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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, October 27, 1947
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 184 BLYIHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTMM8T »H8MUM Blytheville Courier Blythevllle Ually New. Blylhevill* Htr.ld Uiululppl Valley Leader Bishop Assigns Ministers to Missco Churches Changes Announced For Osceola, Also Wilson end Dyess BLYTHEVILLK, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1947 UN Compromise Hurts U.S. Policy Russians Relax on Warmongering and Drop Accusations LAKE SUCCESS. M. T,, Oet ft (U.P.)-The United states and the other Western powers split wide In the united Nations today The four Methodist ministers who, cr " compromise proposal for UN make Ilielr homes In Blyiheville :ictfci - to squelch war propaganda, were returned to their pastorates At ll>0 same time Russia con- here »t the closing session of the VK " e & defeat in it. battle to label North Arkansas Conference of the ."'- United States. Greece and Methodist Church in Forrest City yesterday when Bishop Paul E. Mitr- iln cf Little Rock announced tlie appointments for :he enlive ference. j Few changes were :narte in other I ruikcy as "warmongering" ,.„lions. ,.,« The 8oviet defeat "« symbol- ecu- ', WA h !' * Polfsh mov « to delete from the original Russian proposa ] a passage directly indicting the Methodist churches In Missisiimi'l i " mled States, Greece and Turkes County but Osceola, Wilson and | "f 5 ncr "i r »B'»K "Inclters of a new Dyess have new pastors M'ho willl^'i'i. „ ,- , arrive Ihls week to begl'i t!-eir movement won the wcrk in this area. " " ' ^V.'Sl 1 ° r . JS ??' 1 ?' ^t^V .foreign Mississippi County Gets Heaviest Rainfall Of Year With Three Inches During Week-end period' ^C.^rTtcl" , n ± SISST, v S Inlly dl l riI1B the " Rsf 6 °- h <?' ^^j^A^^i^-riir^rtnr.;^ JEK ^*« •* G. Knetzell who was given new assignment in Springdale in the Payettevillp District. r n-R nc«- pastor of the Dyess- V/'\ ! ilen churches is the Rev. W. B Youni, who served last year at Black Oak and Caraway. Hs succeeds the Rev. A. c. stark, who was transferred to Louclvillc. Tenn. Blytheville Pastors Returned The Rev. Allen D. Stewart, pastor of First Church. Blytheville. and Hie Rev. if. H. Blevins, pastor of Lake Street Church, were returned to their pastorates here. The Rev. H. L. Robison was returned as pastor of the three churches in the West Blytheville parish—Oosncll, Lone Oak and Half Moon—and the Rev. Ray . L. McLester was reassigned to the churches at Yarbro and Promised Land. The Rev. Mr. McLester also is director for the Jonesboro District of the church for the Arkansas Methodist, official publication for conferences. the two Arkansas The Rev. J. Albert Gatlin, superintendent of the Jonesboro District, which Includes Mississippi County, was returned by the bishop as district superintendent. The Rev. Mr. G that the district's r gram during the p: 1 much attention du ences sessions ,'lhv ____^_ that thrw-"of the Mississippi ty churches received special recognition for their assistance, given to the rural church program. These were: First Church, Blytheville and the churches at Leachville and Manila. |t Rural Work Emphasized First Church, Blytheville, co-operating with the Rev. Mr. Robinson in charge of the West Blytheville Parish, furnished laymen to assist the pastor with services each Sunday In the parish. This activity on the part of the laymen ..was headed by Gils Eberdt Jr.. member of the Board of Stewards at First Church, and made it possible for each of the three churches in the parish to have worship services twice each Sunday. The pastor, working alone could have conducted services only