Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 3, 1897 · Page 26
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 26

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1897
Page 26
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DAILYPIIAHOS FRIDAY DEC!. 3, 1897. GITY NRWS. Splnaches.—Rothermel. Large dill pickles— Traut. See Haufc before Christmas. Fresb oysters at Jobnston's. Elks minstrels Tuesday nigbt. Fancy raisins 5c lb.—Keystone. Parsley.—Rotbermel Saturday. Fancy new cocoanuts.—Keystone. Visit Walden's bankrupt shoe sale. Gal. Hams Sac. 5Jc lb.—Keystone- 2 lb packages rolled oats 5c—Traut Flannel night shirts at Will Murdock's. The best sugar cured hams "Jc.— McCaffrey. Children''? day tomorrow at the Golden Rule. Don't forget us on celery for Saturday,—Keystone. Fancy Catawba grapes kets, I2jc.— Traut. Tomorrow, 2 lb. package rolled oats oo.—McCaffrey. Jerry Hlnkle. of Rochester, N. Y., it the city on business. Get your jackets tomorrow at January prices—Trade Palace. To Mr, and Mrs. Carl Bower, of the Westslde, a daughter. Fancy decorated lamps, formerly $1.50, now 98c.—McCaflrey. Frank Downey will dispose of his set of silverware tomorrow night. Nice dressed duck, chickens and genuine country sausage.—Traut. Dressed turkeys, ducks, geese and chickens at Kinney's Broadway mkt. Saturday at the Bee Hive will be a great day for upbuilding bargains. 5 lb. bas- NEWS IN BRIEF. Martin Thorn to be Electrocuted Karly in January. Germanj Orders Men and Munitions ol War Sent to China. President McKinley Beaches tie Bed side of His Sick Moeher. Special to the Pharos. LaCrosse, Wis., Dec. 3--Fire de stroyed the McMillan opera house and Pomeroy block this morning causing a loss of $200,000. Critically HI. Canton, O , Dec. 3—President Me Kinley arrived here at 3:55 this morn ing. His mother Is still alive but in a very critical condition. To be Electrocuted. New York,Dec. 3—Martin Thorne, convicted of the murder of William Guldensuppe, was today sentenced to be elecerocuted In the week beginning Jan. 10th, 1898. Engine Blows Up. Lima, Ohio, Dec. 3.—Passenger train on Chicago and Erie railroad wrecked seven miles east of here last night. Engine blew up and three were killed Preparing For War. Berlin, Dec. 3 —Navai department California pears, belleflower apples, has sent instructions to Kiel to dls- Florlda oranges and Malaga grapes, (patch 200 artillerymen with field —Traut. gunn and 1,000 marines to China. Get your jackets tomorrow at January prices. Stock must be reduced. —Trade Palaoe. A son was born yesterday to Mr, and Mrs. Daniel Fiddler of Bethlehem township. Mr. Henry Welling, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is visiting relatives in Noble townohip. Holiday underwear has arrived, exclusive pattern and handsome shapes. —Will Murdock. Buy your school shoes at Willeys and get a box of pencils free, 3d and Market streets. When you want a good cup of coffee try our Mocha and Java. We have the be'st.—Keystone. See those imported Swiss handkerchiefs, worth 20c and 25c, tomorrow only lOc—Golden Rule. Dan, D. Thumber, an old friend of J. D. Johston, is a guest of the latter at the Johnston hotel. Don't buy until you have seen our display of decorated lamps and have learned our prices.—McCaflrey. Mrs. Dr. Landis went to Peru today to attend a reception given by Mrs. Charles J. S. Kulm'er of that cHy. For rent two dwellings No. 13H High street and No. 1233 Toledo street. Enquire Of John W. McGreevy. Elks minstrels Tuesday night Reserve your seats at Johnston's drug store. Sale opens at 7 o'clock toraor- morulng. What do you think of a beautiful bath robe? Would it not make a •nice present. Pewenter, the hatter, has a stock of them. We will help you buy your shoes by making the prices as low as possible.—Willey's cash shoe snore 3d and Market streets. J. S. Neff, of Noble township left Wednesday for hii future home, Olt- ronelie, Ala., His family will Ifiave ' lor that point Monday. Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Hepner of 611 North street, were called to Lafayette yesterday on account of the death of tbe former's father. Nothing too good to give away—A pair of fur gloves make a grand present. Dewenter 1 the hatter, has a large line of them to select from. The Prize dancing club gave the first of & series of dances at Dolan & McHale's hall last night. The attendance was large and prl7.es were awarded the best lady dancer and the gentleman wearing the largest necktie. Official facsimile of Medal Awarded DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER WORLD'S FAiR, CHICAGO, 1893 Price-Moore. Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. andMrs.J. Moore, residing one mile west of the city, their only daughter Miss Luella Moore and Mr. George W. Price were united In marriage. Rev. J, K. Walts officiating. The young couple were attended by Sadie Prise sister cf the groom and Mr. William Moore brother of the bride. Miss Clara Haslitt presided at the piano and as they took taeir place under an arch of flowers she played a beautiful wedding march. The bride was attired in a gown of white satin and carried a boquer, of bride's roses. while the groom was attired ID a conventional suit of black Both parties are well known here, the bride bMtisf a resident of this place for three years, while the groom is the popular son of Scott E. Price, the contractor. Mr. and Mrs. Price were the recipients of many handsome presents. The guests from out of town were: Mr. and Mrs. Bice, of Indianapolis, Miss Ella Moore, of Marion, Mr. Leonard, Kokomo and Mr. and Mrs. F. Moore of Milwaukee. Forty-Second Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Martin of 1418 North street, celebrated the 42d anniversary of their wedding on Thanksgiving at the old homestead In Washington township, where they lived for a number of years and where their ten children were born,namely, Mrs. Mary Jones of Chicago, Charles, Herman, Mrs. Rebecca LaRose of Lucerne, Willis of Flora, Harriet, Ella, Mrs. M. H. Kraussof Kewanna and Elsie. All were present save Mrs. Krause and Willis. There were thirty-one members of the family present, including sixteen grandchildren. The day was spent in general enjoyment. Rev. A. Jones, son-in-law of the esteemed couple, read an original poem. Mr. Martin has been totally blind for a number of years. The aged couple are highly respected citizens and the Pharos joins with their many friends in wishing them many more anniversaries of their marriage. To Stop 6as Waste. The state proposes to step in and stop the waste of natural gas by injunction. The Supreme court will be asked to pass on the injunction case carried up from Madison county and point out clearly a way tor tbe state to proceed. The excitement o ver the waste of gas through uncapped oil wells shows no decrease. Mass meetings have been held in many cities protesting against the waste of gas, Toben Arrested. E, J, Tobec, the fellow who escaped from Marshal Harris, uf Union City, by jumping from a Panhandle passenger train near Kenneth, was arrested yesterday in Chicago, at the home of his sister. Toben is an attorney, and had practiced In Chicago. He is charged by Chicago parties with forgery and larceny. Printing «f All Kinds, Letter heads, envelopes, cards, pro- grammes and Invitations.—Longwell & Cummings, Masonic temple. Snow Tonight. The weather:—Snow tonight and Satuiday; colder by Saturday. j BKE'H STRECKER Entertained the Antlered Element Sight. last There Were Also Qnlle a Number of Knights of Pytbiss Present— A Merrj Time. When he was married, on Thanksgiving day, Mr. George Strecker, jr. proprietor of Strecker's bakery, en Broadway, east of Fifth street, announced his intention of entertaining his brother Elks and Kniehts of Pythias two weeks later. Tiie date occurred last night, and a large number of Elks and Knights accepted his hospitality. After the business of the lodge had been disposed of the Elks, preceeded by their band, marched to the home of Mr. Strecker, on Broadway. Mr. and Mrs. Strecker occupy apartments uver the store, but the banquet was served down stairs. Dr. M. A, Jordan officiated as tast master, and short talks were made by H. J. Me- Sneehy, C. O. Heffley.A, D. Fansler, F. A. Dykeman, C. L. Woll, J. J. Busjahn, of the local lodge of Elks. add Jerrj Hlckey, a visiting brother from Rochester, N. Y. "Specialties" were rendered by Stuart Frazee, John Holland, Miss Amelia Strecker, Miss Kate Strecker, Joseph. Rem- busch. Samuel Smith and ,the band. In response to a general call Mr. Strecker made a few remarks during which he thanked his guests for their piesence and hoped that they had enjoyed themselves. .Mr. Harry Bacbman talked for the Knights k o: Pythias ana his address was one of the best o'f the evening. It was one of those gatherings in which mirth and music reigned supreme, and a merrier time way never inown. At midnight the Elks formed ihe time-honored circle, and, accom- companied by the band, sang Auld ang Syne, after which good-night wac«spoken to the host and hostess. Your Winter Wants Demand Attention. This is aa unusual season. The warm weather of the past month, has caused many to forget the lateness of the season. - WINTER