The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on July 2, 1925 · 12
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 12

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1925
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THK CITIZEN; OTTAWA, CANADA. THCRSDAY, t, 1125 t WffKiipPENINr IN W ft ME ITS RRH H I ii uxii u ii n i i until u in iivmun u .... ":: -:: Phone Queen 5500 -re-:- -:o:-SOCIAL-AFFAIRS OF THE HOME AND CLUB S1LVMI WADDING. Mr. and Mrs. Wl'G. Hueston. on the evening of Juns iOth, celebrated the silver anniversary f their niar-1 riage by a imn family3 Kathering at their home. Carlshad. Spring. : Mr. iand Mrs. Hueston ee!o.lrafed tte j event surrounded bjl,.tlieir children and relatives, and wfcr'the renpi-j ents of congratulation from a large I number of friend.s. Xtr-l and Mrs 1 Hueston are well-known nd highly J efteemed by a large cirfeleof friends. I , They were married in 1900 at the hride's home, Kaufman's Springs. I Mrs. Hueston before thsdr marriaa couple received many beautiful tf-xiu.rftnn pmtv presented lo them in a carnage,.',;e rimfntH vrm g ".i.cicu u, nine rjciiy in i Ottawa, who was dressed as a bri.le. jj Music was enjoyed bv all, and clur-j ing the evening a delicious buffet supper was served. I'OIt MISS MoCOXXKLL. f Musci Vyy .JlcNec, -Vivian An- n "ntHf :-Helena sritt,. . jr.r ijlnt hosfe?es at 'i'd'elightfuily ar-f r.'nged shower in honor of Miss Ks-ftlle McConnell, a. member, .-of -trh .' graduating class IS'20.' of tlie T.aJv - S nnley Institute Wiiose approaching ! nrriage takes .laqc. ne. month. . i he shower was -fffld ar tire home VoT Mrs. J. Humphreys, 1? Lioyd ft,-. - 1'he following ,i ere present: Miss r. MeConneli; Mu-j'J. Biyth, 3 Vnt-'.ei:tr(l, M. . .Slinn,.. C. -Stewart,-, A. ';ftM5S, M. rwrrflig. M.' Kliaver,' M. r.fngram, M. l.nwc. I. McKadden, M; Ronell. I.. Craig. M. Scott, I,. Mac-f.wen. M.Mc. . ljekfs, I Mill?, J A. Xesbiit, "J." Humphreys. Mc Ccnnell, Ilodgins, V. Anderson. IF. Bromley Mrs. Willctte. SJXEV SHOWiRv, v f i Mr. ami Mrs. K. P. McLean enler--tvtird si their home to a delightfully arranged linen shower in honor ;of Mi9y-K1Jir' .Jarillne.Dfie of '".the month's -irfdes.i The bride-elect , re-Cri-ed many beautiful gifts. Tho' ; present were: itesen-'Ar-Bottrleiei-M. I Bull, M. Jj.isnyU.on, J-t Kd. A.. tOi'i :rlinal, fi."XfJr; J. Jani'ieson M -' Stanley. H. Gillen, T. Bla!s...K.-.InTi Kram. G. Erawley, C. Ittoque. B.', I-efaultXi-aviJ,, JftLafcinUiWji', 1-a Salle,f "C.Lamarche. Eeaitlt, S. 1 Criheoti," "J?. AVilson; 'B,.'Bcpriir, L. i Eiey, I. McLean. Mis Doxev. J ---BRtlK-.ErPATITr. "' ; Mrs-Jte-i3ct,4f' -Wr-VtT!rtntai' "was" the guest of honor at an enjoyable brhgTrnd TiinH-fdng nartv. of which toer-tr- MrMJ. 'Onlarrt, a nostcssnrffTtercT wffTr a sUver basinet of Columbia roses and pink candjes. the tea table was presided over by Mrs. B. Pearl and Mrs. M. Max, while Mrs. N. Stein and Mrs. H. Cooper cut the ices. They were assisted by Misses Lessie and Meriani (."apian. Ida Alexander of Baltimore, Ethel ?Wener, Pauline Gould, Anne Slonemsky and Goldie I.evine. Perth and Smiths Falls Assist Each Other In Old Home Weeks. SMITHS FALLS, Ont., July 1 Ail roads ar leading to Perth from this district on Friday this wek, which Js Smiths Tails' day at Perth k Old Heme Week. Mayor Arwfcvson has proclaimed Friday "afternoon a loeaj holiday and a monster 'parade of cars and citisens headed by Smiths Falls band, nill fornt at noon to go ta the county town. ISpJendid horse races are an attraction- there Friday and Saturday and., local horsemen and horses-are figurine in the snorts. In view- of Smiths Fails" Old Home Week, a month lateiS ftttn-dreds of citizens from this fowh- as well as former Perth bovs and trh, are joining; in the festivities at Perth, which town is going to reciprocate in like manner, old Home week committees of Perth and Smiths Falls have been working in conjunction with one another for several weeks. PASS FINAL EXAMS. FOR ACCOUNTANCY MONTREAL. Julv 1. Results of examinations held recently by the (Jenerat Accounts' Association were announced here today. The lollow-ing passed their final examina'ions anu are quamied to receive certificates as certified general account-snts: C. B. Osborne, Winnipeg; J. Callaghan, Ottawa: K. IS. Pendcck and A. J. Willsnn, Montreal; H. L. Gillson and G. ('. Kh.irne Toronto: and J. C. Moreland and Jf. J. White, Hamilton. The following members .iav passed the intermediste examlns tions and are eligible to fit fur the finals: C. E. Millar. RrockviHe: K. Eagleson, A. Hutchison, I W:. Win ter and r. II. Pje, Toronto: .l.