The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 7, 1927 · 5
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1927
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CITIZEN PHONES Q. Hit CITIZEN. OTT.VXA. CXDA- Mil MAY 7, 1927. il lN GE Se- eon-hoe I all ped de-J of by tary the 500 of re Mr. anri , He: lich lout tver ion, tor- by bad 1ng fth Slid irss Celiac d tv- r B-r H.t n aCe e - h. ste h re to f a. I ftPPLICATION FOR i LEVEL CROSSING Board of Control Also Would Ask Ry. Commission for Order to Strengthen Wellington St. Viaduct. Eoard of control, at a special meet-ir.z yesterday afternoon, decided to recommend to city council that an ipp'ication be made to the Board of Railway Commissioners for na order allowing a 3eel crossing over the rail-r.ay tracks at Somerset Street bridge snd also lor an order apportioning tne cost of strengthening the Wellington street viaduct. For many moons there has been r-iany and varied discussions over the ned of improving the Somer ,el street bridge. The present viaduct is not vide enough to serve the street car, motor traffic and pedestrians. In addition the roadbed and the bridge ("nprafly has fallen into such a state of disrepair that it is considered dangerous. Plans for a wider and stronger bridge were first discussed. With the new Prince of Wales bridge completed, tne number of railway trains passing under the Somerset street viaduct has been greatly reduced. i For Through Traffic I If the Wellington street viaduct Is rengthened, the Ottawa Electric Pailway Company has agreed that it continue the Albert street line lever this bridge, using it for through taflic to the western part of the city. 5 his would considerably lessen the fruunber of street cars crosiir.e the t ulway tracks at Somerset street. For luese reasons. t"he board of control, backed up by the opinion of the com-ji.iL-sioner of works and Mr. Noulan Cauchon, technical adviser of the town planning commission, is of the f pinion that a level crossing will serve up purpose without great danger, I mat it can be carried through for I -,uch less money than a new bridge vould cost and that the adjacent Labor Bill Is Rejected For Third Time LONDON. May 6-For the third consecume session, the House of Commons today rejected the Labor bill for "prevention of unemployment." The vote was 177 to 112 against the measure. The bill provided that 10-000,000 be set aside annually for state enterprises such as reforestation and drainage, on which the unemployed could get work. The government maintained that the bill served no practical purpose which was not already being carried out. ! I I ' X. WITH THE BOY SCOUTS property would be greatly enlianced ir. value. If the railway commission permits 'a level crossing, it will be asived to apijortion the cost. It will also be a-'ked to apportion the cost for strengthening the Wellington street viaduct as among the city, the Ottawa : Electric Railway Company, and the ,s:eam railway companies. agreement between the city and the O. E. ! niv. provides that any time, com-, nencing this year, the company will etend its line over the Wellington i street viaduct if it is properly I strengthened. ! appeal'dismissed TORONTO, May 6. In dismissing I me appeal of Claude Moroughan from tne decision of the county judge of Frontenac requiring him to pay $1,-117.55 under the Unmarried Parents' Act, the Second Divisional Court de- I termines a point for which there is no (precedent and holds that the act ap-j plies even where the child is stillborn. I Inspector Donald Myre, of the Quebec Liquor Commission, who speaks several languages with facil- ! lty and whose work as court inter preter at ths last term of the criminal assizes was favorably commented upon by the presiding justice, has been privileged to receive the ap- I pointment again for this term. The Gurney