The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 18, 1945 · 4
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 18, 1945
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THE EVENING CITIZEN. Mary Haworth's Mail Girl Needs Normal Social Life DEAR MARY HA WORTH: I am a young woman in my early thirties end have had more than my share of attention and opportunities for pood marriages. However, I have always felt capable of more than the lukewarm affection I could give in those instances. And now I am eraziiy, madly in love with a married man. is a fine person whom I have known for almost two years, is happily married and completely unaware of my feeling for him. It is necessary that I see him at least semi-weekly for business reasons and the situation is becoming unbearable. I have worked hard for the position I now hold and would like to keep it, but under the circumstances I feel some change must be made. I do not wish merely to have a romance with him. I would like to marry him. How long does it take for a case like this to burn itself out? It has been growing steadily for some time. What course do you siiEgest I follow? K.C. DEAR K.C: Your fixation in this instance is crazy indeed, since it is a secret torment beamed at a happily-married man who is innocently indifferent to its existence. It isn't lore. It is a kind of distress signal; a case cf the blocked libido blowing r2 steam as you near the middle thirties still unmated the age at which normal-type women in the Western world enter what we might call the harvest moon of urgently sustained desire for natural fulfillment. It's as if the subconscious were tensely reminding that the reproductive season has passed its re-nit h. You speak of "having had" more than your share of attention and cpportunitirs for good marriage. 1 1 I'lnysuit and Skirt The mainstay of a summer wardrobe. Pattern 9045. Simple-to-make playsuit for your playtime hours, button -front skirt, to match or contrast, for movie and luncheon dates. Pattern 9045: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20; 30. 32. 34, 38, 38, 40. Size 16. play- ; suit, 2 yds. 39-in.: skirt, 2 yds. j Send twenty cents 20c) in coins j 'stamp cannot be accepted) for his pattern. Print plainly size,; name, address, style number. Send your order to Marian Mar- I tin, 60 Front street west. Toronto 1-A, Ont. Designed by The Evening CJtizen handicraft expert. Many Happy Return n From Uncle Ray and the Corner Cousins. Wednesday, July 18. Ruby Hellard. 246 Carruthers avenue, Ottawa. David Rabin, 228 Charlotte street, Ottawa. Greta Kizell, 333 Besserer street, Ottawa. Alisn Joseph 'Smith, Box 161, Billines Bridge, Ont. Percy Russells, Gracefield, Que. Brenda Elaine Bell. Geoffrey street. Laurentlan View, Ont. Lorraine Bordeleau, 108 King Edward avenue, Ottawa. Shirley Ginn, 217 Pretoria avenue, Ottawa. John McGovern. 32 Dearborn street, San Francisco, Cal.. USA. Patricia Smith, 57 Ella street, Ottawa. Gail Pack. 317 Avondale avenue, Ottawa. Claudette Bond, 46 Newton street, Ottawa. Barbara Rogers, 638 Gilmour street, Ottawa. Ajuiounrc Birth of Son LONDON. July 17. (CP) Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia gave birth to a son tonight and a communique issued by the office of King Peter said "both the queen and the roy8l crown prince are doing well." The queen was a Greek princess before her marriage to the youthful monarch in London March 20, 1944. Mrs. Michael Nidd and her daughters, Barbara and Eileen, and Mrs. Edgar Sibbitt and her daughter, Evelyn, are spending two weeks at Carleton Place. I 9045 JAN DOLA Beauty Salon ?T Iteak Cmr Third Ae. Ottawa, Wednesday, July 18, 1945. trust your powers of attraction haven't become a matter of past tense. Because relief for you in this situation depends on mustering legitimate masculine company to divert your mind from forbidden fruit. The married man has capti vated your imagination for the reason, I think, that he is the only personable fellow you see regularly on a friendly basis of latter days or months, or years. How long does it take for a case like this to burn itself out? It could burn for a lifetime, like an Emily Dickinson or Charlotte Bronte flame, if you morbidly give it free play and fan it fiercely in imagination. Or it can be taken right now and stamped out gradually, in the manner of a brigade heading off a creeping fire, if you demonstrate the will to pull yourself together and win back to a rational employment of emotional energies. Emily Dickinson says of the heart, "I've known her from an ample nation choose one; then close the valves of her attention like stone." That ossification of attitude sounds well in poetry, perhaps: and yet such imagery is only the poet's attempt somehow to dignify crucifying frustration, bred in cruel deprivation of normal fellowship. To dispel