The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 27, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 27, 1947
Page 4
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PAGB \FOU1 , (ARK.y OOURIBK MONT5AT, OCTOBER fT,W4T GOP Will Insist * ' ' On Tax Slashes Action to Be Sought , f At Special Session, Leaders Declare By I.VLB C. WILSON '(United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Oct. 37. IUP>— 'Congressional Republicans wre 'planning today to make tax relief from tl\e s lowest bracket to tho top a major "part of the comprehensive special session legislation sought by President Tiuniun '.< deal with the high cost of living • The President's high prices-tor eisn aid session of Congress ccn- vcr«s tliree weeks Horn today. It ippears that neither the Pre-sl-1 dent nor the Oop has detailed plans ! reedy to 'deal with either subject I although' it is evident the Republicans are prepared to go at least part, way with Mr. Truman in (leal- Ing with high prices and stopgap aid to Europe. •• Bui tax reduction was a plank In Republican policy on high prices long before Mr. Truman called the special session. GOP leaders apparently intend to Bland pat on that to -force Mr. Truman yo back down from his opposition to tax reduction. Earlier this year he twice vetoed relief bills- j • Significantly over the weekend' Sen. Robert A. Taft. R., O., in a Cleveland radio address said high taxes, foreign loans and crop failure were primarily responsible for high prices. Taft has called the congressional joint economic report committee to meet here Nov. 14, three days before the special session begins. Congress referred price problems to that committee for stud}'. Taft Is committee chairman. He also heads the Senate Republican Policy Committee. His JOB COUNSELOR GIVES TIPS Poised Farewell to Interviewer Boosts Career Seeker's Chances Thief fftnU Bulldlnf BLOOMER, Wit. (UP)— Police »re searching foi 1 an enterprising t^hlel who stole a building from the Inland Lumber Co. The small structure and several cement block* apparently were moved by » truck. U.K. A4<h U I*n(ut< i verslty of Chicago press lists the CHICAGO (UP)—The United | wordi appendicitis automobile, SUtfn hti added more to the king's j campus, currency, derby h»t, faculty and hydrmnt a> »'ord» contributed to the laniuige by the United SUle«, En«lUh than «l»n» *(pretalom. A Dictionary of AirierlctnUms which will be publUhed toon by Ibt Uni- Ax Slayers t« l>le HIAWASSEE. Ka. (UP)-Hu(tll Ellcr and Jewel Oarrett, tw« mountaineer ex-OIs, wil be et«. trocutcd Nov. 21 for slaying Milton Mancy »illi the a" h « lent lhfm •"• helped them shai|»n. Job hunter (above) leave* icootl impression on prospective employer with her self-assured d.nt on the relation of high taxes , ^-„"«»* ™™<™"- **y~ to high prices is likely to prevail, i especially in view of the majorl- ( slecvcd blouse Ls good clothes choice for liopcful applicant ties by which house' and senate ! NKA Staff Writer Your farewell niter Giving the Interviewer the best possible hend-to-foot impression of you as you walk away takes some, beforehand preparation, including the right choice of clothes. The outfit that makes a good Inter-' impression is simple and tailored (rljhtl who must remove snli E»Tce"pa»e<n»x'"rc'ler bilir'tms i J acket (o take, typine test P.Y AUCA HART Little Talk of Rationing There Is little If ajiy talk of P: Bui. likely TJluJ-ilUllVUJK ^i">i| "" Jiitt i > n* n u *•..Truman to ask the special ! finished until the door closes be- 5 -. for authority to allocate ; M | llcl vou j white. A smart hat makes a scared' grains, oil, steel and other j gg ^ a y s one 0 [ Ncw York's lead-!''" 1 l )l ' csston Provided 'it isn't too shortage (terns; propose renewal ' lnB emp'loymenl councilors. Kath- conspicuously chic. of curbs on credit and instahnent j cm i3 0we i). whose agency finds- Hull-should be simply stvled and buying; V purpose higher stock and j obs for ihoawnds of young hope- freshly laundered. Make-up needs margins; per- f u | 5 annually, has learned that to be conservative. For the head- haps re-state in modified form his prospective employers make tlw to-toe inspection as you walk out, most of their opportunity to size shoes must be in gofxi repair aiiri up applicants as they, walk <uvny. .stocking .seams .straight. Shoos The slzing-up, according to Miss '• may be high-heeled nnd smurt, opposition to tax reduction. 