The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 25, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 25, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' r l 1-1 K im\4 FN A N r l' Nlr\l'Ql) A Dl/IJ sttt k*j-tTiMtf r ro & (.-••'» * it v * »n * n * . , ^^M^' THE UOMCNANT VOL. XLIV—NO. 183 Blytheville Courier Blytlicvllle Daily Newi .'AI'KH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville Herald Mississippi Vnlley Lender RLYTHKV1LLE, AUKANSAS, SATURDAY, OCTOBKR 25, 1947 President Wins First Round in War on Inflation Commodity Markets React to Drive to Lower Living Costs By l.VI.r. C. WILSON (I'nited Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Ocl. 25. lUPl—, ,,,,,-u- Mx comnn Adminislratioii supporters claimed I levelled by flame. New England Forest Fires' Toll Increases BOSTON, Ocl. 25. (UP)— Three major torcsl fires raged uncontrolled in New Inland today, in- Dieted more than 525,000,000 In property damage mid left some 6,000 homeless. Snawned in drouth-dry forests occasionally kindled by a firebug's torch. more than ISO smaller fires. all potentially dangerous, were scat- tried throughout the six-state area whore six communities have' been round one of the high pi-ice battle ! A canopy of smoke friim Maine canopy o smoe riim Maine today as commodity murkeis sagued and Massachusetts fires hung over under President Truman's demand i the coastline. Plane pilots reported 7.000 feet Shins that Congress combat inflation and I the sooty haze at , v. Ihe high cost of living. He plans I viewed it from far at to bring prices into line with the I On peoples' incomes. The President told a radio audience. last night hn would propose to . Ml. Desert Island off the coast of Maine, where most of the once-bcauliful resort, of Bar Harbor was n smoldering ruin, fire ate SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTi the special Congress session conven- • through the Acartia National Por- ill!! here Nov. 11 a program for dealing with living costs, inlliitiuii and high prices. He said comprehensive legislation is necessary. est toward the deserted towns of Seal Harbor and Northeast Harbor. 1 Another fire-giant was on Ihe -- - | loose in Washington County, Me. Mr. Truman also revealed stop- i Whipped by n constantly changing gap foreign and occupation-area • wind it twisted through'the Mach- spending plans which may hike the iasrotnie BlufTs—Wliitiieyvillc area, special session emergency aid bill ; menacing the ghost town of Jones- Jfl nearly SI.000.000.000—preliminary ; ''oro which was'evacuatcd late ycs- %y> Marshal! plan expenditures there- ] terday. aft er. i Backfires from n dozen blazes in Immediate Republican reaction I thc u! ackened countryside South of to the President's 17-minutc I Wa lerboro. Me., merged Into one speech was chilly lint eauliniis. i infcll 'no and crept steadily toward - Some Republican's objected that | " ><v f ? cw Hampshire border. ."Mr. 'I'rurnan made no spccilic recommendations for dealing wilh the critical domestic situation. Sen. Ralph K. t 'landers. R., VI., siiBRCsted that Hie COP learler- Gas Consumers' Group to Seek State Charter Directors Authorize Change in By-laws to , Eliminate Trustees WEST MFMPI.S. Ark.,. Oct. 25 — Directors of the Kast Arkansas Natural Gas Consumers Association In session here yesterdu" voted to convert the association Into a non-profit benevolent orRanba- lion with the same officers and directors before taking furih-r -steps to obtain natural K a* f,;,,,. chises from more than 20 dl'cs und towns In the area and Mien contract with a large disl.