The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1947
Page 9
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1947 BI,YTHKVrT,LE (AUK.)' COURIF.R NR\\'S Bar Harbor Fire Is Plain Hell Refugee Tells of Horror, Destruction; /Ire irill Rages Kdiior's Noie: Morris Clllley, a Bar Harbor rrjutlenl, wax one of ffw persons t*> make his way "f Hre-rlnjed Bar Harbor at the helrht «f the hla». He did II by wartlng two mllr* through the >urf. He lellt of the semen of In the following rib). Million Dollar Fire Loss . B. MORRIS (JII.I.KV AJ told U <h» United Frew BAR HARBOR. Me., Oct: 24. (UP) —It's just p!»1n hell. Everything'* on flre. Our big hot*U, people'i houses, the big estate! —everything's going up in smoke. You just can't awm to stop it anywhere. The flame* are jumping «»erj-wher«. Sometimes they skip a hoitt*. Sometimes they burn down • whole «treet. All tho«e »rand estates between Hull'* .Cove and Bar Harbor art juat on* baf bell of Dr»— thr«« mile* of K. I think Joaeph ^nlitwr'i Me hm»« went up. Tomorrow It'll Just be utws, I guess. It took me two hours Ui get out of the place and I only travelled •bout in miles. I waded out In tb* Mlf« of the ocean and walked clwm around the Island. (B*r Harbor Is situated on Mi Desert Island). C here wasn't a light In the [own you didn't need one. The flre w»« light mouth. The he*t would suffocate you and the moke— it's Just a wicket kind of Ired and gray. I tried to w»)k iround the town. I might Just a* well have tried to walk In my Jurnae*. You go about a block and you ran Into flames. You start bick the -wiy you came «nd there's JUBM*. Then you run like hell through »ome yards to get out to Mfety. There'i fire up by the Sieur D« Mo«u Spring. The whole or Eden •ttwt to burning. Trie D« Gregolre Hotel ts gone. So Is the Belmont and the Malbern. Ocean Drive is nothing but flre and Mties. It almost makes you cry to n* those big houses go down. I rton't think anybody' got killed, but I wo«ldn't any for sure. Nobody knows where anybody el»e Is. It's Just smoke and fire and somebody shouting lor more water and then more smoke and fire ««aln. There's busses down on the pier with folks sitting In 'em. There's cars down there too that people couWn't get out ahead of the flre Damage-hell — there's nothing but damage. Add up the biggest houses you've erer seen, tosi in the hotels, 1 some xwariky^ stores, public buildings, historic landmarks. Why, brother, IM say there wa« millions of dollars damage. Seen my wife? I haven't seen her since (yesterday) moming. When'll I a** her? I don't know, rm going «%u* «vd try and help the pwtfe ' get out If I on. Wallace Speech Cancelled Due to Segregation Rule NASHVIl.l.K, -IV),n,. Qf i. 24. (UP) -A .spcnklnt; <ln!c Homy Wnl- nce IICTC Nov. 20 Ims been rail- colled reportedly because Wullnce objects to spenkmi; to a non-soB- rcgatcd audience. Ryman Aucliioriuni olflcinls said tin 1 Southern Conference) for Human Welfare, in usklnjj lov the date .stipulated there .should be no segregation for the Wiiilnee sneaking. Ryman voted .vests-relay not, tn allow the au<lilorfum useil without ir-Ri'CKRtion. Maxwell Jlen- nol negotiate n union neimiyd for a raise In the wnte level for common laborers from BO cents RH hour. The Intenmtlonul Hod Carriers Union (AFi,> is picketing the construct ion of Hie $55,000 Ooff-McNalr Motors, Inc. son. one o/ th« mirtil9rniiH directors, snld In a written report the action was taken," in conformity will) local and .lovilucrn convention and to avoid any future complications that, might, mult from having permitted the proposed »r- ranxcment on this occasion." '1'lie Icyman is n noii-prodl civic, corporation. . Dr. Alva Taylor, local HCUYV offl- oliil, called off (ho negotiations foV the Wallace .speech on what he said were direct orders from Dr. Clark 1'ViiTmaii, Washington, SCHW president, lie added however, "we Mill hope to hnve him (Wallace! sponk on Mils tour, segregation, or non-segiogallon," Wallace has lieft) li.slerl for Inn(alive engagement.