2. Republicans' probably will gree to allocation authority nnd go along oh Installment buying and, D owen, la~kcs in froiu-and-icar i provided they aren't too extreme, credit cures but with insistence . ap penrnnco from head to foot. It Be wnrnetl. Miss Bowcn cnu- that taxes be cut. .. • l also Bppri iises self-assurance, re-! lions office-job seekers, that you Mr.Truman is firmly committed • fleeted by your manner of taking may have to remove your jacket against tax cuts but there Ls a way ! leave and" the poised way in which for a typing test. So be safe and _out for him. The administration-you walk. wear a presentable blouse. Some has btch'istudying the community i" On that score here are some tips < men obpcct to the sleeveless blouse, proparty situation. There are 13 : from Miss Bowcn which will help No interviewer looks avornbly/ upon untidy shoulder straps or Shirttails that hike out of skirt tops. 'Under the stress ot nn interview Xi states iu^whlch husband and wife ' to turn your exit Into an entrance j. are permitted to split their in- to the job you want. come, each paying one half of 'it j "After yon are sure that the 'at substantially lower surtax rales inicrvie,v is finished, gather your- and tryouts. nervousness Is-apt to than if either paid the whole bill, i self together with the least pos- cause excessive perspiration. Fail- The treasury is_ thought to be sible :lurry, and leave, Say "good- ure to use a dependable deoderant, friendly ,to extension of that boon by" plctixnntlv. add a nice "Thank may lose a job. • to the other states'.- lybii," and leave briskly. Walk to r- • '.• TM Law Changes Urged : the door with all the self-n.ssur- _, - It is a fact that community pro- j ance you can muster. DlSHCY tiOfTGClS perty laws will be increasingly en-1 _ _ _. ^ ' acted by individual states unless! ' I Tocti r^rtnv nn the federal'government docs the i hensive general relief. 1 IC31il«EUiiy v»n job Itself: Such relief, however,! Some Republicans are shouting! C_, a ,,., f run nit i.mii _ would 'not reach the lowest few |'foul" nRainst 'Mr. Truman's spe-tJlTieOl V«arnpul^n brackets. So any community pro-;cinl session call for action on 1;lth I \v>\sHINGTON Oct 27 lUP) per ty tax bill would have to be ac- {foreign aid a"rt high prices. They ! Fj | m ' rj n |. (oon i s |, '\va'k Bisncy iestiflrd yc.sicrday that the lea;;- \vii.s one nl the Communist ftc orR;inixations' which soucht "sirxcar" him in 1941. The league lonay reiuased a c~ of a telegram Disney sent to '-.'-'. committee in which he said: "Some confusion has arisen cvi my testimony ret'flrdin;; the Lo;v:\ of Women Voters. My tcslin:: refericd to tlie year 1941 at wh time several women rcpro'oi:; themselves as being from the Lea.r of YVojnen Voters. I \vant you i know that I have no intention criticizing the League of Worn. Voters ns of now. Please see th.v this is read to Ihe committee o : Mouttay and that it is addeci to nr, . testimony." [ MiK.s Anna Lord Stnus, Leacu:. 1 ' ! piT.sitlcnt. brusqiiciy rejected Dis- ' ncy's ex])lanation. She saiti ' througli his testimony he has mad: "it preserving," ; "Branding the League of Worn- ens Voters as a Communist fro;" organization ou the basis of whr . a few individuals are ^alleged^ lc have said or done in 194\-is'so'pa- lently irresponsible a statetneni that those who know the leagite will not be disturbed by It." Quantity Production i WEYMOUTH. Mass. tUP)—With- • in 103 weeks, Mrs L John J. Walsh, | 2G, gave birth to three sets of twins. [ MIGHTY FAST RELIEF in RHEUMATIC ACHES-PAI'lS perty legislation. If so, the Repub-lsome or all of the stop-gap for- I £"',"'.,.,", ,.„ , t orcaiiizalion licans probsbly would have to ac-j cicn aid sntisht. But the GOP j ^hr crratcr of "Mlcfcev Moir-r" ccpt it or do without relief of any j evidently intends to £o along.! ' kind. . There will he bitter political dls-'l President Earl O. Shreve of the pute over who actually took the. United States chamber of Com- j initiative on price problems and merce joined the weekend tax riis- ; who is to get credit for whatever cussion with a call for compre- l is done about them. toail-Io-cOast ,.. still shining! 7HESHME THAT SW/S because \\ has a hard-wax Finish GRIFFIN H«t«'l how to fcct more shoe shine \viih f ita shoe shining. GRIFIIN ABC WAX SHOE KX.ISH h»s the.higher hard u-ax content / tfc«« (ires you auier, brighter, longer-last. iac ifcmra. Use GKUII.N ABC VAX SHOE >OL15K fix «ht ihine thai itafi! IL»CK, IKOWM, IAN, OXBLOL, _-• lr\ Ihe coiy-opening con »''<- **"•'• ° *'P to(P S«'«l<, «osy shins.^ , ; -^-^ ( ^^ r ",*-f*«*P?~ l f-P oU *hing BRIFflH LIQUID WAX *«**»& -IF- Your Car Needs Rpair You're Endangering Others Lives! 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