-ibiilor to i .serve the whole area O. H. Burke, Mariana .lUimev and member of the board representing Lc 0 County, was anU-orii;- ed to prepare the articles •>! incorporation and revise the by-laws to eliminate a provision for •ie«ign- ating five trustees who woii'd h i\v full authority to place ihe fran- they had been franl- munlcipali'ics seeking distribution systems " ship work out its mvn legislative program "so that we can be oil and running v.-lien Congress reconvenes. The President said the United States could lead the world to peace Only "light, scattered" showers were promised for tonight. Meanwhile at Palmouth, Mass., on Cape Cod a three-day-old fire got out of control and swept down on the ' path. Flames were within a half-mile of the railroad station, garages, a factory and many homes. Numerous summer cottages were in the path. Aid was bciiis hurried to the area town on n four-mile wide from Plymouth, New Bedford. Fair- and plenty. But Republican response to the whole special session project ,. ' . ' ''," " "' "• * '"• has been frosty and frequently hos- ti ^ C " antl scvcl ' al ulhcr «nnm,ml and It appeared that Mi. Truman his congressional opposition . Looting was reported in many of the .Maine fire areas with one source ! was headed toward bruising collision on foreign and domestic policy. There were indications Republicans may demand administration agreement to a 19-18 tax cut as the price of voting the requested foreign aid. The President spoke only in general terms, leaving industry, labor and the speculators without a hint of what his bust-the-pi-ice-boom recommendations will be. But there was widespread speculation that they- •Hvould embrace allocation -of scarce and basic commodities, higher market margin requirements and , ..^...uci;, „, lne javccettes the renewed opposition to la-la income i Junior Chamber of Commerce' mix- tax cuts. These possibilities already . iliary. will handle the 'personal so- have hit the commodity markets ; licitation phase of the animal hard and prices have been falling. 1 Christmas seal drive during ih? Allocation of critical cnnimoili- week of Nov. 17-24. it was annolin- (les was suggested by Mr. Truman ced yesterday by Mrs Marshall ^to congressional 'feaders who met »'-"•' ----- * ---- :.,...<. ™,i p ilh him at the While House on Thursday. But Sell. Robert A. Tafl, !{., O., is warning that such allocation would incite black mar- indicating that an attempt made to loot the Bar Harbor Savings Bank in the Mount Desert Island town that was ravaged by flames. Jayceettes Plan Solicitation for -Christmas Seals Members of the Jayccettes, the chises after eri by the natural gas It was agreed that p!ndn'V'oi"?hc franchises is of such importance j to require approval by :he organl- 1 ration's board of directors. Four- tsen members have been .selected on the board, one from each of the 13 counties in the area except Mis.sls.sipp! County which, because of Its size, was allowed two members. Mayor Hen F. Duller, sr. of Osccola is vice president of Ihe association and director for SouU Mississippi Countv while B. A Lynch, niythcvllic banker, is the director for the North half of the county. Mr. Lynch made the motion for changing the structure of the association and it was seconded by Mayor J. H. McPhcrson of Paragould. director serving for Greene County The action was taken aficr Mr. Adrift 18 Days Chicks Ruin Homecoming Game for Subiaco With Final Period Touchdown HnllvwnnfTpprlcl?. ot ^ //c Footbal1 Team Suffers nOliyWOOQ KeaS first Defeat of the 1947 Season Called to Testily Their first warm meal in 18 days lelt two young merchant men in good spirits nflcr they were rescued from > helpless drilling minesweeper on October 13. The men were Inter ImnsferKrt from Patrol Craft 881 (o a commercial IUK. From lelt lo righl are: willmtn B. Hopkins. 