The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 25, 1947
Page 8
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By Dyess Eagles FiMil Score k 44-8 After 0-0 Battle tint lawet Mid tV tiw order of the day tor M*ss4«s(ypl Counts- grid tcunc M WU-N rehoolt were Wanked by tWiiin opponents jrMtardax after BOOR «nd last night. Th« Uwori Hteh School Panth- •K held Hw larger I>yes« Xavlro fc> » 9-8 firat quarter b«t UWR to t*i« nlzxtute pas*ag <H rtw Ragles, who pile* the x*rU4 m wwept punt WM a homo»om>m *ft«rnoo« M A Met*r »W more C*»w«or<lwit« «*mc< Wasted the Aimo**t Tige« +1 to • at Armorel )^s*«««ijr afternoon. Oceol&'i Semtnoltt were left, §co*eies4 by a field of fast, hj<rri- mminf dbuwtiy backs who piled «* >6 pofcttf with B sleam-rollcr ott«M(v« »t (ARK.)' COURIMI Batteries for Today Jndtens from Shawiiee School at Joiner shot long passes over Hi« heads of th« Hughes Blue Devil* at joiuei- last nifht to cop * lJ)-« win. i Kotaer's YeHpw jacket* handed ! •MTtebtirg a 27-12 defeat yesterday «<t«moon at Kclser. In neighboring counties, ijcpunto defeated Hosie 21-G and M:ivk"<l Trw «urprised the J-: ,-••• by kolMtif P«ragoit)d to a e-i> d-'acl- leclt. Pcmiscot Group S««ks Restocking Of Fishing Waters . Mo., Oct. «6. — The Pemiscot Sportsmen's •AssoclaMoii of this city annoimc- «d yesterday, through Us temporar v president, John w. Sawyer, Jr , Week-end Grid Fare Liberally Laced With Crucial Contests By JOHN (United Press -Sports Writer) NEW YORK. Oct. 35. (UP) — | Key games anri crucial games were j liberally sprinkled through the na- j lion's football fare today, bilt'thc i*i»t ten application forms"' for re- ' same drawing the mast attention Mocking, local waters with fish' n " rt " lc ballyhoo was the meet- hRTe been filled out and forwarded <'" s of SoutllL ' m California and to proper authorities. . The organi/ation was formed re- of California. The power-pa eked Saturday pro- Jiijnyhock. Detroit walloped Duqui'sne, 38 to 8. as Joe Wright scored the first three touchdowns. The Knglfs hit paydlrt at least once in every period, while the Icon Dukes scored only In th e final two minutes against the Detroit reserves. Drake' won Its first victory of the season by upsetting the Oklahoma Aggies, u to 9. , rV» GriWman Among Dmd in Hunt Crash CHICAGO, Oct. 25. (UP) — eently and has about twenty mem- sram followed a. liyl\t fYlday night ber«; Officers other than President • card which was highlighted by the *pwy»r are Gordon S. Wright, vice ' victories of Bo.rfon College, Miami, president, and Marlon Barrow, se-f^nd Detroit. tretary-treasurer. At]0ut 80 . 000 ftt!ls nl . c fxpecteA - v •V?* • assoe ' au °n k Interested In i to lill Memorial Piclil at Berkeley ... wildlife preservation, but mainly I Cal.. for the Osc-Cnl. game which ^ U10I1 K "'« M persons killed when interested In restocking Pemiscot I will probably decide the Pacific I. Chtoa 8.°-Bound United Airlines i Coast Conteretlce championship and the Western invitation to the i Rose Bowl. Southern Cnl.. unbent- : on but tied.once, was a sliRht tut | vorite althouKh California's Bears | wore unbeaten and untied. I Michigan, favorite to tnkc the Big Nine title and the Eastern bid I, 3M,-251,/and 8l7 which" Win •'? the . R » s = B ° wl . wns » heavy; <h« West i,art of Ihe ™m,," c } ? 10(1 Ul lts conference game with Pops' White Team Wins Over Maroons In • close Intrn-cqunci game, the WhllB team of the Junior High Papoose* »ked out R 31-28 win over t)ve Uaroon eleven ywterday nftor- rtooir o« Haley Field. llw White offense centered around quarterback Mel Hay, whose pjsws U> halfback Bob Glover ac^ counted for three touchdowns and moet of the team's yardag*. The Maroon* remained on the ground most of the game and re- Hed CHI the broken-field running of Charles "Ruff" Lutes an dfull- back Robert Reid's plunging. Tlie M« i oons scored first and led at! 7 lo «. Scoring for the Maroons were I.eroy Criner, Robert ReW and Charles Lutes. T.D.'i for the Whites were made by Mel Hay, Boh Glover and Lcioy PrulH. jStartfnx line-ups follow: Po«. Whites R.E. R.T. R.a. G. . L.G. L.T. Dew Princ* Lloyd Droku Blnnkcnship Wumtorllcli Craig Lutes Q.B Cobl) L.H. Criner R H B. Reid J4-B. ..'