will give you a comfortable home at the price others pay for chills 1 t k r hi THE QURNCV FOUNDRY COMPANY LIMITED v wiHMtPto Twtodia owTRa vswcotm Details are now being arranged whereby the Boy Scouts will have a definite part in the celebration of Canadas sixtieth birthday and scout leaders can expect detailed information in this respect shortly. Next week the scouts of Ottawa will assist in the appeal for support for the Protestant Orphans' Home by placing collection envelopes in the pews of the various city churches for this purpose. Today was the closing day for entries for the inter-scout troop soit-bail league and it is hoped to have the league in operation shortly. News of some of the troops and packs of Ottawa follows: 16th St. Luke's Pack. On Tuesday the 16th pacK held their annual supper and hobby show. The committee, under the able direction of Mrs. W. Gallichan, prepared a most delicious supper. Dr. Hollingsworth presided and called on the sixers to give an account of their work, other leaders also spoke briefly of the work of the pack. Hoyes Lloyd gave a most interesting talk on birds we can find in and about Ottawa and L. L. Johnson, acting executive secretary, also spoke using the Boy Scout movement as his subject for a really interesting and educational talk. The parents of the cubs were invited to inspect the work of the boys and the pack in charge of Cubmas-ter A. Ward and Assistant Cubmas-terter C. Mann gave a demonstration pack meeting for the benefit of the visitors. Second star cubs gave a display of first aid bandaging followed by a pleasing group of cub games by the entire pack. Hobby Show Winners. The prize winners for the hobby show were as follows: Birdhouses, 1 Tommy Barnes, 2 Frank Cowley; woodwork, 1 Kenneth Buckley, 2 Gerald Cheetham; collections, 1 Godfrey Sproule, 2 T. Barnes, 3 G. Sproule: paintings, 1 Lyall Maysley, 2 George Plummcr: drawings 1, Kenneth Buckley, 1 Jack Cook; cooking, (special) K. Buckley. 1 A. Tilley. 2 K. Buckley: candy, 1 Godfrey Sproule, 2 Jack Desmond. The judges were Mrs. J. B. Hol-lingsworth, Mrs. J. Wigmore, Mrs. W. Gallichan. Dr. J. B. Hollingsworth and J. Wigmore. 9th St. Barnabas Troop. Twenty-eight scouts were present at last Monday evening's meeting. W. A. Proctor, a former scoutmaster, presented a beautiful silver cup for monthly competition between patrols. Scoutmaster E. H. Day, on behalf of the troop, thanked Mr. Proctor for his kindness and the scouts showed their appreciation by giving three lusty cheers and the troop yell. John Gill was introduced to the troop as a new member and will be trained by Patrol Leader Stanley Williams and his second. Prank Marshall. Scoutsmaster Milling from Copenhagen, Denmark, was a most welcome visitor to the troop and gave a brief address in which he told of the world's jamboree for scouts which was held at Copenhagen in 1924. i S out Miekie Read was proer.'ed nth his first class badpe. while Cohn McMillan received his second cla.-? badse a little later. : i Patrol leaders gave instructions and troop games were conducted I with enthusiasm. An interesting i teat-ire of the program was the .qualifying for the entertainers badg; , by Scout Ainslec Huber, when he entertained the troop for twenty mm-1 utes in first cla.s s'yle. 1st Ottawa Sea Scouts. The recent musical comedy "Jacks the Boy'' produced by the troop has . proved so successful that it has been ; decided to show it again at a later . date, probably about June 10th and the j boys intend to devote half of their j weekly meetings to rehearsals in ' order to keep the show in shape. I They have evolved a ticket selling ; ; scheme w hich will not only add a j ' goodly sum to troup f unds but will j i enable other troops to add consider- ! j ably to their funds for this summer's j j camp. ! ! Owing to the recent concert very : little troop