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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • 30

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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Page 30 THE EVENING CITIZEN, OTTAWA, CANADA Saturday, November 27t 1943 Gall An Ad -Taker At 2-2441 Urges City To Operate Its Own Tree Nursery Ottawa should own and operate its own tree nursery," declared Aid. Daniel McCann at last night's meeting of the civic Tree Committee, when it was learned the city had purchased, over 700 trees from farmers of the Ottawa Valley. "We now have 600 trees in the city," Aid. McCann said, "and it would seem reasonable to suggest the city should establish and main i' Property For Sale Houses For Sale (Continued From Preceding Column) Says Trade Trend Not TooBright By The Canadian Press "Purple" is the word used by M. W.

Mackenzie, deputy trade minister, to describe Canada's foreign-commerce picture. It is not as black as some facts would tend to indicate, nor as bright as it looks on paper at the moment. However, Mr. Mackenzie and his associates are making no secret about their anxieties for the future, nor about their hopes. One thing they are emphasizing0 lowerinc of United of United ment for the city to create Its own nursery." Parks and Trees Superintendent R.

F. Waugh reported that the 600 trees brought in had been planted on land made available by the Federal District Commission for. tree nursery purposes. "It takes twice as long to bring tain its 'own nursery. If we had such a place, trees could be planted and held until needed for planting on the streets.

It had cost the city approximately $600 to buy trees from district farmers, while the same number, bought from a commercial nursery would have cost in the neighborhood of $6,000. If we can buy so reasonably it would be a good Invest- 2-Month Term For Ringing False Alarm Convicted by scientific equipment of turning in a false alarm from the corner of King Edward avenue and Clarence, street, on November 21, 23-year-old Gordon Wamock, of The Quarries, Mont real road, was yesterday morning sentenced to two months in county Jail by Magistrate Strike. 'X am not prepared to accept your defence," the magistrate told the accused after he had stoutly maintained that he could not remember anything leading up to his arrest by Constables Burford Wlgmore and Lyle Murphy. "This is the type of offence that Is very difficult to detect and one that occurs very frequently. It is an offence which presents a great deal of danger to the public and members of the fire department and one that is expensive, and It is done by those who want a thrill," Magistrate Strike concluded.

Invisible Powder District Chief James McKIn-ney, superintendent of the fire alarm system, explained to the court that all boxes in the city had been dusted with an invisible powder which reacted brilliantly to the rays of a fluorescent lamp. District Chief Harris, of the Ottawa fire department, described how the accused had been brought to the corner from where the alarm had been turned in and subjected to the searching, rays of a portable ultra-violet ray lamp The fingers of the youth's right hand glowed under the lamp in dlcating that he had been respon sible for turning in the alarm. It is the first conviction ever secured in a local court by the new scientific equipment and fire department officials expressed assurance that the powder and lamp will bring about a sharp decrease in the number of false alarms which are sounded an nually. Many Attend Brockville Nominations Special To The Clttsen BROCKVILLE Victoria Hall had every seat occupied and many standing for the Friday nomlna tion meeting, the largest attended municipal meeting in this town in a number of years. One reason for the large crowd was a plan of the Chamber of Commerce to interest a greater number of citizens in standing for public office.

John R. McLennan, who has served three years as councillor, will run against Mayor W. Fred Reynolds, who has held office for two consecutive years. Nominations: For Mayor J. R.

McLennan; Mayor W. Fred Reynolds. For public utilities (two) present members, K. W. Roode, and H.

S. Brown; J. H. Doyle, G. Elmer Johnston, N.

8. Cuthbert- son. For board of education (four) present members, Hugh A. Reynolds, H. R.

Phillips, N. L. MacDowell and Dr. D. B.

Code; James E. Hone, O. E. Keene, Walter Adams, A. Munro.

For councillors two In each ward; south, present members Harry Brennan and John Requa. R. J. Hlggins, Blake Clark, North, present members Grant trees in as it takes to plant them." Mr. Waugh said.

"If we had our own nursery we could have 2,000 trees available for street planting at any time." Urces Site Secured Seconded Dy Aid. Henri Rheaume, Aid. McCann suggested that the committee recommend to the Board of Control the advisability of securing a site, of five acres in extent, for the pur pose of creating a tree nursery. The resolution passed unanimously. Aid.

