The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1947
Page 12
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FAd TWELVE JBLYTHEVTLLE. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1947 New England's Fires Cfoked Toll Mount* To 20 With LOMM Near $40,000,000 BOSTON, Oct. 27. (U.P.) — Armies of exhausted fire-fighters maintained a vigil over the (till •noldering New England woodland: today in fear that rising winds might fan the flrca'i forest (tree once again out of control. Though all Important blaw?s in Sh« region were reported held In check after causing 20 deaths, <>.r.- jtroying 140,000,000 In property and leaving 7.000 homeless, officials warned that only heavy • rains could abate -the menace of new outbreak*. Officials ordered all suspected or convicted pylumnnlacc placed under survelll&nce in an effort to check reports that some of the (ires were set by fire bugs. A roundup of New England flre| •ones showed that Maine's most dangerous conflagrations at Bar Harbor, Baco, Biddeford. Kennebunk, Chen-yield and Jonesboro were under control and no longer threatened communities—barring . aj shift In the wind. j N«w Hampshire stale Police reported all fires including the onfij at Rochester "under reasonable control" except for a new outbreak on the Peterborough side of Temple Mountain. No communities wore in danger, they said. Improving conditions were reported in Massachusetts where a four-day-old blaye no longer menaced Flamouth. but Gov. Robert F. Bradford joined other New England officials in warning that "the clanger has not passed." Plan lo Rebuild O'jv. Horace A. Hildrcth announced plans to rebuild the 1.056 dwellings destroyed in his state, which was proclaimed a disaster area by President Truman Saturday. , He said the War Assets Administration and Federal Works Agency would send multiple housing Vishinsky Finds Something to Like The usually cold, stern face of Andrei Y. Vishinsky, left, Russian UN delegate, broke into a smile of pleased surprise at a recent General Assembly session, when NEA-Atme slnfl pholotfrnplier William Wasi'yevich asked him to "hold it"—in rtussi;m. With Vishinsky is Slanoje Simic, Yugoslav delegate. IN THE t»KOBATE COURT FOR THE CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTV, ARKANSAS. In the mutter of the vstate of Charles A. Hyde, deceased. Nil. 18*1 I.ce Hill, Executor. Notice of Sale of Personal Property Notice is hereby given that I will, a.s Executor oT the Estate of Charles i, deceased, between the hours of- 10:00 a.m. in thc morning and 4:00 p.m. In the afternoon on the lith day of October. 1947, offer at public and private sale to the highest bidder, for cash, .all of thc personal property of the estate of units and household furnishings loj Charles A. Hyde, decease^, with tlic provide at least temporary shelter for the state's 6,000 homeless persons. Financial aid also would* be available, he said. Sheldon Goldthwalte, president of the Bar Harbor Banking & Trust Co., announced that his bank and another would make $20.000,000 available to finance the rebuilding of the famed resort which was nearly destroyed Thursday nigh*. A parallel plan was disclosed by John Whttcomb. an official of a Bar Harbor Insurance agency who revealed that some or the town's! Fires in tile United States an- ?!^i,j n . sumrnc r residents had Dually c ] a j m u le ]j vcs o ; 10,000 per.,_._ 50ns resident from Chicago. She told town officials she would rebuild her estate, one of 60 reduced to ashes on the island. exception of the tractor. Said property is more fully described as that property appearing in tlie inventor^ duly file_d by me anrt consists r,f the household goods and furniture of the deceased and the farming implements. Tlie purchaser at said sale will be required to pay cash. Dated this 8th day of October, A. D. 1M7. Lcc Hill, Executor GRAND JURY (Continued from Page 1) the most im|)ortant function In he administration of law by the :ourt. he said. Tlie Jurist also stressed the se- jarate functions of a Judge and a ury. Jurors are judges of the evi- lence in LL case while the Judge in- crprets the law under which the :ase Ls tried, he pointed out. Whila :ach must abide by the decision of he other, one must have no influence over tlie other, Judge Harrison emphasized. He poinljd out the seriousness of the jury duty and said that If agreed to support a reconstruction lund. He declined to identify them. Hope for a revival of the stricken community was raised by receipt of a telegram from Mrs. Potter Palmer, wealthy Summer Imperial Sampler Emperor Hirohito of Japan reaches out (o pick an apple In an orchard at Ueda during a recent nine-day inspection tour of thr« prefectures north of Tokyo. Trie brWe used to throw her garter, »nd the girt who ca»ght k would be the next brxJe. But this was ccmstd- ««d shocking wvd the bride now tone* her bc*K]u« «. K» VQU're TO BE A BRIDE cooat, see our exciting collection of •h-mpiring diamond wedding and betrothal •"a*! * price* up to $500. BUDGET TERMS band GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE Indians Report Fierce Fighting Government to Send Troops to Quell Moslem Rebellion NEW DELHI. Oct. 27. (U.P.I — Reliable reports said torlay that the Hindu government of India, taking a direct hand In a bloody Moslem rebellion fn the princely state of Kashmir, had rushed airborne troops to the capital to keep it /rom being stormed by ID 000 to 15,000 peasant and fierce tribesmen. Tlie rebellion in Kashmir, alone the Russian and Afghanistan borders, and a Hindu rebellion in Junagaclli, 800 miles to (he South- raised t!ie gravest threat of and be- rest. war between Hindu India Moslem Pakistan since they tame independent dominions. Casualties were believed to w heavy. "Volunteer forces" under a provisional government were reported to have captured 19 vil- Inges In Junagadh. Ten thousand Afridl tribesmen!, and Pakistan troops on. leave ,were reported to have driven to within 35 miles of Srlnaga.-. Kashmir's summer cao- Dispiuches said the (ribesnu'n and Moslem troops hkd taken at least 12 villages. In Kashmir. To some tliey were said to have pui. Ihe torch, burning them to the yround. Mcharchand Mahajan, Hindu premier or Kashmir, hurried to New Delhi to seek the help of tip Indian government, from Premier Pandit Jawaharla! Nehru and Defense Minister Baldev SiiiBh Borne official quarters said IheV might, announce today whether they would send help to the br> leayuereri Hindu government of Kashmir. The situation had been consider cd by both -the Indian cabinet and defense committee, meeting m extraordinary session. n. L. Ifashmir. 'Ready Forces' Are Essential, Truman Says WASHINGTON, Oct. 71. IVP) — The nation observed Navy Day today with a reminder from 1 President Truman that maintenance of "ready forces" Is essential to Insuring peace. Mr. Trtinwn Invited Americans to inspect fleet units at all big coastal ports to "assure themselves of the Navy's firm resolve to discharge its responsibilities adequately and well." •The tribute we pay the men anrt women of the United States Navy on this day is further acknowledgement of our nation's great responsibility as a leading world power,," the President said in a statement, commemorating the Navy's 172nd anniversary. "This responsibility entails not only the building of a junt and proper peace but the maintenance of ready forces to insure that peace." Aclm. Chester W. Nimiti, chief of naval operations, and glher navy officials scheduled Navy Day talks from coast to coast to emphasize the need for manjwwer to bund the navy up to required strength. In New York, Vice Adm. William | M. Fcchtelcr, deputy chief of naval operations for personnel, said the Navy's present personal quota is "only cold figures." "They represent men. but they are not men." he said. "And unless they are changed into men—trained, experienced, fit—the Navy cannot be consider*.! capable of carrying out commitments made for It." tribesmen said that 2.000 Atricll along with Pakistan soldiers on furlough, invaded Kashmir from Pakistan on Oct. 22 HP said they were armed with nm- chincguns and' had 100 trucks urors make a mistake, it probably D JM chrV fr IT v , will go uncorrected. On the other secondler^. T Kashmlr ' tn * hand, he said, if a Judge misintcr- j s * e [°"£ {hat Moslem nat' P ' S " g " will reverse the decision. vadcrs"" 51 '' 111 " 3 ' io '" irig lhe in Later. lie told the jurors that dlctincnU returned by a grand lury or Informations filed by the yy: ."°" a! <f Crowder. charged with . . prosecuting attorney should not be ! = rancl larceny and being a fugitive construed M evidence of guilt. The \ ' rom J us <>ce; Buddy Wheat, rape; assumption should remain, he Dortor 89 Times Pays Debt in Blood WATERTOWN. Mass. (UP) — Mrs. Mildred Plumps, 41, u repaying a debt In blood. In the past six years, she has donaed her blood 89 times and says she will continue. Mrs. Phelps said her husband, who has been seriously ill for years, base received 150 blood transfusions and she wants to replace as much as she can Insulates Against Noise Walls and ceilings finished with insulating board are more resistant to the passage of sound than tho»e of ordinary construction. This advantage is especially desirable in children's rooms and game roonu, The insulating board will keep out heat in summer and insulate the room against cold in winter. Dog Days in Californii SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)— Leave your clogs at home if you intend .-... „,. .„.„..,„ .,.-„.„.