The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 24, 1947
Page 2
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TWO BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Radar Airways For Planes Soon AU-W*oHicr Flying To B« Mode Safer • Through Radar Us* BT ICO WKNER J(C»H«« Pnw SUB Cormpondenn . NBW YORK, Oct. 94. <tfc> —The Armed Forces 'soon will have in iteration a radar studded aerial highway to the four corners of tile n»tk» for all-weather flying b.v .both military and commercial plants, It v'as learned today. ; The chain of 50 "racon" stations "reaching from New Englnnd-to- Florida-to-Californta-to-the Pacific •Northwest .will be operated by the Navy, tbi-'Alr Force and'the Coast Guartl,- According to officials at the Third Naval District. Sioon, derived from a combination of the words "radar" and "bea- conV was the mime selected for the system of short range aerlnl navigation from station to station along the .iky way. . •' The terminals of the basic highway will be South Wcymottth, Mass., Key : West, Fla., El Centra, Calif., and Seattle, Wash. "The racon airway will • be utiii- •ed mainly by military,aircraft, but available for . commercial use,i with development of belter airborne radar sets for commercial airliners", a Naval spokesman snid "Racon will increase in usefulness »s. ! a system of bad-weather navigation." The Navy will man 22 of the first stations, the Coast Guard 14 and the Air Force 14. The Navy has il of its stations already In operation. The Navy spokesman said planes flying the Racon Skyways would be able to contact the way-station's aerials by radar and receive lack a code signal. The Intensity of the code signal on the plane's ,radiir scope will give it the direction and distance from the beacon. "The main value of the Racon Airway," he said, "is the fact that the exact" location \of'the airplanj may be determined at all time's. The Racon echo may be.used to locate the aircraft exactly at aiiy time." Pilots could layout a course anywhere within range of the beacons, thus clearing congested airways. Sites selected for the first, Racon stations include: , > ' .. Chincoteague.' Va,; ; Norfolk; Vn.; Elizabeth City, -Pope Field, Cherry Point; N. O.; Myrtle'Beach, Shaw Field, Folly Islands. O.; Atlanta, Moody Field, Glyrico, Ga.; Jacksonville, Miami, EdEm&nt Key, Pensacola, Key West, Fla,-, Maxwell Field. Ali.; New Orleans, Porksdnle Field, USAF Discovers New Magnetic Poles For mony yean, geographic mops showed only on? magnetic noith pole, tut when U. 1 Air Force planes Invaded rtie Arctic en a large tcale rhi) post, year they found three iUcK poles forming on elliptical magnetic field. Major pole is on f rince ol Wales Island (I), wilK tocol polts on Balhurst Island (2) anil Boclkic Peninsula (3). Map shows locntion of the three new north magnetic poles forming ;ni ellipse shaped magnetic field recently disclosed from Air Force flights over the North Pole from'Alaskan bnscs. The discovery It expected to prove important in trans-Arctic acrjal navigation. Taxi-Driver Faces Third Trial for Rape-Murder '• '* : ATLANTA, Ga., Oct. 24.' (U.P.) —.. lag-driver Glenn Robjnson to- d«WHKi«t' the 'possibility' if betna •tritifrf j^ilrd. time for the raps- slajBJti"'of piistty Mrs.- Jranettc Reyznan last-June after court ac- tionMn the case ended in a mistrial for the second time in a month. Judge Frank Hooper ruled a mistrial last night when the Jury reported a 7-5 deadlock after nearly •even hours of deliberation. Robinson's first ..trial had a similar ending in mid-September' when the first jury faced an 8-4 sK'inlc. Whether or not the 29-year-old cabbie will be tried a third time was up ,to Solicitor-General Paul Webb, who argued the case for the prosecution. Webb said last, night he would naye to "study the-Situation" bc- . lore making up his mind about trying a third time for a conviction.: Seek Premiership For BeGaulle In Re-organization «.v JAMES f. McGMNCY (Unilcil Press Staff Correspondent) PARIS, Oct. 24. (UP; — Supporters of Gen. Charles De Oaulle stepped up their campaign today to recruit an inter-parly organ!