work has been done late-; ly, but one thing is now definitely announced: For the past year and a j half the troop has been working on j a "Watch" system, an.l the results j i have shown a decided tendency to break away from scouting. From j now on the troop is working on the system as laid down in "Seamanship j and Scouting for Boys", the English i Sea Scout Manual, w ith rovers and i patrols instead of mates, watches and boat crews. This system will not again be changed and boys and parents can be assured that real scouting will be carried on. After consultation with the troop committee the scoutmaster announces that all boat work, with the exception of the annual ten day cruise, will be carried out on the waters of the Rideau or Lower Ot- j tawa. and parents are assured that i no boat will be allowed afloat unless I a competent scout leader is in charge. It is expected that Assistant ! Scoutmaster V, C. Webb will again j take charge of the ten day boat : cruise. As the first Sea Scouts will not, tinder any circumstance, do regular j boat work on the Upper Ottawa, it :3 j possible that a second Sea Scput troop composed o two or three of j the first with the balance new mem-I bers. may be formed with summer i headquarters at Britannia under one of the present assistants of the first j troop. This question will be discussed at the next meeting of the court I of honor and if it appears practical will be submitted to the executive of the local Scout Council for their approval. 27th Kiwanis Troop. Saturday afternoon about fifwsen of the scouts ?nd cubs assembled at the club and, under A.S.M. Buntlin, hiked to Hogg's Back, when ten of the boys passed their cooking tests and six qualified in their fire-lighting tests. Several action pictures of the boys were taken during the hike and will show them busily engaged at the various tests mentioned above. The scouts were instrumental in extinguishing several grass fires which they discovered while en route. SCOUTER. LARGE DONATIONS ARE NEEDED TODAY TO AID THE BLIND BIRDS MAINTAIN HIGH STANDARD IN CONTEST Total Eggs to Date. However. Lower Than Last Year. a-eVeitch son- DIRECTORS OF FUNERAL SERVICE Phone Sh. 202 Make it a Point to Say si GINGER ALE Unequalled' 'for. flavour 'and zest Made by O'Keefe't Beverates, Limited, Toronto v i j CIVIL SERVICE COLUMN I Local Distributors: ONTARIO BEVERAGE COMPANY. i "Here's Your Ice, Lady" The cheerful daily from our ice men, and you liki to hear it. Because our ico keeps your food from spoiling, it keeps the baby's milk cold and fresh. When you ha"e guests, you can serve pleasing iced drinks. You need us m sickness, too. Are we servng ;ou? ICE Phone Your Orders Npw to Any of These Dependable Dealers I.). U. Cowan & Sons . . . . 1 2J7 Hunk Street. C 67 Uvpimic Ice C ...'.Til CamiMiers Axe, OGTtJ 0. E. Kingsbury 1US Percy Slrert. S. 2bl Hector Laflcur Hull, 1'.. ' S. JOT; J. F. Leonard llurdinnu ' Hiidge. K, 30.yjV V. Monettc Hull, P.Q. , 'J4(j Ottawa Artificial fuc Co.. 15-37, Nicholas Street. R. iilS Ottawa Pure Ice Supply. 117 Nelson Street. R. 4IK5 Polar Ice Co., Ltd .Ottawa South. C. 3MU Geo. Roy Eastvicw. R, 2211 Sabouriii Hros. & Henry .Hillings Hridvc ('. ISO Twin City I -c Co,, Ltd. ..5539 St. Andrew St. R. 503 C. Vaelion & Sons () CaiTulhcrs Axe, S. L'ti2 ICE SAVES FOOD (CONTRIBUTED) Some weeks ago we called for particulars of service from those senior cierks who had on regrading been classified as Grade III. The particulars desired were: nature of duties now performed, nature of duties performed when originally promoted to senior clerk. Have these duties in any v.ay changed since regrading? Dates of appointment and promotion and salary range to which it is possible to go (i.e. to $1,680, or in the case of the audit clerks, to $1,740). There are, we know, some four f hundred or more of these individuals who