The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1931
Page 7
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SATURDAY, MAY 2i,--ii)3i BLYTltEVILLB, (AKk.)'. COUftlEtt PAGft CLASSIFIEDviDS Two ccoU a word for Out'.* insorUou and one ctnt t •'• word lor each iuh«<iiifrtt insertion. No advertisement tsta lor less than 50c.- Count the words and tend the Phone 306 FOB BENT FOB Ri^T— Apartment ill Jugram buildina. , See Parkliurst 1 Com-' ;' : 9C-TF pany. FOR RENT— N^wly furnished .cottage, 4 rooms and, bath ou. Davis street. Call; 968 or 050. L. I* Ward. . <'•• : ^'xT' v* "vi,f ly/rC-' vvv i"* v > • iiffife^ The Husband Huh fcf.efc''-: ; m:i;i:< III-.UK TODAY m:im, iioiiui:i, .c.-tnij Invr Mll'li TOMMY WU.SO.V lll>« h[» rlnL^lurot ullh hi-r h •uiir. ini;-:i: i;vi;nK-rr. Jnll. 10 coivlrcc tin thai It li U>> !• Lr n r.-iillct nuillllpn FOR RENTV-To -Ladies — Nicely lurnlsliul bedroom, 123 E. Kentucky. Call {9U2-W- C-P-25 FOR HEN'T— Furnished looms for lighl housekeeping, also sleeping porcli for couple or'two young men. 700 West. Walnut. 22c-U FOR RENT—5 room modern un- funiished apartment. West Mati' St. Arcolu heat. Plione 417'or 479W. 23 ck 27 FOR RENT— 3 room furnished apt. Modem. 60fi N. 5th St. 23cm •;W ANTES) POULTRY WANTED—Market prices, any rquoiitlty. Marilyn Hatchery, 210.8. Fourth St. 9C-TP WANTED '— Family washings or general .housework. Mrs. Dora VJzell, 2207 I8th St. TF WANTED . TO BUY—Used Cars- Lehman Gillcspie, Denton Chevrolet Co. 19P-K25 WANTED—False teeth. We pay higi as $10 for full sels. Any condition We buy crowns, bridges, jewelry gold, silver. Western Metal Co Bloomington. 111. RELIABLE MAN WANTED to on farmers in Mississippi couulj Wonderful opportunity. 'Make 58 t $20 daily. No experience or capita needed. Write today. McNess Co Dept. I, Freeport, 111. • LOST AND FOUND LOST—Key ring, with 8 key Finder return to" Courier News Reward. • 18P-K22 . • Jrrnc IV.IUIM ki-ixi'r. SUr •Ct null inkr» HIT>-| lu tlicMiudlu i^llb :<cr. VSbllr iiullIjiK, HIT, I rruoni xurlndlf* ul n ll^no. A Jtrcolnr nri'liJtnfnltr lit'nr« anri It choiniril by [LOT vulrr. llf Rlin Jirr » tr»t llud aftfr* n rinitr:!! 1 ! ulilpLi rlalra biT Lilt ht'r Jc>r IK lilllcr-»» ert for Irrni- fnlla and 4hc f:mill/ l>l.i!-.>r lo lln PEKSONAL CASH PAID for second hand fur-; niture. A. L. JDowers, corner Main & Late Sts. . . GC-TF STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of 'The Blytheville Cotton OH ..„ .,.,.:.Company ..., ' The Annual afeeting of the directors and stockholders c! the above company will be held Thursday"; June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in the offices of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg,, Memphis, Tenn. 4C-K6-3 New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 23 (UP)—Cotton closed barely steady. Open High Low Close Jill 917 917 806 899 Oct . Dec . 953 . 973 Jan 985 Mar 1002 953 973 985 1003 933 935 954 955 968 968 B87 987 Spots closed quiet at 300, off 25 New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 23 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low CIc?e May 88C Jill "920 920 896 896 Oct 951. 953 932 932 Dec 371 97* 951 953 Jan 9S3b 903 Mar 10081) 987 Spots closed steady 811, off 29. etniir frith Tommy lull hln i:ucu (lies nEiil the .iinrirafci. la L">*t- pinu-d. llcryl'x drlml U n anrrfti. Slio <rlr» in fnruet her L<>prlr»i love fnr Tommy Ijy cratim td 1:117 iinr- I'liKVIISS i: s vi,mm. Mvitllfcy Kon of brr vuipluyrr. frnm Iu-r Klnlrr. lu-rj I Irrcumrft 111 nnrt Ikr iloclnr vmni* hi-r to Itnr l/i livil nml Kunril her tkmnt. Irrru' meim- «Mli> mold* Tninixr mill {rita to KUW-U1) OX UTIFI TIIK STOII* CIlAl'TBll XXII ptiENTISa nrrlvcii wilh his arms •*- full of (lowers and Mrs. Kvercll was kept busy for