.'.' Substitutions: Maroons riaugh. White—Garner. .... Mae Hay Webb Phillips .. Kiehardson Koonce Hoyd Oosectt .... Mel Hay Glover ...... Prultt Andfrson — Mllr- , OCTOBER M, 194T . Little Rock Wins Over Jonesboro At Homecoming Bf limited rr*M Til* great triumvirate at the Arkansas schoolboy football 'race came through . again last night with «xj>ecled victories over th«4r weaker opposition. The 33 to 6' pasting th* defencV ing state ohampion Little Rock 'risers ladled out to lowly Jonesboro wax considerably mire impressive than the narrow squeaks that Bl Dorado »nd North UtUe Hock pulled out of. Bl Dorado nosed out Pine Bluff 14 to 7, and North Little Rock defeated Hot Springs by the . Little Rock scored almost at will Rilcy and Wolft To Meet Spencer And Jim Coffield RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Typw r:\ccpt Cancer) circuit*, win' bc milklne j ' (11> ' i:1 ;f i !; appearance before a Blythevi! orowri and hie partner, Spencer, ' week bU * h£ " ""I* lM i| The two• Brappfers are rated as ! «op« m «>« game both having many years experience. Spenceri with Floyd •--• ' ' . _ „ _. ..,„„ ,. w W nL -•, %..« Tim r'lovfl "Rprl " n i'i-H (very quarter to nail Jonesboro on last week'B card and was rliV ta t>l« capilol c«* homecoming | qualified m the third and decidn- fan* The champs scored twice In t fall of the tag future because of the Hirst and one* In each of the I excessive fonllrig ' Dccause ° r remaining three quarters. Jones- Both RHey and Wolf, are nW biro's lone ,cort, and by far the! timers to the ocal rin B ,^^ most spectacular play ot tile game, i appeared here oni nuineroiif w came m the thirit wh.n fullback I castor*. Tliey ar« both nnh* ?~ Bobby Scott took . UHle Rock their firey tempen .»- "-«-- ° klckoff and ran 62 yards through the entire team for a touchdown. El Dorado and Pine Bluff were square at 7 to 7 with 30 second to )>lay when the Oil City scored as the re*ult of lads a passing word rule breakers . ' ! In the two one 'fall preliminary matches which will prececdn the mum event. Spencer will take on R ley and Coffield will meet Wolff. Starting time Ix g o'clock Harrison Dragons Bow to Dyersburg Bulldogs, 20 to 0 Marr.lson Ncgio School's Dragons battled the Oycrsburg, Tcnn., Bulldogs to a 0-6 first half deadlock b*»t weakened In the last two quarters and suffered a 20-0 defeat on the winners' home Margarum, substitute for the Dragons, was with stellar defense yflsterda-v turf. Hurley halfback credited honors. Next week, the Dragons face rigid tackling and blocking drills In preparation for a lilt with their arch-rivals, the Booker T. Washington EsKimoes of Joncsboro, Nov. 1 at 2 p. m. on Haley Field here. attack which began on Pine Bluffs 30-yard line. The E! Dorado-Pin* Bluff •situation vn Ihe ho Springs with North Little Rock ! — • ~ v - v - -"• As the gamo went into its wnn-. , 1 .?. a ™ 3r '.. t ! 1(! Bl 'ooklyn Hurler Predicts ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 25, (UP)guru' "old reliable" relief pitcher, lanta. said he doubted that Du- ''Oeher, who was suspended tor the The closest score ki tlie Donfelu- ' ' ' • reason, would ever return division, however, was the . , , e 11 to 13 decision Hope eked out over Cainden. Hope held a 14 to 8 lead at bulftime, and Camd«n made it 14 to 13 in the final quarter Camden threatened another goalwarel march late in the period, but It was stopped when they lost the b»)l on a fumble and Hope froze it until the final whistle Other Double-A score last night . "M he does," .sold Casey, "I thlnk It will be on the West Coast whc»i baseball is really being plugged." "If he would com e back to Brooklyn for a year anri mix with the "people. I believe the people would demand that he be