have been regraded as Grade III but to date not more than approximately two dozen have taken the trouble to send in to the secretary, Mr. V. L. Lawson, the particulars esked for. There is a trite old saying that "The Gods help him who j helps himself." The executive coun-i til of the association are willing at ; all times to assist any group or I groups who have been unfoitunate, j but we have the right to expect that j they will be at least willing to pass i f.long the information which will en-1 able our committees to work intelli- ecntly in their behalf. It is an unfortunate fact that many who have real grievances and who do not mind voicing them to their fellow workers are very reticent in coming forward with their troubles to the quarter where they can be sure of receiving a proper appreciation and where no stone will be left unturned in the effort to obtain redress. It is. however, useless calling on High Heaven to witness their woe unless they take measures to be sure that the voice of their complaint is heard In the proper tiuarter. So we can only say "come over with the goods" and we will do our best to help you. We hae before us the report of the organizing secretary, Mr. Elder I'raser. and quote Item 2. thereof: The following departmental branches have not been heard from: Health Dept.. Elgin building. R. L. Lawrence: Interior: Lands Patents. Nornte building. Mr. Currie, and I Topographical Surveys, Labelle build-1 Ing. C.E. Jones; Labor, Regal build- ing. V. C. Phelan: Marine, Hunter i building, M. H. Hughes; National ; Defence. Daly building, A. C. Chacl-,Twrk: Printing and Stationery. , Printing Bureau. E. J. LaRochelle; 1 Senate, Parliament Buildings, W. J. O'Neill; Justice, East Block, Mr, O'Lrary. , It to. of, superfluous to make much comment on this report, the 'report f.pcHks for lUclf the least taid the better. We would, however, sk the various representatives mentioned to at once oblige by getting - in touch with the organizing secre-I tary. He is ever ready to give Ins j rssistanre in remedying any undesirable state of affairs. We can, how. iever, thank those gentlemen and ladie whose rrturnx have been prompt and by whose endeavor we ore able to ivmre the service at large that thm year we have doubled our membership, Thto 1. of enurne, It should be tnd we hone before the end of the yrar fo be able to report much greater gains. Mr. Shaw of the Post OfTlM dr. partnient. now report approximately 200 members and with return to come from the above mentioned branches our tale of membership !hould be greily increased. We cannot urn too strongly that fill Miould recogntre the necessity of iuvmninif tin high level of mem. tenhip. We hsve msny things yet to rcoinpli--h. civil rrwe eouncih. further amendment to the ftupersn mmtiwi An and the ronnideraiinn ef itrr'mn ielwincstion, here error of classification appear to have been made on the reclassification of 1919. These matters will be greatly assisted if the association has the moral support of a high percentage of membership and the importance cf these items should not be minimized because salary revision is now an accomplished fact A. R., chairman publicity, C.S.A. of Ottawa. CADET OFFICERS' ANNUAL BANQUET Major-General MacBrien Says Criticism of Training Has Had Good Effect. "The bond of military service is one if the strongest that can hold men together," declared Major-Gen. J. H. MacBrien speaking before oiiicers of I isgar and Glebe Collegiate, Technical School and LaSalle Academy cadet corps at their annual banquet held last night at the Daffodil Tea Rooms. Major-Gen. MacBrien told his audience that cadet training was a splendid thing not only from the standpoint of training youni men to defend their country in case of necessity but also from that of developing responsible citizens. Speaking of the criticism to which tne cadet movement lias been treated recently, he said that it would do good. Already people who have never before shown interest In cadets are beginning to make inquiries, and if the eiiticism keeps up it is honed that ihe government grant to the movement may be Increased next year. Cadet Battalion Commander A, W. Iieall, In calling for a toast to Maj.