on every third Sunday, it was explained. Similar programs were carried out at Manila and Leachville, the Rev Mr. Gatlin said, and this year these two churches will have associate pastors In charge of rural church work In the areas adjacent to those two towns. Tlie Rev. Norris Oreer has been named associate to the Rev. E. H. Hall at Leachville and the.Rev. Robert. Sikes will serve as assislp.nt ni charge of rural church work at Manila. The Rev IJMBrtln K. Bierbaum was returned The move that s / the United States and its usual ./estern power supporters came when Australia France and Canada submitted to the 57-nation political committee of tlie UN General Assembly a compromise substitute for the foredoomed Soviet proposal The Compromise asks tile 57 countries of the UN to "take appropriate steps" to promote friendly relations between countries and would condemn all forms of war propaganda "in whatsoever country it 'occurs." Americans Voice Opposition American officials veh-fntlv opposed the measure, one 'pokes- man said it was. "almost as bad' as the Soviet proposal because ol what he termed its tendency to encourage "governmental Interference" with the press and other information media. The. compromise proposal, worked put over the weekend by Australian, French and Canadian dele- siorf' contallled " !ese key provl- 1. The UN "condemns all forms of propaganda, in whatsoever country conducted, which is either design! ±" ". k _ e !» * *"»'<*' "in- desires. f further peaceful 3. It brings the problem to (he attention of the conference "t loui- 1 ? ° f ln / ormatlon scheduled to take up a broad array of sim Har problems next year Great Britain was reported will- 3u! g esLn 5U 5 1 - POr -- the - Mmpr< ' m American appeared to In spite of the angry opposition to it. This guarantee solid majority of the to assure a stinging the American delegati- measure and for Rally Conducted By Blytheville MY F Delegates Jonesboro, Tuesday, Nov. «. the Ktv'. Mr. Gatlm announced today Other pastors of Methodist churches in Mississippi County who ™te:n?§ll a ctrc'Bur!™ '"to s£nf Ch 'd rCh *' ^ Sll: the Rev - H.'ltf! 21 Killed and 70 Injured When Trains Collide Miss |*107ed the wreck a se of the Ed'n- ^urg-to-London Express today ?o determine if more than 21 were kiii- a M t a «ik ha IX)Ve "' Hcndrix > Jail." Miss Sue Osnient nre- -Mdent of tlu Methodist Youth Pel Iow6hip of the North Arkansas Conference, presided over the rally Music wa.-, furnished by the Forrest Cli.y Methodist Church choir and two selections were given by Robert McDaniel, accompanied by Free! Holt. The Youth 3*lly Is held each year during Annual Conference. John E. Godch, 87, Dies; Rites to Be In Walnut Ridge Funeral services for John Edwin! Sabotage Seen In Forest Fires Utah Plane Crash, Too, Suspicious, Sen. Brewster Says WASHINGTON. Oct. »7. |UP>— Sen. Owen Brewster. R., Me., indicated today h« believed that sabotage by Communists may have been responsible lor the Utah airplane crash In which »2 persons were killed and, in part, for the vast New England fires. A United Airlines plane crashed m flames in Brycc Canyon, Utah. Friday. Kre had broken out in its baggage compartment. Col. Roscoe Turner, famed flying figure, already has suggested thnt sabotage may have been Involved. "It seems very extraordinary- most- inexplicable," Brewster said. 1 "We know with - the Ideological war now being waged that tactics like that are to be expected." Brewster told the United Press he had asked Carl Dolan,, special accident investigator of the senate •viatlon subcommittee of which Brewster U chairman to look into the Utah airline crash "at once" including the possibility that sabotage was involved. 