25, of Washington, D: c., and Ix-onard H. Metis, Jl, ol Johns Island, South Carolina. INEA Telephoto.) Burke, was chairmaV" of" Baggage Compartment Fire Causes Airliner to Crash in Utah Killing 52 By RUTH United Press Staff Correspondent BRYCE CANYON, Utah. Oct. 25. (U.P.)--Scoirs of Investigators jickcd over chunks of almnniuum, charred baggnge aod mangled bodies today, hunting the cause of a lire that forced » United Air Lines House Committee To Hear Movie Writer* Next Week WASHINGTON, CX't 25. Paul V. McNult charged and two congressmen today denied (hat. the Home U.Mls-in-iiollywood hearlncs are > threat to press and oilier freedoms guaranteed by the bill of I'lshls to the American people •• 'Hie hearliiKs, opened by t/e House UiiAmerlcnn Activities'Com- mittee last Monday, were in weekend recc.«. T| 1P y will be resmne.l Monday with a couple of "defendants" scheduled to testify. »oth wllne.wes — Movie Writers Howard Ijiwson and Iriirnbo — have been charged bv other Hotly wood figures will, having Communist leanings. And Howard liushmoie. New York newspaperman and former communist testified that Ijuwion was the red "conunlssiu' of Hollywood " Erie Johnston, head of Ihc Mutton Piclure Producers Association also will testify on Monday. McNnil, counsel for tlie" producers association, kicked ><ff the bnt- tle over whether tin, committee I., i „„.,. .. ,,..,,.,, JcopardiK.hiK consllliHlonal free- 1 " (loins. He objected lo some remarks by Hep. Hlchard B. vull. R ill about criticism of the proceed!n K: »)• CKOHC.K CI.AKK Courier New* S|mr(ji Krllliw PARIS, A i-|(., Ocl. 25.— The Stiblnco Trojans bow^ in .1-vp humiliation to (lie smi]H>hiK Chickasaws from Ely-' llicvillc Jhjfli Ki'liool by H 7 to I) store here last night, b» I ore ft boniP-comiiiK crowd of xoino 1,200. + H wasn't the score that m«d« th« Trojans face; turn redder lh«n • beachcomber's bark, nor tli« fuel Hint it was lliclr first defeat ol the season, but It was the reallia- tlon thai It was the first, lime In the 20 years of foolball history of th« school that they had beeifl humbled in K home-coming game. Making themselves al home, th« Chicks took complete charge of th< contest Immediately following Hit opening whistle. They crashed th« Hue, circled the ends, pushing thel« heavier opponents up and dowa I the. field, picking up yardage »1- i mcsl "'' w111 ' Blld hnd ll n °t- l»«" ! for penalties Just when they hurl the most, the difference In the scor« could easily have been 18 or 2t Warmongering Talk Continues Slavs Ask Support For Russian Curbs On Western Nations LAKE SUCCKSS, N. Y., Oct. 25, IUPJ .-. CiuM-liiislovKklH, calilnx for Hlniwl "moral dlsarmuinenl." warn- i'd Iliu Dniiixi Nations today that]' war propaganda had blossomed In-' 1 lo "war hysteria" In some parts of l luil)ls more, the world. j The Chicks were assessed seven Czech Korelgn Mlnl.slei' .Ian Mo- j penalties . for a total of 15 yard*. stiryk .snlit "Journalistic, bravado" ' and practically every one of theni N ml "liK»nillary hendlltic.i" had 'came alter the Tribe's mighty of- U'lped whip up dangerous war ] lenslve attack had moved Ihe ball lalk 1 Hurt that It was up to the! deep Into Trojan territory. UN General Assembly lo check I The same's lone tally cami In till ., , •-. I waning minutes of 'the final period Ainsaryk. appealing f,, r approval whin dlmlnultive Donald i Hucy, , of the Soviet resolution ngnlml "wiirmonjicrs" In the untied States , halfback, scampered ar(>und end from the Trojan five- ^ ui a UC-6 transport to crash and carry 5'2 persons to flaming deaths. special committee to consider the' Air lincs officials praised the jiilol. Capl. K. 1_ McMillen of Bullnui ™.Uon ,° 0f „•£££ ^ ; Si"™"' <*'" f " r " 1S ™'" "«"' "»-" <"< Pl"« '" l"« -lr J..I pro'it basis. Reports on Dallas Conference John \v. Lynch, association president and secretary of the West Memphis Chamber of Commerce. ...,.,..