-Gcn. MacBrien, drew attention to the fact that it was the last occasion on which he would be with the cadets and thanked him on behalf of all t-iosc present for the splendid help and support he had given to the movement. Others who spoke were: Ce.l. R. H. Hill, head of the District Cacet Serv ice; Lieut. W. V. B. Riddel, who read a telegram expressing the r.iets of ;C'apt. Heron who could not be present: Dr. S. J. MncLean. Capt Lrilx lie of tnSallc Arademy; ur. A. H. McDoug-all, principal the Collegiate Institutes, 'r;nd Lt. Col. W. S. Wood of the 38th battalion. A telegram was read to the gather-I ig expressing the regrets of MaJ. U. C, Wlieatlcy who as unaoidably nb'-ent. ! Toast i were proposed by Cadet Bott. Comm. A. W. Beall. Lieut, H Cainp-!lcll. Adj. n, Lcacock. Lieut. Emerson ('gllvir. and Cadet Comm. M-Kntght, i nil of the Ll.'gar Collegiate. Lieut. J. IP. Valiquct was toastmaster. The arrangement of the banquet I was In charge of a commute? eoni-(0'ed of the following: Pre,., Lieut. J. P. Vallquet; Vlee.pres.. R. H Wld- ihflrld, Comm. Musketry CITlrer; I See.. Lieut. K. Francis; Lieut. U. lilalr, bieui. I , Miner. B.C. MINISTERS ARE i EXONERATED BY REPORT ! VICTORIA, B.C., May - Mr, MuMne Morrison lias subrnttl'd to i His Honor the Lieutenant Governor, an Interim rriKirt in (lie mn'ter of :he finuthier charge, recently invest Hated bv him, ronipie'elv eion- tatlng the Hon W. It. Sutherland, minister of public uniks Inr ftritwh Columbia, and the Hon .1 A Hick-(hant, sprsncr of the legkTstuic, Campaign Officers Feel Discouraged. But Still Feel There is Hope For Vast Improvement in Situation. Bci'er weather helped the cam-paii,.i for the blind yesterday. The collecting stations returned considerably larger sums than on Thursday. As torn pared with the firt two days of the campaign of 1923. however, the results made it quite clear that only ery large reecipts today can bnr.g the final total within many thou, a ads of dollars of the objective. The execu'ive officers are therefore discouraged. Nevertheless, they feel that there is still time for a vast improvement of the situation. The receipts for the day were loughly calculated last night to have been S2.000. With $2,300 on the first day, this brings the total up to $4,-300. Special Donations. Special contributions yesterday were as follows: $150-Mrs. E. C. Whitney. $100 Mrs. Dorothy Hardy. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wilson, T. Ahearn, T. Frank Ahearn. $30-Ru.ssell Blackburn. $25 Mrs. John Huckell, Dr. F. H. Leggatt, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Matthews, John P. Crerar, Mrs. Denis Murphy. $20-Hon. Judge Wells, Mrs. C. H. ! Pin'iey. ! S15-A. H. Jarvis. , $10 Lyle Rcid, G. F. Hodgins, D. i M. Finnic, H. F. Hunt, Mrs. It. F. ! Hunt, H. A. Plant. I $5 N. F. ,Ballantyne. Dr. A. H. j Armstrong, Miss M. A. Miller. W. de ! C. Topley. His Lordship Bishop ! Roper, G. F. Desbarats. ! Additional Workers. In addition to the collecting sU- j tions and their staffs already publish- , ed are the following: i Fourniers Stewarton United j Church. Mrs. Fred Ferguson, conven- : er; Mesdames S. McDonald, S. Gib- I son. T. E. Armstrong, A. A. Johnston, j J. G. Ellard. E. J. Pearce, J. Reid j and J. A. Hardy. Theaters Regent, Keiths, Center and Capital, Junior Auxiliary of the Protestant Women's Federation, Miss Mina McLeod Stewart, convener; Misses E. Golding, M. Ralph. Ma.