The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1947 U.S. Air Arm Has Recruiting Boom But Ground Forces Enlistments Lagging Behind 8,000 a Month Ky WILLIAM F. McMUXAMI.V (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Oct. ?7. (UP)— Recruiting for the U. S. Air Force JJ booming, but the Army Ground ^»rce, like a poor relative, isn't doing so well. Air Force povEonnel officers are confident they will 'rench by July 1. 1948. the authorized 400,005 man. 10-group Air Force. But. in shiirp contrast, the Army revealed recently that its enlistments are running B.COO a mon'.n below requirements, Army officers say there is no solution in sight other than passage by congress of Universal Military Training legislation. The Air Force now lias 2<C.OOO enlisted men and 44,500 officers on active duty. Its goal is 337,000 enlisted men and. 63,000 officers by miri-1948. Air Force officers cautioned, however, that this goal is .subject to Imitations of the 1948 buucet. The Air Forie is confident it will have a 55-groiip force By the- tun of the year. One officer said Air Force recruiting is ••booming" and the Air Force is (jetting more limn Us qnotu every month. Since unification of the armi-d services wiiich provided for a separate air force** the flying branch t. set up its own officer procure- nt system. Wand 8,800 Officers in '48 The Air Force plans to gel about 8,800 officers in 1948 (From among West Point graduates; air officers candidate school graduates; reservists recalled to active duty, and air ROTC schools and colleges.) ' Eventually, all phases of the pro- prams will bo stepped up until the Air Force sets about 13,000 new officers a j-ear. Personnel experts estimate it will take this number of new air officers each year to replace those lost through retirements, deaths, elimination for unfitncss and ether causes. Air Force officers sav that re- I rts of making Randolph Field in K'xas the official West Point of the lir has been shelved, at least for the lime betiig. The Air Force prefers to get its officers from a broader base and thus is looking to the air ROTC program as the answer, they report. The Air Force officers said there is a possibility that the next congress may be asked to authorize paid training for air cadets in college ROTC units similar to that now paid to Naval ROTC cadets. Under the Air Forces new program of officer procurement an enlisted man can enter the air force as a private, and win a commission through competitive display of ability. He would be sent to an air officers candidate school. BLYTHEV1LLE (^IK.) COURIER NRWS Summer Homes Destroyed By Rire U. of A. Physicists, Aided by Geiger Counter, Find Lost Radium Needles BY MORT STERN (United frnt Staff Correspondent) FAYETTEVIL1,E. Ark., CH 27 (Ul>) — The mystery of the mitilivc radium needles has been solved by University of Arkansas phyilclita — turned detectives. The professors were called In on the eas e by a Knyctievllle Insurance adjuster, nfter five valuable. Jiecdlcs of radium — onch about l)n n ,?"!fJf,' >n ° rd!l " ir > > Pliono- Ont of the many summer homes near Cape Porpoise, Maine, goes up in flame, u one ot the worst toreit fires in the h>£«ory of the state roar's thrlugh th e lorests. (NBA Telephoto.) COUPLE, Accused of Offering Twins For Adoption, Nabbed in Pensacola Unwanted Child Boston (UP)—A custody battle OL reverse was started when Daniel ISmovan and his divorced wife went to court to seek to avoid the custody of their 13-year-old son. Jimmy. The- case was taken under advisement. Road Courier News Want Ads. PENSACOLA. Fla., Oct. 27.— tU.P.)—A mother and father who removed their twin girls from an orphanage apparently only to oT- tcr them for sale today accused each other of thinking up the idea. Meanwhile Penny and Peggy, the blue-eyed, blonde two-year- olds, played happily at, the home of the woman who wants to adopt them—but not for $1800. Rexford A. Brpoker, father of the twins, signed' a confession accusing his wife, Louise, of hatching up the plan of letting Mrs. H. F. Bradford adopt the babies for a price. The mother made a conflicting statement but wouldn't sign It. Both parents were jailed ori neglect Vharges after Mrs. Bradford reported to police that they had offered her the twins for 51800. In Jacksonville. Fla.. County Probation Officer J. B. Lanler said the little