* :Ln Msicoin Oa., anrt St. I/mils, Mo., this Fall. lays Praises Truman '•or Re-Calling. Congress 1 Squirrels causa • somn »SOfl,IXK) damagn each year by rating (lie lend from telephone rabies. Head Courier News Want Ads. Only smouldering remains can ha seen In the Texas Ai Pacific railroad yards Just outside ShreWporl I/ruislana, following-a disastrous fire which swept through the yards. Fifteen rail cars were' "completely destroyed and 12 others damaged. The loss was estimated at nearly a' million dollars. (NEA Telephoto.) : Fowr-Sfofc Alarm Out For fair of Hijackers TEKAHKANA, Art, Oot X <VP1 - St»t« Police today were relying on 4 four state alarm to . bring in the next clue to th« whereabout* of two alleged hl- Jsckp-i. The poMibllity that the m*n used a Ttwtxtant c»r to Me*p« a polk« dragnet- Wednesday and h«»ded for the Oklahoma border «»x eliminated yesterday with the «rre»t of «n 18-y«ur-old Texas youth who mdmJt* stealing the car and »bandonlng tt in D« Queen. Th* men are wmted for the hi- 2-Year-Old Twins Without Home As Parents Demand Cash for Adoption PENSACOLA, Pla., Oct. 24. (UP) Penny and Peggy, a pair of blonde, blue-eyed two-ycar-olrt twins, were without a. home today, apparently becaute their parent* demanded $1800 (rom the woman who wanted to adopt them. The twins were under matrons' care »t the County Detention Home along with their two-weeks- old sister, Sljrna Viola. Their parents. Rex A. Brooker, Jr., and his wife, Louiie. were in jail charged with neglect after they allegedly tried to farm their children out to Mrs. H. T. Bradford, of Pensacola. Police Chief G. M. White said the couple came here in answer to a newspaper ad in which Mrs. Bradford snld she wanted to adopt a child. .Mrs. Bradford fell in love wiih the twins the moment she saw them and offered to,, ndopt them both. White said. Bub 'Brooxer refused to sign the papers unless she would pay him $1800 In cash. White tald the couple apparently decided to offer the twins for aoVption after Brooker lost his *70 a week job as a draughsman In the Chir.ka.saw Shipbuilding Co. Yards near Mobile. Ala. The parents were arrested when Mrs.' Bradford reported the proposed "deal" to police. Wong of the family . app«ared porerty-itricken, White «ald. .The twins were clothed In Identical pink dresses and the parents were neatly dressed. White said Mrs. Brooker told him *he WRS a natiTe of Charleston, S. O., and met her husband. formerly a Olilcagoan. at a South Carolina Army camp where sh'j wax a waitress. She uld the twins were born while Broolter wtui overseas, adding that she later divorced Brooker and then remarried him. Both parents, about 30 years old, were held without bond pending a more complete Investigation. American Women Pledge To Resist Rising HCL LITTLE HOCK. Ark,. Oct. 24.— (UP)—Ten thousand American women have been pledged to resist the rising cost of living. The National Organization of Army Mothers meeting in Little Hoc* yesterday outlined a three point program for Its members in .support of President Truman's food con- Dealer Stands Firm, \ Won't Deal With Strikers FAYETFEVILLE. , A»*.. Ocl, «. (UP)— A wpuHhj' Pnycttevllle broker and automobile dealer stood firm today In his Intention not to come to terms with striking 'em- ployes, nftcr bclnfr mildly rcbuned by fellow townspeople for" his antiunion tactics. Ftvycttcvillc residents protpslcrt yesterday when employer Grnc Qo'li placed ^n elderly Negro woman alongside a union picket with ti sisn reading: "Just Married." Although nofi removed the Negro woman, he announced that lie would