-1r waiters and j. j. Conwav. llamll. ton; and II. C. Eastman, IVlndor. KEADLIGHT GLARE . CAUSE OF' SMASH Mr. D. C. Dewar. 17 McDonald street, suffered a deep gash on the forehead and was injured about" the mouth when she was thrown- from sn auto which struck a" pole On' the Aylmer road on Sunday night. Mrs. Dewar, her daughter. Mrs. G. S. John&ton, and Mr. Herbert .Chambers, were travelling towards the city, when the glare -of -the ifad-' lights of an approacMng auto blinded Mr. Chambers so tlia't his car ran off the road and struck the post. Mrs. Dewar was thrown put. The other two occupants of the car were not Injured. SUMMER IS KODAK TIME Let us help you Keep trie story of Viappy hour. Quality Finishing I ; Fresh Films . Kodak. Brownies Amateur Supplies P.S. That Graduation Diploma should bo 'framed NOW! PITT A'WA Y.JARVI S Limited ' : SSI BANK BTREEK I . " UIDI.M? fcTRFFT 1SVAUD (Seo.B.BimiQy Son FUNERAL b.Mf S0!fERSET STREET Kodak Filrrt-take along an extra roll of the dependable film in the yellow box. We have your size. ' PHOTOGRAPHIC STORES MMITI'.D 66Sari-Steet i, i '" ' " 1 Never Before In Ottawa Were So Many Distinguished Persons From All Parts 0f Empire Gathered In So Small Space '. 1 r i , Happy Associations When Guests At Prime Minister's Garden Party Are Forced By Showers To Congregate In Limited Area of Refreshment Tent. Earl and Countess Haig Among k ' at the Central I held yesterday afternoon, by Hi. Hon. W. I,. Mac-J kenzie King and Hie members of the Government of Canada in honor of the delegates from the British West Indies, conimepoed. on the lawns, hut concluded in the marquee. Showers, though light. wre sufficient to 'detain the majority of 'those-iiiviied, hut the few who were present were favored with happiest associations. Perhaps neTer gathered in Ortswa in so small a space as the refreshment tent of yesterday wer there so many distinguished people eepresentative. of all parts of the tmpire. Pi-Jilnptlv at four o'clock. P.t. Hon. Mr. Kilig. .with Mrs. George I'. Graham, Mr: J. A. Rohli. and Mrs. .lanie -MM.rdock. formed the reception line, and guests were presented, the British West Indian delegation, with Iheir. wives, standing nearby and rneeling many of those attending- -,- 'IToil. G:' P. Graham. Hon. .lames Murdock. Hon. .1. A. ftobh. and Hon. W. P.. Motherwell also assisted in th'- ffreetings. Mrs. Graham was wearing a gown of black satin with braid emhroidenes and. trimmings of J.due. crepe, and she wore a black ci-Ape-bat-. Mrs. Mtirdock was in a cream (loth suit with cream straw Viat .trimmed with touches of black, and frVftohb wa.f wearing a gown rftf.lsc'k- and whiie'flgiired silk and n'white hat. Miss' "Florence Kield-1n.' who was also present, was In pale gray -ctepe and a black hat. Ji. the. West Indiarr party of ladies wei-e noticed Mi s. William ' Wilson. of Jamaica, who was in a black .pussy.wUluw a large black Jiat, and she vorjt a red scarf. Mi's." Tfarcourt Malcolm, of N'assau. lb" Speaker, of the Assembly of Tie Bahamas, was in figured BWaetttDl pastel.hjidef.. and she wore a Spanish shawl wrap, also in bright tones with a mohair hat of a beige shade. Mrs. C. Tjouglas-.lones. of British Honduras, wife of (he Colonial Secretary, was in a blonde embroidered silk gown with n, cream hat and ostrich-ruff of tangerine shade. Mrs. Leacock, of the Bsrbadoes. 'wore a smoke gray embroidered dress of georgette and a large mohair hat of the same shade trimmed with velvet foliage. Miss Leacock. her daughter, wor ft cream crepe gown and a large mohair hat of a rose shade. Mrs. Ewen. of Kingston.- Jamaica, and Mrs. H. H. Hart, of Antigua, were also present, the latteRjn- a gown of georgette in an aralea shad, and she wore a cape of pleated black "He Deserves It, Naively States Countess Haig In Expressing Her Gratitude For Way City Showed Admiration For Her Husband Wife of. Ottawa's Distinguished Guest Delivers Charming V , Message Ta Women's Canadian Club. Says Her ; Heart Is Full From Reception Accorded Him. Urges Unity Among Women As Well As Men. Earl Haig ;ir TeJIs of Empire's Debt To Iu. Women. , . ; , .'