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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1940. THE EVENING CITIZEN, OTTAWA, ONT. PAGE 2 Spanish Delegates To Palace Damaged by Bomb Like This ence v. ana KODerc miman oi Ottawa, and Cecil E. and Merritt Putman of Toronto: four daugh WAR 25 Years Ago Today MM BOMgrtPMPiP Predict German Attempt To Get Norway's Ships ters, Irene Putman of Markham, Louise Putman, at home; Mrs.

Dorothy Roberts, of Ottawa, and Mrs. Isabel Blanchard. of From the London Times Today In Europe 35 FfTACVS( Long Island. N.Y.; one sister, Mrs. M.

Owen of Chatham, and several grandchildren, including John Roberts of the Royal Navy. Sept. 12, 1915 and Bulgarians engaged in sanguinary frontier fighting in minor Balkan campaign. Germans won victory over Russian forces at Muszagola in Eastern Galicia. Meet Nazi Statesmen MADRID.

Sept. 12. (A.P.) Minister of Government Ramon Serrano Suner was enroute to Berlin today at the invitation of the German government for conferences with Nazi statesmen to which Madrid political circles attach the highest importance. Serrano Suner, a brother-in-law of Gen. Francisco Franco, was accompanied by the German Eberhard Von Sto-hrer, and several members of the Falangist National Council.

Consul General for Norway at Montreal Warns Ger mans Have Forced Norwegian Shipowners To Make Phonograph Records Instructing Captains To Take Ships to Neutral Port. 3 it sS. I xx, ii irtvt, MONTREAL, Sept. 12. (CP.) Races Cancelled Again LONDON, Sept.

12. (CP. Cable) The race' meeting scheduled to begin Saturday at Hurst Park was cancelled today as a result of intensification of the air war. Hurst Park, in the London area, had been scheduled to share the re-opening of the flat-racing sea TOP OF Warning to Norwegian captains Bottle Makes Fast Trip BOSTON, Sept. 12.

(A.P.) A bottled message thrown overboard last Oct. 6 off Nova Scotia from the Boston fishing schooner Shamrock was picked up in Ireland 10 months later, Frank Hines. skipper of the vessel, related today. He said the time was unusually fast for the Atlantic winds and currents to carry the bottle across the Atlantic. News and comment on inter' national events from the London Times of this date, and cabled from The Evening Citizen London Bureau, Times Building, Printing House Square.

Copyright. 1940, by Southern Co.) LONDON, Sept. 12. Unless the Germans can cripple Britain's air power they have no chance of surmounting the many other obstacles that stand in the way of tneir promised invasion, says the Times today. No amount of night bombing at the expense of civilian lives can help them to achieve this essential success.

Meanwhile, the against a new German attempt to obtain possession of the Norwegian merchant marine was issued today by Daniel Steen, consul general for Norway. Thorncliffe Scratches First race DUt Oal, Ucba. Star Gaiety. Second race Tea Jeater, Messenger Maid. Fourth race Sweepden, Borne Do.

Gay Boy Again. Bart's Mayor, Ko, Bucharest, Trey. Pompadour. son with Ripon, in the north, which is not affected by today's "The Germans," Steen said in Steen said the warning was issued in the event that such orders might be sent out from the German-controlled radio at Oslo. He said the Norwegian merchant marine has been placed at the disposal and service of "the free and independent Norway," adding that ship owners had no right to issue orders to the ships.

All captains acting on orders other than those issued by the Norwegian Shipping and Trade Mission in London. Montreal or New York or its authorized agents, were acting in opposition "to Norwegian law and against Norwegian interests." order. a statement, are said to nave demanded that Norwegian shipowners make records on the gramophone, giving orders to the GREAT ST0RE-VIDE tiTI SYT EVENT captains of their ships to proceed to a neutral port. The Germans may have means at their disposal to persuade the shipowners to bow to their will." crowded Nazi armies and fleets remain conspicuous targets for Royal Air Force bombers and time SKhts inexorably against Hitler. chosen by the Ontario government in 1921 as chairman of a com This is how the delayed-action bomb worked which exploded in a Buckingham Palace lawn, shattering windows and showering glass in the King's study and the Queen's drawing-room.

The real danger of these bombs is that they are hidden deep in the ground. The fuse (A), is in the tall. As 6oon as they hit, a trigger is released which acts on an acid container. The acid eats through a metaf plate (B) until it reaches a fuse, which then fires the explosive (C) The bomb has a sharp armor-piercing nose-cap D) The deeper it penetrates the heavier the explosion and Nthe greater the damage. Dr.

J. H. Putman Either the Nazis must launch their forces very soon across the Channel and the North Sea, where mission to investigate irregulari (Continue From Page One.) ties in departmental examina tions. In 1938 he joined the commit the Royal Navy and air force await them, or else they must abandon the project and disperse BEGINS ON Banner of Progress. His life embraced many fields tee appointed to study Quebec's Protestant education system, All of activity, and in all his en their ships.