- I ziition of Deputies who would dissolve the National Assembly nnd open the wny for new elections that! might sweep De Gaulle Into the ''• Premiership. . • . Inasmuch as Do Gaulle's six- month-old rally of the French pco- ,ple rose to power In Sunday's municipal flections, it has no representation In the Assembly nnd under the constitution as ''it now stands no chnncc of getting any before next May's elections. . nut DC Gaulle has friends In other parties in the assembly. Their idea was to form an "Intergroup for,: defense, of Mrue Democracy" that would by twb : thlrds majority aintrirt the constitution to provide for immediate elections and dissolve the present session. Then, under their plan DC Gaulle's rally could run candidates and If enough were elected to the Assembly, Do Gaulle, the C o m in 11 n 1 s t s' bitterest foe In Prance, could get himself installed as Premier. Their accelerated recruiting campaign was particularly concentrated on Deputies of the Popular Republican movement, at whose expense largely De Onullc ran up his victory of about 40 per, cent of the popular vote Sunday. I The general belief In Assembly! lobbies wns thnt Premier Paul Ra- j madicr, a Socialist, would win by a narrow margin the vote of confidence he has asked for next! Tuesday. But at the same time politicians believed that his government was caught In such a squeeze between the Communists on one side and the DC Ghulllsts on the other that it .could not survive more than a few weeks. Many Teachers, Pupils Attend School Meeting CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., Oct 24 —Caruthersvllle schools were well represented at the annual meeting of the Southeast Missouri Teachers Association, held last week end at Cape Clirardeau. Ten faculty members att«nded, participated or led sessions of the program, and several of the high Khool music students also participated in the programs. Several members of the high school chorus were among the 300 music student* of Southeast Missouri which composed a massed choir, under direction of Stanley Chappie of St. LO U L,, In the con * eluding selection offered by this group, "One World," J ack Allen, Caruthersvllle student vocalist, had the solo part. The girls 'quartet gave two selections on one of the programs, and Jack Allen also offered two solos on the same program. The girls quartet Is composed of Jacqueline Roland, Jenn Ann Walker, Nornia- reen Jetton and Ann Wilks. All the Caruthersville students were accom- p«nled by Miss Marjorie Ashcraft local high .school music instructor Mrs. Howard Cunningham, faculty member, as district chairman, presided over the session of the department of history and social studies, leading a forum discussion of Questions pertinent to the teaching of subjects in the field. Miss Mary Ellen Homer also took part in this discussion. Mrs. Ernest Hazel, art instructor, spoke on "Crafts Projects for Boys at the art department meet- Ing. She was elected district chairman for .this department for the coming year. J. E. Brown, principal of grade school, participated in a panel discussion at the meeting of elementary school principals, and Mrs. Herbert Loyd represented the elementary school faculty at the meeting • of the American Childhood Kduca- [ tion Association. I FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, I94T 1 Fly ing Boxcar' Speeds V\ir Freight *--- 0 air transport, the Miles ... , lwa y W1 ' h unloading by means of a detachable hold like a boxcar, fitted with rood wheels and lowing bar for PS a road trailer. Within a few minutes of landing top the freight container, arrow, Is removed, attached to a car, middle and driven away Another container can be fitted into its plaw.- But if here is nothing to pick up, the rear fuselage is moved forward and U e four-engine plane can By home without the freight hold, as shown at bottom. With the Courts . Chancery Audio Mulllns vs. Cnrmalcc Mullins, suit for divorce. Willie L. Hopper vs. Lorraine Hopper, suit for divorce. Common Pleas Mnckey J. Flecman, minor, by Charles .E, Plcenmii vi. Son Hyneman v (or damages to auto in ac- cideht, Aug. 16, 1647. Read Courier News Want Ads. WORN OUT FROM GETTING UP NIGHTS? • If you Ret up nights—have frequent desire to pasi your water—yes, and have bnckactic, due to excess acidity ia the urine, be glad you're rending thii: Three generation] ago Dr. Kilmer, a famous doctor, found hundreds of his pntieuU with this trouble. So he mode • medicine of 