- todestly disclaiming the right to address an audience because she felt she tiad not the talent, and was certain spe had not had the practtcs of oratory. Countess Haig, who, with her. husband, Field Marshal Earl Haig, was a guest of honor at the luncheon Tuesday at thq Chateau Laurier. of the Ottawa, Women's Club, delivered briefly a most womanly and charming message to over three hundred of th members of the club. ' - :-.. . Dressed in a simply designed gown of blonde silk and with a white straw hat, Lady llaig took scarce a second place to her distinguished soldier husband in attraction. Her voice is mild, but clear, and her manner most charming and unaffected. A brief speech als'v though the. program did hot sc-hetiure it, was made by Earl HhIb, VU like his wife, chose the keynote of unity for his remarks. Introduced by Mrs. Charles Thnr-burn, -th president. Countess Haig said: "First rf all I must apologize for my poor way of speaking. Do not judge the capabilities of our English lady speakers by my faltering words. I have' . hat no experience or practice, but last night I got a little en-c6urageriient op hearing that even your prime minister, whose words simply flowed in beautiful and sympathetic language, told me there was so much he wanted to say, and had not.. That will happen to me, too. but I fear I cannot produce the languase oyr prime minister gave us. In all the speeches be has made. , - He Deserves It. "My heart is so full just from the reception you. have given hiy husband and myself, and the simply overwhelming way you have shewn your tidmiratlon for him. By the way.-ho deserves it. Alst I do appreciate the words of your "president, bosa speech- was just, delightful. .'.'.Now I turn to the work ('one bv your women during the war and after. 1 frel sure It is such as ivbs done-iii England. lnde-ed fine. But. M Afu CARs DIRECTORS (Bnwtr, Bi & OVonr s.i Q ' 2300 f '" '" " - - the Guests. , georgette and a M.v k maline hat. Did Sm Object. " The gathering was honored by the distinguished presence-- of Kield Marshal Earl Haig and the Countess Haig. who. with the members of the British Empire delegation- to the Service League. arrived just after the showers commenced, and although under the marquee it seemed a bit crowded, yet none of the Oltawans present objected in ill least to being jostled in such eminent company. The Countess Haig was wearing a costume of a fawn shade with a foliage hat of orange and brown tones. . .The .band of. the. Governor General's Fool Guards dispensed delightful music even throughout the rainy hour, and this program as great!' appreciated. Among The Guests. Among others present were T.t. P.ev. J, C. P.oper, Bishop of Ottawa; Miss Poprr. Rev. Dr: Mever. of I.on don. England;. Mr. W. B. Snowball, M.P.. and Mrs. Logan. Mr. Hance Logan. MP., and Mrs. T.oaan. Miss Ifabel Armstrong. Mrs. If. A. Bowie. Mr. and Mrs. W.' H. Richardson, of Essex. Ont.: Mr. and Mrs. Rae Kichardson, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Mover. Mr. apd Mrs. G. Heidtvan, Mr. Clarence Jameson. Mr. and Mrs. A. Blue. Mr. W. J. Lynch. Mis Bessie Lynch. Miss Lilian O'Reilly, the Chinese Consul General and wife, the Japanese Consul General and Mrs. Matsunsga, the acting Belgian Consul General and Mrs. Gnosse. Mr, and Mrs. E. J. Walsh, Miss Walsh, Mrs. J. C. Saunders, Mis-ses Laura and Adele Saunders, Mr. and Mrs. D. K. Edwards, Major and Mrs. J. G. Parmalee. Mr. K. C. T. O'Hara. Miss Marian O'Hara, Mr, and Mrs. Charles A. Gray, Mrs. Hi-J. Clorsn, Mrs. I. W. Shepard. Mr. and Mrs. W. Gilchrist. Mr. and Mi's. G. J. Desbarats.. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sladen. Dr and Mrs. Pun-can Capbell Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Pavne, Senator and Mrs. J. G. Turriff, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Ward, Lady Pope. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald O. Parker, Mr. Nelson Porter, Mayor J. P. Balharrie and Mrs. Balharrie, Alderman Gerald Sims. Controller Tulley. and Mrs. Tulley. Mr. and Mrs C. S. Smith. Mrs. Madge Macbeth. Mr. Lyon. Mrs. Genevieve Lip-sett Skinner. Mrs. P. White, Mrs. Murray Whiting Ferris, of New Jersey, Mrs. J. G. Macphsil. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McLean. Mr. G. W. Kyte, M.P.. Miss Isabel Cummine, Miss Hazel Sherritt. Dr. .1. H. Grisdal and Mrs. Grisdale. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Srammell. Mr. W. Quayle. Miss Cummlngs, and others. why did they do it? Just for the men who fought for us. What a pleasure it is to feel we can do a little in this direction. The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club, here represented, I know, have worked very hard and are still continuing to do so. I have had a good deal of experience myself of various work, and I know, to gain real success can only be accomplished by working entirely, in co-operation with the men. : L'nily amongst, the women as well as the men. Is the only chance of helpim; those whom one wants to. And what an example our men give nr? Voluntary Sacrifice. "I believe It is wrong to mention names, but amongst all our own delegates every dsv- tine sees their