-y Craig. Dorothy Cope, E. Chambers, M. Cramp, F. Beaton, E. Wakely, D. Mills and O. Werk. Hintonburg Rosemont United Church, Mrs. J. E. Gobeil, convener; Mesdames A. E. Bullman, Kirk-patrick, B. Bruce, Duncan, Barker, Gillespie, and Misses Mabel Council and Marjorie Robinson. Ottawa South Trinity Anglican Church, Miss Laura B. Morris, convener; Mesdames Leitch, Dow, Hapten Kilcoldie, Tormey, Edith Morris and Misses K. Ide. Bowles Lunch, Rideau street Mrs. Robert Dorman, convener: Mesdames Frank Stevens, W. H. Cochrane. J. E. Thompson. A. Wiggans, A. Eales, C. B. Shannon, and Misses Florence Lawson, Lillian McBain. Evelyn Mc-Corkell, Margaret Dorman. Bessie Dawson, Evelyn Jones and Jessie Mcintosh. Offices, Sparks, Bank and Queen streets Catholic Women's League, Mrs. E. J. Cousineau and Mrs. Slater, conveners; Mesdames W. J. Quinn, J. Daly, John McDonald. Conniffe, N. Guy. S. W. Asselin, W. H. Kilgour, H. F. Clark, W. G. Hughson, J. B. Losty, Lagimodiere. J. Curry, Lewis, J. McDonald and Robinson. Imperial Theater Catholic Women's League, Mesdames J. A. Hawley, John McDonald, Charles Fever and Misses Anna Harvey, Noreen Hawley and K. Gleeson. C. N. R. Ticket Off ice B'nai B'rith, W. A. Lodge No. 62, Mrs. M. B. Mar-gosches, convener; Mesdames H. Rosenes, A. H. Caplan, W. G. Livingston and L. Robertson, Misses Bertha Sigler and Dorothy Dover. Hintonburg St. Mathias Anglican Church, Mrs. W. F. Garland, convener; Mesdames Peter, Bradley. John Smith. Christie. Bassctt, Perks. Harmcr. and Misses Edith Merrill and Edith Shepherd. Murphy-Gambles Dominion United Church, Mrs. James Davey, convener; Mesdames McPherson, Hughes and I. B. Baker. Dominion Stores Dominion United Church, Mesdames M. Merrill and Gauvreau. Hintonburg Parkdale Avenue Baptist Church, Mrs. Haskins, convener; Mesdames J. Allison, A. Hamilton, I. McRae, W. Earles, and Misses Jean McRae and Bertha Fos-tcr. Civic Hospital-Mrs. C. C. Smith. TRIAL OF rTlEFEBVRE IS NOT YET CONCLUDED ! The 2fi ,-. weekly report of the Eighth Canadian Ess Laying Contest bring, to a the first half of the years work. i The high M;,r.c:ard recently reached ;is being maintained, and altliouan I the past week s fig.ires were slightly lower, the present vieid which is 71.4 ler cent, is on a level with the best reMiKs of last year. Production to di'e in this content is still considerably behind last year s figures. Egg weights show improvement upon those of the previous contest. At this time last year there were only eleven pens that could claim an average of 24 oz. eegs tor the first six months, there are more than double that number this year. The number of" birds with blanks increased this week, the cause being broodiness in pome cases. ' Excellent team work took place this week and a large majority of th--pens scored over fifty eggs each. Six pens reached or passed the sixty mark, some of these earning point ! totals that show ed egg weights to ; average well over 24 oz. to the dozen. 1 The heavy breeds returned the best seven day results, the Barred Rocks siar.oir.e f:r t. fre points ahead ci ,tr.e R.Mde Island P.edJ, with ihv ' Wh.tft Leghorns ne:;t. i The White Leghorn? continue to ifceip an e,y lead in the rcuits "o j date, and this week the Barred t Rocks secured the second place a i pouit ai.d a hall the bene: oi ti.e ! Black Lezhorr.s. I The individual lead is held tv the ! White Leghorn No. 569 in the lead ing pen. and Barred R-xk No. 190 m the second pen follows very' cioseiv half a pouit behind. Hie t-xr scores are 1545 points 143 cgs, and 154.4 points 145 eggs. Ontario Contest. Half the year s work ot the Seer.'li Ontario E?g Laying Contest is completed wi'h many of the pens making lapid progress with th-ir record.-.. The number of eprs recorded during the past week showed some falling off, but with only twehe ot the four hundred birds failing to makt-returns, the yield was kept over the seventy per cent. There was a decided decrea.