girls were in an orphanage there until last March when they were taken awav by their parents. Mrs. Bradford said the Brookers came to her with the twins after she had put an ad in the paper saving she wanted to adopt a child. Police hid themselves in a closet in her home and overheard the Brookers repeat their JlSOO-of^r before arresting them. At first the couple told told Assistant Police Chief G. M. White that they decided to offer the twins for adoption after Brooker lost his $70 a week job at ahip- yard near Mobile, Ala. Then Brooker said his wife needed the S1SOO to pay hospital bills for the birth of the twins. But Mrs. Brooker claimed they were born while she was serving a prison term for auto theft in Aiderson W. Va. Brooker. a v;ar veteran, 1 , had been convicted previously on other charges. While said. Mrs. Bradford, who said she fell in love with the twins instantly. took them out of the county detention home into her temporary custody. Their two-weeks-old sister. Signa viola, remained at the home. Farm and Industrial Leaders Plan Seminar FARmTBVILLE, Ark.. Oct. 25. —A study of Arkansas research needs of the future will be made when Industrial and agrlrMtural leaders meet for a seminar Nov. 17 and 16 at the University of Arkansas, according to President Lewis Webster Jones. Dr. Jones said the semln«r is the first step in the school's program for development of its research activities, which he called one of the "major phases of the university's future plans " Oov. Ben Lancy is to be one of the principal speakers. In addition, those attending the seminar will hear Dr. Harold vagt- borg, president of the Midwest Research Institute of Kansas City. City May Rent Space For Parking Automobile LITTLE ROOK, Ark., Oct. 27. <UP>—The Little Rock City Council Is due to decide tonight whether the city will go Into the park- Ing lot business. Aldenmin Roy Kumpe, revealed yesterday that he was preparing to Introduce an ordinance authorizing the, city collector to rent out parking space on a city-owned lot at a monthly rate of $3 per car. Go« on Indian LJit Maflan Carter. 44 pleaded guilty to drunken driving. After paying a 120 fine and handing over his driver's license, he anked the Judge to put him on the city police "dry list." Police will nak all liquor dealers N. F. Richards """ New Operator GULF Service Station jl State Line |J (Around the Curve) | Featuring: '• -jr Gulf Courtesy < if That Good Gulf Gas ! Tires, Batteries Accessories I! Discount Rate to Truckers ! Open 6:00 a. m., ; 10 p. m. ! Weekends THE NEW TRANSOCEANIC PORTABLE "" ?*." ~ •"_.. ,.-]" Compltl* with long-lift bclltry pock A NEW AC/DC and battery operated precision power chassis. Offers Portable Tone and Distance never before possible. New super-power circuit. For standard broadcast reception «nd FIVE SHORT- WAVE BANDS. Has Push-pull Audio. ALNICO No. 5 Dynamic Speaker. Concealed Jtalion-log compartment. Scufiproof "Black Sug" fine Iuc«a«c finish. Stands bumps and climate. Only ZENITH Hoc All This! • WORKS WHERE MANY OTHERS WON'T «n Trmm, Planti, Slt*l Building!, Ktmof* Spah • NEW "SWING-TOP" WAVEMAGNET • NEW SUPER SPREAD-BAND TUNING S NEW PUSH BUTTON BAND SEIECTORJ « BIG EASY-TO-READ DIAL • NEW FIVE-FOOT "WHIP" ANTENNA e NEW 4-BUTTON RADIORGAN NEW UNIVERSAL PORTABLE Come m...Sec...Hear...Compare! s -where many oihcr potlahks won't. AC/DC w detachable WAM. ., AI O y r-^^"Sfn., g8 finish. Smnning Roman Gold tr.m. Pong-lih '•*•*» I""' car ahead! Ato$ .ApD!J9R&3 • - —' — "--^ «^|T»l^i!Oi*BL'«^ vVllllVoWCb I 20« 08 w°T P *L et ? Radi ° , Servi " De P r - in Conn.ct^n 206-08 West Mom J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. Phone 2071 PAGE 8JBVKJI Wife Sues for Money Hubby Lott Gambling NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oel, n. (Up) —Mrs. Har.el L»dd wants the Allied Dinner club to pay back UO,1SO she clnluis her husband lost gambling there. She filed suit today charging the club Is a "den, dive or cuslno notorious In character" s«s physician a few days ago -1 persons can go to court to get money Insurance adjuster imme- The dlatcly sought the aid of Prof- P»uJ c. Sharrah of ihe University's phy»lo'» etaff, .fter a March by the doctor proved futile. Professor Sharrah nnd an 01 pronerly b»ck they leal In i«ni- AdinU Not O|)Unl*tle ATLANTA. Oa. (W_A joint , - — — •••!