William Newton asked If any decision had been made relative to the great elms on Laurier avenue. It was suggested that these be removed because of damage done to sidewalks and to underground electric conduits. "I am particularly anxious that some steps be taken, provided these elms are removed, and I am told they ultimately must be," Aid. Newton said, "to ensure other trees being planted on Laurier avenue. I feel sure the residents of that area, if they know the trees are hv dangerous condition, and so must go from the standpoint of public safety, would not feel so keenly about it if they were given the assurance the trees would be replaced by others." Says Trees Dead "Approximately 50 per cent of the Laurier avenue elms are dead and rotten," Mr.

Waugh said. "A recent survey showed that many were in dangerous condition and should be replaced. If the prop erty owners gave us permission we would plant trees on their properties, fronting- the street, that would replace the elms after their removal." Aid. Newton pressed for action Dy me committee and it was agreed that steps should be taken to discover whether or not the ijauner avenue property owners would consent to the placing of decorative shade trees on their properties to eventually replace the elms. Mr.

Waugh reported that 10,000 tulip bulbs were planted in city parks this year, 307 trees were planted on city streets, 83 in the spring and 224 this fall. Where a tree was taken down for any purpose care was taken to plant another, he explained. Trees bought from the farmers were hard maple, red maple, red oak and white ash. He said the trees cost one dollar each, but if bought from a nursery would cost $10 or more. Trees were planted on three city streets, Mr.

Waugh said, Breezehill avenue, Chestnut and Merritt streets. J. C. Aubin, chairman of the Tree Committee, commended Mr. Waugh and his staff for their very fine showing this year to date.

Heads Soviet Art Group MOSCOW A recent decree discloses that M. Khrapchenko is to head the Important commute on art of the U.S.S.R. The committee is largely responsible for seeing that decrees of the central committee of the Communist party are realized in the theater, stage, music and graphic arts. Kelly and D. M.

Ross, W. M. Easter. Center, present members, M. B.

Cameron and Dr. J. W. McDougall, J. A.

Murray, John Birrell, Murray Billings. East, present members C. Curry and Lawrence Eligh, A. M. Patterson, Allan Greene.

West, present members, A. C. Lachapelle, Arthur Howison. James Cunningham, Harold Taylor, Howard White. Want Ads.

Continued from Preceding Page Houses For Sale CAMBRIDGE near torso, lovely tittle investment. 3 family brick triples, perfect condition, nice oak floors, bull In bath. wtr heating, electrically equipp-sd. This building has been well euM lor and reduced to 12. 500.

Terms. I Owner la Ca'gsry and antloua to sea. j. c. Thorns, ageni.

j-sim. it-ju BANDY Hill, solid well buUt house, oil heated: 4 bedrooms, dea: basement wtth extra, toilet, laundry equipment, $12,300. Box 393 Citizen. 39 IMMEDIATE possession, new 6 room house, hot air heating, modern conveniences, overlooking Rides River In village of Manotlck. Call O.

E. McLean, tel. Nortn Gower 417 33. 33 BARGAIN tor quick sale, 4 'dedroom house central Ottawa. Writ to R.

Dun can, 2271 Wilson Ave, Montreal. Que. 23 AYLirER. Que, In Laxewood section, approximately 215 ft. of waterfront with, depth of 400 ft.

lnsurtig complete privacy. Attractive architect planned summer home, containing living iroom with fuel flreplaue. dining room. 5 bedrooms and esmplete bathroom. All furnishings to be Included la sale.

This Is a well built summer home In good condition, price SIOXW. For Inspection and further particulars call H. D. jrrlpp. Realtor, 3P-31 CRICHTON street, brick duplex, close to schools, churches, car i Ins.

Each apartment; has two bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, closed In rear verandalw double gsxatre. hot water heating by blower. Warm, well built and la good repair. 112.000 is fair can be financed with 95.000. Occupancy of one floor In met.

if desired. You win find this Is a good Investment, private sale. Box 319 Citizen 39 HOUSE duplex. 1 apt. vacant.

$9,500. Apply 233 Preston, Wnx. Xeldy. ZN-31 WTSTBORO home, brick construction with 2 bedrooms, modern bath and kitchen, fuel fireplace, copper piping, laundry tubs. Rented at present and shows a net return of 10 per cent.

Buy now and occupy later. Price 110.600. About 3.eash recrulred. Laurie Lewis. 2 -7308, H.