sacrifices of time all voluntarily given. The chairman of our British Legion. Mr. Lister, very specially devotes any spare time to Legion work, and his wife, as well ns himself, pays the sacrifice of very little time to enjoy themselves. Also amongst our delegates we have the example of a blind officer. Captain Appleby. He wni not like my picking him out. but I do so' because he is such an inspiration. What he accomplishes traveling alone, all over the Empire, purely on Legion voluntary work: And perhaps he is more - accomplished than a sighted man in looking after himself. Do you know he is a beautiful packer'.' And as to his speeches, well, I have heard him. He just delights us all. "Lastly,- ladles, thank you so much for the lovely luncheon you have given us. and the kindly feeling around, that has helped me to say these few words." A brief address from Earl Haig was heartily applauded. "I. indeed." he .-!aid,"would be very churlish if after the cordial welcome accorded my wife and myself today, I did not say a few words of cordial thanks." The Earl told the members of the Canadian Club that he was pleased to meet these women of Ottaa. That i n Sunday 1 e had endeavored to d-Iner his thsnks to the men who fought in the war. but. at this gathering he was privileged to say a word of thanks to the women who sfnt their sons, husbands, and bro thers. ' The Empire owes its great ness to the spirit-given us by our mothers." he continued. in that strain which one might, expect from a son of a noble mother; "and it is a privilege to thank you personally. The feeling of unity is in the air. The ex-service men I meet all seem desirous to unite and form one large organization. Once formed, great things could be done, not only In, Canada, but throughout the Empire.' Ar.d If we could only carry the ladles witn it, how effective it would be! Could you not become affiliated or form a woman's section? After all we are one in spirit.- Dq. forgive me for being so bold as to offer this word of advice." With these quietly but forcefully expressed words. Earl Haig took his seat amidst heartiest applause. Among others sealed at the table of honor were Sir Robert and I-ady Borden, Lady I'erlev, Mavor J. P. Balharrie. Major General and Mrs. .1. II. Maclirien, Mrs.-George P. Graham. Mrs Charles Stewart, Mrs. James Murdock. Mrs. Arthur Meigh-cn. Controller Tulley and several of the officials of the Rritlsh Empire Service League, together with their wives. There were a number of In-vited guests, Included smong whom were the members of the entire delegation, la . .1 lie.. Ktxv Ice -League., and the membeis nf th.-rUth -West In dies delegation and their wlv At the conclusion ol the ptytiram, WEDDINGS TAYLOR SIX) VEIt. A pretty house wedding took,. place during the week-end at the home of the bride's mother, 667 King Edward avenue, when Miss Bertha Slover, daughter of the late Mr. H. Slover and Mrs. Slover, was united in marriage to. Mr. Samuel Taylor, son of Mr. and Mrs. TO. Taylor, of Montreal. The wedding ceremony, which was performed on the lawn, was officiated over by Rabbi L. Doctor. During the ceremony. Mrs. A. Plnco sar.g very sweet:. , "O Promise Me." Given in marriage by her brother, the pride was attended by her sister, Miss Eva Slover, as maid of honor, while little Miss Helen Finkelsteln. niece of the pride, made a winsome flower girl. Mr. Albert Taylor, brother of the groom, scted as best man. The bride looked lovely In an attractive gown of white reorgette beaded In pearls. Her tulle veil fell softly from a coronet of pearls and orange blossoms, and she carried a shower bouquet of roses and lilies of the valley, , . ; - Miss Slover wore a pretty frock of jade green flat crepe beaded in silver with silver hair bandeau, Her arm bouquet was of Columbia rbses. Little Miss Helen Finkelsteln wore an accordion pleated georgette dress and carried a basket of roses and sweet peas. Mrs. Slover, mother of the bride, wore a black beaded crepe gown with corsage of roses, and Mrs. Taylor, mother of the. groom, wore a gown of black flowered georgette and corsage of pansies. Following the ceremony dinner was served to about sixty guests, including the immediate relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor left for -New York. Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Going away the bride wore a handsome black' ensemble suit, the coat of which was trimmed with fitch fur. With this she wore a smart black hat. The groom's gift to the bride was a white gold wrist watch, and to the maid of honor' a handbag. The best man received a pair of gold cuff links. Among the out-of-town guests present were Mr. and Mrs. H. Gert-ler. Mr. and Mrs. D. Krupp, Mr. and Mrs. . E. Taylor. Mr. and Mrs. M. Slover. Mr. and Mrs. Silverman, Mrs. Shpritser, Mrs. Bonchick, Miss Lillian Lax and M. Schwartz, Messrs. Chas. Slover, Albert Taylor. M. Solomon, and Mr. Marks, all of Montreal, and Mrs, .',. Greenberg, New York. WINTERS MCDONALD. A house wedding of unusual charm and interest was solemnised at the home of the hride's parents. 74R Echo Drive. Tuesday at o'clock, when Jessie Stroud McDonald, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .T. Alfred McDonald, was married to Wilfred Elliott Winters, son of Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Winters. Rev. Dr. A. A. Cameron, a former pastor of the First Raptist Church, officiated and the wedding music was most delightfully played by Mies Myrlah Kendall, who presided at the piano. As the bride entered the hall, where the ceremony tool; place, the Bridal March from Lohengrin was played and at the conclusion of the service, Mendelssohn's Wedding March was effective. - The bridal party stood under archway trellised with greenery, which had been interspersed with clusters of ihe choicest peonies and snowballs. Accompanied by her father, who later gave her in marriage, the young bride was attended by her sister. Miss Agnes McDonald as maid of honor. Mr. Theodore Winters, a cousin of the groom, was best man. Sweetly simple in design was the bride's gown of ivory white crepe remain, 'he skirt w orked with fagot-ting. The long train of duchess satin, also in ivory white was embroidered in seed pearls and silk threads, and lined with palest pink chiffon. An heirloom veil of rare old lace, which had been worn by her mother on the day of her marriage, completed the bridal attire. The folds of the veilwere formed in cap effect on the head and encircled with a coronet of orange blossoms. A shower bouquet of Tose.buds. forget-me-nots and lilies-of-tbe-valley. ; A dainty frock of a deep azalea shade was worn by ihe maid of honor. A French bandeau was worn, and she carried a. bouquet of sunset roses, lilies-of-the-valley and maiden hair fern. Mrs. McDonald, mother of the bride, was in a gown of an oyster shade of georgette combined with lace, and she wore a corsage of crimson roses. MrsWinters, the groom's mother, wore a gown of deep blue and sapd-colored flat crepe, with sleeves of georgette and touches of real lace. .V small black hat was worn and a corsage of crimson roses and lilies-of-the-valley. Mrs. A. A. Cameron, grandmother of the bride, wore a. yown of black georgette trimmed with gray, and he wore a black and gray filmy hat anl carried American Reality rosebuds. Mrs. W. R. Stroud, the other grnndmother of the bride, was In black crepe de chine trimmed with natural-toned lace. A reception followed at which as well as the ceremony, the out-of-town guests included Miss C. I Winters, of Pembroke, aunt of the groom; Mrs. George valentine, of Toronto, aunt of the bride; Mr. Fred Stroud, : of St. John. N.B., accompanied by Mrs. Stroud and their children. Jean, Margaret and Blllie Stroud, Mrs. W. II. Chapman and Mrs. F, St. George Stroud, of Montreal, aunts of the bride: Mrs. W, E. liickley. of Montreal, cousin of the bride; Mrs. AV..G. Annable, and Miss Marjorie Annaole. of Montreal, aunt and cousin, respectively of the bride; Mas B. Grant, of Montreal, and Mrs. Finer Chrlatensen, of Morrisburgh, Ont. " MK Winters and his bride have left on a motor trip, the latter wearing a most becoming ensemble cos-tutne'incltjdlng an ottoman coat in golden brown tone with dress and lining of beige crepe and she wore a smart draped hat of beige georgette. The couple will later lake up residence In Ottawa. DOl GLAS PELL. At the Salvation Army Citadel on Plater street-. th marriage took place Tuesday at S o'clock of Miss Marguerite Ethel Pell, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Pell, to Mr. Thomas H. Douglas, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Douglas, also of Ottawa. Adjutant F. Richen ofhc i-nted. Given In marriage by her father. . the . bride was attended by Miss Gwendolyn Douglas, sister of the grotim as bridesmaid. Mr. John Douglas, a brother, assisted the groom. ' Both brJde and bridesmaid were In the deep blue uniform of the Sslvstion Army, and each carried a bouquet of Columbia rosebuds. Later a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents, at 1 Empress avenue. Out-of-town guests Included Mr. and Mrs. John Reach, of Douglas, Ont., and Mr. t.nd Mrs. C. Clark, of New York. The couple wilt reside in Ottawa. WALMSLEY KERFOOT. 