„, llt „ . Peilk ' drunk driving; Buddy pointed out, that the defendant ,, s and Mnrk Campbell, robbery; - . is Innocent until proved guilty i , Mllr l>hy. assault with intent to I st °PP'"g overnight at any oT Call- Selected this morning to serve ' *" I; Helen-Mika. accessory after I farmn ' s state P arlts ' A state P 1 "* as grand Jurors were Charles Ray j thc lact of disposing* of mortgaged 'filiation prohibits dogs between Newcomb. Louis G Nash Kenria'l P r °P er ty; Leroy Perry, assault with 8 D - m - and 7 a - m - Presumably they ' ' '••• — ' •- • - - — - are welcome in the daytime. . Berry, J. p. Lent!, Russell Galnc>, Keillie J. Bilbrey and J. A. Leech. all of Dlythcville; Louis E. Townsend. Orover Snyder. Hubert Griffin. Earl Wildy and M. S. Bollinger, all of Manila; Tom Guthrlc, T. A. Kennett and A. E. Hudson, all of Leachville; and D- vv. C'an- ford of Dell. Pctil Jury Stlecll-il Selected and sworn as petit jurors were: George Hubbard Jr-. B. P. Klger, E. H. Kord, T. I. Seay, Dun Necdham, Alien Stacy, Charles Bittncr, Henry Berry. Hugh Gentry. E. M. Terry. Emmet'. Wilson. G E. Snider. Dr. .1. p. Ticl- well. M. C. Outlaw nnd C. S. Bag- gctt. all of Blytheville: Dallas Brownlee. Cecil MctciiJ', C. A. Smith and Allen Hardin. all .if Dell; D. H. Buck. Jeff Hauls. B. T. Montgomery and J. D. Wells, all of Leachville; and Cecil Vassnr of Manila. One case has been continued for the term and two other defendants are standing on bond until further notice from the court, the docket showed this morning. William Alexander, who pleaded guilty to a charge of grand larceny, was granted a continuance and ordered to be present at the next .term of court. J. B. Farmer, who pleaded guilty to a grand larceny charge, and Oren Goff, who entered a pica of guilty to robbery, were ordered 'during the last term to stand on their present bon'ds until further order of the court. Other cases on the docket tills morning included the following: Dclmar Holland, charged with rob- intent to kill; H. C. Blankenship . . violation of state Inn- requiring licenses for pest control operators; Robert Thompson, assault and battery; and Steve Stanley, drunk driving. Read Courier News Want Ads. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Oct. 27 (UP)—Livestock: Hogs: 18.000; salable 10.500. Market imeven; weights 180-lbs and up, 75c to Jl lower; lighter weights, (1 \Hell give the folks a treat You get a mighty 1osty and pleasant lurpriie when you dip into a bowlful of Corn-Soya. lt'» crisp, light, delicious . . . brmgj you proteins, vitamins, and minerals, too. Get jom« today. Sammy SOYA lor body-bu!Jd;/i9 proftljii 313 South Second Street New Location of EVAN'S Grocery AND MARKET Same Phone Number 2597 To you who know Kvan's; our store menus service, fine merchandise and courtesy al a minimum prtco. To you \\lio have never deal! \vil Ii Kvan's— try us and you'll be salis- ficd! Kvan's is-.1 lie store oul of the hinlt rcn( dis- (ricl—with Down-to- Harth Prices! -Free- Efficient Delivery Service Plenty of Parking Space Fresh Vegetables Quality Meats Staple and Fancy Groceries UN 'Peace' Flag Flies on High Two attendants raise the new standard of the United Nations for the first time over UN headquarters in Flushing, N. Y. The blue and white flag shows the globe's northern hemisphere encircled by two olive branches symbolizing peace. In the background fly lhe different flags of the 57 member nations. , to $1.50 lower; sows. 50 to 75c lower. Bulk 1SD to 303 Ibs., $37.25; fc.i' early $27.35-527.50; top, $27.50' 100 to. 170 Ibs., »25.50-$262S; 130 to 150 Ibs., *23 to S25.50; 100 to 120-lb piss 520-522.50. Sows. 450-lbs and down. »25.50-$26.50; few. $26.75. Heavier weights, $24-$25. Stags, $11.50-520.50. Cattle: 8,000; salable 6,500; calves: 1,800, all salable. Asking unevenly higher prices on all classes with some opening sales on steer , heir- er.s and cows 2oc to 50c highe . Bulls lulls' steady. Vealer.s, imc anged, but heavy slaughter calves ii broad demand and some sales as n uch $1 higher. A few low to good steers, $2G-$2S; good heifers and mjxcd TO EXPECTANT MOTHERS A Concise e on prenal' ' yearlings, »24-*2«; medium, $16-123; little done on good cows; common and medium beef type, «13.W-I1S.50; canners and cutters, $11-$13; beef mils around, $18; sausage bulls $16$17.75. Good and choice vcnlers. $24$29- common and medium, $13-$23. MATERNAL and NEWBORN CITY DRUG CO. Ed Williams, Druggist TOT East Mam St. Blytheville, Ark, JINX FUKENBURG. Radio and Screen Star, keeps house arid keeps watch that no used fats arc thrown away in her kitchen. She says: "Every pound of used fati you save helps stretch the limited supply of fats and oils needed to make things we all use every day. The government says the world fat shortage is still critical- That meani American housewives must keep on saving. You'll help, won't you please?" TURN IN USED fATS tawr Tto« Fat 1 COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY • WEDDING PICTURES Capture the rapture of your wedding day forever with perfectly wrought pictures. CHILDREN'S PICTURES Have their pictures made in t/i* familiar surroundings of their own home ... by appoint' me«f on/y ' t • BUSINESS BUILDINGS Record your business changes with accurate in- tenor and exterior photographs. Livestock Photography \ PHONE ttl- ASK FOR MRS. OiNKING The Courier News Co. 1

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