C. Brennaa, Realtor. 12B-31 COVER has triplex, central, 113,800. Lower 4 room apt. available.

Ask Oliver Realtors, 3-5458. 1-6-12N OTTAWA South, select location, 2 families, old friends. Interested lu buying- nice home, smaller 17.000, larger SiAOO. Excellent concltlon. These houses will not be sold separately.

Good opportunity for 3 families, of moderate means. Bos 294 Cltiaen. 31 NEW 3 oedroora house. Sandy Hlii, to person supplying modern 2 bedroom apt. 5-4220.

31 IMMEDIATE possession 3 bedrooms, white stucco on cinder block, large lot. furnished or unfurnished. z.early new. 639 MeArthur Road, Apply Mrs. Charron, (across street).

30 ATTRACTIVE new hot water heated bungalow, Esstvtew, with bunt-in grge In basement, possession. payment only 1.500. Browniee and McKeova, Realtors, 2-4303. evening S-6116J, 4-0724 1-1E-31B BUNGALOW, 3 room stucco. Immediate possession, Bourne.

Wnght-vi2e near St. Joseph Blvd. 33 GXLMOTJR. 9-famUy apt. have been, nicely decorated, be water heating, stove and refrigeration; gross revenue is price.

$35,000. An state and must be soidl J. C. Thorns. agent.

3-9485. IT-30 3-storey brick house 49 Prank. Grcnnd floor vacant, 9.20O. Apply A. Bergeron.

064 King Edward. 29 AX older home on Rlverdsle Ave. Could be modernized to blend la with the better homes In this res, sllJOO. R. A.

Reld. Real Estate Broker. 3-77SS. 3-4079 evenings. 1-4-1 dR A quiet charm and homelike atmosphere In this new.

carefully planned borne. overlooking Island I'ark Drive. Constructed brick and Nepean sandstone. Center door de-with 3 bedrooms And tils bath. 17.000, 40 cash down down payment.

R. A. Reld, Real Estate Broker. 3-7795, 3-4079 evenings. 1-4-16R OMrrHLttJ very special in a wir-fron property out McKellar way.

$35,000, $5,000 down. Producing monthly revenue of $350 clear. R. A. Reld.

Real Estate Broker. 3-T S5. 3-4079 evenings. 1-4-16B BARBETTE St. near St.

Charles church, modern, hot water (oil) heated triplex. Annual revenue. (3.120. expenses approximately $700. One apt.

available, Tttley. Realtor. 3-U6i. 1-3-4T No Fuss N'a Worry FOB a prompt sale of your property call 2-7308. H.

C. Brennaa, Realtor. H-1-4-12B Country Home ATTRACTIVE old stone home apprail-mateiy 23 miles from Ottawa on good rnad eoen Tear mm4 i Highway). Moderate size with spacious room, up to iw acres of lar.d. Though not fully modernised, this property possesses excellent possibilities for an unusually attractive country home.

Highest or any offer not necessarily accepted. Ottawa Valley Trust Company, i WeUlngton Btra-t. tel. 5-7251. 28 ft WeOinjrton Sts VALCABLS frontage; west of HoIlAn.1.

including 3 modern stores and 4 spu, hoc water with oxl $30,000. Be elusive Agent. L. B. Boaell, Real Eii- DToaer, 3-8700.

B. J. SheUartl 5-650. H-1-4-37B Fiinri lOO acre farm wl-Ji small hma on Bigamy close to CyrnUe. Must old this week.

S6.00O. Make an offer. Browniee and McKeown. neaitors, a-tA'i. H-i-U-3Ls Ay liner Road Home OVERLOOKING the Ottawa Rive.

Cham plain Bridge and Remle Rapids, this property is a master pirce of the architect's skill. It stands on a lot 150x500 feet. Th ground floor comprises a living room. 24xi3'. TUa fine Indiana ston.t fireplace: dining room, dea (or bed room), heated gunroom, modem kitchen, washroom and large reception haiL A fully finished basemen-; with bedroom and knotty pine lined playroom.

26x14. with bar. An ela borate master bedroom. 34x13. wltb 3 ohed bedrooms, sun deck, and ultra-modern bathroom with tiled walls and terrmoa floors eomsrtst! the second floor.

