The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1947
Page 9
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MONDAY, OCTOBER Z7, 1947 BIA'THEVILLB (ARlC.y COURIER imericans Urged fo Share Harvest 'Sustain Those Who Defend Freedom/ Eisenhower Say* MANHATTAN, KANS.. Oct. ft. I (UP)—Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhower I returned to wheat-laden Kansas lover (he week-end to urge thai (America thare It* harvests with the | hungry to "sustain tho« who de- 1 freedom." Vr. cannot export enough wMeat I to (eed all the world." he said, "but I we can so apportion our supply among ourselves and the hungry I that this shall not be a Winter ol | starvation." Eisenhower, Army Chief of Stall I and potentian presidential candi- i date, addressed the atudent body of I Kansas state College at homecom- I Ing ceremonies. A Kansan himself. Eisenhower I cited a Kansax slogan: "First In | freedom, first In wheat." "In both wheat and freedom Kan. I tans ar« rich," he »aid. "For both, much of the world is hungry. We cannot export Irom this country parcel* of freedom; but we can demonstrate it« worth and productivity, and we can sustain those | who defend freedom." Eisenhower said the United States must "have the strength to con- vines the world that no outside force sh»!l ever conquer this great, stronghold of democracy." To accomplish this, he .said, the nation would need moral integrity, economic itrength, unity in effecting national policy, and military power. The war, he said. Instead of 'waring the atmosphere, has left iiT^heavy with storm clouds that threaten new suffering to civilization." blocked by the ruin ot shattered "The way to durable peace is economies, by appalling human misery and by ideological strife that seems at times beyond composition," he said. "We cannot isolate ourselves from the outer world which today Is faced with omlnious problems. "Only the whole hearted teamwork of the American people can defeat the starvation, chaos and hopelftas- that threaten millions of our fellow beings." Bomber Makes a Hasty, Hot Get-Away PAGE NTNB Demonstration Costs Life Ot Six-Year Old Who Proves He is Brave Lad A twin-engine P-82 makes a quick get-awny after dropping Us fire-producing napalm bomb on a target »rea in a demonstration at Eglin Field Proving Ground, the Air Force's 468,600-ncro reservation In west Florida. Sabotage Seen In Utah Crash That Killed 52 INDIANAPOLIS, CXI. «. (UP) — lol. Uowoe 'rumor, famous speed filer anct authority, said today Ihe, United Air Lines transport crush In Bryce Canyon, Ulah, was "very likely a of sabotage. lie said he wn.s "certain" there could have been nothing "mechanically wrong" with ihc plane. "There are many people In the world today who would like to a«« this country fnll behind In the race, lor military and commercial air suuioniHcy," Turner snld. "I feel sine there are powers in the world who are Bloating over (his catastrophe." Turner, who Is a member of tlie congressional lulvlsory council foi aviation and vice-chairman of the American Lesion's National Avla- Memories Expert on Bean Soup To Dish it Out for Senators, So He Says WASHINGTON. Ocl. 21 (UP) — Senators were assured lodny that heir famous benn soup will ue di.shori up pipinc hot npain wht>n (he special .so.ssion convenes'Nov.17. It may be touch and go to pet tht! Senale timing roum nnd kitchen ready, but Cnpitol Architect David Lynn said todny it will be done. President Trunmn's call for an emergency session caught Lyim with his stove dismantled hnd the Senate dining room being remodeled. Lynn has lhr*e weeks to finish IIit 1 Job. The new kllclicti equipment Is not scheduled (n arrive null Nov. IS.—Just two dnys before the special .session begins. "But around IICIP." Lynn said "There's no such word as can't. The senators Just wouldn't understand It we told them they'd h»v« to e« some place for a while." n Tennessee, It't Often Cheaper to Take a Bath Than It it to Water Cows NABHVIIJLJC. Tenn., Oct. J1. IUP) —It's cheaper to take a balh In Bradford, Tenn., than It Is to water a cow hi Cottage Orove. Al least Hut's what C. L. dangle, State Planning Commission tech- ilcinu, IIKS found out In a survey of Tennessee waler rales. Your wa- er rate goes up 20 cenls a month n Diudford If you have a balhtuu n you house, 2ft cents a month In Cottage Grove If you own a cow, Charleston fives livestock wholesale rales—11.50 for the first five cows but only IS oenls for each addition si one. On the theory |>ersons will use less water If Ihey have to carry Jl Inlo Hie house, several Tennessee communities or private wsler companies with flat monthly rates ni'Kc more for «n Inside connection than for an outside one, Granule said. tlon Committee, described the DC- 6 us "a very fine piece, ol equipment." "The lire hud to start from some. Inflammable, material carried iu the baggnge," he suld, "It WKA either placed (here on purpose lo star! the fire