your futile fixation on this man, it should not be necessary to quit the job which keeps him in the foreground of your workaday life, provided you season your leisure time, between meetings, with other masculine society (1) to dull the edge of your man-hunger and (2) to give substance to healthy hopes of winnowing a whole loaf of love eventually. M.H. Mary Haworth counsels through her column; not by mail or personal interview. Write her in care of The Evening Citizen. Ottawa. This Season You Should Match Neck and Heodueor Roses are red, violets are blue, the mirror shows a lovely lady ' and she can be you! This season the trend is towards softness and frills. Lace, shirred into a face-flattering high-crowned cloche, makes the prettiest and ' most feminine hat of the season, j Laddie Northrldge, who has a genius I for designing with a lovely lady j in mind, even wrote a verse to go 'with his creative lace confection! j So now, it's match your neckwear i to your hat and the lacier, the daintier, the lovelier! -DEAR LOIS LEjiDS I want an idea for an afternoon outfit. I am going to visit my sister. I can't have much but must make an appearance! SUE K. Well Sue, all that I can say Is. have two basic black dresses and several accessories. And a lace hat and frilly jabot would make you glamorous and you will indeed make an appearance! Remember though, the frilly neckline looks prettiest with sleek hairdos. Frills and curls would be too much! DEAR LOIS LEEDS Where can I get a magnifying mirror? KELLY. Drug stores and cosmetic coun-ers usually have them, but mirrors have gone to war. So you may have a difficult time in finding one. . DEAR LOIS LEEDS Is "pore cream" drying to the skin? H.B. As the average pore creams are astringent, the skin often scales after continued use of such cream. Stop using it for a few days and then add a little olive oil or castor oil to th cream. i DEAR LOIS LEEDS I have white skin, should I use white powder? BE. No. A very soft, rose-tinted powder will bring out your skin tone and will be very flattering. LOIS LEEDS. Mrs. W. B. xMcKerrow A native of Scotland and a resident of the Capital for the past 11 years Mrs. William B. McKerrow died at her residence. 225 Patterson avenue, yesterday, after a lengthy illness. She was. in her 74th year. Born and educated In Scotland she is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. A. Gow. She was the former Jean Gow. She was married to William B. McKerrow in Scotland in 1909. The couple came to Canada to take up residence in Winnipeg in 1911, from there they moved to Ottawa in 1934. She was a member of St. Andrew's Presbyterian church and also St, Andrew's Ladies Auxiliary. Surviving in addition to her husband is one daughter, Miss Ina McKerrow of Ottawa. The body Is resting at HuLse and Playfair Ltd., 315 McLeod street, and funeral arrangements will be announced later. Appeal Rejected MONTREAL. July 17. (CP) Mr. Justice C. G. MacKinnon today rejected a Superior Court appeal to annul an 18-year-old marriage, taken on the grounds the husband did not know at the time of the marriage that the wife was an illegitimate child. The action was taken by Joseph Paul Verret of Montreal. For an attractive, well-groomed hair-do, we suggest one of the newer, versatile and easily-managed stylings, based on a personality permanent. Open Evenings Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 5-1474 Confute - - - rj-irr:.J wioimwii-mimjwi.H.m-irTjT.Tinn n ,r t " ' I V iris v 4 ' t A I ' ' " " v r I 1 hri-' 5 , -VI 5 V f -v- AMERICAN CASUAL This is Claire MrCardell s prescription for fall swank a new -bolero suit in Iloekanum's gray flannel with drop shoulder, deep armhoie, shirtsleeve cuffs and new wraparound apron skirt. Uncle Ray's Corner Fire is a friend of mankind. It heats our homes, and cooks our food. If we think of the sun as a mass of fire, we have the greatest reason to think of fire as being important. Without the sun, no human being could live, and no plant could grow. Long ago there were many persons who prayed to the sun. Usually the god of the sun was looked upon as the greatest of all the gods. In the land known as Persia, or Iran, there grew up a religion in which people thought of fire as something holy. This was the religion of the Parsees, or Fire Worshippers. To this cay there are Parsees, but most of them live in India. A man .named Zoroaster, or Zara-thustra, was the founder of the religion. He lived in Persia in ancient times. The exact date of his birth is not known, but probably it took place about 3.000 years ago. Little is really known about Zoroaster, but myths have gathered around his name. We are told, for example, that he laughed on the very day he was born! One old account says that Zoroaster, at the age of 30, went to a desert to live. After 20 years in the desert he