la that vnu hrlna reference to our Ratiafartion . . . Come and enjew rntlmit the beet Rnoks, " Why not tart today?" A. H. Jarvis 1S7 BtNK Special Summer Offer, The Bookstore" 1.V7 BtNK ST. . TIESDAY -Lions Club. Chateau. 12 45 p.m. Board of Control, Transportation Bldg . 3 p m. Ladles' Auxiliary of Y II C A. annual. 3 pm. Arts and Letters Club, Carnegie Library, pm. WEDNESDAY loo Club. Chateau. 12 45 pm. Gjto Club. Alexandra Hotel, 610 p m. Eastview Council, ( pan. THIRSDAY Hull Rotary Club, Btandlsh Hall. 1245 pm. Board of Control. Transportatiort Bldg., 3 pm. Public School Board, Administration Bldg., 7.30 p m. run tn anrff thrnnsh th Kni'imi frantic men. No uti the MaXn n. lw a Piece of' ?':nC!,Ul' teau. 12 43 p.m: men crowed the river and ran a ! .(.P . ,1 i -A11"'.1 Tr"dM ,nd. L-,bor AiSn- Hne from the shore of the Ot-' "'"'L', '..'l-L..L. 223 Gloucester street. . pm tawa and the city- firemen performed a similar service on the KELVINATOR JOHN RAPER LIMITED 177-179 Sparki St. TeL Queen 4840 are not very proud and more than ha.r eavage. Profuse thanks were uttred In Cumberland last week on the occasion of the fire that for a time threatened the village. The resi dent ther realised that without the assistance of the firemen of Ottawa and Atassnn they would have been unable to combat the effects of a northwest wind that for a time fanned the flames to furv. Cumbrrland has a fire extinguisher of aorta, but when the flames be- When the late Percival J. Coon-; ey, the novelist, visited friend in i many part ot the Ottawa district . tw'o years ago, he was fond of re- i latlng this story of hi teaching; days. He was for a time professor j of geology In a California unlvers- j lty and he was always willing to identify specimens brought to him ' by any member of the class. One or j two of his students in a frivolous , mood got together a collection of rocks In which they had Included ! a bit of common brick. Inviting : Mr. Cooney to inspect the collection, j thev crowded around. , T YELLOW GABS T A 25 CENT ZONES A t. Pasienger Imurance. RIDEAU 3600 i I ALL NEW CAES. AOr THAT YOU HAVE THE ietc Filtered WaterWhy not in$it on Made Fresh Each Day From the Same Filtered Water We par the Cut of Ottawa l.-t water bill to that tit customers will b auurrd of le. which u TUtt from .egetab matter and othir foreign subatancM. GERM PROOF ICE is therefore safe and palatable In drinks or In direct contact with celery, olives, salads or butter. Uniformed Drivers Clean Trucks Free Ire Pick to each new customer. OTTAWA ARTIFICIAL ICE CO., LTD. 387 Nicholas St. Phone R. 266 Spray Kill MOTHS SAPHO LIQUID Deadly to moth and bedbug. Stronger and more penetrating than a fly spray. Harmless and Itainlejs-Spray lightly every cleaning day. Made in Canada. For Sale Everywhere. L STREET RAILWAY NOTICE Sussex Rockcliffe Beginning Snndav, Mav 1st, the bus service now operating In Rorkrliffe Park will be discontinued and, until the construction of a track loop on IJsgar Road, iust north of Buena ista Road, a stub rar will be operated between that point and the Rorkrliffe ( ar Barns, where the Sussex cars now turn hark. When the new loop Is ron-strurted the full Sussex Street service will terminate at Buena Vista, Instead or at the Rorkrliffe Barns, giving an adequate lervire to the people nf Ottawa who desire to visit Ihe Park, and fnr the people of RockrlifTe Village. Bank St. As a result of checks tak'jn ef passengers boarding and alighting from street ears, the following changes will be made in stops on Bank Street beginning Monday. May 2nd. The stop fnr southbound Bank Street cars which is now in ft. south of Powell Avenue, will be changed to the noriis side of PowelL Tbe stop for southbound Bank Street cars at the north side of MrLeod Street, will be cancelled and a new stop for north bound ears at McLeod Street established. The Ottawa Electric Railway Co. other side were the flames subdued and nearby properties' saved, Cum- j berland is large enougr to require I I more efficient fire-fighting equip-1 1 ment, but apparently too small to ) bear the expense of anything ade- j qia'e and under the circumstances they are constantly menaced by the dancer of fire. ' The reasonable siiggcMion was ! macio there last Friday that the ! township council appoint a fire warden for the village, he to have authority to demand that riar.gcr-I ous conditions are removed as tar aa possible ; had there been such an official on the ilay the viilnge was I threatened -the bonfire that set fire ; to the Barape would probably have j been ordered extinguished before it did any harm. ! j Perhaps the most prompt act of j the day was that of the young lady in the principal store there. At the i firt sound of alarm she dumped the contents of the cash rrgi.