Every detail for convenience and beauty has been provided for this luxurious home. It nas a aouoie garage and is oil heated with Trane fin-trpe recessed radiation. Price $38,000. Laurie Le'-s. 2-7308.

c. Brennaa, Realtor. Hl-4-123 Shtrwood Drive Home BtTTLT 1939 on large corner lot, 8 rooms, a heating. Owner leaving city. Asking 113.500.

Let us show you through. We have the key. Browniee and Mc Keown. Realtors, 2-4203. Evenings, 8-811SJ.

4-0734. H-l-ll-jS Prompt Attention IS given an real estate inquiries. We solids the listing of your property. Geo- El Cochrane Agendas. Realtors.

18 Rldeau. 3-1731. E-1-3-24C Owner Leaving Town IITST sea quickly $10,500 horn with 3 bedrooms, living, dining room, kitchen, built 1342. Ask OUver Realtors, 3-8438. H-l--12X Another Suburban Home EEC.

1 possession of attractive 3 bedroom brick. Weethoro. close to car-line. $10 500. H.

J. Slienard, 5-540. L. B. Boneil, Real Estate Broker.

3-8700. H-1437B (Continued On Next Column) 1 1 NOVENA SPEAKER Rev. Father Arthur I. Keegan, CM, of the National Shrine of the Miraculous Medal at Philadelphia, who will conduct the annual solemn novena at St. Joseph's church in preparation for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The novena opens Monday night at 7.30 p.m. with three services daily through until Dec. 7. Father Keegan will also speak at all masses at St. Joseph's Sunday morning.

Hold Perth. District Nominations Special To The Citizen PERTH Municipal nomina tions in the townships in the Perth district were held yesterday afternoon. North Burgess townshio council was reelected by acclamation with Urbln Haughian as reeve and Ross Tully, Bert Farnell, Victor Mack-ler and Hubert Wilson as councillors. North Elmsley township council was also reelected by acclamation with Cameron McTavish as reeve and Alex Drysdale. John.

Fer guson, Norman Couch and James Coutts as councillors. Robert Mc Tavish and Kenneth Campbell were elected school trustees by acclamation. The other members of the school board being Wm. Moore, Raymond Poole and Ferguson McVeety. In Drummond township four were nominated for reeve, Harold D.

Mather present reeve and Warden of Lanark County council. George D. Smith, Wilbert Lewis and Frank Ireton. Four present councillors, Wilbert Lewis. George D.

Smith, Frank Ireton and James Warren were nominated in addition to Raymond Ferguson, Martin Doyle. Calvin Code, Reginald Warren, Walter Lewis and Clayton Hands. Four were nominated as school trustees. Harry McLen aghen, Martin Dowdall, Cecil Ruttle and Donald McEwen with three to be elected. John C.

Mather retired as reeve of Bathurst township council after 13 years of service and IV- bert Chaplin and Lloyd North were nominated for reeves. Neil Anderson, Clarence Ennis, Anson Bowes, George Gordon and Wil bert Kerr were nominated as councillors. Vincent Sheridan Ernest Miller and Salem Johnston as school trustees. Nomination At Cornwall Special To The Citizen CORNWALL At the nomination meeting at the township hall, Cornwall center yesterday, 14 were placed in nomination for the position of trustee of Cornwall township public school area for the five available seats. Those who intend remaining in the field must file papers, of qualification by 9 o'clock Saturday night.

Those placed in nomination were Grant Myers, Lloyd E. Poapst, Carl Forrester, Russell Mode, J. S. Bunge, Donald Earner, William Beaudette, Frank Stewart, W. C.

Dennis, W. G. Brown, Alfred Roberts, Clinton Rae, Harold Poapst, Clarence Fitz-patrick. The Cornwall township council has another year to serve, having been elected for a two year term a year ago. Read The Citizen Classified Ads.

Regularly Alcoholics Anonymous A free, non-sectarian International organization designed to help those whose lives are being complicated by alcohol. All enquiries and replies In strict confidence. P.O. BOX 38, OTTAWA R. L.

CHAIN LIMITED OTTAWA I .1 CANADA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a dividend of ten cents (10c) per share on the Capital Stock of the Company has been declared for the Quarter ending December 31. IMS, payable on and after the third day of January, 1M9. to holders of record at the close of business on the 15th day of December, 1948. By order of the Board. HENRY R.