„ 1,1.1 ILI.IJH ui me proceedings ' t\ — — —•••-.,. ...,.. L .i ...|,II,,M i:uu num tuc AIUJUII IIVH* j which the committee members had M'M' ™'' kt ; y nlul " llw Places, | yard l!m: to score standing up. Pull, seen in editorials, columns,' ami'i ,', ', h<! ""J s "". l'™posal was not back 11, C. Allen' crashed through center untouched to add tin extra half minute longer when lie. might Imre Ixn-n able lo l«i u | «n the llrycn i'aiiyon emergency air strip. Only one other disaster in the* history of American aviation exceeded it for the number of lives That was Ihe ket operations. Mr. Truman obviously intends to ask Congress to go far beyond any program of voluntary line-holding or price reducing. He said voluntary action by all of our people was a main reliance of our private enterprise system. He then added: "But the responsibility of government extends beyond aiding voluntary action. The government must respond to the needs of the people. The American people now have a compelling need for protection from the dangers of price inflation and the rising cost of living." The President said government now "must assume a larger share" of responsibility for dealing with high pri?es. Mr. Truman is not expected to recommend return of rationing and price controls. He told a press conference last week that these war «me impositions were police state icthocls. The President congratulated the nation on its response to his voluntary food saving requests and urged thai it continue for the : was clc aring and ™ ^acT " r ° S|>Crity """ ""i ">"« ^" "We find that recent events have' In'our p^th^ T -= ^- I ,^ ^imlr^i "Ere Blackard, president. The seal sale drive itself will open Nov. 24. but each year all BlytheviKe business firms nre personally solicited a week prior to the beginning of Die national drive. A committee of 12 Jayceettes "discussed plans for the personal solicitations at a meeting Thursday afternoon in the office of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association. which sponsors the annual drive. . These solicitations are being un- | dertakcil by the Jayceettes as part of their program of civic work, Mrs. Blackard said. presided over yesterday's meeting and reported on a conference -In Dallas. Tex., recently with seve executive's represent <r ut''il tribnting natural gas. Mr. Lynch said tint he romttlffiMftn^imiV! <f*Sd the company officials inleicsled | ciish. including Jack Guciiihci m finding new outlets for natural' managing editor'of wok Manr gas but they were showing-prefer-| zino and former United Pins ~ ^alp" 7 °' es ' Texos 5 - ence to highly Industrialized areas where the monthly consumption Is fairly stable throughout the year. They pointed out that the "con- JFFFFRSON Tex o-l « itrpi pointed out that the con-' Chicago Cardinals football paver i no r" o t , ' * ,, *?'' ,!"'?," in Bast Arkansas would he The story of McMillen's fi?ht lo' '°.^ v °L, } C '" „ ™ icv " [ . cMticnlly. those who want fuel for kern (ho nl™,. K,I,,,, ... „„,.,„. ..