appeared before the public and worked many miracles during a period of 10 years. Then, the story goes on, he went to Babylon to make his home and to teach. That account can hardly be trusted, but we have fairly good records of the beliefs (it the ancient Parsees. Some of the facts were gathered by a Greek traveler who lived 2,400 years ago. The chief god of those Persians was named Ormazd, or Mazda. He was the Good Spirit of the world. Pictures show him as a bearded man inside a circle with wings. We may figure that the circle stands for the sun. Zoroaster taught that Ormazd had a twin brother named Ahri-man. This being was said to be ft . ns "0J U Kellogg's Rice Krispies lead the field for C-R-l-S-P-N-E-S-S! Snap-Crackle-Pop, they sing to the last crisp spoonful! ood start? . You bet! Rice Krispies make a swell start for any day! Crispness and that's the story! Try some tomorrow. s L "Rice Krispies" is a registered trade mark of th Ketlopg Company of Canada Limited n: t, j 2foRQASTFR . IS DEPICTED IN AN ROCK CARVING. FOLLOWER. OF "ZOR.O ASTER.' wicked, and always to be working against his brother. (For History section of your scrapbook.) Next: More About the Parsees. To obtain a free copy of the illustrated leaflet on the Seven Wonders of the World, send a self-addressed envelope to Uncle Ray in care of The Evening Citizen, Ottawa. Lack of License liars Sch I Y mooncr Honeymoon MONTREAL, July 17 (CP) Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dawe, married last week in Toronto, will not spend their honeymoon on the little river schooner, Mont Murray, as originally planned. They were to sail for Fort Mackenzie on Ungava Bay. where Mr. Dawe is port manager, but now must go by plane. It was reported today that government officials stopped the sailing when it was found that the Mont Murray had no passenger license ! and was therefore unable to carry I more than her seven-man crew, j The ship will sail, but only with the ! freight cargo left behind by the Nascopie now on her way north. Uie leader! Yes, flavour... for its brand of oven-popped rice: " : v I if Friends Would Not Like This Gift Promotion DEAR MRS. BEECKMAN: An army wife, whose husband is stationed at the camp here, is going to have a baby (her first) and we are planning to have a baby shower for her. She has not been here long and so has very few friends here. Would it be proper for us to send invitations to her girl friends in her home town? If you approve of our doing this, would you advise that we send regular invitations, or should we write them notes telling them of our plans and asking each one to send her gifts to the house where the shower is to be held.? F. T. I don't approve of your doing this, for you really have no right to demand (and it is practically this) that friends of the guest of honor send a gift when you don't even know the friends, and apparently do know (since you say they will have to send the gifts) that it will be impossible for them to attend. Of course they will realize that, to carry out such a plan as you have in mind, the army wife would have had to give her approval of your sending these bids for gifts, that she would have had to give you their names and addresses . . . and I doubt if they would very much relish this obvious promotion. If your army-wife friend wishes to send out birth-announcements to all her friends in her home town, this will give them the opportunity of sending her presents for the baby if they wish to. DEAR MRS. BEECKMAN: 1. Is it in good taste to send invitations only for ceremony in church? I know our friends would like to see us married, but I hesitate to invite them since I cannot Invite them to a reception. If you tell me it is all right to invite them only to the ceremony, what type of invitation should I send? ' 2. I am to be married in a Catholic church at an informal wedding 5 o'clock). Must I have someone to give me in marriage? 3. I should like to wear a white suit. Is this proper? If so, what accessories would be appropriate? Would I wear a corsage, or may I carry a prayer book with perhaps an orchid on it? 4. The wedding is to be the last part of July. What would be appropriate attire for the men in the wedding party? 5. Since I will have only one attendant, are ushers required? 6. After the ceremony there will be a dinner party for the bridal party. In this circumstance what is done about the wedding cake? H. S. 1. It is entirely proper to invite as many guests as you wish to the church ceremony, even if you are not to have a reception. So by all means give your friends the happiness of being with you when you are married. And since (as you say in another question) you are wearing a suit, your wedding will be informal and therefore your invitations should be informal; verbal ones, or by telephone, or by informal notes. 