NORRISH. Secretary-Treasurer. Dated at Ottawa his 24th day or November, 1948. KMJ MONeHlsUOZMM! 1 fssff'" eKsV I (Continued From Preceding Column) 1, 23 acres, 10 miles Ottawa, paved Hydro, $73 acre. Box 308 Citizen.

30i LOT 60 120. Billings Bridge, facing proposed driveway, $1,000. Geo. E. Cochrane Agencies, Realtors, 18 Rldeau.

3-1731. 24C-29i 1 acre land, evergreen trees, good building site, 8 miles east of city, $600. 3-3818. 31 LOT In OveT brook. Ontario street, 1 block from bus line.

3-9213. 2814 LANDSCAPED lot, SO 100, across irom Manor park, with small building, 12 36. price $1,000. 3-8160. 29 CITY lot.

50 100. 4-0284. 32Va 8 lots In block, 5 minutes walk to bus. $750 cash or terms. 8-8613M.

393 $2 weekly, Deechenea lots. No interest. C. W. Mills, 3-3391.

17M CITY lot 63x100, $2,500. 2-3017. 31 Va 3 acres of land, house, on highway. bus service, electricity, telephone avaUable. Box 30B, Cyrvllle.6 28 Vi 2 building lots.

30x100 each, 1 with block foundation, Billings Bridge. 5-7620. 31 CARLTNG Ave. near Bank. Brick double half of which has been converted into three modern apartments returning $201.50 monthly.

Other half of house can be converted to return same amount. Price asked $23,000. For particulars call Exclusive agents Ault-Klnney and Company, Realtors. 3-1767. 2A-29 LOT.

cor. Butternut and Green, 36 lacing oreen, by 77 rt.t $650. 3-8680. BUILDING lots for sale. Apply A.

E. vuieneuve, 73', Wellington. 29, COMMERCIAL site, Wellington street. apt. building thereon, $10,500.

H. J. SheUard. 5-6540. L.

B. Boneil, Real Estate Broker. 3-8700. 1-4-37B PROPERTIES 30, all kinds, also good industry lots, with railway sidings, and many other building lots. Mica mine ready for operation.

138 Notre Dame, Hull, 2-6050. 30 For Sale $12, FARM and tourist site situated In St. Lawrence River, No. 2 Highway, between Cornwall and Brockvllle. Brick 7 room house, hard and soft water, hydro, cement basement; about 300 ft.

from bathing beach. Room for building cabins. View of 3 islands and American shore. 50 acres of cleared land, clay loam, 8 acres of bearing orchard. 13 years, mostly Macs.

3 never faUlng weUs. 30 acres young woods. Good barn and garage, all well roofed. Orchard sprayer, horses, feed and machinery. Can move right In.

Price less feed and machinery. Orchard alone will pay for this place In a few years. Act quickly If you want It, Apply Box 268 Citizen. H129 Too Late For Classification APT. wanted, mother, daughter, both working.

8-0157R, after 3. 30 WANTXD, twin beds, chesterfield bed or davenport. 3-3878. 29 Vi FURNISHED room, central, breakfast or grill privileges. 4-2471.

29 Vi FURNISHED bungalow to rent, 4 rooms. Apply Mrs. w. Beedeu, Box 24, Mountain Hull, Que. (near Fairmont Golf Club.) 31s IF you need a car, use mine.

8-54 S0J. COAT, black bauds, squirrel collar. interlined. 14. perfect 2 suits 14; odd skirts; black spring coat 16.

cheap. 5-6132. 31 1 Maxwell electric washing machine, 3 years old, $75. 8-8604. 30Va SPRINGER spaniel, black and white, lost, wearing narness.

ivewara. 4-6636. 412 MacLaren. 29 Nomination Night Held At Perth PERTH Nominations for mayor, reeve, deputy reeve, six councillors, three, public school trustees and one public utilities commissioner were held here last night before the largest turnout of electors in many years. The reeve W.

A. Stemp and councillors Kenneth Erwin, William Warren and Fred Hanna announced their retirement from municipal office at last meeting of council. The fact that so many vacancies had to be filled for the 1949 slate was no doubt responsible for thirteen aspirants for council and opposition for deputy reeve T. V. Lally for the 1949 reeveship by Frank A.

Cole. Mayor John Pennett was given an acclamation as was O. W. Flemmlng a member of council for the past three years who was nominated as deputy reeve. W.