-,ter into a paper bag. stuck the bag into the front of her dress and then like : N'apo',pon at Water'oo folded her ! amis and waited for the worst. ! j I The rres? tells of a secretary who I killed her employer. In these das of economic stress emplovers are I none too plentiful in this district and our advr-p is that they should not be killed until conditions improve somewhat. People who irr.aqine they are paying their wav out of this depression bv resignedly arcep'lr.g every con-erhabio form, nf taxation imposed upon them will probably be disillusioned bv the frank tafemrnt of Hon. O. H. Ferguson, while nt hi-home in Kempt ville lust week; he said: "gruaged bv England s standards people rn this s ev of the Atlantic sirr.p'v do not know its' taxation meatis." Whether or not there is anything remarkable about Renfrew county that ir.d"ires longevi-v. it s a notire-ahle fart 'est mr.v poocie who have lived th'ir lues there have is a piece of quartz; ana mis, ne shotted, throwing away the alien fragment In disgust, "is a piece of darned Impertinence." R. A. J. ' Ottawa Market There w ritentv of ll kinds of pro-dur- on the w-li-end market out tuv-cr. were not rut in the u.ual numb-r. l'h th result that trading wm -nr omt Nn price rharaea wre r-corded but th" rarlv mnrnin hu-slne tvUi'rd tf a downward trnd in quotation ne-fnr the- rlnv bs n'.rr Th ruarlct quieter at true aeaeon of the year than it hsa been In manv var acT'rdina to rid timers on the nunare Ihe quality nf th produce or- Iirk of Rpsiult to AtI Danube Area Deplored (Continued from Page 3.1 i places the peasants, even those who own Iheir land but cannot export, i are returnina to the primitive ! method of barter exchanging the products of their farms for goods local traders ran supply Money is either missing or has become de-valorl?eri. And yet behind these frontiers too often a menace to their neighbors, live fome tens of millions of people who. because In normal times they have a level of life lower than that of the workers and peasants tee m b' hiivini it wm aaid How- "i 111 tl,l"i,r i"r, with th armr w-a-h'r mmin i would rons'ltiite it tney were onre tn mai"nt nf the vendors are nn their feet, a vast market for r"!e and lor forward to lm- I (V,. .vrv,, ,h. I.Jmtril rnun. ' ' ' ' '" tries and would thus restore in part the equilibrium of their trade bal ance The a'Vmpt was marie to help this process of restoration from the outside, but this Initiative, un- ard Mnnl II 5 in II to at h i'tcr at ff rr, ?n to 2 rent ft pmind In th fWu- -nfmn both rut flowers and pntted plant wtre well forward but huvms a quiet. r ip wa nn a plentiful as hut th pnr remained at 5 . ea;lnn Ekm mntintied r to i'u cma a .id 5TKKtP,5 Ujir.g tne numben frnm I to 25, tan ri pnice tKem n the ahte sqijs gi wch a ny trtrt every law V roe srp jarea, verfical, hr-nrontal and ddgonaL anil wirl to65 A percentage of Ihe gross receipts during Ihe presentation of Jean Webster's beautiful romance "Daddy Long Legs" goes tn the Canadian Council on Child and Family Welfare during the revival of this beautiful pirture at Ihe Avalon Theatre Mon. Tues. Wed. srrcML TODAY ' Roast Young Chicken with rmrsMM. lnrtudina s-up. Ves-rah;-. Dessert and Re-. erase 50c KAltSOV.S SOM TION ON PAGE FIVE It Ridraa Sit. R. 52 4 SALE PRICE $69.75 Reid's Stove Store Z2 Bank St Q. 4(M Crossuord Puzzle Answer ... Bi an 51 EJ p .,a iI ; i 5xaTci3a:i! II r" ll . '.Ji (I I i am a I rj i-vi puis a BIXD Hot Water Healer in your home. Balance in monthly payment, of 99c. Think of It ! HOT WATER at all times for yc down. The Ottawa Gas Co. Three Great Triumphs III : I - - - 1 ru -. Presented to Ottawa Today !! IN SCIENCE: The New Civic Filtration Plant IN MECHANICS: The New Rockne Six '65' Coupe IN ART: The Sc reen's Great Saga of MAGNIFICENT DRAMA AND BREATHLESS SUSPENSE SEE- The graveyard of the elephant! Sacred ground. 000.000 in lvorv tusks. But danger lurks there! When you cross the river ef Hippopotami you take your life in your hands! The hanrl-to-hand battle between Tanran and the Lion,! Stampeding elephants o1-strov a village of hostile Pygmies! " Tarzan escaping from the river of crocodiles! W. S. VA? DYKE who made "T-ader Hti." d!- I rected this darin. and t exciting screen .dven- ! ture! See Johnny Weissmullcr Neil Hamilton Maureen O'Slillican and C. A ubrey Smith 1ME APE in this great adventure and See THE ROCKNE SIX "65" COUPE trhich will be on view for the first time in Ottawa in the lobby of the a k o 5?... X? fe 1 W ""Si " .S fgM 0zSrW & s ill fH 1 Pj" .1 "mt& THE THRILL OF YOUR LIFETIME

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