-'""'? " I"' 11 the engine and lour car^ ^^^^^^^i^iS u-jr.E.r HE oaee rnmtmriiiinnt ri,- n ,..n. <„!,! ' _. " ! "• Jeneison station. derailed a half mile Football Enthusiasts, Returning from Subiaco By Plane, Are Delayed Driven off course by bad weather, Worth D. Holder and George Clark, both of Bl.vthcvillc "grounded" at Van Buren, were Mo, this morning while flying 1101112 from the Blythevillc-Subiaco football game at Subiaco Academy lait night. A long-distance call from Mr Clark indicated that the uealhcr The fireman was identified us W. w. linn- of Port Worth. largely those who want fuel heating their homes during winter, Mr. Lynch said adding that It may take a lot of salesmanship lo convince Ihe utilities that the East Arkansas area will prov 0 profitable for them. Municipial ami industrial leaders throughout the area are pressing Hie drive to olilain natural '«as wiln" Ihe hope that it will he a major factor in hringiTig in more industries- In discussing changes in the or- ganisation's by-laws, considerable lime was devoted to the extent that cities placing their franchises in the hands of the organization would he required to remain In the pool. It was suggested that one city might have an opportunity to ob- gdcpUSis'^lf a'^ThVfight t „„ for a, : ,he r lp;^^,^e-S^;^^ !' n "i' 1 ' ri , C " aL I2:27 targels of an investigation opened II was agreed that provision! , Ma >' mnk <: it. Tliinfc we have B : by Ihe Senate War Investicnliiiv should be made In the new by-laws.; chance now. Approaching strio." ! committee last Summer «"""•< ' somrSin^ al 'i,The Plane crashed; 'The launching and official taxi some tune within the ncxi. five test.-, of the Hughes flying boat will ncwsrccls Vull Drnlm Charji-n Vail denied McNuU's charges and « collenijue, Rep. John" McDow«'ell, n., p n ., Mid flatly the committee had no business telling newsrccls or newspapers what to say. . Vail',, reninrkj, to which McNutt took except ton were made at yesterday's session which also produced llicsn developments: K Film cartoon ..-producer Disney said Communists once IOOK over my studio" but It Is now "inn ; P'oposnl and on any aimed at Intrrferring with nalion's freedom of press. "It Is aimed at flagrant abuses of this freedom," the c/rcn nr- gued. "Moral and material dlsaima- ment," he concluded, "should go hand In hand." per cent American." He .said Herbert K. sorrcll, heart of tiie AFI, i Conference of Studio Unions' threatened during R sliikc. "to make » dust bowl of my plant." Disney said he believed Sorrcll was "a South Africa's Hurry G. rcnoii entered Into skirmish with Sovlc elRn Minister Alulrji Wnii ' 5' J >' ln 'he, course <: """••itack'l),) Iht^ovlet " '100 LEIW- ! criticisms of the Union of South Africa. Vlshlnsky Interrupted at one Commie.' gage compartment fire was told m-st dramatically in Ihe three r ' ages he sent within sij: niin- .Vc have bacgage fire nlnvrrl." he said at 1^:21 p. m . -\Vc r .,-,, coming into Bryce Canyon. We have sr.,-ke filled plane! Un.". .'ie to ]>ut cut fire as yet. Also do not know if fire is out." !Mssi;ii;;rrs I!all!c l-lamcs The crew—and perhaps .some of the passengers—apparently fouimt Hughes' Plywood Transport Plane Keady for Tests LOS ANGELES. 25. (UP)—Howard Hughes today invited thc flames for five minulrs while i sressional committee x cone investigating McMillen struggled lo maimr-in ; Ms airplane contracts, lo attend control of the plane. At 12121; he • laiini-lnng and taxi tests for his J18 - rc !!° : '"; d ': . ICM.OOO plywood flying boat between iail is going out. We may gel Nov. 5 and 10 down and may not. Best place W t> j The cighl-cngincd monster de- 2. Mrs Lela Rogers, mother of' Actress dinner Rogers, testified j Dial- Hollywood Reds tried lo Infiltrate "our unions, our sfirlpl.s, 'and our production.