4 Brewster suggested also that sabotage may have been Involved in connection with, the forest fire, in Maine.- - ' "We never had anything like''it " he said. "There are a good many indication, of the fires having been set." He with .. ,._ . ,_ Maine comprised of forest land^ the jires all broke out near populated area, away from the main timber-' lands. Brewster said candles had bee-i found burning near pine needles another suspicious circumstance. StatePoUce, Assigned to Missco f Active The monthly report of Arkansas State Police highway patrol ac- Ivities today showed that State Policeman A. .E Chronlster a«- iiffned ^Mississippi County and stationed in Blytheville, led 84- man force In arrests made during September with « totaJ of «. He wa. fourth in the number of warning. Issued during that month with a total of 222. Chronlster and the two other State Policemen stationed in Blytheville, c. f. Montgomery and T. and minimum temperatures for one day—measured only eight degrms. The hiRh was 97 degrees while the low during lust night was 69 degrees. This slight spread halved tin' next closest "difference" recorded this year—a l«-itfgree variation bi'- tween (he high and low Sept. 28. Yesterday's high also was (lie lowest maximum temperature recorded so far tins year. It was lower by om- degree than the next "lowest lilun" —68 decrees on Sept. 29. The 1.91-Inch rainfall during Hie fall f7\* ti,<. en u ""no" "' L "" c "^ ""•*' l x) ' 1| t' since Jammrv. tan for tne 60 hourg was 2.86 incli#s ^3sHH^lH r! -''--'-. J --=^ius From T p.m. Saturday until 7* ' o'clock l**t night, .71 of »n Inch of ~ rain fell while during the preceding 24-hour period. ,24 of an Inch fell. The rmla. will hare very llltk, If any, effect «• the to!Ion crop, W. O. HacelbaktT a»l.Unt ceun- Coinly *U(ed, tnuavh M u- proxInuUly 1» fe r cent *f the crap ha. alrxui.r been lurrwted and plcklnr I. f ron , wo M4 . half U three wetk ahnd of Khednle. Another record was set yesterday when the diurnal variation— the difference between maximum H-hour period Is to date ihe hear*est single r.,j n of this year. Trail- Ini! by 21 of nn Inch U the 1.70- inch rain which fell April 10. Only other ruins of moi, llitn one Inch fell on June JO, one and one-hnlf Inches; June 2«, one-plus Inches; , and July 7.. 1.04 inches. Total ralnlnlt , lining October IWfl. was 3.91 inches, which fell over H sdVlercii period of six dnys. Highest temperature here Saturday wns 82 degrees. Low during Snturo.y night was 61 degrees. Marshall Plan Linked With Preparedness AdminiitratioM to Give Congressmen a Two-Way Choice '™,^ TO Toc^^.i The administration will onunt ?°,T C ? .""* month wlt h » twofold cliotoe — A 120,000.000,000 said it was significant that, two-thirds of the state of Smallev, light Electric Rates In Blytheville Above Average NEW YORK. Oct. 27. - A comparison of electric rates in elites throughout the country, just tssuod by the Federal Power Commission shows Hint residents of Hlythnvillc Pay higher raU-s for service Ihnn do consumers In most other cities. The survey covers all cities of 2.500 population and over. The typical monthly bill In Blytheville. as of the' early |iart of this year, for 25 kllo'.vatt rtourr of current, the ordinary amount used for small-scale lighting purposes. W as $1 41. as compare I with . the United Slates, average of S1.2D De Gaulle Seeks To Oust Premier Ramadier is Asked To Resign and Pave Way for New Regime Ocn. M tii w«v.wwj, VUU.UUU "rshall plan for Europein reconstruction or heavy and urgent pending to prep.,.,, national defense for «ny .fentu.llty H was learned today 'that tlnct Resident Truman called Cor^ira. into special MMlon for No administration thinking h.a •oil. Centre Nov. 17 as or,-' on lhe*« three major f««- 1. Marshall plan ml* I* tkt /"^" hl|h " «••-for Ihe IMH-1MI •«The admlnlibmllnn trtt* H fii'nol be (rimmed lo any considerable «tenl by Contrru wllhnul.maklnr «h* aU .Imply another "lnternallo«M h.ndo.t" th«t would har« Iltlls or no la»i- Inr rcjulls. 