2. In a Catholic ceremony this is not necessary. 3. Yes, a white suit will be appropriate; and for your summer wedding you miht wear a white hat made entirely of white flowers draped with a white veil extending a bit over .the brim; or a hat made of vari-colored small flowers, if you wish to wear accenting accessories. And you may wear a corsage (perhaps made of real flowers to match the artificial flowers of your hat), or carry a white (or xwhite-covered prayer book, with, if you wish, a white orchid on it. 4. For your informal summer wedding, the men in the party may wear business suits (preferably dark blue), or white linen (or similar material) suits or white flan- Sale! 200 Straw Hats All Colors IC Ringrose-Coles 198 Bank St. 1 Longer protection from perspiration and odor due to quick deep penetration. 2 So harsh rubbing just a does it. 3 Creamy to the last of the iar NEET will not dry out, leaves no dak gritty crystals, 4 Will can anyti Will not irritate, be applied me and is mildly antiseptic. 5 Protects clothing NLET prevents perspiration stains, will not harm the sheerest fabrics. kf .V . "Cij I yir 1 o "0.. 688 W Simple Applique Get those scraps out of the rag bag! They'll make attractive applique in this pansy design. Or, if you wish, do it in embroidery only. Simple flower patches are easy to apply to linens and lend gay color. Pattern 688 has transfer of 10 motifs. 8 x 12 to 1'4 x 2 inches; stitches. Send twenty cents in coins (stamps cannot be accepted) for this pattern. Write plainly name, address and pattern number. Send your order to Laura Wheeler, 60 Front street west, Toronto 1-A, Ont. Designed by The Evening Citizen handicraft expert. nel trousers and dark-blue coats. 5. The fact that you are having only one attendant doesn't affect the usher-requirement. If you are having a considerable number of guests, you really will need ushers to seat these guests ... at least two. and preferably more, for every hundred guests invited. 6. Why not have the bride's enke as the centerpiece of the table for your dinner; then you cut it just before the dessert-service (you share the first piece with your bridegroom), and. have it and ice cream for the dessert. The bride who endears herself to us is the one who, as she greets us in the receivihg-line at the reception, remembers to thank us again for the gift we sent her. Her good memory and her good thoughtful-ness show her good manners. MARY BEECKMAN. (Mrs. Beeckman will be glad to answer questions on Good Manners submitted by readers.) Nun Dies Age.l 100 ' MONTREAL, July 17 (CP) Mother Mary Stephen, of the order of St. Anne, Lachine, died yesterday at the age of 100. She had been 76 years in the religious community and on one occasion braved the perils of the north to found a mission in the shadow of the Arctic Circle. She was the daughter of the lnte Maurice Leahy of St. Atilcet, Que. harlw Ogilvy Take Advantage 'V T ... Beige Sheepskin Mats I3.7.T Add an extra touch of charm and beauty to your bedroom with one of these soft-under-foot sheepskin hides. Approximately 30 x 42 inches. Cotton Braided Mats ;$...? Scatter sunshine with rugs ! Turn those worn spots into beauty spots with colourful cotton braided mats. Attractively d e s Igned in brilliant twotone colours. Higher Fall Price For Eggs in Canada GUELPH, July 18. (CP) The principle of higher price for all eggs in Canada, to encourage production in that season, will be applied this year instead of 1946 as had been planned, S. C. Barry of Ottawa, associate chief of federal Agriculture Department's poultry production and marketing services division, said today in an address prepared for delivery to the Ontario Poultry Industry Committee. The higher fall price principle was accepted by the United Kingdom in negotiations for 1946 egg supplies, and to keep up production it had been agreed to superimpose it on the 1945 agreement. The price of grade "A" large eggs for export for mid-September to Nov. 30 will be 45 cents a dozen, basis Montreal, seven cents higher than the spring price of 38 cents on the same basis. Grade "A" medium also will be seven cents higher during that period. The other grades, being tied to a dried egg contract, will remain at their basic level. Mr. Barry said that the contract, which will ensure stability of the egg market through 1946, now has been signed with the British Ministry of Food. Mitchell Uaillie The marriage of Jean Elizabeth, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Baillie of Ottawa, and Sub Lt. Kenneth W. Mitchell, RNVR, FAA, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mitchell of Thornbury. Yorkshire, England, took place Saturday in the St. Lawrence parish church, Pudscy, Yorkshire, Rev. Hopkins, vicar of the parish officiating. Given in marriage by Rev. J. II. Renton and attended by Miss Cynthia Nickles of