-;," She and Ginger frequently rejected Communist Parly be banned and that the bill of rights be "preserved for those for whom It was Intended — not for saboleurs and enemies of our country." Meanwhile, n spokesman for in so-called "unfriendly witnesses." Including Tjiwson ami Truuibo. said a "second wave" of Hollywood nnd I ",',,, ' New York film and stage figures j '£!,""" point, when Lawrence was complaining that nitxsla ha<t not Included South Africa wilh the three r nations directly named In the ' Russian war, tnongering lion. I "i am indeed surprised," I,aw- ivncc remarked, "lo linci that su .skillful A prosecutor as Mr Inskv has omitted, when [raining his point. 4)ulrk Kick Falti Probably the. most .specUculai play of the name was the one th»l in reality set up that touchdown when several members of the ChicH forward wall swarmed down on half. . back Jimmy Waltes as he attempt^ " on the one-ynraime.'"' That was the piny that took »waj wlihl little fight the Trojans'hsd let! ami Ihe one that turned ihe tid< of the game. The Trojans punted out of the hole on the next, pl»y.,' with Hnoy taking the kick on 8u- resolu- I biaco'.s :i5, returolngjlt to the opponent's 24. Allen ripped off left tack!« for three yards on the first play, ami McFarlnnd followed still on the next play for [Ive more. Substitute quarterback Jack Ki- Indictment, to Include us In his j "ott picked up » first down on ,th« , International rogues gallery. "It Is not too late," Vlshlnsky retorted In Husslan. , Trojan 14; and on the next plaj McFarltmd muscled his way OVM letl tackle to score, but the offi- would arrive here next week to oppose what they cnlle<! Ihe commit lee'.s "cold censorship" of the mo vie Industry. his country would welcome being associated with the United Stales, Greece and Turkey "whose record ! xs'cre In the sphere of international co- needs no defense." ooted what he called to permit withdrawals after proper showing made to the board that independ- citie.s been by had night. "Our domestic prosperity is i Holder. ent. negotiations would lie of srea, j er benefit to the individual, city, they would ^° decisions have been made this afternoon, ""iform franchisee other than to is northwest of Poplar' coll cerning the final form for the specify they nre to be granted to Hie Fast Arkansas Natural Ga", Consumers. Inc.. and that the tilrec- mmute.s. pribably as McMillen was be piepiirniK to drop his landing grar to set down *,, ,|, t , . sl |-j p . Persons who saw the plaoe scudding low over them dining thos.- last few- minut,"s .said it I^-.I-.,H held at Lo.s Angeles from No Many See Navy's Radar ExMbit On Main Street endangered by the threat of inflation. The peace of the world is endangered by hunger and cold in oth- rr hincis." TIic President said millions of mnilenilc income families already arc suffering from inflation, spending their saving and .loin? williont. He called the hi K h jirice roll—clothing nn,I household furnishings up IS per cent since the Summer of I!HG, food up -In per rent. The average of all items is nil 23 per cent. The overall cost of living climbed in the past three months at the Mtc of IS per cent a year. In- W''ascd income offset increased living costs for some people. Mr Tinman said, but most, of the people were suffering from inflationary evils. • •" "When so manv proplp are not sharing fairly ' a former Army pilot. Al. though it appeared for a while that today's Courier News might have to go to press without a story on the football game, Mr. Clark. who is sports