or carried there Innocently by one of the passengers. "I think lh« former U exceedingly likely." RECTAL DISEASES (All Type* BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 mother. She lifted her son Into her arms niu! carried hltn (o the house. A doctor wa.s summoned. Lloyd bad .showed Ihcm who was brave, all ri^lu. Hut it co&L him his, life. Hi.s neck was broke. DO YOU SUFFER WITH COLON TROUBLES? Cause Told Now in retirement at his Putnam, Conn., home, Cilmonr Dobie, one of football's greatest coaches, looks with nostalgia at a portrail of Minnesota's unbeaten learn on which he played end and quarterback, in 1900, Gloomie Gil coached at North Dakota, Washington, Navy, Cornell and Boston College. | Treatment FREE BOOK Are you bothered witli Stomach or Intestinal troubles. Constipation, Piles, Flstuln? 40-Pflge FREE book BARNEY, QA.. Oct. 27 (UP)— I Lloyd Bush, «, said he would show | . them who was a big brave boy. playing at the .side ol a big barn. I the building. He stepped back to contains many diagrams, charts He suggested to some older play- • "Follow me. 11 you dare," sain 1 hear the praise ot his friends for and X-ray pictures of rectal and mates that they compete in a but-I Lloyd scornfully. i his courage. He siagRcrcri and col- ting match at the farm of his Then he lowered his head, ran 20 j lapsed limply to the ground, father, FranclA Bush. They were leet and crashed into the side of ' colonlc conditions. The Thornton &, Minor Clinic.,/ Suite 2272. 826 Mc- Thc frightncd toys called Lloyd's Oee St., Kansas City, Mo. F. M. Sutton Presents GULF COAST SHOWS -BLYTHEVILLE- — Starts Tonight — All This Week 50 ATTRACTIONS Rides-Shows-Concessions Opening Time 7:00 p. m. Brought to You by The American Legion Don't Miss If! FARM (J| LOANS Home OrTlcp, Newark, N. 1. LONO TEHM PROMPT CLOSING IOW KATS CAM., WHITE OK SE» RAY WORTHINGTON US S. Third Si., Illythevlllt, Ark. Serving This Srcllcm U Yean Aitllioilctfit MnrtifiiH* Loan Solicitor for TIIR rRUDKNTlAI. IMSUKANCK COMPANY OF AMERICA "Dmldy, I've a .s'lirpi-isc for, you! . . . You wer« right when you snitl \vc miRlil to have our brakes relined at SKAY MOTORS!" Mote* Pride & Usrey Genera! Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 Y OU take this one out on the road — and right away start discovering things. The thrill you get from Fireball power that makes your wheels kick gravel with the slightest midge of your treadle foot; The ease there is in light, sure •leering that finds the track and swings into curves with little more than a hand's weight on the steering wheel; The sence of buoyancy that'i yours with four coil springs, one on each wheel, floating you over the dips and rough spots as though they weren't there; person scats — the surencss that's yours from Snfcty-Ridc rims that not only £ive a softer ride, but check liccl-ovcr and sway on curves and spell better car control at all times. Ihis, you begin lo feel, is perfection complete. Surely nothing more can be added to make an automobile more to be desired. But just look, sir, at what's going on all around you. The youngsters that point you out from passing cars. The heads that turn to follow your course. The bundle-laden shoppers that check stride for a quick admiring look. The room you've got in three- All the eyes that follow the fel- low in the car that's setting the style trend/ Iruc — you've a lively number here. But you also hnve the car with the highest "eye cue" on the American highways — the one that's going to stay out front in the fashion parade. So why hold off on (he chance that something "different" might turn up? Place a firm order now —with or without a car to trade —and we promise you, the Buick you get will be the newest, smartest buy on the market. ONLY BUICK HAS AIL THESE When belt? automobiles ore 1 1 BUICK * AMFOK KNOCK * FHUAIL POWfX * Accutrrr CVUNDM IO*MO A BltNT ZONf fOOY MOUNrWO* * FUTEW8GHT WTOMS * ILKCO* SntMCMO * PUU-UM97M TO*OUf-n/!f MFVI * SAOTY-MDC MMS * STIPON MftKMG IMKT * DHPfLEX UAT CUSHIONS * Cim-AfOUND HJMfttS * TIN SMAtr MODELS * ioor §r raw* will build them fun* In HEN*/ 1. 7AY1OK, Mi/luef Network, McnJayi anil Fn'Joyl Vl LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway ARTHRITIS? Dnn't neglect whnl mny seem to be « trivlnl »che nr ])fiin nnd nllow serloiis nllmcnt to develop. Drink fl or 8 Kln.urs a <lny for the next few weeks and m for yourself the renl vnlue ol Mountain Valley. DRINK MOUNTAIN VAU.KV WATER From Mnt Springs, ArkanMi CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOf Main anil Ark. Telephone 555 the RAZORBACK Open 11 a. m. — la. m.^ DELICIOUS PIT BARBECUE Cooked With Hickory Charcoal Steaks - Fried Chicken - Seafood All Kinds Sandwiches Plenty of Parking Space Hear the play-by-play description of all out- of-town football games of the Blytheville Chicks, at the Razorback. Phone 4341 276 So. Division St.

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