A. Stemp, chairman of the finance committee presented the receipts and expenditures for the year which showed an estimated -surplus of $7,500. The following is the slate, nominated: For mayor John Pennett (acclamation) for reeve, T. V. Lally, Frank A.

Cole; deputy reeve, George Flemmlng (acclamation): for councillors, H. E. Headrick, I Paul Griffin, John C. Mather, Earl M. Cooper, Harold Dicky, Howard Wallace, James EL Duncan, Chas.

s. Temple, George Liv ingstone, Geo. D. Smith, James R. Wright, J.

M. Douglas, H. E. Burns. Public school trustees, East Ward: John A.

Howie, Stanley Tufts, Norman Moore, Center Ward: Earl Darou: West Ward, J. L. Harrison. Public utilities: Richard W. Dennis, Charles Wallace.

Full Speed Ahead On ERP By The Associated Press WASHINGTON President Truman last night ordered full speed ahead on European recovery. He authorized use of the full $4,000,000,000 in Marshall plan grants by next April 2. The action shortens by three months the period for which the money was appropriated. It means that the new United States Congress will be asked for a supplemental appropriation about $1,250,000,000 by estimate of Economic Co-operation Ad ministrator Paul G. Hoffman to carry ECA through June 30, tiie end of the fiscal year.

BRICK 3 door row, 888-873 Gladstone, reduced to $8,500 for quick sale. No poanesslon. Mr. Hunt, Royal Trust. 3-1541.

16H AYXMER avenue. 9 room brick home In exceptionally fine condition. May possession. Asking $10,000. Browniee and McKeown, Realtors, 2-4203.

Evenings, 2-8131, 4-0724. 1-11-31B WEST End, new center door, built by jjaviason Bros. Make an appointment to see this lovely home anytime. Gordon H. Davidson.

8-3444M. Real Estate Broker. 6D BRICK double, center town, near Elgin, rooms eacn. immediate possession of one side. Asking $15,000, Browniee and McKeown.

Realtors, 3-4203. Even-nlngs, 3-8131. 1-11-31B ANT bids for a 2 bedroom winterized cottage Britannia Village, close to- car line, schools and churches. Asking $4,000. Browniee and McKeown, Realtors, 2-4203, evening! 8-8116J, 4-0724.

1-11-31B CRICHTON duplex, hot water heating. aouDie garage, lower possession Jan. 15. Asking $9,000. George D.

Howlth, Real Estate Broker. 2-3887. 1-3-BH REALLY nice modern brick single on cno a rooms with powder room on ground floor, 3 bedrooms and bath up. Air conditioning with oil, attached garage. with easy terms.

R. A. Reld, Real Estate Broker. 3-7795, 3-4079 evenings. 1-4-16R 2 new duplexes.

Apply 37 Couslnnesu, ustineau "oint. VAL Tetreau. Stucco duplex. 3 storeys nnunea. convertible into triplex, hardwood floors, heavy wiring, hot water tank, electric heater, large cellar, easily convertible Into large 11 -room house, 2 bathrooms, cement galleries.

3 garages. 3 clothes lines. Iron fence, lawn, flowers, etc. Block from bus line. Pose ion June 1.

Revenue $023 yearly. Bargain $8,500. 4-7792. 394 APRIL possession, exceptionally fine 2' 4 storey orick double on Prank, close to Driveway. Only $13,000.

For appointment call Browniee and McKeown, Realtors, 2-4203; Evenings, 2-8131. 4-0734. 1-11-31B AYLMEB, Que, lovely 3 bedroom, oil nested onck bungalow only $3,300 down. Immediate possession. Browniee and McKeown, Realtors, 2-4303, evenings, 4-0724.

8-8118J. 1-11-31B ASKING $10,500 for Sandy Hill brick aouDie. possession 1 side, any bids? Brownie and McKeown, Realtors, 2-4203. evenings 8-6116J. 1-11-31B AGED lady, removing to Halleybury, oners joveiy come Ottawa South for $13,500.

Must be seen to be appreciated. Immediate occupation. Must make appointment here. W. J.

Thorns, Agent. 4-3403. 12T POSSESSION doubles, singles, bunga lows. 4-8422. J.

P. wert. Broker. 6W DUPLEX Armstrong. $9,300, large lot.

possession lower apt. Dee. oeorge D. Howlth, Real Estate Broker. 2-387.

