The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 3, 1921 · 15
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 15

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 3, 1921
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; Tins mriBBX, OTTAWA. CANADA, fcAlCRDAT. SEPTEMBER 8. E OPENS OF STOCK MONDAY DOMINION THE ATR Ievia players SEASON OF STOCK AT THE DOMINION ON MONDAY NEXT JMonday next at 2.15 Will see 'the jppenlng of th Oominlcn theater der the direction of Harold Hevia eady well Known a the awcess-i producer of 111 week of stock I the Orpheum theater, Montreal. ?"Adam and Eva" was chosen aa He opening play after careful con-Iperation, for not only does it give toe leading people a deal of work, ft ample scope is afforded the oth-i various members of the company! fie play is described as one of the ipst charming diversions the t'nea-$ has had to offer in many sea ana. Written by Guy Bolton and -org Middleton, it is a brilliant jmedy of home life; with a wealth brilliant lines and characters typi- lly human, it satirizes the fads d weaknesses of the smart society t in a manner most amusing. fThere is, for Instance, James png, a wealthy widower who is rpetualty harassed by demands for loney and engulfed by mountains I bills incurred by his family, each ember of which is wasteful and a fcoughtless idler. Mr. King, in lieer desperation, plans a business rip to South America, and instructs Us young business manager, Adam fenith, to run and direct his family Hid household affairs as he would iiy other business assignment, hnith, for his Dart, brisklv Droceeda CO obey these orders with on srtmir- fcble attention to detail. He curtails sllowances and cancels chares ac- tounts with a firm and indiscrimi- ate hand, thereby causlne riot in he family. Not content with this. Be further upsets the lives of his harges, old and young, bv convinc ing them that the Kinir fortune has een entirely wiped out in a flurry ii ma stock market. He assures hem that it is now absolutely ne Labor Day Matinee ' SEPT. 5tk 'J ALICE BEXTL Y. BECOME A REGULAR SUBSCRIBER J TIRG1XIA RICHMOND. Coming to Ottawa After Two years' Record will open cessary for each and all of them to strike out and earn their own livelihood. The manner in which they all set to work and become earnest and faithful members, of the laboring classes, through the mediums of poultry, haberdashery and insurance policies; how they succeed and ultimately find contentment and happiness, formerly unknown and undreamed of, is the story-of the play. The piece will be played during the entire week, with performances starting at 1.15 and .15 daily- A. S. Byron to Have Character Part. Mr. A. S. Byron, the character artist of Orpheum Players, oomes te Ottawa already known to most of those interested in surrounding theatrical news, for his name is familiar to readerse of The Montreal Star. Mr. Byron has made for Jiimself a wonderful reputation near, at hand -when he was with The Orpheum Players for practically the whole of their stay of 111 weeks in Montreal. He is undoubtedly an able and popular artist to have played to the one auditorium for such a length of time, and patrons of the play will no doubt look with interest for his work during the coming season at the Dominion. Paul McAllister has grown a beard for his part as a Hungarian doctor in "Peter Ibbetson." vA -Gomedy:bf Home'.Lie by Guy Bolton and 'Z RAYMOND GREEN" Montreal i - ' , 1 "NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH." "LILAC TIME." "THE COUNTRY COUSIN." He Will Play Second 'Leads' 1 With Orpheum Players at Dominion. Mr. Perry Norman, second leading man of the Orpheum Players, was born in Monmouth, England, and educated at the Monmouth Grammar school. Leaving there, he spent the remainder of hjs 'teens following the life of a sailor. During the Boer war, he served on a troopship sailing between Australia and South Africa. During hts tea time, he visited many shores until he eventu ally returned to London In 1903. It was then that he secured his first dramatic engagement at the Standard theater, under the management of Walter Melville. After playing numerous parts in England, he came to America, and played his first American engage ment in stock at Philadelphia, fol lowing v.