The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1947
Page 5
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FK1DAY, OCTOBER 24, 1047 BLYTHKV1LLB (AUK.) COUKIKK NKWS PACK Guerrilla War Drives Greek Refugees Into Buloaria Ex-Gang Leader Ambushed, Slain Carl Shelton Shot; Led Bloody Feud Against Birger Mob FAfRFIELD, 111., Oct. 24. (UP)— Carl Shclton, a leader of the notorious Shelton Gang which terroil/etl H"Southern Illinois with (heir boot k- IcgRing activities in the,192Q's, woi ambushed and shot to death near his farm yesterday. The Shelton Gang was led by the v three Shelton brothers—Carl. Earl ••• and Bernard. For years they fought an almost Incredible war with (he ' rival Bang dominated by the nolor •« ious Charles Birser. The feud cost 40 lives, hi it, each ! side used, military tactics and implements They maintained fort resscs and employed on army tank on each side. Once, (he. Shcltons' used an airplane to bomb Birgcr's headquarters. SheHon, who is ulxmi BO. was overtaken by four men In a black .sedan ys he rode In his jeep on R aravol country mad five mik-s Southeast of here. State Police said Police said the men apparently used a machine sun to pump 15 shots lino Shelton's borty and fire mure shuts into a lrm-1: which W:is ^H^H'SH;,^ New British Tobacco Embargo May . s ™r.rdi,c' h . l !S,c J « i ;,'^'r.lSteps Up U.S. Price Support Activiries fore a. doctor could reach the scene. Chileans Arrest 200 Communists; 300 More Sought SANTIAGO, Chile, Ocl.'lM. I DPI i slv 'VuiUwn'd, - unofficial ,•<.„„;•:, ».UI today ( ™.\ ™ , V I bin I innl-n I L.I » •,!,% f*t\\ n in 11 n ( L | ' fti VM|"'. cninjKuile*, I* beliiK nrftnlliiLcd. li WHS louiiR'd (oUny. l.ighlnum conlltnuul Mini nn estimate of n round fliv | H»r et'iil uji llic ork&liml flgui'e wnulct be "very dost*" to ttia correct imiounl lenliillVL'ly ngrerd up* 111 lor sclUemenl. COUl'l ILClloil \VU5t bronchi Ui ciil iivlutUiurliooa lUun- that mni-c (hnn jOO ' and detective^, ;mder orders from President Galilei Gonzalez Vidcta. were JunUlnfj :100 mwo. Having btokfit dlplonuvtlc relA- Uon.s wttli Itiissiii und C/.coho.slo- vukla, Gon/alo/, \ r ldeln, was \IITSS- hLs rtvmpalRi\ tvgnlusl \\allv* Communist^ ,uudor thr broad emergency powers act. Lenders wore anftstcd In Sautlngo. VftlywrflLv), iKasU and Iquliue. Some of Uu-m were city aldei- num. One of these wa.s Jullclu Cnmpuv.ftiia. uUU-vmivu fov lUe Nu- noii District <>[ StintliiKO. l»olle« i pnt her Ln thoir Lnfli'innry In'-.lead [of Jail she wtw about to give birth to n buby. UnllctJ , one-fourth Here of land tt fo»- each person; In thr toii It's Hbout three IUTI'« Until luiglc.s male Ln Iho fall. Almost 24 Inches of rain (ell within a period of 24 hours nl Smyrna Hoarli. Pin., dctnbrr 10-lt, 1924. Driven irom iheir homes oy fighUng oetwcen guerrilla and government tomes, these Greek refugees make their way over rugged mountain terrain a? they cross the border into Bulgaria at ^liodope Pass, rivjy carry their nouscholci possessions on ihcu own and ihcn donkeys' barks Riyht-ta-Work Law, Proposed for Nation BOSTON, Oct. 24. (OPI Rep. Inadequate-Lighting Gets \ Blame for Auto Deaths | C1.13VKI.ANI). O,. Oct. 'A4, (UP' — Tl>i- SI reel iincl Trafllc Safety ,tl!litint: Binviui i-nUI todny tlml palliy of Ai'kati.snr. t(»wnrd "Innri- j equate street iinrt thoroughfare I lighting" resutl.s In 1.1 more rtenths S nt nl^ht thnn ilnrlUK tlixylSfilll liv>\i»s ' tlei|)llc 'i'.t Pfl cunL less trulfic. I 'I'lK- hur :iui (tnuti-tl slute pullce ILsllJ'i'.s us snouniK 10 uut uf DU nl^hl iu:cldrnis lesiilled In fnlnliilits us compared wllli n out of 128 durlni; dnyllght Hours. The men in the truck, who were believed to be employes svt the Shetton farm, were graced by the bullets but were not hurt seriously. The body was brought to a tun- bacco companies In this coimlry, j Fvert A. Hiirttoy. Jr., K., of N. X, -._ »j.