16 herb*, root* Vegetables, balsnms. He called it "Sw«rap-Root," Millions of men ami women hiwe taken it—often with amazing-revolt*. ; Swamp-Root goes ri«ht to work to rTus/i out kidneys . ; . incmlKt flow ol utinc, helping relieve eic< 'Desperado' Shot During 'Horse-Opera' Hold-Up MOBILE, Ala., Oct. 24 (UP)— Robert Malletto. self-styled Mohiio >v;*i.iii cu. Police said Malette was intoxicated when he strode into a night club here yesterday, twirling a pair oi_revolvers ; and 'ordered the pat- Industrial Strength Seen in South ATLANTA, Ga. (UP>—War-time ! industry taught the South that it' could compete industrially with the rest of the country and linn lesson is being followed today .1 researcher for the Sixth Federal Reserve District says. Chillies T. Taylor reported in a ions to line up against a wall Then for an hour he thrcaten-d the customers and gave them an exhibition of fancy gun-linn-S!ng. When police arrived through 'a rear door to try to surprise the desperado", they had to shoot him six times before they could cap- tur« him. publication of th e Federal Rc-.scrve Bank of Atlanta that all but five Caution: take aa directed. . , For free trial lupply, i«nd to Dept. R. Kilmer & Co.. Inc., Box 1355, Stanford, Conn. Or—get full-sued bottle of Stamp- Root todny lit your drugttore. 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The buck lowers to make t restful (n- nerspring bed for two, with bedding box beneath seat Bed, chest and Vanity 83 Eight Defendants Arraigned Prior To Circuit Court Three out of eight of the 19 defendants In new cases on the current docket entered pleas of guilty in an , arraignment her* yesterday pieced- I Ing the Pall criminal term of the Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County Circuit Court. •*"«" Those arraigned yesterday were chiefly "Jail" case, and alignment for the others—out on bond -will be held later. " d Pleading guilty were David Nash to two charges of forgery and ut-i tering; James BaK«ll of Mississippi t *5 an , d , I ? rcen3 ' : «»d J«mes Nance of-West Virginia, also to grand lar- Tliese defendants entered pleas of , not guilty to the following charges- Oant Summer, incest; Robert Southard, burglary and grand larceny; Mack Taylor, arson; E. W. Mailer of Dell; two charges of forgery and uttering; and S. M. Hubbard, charg-'' ed separately with carnal abuse and Incest. of the 108 manufacturers whose facilities in the nine-state district were enlarged by the government, during the war are producing still Although the plants employ fewer persons than during the war, he added, their employment is above pre-war levels, Shipbuilding lias shown a 37 per cent gain Seventeen of that industry's 25 war-time companies still are operating. $10,000' Da mages Sought in Blast Of Gas Unit A lawsuit seetlnn $10,00 diniu«i In a three-year-old accident has been filed by Mary Ellen Stabbe ngulnst R. C. Wels of Wels Butane Co., Circuit Court records showed today. According to the Complaint on flit, the plaintiff Is seeking damages for injuries received Oct. 22, 1944, when a gas-hented steam table at a drug store here exploded and burned her about the face, head, limbs and body. She waz employed by Kirby Btvv. Drug Co., Main and Broadway, when the accident occurred. The gas company had shut off tanks supplying both the drug store and an adjacent building but, according to the complaint, failed to notify the drug store. The gas supply was then turned on, but in the meantime, the steam table pilot light had gone out. When the plaintiff re-lighted lt> the accumulated gas exploded, burning her, ihe complaint stated, Frogs spend the winter buried In the mud, near a body of water. Chinese-art is noted for its precision and attention to detail. City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 For Expert Repair* 3'U East Main St. Felix A. Carney If Stuffy Nose ^^^ ~m m A little Va-tro-no» In each nostril quickly opens up nasal passages to relieve stuffy transient congestion. Invites restful sleep. Relieves snittly, ineczy distress of head colds. Follow directions in the package. Try ill VICKSVATRONOI CHIROPRACTOR "Health is something that comes from within. The creator put within your body and mine all the elements of health. 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