- in the number of underweight eggs this week and only 3& could not be given credit. j The point totals to date are show-I ing a decided improvement in egg ; weights when compared with the 'same period of the previous contest. The present number of pens that have eggs that average over 24 oz. to the dozen is thirteen against only nine last year at the same tune. This week's best pen result came frnm the Rarrprf T?.nelrs Thp White ! Leghorns were next best scorers and the White Rocks thud. The Barred Rocks stand first and -econd with the bet results in tr. to date and the White Leg-horr.s are next The Wlute Wyandotte hoH fourth plate, Barred Rock No a5 in the leading pen hold Ur-r piace amongst the best mdividu- . als to date. Her score u, 169.8 point for 141 eseat which is 23 points better than the next, bn-d. White Leghorn No. 554. MOTHER AND BABE ARE SUFFOCATED TO DEATH 1 Gas Heater Consumed Oxygen in Closed Room. LONDON. Ont . May 6 Mrs. Albert; Marshall and ner three-' veeks-cld infant were sufiocated in their nr.r.e here today. Their bodies ' vere iound by the husband and father when he returned home from i work. I Windows and dcors in the room ; here the bodies were found were i closed and a gas heater was burning. : Doctois bchee the heater had ccn-i sumed the oxygen in the atmosphere ! and that they were overcome, dyini i cf suffocation. j The mother had evidently just fin ished Datning me uaoy ana us carefully powdered body was about to be clothed. The baby's body lay on a couch and Mrs. Marshall's was found on the floor beside it. Action Arises Out of Collision of Autos. Although court sat until six-thirty last evening In an effort to conclude the trial of Rosario Lefebvre, charged at the Hull Criminal Assizes with causing bodily harm to Walter Scarf, this city, by wantonly driving an automobile, it was found impossible. All the witnesses were heard and the addresses by counsel to the Jury w ill be proceeded with this morning, after which court will adjourn until Monday, when the case of Edwin Rout-hffe, of Aylmer. charged with having stabbed Darcy Barnes at Val Tcteiau last winter, will be taken up. 1 The case arises out of an accident which occurred Inst Christmas morning, when, while Wallace Scarf war. driving a car containing the complainants on Maisonneuve street, Hull, cn route to Uallnrau Point, an- j other car driven by the accused, charged into them '. the intersection ! of St. Laurent street. The result wao that W. Gaudry. passenger in Letebvre's cur, suffered a broken left foot, and consequent amputation of the member, whlln Mm, Scarf was blinded in one eye, and Mr. W. Scarf wan Injured. for the nrurectition, Waller Scarf alleged that the car driven by Ic-febvre was travelling at a speed of forty miles an hour, did not ilow up at the intersection, and was on the wrong tide of the mad. During the evidence It was established that Wallace Bcarf, driving the Ford car, had not a hcen.'c to do so. Lefebvre in his own defenre, admitted that he had been driving his car at a speed of sbout twonty-fivc miles n hour, and that Scarf wm driving at about the iame siired, He Mild thev boih arrived at the inter, tection of the two streets at the ?m time, and the collision had resulted frnm Hcarf not giving him the righ' nf way, Me denied thut he had been on his wrong td. CANADIAN DEPARTMENT STORES LIMITED $10,000,000 Buying Power Successors to A. A. FOURNIER, Ltd. 22-Siores--22 THE OTTAWA LINEN HOUSE ! HOME FURNISHINGS and LINENS FOR MONDAY RAG MATS, $1.95 Size 36 x 72 Designs suitable for bedrooms or bathrooms. These are washable rugs, made from sanitary rags, plain centers with colored borders; finished with cotton fringe in hit or miss design. DRAPERY CHINTZ (Guaranteed Washable.) Quality colors and designs suitable for drapes, cushions, etc. This material has been laundered before leaving the factory and is guaranteed tub fast. oti" Priced al, yard 59c " ' 75c Scotch Madras Excellent quality Madias, made by John Brown Co. Lattice and floral centers with scalloped, plain edges or fancy borders. 