The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1947
Page 5
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MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1947 Distillers Aid Saving of Grain 60-Day Holiday to Begin at Midnight; Luckman Pleased WASHINGTON, Ocl. 27. (UP)— I The President's food committrc said today that more than 95 per «-nt of the nation's distilling capacity Mint clown at mldniglit Saturday \ 10 save orain "( Or t] u , hungry poo- I l>'e" of Europe. ' I The GO-clay whiskey-making "holiday" wiis not expected to him; aiiv material effect either on retail liquor supplies or prices. Industry sources said distillers would have : ample reserves to carry them through the shutdown. Charles Luckman. chairman of the committee, had demanded a total shutdown. He said he had received confirmation thai more Mian 95 per cent of the distilling capScltv will shut down. "I am highly gratified." he said "As for the less than live per cent o( the distilling industry yet to be heard from. I have no doubt Mint they. too. will join wholeheartedly In our co-operative effort to make i sure that we do not fail lo meet our responsibilities to the hungry' peoples of Western Europe " Luckman said (he whiskey.shut-I down was « "major contribution" | o the task of providing an additional 100.000,000 bushels O f Brain : for hungry Europe this winter The announcement came as continued drouth In the Winter wheat belt threatened the entire food export program. Rare Expression BLYTHKVILLB (AUK.) COUUllCK NK\VS Three Sentenced In Missouri's '46 Election Fraud The newscamera catches usually gviin-raceil James V. Forreslal in apparently puckish mood. The Sect-clary of National Defense was awaiting his turn to testify before Ihe Senate War Investigating Committee's probe of charges that tlie lioosevelt administration failed to mobilize the nation properly tor World War II KANSAS CITY. MO.. Oct.27 (UP, —Morns "Snag" Klein, machi political leader, was under senten to 18 months imprisonment today lor Ins part in vote frauds in the 1946 congressional primary here Attorneys filed notice of an »p S State Goes Bargain Hunting a> And Fined 'Em Through WAA Farmers' Prexy How to Get Along With Your Mother-in-Law NEW YORK (UP)—David Goldman, a member of City College's psychology department, thinks he has the remedy for family tensions caused by crowded homos. It Is n rigid schedule by whli-li various units of the family— 1ms- band, wife, In-lnws and chihlivn- would avoid each other for «s many hours a day as possible. For example, the Inisbamt-ivile unit should go lo the movies when the mollier-ln-taw comes in; children should play out ol doors as much uf, possible; if Junior luis homework to do, the mother-in- law should go window-shopping And 50 on, the Institutions will be piovldul supplies without cost when thcv submit requisitions tor additional materials or supplies, and that's when the stale will realize it.s fi |l santlc savings. I The shoes and clothing are Just » couple of the items. Hospital (Jetl Storafe Plan I Per example the Slate Hospital will receive R complete modern cold storage plant valued at $15000. For this little item, the stnte paid 11.320. The bi B cost .nil be putting the plant into operation, but even that will be no more than Sl.OOO. It won't be long until cold WCM. (her cracks down, and the cost of operating the stale Kovcrnnicnt i will Increase through the cost ol heating many Institutions. Uut for a while It won't COM so much because 4,500 tons if cosl were purchased at a cost >>[ »2.55 H ton. (The price of coal is quoted at about $12 a ton 1 And to (jo along with the coal hundreds of coal burning heating stoves were bought at between CO .cent.s and $1.25 each. KOn the market .they cost about $-10 > The purchases were made ai sales at Cump Joseph T. Roliin- son, at, Jacksonville. Newport ami the Hohwer Kclocatlon project Institutions which will share -<l?o include the Girls Reform S-h.