restored as manager. But as 'long as he in- ^.j.n Ljuuojf-A score last nisjht iijo'i.i^ci. uui <*s 'long as ne m- ineluded, Blytheville B, Subiaco 0 • • s[st-s on staying on the West Coast. . ._ ' the Platbush fans don't want any County fishing waters. It If work- Ing through the Pish and Wild Life Division of the Department, : of Interior. The ten streams for which the Applications were mnde include: Loop Lake, and Portage Bay Ditch in the North part of the county; Little River Drainage Ditches Nos «6, 251, /and 81, which are In West part of Ihe county; plane crashed Into Bryce Canyon, Utah, yesterday was Jefferson Davis Burkelt, M. professional football player from Laurel, Miss. Burkett was a former star back- ticlfi man on the Louisiana State University team. He turned pro- fewional after his college days and was a rookie halfback on the Chicago Cardinals team this year. He wns leading the National Foot- Conference. ' South; Craggy Bayou and Drain- > against Pnrdu< »ge Ditch Ho. 6, near Holland; i '" H ' c Southern »nd Pemiscot Bayou, In the Soutli : Duke am ' Wake Forest tangle In J»rt of the county. j a showdown battle, while Texas from membership fees of $2.00 nntt Ricc clash in the Southwest . per year, the association hopes to : Conference. In the Southeastern ' fish t *o »Id : Jrft* and Mnalier ditches In the Bearded Man a _ Terrorizing ase a truck equipped with '. Conference, big gnmrs found Geor-: if ft • j ;ank, or a trailer with tank, j H'» against Alabama. Lniiislnnn ' MfGCf FQ rlCkf*F^ 1 in fish resciw work In bar j stale opposite .VaiiclerbHl. and Tn- I ""-»-!•• ** • iv,tvv-f J fro Dhs of Injuries in Auto Wreck Payto profess! terday of injuries suffered automobile accident. lane facing Auburn. Notre Dame, trying to match tlic power that Michigan has shown so far as the two teams duel for the mythical national champion- jslnp, is a strong choice over Iowa. I a tcnm that Irish Coach Prank Leahy has "feared" all year. CHICAGO", Oct. 25/(UP)-Gcor f e , 5 , WS ^ fe " VL ' ci al1 5 '^ r ', , ayton. *4, Newport News. Va golf! !n lllc Enst ' M , m * '," ttc<l ltj5 rofessional, died in a hospital veq-* 8 ™ 11 " 1 ? i >cnve ' "Bftlnst Columbia's srday of injuries suffei-rd m an alr . nUack ' Pcn " "tteniDted to stay ; unbeaten against Jraottired Oct. S when the auto: mobile in which he was riding with a party of golfers' and sportsmen crashed into an abiitment of a rail- load viaduct, The car swerved to pass a slow- moving truck and struck the abutment. Tpm others in the car, Inchnhn;; Oolfer Ralph Guldohl, were injured less seriously. the rcvtlnhxcd St In Parton^skuli'and left thigh were i I!", 5 ' "'I'"' 1 "' >'" il(? * e "" Slnt< •nt.4ir.rt rvt • „•!,„„ ,v,r _.... land West Virginia collided meeting of unueatcns. Other loading games around the nation Included Indiana — Northwestern, Baylor — Texas A. and M., Southern Methodist — U.C.L.A., Arkansas — Mississippi. Maryland — Virginia Tech, Missouri — Iowa State. Oklahoma — Texas Christian, and Stanford — Washington. Boston College's 6 to 0 defc-at of Villanova was the standout among last niglif.s gnmi-.s. The winning touchdown w:is a OS-yard dash by tiny Joe TJmiinic-k in the third period on an off-tackle slash. "Jit- tfry Joe" also uncorked a 48-vnrtl run. but that drive petered out firl. In Route to Grid Gmmt, Dies in Accident »._ DORADO, Ark., Oct. 25. run, om inai m Wr'—Funeral services were bein" near the iioal line fitta^ln.'^?* £l r 17 -y car -° 1(i: Mi: "'" h '«ri "tile trouble sub- Betty J»o« Webb, wtio died ycster- rtuing George Washington as ' 0 7 0*r» M aiMo accident ncar,Th c Hurricanes scored two to'.icli- ' J . - ] downs m the second period, imc on led *ror in*'" p1llri|:c by Hsrry ohalil !