'A charmUng house wedding ceremony took place at the home of the bride's parents, S6 Waverley street, Tuesday st T o'clock, when Miss Mary Helen Kerfott, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Horace W. Kerfoot. was united in marriage to Mr. Gordon Turnbul! Walmsley, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walmsley, of Plcton. ont. Rev. Harry Frost of McLeod I'nit-ed Church officiated, and Miss Hilda Rc.lston. nf Plcton, Ont.. who pre- before the" National Anthem was sung.aha mnu 4Jva-Sr vies . League A4g44e gave-three- Jteariv. cheers for th Ottawa' Women's Canadian Club. sided at the piano, played the wedding music in pleasing manner. O Promise Me was delightfully contributed by Mr. Elwood Oakes during the signing of the register. Loveliest of floral decorations throughout the rooms included pink and white peonies, marguerites and sweet peas. . . Mr. Kerfoot gave his daughter in marriage, and she was' attended by n sister, Miss Anna Kerfoot, as bridesmaid, also by a little sister and brother, Jean Kerfoot and Master Jac -k Kerfoot as flower girl and page respectively. Mr. Gordon Kichol, of I'ir ton, Ont., was the best man. The bride's gown was of palest pink crepe romaln simply designed tne folds held with a silver flower to one shoulder. A tulle veil and circlet of orange blossoms wss worn and a shower bouquet of Columbia rosebuds was carried. The bridesmaid wss in a dress of on-hid satin beaded in crystal and she wore a silver tissue bandeau. Ophelia rosebuds and mauve sweet peas were carried. A pretty frock of rose voile with hand-drawn work and touches of black velvet was n oi n by the young flower girl, who carried a lovely basket of pansies nnd forget-me-nots. Master Kerfoot was in a white sailor suit. Mis Kerfoot, mother of the bride, was wearing a gown of navy blue georgette beaded effectively In cut si eel and she wore a corsage bouquet of sweet pas. Among the guests - from other places at the wedding ceremony and the pleasantly arranged reception, which followed, were Dr. and Mrs. Kerfoot. Miss Margaret and John Kerfoot, of Prescott, Ont.; Mr. and .Mis. .1. D. Rodgers, of Rarri", Ont.; .Miss Clara Rodgers, of Windsor, Ont : Miss Bertha Rodgers, of Wal-lacehurg, Ont.: Miss Alice Robinson, i t Prescott; Mr. Sydney Holmes, of oshawa, Ont., and Miss Rernice Woods, of Plcton. Ont., and Miss Dorothy Kerfoot. of .ew York. Mr. and Mrs. Walmsley have left for a motor trip to Montreal and points east, and will take up residence in I'icton. Ont. For travelling, the bride wore a dress of figured green crepe, a green coat trimmed with grey fur and a French green hat of faille. M c B R Y D K TO I) 1). The Manse at North Gower was the scene of a pretty wedding ceremony on Wednesday, June 24. when Miss Pearl Todd, third daughter of Mrs Todd and the late Thomas Todd, of Richmond, became the wife of Mr. Forest McBryde. second son of Mr. and Mrs. William McBryde, Richmond. Rev. Mr. Woods per-formed the ceremony. The bride, looked winsome in a meteor crepe dress, with French lace trimmings, with hat to match, and gabardine wrap. She wore a corsage of Ophelia roses. The bride was attended by her sister. Mrs. C. McBryde, as matron of honor, while Mr. C. McBryde supported his brother, the groom. A reception was held at the home of t he bride's mothpr foe th immi. diate friends, and following a short noneymoon. Air. and Mrs. McBrvde are taking up residence at Richmond. HOSS KERR. PRESCOTT. June 30. (Special (o The Citizen). St. John's church, Prescott, wbs the scene of an attractive wedding ceremony of Margaret Esther, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Kerr, Henry street west, Prescott. to Donald Mercier Ross of Brockvllle. son of Mr. and Mrs. I). Ross of North Augusta. Rev. Canon H. B. Patton officiating. Given in marriage by her father, the bride lcoked charming In a French blue gown with chic hat. She tarried an arm bouquet of pale pink, roses and lilies of the valley. Her sister. Miss Mary Kerr, of Prescott. was bridesmaid, a d wore a gown of powder blue and carried an arm bouquet of pink roses and lilies of the valley. Gerald Ross, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Following- the ceremony luncheon was served nt the home of the bride's parents, about 35 guests being present, after which Mr. and Mrs. Ross left for a wedding trip to the Adirondacks and Lake Placid. They will reside in Brcck-ville. I.OWR Y N E W LA X DS. The marriage took place at the home of the bride's mother, on John street. Gait, Ont.. of Miss Edna Newlands, daughter of Mrs. New-lands and the late Andrew Newlands. and Dr. George Leonard Lowry of