IS NOW HERE - Your home should be well equipped with Heavv tinder wear and Blankets. Now is the time to buy, when you need them, as we are giving Special Prices this week. SPEOIALxS IN BLANKETS. - 39c - 89c $18§ 2.48 100 Pairs Fleeced Cotton Blankets 100 Pairs Heavy Fancy Blankets 75 Pairs all Wool Scarlet Blankets 75 Pairs 1J-Grey and White blankets d Better Goods in proportionately Low Prices. Our UnJeru-ear department is overflow-ins- with Bargains for you all THR GOKDEN RULE. Another Slaughter —IN- Shoes. AL G. FIELD Attacked on His Prirate Car Masked Robber. by a A1G. Field, the minstrel man, and his treasurer, Mr. Qulnlin, had an encounter with a masked train obberon the north-bound St. Louis, Keokuk & Northwestern train yesterday morning. The lellow got loto the special car and demanded Eield's money. Field had about 87.000 on board, but felnedto nave very little and started for It. Qalolin, who was awake In his berth, heard the obber, and seizing a cuspidor below hurled It at the robber, who was hit n the neck. He staggerd back, fired two shots into Qulnlan's berth then fied, Field followed and a fight in the dark occurred, the robber having >ut the lights-out. Field's clothes were to»n to shreds and he rushed to platform to find the door of the leeosr in front locked. He supposed Qainlln was shot In his berth and he tugged at tbe bell-rope until t broke. The door finally was opened. The train was searched hroughout, but no trace of the robber was found except the black mask which he dropped, GlLYESTOS SlLOOS. 97c for Men's $1.50 Dress Shoes. 98c " <• Heavy Shoes. 69c ". « Satin Calf Shoes. 25c " " low cut Rubbers. 98c " Ladies' Dress Shoes. 96c " old Ladies' solid cons fort Shoes. 64c for old Ladies' Wool lined Shoes. 93c for " " Button Shoes. 92c " Boy's lace Shoes, 86c " Youth's lace Shoes. lOc : - Ladies' Slipper. Everything as [low in proportion, 403 Broadway. ite Snow Is your linen when it r-onves home from Marshall's Laundry. Remonstrances are Being Signed Residents of That Place. The residents of Galveston are making strenuous efforts to stop the ale of liquors in that town. A remonstrance, signed by twenty-six esidents will be presented to the county commissioners. There Is only one saloon lu Galveston and the peo- 3le are making every possible effort ,o defeat the proprietors for a reissue of license. Election of Officers. Court Noble, No, 975, I. 0 F. elected the following officers for the ensuing year: C. K.—C. D. Sellers. V. C. E.—Wlllard Bargls. Kecordlng Secretary—S. L. Barron. Financial Secretary—W. P. Mc- (jrew. Treasurer—L. Ludders. Chaplain—Walter Sauman. S. W.—John Garnett. J, W.—Geo. Simons. S. B.—Geo. Waymer. J. B.—H. D. Shae/er. Court Physician—Dr Downey. Court Deputy -H. A, Brcwn. Finance Committee—M. C. Wade and Matt Obenchain. J. Saturday's Specialsjat Folej's. Best crackers 5c pound. Solid oysters 20c quart. Our 15c coffee for lOclb. Crumb tray and brush worth 60c for 15c, Gaffing set worth 12.75 for$1.33. Sauer kraut 15c gallon. Onions 55c bushel. Notice F«rt8ters. There will be two trustees elected at the regular meeting Thursday evening, December 16, 1SS7, All members are requested to be present. 0. D. SKLLXBS, C. E. S. B. BARKOK, Rec. Sec'y. No. 608 Broadway. Wagon will call for us a trial. Both 'Phones 110. your work. Give j If You Want r lo be in the Swim You had better le * HOOLEY ! 1 — Make Your — Fall Suit Or Overcoat I He will Fit You When all otters faiL IFYOUWANTTO;BOY Good Shoes AT Lowest Prices See Walter Maiben. Special Attention Given to Fit and Single Pair Orders. See us for Holiday Shoes and Slippers. Every Pair Guaranteed Can THR TAILOR Suit You *in Style and Prices. FALL AND Winter Woolens. The most complete assortment of Up-to-date Fabrics in Plaids, Checks, Stripes, Serges and m fact anything you want for a first class Business DRESS SUIT. Prices the Lowest in the City. John K. Carroll, 1222 BROADWAY, -PATENTS- American arid Canadian Patents promptly obtained, Patent, Mechanical a»4 Perspective Drawings prepared, Inventions Developed. Spry Block B B. QORDON. Annual Gas Rates /J> RTIPICIAL and Natural Gag Billg arc >A now due and payable at the company's J •• office. Natural Gas Consumers desiring to avail tbemselTes of the Annual Rate, commencing December 1st ,can do so by calling at the office and arranging for same. All bills must be paid on or before the 10th. of each month. Valley Gas Co. STAMPED GOODS For the Holidays BROADWAY fie PEARL STS See Our Grant Display MEN AND WOMEN SEE OUR FELT SLIPPERS. Walker & Raucti 420 BROADWAY.

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