^l. at Alexander, the State Sanatorium at Booneville and the McUae Memorial Sanatorium for Negroes Yes, many of the items were 'hard lo get." but Hartje really outdid himself when he got ihc hardest of them nil—hundreds of kegs of nails! ./fames Barton Act Too Realistic NEW YORK iui>'i -jnmos liar- ton veleran Broadway actor, look iwi't In a rirr-ilKhiniK show ut Cilv Week I>I '"' IX "" n '° l>ivmill< >" He was -supposed lo he » drunk who would MIIBBOT out of cnwd of sjx-ctalois, crash the police lines mid toss u limned cluaivt through Iho window of a wood and canvas "IciH'incnl." .selling It afire so the fire department could go Into «r- llon. Barton got hi.s cue and slau- Bered out. His piTlommnte was so reallslic. however. Hint I'olltc Inspector Kiank Frlstensky. .Jr.. who had not read Ihe script, shoved him right back In line ai;nln. An humble putrolman sidled up to the Inspector and whispered lo f lilin for « momrtil. Frlslcmk I looked sheepishly at the n.sscmblox city officials and made hlmsel .scarce. Ilnrton .slnnscrcd out lowicd the clgarct and th c s hov, went on. tape/ Flowers Cheer I Commnters' ' Lives 1 NKW YORK (UP) —Coimmilir ; who come Into Ihe cll\- li >m 1,11,1; I Neck, I,, i,, arrive ,at I'cnnsylv int; | Station perked up and re.icly to I He day's work In-cause of »lch:ir< A. Thompson and lils.bouioi-.niei'e.< From the first of June In lu>av frost for Ihe lust six years, Thump' son. a commuter himself, lu> handed out small I lowers to hi fellow pusM'iiiiers. He has no sin- I clal reason for iliiiun M. except, h ^ays, •'] net a Kival kick out ot'lt.' "It's wonderful to sec, what i Jrvin Martin, of Salem, Ind., now heads the 230,000 young agriculturists of the Future Farmers of America. The 20- year-old Navy veteran, who farms 200 acres of land and r.aises .dairy cattle and hogs, was elected president at the national FFA convention in Kansas City, Mo. E ROCK. Ark.. Oct. 27. UJP) -_ Uncie Sam is playing -anta Clause to the State of Arkansas in somewhat ol a rcitlianfled fashion through the sale of properties of the War Assets Administration. For instance, he sold tile state a little less than $1.000,000 worth of properties for a mere $18.320. More than 31.000 pairs 'of shoes at between H and 24 cents a pair Iron folding cots at less than three cents apiece. A complete modern cold storage $1,320. " 3 ' ° r " me ' C And so on! Practically all of the piopertv acquired by ihe state from the War Assets Administration could be termed an outright gift because U 'was bought, at cost plus 95 per ct-iH discount, state Purchasing Agent ppie Hartje estimates that. been purchased by the slate for $18,320. •The best buy was the purchase of army clothing which rills two or the whole works which is led by thc government rrisoncrs <;et Sliucs Included were - 31.000 pairs of 26.000 pairs to be distributed a- mollg its 1.300 prisoners. The remainder rfill go to the Boys Industrial School at Pine Bluff and the Nesro Boys Industrial School at Wrightsville. j Hartje smiled pleasantly when he told the reporter that the shoes i what it is today" Ihal "means'" i huge snvlng to the state He estimated that Tucker and Cummins prison farm Inmates used four pairs of shoes per year a man. and on that basis there are enough i shoes to last four or five years He also estimated that the cloth- KIDNEYS GETTING YOU UP NIGHTS? • If you R«tup nights—have frctiucnt de- lire to pass your waler—but have only scanty passages — yap, and hrwri tinckache due to excess Acidity in the urine, be glad you're reading this: Three fienerations n£o Dr. Kilmer, * famous doctor, found hundreds of liis patients with this trouble. Painstakingly lie mide a medicine of 16 herbs, roots, vegelahtes.balsams—Nature's own<vay to relief. He called it "Swamp-Root" ami j md]ion« of grateful men and women have taken it—often 1 with amarinK results, Swamp-Root goes right to work to ffus/i ouf kidneys...increases tile How of urine, helping torrlieve excess acidity... so the irritated bladder gets a Rood llnshiijR out. too- Many report Retting n S°od nijht'i ileep after thc fir^t /W doses. Caution: take as d.irec--d. ^nr free trial suppl . >end lo Drpl. S. Kilmer «• Co., Inc., Box 1255. Stamford, Conn. O—getfuil-iizeillKitllenrSwnmp. I Root today ait your drugstore. peal and he was released on Sl,500 bond. Federal Judge Albert A Rid^c sentenced Harry Burke to one year and one day on similar charges. Burke also appealed and was released on bond. Sentences were pronounced