2. Those who eventually administer the plan must have Uroart liHHude on where reconstruction material, _ ttom wheat to steel— are purchased and how they .re distributed. Till, may mean a blt- totlny tor clnsh if Congress shows a dis- PARIS, Oct. 27. (UP) — M!™!''C S ' lc ,. c ? al " 10 ''""'"'"Ifl • ««,.,-, .-... .. snowi ^•^'^""'•f . P »'"R»">"- Dillon, to Insist that™,' lmt | ,.| cl ,,i t | le WRV fol . Oe Gaulle's new rally of the French people (o take over the government ol Frnnce. Flushed with hi s second victory over (he Communists. DC Gaulle The Federal Power Commission reports, on the basis of typical monthly bilk In the 3.176 cities studied, that "except for the operation or fuel clauses In industrial service, the downward trend In electric rates continue." In the past 12 years, It s'.atcs. there has been an overall drop of approximately one cent, per kilowatt ho\if. Swedish Plane Crashes Near Athens, Greece ATHENS, Oct. 27. (UP)—A Swedish air lines DC-4 smacked Into a rugged slope outside Athens last .. . _ , „_„.„_ night, exploding with a rocket-like j tlsLs." DC Gaulle In a statement nay- flash, and all aboard—possibly as ! cd thorn ns "only.. delegates of a many as 44 persons—were reported , foreign dictatorship for whom the today to have been killed. j misery ol men is but a springboard Unofficial reports to the Greek j to implacable domination." air ministry said the plane carried H C claimed that the Communist. 41 passengers and a crew of eight. | lla 'I lost about one-seventh of their Thirty-one passengers were report- | representatives in the municipal ed on their way to Stockholf and | elections, and said this WM "the ment "without delay." Stung by ihc election returns and De Gaulle's action, Communist organs renewed their cries thnt lie was bent on setting himself un ns n dictator. They accused him of "fiisini; election Hijures" and fulsclv proclaiming that the government, was standing on an illegal foundn/ DC Gaulle' selicd the Initiative wllli a ilirecl hid for power as a critical week in .Frem* pollllM , «pen«l. A ipccial wMtn.ri of par- hafnenl, Shlch will/eei*. the fife or ! Hcath of Ihe Kamrtlcr government, opens'tomorrow. Communlst-lcd unionists called meetings to decide whether lo orek-r a nationwide railroad strike and perhaps a general strike, to back demands for '5o per cent wage in- CTO.n.scs. Ca !!'"fr ^lic •Coinniunlsl.s "separa- - .... u. 8 credits be spent tor American goods, 3. The choice (hut returning congressmen face Is that if reinforcing Western Europe .gainst what Mr. Truman has termed "totalitarian pressures," or readying this nation's own defenses Meanwhile, nearly 100 leaders ot Inbor and Industry gathered here for a "closed forum" .today at the Film Writer Cited For Refusal to State His Politics WASHINGTON, Oct. 27. (U.P.)_Hoiw* Commu^i*. hunter, today cited Film Writer. John Howard L*w«mfo» contempt because h« rrfuwsd to My whether ht wu « Coi». muniit. ciUUon wan made by a House UnAm«ric*» Actt^ i, • ., , , ~~ •*»• « *»«*••*. ^s imiuviJiMa^ AI, >tie« Subcommittee after »ix capitol polic* remored UM fiant »nd »houtinjr movS« - - • ' New Grand Jury Begins Its Work Brief Instructions Given by Judge 01 Court Term Opens Selection and .wearlng-in of petit and • grand jurors took up the opening MMiou of ihe Chickasawba District of Mississippi county Circuit Court here this morning, when the grand jury begun It. work immediately following a brief charge by presiding Judge Zal B. Harrison of Blytheville, Tlie