-hich he was appointed stage manager to John Griffiths in Shakespearean repertoire. During that season he appeared in Ottawa at the Kussell theater. During 1811 he played stock in Superior, Wis. Later, he worked under Charles Frohman. Last season, he was in stock at St. John's, -tl.B., and Halifax, N. S. Percy Marmont has appeared on the stage in support of such well-known actors as Cyril Maude, Sir Herbert Tree and Sir George Alexander. His first picture was made in Australia. Since that time he has been as popular with the picture fans as ha was on the legitimate stage. His latest picture will be entitled "Sacrifice." irniff DOMINIO Harold Hevia Announces The Famous In The Princess Theater, New York, Success 'ss- 5 , LEAF. i WILLIAM COURNEEN. in LIST Georgette Leland is Second Lead. Miss Georgette Leland, the second lead of th Orpheum Players, hails from Paris. She lived for five years in England and has travelled in; practically every part of the world, while the more recent years of her life have been spent in Canada and America. She has played stock in Mount Vernon, Cleveland, Boston and Halifax, This season will make in all her .fourth appearance in Ottawa, for she previously appeared at the Russell theater in "The White Feather," and "The Past Advertiser." During one of her visits to the Rueaeli she appeared before the popular Princess Patricia. Miss Virginia Richmond, the charming ingenue ot the Orpheum Players, is a former member of the Moznrt Players, Elmira, New York. Miss Richmond is Canadian born and wss educated at Hochelaga Convent, Montreal. She is one of the original members of the Orpheum Players of Montreal. During her long stay in that city she established herself a firm favorite with playgoers and leaves behind many admirers of her work and charming personality. Miss Richmond Is an all-round sport and horsewoman and intends to devote her leisure moments to the many facilities that Ottawa of fers In this direction. TIRE rm '- 4 . ,XiJ ANNA I EveT )---Mat. OF COMING N M "DADDY LONG LEGS." "SIGN ON THE DOOR." "FAIR AND WARMER." BACK TO CAPITAL As a character artist. Miss Anna Athy la already well known to Canadian playgoers in many cities in the Dominion. . :'. Trained in the best school through association with such excellent art istes a Effie Ellsler, Maude Adams and Henrietta Grosman, it has been comparatively easy for Miss Athy to estuDiisn Herself as one of the leading character artist of the day. She played in Ottawa with "The Lion and the Mouse," and also with the Dominion Players, while she was for four seasons in stock at Hamilton. She also toured Canada with "When Knighthood was In Flower." There are many characters' in which Miss Athy is bound to score during the coming season at the Dominion. mm JUVENILE ROLES Raymond Greenleaf, Juvenile man with the Orpheum Players, spent his early youth in Boston, where he studied piano and noise. He commenced his career in com mercial life. Becoming dissatisfied with thi3 and wishing to earn his living by real hard work, he joined a company of stock players. He has since played stock in Haverhill, Boston with the Poli Players, and Bridgeport, Conn.: also with Otis Skinner in "Kismet," "Life's Shop Window" and "The Havoc." xnis is ms nrsi appearance in j tanana. WEEK a ii ii ii is ii U& lili m i t S 'Of tit i A- 1 4 'a Li 4, iv - aim M ATHY. PKItRY at 8. 1 5 25c735c r50c., 75c. at 2.15 15c., 25c, 35c, 50c ATTRACTIONS THIS TELLS YOU ABOUT THE LEADING LADY, THE LEADING! MAN AND THE STAGE DIRECTOR Mr. Hevia has been fortunate In securing as his leading lady for the coming season of stock at the Dominion, Miss Alice Bentiey, an ar tiste of high repute, gained as a result of her efforts , in many parts of the continent. Through steady, conscientious working, she has risen from playing child parts to her now established position. Miss Bentiey conies of a theatrical family. Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, she is the sister of Irene Benelty (known as the second Lillian Russell), while another member of her family is Harry B. Smith, one of the foremost libretto writers. In the United States, Mips Bentiey was fortunate enough to be hailed as the youngest leading woman. From time to time, she has appear ed in numerous successes, several of which will be given during the coming season. She has played leading parts under such well-known man agements as Messrs. Schubert, Chas. Frohman, Cawthorn and Sanderson. In stock, she has had a vast experience in many quarters. Including Haverhill, Detroit, Milwaukee, Boston, and