editor, called In his story by telephone. Two other Blytheville men, j. P. Friend and Ernast Halsell. that were missed by the weather . .. - tors of the organi/ation shall have the right, of assignment of i tie franchises to a distributor, or distributors If it Is found feasible 'o have more than oilp distributor. J. n. Langan of Forrest City, secretary and treasurer of the association. reported that most of the 22 cities nnd towns represented at Salurday crowds in nlythevllle —-„ ,,,.,'oday had Ihe opportunity to !,(••: 5-10. I cordially invite you to be ! " w mobile radar exhibit, brought present and witness Ihese tests." | here from Hie Naval Air Station at Hughes said in telegrams to the Memphis for Ihe Navy Day obser- 10 members of Ihe committee -iko a^mct-wuh .-,« of ^ ^^^^^"1?: T " la - I);jlJ] in.s poet pel Iho controvrrsml nit-plnun during rhc hrnring recoil. At Il>;.12 p. m , Mic Civil Arr-j- iianlics Authority at, BI.VCO Cajijrn vance now underway. Tlie unit will remain In the 20D Mor.k on West Main street until !) : ,- . , ,„ „ „ o'clock tonight. Appro.x,mr,tely ioo Sf '' "' 1CCS rir ChnrlcsP Brown J tiTiwLi.'nrt' wciiL on to .say that cinl.s ruled IhaM.he Cliick btickrield ' ' " ' " ' ;vn.s In motion 'nn the play^ so th« score WHS milhricd and the Chicki xs'cre pctinlizcd live yards back to the 10. Bui tlie Chicks bounced riglil hack. KllioU circled etid lor one ynrct niul ,MrFnilr\iul tore off tackln till tlie way Lo tlie seven 1 before foeitiR Flopped. Hucy picked up one by slicing Inside his left tackle, nnd scored on the next play on an tnd sweep. Chicks Were Outweighed De.s|iife the fnct I hat they wer» outsveighcd ntinosL f . 12 -pounds id the man. plnyei'5 In ..the Chick for- v n rd w nl I were f he sta rs r>t th • KAinc. Tljcy broke through Subiaco'* inner do tense so often that'll appeared thai Ihey were a component purl of the Trojan backfield. Tiipir alorl and brillianl defensive gnnic held the Catholic team to u net gain of 27 yards through rush- inir. while Uie backfield mates wera thn "per Liirliiition 11 of ,«sovrrnl countries, Im-liiriinn South Africa, | till the way nbout tlie (U.'vsejn hint Ion of "whnl th ey r rp a rd n.s Lo la I i t n r i a n Idcolo- fcies fitifE Communistic nuLlvltle.s. .." Lnwrciift? suppnrted Aush'nlln's coin promise proposal which would cnll 031 UN countries everywhere to take "po.siLve mensures" to dLs- conraye wrtr-lncilinpf ncLivitles. Tlie South African snhi, however, th:ih there would hnvo to he n lot. of d!s- [ cnssion of whnt was mcnr-f by ; "positive ini'OsiircK." Charles F. Brown Dies; \ Rites to Be Held Here — - - slipping through holes that they who died Thursday at the homo of [)t j P ncd up in the opponent's line i.i.. ,i_ —1.1 _._ » ... . ... '.i ., , ' ' _ _. _ * T . ... air strip reported the organization meeting on froundcd the "ollicrs and "lauded 122 liad sent in checks fo.- .lien lierc early this morning in a plane] jj'.'cs as members of the association flown by Mr. liaise)!, manager tlic Municipal Airport. Blytheville Man Held For Theft of Automobile These checks total S2.I50. Mr Langan said, me mcmbershin dues range from $25 to S150. dependlnc on Hie size of the mnniciiMlitv. The president and secretrv ,)f Die asMiclalion Miecesteri pnbli.-i- lion of . taken on a basis which will make It self-sustatnlnc. Police after he passed a road block Hum,™ .staked his rem.iatloi) on \ '™»l«-s .fisplay .vlien'it niincftrecl at I, 1 .! 8 .''""«';""'• " rs ; M: '~ 1z "! iU1 " '" . 