grand Jury retired about 0 o clock to begin Iti Investigations after Judge Harrison reminded them of the secrecy of their work. Court re-convened at 1:30 thl. afternoon to begin hearing evidence in the trial of Carlle Davidson of Blytheville, charged with two count, of attempted assault and two counts of burglary. Davidson thl. morning aald he had no attorney and wished to While House where top Rclmlnlstra- represent hlnuelf. However, Judge "" "-'- ' ' " Harrison opposed thl, action ' and tion officials were expected to divulge specific figures and propl- sals Involved In the Marshall plan. The group waa called lofethrr by ,!nlm R. Steelman, attfel.nt I" tlie President, to be briefed on Europe', need* and prMent their views on thin country', ability t* meet them. 1'iosldent, Truman may address the group. At any rule, the conferees are expected to hear Secretary of State George c. M.r- shall and Secretary of' Oomintaj* W. Avcrell.Harrlnmn, chairman of a 18-man citizens' committee which agrted on • foreign aid propoaal. Saturday. . ^^ • „ While- the forfhcomiria: .peclal session of congress was c.lied primarily to consider stop-gap aid, It wns Icear (hat'presentation of at least the first portion of th, Marshall next plan could not wait until year. Senate President Ar- the others to intermediate points. Greek gendarmes scaling the heights of Ml. Hymettus North of Athens, reached the wreckage of the air liner and found all the passengers and crewmen dead, according to reports back lo the capital. The big ship approached the Hns- sani airport, Its de: a flight from Istanbu blocked a landing, and the liner wheeled away. A little later villagers at Koropl saw a great flash illumine the hills. Reports of the number aboard beginning of a recession which hence g to Jiicemuh will not cease." "Evcnte arc too threatening allow for delay," DC Gaulle said. He called nnmaUicr's objections lo dissolving the assembly "ridiculous." The cabinet was scheduled to ... , meet tomorrow'tcuput the finishing estinallon, afler I 'ouches on the defense of it. poli- lul. Foul weather cles which Ramadier will make th ' st t tne P |an e conflicted. Unofficial word b»ck to Greek gendarmerie me nau nn-xmig oacK to ureek c - Chr ° n - ' ""darters said "about bodies with 313, Smalley . were strewn through and about was sixth with 218 and Mont- the wreckage gomery was eighth with 184. Th e September report showed the following: Arrest, made _ Chronlster « Montgomery i», Smalley ID Warnings Issued — Chronlsler 223, Montgomery n», Smalley M. Service* rendered — Chronlster, i • "ven; Smalley, four; Montgomery, 11M Stadium Bids To Be Opened ft D S£? ter ",V« IWn - ° hr0nl3ter! OSCEOLA. Oct. 27.-D, /eTon-e* 1 ™ "•""* ~ Ch ™-i ™ of bS, ^r ^Ir'-ShS"^ Accidents lnve.tig.ted - Chron- ! £« »™ Zk^yTemSs 5 of"tlTe lster. four. District Six, which before parliament in the afternoon I)e Gaulle Kyes High Office Breaking his posl-clc:tion silence De Gaulle accused the government of holding power illegally. Apparently with an eye on the premiership. De Gaulle also demanded tlml the dissolution of the assembly be followed by new elections. He again denounced tlie "scp- arnlisls," as he calls the Communists, and said the perils faclm; France demanded immediate action. "Everybody knows that the state as it is fashioned and as It Is being run risks crashing to ruin on anarchy—tlie habitual prelude Ui invasions," he sa'id. Runoff elections were held yesterday in 14.000 towns of Ic.v; than »,(KK> population where candidates did not win decisive majorities in the nationwide municipal elections of October IS. Since the big vote wns cast on October 18, it was not be_ — -j ....,••.