after Ridge overruled motions for new trials for each man. However he sustained a motion for a new irinl for Frank L. Holmes, an election worker. Thc judge ordered a new irial ,,, his case on grounds of insufficient evidence lo support thc conviction. Holmes remained at liberty on continued bond Lucius Carter, who had pleaded • Here's how the stale was aole j to take advantage of the bar- gam government sales: j The money to buy thr supplies | was diverted fuom a rcwilvinff I fund allotted the state purchasing i agent. The state institutions will • pay a nominal sum for the supplies they receive out of their ap- priations to Ihe purchasing agent until the original sum invested in governmeint properties is returned to the revolving fund. Then FARM IMPROVEMENTS /<75f a lifetime made with READY-MIXED CONCRETE For dozens of improvements around the farm, no oilier material offers the service ami economy of firestfe, enduring concieta. If you are planning a new rat-proof poultry house floor, wnlury dairy bnrn floor, a feeding floor or foundation—hiiiid it the convenient, low cost way with 'Ready-Mixed Concrete. IF YOU NEED HELK WE CAN PUT YOU IM TOUCH WITH COMPETENT CONTRACTORS Hughes & Company CONTRACTORS lOIh & Railioml Sis. Phone .'(.">;) U **e NOW.... You can buy a clean used car for less money than ever before—All makes, all year models are here for your selection. SEE THEM! DRIVE THEM! Make Your Choice Easy C I. T. Payment Plan • Yours On Request POOLE MOTd COMPANY Ellis Poole, Owner & Operator Soulh Highway 61 a ( stccTe, Mo. „, n „. . ... Phone Steele 49 Starts 2:30 p.m. Featuring Otto Scrapps and other Professional Driven Main Event: 10 Mile 20 Lap Grudge Race BLYTHEVILLE AUTO RACES Sunday, Nov. 2 At Blythevilie Fairgrounds Spectators Grand Prize man's or woman's 17 Jewel Gold Wrist Watch from Guard's. 6 THRILLING RACES by CHAMPIONS Admission Only 60c Sponsored by Dud Cason Post 24 American Legion flower will do lo R fellow who eomi's uloiiB recliiiK down In Die <liini|» or half awake," Thompson siiW. Thompson mows lh c bouton- nlrici, mostly coriiflowen. ilwarl ^Iniiliis and ninrlgolds, In a 2Cx''0 plot tit hlsMiome. Wr«ii(t Time anil riac« FO11T WAYNE. Ind. (UP)—John Lnrkln j)l<:kpil the wroiiu car and Iho wrong luci'itlon to (nil nslccp onrly in Die inoilllnn, He tloMtl olf on Ihe horn ol Uic car near Iwo pollei'inrii. When they liivcnUKntnil Ihc they discovered Ihut, tlic HUloitiubtli) W"s u stolen one. Nul nil HtthlnliiK strokes reacn the i-ailli, .some of Ihein being from clovul to cloud. Relief At Lai 11 ForYourCoaghl CreomuMon relieve* promjUy h>_| cause it goes rlcht to UiSTS SSI trouble to help loown i lerrrt laden phlegm, mud i to soothe and hetl r»w, tax flamed bronchUl mucou* offinc" rii ~ 11 • • • • CREOMULSION for Couthi, Ch«f CoUt, IrMKfciti* • !iuu»iji»a».-*n' s^S.s^Sn'' ^ -?-,',Vjli—•* ^" \\ — "Thai reminds mo, I'd bolli'i- fcl down lo HUHBARU 1IA!U)WAKI<; COiMI'ANY ami buy us a new hilte!" TU DEB A KE RS CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Sales STUDEBAKER * Seryie. B A ATTENTION, S'l IJIHIISAHKR OWNERS: T£ Drive by lor a tree check on your Heater and Defroster. Be prepared for winter. B A A tioacl selccllim ol new and used trucks. Also, m number of lute model used cars . . . all guaranteed! •p Itailinad and Ash Streets t* U Ciiumhlin Dial 2195 liil! Chamblin T> STUDEBAKERs CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is something that comes from within. The creator put within your body mid mini) nil Hie elements of health. When your nervous .system Is In time wltli nature's forces, you will be well. Consult a chiropractor al»ut your licnjih problems." Hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Ncurocalometer Service Guard Dr. Torsten Lindquist f. Blythevilie, Ark. OUR SPECIAL TREATMENTS! K'lhrics arc different in tensile slrongtli, wcarqbilityand oilier finalities . . , That's why wo MX.C treatments besf adapted to the individual fabric. And that's why, when you send your clothes to be cleaned at Nu-Wa they last many months longer! fabrics Dial 4474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION .J.COHEN Contractor NCH BLD6. BLYTHEVILLt ARK

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