|j ; *A » c .:* Government tobacco cannot be sold co-iuithor of Die Tnfl-Hartlcy In- ?3 Million Monopoly 5uit domestically for less than imrlly. 1 b ° r lnw - SElUI lortny he will Intro- N e qof/Oted in Msmph'tS Wratlier conceded that tlio gov- ! tl "ce in Hie next Congress* a incur,- J r WASHINGTON. Oct. 24, <UP>- A«ricuUure Department offrcinl snid iodfiy that Britain's new cm barKo on U. S. tobacco hupn/i.s j may lorce the American govern- eminent mi^hl IOFC money on Its ure iPlS tlllL H'Pl'f 1 II n I Mllrl C^l-rillltlir UiH ?,V Vll U. O. miyin.,*,^ nu|j> •. k.j i i>»i»miinjtii.k.i.i*.ijinnv».iii.-( : ,*'«-i---- •• i •The body w" b" u-1, tH mi '»«' Io> ™ lhc American govern- Piram-iit m l s hl lo f c money on Its'. uve V lllc . ««ild «mkc U » fcdcvftl MEM ,,,.„,. Otl 24 ' (U P)-A, »• era! home in Pilrfie I " lellt to stp " "" M f tot " imj ^" ce lob " cco llol<li " !;s lf >"' iccs sudden- : "lo Interfere will, anyone 1 ™ '"* *• " ' I car! Shelton •,,.<! Bn-,er a itl, 0 ,, P h! E "W Q " aciivltiM. , iy should drop. But u c .sold thai who w«««.s lo K o to work. . ""^ ml)m>po)v SHll ugllh)sl Uwll '. «• both were mnrrietl bee-mie bilterl p - E. Wrathcr. assistant, chief o! l1 "-' B'^frmnent historically has Addressing the 32nd aiiiiual ,„,. OW nc.- M. E. l.lKhtimin ol Meln- t- enemies in 192G when Uiiv hnih fell '• the Deparlmenrs THbiifcn Htaneh, [ " la<le 'i«'"ej' «" «•' tobacco opera-> meeting o f the Associated Indus- . )Uls uu nssoc | n t cs , Knd clRht lilm * ; _ , „..,,. ,T ' ' ' . ' r ....i <i,^ n.-iTi^i. 1,1,1 Knmi i.-nnn,. tioil.s. tiir 1 ; nf Mfis^a^huselts. Hni'llevi . . _ NEWSREEL of the , / NATIONAL COTTON PICKING CNTEST Ole Man Winter Is Just Around the Corner l.rl us rcnum* Hit* H^li-f frttn. your lire* uiiri fill thcn\ H-llh cal- rluin rlilurldn anl)-lrr.cze noht* lion. \V« will he Kl;ul la mike •*n »p|t»UUnuM\l 4iv rvu* for »U | yinn Irarlni.s ttl ynur fLllhl — llllli sa\lhK yini KI:.MI:.MHI:U \vi: si:it\ ici: AI.I MAKIIS 'I'KAC'rOltS Russell Phillips TKA'CTOK CO. MI. lliwiiv <>I ri.oiu- 2171 in love with the same woman, Helen i • Sili(i lh e Brliish had been iniyniR ; i lrlc.< Holbrook 3C who hpri left"Virr Vit'iV- i lai'Se amounts of American Ijb.icco, | The British notion also may! said: ' 5100000 particularly better cigarette grades, imcshartoiv n possible cut. In to- "The Tafl-llarlley law attempts; Rehabilitation Film The Shelton-B.rger comlilne split "It might mean that the soV'- into liviil gangs and be^uu to arm j inent \vill have lo step in and for the coinini; battles, pledging war! U.Xe more of the ura'lcs "'•"' '.he Screened for RotarianS to extermination. \ British have been buying," he Bii-ger set tip headquarters at \ said. ( "rather touchy" on the subject, o!.'. 1 p!el:etln& tieciuisc he had beer.! j ])ickeleci while lnnl:ing many | I sfief.che.s. He said Hint even hl.\ • Shady Rest. a Y log roadlicusa in a wooded area near Marlon, ,111. He The government supports tobac- A rehabilitation film entitled New Jersey home hod been picker,- "Ccmcback'' was shown members cd "by experts," co prices at 90 per .tent of parity of the Rotary Club at their weekly . made- it into a fortress and • invited i through a loan program. T,:e far- : m eetHi« yc&icr, , newspaper reporters on a- tour of | mcr can take out a government, ' l( .i N 0 ii[J . inspection. A machine -gun was j loan on hu tobacco. If market, mounted nt each window and an! prices [all below Ihc loan level. Army tank was stationed in Ihe I hp merely lets (he yovernmcm day noon nt the-Ho- For Complete Protection Against AH INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. I Read Courier New.