•*„. u m vi 11, tiiojuJi v^vtuuvi iv, 11, wiiS llul DC. , - ~, IncluHe. Mis- i , t I Mcm p rm ' Stadium Commission licved that the figures In the run- •iMlppi County, led Uie seven dis- ! § "^«™8 ^i^the office o f David ! offs would greatly change ti.e ap- M - - --.-1 ".M i—.», .m^itii Mia- C T ornnf i- ' I ~ B -*-"*"J ^Jji"«^t nic r\\i- ct« In the «tat« In district rat- ^, t y V. mernl »'' ol the com- , proximately 40 per cent of the to- Ing. for September. It headed the S ^ , Fl]a ^'- I lnl vote he. received then. . list for .nest, made, 306; warnings Issued. 3.726; light corrections. 38+S «nd rendered, 16J. Members of the to receive bids for t of the stadium In ' reception room of the State Ca"pl- .. . , .--at. out of 83,233 municipal seats, the governors! , hc socialists won 15.439; the Rally, ol untU 10 am nf ,1 S , , 'r 10 ' ™- tllc Communist 6.424. and "" until 10 a.m. of Ihe date set for Ih . p,<oiihlir»n, atta TI,, r,,™i,. Gooch, 87, father of Mrs. M A *ck. ' vm lnc Isaacs of Blyiheville, will bt con-' Twenty-one bodies hud btcn r, ducted tomorrow afternoon at the moved, but authorities were not' i R "? forri .' s Mortuary In Jonesboro. sure but that there were others' " ! moer ' ne splintered coachc.. More .than 7CI were hurt, but not all r.! quired hospital treatment N. Y. Cotton ivfar. ^f ay- July Oct. Dec. open high 3^10 3325 3301 3321 32!$ 3237 5972 29M .1285 33D8 low 1-30 3J05 3325 3»S 332! 320« 3235 2993 i the Oflklawn Cemetery there. Mr. Qooch died Sunday afternoon tn the Blythevllle Hospital following » short Illness. Born In Crockett County, Tenn., Mr. Gooch moved to Arkansas when he became manager of the Phoenix _ Cotton Oil Company in Walnut! death when .. the opening of the bids. . .. the Republicans. 6.239. The remain- In other .run 7 , , i dcr wcnt io combined anU-Com- in other action the commission i m unl<t .ronna t j withheld approval of architects' and j ir '"' pa plans until a session of group is held. Only six k. I \r I r"» I members were present ;,lNCW lOrR btOCKS Klwlu Soybeans BIdge, a position tha't he held for •W year.. He retired 15 years ago and moved 3265 3306iw»h *! h * VllIe '° m ' ke hls home _ , .^«e | with Mrs. Isaacs and. family. Mr. Women Diet in Fir* NASHVILLE, Tenn.. Oct. 27. A woman Identified u I »nd Mr. Lancy of OsceoTa jjjntry, 4J, burned lo Others present beside commls her frame reddence sion members Included Lieut "bout 12 mile, from' wa. deatroyed by fire thl. morning. Nov. open high . 334 3.14 . 320 Blast Rockt City loooch serv e d"V 5 -,-7cacon"ln IhV , ^ C °^^- , "i C " Oct. W. 'Walnut Ridge Baptist Church for! bom- i~»m n«S°^ lon ^^"^ »|50 years. , ut ' P- nv C ST today in doMi- s s s 1 ™'' 1 —»™»-H. ST?£™ II tails we.-e known Immediately. lo-.v S3I close Chrysler Coca Cola ,.,,. „ j - Gov. j Montgomcrv Ward Nathan Gordon of Little Rock arid! N Y Central Harry D. Paulus, manager of the '. Inl Harvester Osceola Chamber of Commerce. j North Am Aviation ... • ' -—- ! Republic Steel .. Weather m< "° TTCUiner . .s oco , ly Vacuum .. ARKANSAS — Partly cloudy Studebakcr . today, tonight and Tuesday with I Standard of N J .. scattered showers In East and South ! Texas Corp portions today and extreme Bust Packard Portion tonight. 1ST 1-1 70 05 93 S3 7-8 IS6 57 1-4 14 5-3 W 1-2 9 5-8 38 8 7-8 16 3-3 '. 21 3-8 16 1-1 5* 1-2 5 1-2 - thur H. Vanrtenberg Informed administration leaders that hi. 