45" w-ide. KQrt Priced at, yd DsC Window Blinds In perfect running order. White, cream and green complete with fittings. Size 36" f'Ci x 6'. Each ." OiC FIRST 39c Colored Voile 100 vds. only in colors of blue, rose and gold. This material is suitable for bath and bedroom drapes. 36" wide Per yd. ... Feather Pillows These are made of genuine goose leathers and choice down, encased in strong striped ticking. Sizes 17" x 25" and 20" x 26". Price range, S2.75, $3.95, S5.50 and S10 FLOOR. IRISH LINENS JOHN S. BROWN'S TABLE CLOTHS $6.95 Size 2x2. Worth $9.00, for , Genuine double damask satin finished cloths of pure Irish linen; with finished pattern in floral design. JOHN S. BROWN'S LINEN TEA CLOTHS Size 45" x 45", (J1 QQ Worth $2.98, for .. !)6OU Of heavy quality plain linen, snow white plain, hemstitched, hand mitred corners. MAIN Embroidery Linen Irish Manufacture. Round thread, suitable for all sort of fine embroidery work, also tea cloths. 36" wide. ptn Worth 98c. Per yard OJC HUCK TOWELS ti u Pure Linen, Hemi-bleached, pure linen, ready hemmed. Sreek border with space for initial. O for Size 17 x 32. Worth 59c each FLOOR 2for75c- CAN. DEPT. STORES, Ltd.-Bank St., at Laurier Ave. hp The Picture Described vou can In ll nlctun ihimii Mur unit tnd art Holdini Hindi, at Mari n fruli havi alwayt dnn. Fred hai been tthlmirlni it nothinit I. Mary. hich prmu Marjr to ramark; "Btauty It anly akin dat." Frtd raaii.t Wall, luit htt den Frad raaly that makai Miry imil7 Tmra ara tli ordi in (h rapl. IfM (rant of numbtri rapminla a word. Numdar Alpbabet (mm A 1o t. A li N. I. n.i, c i, and a. .a. Ida firn ward U "Tbt"i II It praptrly apalt, Tha tint lallir .1 Ika .thrr wardi It Id It proper plafa but tha rrmainii lanr ara ffiipiaatd., Caa you tolva Fradi rtplr Rules of Conteit 1 Uia Huar. thaat at .agar ad pta tnd Ink! rit. an ana alda a paptr aoly. 2 Writ, y.ur nana tad tddratt .a lop RIM. band ..mar lilala obtinar Mr. Mri, ar Muti, Wrrta .am. tad data at tbla ati-papar at la laft.naad earaar. Writ, y.ur aaar la lb. ail da It ( papar, Nutbina alt. thauld apaaar .a tha paptr. If yag ub la pay taythmi alia, pia anethir anaat. 4 rnaloytn at ATLANTIC MILII and tktlr rriatitat ara barrid (ram thlt aaatait. $ naly Out aalry ill bt atttpttd (fa a bevtataid IrTpNOTE Any person who - T solves 4 or moro words correctly will receive an 1M-MEDIATE award in addition to any other prize they may win. $1,500 Cash in Prizes lt Pri tl.OUtl tlili alb Fun 1 u Ct'h 2nd Prut I 20 Cob fmn $m at. ISO Cub 3' ftm I 7S Ca-b 30 Prim n at . IU0 Ctib Not a Selling Contest veu win. pomtivuv not ec askfo n Mil ANYTHING FOK US lit ors.r to ,a any .( Iba Bi Caib Print afltrtd auavt. Wbta wt Kealya your aalry, tta ill adilia you nf Iba a.mbar al poind yo. baa t""'' anil art you to maka a tmtll lampia purchaia af ur foadt, hib ard aot aicard t", YOU 00 NOT OBLIGATE V'lllRHflF TO DO ANYTHINQ FOP! lib BV btNOINfl IN AN ANSWER TO THIS PUZllt. It totlo a1hia la aaad la aa aalry. "AtlanticMaid" Contest Oar abltrt la haldlnl (bit Cantatt bad aitlat prim amauatlni to II.SOO aab It I. furthtr ad.trllit aur trada aama "ATLANTIC. MAlO " Tbara ara mil many aommunitm la Canada antra "Atlantic-Maid" taadt btt not yat baan laid. Wt tt to raarb tboia aammuoltiat ed fiva tha aanpia tha oaportuaily al lindmt out ar thamitlyii thai Iba aama "Allantia.Maid ' ataada (ar Uniform H.H Quality tambiaid oi.b rttitntllt Prictt, t THIS AOVESTIMallNT MAY NOT ArPIAP. AfAIN S Rush Your Answer To-day Send Stamp for Reply js Atlantic Mills, Dept 206 145 Wellington St. W., Toronto 2. Ont. 511 I -- t -'"t 5 4 1 A

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