The Germans said of the last ing the vacancy created through the resignation of Prof. Peter SEPT. I3TII MY war that nerves would decide it, Sandiford of Toronto University. and they did. Nerves will be Dr.

Putman had previous ex perience in this regard, having in the Canadian Club of Ottawa and the Rotary Club since their inception in the Capital. Among his recreations. Dr. Putman included golf, curling and fishing, and was a member of the Rlvermead Golf Club, and the Rideau Curling Club. Another of his favorite pastimes was working in his garden at his home, 206 Rideau Terrace.

Dr. Putman was nominated Liberal candidate bearer in South Ottawa at the Liberal convention equally decisive in this war and it will not be the British nerves that win give way despite the nightly 1924 and 1925 acted as chairman of the commission Investigating the educational system in British bombing of civilians. British stra Columbia. On Teachers' Pensions. Canadian Geographical Society.

Author of Note. It was not only in education and civic politics that Dr. Putman excelled. He was an author of note, having published the following books: "Britain and the Empire," 1904; "Egerton Ryerson and Education in Upper Canada," 1910, and "Ottawa Civic Government," in 1919. In the 46 years Dr.

Putman resided in the Capital he took a keen interest in all community matters. For one term, in 1907, he served in city council as an alderman for Rideau ward. This was when the Ottawa Hydro Commission was being organized, and the council was dealing with the formation of a Board of Control for tgy in the air is not reprisals but the destruction of the enemy's Visit every department of the store watch for the special topped price tickets outfit yourself and family for fall and winter buy clothing for the children to wear to school select new furnishings for the home all at opportunity sale prices! With a first hand knowledge of I all phases of education, Dr. Put main forces wherever found. man irom 1917 to 1935 was a member of the commission to held in the Coliseum on September 17, 1937.

He was defeated, administer to the teachers pen however, by George H. Dunbar. Dr. Putman allowed his name to sion fund of Ontario. He was the Typical of the superiority of British airmen is the toll taken yesterday when ninety enemy aircraft were brought down, that is.

one-quarter of the entire invading Store Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. including Saturdays. go before the convention follow ing requests from hundreds of first to Introduce special classes for physically and mentally handicapped children, an example which has been followed in other Liberals. force which had attacked on a One of the largest property SALE BEGINS ON FRIDAY SHOP EARLY THE DAY.

fOttawa. cities in the Dominion. Put-man's annual report as inspector owners in the Capital, he owned 150-mile front. a number of apartment buildings became an educational feature, not only for Ottawa, but for the con on Rideau Terrace, in addition to many other houses in various The bombardment of Dover in which numbers of people were tinent. It invariably contained parts of the city.

killed is believed to be a diversion Mrs. Putman predeceased her to enable German ships to be new educational ideas which were widely read and commented upon. Appreciation of his completion of 25 years of service as inspector Dr. Putman was returned as controller in the 1939 and 1940 elections. In Masonic Order.

For many years, Dr. Putman was a member of the board of management of Dominion United church, where he worshipped. He was also one of the best known members of the Masonic Order, being a 33rd degree Mason, Scottish Rite. husband on January 8, 1940. Dr Putman and Putman cele brought to French ports as part brated 50 years of married life on of the invasion preparations.

December 29, 1937, and at that of public schools was indicated by the teachers and trustees in 1935. when a banquet was held in the Chateau Laurier in his honor. He Describing the bombing of time they were the recipients of good wishes their many Buckingham Palace, the Times was presented with his portrait says If the bomb had landed a lit friends. 1 Surviving are four sons. Clar He had been a member of both in oils, painted by Ernest Fos tie way in another direction it bery, and an illuminated address.

deavors he carried the banner of progress. Special classes for both the mentally and physically handicapped children were first introduced by Dr. Putman, and these were later taken up by other public school centers in the Dominion. A leader in civic development, he was a member of the 1907 city council, which dealt with the formation of a Board of Control for Ottawa. Controller in 1938 It was not until January, 1938 however, that he became a member of the board, which he had discussed at city council 30 years before.

This was his first attempt at trying for a seat on the Board of Control. He was elected over Finley McRae by 37 votes in a recount of the Board of Control ballots. Born Near St. Catharines. Born in Gainsboro township, Lincoln county, near St.

Catharines, on September 17, 1866, Dr. Putman was of Pennsylvania Dutch and English descent. He was educated at Smithville High School, St. Catharines Collegiate Institute and Toronto Normal School. He graduated from the latter school with first class honors.

It was from the Toronto University that he graduated as a specialist in English and history. He secured his B.A. degree from Queen's University in 1899, and his degree of Bachelor of Paedo-gogy in 1907, becoming a Doctor of Paedogogy in 1910. His first public school Job was teaching in Seneca township. from 1885 to 1888.

He became principal of Ancaster public school in 1888, and continued in this capacity until 1891, when he was transferred to John Fisher public school. Putman's brilliant educational knowledge was soon discovered, and he was brought to Ottawa as assistant principal of the Ottawa Normal school in 1894, becoming vice-priclpal of that school in 1900. Two years later he was appointed headmaster of the Model School here, which position he held until 1908, when he became master of English history and science of educa-. tion at the Normal School. Inspector In 1910.