= Want Ads. I front yard. A fleet of armored trucks, mount;-,; ed":witli machine guns, was lined up on each side of the tank. A light-' ready has purchased 125,000.000 ^ ing system was .installed In the, pounds of fine-cured tobacco this ',.. woods, lo prevent a surprise "attack j year. This grade of touacco is x.setl take over the crop. II. S. Purchases Made Already Wrathcr said the government al- The film showed Ihe story of rehabilitation of the physically , hr-ndicapped. It was furnished by ' the Federal Security Administra- ' tion and the Arkansas State Rehabilitation Service. j Following the film, the Rotariansj !••:•.< vtl n ,-iicv t k Uy Car'.os <..'.\U:~. | of the State Rehabilitation Service. ' . at.dark. ,The v f_£rtre£s W-E.S •suri£jmd~ I primarily "for cigarettes.. 'nd by "eiectrfcaTly' charged barbed! He" explained tohacir obtain- Guests included Dr. Cecil Bran .^ wire entanglements. v| The roadhotise itself was filled ^ with hand grenades and nmnnmi- i.!.. tion. and Birger conducted a re".;, c.-aitlns campaign for additional ^j- "troops". M The Shettons. meanv.'hilc. mobiliz- ^•' ed their own "Army." They. too. obtained a tank and armored cars. The war of nerves was on. Both Shelton and Birger went on the radio to assure residents no harm would befall them. _Thcn SUellon ttiovcd his tank and armored Sleet into Marion and circled the Connty • Courthouse in a show of power. Shelloii Tank Fires First The police tlid nothing. All the armored vehicles carried license ( ir^.s, and they observed traffic signals. Birger paraded his force, too. But Shelton's tank went into action first. Rolling down a highway near the Birger fortress at Shatiy Rest, the Shelton tgnk pumncd a murderous burst of machine gun slugs into the car of Art Newman. Birger's "chief i of staff." .">.. Newman was unhurt, but his wife ' wi's i'.'onnded. The war began in ejirnc. 1 :!. Cas- v iiiillics mounted and bodies were 'ij found in creeks, streets, highways S and automobiles. Residents of three ^f c.:-':nties never could be sure wiien ; ymfire might bivuk out in vmuiticr ... U]ii;asemcnt benveen the IOILVS. One brill le wa.s fulfill at Cuip C'lly, III., on Nov. S, 1926. .Shelton's men invaded the' town, captured John "Apie' Milroy. and told him he w:us yoing to die. For a hulf hour. Milvoy lay on the outside u saloon" and jilearicrt will, thr Khriton mm. Then someone shot ]]| m to death with a machine gun. ; The mayor of Colp City. w. J. "Neff" stone, a Birger supporter, came running up. "Yon can't do (hat in my town." he -screamed. The Shciton men laughed, and killed him. ed by the government under the son of Blythcvillc, R. W. Nichols loan program is processed and " - _ _ .. stored for possible resale to loi- of Luxora, L. E. Fattlknei' of Para- KOilld and t!:c R3V. J. Alien Webb eign governments or commercial to- oC Mountain View, Mo. CCUUMBIA BREWING CO. ST. LOUIS Another Cake Hii Of the Month! j Presented Again Through Popular Demand SENOStiTA - - 69c Two Smooth Layers Covered in Thick . Coffee Rum Icing ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY! Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY THEATER RITZ Tuesday and HEATRE Wednesday, Cct. 28-29 . >:,•-' •&*:* ,,,v EAND tdli your «'•-•» 1:^.; . >ao to ..',. • t whose ,. alreqdy dead? •. -A -•" . • f r- v V' ..' fossil .Tan-bone Fouml SUNBURY. Pa. (UPl-A Jav.lonc with 12 teeth, believed to be that of a prehistoric animal, was found in a clay and sand bank near here j by workmen. The u. S. Engineer ' ,, Corps turner! thr fossil. f 01 in rt a . i 'bout. 16 feet from the surface, i over to anatomists to determine ' the nature of the animal. I ABSTRACTS = 6f T(TL€ flEAL ESTATE < ••-..s LOANS .TERRY 'i)3 W. WAUIIrr JT. »KON tijfil I BtYTHEVH-LE A*K. ... Stays Fresh Longer! ROBERT and RAYMOND HAK^ HENRY FONDA BARBARA BEL GEODES VIHCENT PRICE ANN DVORAK in T«E LONG NIGHT AN ANATOLE UTVAK Produced by KOHXT and IAYMOND HAHM • .. _ and ANATOLE LITVAX • Directed by ANATOLE LITVAC

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