« »u na- i -.Jn'cy by thf Chamber of Com-' •latent went t o the scene. Inking mrrcc and the Atlanta Journal "'"•- a s«dset known as a Oelger shows Ihnl even at the pretent record-breaking rate ol home building Atlanta's critic*! housing shorinfe will not be, fully rel|«ved. until Jan. 1. 1»M. For Complete Protection Agaimt All IHSURABLt HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLURD AGENCY Gltncoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ath St. Counter — tn Inttnimrnt u.wd to detect the pre*«nc« of radio-active particle*. The professor-detective hud a theory. He suspected Hint the rx- dlmn needles had been Inuclver- dfiitly dvopix-rt In » wiisto b»bkot, in the doctor's olricc. so he prci- cecrted to the spot where the ba-iket had been emptied. There It, wns discovered that Hie inish had been carried wftay to the city dump. However, ihe counter Ijcsjhn ' rc- ncling to the presence of indium within 30 or 40 feet of th e place wherr Ihe I rush Imd been enijitled. In » short- lime the Impulses! were to an nrco three feel In din- [ meter. By inking up n bucket of dirt nl n time und testing It with lh e Cclger Counter the smrchers located Wo of ihe needles. ; The remaining three needles ' turned up nt Hie city clump, following n slmllnr operntloiv . Hurt novelist Arthur Conan Doyle written a fiction coiinlerpArt of the Incident, It might have ended with Detective Sherlock Holmes | turning lo the reliever! physician ' and remarking characteristically— "H was elementary, my dear doctor. ." not lo sell Carter nnytliliij. Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner I ft iii remove Ihe watrr from vuur tiros mid fill Ihcm with c»t- cliirn cblurtde itnti-freezn «olu- tlun. >Ve will bo tliid lo make nn upnDlntment to care for nil vour (nu'tors at ynur furm—thaa aavlni; you time. RKMKMBKR WK SKRV1CK ALL MARKS TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. So. Hiway 61 Phone 2171 Nationally Famous.. America's No. 1 quality ale! "T/iere'* ample proof in every bottle." -Service- Dial 1407 F.r JS4 Cut Msta M. Felix A. Carney Equitable Lifclnsurue* Society Of United States Me KeprManlaUvM GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. IIS W, A«h 81. I'hone J»»3 l.lslfn to "Thll li your FBI" FrMari 7;SO p.m. WMP8 FARM LOANS . At Lowctt Rat* of Int*r«»t, Quick Service • A. F. Dirtrich United Insurance Afwiey 160S. l.tst. Incru We clean and dress perfectly all types of Suede, Buck- ' skin and White Shoes. Careful, high irartc work with the finest ', materials Injure satisfaction. • Hfl LTCRS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP I I I W M H I N ST. ' W* Guaronft* RECAPPIISIG with HawkinMQ Tread* Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS COHI More — Worth More' MODINGER TIRE CO. I 41« E. Mate l*h» Xttl Save a Little- Have Much! Life Insurance U a fortune , . . and whether a policy I* modnt or small, everybody buys It on the Installment plan. E. H. (Eddie) Ford Lynch BulldtBf Phonei Bui. 2*11 •«*. list S«2 Lunwnte Bt Blrthntltt General AmtriwB Lit* In*, c*. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquelld Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS ploin or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CQ. W« Deliver Phone «f1 *i PEERLESS CLEANERS Now Headquarter* For Guaranteed • Rug Cleaning • Curtain Cleaning Dial 2433 416 S. Franklin St. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 3 DA* BERV1OT OH AIJY MAKE OR MODEL. KB- LIABLE WORKMANSta*. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALUHAN Electrical Appliance Cfc, Aalbariud Motorola Bi Salea iM« Htrrlt* IM South Ffnt HL CLUB 61 Dine and Dance jC^ujjlM^Only Open 6 Nights Weekly, Erery Wednewlay NlfM OPERATED BY GENE POWELL FOR YOUR PROTECTION •RED TOP ALE is bottltd only in brown botfUt. RED TOP BREWING CO., CINCINNATI, OHIO Dial 2231 for Fr«e Deliver)' »n All Staple and Fancy Grocerfe* Qualify Meats Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed) Freeman & Henley GROCERY Allen Pickqrd'i SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Good* • Supplies • Show See » tor the nrj bat •srplo, then.' b.Ut-T. for uW. •Me. •AST END 112 Lilly Street Block South Eftat Fred S. Saliba & Company DISTRIBUTOR 223 Weit Ash St. Phone 437 Still & Young Motor Co. M7» Kytherille Ark. It J W)

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