Thornbury as mald-of-honor, the bride chose a floor-length gown of white bridal net over taffeta trimmed with Brussels lace, and a finger-tip veil arranged from a coronet of mntching tulle, and she carried an old fashioned nosegay. Sub Lt. George Jeff ery, RNVR, FAA, acted as best man and the ushers were Messrs. Eric Scarbrough, Ger-j aid Fitzgerald, and J. C. Wood. Following the ceremony the reception was held at Queen's Hall, Bradford and later Sub Lt. and Mrs. Mitchell left for Horton-ln- Ribbelesdale, the bride travelling in i a suit of Marina blue wool and an ofl-the-face hat of white ribbon, and her corsage bouquet was of Joanna Hill roses and blue cornflowers. Morbus Lembe Rev. M. J. Michael officiated at the marriage this afternoon in the vestry of St. Paul's Lutheran church of Dorothy, daughter of Mrs. Frank Lemke, to Walter Markus. Ottawa, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin Markus of Pembroke. Mr. and Mrs. E. Holtz attended the bride and groom. The bride wore a white silk 'eyelet dress and a white hnt. Her shoulder bouquet was of red rases. The couple left on a short motor trip following the reception at the home of the bride's mother. Going away. Mrs. Markus travelled in a blue figured crppe drc..vs and a while hnt. They will reside in Ottawa. of This Opportunity to Save On JiSS REMNANTS . AT Substantial savings on remnant lengths up to 2 la yards, suitable for curtains, cushion covers and slip covers for small chairs. Crispy chintz, damasks, homespuns, cretonnes, tapestry, rayons and cottons floral, check and novelty designs in many interesting colour combinations. til i ! 'm I ' it ill?. H 1 1 ' ' ; :! ill I'M-! i' i 4 I f I ' 1 's- I V mh.'i r'M'Ti If fell j ! i ? I t . OZITE RUG CUSHION for longer wearing rugs This soft, spongy pad will add greatly to the life of your rugs and make the pile seem more luxuriant. 6'9"x9' 6.00 9 x 12' 11.00 9' x 9' x Says 3,000,000 Children on List For "Baby Bonus" Health Minister Claxton said la;t night that it was estimated there were about 3,000,000 children under 16 years of age In the 1,250,000 families where family allowance cheques will be icceived within the next 10 days. In a speech prepared for delivery on the trans-Canada network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mr. Claxton said the first of the cheques will be mailed tomorrow and a supplementary list will follow shortly. A similar speech in French, was delivered over the French network of the CBC by Justice Minister St. Laurent. Mr. Claxton said that not all persons who registered would receive their cheques within the next 10 days. It was possible that thase who had not registered until the last week in June would receive their cheque only in August when it would be combined with the cheque for that month. Some registration forms had to be held up for consideration, but In these cases also the families found eligible will receive their full allowances for the month or months after they completed their registration. Approximately $20,000,000 would be distributed monthly in family allowances and the amounts by provinces would be: Prince Edward Island, $168,000; Nova Scotia. $950.-000; New Brunswick, $814,500: Quebec, $5,025,000; Ontario, $5,500,-000; Manitoba. $1,180,000; Saskatchewan. $1,465,000; Alberta, $1,375.-000. and British Columbia, $1,426,000. The total bonus received by child from the day of his birth until he reached the age of 16 would amount to $1,180. Mr. Claxton explained that r.rt family will be allowed both family allowances and income tax credit for children. If a wage earners income was less than $1,200 h would retain 100 per cent of th family allowance payments. If th Income was more than $3,000 he would retain none of the bonus because otherwise he would duplicate his income tax credits. Summer Gimp For M and S Girls Summer holiday camp accommodation has been secured for female employes of Munitions and Supply at Meach Lake, 17 miles from Ottawa. The employes, many from distant parts of Canada, and thus might not be able to travel home for their holidays, may spend their holidays on the 30-acre island just half a mils from the mainland. The camp is complete with a summer cottage for sleeping, and tenting accommodation will also be arranged. The Rirls can enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, and all summer sports under Ideal conditions. The Island Is owned by Harold M. Davy, of the Department of Publio Works, who has kindly donated the use of the Island and cottace to the M. and S. girls. SUMMER STORE HOURS 9.00 to 5.30; Saturdays 9.00 to 1.00 1 PRICE 72 Rayon Marquisette Sheer beauty and extraordinary value ! Ivory and ecru marquisette suitable for living room or dining room curtains. 36 inches wide. 10' 6" 9.65 15 13.75 I c

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