>ncl tlis I fou .irtii on a 70-yard dash by Ed I •BALDWYN. Miss., Oct. 26. (UP) —Tlie mysterious "critter" Identified merely as "or Man Whiskers" was at targe today frightening Negro cotton pickers. Sheriff deputies and bloodhounds went out again last night In nn effort .to pick up the elusive figure's trail. But Negro workers on tin; Adams farm here In Lee County feel that the' flcct-footcrt shaggy bearded man just can't be caught. They suy he's too fast even for the hounds. Negroes have Idcnlified the man vaguely. They say he "stands ver,v erect." and wears a blue shirt and khaki trousers. He has sent dozens of Negroes Into screaming (error by knocking on their doors at early twilight— and then •running "like'a Jnck-rab- bit" when they came to the door. Anyway, that's the story going the rounds. The Negroes snld lie varies his campaign to Include tossing rocks at their houses and roaming a graveyard. Four '.-in hands walking pasl loft the area hurriedly when the al- mosl mythical figure popped up behind a tombstone "Jos' a yellln.' Negro Lula Jane Bell described the old man. She was picking cot- Ion, she said when suddenly he appeared at the end of a cotton row. Hila says she hauled up a shot- Sim she was carrying just for such an emergency and fired. "He »t out like a hound dog," Lula said. "I missed." Mexicans Held in Beating Of Man in Wardell Jail CARUTHERSVILLE, iClo., Oct 25 (UP)—Two Mexican field workers were being heldtoday in county i jail here without bond on charges [ of felonious assault for allegedly I uaaluig D. O. (Oat) Patterson, 56 ! Wardell Jaimcr, In the Wardell city jail lust Saturday night. Preliminary 1 hearing for the pair has been set for Thursday, Oct. 30, Prosecut-' ing Attorney Elmer Peal said today, depending on Patterson's condition, and the securing an interpreter, as the Mexicans do not speak English. Patterson k In the hospital at Kcnnett, where attendants said he suffered a concussion, and contusions and abrasions about the face and head. One eye was almost knocked from Sis socket from the force of a blow from some blunt Instrument. The Mexicans are charged with healing Patterson with ; a bottle, and with their shoes, as aH three were being held in War- acll jail, on charges of being drunk County officers stated loriny that considerable trouble had been experienced from the Mexican field ! hands this year, especially when I they were drinking. There is an unusually large, number of the workers ( in this county this year, mostly In the West and South parts of' the county. One Wardell planlcr has used them exclusively on his land : this year. Plan to Organize Girl Scout Units Topic of Meeting CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., Oct 26. —Civic club representatives of Ca- rutheisville will confer with Miss Mary Jane Rciiley of Kansas Cltv Mo., regional- Girl Scout executive! at 8 p.m. Tuesday at the grade school here to discuss organization of Girl Scout activities in this city Caruthcrsville has recently been invited to join with Sikcston Dex- , ler. Charleston anri Poplar Blnflf in I "if forming a G irl Scout Area Council ' ' Last week, a delegation representing several local civic clubs met with similar representatives of Kennett clubs at Kennett to discuss the formation of a council area group in j Dmiklin, Pemiscot and New Mad-1 fid comities. The Kennett group I part of him." Farmer is Electrocuted; Helper Suffers Injuries CAMDEN, Ark., Oct. 25. (U.P.' — Funeral services were being planned today for Ouachita County farmer Paul Barnes, 50, who died yesterday when he came in! contact with a high-voltage wiro I Farmer Prank Stanton, 35, wlin j was severely burned at the same time, it in a critical condition in a Caniden hospital. The men were removing a pipe from a well at Barnes' farm' when- the pipe touched a 7,000 sourl council, rather than the tri- i Become critical, and he "• county group, and after consider- ' something mus (, be dcme to able discussion, the two groups ! vol »ntary enlistments in lh< agreed on this plan, provider! ade- i ed forces "P to the full pe: Says Army Needs Men LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Oct. 25. (U.P.i—Commanding General Keller E. Hockey said yesterday in an address in Little Rock to Arkansas ..... ...