Hamilton, son of Mr. and Mrs Robert Lowry of Ottawa. The Rev Dr. J. Keir Eraser, of Knox church. Gait, officiated. To the sirains of the wedding music played by the groom's cousin. Miss Vera Moorhead of Ottawa, the wedding party proceeded to take their position before the bower. Two brothers of the bride, Edward and Arthur Newlands, clad in Eton suits, formed an aisle by holding white satin ribbon attached to the foot of the stair. Mr. Harold Newlands escorted his sister to her place where her mother. Mrs. Newlands, gave her in marriage. The pretty bride wore an imported gown of white moon glow cloth, cut on straight lines, beaded with crystal snd silver. The long train which hung from the shoulders was of white georgette, lined with palest pink, and bound with band of crystal. The tulle veil was arranged in coronet fashion, with rose point lace and orange blossoms, and caught up at intervals with small lusters of the blossoms. White kid shoes were worn and she carried a beautiful shower bouquet of orchids and lilies of the valley. She was at tended by Mrs. Robert Fleischeaur, of Waterloo, as matron of honor, who wore a lovely gown of mauve georgette, with leghorn hat trimmed with roses, and carried pale pink roses. The two bridesmaids, Miss Florence Newlands. sister of the bride, and Miss Emma Lowry of Ot tawa, sister of the groom, wore dresses made alike. Miss Newlands of flesh pink georgette crepe, and Miss Lowry s of periwinkle blue. The frocks were made, on straight lines with pointed flounces. Large white hats were worn with facings to match the frocks, and with georgette scarf about th crown. Both car ried bouquets of roses. Little Bud Newlands. nephew of the bride, in a while sailor suit, carried the ring on a dainty white satin cushion. Dr. John. -Smart of Hamilton wss best man. During the signing of th register. Miss Ruth Little, who wore coral crepe, with hat to match, sang In splendid voice "Until." At the conclusion of the ceremony a reception was held, the hride's mother' receiving In a handsome gown of bluck cut velvet, the bottom finished with a wide band of marabou. A large Jet ornament decorated the side of the dress and with it she wore s large black hat of Milan and velvet, with touch of white, and t corsage of sweetheart roses. Mrs. Robert Lowry. of Ottawa, mother of the groom, were gray Canton crepe, with hat of black and yellow lace, and wore a bouquet of pansies. Dr. snd Mrs. I.owry left later by motor to spend their honeymoon at East Aurora, and Watklns' Glen, New York state. For going sway, ihe bride donned a dress of French gray georgette trimmed with powder blue, snd made In coat style. Her coat was a gray satin trimmed with siey fox fur. snd hat of powder blue crepe, in poke shape, trimmed with flat velvet flowers in harmonizing shades,, snd grey shoes completed the rnstum. .. . ; . .. The groom's gifts to the matron of honor and trie two bridesmaids were silver mesh bags. To the pianist and soloist, pretty parasols were given; a signet ring to the little ring bearer. The best man received a silver pencil. Dr. and Mrs. Lowry win return to Hamilton where they will make their home on King street. Th guests present were Mr. end Mrs. Robert Fleischeaur, of Waterloo. Mr. and Mrs. Errol McKelvey of Hamilton, Mr. E. J. Dunbrook of Kitchener, Miss Rhea Fick of Toronto, Mies Vera Moorhead of Ottawa. Dr. Alfred McCormack of Hamilton, Messrs. Roy Ryckman and Alet Young of Hamilton, Mr. Clarence Lowry of Ottawa, Mr. Bertram Lowry of Detroit, Miss Rhea 1. 3 wry of Carp, Miss Elizabeth Kay of Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lrwry of Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Newlands. Miss Ruth Little. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Appleton, Mr. Russell Lashbrook of Gait. lOl'XGHlSBAXD BEARDSLET. The marriage was solemnized Tuesday afternoon at four-thirty o'clock In St. Albans church, of Miss Edith Violet Beardsley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Beardaley, and David H. Younghusband. eon of Mr. George H. Younghusband of South March, and the late Mrs. Younghusband. Rev. Mr. Ferrler of St. Barnabas officiated. Mr. E. Huston presided at the organ. The bride, who was given in marriage by her father, looked lovely in an attractive ensemble costume of a cocoa brown shade in silk faille and crepe de chine. Her hat was of brown mohair and lace of the same shade with trimming of French flowers in shades of yellow and orange. With this she wore a corsage of mauve sweet peas and a marten fur neck piece. Mrs. Louis Fleck, sister of the bride, as matron of honor, wore a dainty dress of