1-3-8H EASTVTEW, modern l' storey, 2 bed room, cot air (oil) heated home. Tile bathroom. Urge living room, and kitchen, $10,300. L. TlUey.

Realtor. 3-1168. 1-3-4T BUNGALOW, almost complete. 3 bedroom, stone and brick, living room 30x30. S9.900.

3. Boneil. Real Estate Broker, 3-8700. H. J.

SheUard. 3-6540. 1-4-37B INVESTMENT. Albert St row 14 nouses, revenue over $5,200 annually. price

oeorge D. Howlth. Real Estate Broker. 2-3687. NEW house, ready November 1 or be- lore, semi-bungalow, has to be sold before Friday.

Going out of town. $11,000. $5350 cash, balance easy terms. 3-4237. JOB SELLING your property T.

List with wuiiam uougn. Realtor, s-2349. 7U AFTER you find a home you want to ouy see us you need a first mortgage loan. Convenient repay ment plans, prompt and friendly service, uttawa vauey Trust company, 140 Wellington fit- 3-7351 14N-39 WEST End, attractive stone and stucco home nearly completed. 4 bedrooms.

Oak floors throughout. Sunroom. attached garage; tiled bath: powder room: air conditioned heating. $21,000. W.

Bower. Builder, owner. 8-3438J. 30 a DUPLEX, hot air furnace, also vacant lot. 93 Sacred Heart Hull.

30 If Too Need Possession Here it is And Only $8,000 BRICK 8 roomed home. New Edin burgh. $4,000 cash. Immediate possession. Aak OUver Realtors, 3-8458.

H-1-6-12N Center Town WE have a home and revenue pro ducer in a line residential district yet within walking distance of down' town business area that Is hard to equal. This well-built 2Va storey hot water heated (Tlmkln oil burner), brick home is certainly worth seeing and priced at $13,000 shouldn't last very long. Browniee and McKeown, realtors. 2-4203. evenings s-eiiSJ 4-0734.

2-813L H-1-11-31B M. Altman Real Estate Broker 326 Rldeau. 4-0295 TRIPLEX, containing 2 bedrooms each. Bandy Bill, occupancy of one May i. 2 apt.

nouses of suites each paying good revenue, priced $18,500 and $31,000. Call J. Gladstone, 4-0393. 3A A Buy For Spring OVERS ROOK, modern semi bungalw. nas 3 bedrooms, large comfortable attractive living room, beautiful fuel fireplace.

Good location, only $8,800, Not for sale after Dec. 1. Call Steve Andrews, 2-7308. H. C.

Brennan. Realtor. H-1-4-12B A Rockclif fe Home THIS Oakhill property has a hillside setting on a large lot. oak floors downstairs, modern kitchen and bathroom. 3 bedrooms.

There Is a 21 1 1 ft. living room. Occupancy In spring or possibly earlier. Price now $15,000. Tel.

Laurie Lewis, 3-7308. C. Brennan, Realtor. 12B-31 Our November Bargain LARGE brick double, planned as trio lex, Sandy Hill, north of Rldeau. Good appearance, good condition.

$130 monthly revenue plus full ground floor available to purchaser at $12,000. This is a bargain. Call Carl Andrews, 2-7308. H. C.

Brennan. Realtor. H-1-4-12B Offices, Property To Let MODERN store to let. Dalhousle St near Rldeau. 4-0229.

29 OFFICE, partly furnished, answer tel central. 3-7623. 29 2 vancancies left In new commercial block la center of Westboro business district, Richmond Rd. Ideal for Jewellery or drug store, reasonable rent. Box 152 Citizen.

29 Offices, Property Wanted I win rent part of your store. 3-760, 31 Property For Sale CUMBERLAND Township. 3th Conees slon, lots 19 and 20, 220 acre. Bos 333 Citizen. 34 200 acre farm.

24 miles from Ottawa, l'a miles from Vernon village, good house, buildings, pig house, 2 henhouses, stable for 35 head of cattle. equipped with water bowls and pressure system, about 90 tons of hay. Silo full of corn, this year's crop of grain. 70 acres ploughed for next year, balance In hay and pasture. This place Is equipped with electricity, house and barns.