'foreign relations committee wants a broad outline, Including, the first year's inslnllment, when It meets Nov. 10. Tlie Marshall plan, Van- rtenhcig maintains, cannot '.be walled off from the problem or .top- gap aid. Vanticuberg'. committee will gneet Jointly with the House Foreign Affairs Committee Nov. lo to hear Marshall, Undersecretary of State Robert A. 1 Lovell and probably Harrlman In the Interest of uvlru; the time that Is required by *epa- rate sessions. Supreme Court Rules on City Zoning Powers LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. Vl— (Uf> > — The Arkansas supreme court ruled today that c\Ues of the first and second claw do not have the autlloritiy to establish building lines unless they have planning commissions The court' affirmed «n Arkansas Chancery Court decision holding that the. Oily of Stuttgart had nr> authority to establish a building Hn e on the tast side of I* Main Street. The held Invalid original ruling had city ordlnai.cs pro- vldlng certain building restriction. C. W. Strait filed suit hi Sept 1946. to enjoin the city from enforcing the ordinance, alluding h« would suffer the loss of property If h« adherred to provisions of the ordinance in his plan, to erect an office building. He charged thai the power lo establish building line, had not been delegated to the city by the General Assembly of Arkansas, and that It also violated due process of law clause* of both th* «ate and federal constitution.. In hU unanimous opinion thl. morning. Associate Justice Minor W. M-illwcc »atd the only legislative act which delegate, to cities the power to establish building lines and code, was adopted In 1937 providing for crcallon of plan- he would appoint a lawyer to defend Davidson. Davidson's case wna continued from last term after the court at that lime ordered him sent to the State Hospital for a 30-day mental examination. H« was found sane and returned here to stand trial. Judge Harrison', charge to th« petit Jury r lasted more Own an hour and covered completely til phases of court procedure and ury. duty. _ , Jury Qualification! ning commissions second class cltle» In first and Stuttgart docs not have a planning commission. Tlie court nlso ruled Ih.t Pii- laskl Chancery Court had JUrl.- rllctlon to hear litigation concern- ng a $25.000 Irust fund resulting from assets accrued from benn- [ils of a S382.000 bankruptcy loan by the lale Fr.nci. Guy Fulk In 1928. I U S Steel 74 Chamber of Commerce Directors to Meet Tlie Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce will hold its monthly meeting nt 3:30 p.m. Thursday In Ihe Chamber's office in City Hall. Worth D. Holder, §ec- rctary, announced today. . three qualities necessary In t qualified Juror. Jurori perform •ee GRAM) JURY on P»f« It. Fire Damages Tourist Court On Highway 61 A blow of nn undetermined origin at 5 a.m. today destroyed the main building of llic Abraham Tourist Court on Eolith Highway 81 ona mile 3outh of Blythevllle. The building walls were constructed of concrete blocks. Tlie building, which was recently completed and which wa. to hou.e the c.fe to be operated In connection with th* touriita court., was completely engulfed by the at th* time the member* of th« Blytheville Fire Department »rriyed at Ihe scene, Fire Chief Roy Head stated. Lack of water, supply In that Ti- clnlty prevented firemen from battling the blaze, Chief Head .aid, ana members of the fire department could do no more than see thai the flame, did not spread to the cot- ages. An unidentified pauerby dUcov- :red Ihe blase and notified the lire department he s«id. C. Abraham, owner, wu uleep In one of the cottage. In the rear of the building at the time the Male broke out but telephone lines leading to Blythe- vllle had gone dead earlier last night and h* wa. unable to turn In an alarm, he .aid. An investigation of the blaae is being conducted today, Mr. Read «tal«d. The building wa. only p«r- tl.lly covered with imuranc*, he ' Th. commltt** in th* week of lu CommunUm-in-BoUy- wood hearing., put documentary evidence Into the record ebM|tat lhat Lawion wa. "on* of th* mott >ctlv*_ Communist* in th* Hoik- wood movie industry." A committee Inreitlfmtor, Louta J. Russell, presented Communist party regUtr.tion card No. 47J7» which h* testified wu mad* *ut to "John Howard L*wwn." ' The contempt citation was voted unanimously by all commit!