mauve colored flat crepe with touches of Irish crochet. Her hat was of white, and she carried an arm bouquet of sweetheart roses. Mr. Louis Fleck was best man. Mr. and Mrs. Younghusband left immediately following the marriage ceremony for New York and Atlantic City, and upon their return will take up residence at 283 McLcod street. I.EBl,AXC-McDOAl.P. The marriage took place yesterday morning at St. Joseph's Church of Miss Elizabeth MaoDonald, daughter of the late John MacDonaid and of Mrs. MacDonaid, to Mr. Joseph O'Brien Leblanc. son of the late Joseph Leblanc and of Mrs. Leblanc. Rev. Father Killian officiated and the wedding music was played by Mrs. Tasse, who presided at the organ. Mr. A. Poulette contributed vocal numbers. Miss Rita MacDonaid attended her sister as bridesmaid and Mr. Arthur Leblanc of Montreal, a brother of the groom, was best man. The bride wore a gownVof hon&ydew crepe effectively embroidered in silver, with hat of the same tone. She wore silver brocade shoes and silver toned stockings, and carried an arm bouquet of Ophelia roses and lilies of the valley. The bridesmaid was in sand colored crepe satin and wore a hat of ihe same shade. Her bouquet was of Ophelia roses and mauve sweet peas. Breakfast was served later at the home of the bride's mother. Laurier avenue east, the only other out-of-town guest present being Mr. Le-Baron Leblanc, of Montreal, another brother of the groom. Mr. and Mrs. Leblanc have left on a motor trip to New York and Washington, D. C, and on their return will take up residence en Blackburn avenue. For travelling. Mrs. Leblanc wqre a dress of navy blue and heige crepe, a b:"k satin c.nat trimmed with fringe and gray squirrel and her hat was of black satin with trimming of French flowers. - - , RISSEI.I, ROY. The marriage took place yesterday morning at the chapel of the Ottawa University, of Miss Aline Roy. daughter of the late Elzebert Roy and Mrs. Roy, to Mr. Thomas Rus sell, of Weston-Super-Mare. Somer aetshlre, England. Rev. Father Mo-Gowan O.M.I.. officiated, and Mr. Ernest Smith, an uncle of the bride, and Mr. Sidney Forrest, were the witnesses. Among the out-of-town guests present for the ceremony fPlof i i - Invest your funds in these Certificates, Guarantee:! as to payment of interest and repayment of principal Issued for sums of $500.00 and upwards, repayable in 3 or 5 years. Interest paid by cheque half-yearly. Toronto GeneralTrusts Corporation Guana Oilier: Cor. Elgin and Sparks Streets I RED. DA VKY. .Manager Could you confess a Corn 1 without embarrassment? There isn't anything unnat ura! in one's desire to hide a corn. A corn is undainty. One feels instinctively that it is not a possession a well-bred woman should have. . . . A dainty woman will not tolerate a corn. She is as careful of her feet as of her face. She feels that it is unpardonable Blue-jay THE QWCfc AND GENTLE WAY TO END A CORN tm .'..' ... . - . . - were: Dr. and Mrs. Gaston Smith, of L'Orignal. and Miss Marie Louise Pouliot, of Quebec. The bride wore an ensemble costume of blue coat with lining of gray and gray georgette dress. Her hat was of blue and gray crepe, and she wore a corsage of roses and lilies-of-the-valley. Mr. and Mrs. Russell will spend their honeymoon at the Rideau Lakes, and will later take up residence in Ottawa. . SniXP-GHIFFITH, The marriage of Amiei Wilson Shelp and Margaret Rachel Griffith was' solemnized at the Manse. Metcalfe. Out., on Monday afternoon, June 29th, Rev. R. C. Eakln officiating. The wedding march was played by Miss Helen Eakin. The bride was beautifully attired in a gown of white Canton crepe, trimmed with lace. Following the piarriage ceremony the young couple were entertained to wedding supper at the home of the brides parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Griffith, where a large party or triends were assembled to con gratulate the bride and groom. The splendid show of wedding presents of silverware, cutlery and linens told of the popularity of the bride and groom, and th high esteem in which they are held by a large circle of friends in Xdwards and North Russell. Mr. and Mrs. Shelp will make their home at their farm at North Russell. RADD ATZ SCHl'I.TZ. In Pembroke last week the mar riage was quietly solemnized of Miss Annie Schultz daughter of Mr., and .virs. Ernest Schultz to Mr. George tiacinatz son of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Raddatz. Rev.' A. E. Tletch per formed the ceremony. The bride wore a navy blue canton crepe dress and carried peonies. Mr. and Mrs. Raddatz will live in town. 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