the nest halt hour getting them Into proper containers. fiery! heard his car stop hotore tiic house but no one came to tell her he was there. The itowers ucre placed In the living room. No one thoughl oC taking tliem up to Beryl, not eveu JPreutiss. Prcntlss had 'not been In love Einco bis adolescent (lays, but he was not In any degree a wowrcn hater. He had liked Beryl and had • found himself wondering on a few occasions if ho might not be tail- Ing In love wilh her. He was ready to fall In love, wonted to fall In love. The bugbear'ot n:osl yoiins uieu who consider lovo and matrimony — lack of funds — did not bother him. He had enough luoucy to make any reasonable girl happy as far ns'money was.concerned. He-liked and admired Beryl, had •though for a time that.they might care d°eply for each other Imt this affection had not come. \Vas ho going 10 b« one'oi those persons who never experience-it? At times he was nfrnfd tlils might be true • And he believed that the greatest thing in life would lie missed it one never met an overwhelming passion, never was swept off one's feel, carried away, submerged, drowned. was life without experience? Experiences of all kinds. You uilflit as well be dead as to live uneventfully. It was the tame thing. So Ihougiu Trcnllss, When lio mcl Irene ho knew that he'd met a new experience. Up to that time ho hadn't known whether it was true or not true lint lovo sometimes caino with first sight. He was falling In love with Ircuo. But how could lie tell her that without engendering the liellet that lio was HckleV llndji't he licou pay Ing rather marked allontlon to her sitter? A nice girl like Irene wouldn't understand. He'd havo lo waste lime breaking It to her gently Unit lie hadn't lioc'.i serious about Beryl Thank Iho Lord lie hadn't mndt love lo her! Thai would coiupll cato matters. A girl aa sweet as Irene . . . she'd not want him I: she- thought it would hurl lieryi. S IDE by s!dc llicy rode In tli black and chromium roaJiier. He: "Yes, I'll have lo watch my "II lio wouldn't bo BO step."' S!ie: slow!" It was thai delightful hour near the end ot a summer day wheu ihe sun retreats before a pale moon and Ihe Ions shadows fresco the earth, when there is n silliness as llioiigh all things stood at atlcuilon while the sun scuds up its farewell banners of rcil and gold, purple aud blue. Irene nnd Prontiss wore gliding along with Ihelr young minds sectb- lug with thoughts. They had ns ing In common wilh the serenity of the countryside. It did uot touch icr mind. And thoy wcro driving :oo fasl for closer ecrulliiy. He lad In mind n certain tun lo which 10 would tako her lo dLuner 1C &hc would go, and It was fnr oul ou luf Island. llo'd suggested Iho drive- wllh icuno reluctance, fearing sho would [lilnk It Inr-onshlciatc ot Uoryl Irene l:ad soused his thought and ;ot nrouml It by saying wistfully sho didn't think Rho should go. Then E!IO Icfl him (or n moment lo instruct her mother to Insist Hint sho go. They came hack lo lilm togellier. Mrs. lOverclt simpered a trifle, over her part, but sho succeeded In convincing I'rcntlss that sho hnd persuaded Irene to go out for u while "She's been In nil day looking alter Hcryl," she explained with u fond smllo of approval for her daughter. "Thank you, Mrs. Kverelt." Trcn- Mss b;ihl, "hut don't ray for u white? I don't like to think ot time when I'm enjoying myself." "Well, nol too lale. please," Mrs. Kveictt conceded, and I'renliss felt us though sho had consigned a precious treasure to bis care. • < • [_JK didn't caro much for Mrs. Everett and ho'd heard that daughters were oltcu liko their mothers. Dul na lie -.vailed for II Irene to get hc-r hat and wrap Ithe latter at his suggestion) ho reminded himsclt thai Beryl was not much