Will sell with or without stock or exchange for city property. Tel. 3-3263. 31 States bar riers, to Canadian Imports. Nevertheless, it is known that almost constant low-level talks are going on between the two coun tries on this vital issue and the launching of an all out effort to tie the two Great North American communities closed in trade bonds Is believed imminent.

Current record foreign trade operated by both countries is artificial in its origin and is maintained artificial! by direct credits to needy countries and the operations of the European and China aid plan. It originated in part from the virtual disappearance of two great trading countries, Germany and Japan, the dislocation of econo mies in great sections of the new world and the tremendous war time industrial expansion of Canada and the United States. It can be maintained only by the creation of normal trade ex changes with importing countries able to pay in hard currency dollars or in goods the exporting people can and will buy. But Canada's position, as Mr. Mackenzie and his associates are constantly telling the people at home and abroad, is untenable so long as this country spends two United States dollars for every dollar received for goods or services from that country.

That is not the entire answer. Countries needing Canadian raw' and finished goods can pay for them by sending here their own products which Canadians want and can afford to buy. C. G. (Cy) Marshall for ALDERMAN CENTRAL WARD A word about ME 25 years a businessman Member of the Board of Trade Member of the Knocker's Club 10 years of war in the last thirty, serving overseas in World War I and with a son in the latter Member of the Canadian Legion and several Benevolent Societies Member of St.

John's Anglican Church President and founder of the Central District Athletic Association, promoting all sports and youth activities Present business, Marshall's Sca Bar GriS, Elgin and Frank where the youth meet. MY AIMS: SAFE, SANE and I ADMINISTRATION and above all RECOGNITION and ACTION for Central Ward i Tour Personal Touch on your reetincf Cards will be added by LO-MOR PRINTERS 224 Sparks Street (Nr. Bank) TELEPHONE 2-2335 PERSONAL GREETING CARDS INDIVIDUAL GREETING CARDS printed In English -or French of fine quality and with a satisfying selection. Jl Hour Cleaning Service Star Cleaners III RIDEAU STREET r-5 1 1 s' A -i I sxvs. I ri in rl I IN BY OUT BY 10 SLIGHT mil CHARGE reguiany is uiat uieir cmei nope lies in a more evenly balanced trade with the United States.

That country's 140,000,000 people buy about half the amount of Canadian goods and services Canada's 12,000,000 buy' in the United States. This comparatively-small community Is the United States' best customer. The "unbalance," Mr. Mackenzie says, results from "a United States tariff which on the whole more protectionist than our own." However, an authorized government spokesman says Canada has not yet initiated any high-level discussions looking toward a Ottawa-Badminton Club Holds First General Meeting Over 100 members of the Ottawa Badminton Club Inc. were on hand at the first general meet ing held in the newly decorated club rooms, president W.

J. Roe presiding in the chair. The several reports on member ship, catering service, financial, schedule, and social matters were brought to the attention of mem' bers and approved. The first round robin of the season will be held tomorrow. starting at 3.00 pjn, but the of ficials opening ceremonies will be held on Friday, December 3 in conjunction with the- annual opening dance Reports were made by the treasurer.

J. R. Claughton, the membership committee, G. Mor gan, catering, W. O.

Williams, playing committee, K. Ferguson, entertainment, R. Wickware, and house committee, Kitty Carr and L. J. Purceu.

Hollinger In Lead TTMMINGS, Ont. Hollinger Greenshirts are back in first place in the Porcupine Senior Hockey League after nosing out the tail end Porcupine Combines Juniors, 7-6, here last night. The win enabled the Greenshirts to break loose from a tie for the lead with Mclntyre. Hvmirtii of NetO Holiday Dresses Are i Here! Cm Out Lay-away Plan THE Dominion House Purn. Ltd.

-BANK AT GLOUCESTER QUALITY Gaytees O'Shoes Black or brown velvet, fur trimmed, with aide slpper. All heels. 6-25 C. CAPLAN, RIDEAU STREET "Isn't It fun to caper around in the snow when we know we have a warm, dry Vibra-pac Concrete Masonry stable to sleep in!" Frazer Duntilc Co. LIMITED Manufacturers of Vlbrapaa Blocks and Crushed Stone OPPICB 130 Sparks St 4-2052 OTTAWA Henry BaxasaBsa- I WARD UfiT" wWtwJbJBW 4eWHsHBHafeaiaWBMaMB I I I (Continued on Next Column).

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