^JMCVL, K iuup i military and civilian leaders that favored Joining the Southeast Mis- | the defense situation may soon council, rather than the tri- i Become critical, and he 'warned j bring | he arni- quate service would'be rendered"^ i stvength "uthorizeci by "congress, the units In Pemiscot' County In the past. Girl Scouts In" Pemiscot County have suffered because With the Courts promotion. It Is hoped, by those civi c club . , • ~-* ...^..,, vi» 11, CLUU leaders sponsoring the formation of I the District Council, to make definite arrangements to proceed with Lan e Nowell vs. Prank Garcia organization at ihe meeting Tiles- | anri Otto Kochler, settled and dfe- Swayne Latham Tire Co., a corp. vs. W. A. White, suit on debt for, $375,44. Circuit CONSUMERS (Continued from Pane 1) . T. Hovner of Helena. Phnilps ' County: w. s. Tatum. Tyronr'a. •Polnsclt County: L R. Brown i De.s Arc, Pralrlp County John Bo: wen, Jr., Forrest Citq.' st Francis County, L N. Arnof, MoOorv j Woodruff county, and A. E. Raii- I dall. Brinkley. Monroe County Mr i Rnndall was elected by the board to | fill the Monroe vacancy caused bv | the resignation of W. W. Sharp. j Counties in the assnciation but not represented at vestcrday'.s meeting included Arkansas. CraiR- hcart and Cross. The meeting was held at the West Memphis Country Club anrl luncheon was served in i the club house. dn >' I missed. BLYTHEVILLE LEGION ARENA WRESTLING n » u •>-, , , October 27th TAG MATCH ADULTS 45c — CHILDREN 15« rrai included) BOXSKATS 1 5c" EXTRA . TEX RILEY and" JOE'wCUFii BIG JIM SPENCER'and JIM COFFIELD ALSO TWO 1-FALL, 30-MINUTE MATCHES Jim Spencer Tex V RiIey Jim Goffield Joe Wolfe Archbishop Can Tafce It BOSTOM (UP)—When 130.000 marched In Boston ax a feature of the Holy Name Society's national convention, rugger! Archbishop Richard J. Gushing of Boston covered the 31-2-mili: parade route three times—on foot. Also niack Label— 30 Proof •AHKKTT HAMILTON, INC •BVsIHSiitors, I.ttllo Rock Better Care Brings Better Results... Nearly every community in the nation is server! by a well-established International Harvester dealer and a nearby company branch, rtis base of operations is organized to meet your tractor, truck and farm equipment needs. Under his direction trained servicemen with precision and time-saving tools provide dependable mechanical service at lowest possible cost. These service facilities, combined with an adequate atock of International Harvester service parts and accessories assurg you efficient operation of yovir equipment during it* entire Kf«. Quality Equipment And Modern Service When and Where You Need It! THAT'S 3/2 SOUTH 2SP ST. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE- NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 FARM (p LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. «M« TMM PROMPT CLOMNO LOW RATE CAJ.I.. WHITE OR SKE RAY \ XITHINGTON H5 S. Thinl St., IH.vtJieville, Ark. ScrvinK This Sirlinn )f. Years Aittliorlzwl .Mottxnitc f.nan Solicitor lor THE PRUDENTIAL INSCKANCI! COHIMSY OF AMERICA /I) "Daddy, I've a surprise for you! . . . You were right when you said we ought to have our brakes relined nl SEAY MOTORS!" *> |*l 3 F* i TT Phone 517 ARTHRITIS? Don't neglect what may seem to lie a trivial ache or pain and allow serious ailment 'to develop. Drink 8 or S gln,«cs a day for the next few weeks and tae for yourself the real value or Mountain Valley. MOUNTAIN VAIXEV WATER Frnm Mill Springs, Arkansas CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Mali and DlrWom BlythevUl* Ari. Open II a. m. — 1 a. m. DELICIOUS PIT BARBECUE Cooked With Hickory Charcoal Steaks-Fried Chicken-Seafood \ All Kinds Sandwiches Plenty of Parking Space Hear th« play-by-play description of all out- of-town football games of the Blytheville Chicks, at the Raxorback. Phone 4341 276 So. Division St.

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