** member, present. But becsus* they did not constitute a quorum, th* action wa. con.tru«d a. tak*n by a aubcommlttee. The full eommit- tee.aiid later the House of Representative, must approve the <5t»- tion if LawK»i Is to be brou«ht-t» Trie M-ye.r-old writer wm. called to the witness st»nd' *lt*r'th* committee had rejected "defetu*'" motion, to quMh the proceeding. and permit u "ho«llle witncnw. to cross-examine other Hollywood figures who had testified ualnst them, ' KefMe. I* Answer Qoeallea Lawson refused to answer "y*»" or "no" to thl. question: "Are you now and hare you ever been t member of th* Communist Party?" ; ' • The question was put to him repe.tedly by Committee Chairman J. Parneli Thorns, and Conns*! Robert E. Stripling. f • It Is the unanimous opinion al this subcommittee th«t John' Howard Lawion ta, in contempt of congrcsi, and,recommend, to th* full committee that in approorlat* resolution be sent by the fulL mlttee to th* House It R^ tatlVM," Thpma* later ««ld. .± m si"i! B «?^?»»»«* i *: : H . Jurymen must meet high aUrtd- ... read It. In r*fu«lnt to make a anawer to th* question u »e whether . :h« '..wu a OommunUt L*w»n lMl.t*d that th* «omm)E tee had. no, right to qu«*tioa' hi* politic, or other beliefs. - : :', : ' "I «tand on my righU "'te'-'*a^ swer th. question the war- t **• fit." Lawson shouted. - ' r -,~ . F»»e*men Arprouh ; H* continued to .hout 'into •*• microphon. his dem.nd. for ' ' Scalding Water Causes Death Of Small Child Robert B*ri Cum. two-and-on«half year old son of Mr. and Mr.. Jesse L. Cain of 321 But Dou«an St.. died st tlie Blytherllk Hospital till, morning .. a result ot burns received when he fell Into a pan of water his mother was using yesterday to sold a chicken The child wu playing near where his mother had ac.lded th* chicken prior to picking It, .nd U reported to have fallen over backwards Into the pan at boiling water. He was aculded from hi* waist down. The child wu rushed to tt»« He left the stand then .ndrtook '»' Teat among the spectator., • The committee thereupon had read Into the record a statement detailing It* believing Lawson wu •Vfarxht strategist" In Before directing LawjonY ~ m ""''' Thom.s had warned him t'»t if he refused to answer h* would "be In contempl.- th* contempt recessed . th* Eric Johnston!" he.™' of th'e^yrol on. Thoma. hearing until 2 p. M HI ' he * too<! eomm»- r.rf '.* L 7\!" on deve 'oP'n*nt occurred u the commute* began its r C °Co WWk ° f PUbllc h ««ln*» h£ The committee re>«t*d a •». and Hie Ho*plt.l when ment WM given. tint . .enric** will be eonduet- 3 o clock Wednesday aftw- at the First BipUrt Church by the Rev. E. C. Brown, putor. nurtal will bt in th* Bmwood Cemetery wi'h th* Cobb Puneral Home in charge. Betides his p*r«nU h* leave. one brother, Jesse Ronald, and on* sister. .MneCfcroljnvterth of Bty- theviU*. • Disrupt Meeting Of'Red'Uoder, Oerhart — rr -, *m.^ thf Co3 ™'unW H i^'-fV * M "hedaJed to raw* th« «f«n» crowded Into club hall and natcbtd ,, «s M police to keep C<mior ' CXxmtT . th* Oommunat Party, tried to «let the cro»d, h« va. greeted wtth »oo», cat-call* .nd inntation* to ouWdc Inlo *» alley to flfht. Kfe- l*r nn-*r *pp**mi. A orowd of nor. UMB *«o pv. wn. gathered .round UM kuikHnc, WiirtUn .traffic. . VfclMM* fland when a man «n«i vom«n wvt beaten *s they tried to enter tb* IxtO to :. The couple, Arttnsf and , toe Brown, of Newark, ww I «tfety >* polie* a«4 Mft*

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