sorvation request. r The Army mothers resolved:: To avoid hluli priced foods a.s 'much AS possible and see that none is wasted; lo buy only necessities in lood, clothing and home furnishings; and to compare prices and refuse to hu.v articles which .show fTtreme Increases. F, M. Sutton Presents GULF COAST SHOWS -BLYTHEV1LLE- All Next Week Commencing Monday, Oct. 27th 50 ATTRACTIONS Rides-Shows-Concessions • Opening Time 7:00 p. m. Brought to You by The American Legion Don't Miss ll! Jacking of a- truck and 1U cargo of 13,000 worth of whiskey. Hardware Mutual Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings Low Net Cost Protection For Service W. L. TAMKE 4<l« E. Davis St, F. O. Box «t Phone 4127 Blythevllle, Ark. t HOOT MON! It's tmmrt To •• , f TMHy— I ' Look At This Sunday Dinner Bargain At The Delta: Eirtr««: SMOTHERED CHICKEN Choice of Combination or Waldorf Salad •Appetizer Gmitifloww English Pea* R«H« Corn Stix — or Bread Tea or Coffee Special Dessert $1.25 DELTA CAFE 61 Phone 3685 COTTON COTTON . EVERYWHERE/ "*" "*». POO, ^"rKS^sSsft Ivcrybody -> jomc woy every doy! . **^» THE FIRST NATIONAL- BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE l.lrrLK ROOK, Ark., Oct. M. Ul'i -- Congressman Brook* Hays >. Ark,, lodiiy praised President rumnn for calling Congress Into licclal session lo dLwim aid to -iuroue anil (lie current urlca nlo- ure, ; Congressman flays called It lh« >'!» of leadership necessary to cep Europe free. Hays nay* It 1* mpeintlve that (he people be. ful- V Inlonned as to conditions In luropc and Hie proposed methods f .solving Ilic problem. "Since lhl» In part at th« tf- PAGI TT fort to malnti In Un world, 1« all the i coastltutlon«l lowtd and oonmu not W passed, 'It 1* frttlftdnc .thftt rnt ,« «vr«. (lent is exertlnt the UtdenUp ••.' ccssary la achieve thin end." ^ , Proved oll'reMrre* of UK States art «rtlm»t»d •*' 000 bsrreln. •• , Read Courier K*wi Want Ad* Equitable Society of United States Hen Kfjirfwutatlvn GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. UK \V. Ash St. Phone 3993 Listen io "Thl« Is your FBI" FrM.Ti 1:50 p.m. WMFR That pinching, annoying, painful vamp can bo recut hers so H is renlly cumfort- ablt. smart, flno workmanship, modest charges. Hfl LTERS QURUTY SHOE SHOP 121 W M R I N ST. FARM LOANS At lowest Rat* : 'of Interest Quick Serric* A F. Dietrich (Jniled Insurant* Af«n«y 160 S,.]«t St. Intram Bld». W« Guarantee RECAPPING. with HiwkinMn Tread* Let Your Next Tires Be * GENERALS .Cost Mor* — WoHh More' MODINGER TIRE CO. | 1« K. Main Ph«M n»tj Save a Little- Have Much! Life ln«(ir«nc« li a fortuaa . . .' and whether a, policy h mnilut or small, everybody buy* It c« th« Installment plan. E. H. (Eddi.) Ford Lynch BiOUaf ' rhonei Boi. 2S11- •«. tin !t*2 Lnnwrate fit. MythntU* General American Lit* Im. Cat. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquelld Wottr Proofing KrhW 12-4S inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced ji,^ \> ' H .*•'., i_,-a< •'' Psceola-Tilf and CULVIRT CO;' W» Delirer i ,'is; Pheae Ml PEERLESS CLEANERS Now Hcailinmrlers For Gimrnntced • Kug Cleaning * Curtain Cleaning Dial 2433 Hfi S. Franklin SI. RADIO REPAIR 1 AND, J. DAY SKRVIO* Off AI«f MAKE OR MODEL. JKBLTABLIi: WORKMAHSHIF. PHONE 2642 We call for *nd FRED CALLI HAN Electrical ApplUnce Ge. AnthoriMd Afctora S*\f* and Scrrim IM South flnt St. CLUB 61 Open 6 Nights Orclirslra Krerjr Wednmdar ...... OPERATED BY GENE POWELL Dial 2231 For Fre« Deliver?; on £1] Slapk; and Fsncr Groceries Quality Meats Fresh Fryers (Live or Dressed)' Freeman & Henley GROCERY 2016 WMt M«in gt. Alfen Pickard't SHOE REPAIRSflRVlCt • Suppfcw • S*!**"'':****-* IAST iND 112 Lilly 1 A Stock Still & Young Motor Co: Lincoln AWcmy S47t MjliteiHte 'Ark.

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