Lynn, for several seasons. In June last this young lady returned from Australia and Japan, after spending two years playing leads In musical comedies, including "Irene." Miss Bentiey has also scored in the moving picture field, and has featured with several favorite stats, including Douglas Fairbanks Wid Mary Pickford, Pearl White, Mar guerite Clarke and Blllle Burke. In every city where she has ap peared in stock, Miss Bentiey has been most popular; and admirers of her work have been most appreciative of her efforts to please. She is an untiring worker, and this Is her initial introduction to Canadian n - iff Ihll y is II I it?! TV George Middleton 1 V- K r. fitr. if n NORMAN. JOHN erritory. : ''-'' ' The Leading Man. Apart from the 'reputation 'that he (now holds as a leading man of high order, the Ottawa public have In Sir. William Courneen an actor undoubtedly full of leal, energy and love for "his work. The foUowing incidents go to show that he certainly attain ed this at aa early age. He, entered the profession through the Medium of "His Father's Bern," and it was 'in this that he gave his .first shows. The main plot of ithese shows consisted in stealing the , household dishes, and the performance of breaking them. One day, the juven ile actors became so enthusiastic in their performance that the barn re fused to hold them longer. A rafter fell and with it a number ef re-i ceptacles containing paint. ''This incident ended the drama. , " , , Courneen was born in Rochester.. !New York. During his later school days his desire for the stage as a profession became , very strong. X)uring one vacution, while on a visit to his cousin's, he Joined a stock company without his parents' con sent, this escapade continued for over two months, during which time his doting parents figured that Wil liam was safely back at school. He (was eventually discovered and trouble ensued. His father arrived on the scene, and a deal of cross-talk took place on both sides. After much persuasion and due consideration. reconciliation took place and Wil liam was permitted to remain on his beloved stage-He has done a host of excellent stock work. In recent years, he has played leads in upwards of ten stock seasons In varloua centers, and also with his own combination, "The Courneen Players." He also played i v7 1 4 i KI LLS. Our Prices Are Within The Everybody "UP IN MABEL'S ROOM." "THE BRAT." "SHE WALKED IN HER SLEZP." leading roles in "Baby Mine," "Within the Law," and "Twin Beds." Tlie Stage Director. Mr. John Ellis, the stage director of the Orpheum Players, is man , with varied experience covering over 40 years." the last fifteen of which are outlined belor: "The. 8cmaw Man",ri-"ln-th New York production, and also orce year in London,' England, with thte same attraction at the Lyric Treateti He was for three seasons- tinder the management of Henry B. Harris and later with' David Balesce in New Tork. In che original' production of "Th Woman (with Helen Ware! he played Js'elligan: He also appeared firnoot In "Ception Shoals" with Nazlmova. In "The Bird of Paradise" for two years he played Captain Hatch.' ' . ... - He has- to his credit the staging ef many successes in recent years, Including in New York in 1918, Booth Tsrkington's "Penrod" tor Messrs. KlaW and Erlanger at the Globe Theater, "The Little Blue Devil" m 11, the production of "Poldekin" for Mr. George Arliss in February. 1929. Last season he was with Klaw and Erlanger's "The Rainbow Girl." Mr. Ellis will be the propelling force benind the stag ot the Orpheum company during their sojourn in " Ottawn.- During '.ardous re hearsals he has been known to have a "Halo" suspended above his head labelled "Pattenee and Energy." Viola Dana's real name is Viola Flugrath. She was born in Brooklyn, N. T.,in 1898 and educated there. She appeared on the stag at the age of 11 years. Some of her best pictures wzr? "False Evidence." "Please Uet Married" and "The Willow Tree." Her latest is "The Off-Shore Pirate." Siie weighs 103 pounds and has brown bobbed hair. Bulwer-Lytton's famous ''novel. "The Last Days of Pompeii," is about to he filmed by Geoige H. Kern. Barbara Bedford will play the blind girl, while others in the cast include William Conklin and Raymond Cannon. MM f ; : Phone 1840 if. . . t j if '. ' - -V:.-! Jr.t' V WILLIAM COURNKF.V. MATINEE EVERY DAY A Reach of

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