He was appointed inspector in 1910. In 1919, Dr. Putman acted as chairman of a conciliation board appointed by the Department of Labor to settle wages of printers in Ottawa. He was also might have cost the King and Queen their London home. The The painting now hangs in the board room of the Public School Queen's sitting room and King's Board.

With a party of school inspec working room were damaged tors and superintendents of Premier Churchill visited, the pal education selected from all parts ace later surveyed the wreck of Canada, Dr. Putman made a age with feelings of regret and trip to Europe. They were official guests at the coronation in West fierce resentment. The Prin cesses' apartments completely escaped. Apparently the Royal Air Force minster Abbey of King George VT and Queen Elizabeth.

In addition to the many educational offices already named, he had been president of Wentworth Teachers' Association, 1889-1890; president, Ottawa Teachers' Association. 1900-1901: secretary for ten years of the Canadian Educational Association: member of the World Federation of Education Associations, and a fellow of the 'MX Heart the Pelt Si I rSf iiuwsox seal mi i A A beautiful and honest 4M iW fur- whose Intrinsic 'My A i Ifit value is constant as i7Vl VRk 'fr diamonds a fur that VT ikllJl' wiU see half a dozen rlvC Wil cheaper qualities come crK ill vVA and go- Tney are w-vl' Vf I Hi) I vA, and marvelously warm. (TJ (l I I ff 1 I I VVk3h. of a true black with no Jt lf It in I IVv? trace of grey, a shining I 'j I A midnight hue. JaU i '25 '325 M' in the attack on Berlin gave Goeb-bels a reminder of its power for it is reported a British bomb ell in the propaganda minister's garden near the luxurious underground shelter he has built for himself.

In general. Berlin has suffered heavily, according to reports reaching London. It is apparent now that in neutral countries the real extent of the hammering from the air of both Germany and Italy NOW YOU CAR AyC'UNO RECORDS 5TrTHR0U6H YOUR is beginning to be appreciated. "We are handing out long range pumsnment to Hiuer, says Arthur Greenwood, member of the war cabinet, "and we have bat tered him far more than he has battered us." 'S tie 'tot Place your order for the Dominion of Canada Second War Loan at any one of the 550 branches of The Canadian Bank of Commerce. Complete facilities are available at these branches for the prompt execution of orders, and for lending to people who wish to subscribe to the Loan, but who may not have ready cash available with which to participate in this great nauonal service: THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE CM' II) iJKIlf! ij You '11 Enjoy Shopping at Fine 's Says S.

African Group Is Planning Sabotage CAPE TOWN, Sept. 12. (C.P.-Reuters) Interior Minister H. Lawrence warned in parliament today against the organization named "Ossewa Brandwag," which he said had assumed a secret military character since it was started in 1330 as a cultural organization. Most persons found by police to be in possession of bombs and other explosives are members of the organization, certain members of which, according to Mr.

Lawrence, plan sabotage. The minister added that attempts had been made not only to undermine the loyalty of police, railway workers and the defence forces, but also to obtain important information and get control of munitions. 172 III GROCETERIA 174 Rideau Street. 3-6221 Where food, selection la no problem to the housewife. SPECIALS FOR SEPT.

13 to 17 Pigs' Feet la Jelly, with vinegar, A. 16 oz. bottle fcOw Mushrooms Creamed 1 tin, with FREE tin. 4). grilled Lobster Prince Edwerd, V'n tin.

Fresh pecked Small Graham Wafers 13C Olives Large Queen, i 7 23 oz. bottle Olive Oil Pure Lupl. Cft 128 oz. tin iwW Strawberry Jam Quaker Brand "Ar 32 oz. bottle Calves' Foot Jelly McLaren, pkge.

Chipso 21c Large Prompt careful handling given orders for shipping. Continue the dancing as If You Are MOVING long as you want listen to opera when you're in the mood entertainment for the children an old fashioned evening 'with old-time music all possible at a new low price with this astounding new Victor Record Player that plays records with the full volume and fidelity of your radio set. i Attempted BreakJn Thie-es attempted to break into the store of Ritt's 101 Rideau street, shortly before 3 o'clock this morning. When a window was broken at the rear of the building a signal was registered at the Dominion Electric Protective Association headquarters on Sparks street. Constables L.

Routliffe and McCullough were sent to the scene in a prowler car but the thieves apparently were frightened away before entering the building. Phone 2-4801 Call us today and we will have your Electric Service ready when you get to your new home. Heuly Enlarged, Remodelled Store To serve the rapidly growing number of Ottawa people who have discovered that clothing their families is easier the "Fine we have modernized our store and enlarged it. Handsome fixtures, better lighting, greater space enables us to offer better service and makes your shopping easier and more pleasant. All prices are plainly marked to show you that there is only one price whether you buy cash or credit.

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A. BOND The Ottawa Electric Railway Company 15 Nicholas St. Call 3-4001 2-1808 377 Bank Street 1 Ch.

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