'or a total of 217 yards. And they e plane's .sonnriliCM >vl,en lie ,r-*L- niythcvllic HI B li Seliool vcstorrt-v. ' ""' ?" W1 " !) ? ,™ mlllct '''' l "; I'eld Die "Trojans to three first niythcvllic Hlcli Selmol vestent-.v " |)l ""' '""•• wl " " D concnicien to- held tne Trojans to three first Nnvy Dav will continue 'lo be ob- l "" r "" v n'^nioon at a p.m. at Colib nowlls w |,ilc the Blylheville backs 21. and then rieln.vcd nn- i School at . when it was asked to he .eri attain on motion of the torney. York Stocks 158 10 l-< 35 3-8 92 1-R M 1-3 1P6 37 To Begin Winter Term Brown of Memphis. Cobb Fnncral Home is in charge. The Winter term of school will ! • at i^adiviiic NOV. io. super- Public Speaking Contest nounced *•»""•«* Re-scheduled for Tuesday The public speaking contest sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Ciirmnercc thnt was scheduled for FiUlmgh ... Hodge Bracey Berry Hoover Traylor Hucy AfcFarland . Allen Subiaco It. SE ZimigA L. T Stringer Vernon FitMimmon* Fitisimmons Adam? ... McCurrly ,... Paiartlno Whlrtn . L.G. .. C. J . R.G. . R. T. , R.E. . Q. B. . L. H. . R.H. F. B Substitutions for Framel . HoffmKn Blytheville — Mar. May July Oct. Dec. 3277 3265 '"'52 ^2GO norrhagc, will be condnctcrt ..„,„ 3301 p.m. in the Holt Funeral Home in- 3291'slcad of nt the residence. It was S20- disclosed today. The sevice will IK yor McPherson of Parasould. Orcene County; Mr. Lynch of West Mrmnhis. who Is crli'enrlrii C-,in- - inn of Ihe ncvi N' Y Cenlrnl 1"'W "li after Ihe »••••<!- Int H:uve.<,'er ... fiTr V.r.i "' 11K '°n'orote b- t;c,' x ol .||, ; \m Avlntion , ,„ -Vi pro '" ctio " devices m fiepiibhc Steel ... Imc will, luv.. safety reniiiiciiiciits. ne.nio n . ~" ; Saconv Vacimrn .. itudcbukcT : tMic<nid of N J .. Spot< closed 3327; up 23. Chmch. See CONSUMERS on Taje 8. Aiar o;--i hhh .. ^M 342 .. 339 338 57 !-'.> H 3-1 9 5 28 3-B 8 7-8 16 1-8 21 5-8 15 7-R inlenrient J. D. Wilkins announced today. Sriiool will open at 8:30 a.m. and will last tlie full day, he said. Meanwhile, schools at, Sleelr, Mo., were preparing today to open ^' 3 a! 8:40 run. Srhoo! will he in : • yesterday morning WHS postponed \ Donner Simon- for Subiaco Mc- MOII the full rtay. ncrordlng to 5u- .after it was learned that the high Dearie' Moore Mcfonnevllle Jonc* permtendenl O. T. Coil. school auditorium, where it was to "owe. McLonneiine, Jones. h.ive been held, would not be available due to prior avnngcmenU. Jimmlc Kdwards, Jaycee president, said the contest lias been re-sched- Garner, Linn, Jack Elliott. Gentry, j Warm Weather Lingers Highest lemiieralure recorded ;: | hcreVsfcrday was R6 cle s ^ ,<- ^ ™ ^0,1,^ "•*," r °- SCl " d ... cording ta Robert E. Bl.ylock. of- i'" h™,,^ 0 ^ 0 7 UCsd8y , mornUl » nclal wealher nhsprver. 1^™- rtmimr 8 scnco1 - . . ficial weather observer. lx>w dm ing last nisht was 54 electees. Weather J. Francis forfeited a SIS hond in ARKANSAS—Partly Forfeits Speeding Bond with Two Workmen Killed As Fire Sweeps Plant CLEVELAND. Ocl. 25. (U.P.>— Two workmen were killed ftnl three firemen seriously burri*<! early today in a five-iilairrn fin at the perma Products Oo. pl«nt on Clevelands southeast »ld«. The fire, fled by vat* of p»In» 334 • 9A ?sckaid . 334A i U S Steel ». .,,...v...^ ,v,.i L i,^ t , ., o.., .,^,iv. ,LL ,<vo^-r-mny cionoy wun The fire fed hv v 683-S Municipal Court IhiMii.miin:; who,, M-aUercd showers today, tonight and and varnish, cause (iam.gis 'isu'. le failed lo appear to answer « Mmnay. N» important temperature iimted at $250.000 «nd «aulr»4 fly* nni-EFp t\t Krv^Hltirr : thanop«_ * I -, . _ . , ^ 5 1-2'he failed lo appe 7S *-» charge ol speeding. ; changes. . I hour* to subdue.

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