ltl;o Mru. Everett. It rtidu'l follow that Irene had lo bo cither even If there was a closer resem. blancc hclwcen Ihom. Kiivlroinnenl wonlil count, rren- la both young nnd old. l.ovliiB with tho tcivor nud lest of youth uml analyzing wlik the caution of ngo. Whatever It .was, as they rnce:l along now over Iho Einooth highway ho was eager to resell His place wliere lie could talk to Irena nnd look at nl tho sumo time. Wlion ho told her where ho wiinied lo l.iko her slio was thrilled but 5l:o would not ngrco to stay out lo dinner until ho had promised lo telephone tier mother. Hf:u reasoned. shrewdly enough Ihul If I'rtutiss had admired Iloryl he couldn't lw Interested In girls who caicrt nothing at all for con. vciill.ui, and 60 slio was going lo bo nulte proper wllli him, » • » C'lK knew the Inn to which ho J wau mklng her—know Hint H wai frf[|iienlrd by smart society folk—but she'd never been there. She foil very important when they wt-io bowed through tho (ront tloor by a waiter In satin livery, nnd conducted lo a tnhlo In a semiprivate room wliero Ihero was a profni=io:i of llowcrs nud the Rlcam of old iicwtcr ngalnsl tho patina of old jiinc. Her uresa, made In tho now romantic style, hud a charming background In this room. Sho was glad thai sho had nul let her akin tau BJ much thla year: U looked so .much nicer. Slio put her anus out OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahen» •*. . ••<» them. I'rcntlss was thrilled wilhilisa should have realized that his Ills thoughts. Now ho was awake! I ability to consider Ilicso matters at Now lie was olive! Here was n girl I this time meant that ho was not ivho could prove to him that ne'dj tailing In love hlimlly. been sleeping. The girl he married would not Ilabil fastened ilsclt upon him [develop na the wife ot a small town "Am I an csolist?" he asked himself. "Wbal does tho girl think? Docs she know anything about this pounding In the brain, this powerful urge to take another, a certain, human being in your arms, to know through the sense of touch an ccstacy thai cannot be imagined?" groceryman. And now, hccauso he was intelligent, he should havo realized that this Ihouglil was not conducive to fuluro hnppluos's. Would be he snobbish about his wife's family? And didn't lie know that if he thought bo could mate Irene what ho wanted her to he— Ho stole a glanco at Irene. She lit he feared what sho might be- was wearing Die organdy dress wllh conic—that he did nol love her— the dainty ribbon IWYVS (and she'the real Irene—that ho saw in her still remc-mbered her mother's ci-ionly a reflection of his (deal nnd pression when she appeared in H].| loved thai rellcclion? Didn't he I-ler mother knew lliai It was the second dress Dial had been Intended [or her wedding. Irene had confided this after Mrs. Hoffman's lost in loj'O. I death. Ha didn't want to-live like nj She looked like ; stuffed dummy. He wanted lo fall head over heels In love. It l!io girl wouldn't have him—all right—thai t.ts would be an experience. What Prentlss could not say what she looked like. Flowerliki?. yes, but what did exteriors niefin? He could not tell from stolen glances at her what was in know that when one loves truly ideals are forgotten? Perhaps a litllo love is snfflctenl lo muddle a man's brain. Or it may be that a thinking man—no mailer how greal his capacity for emotional feeling—can never escape appraising the object of his •Section. Also it might ho that 1'rentiss was at thai age where one before her on Ihe tahle and hcrsclC admlrcil their soft, creamy beauty. Then she dropped them hastily to her lap. Suppose Prculisa uollced! llcnonth tho tiny, flower-trimmed .hat, her [nco was angelically Innocent and 1'rentlss, looking at her, wouikrcd what elia would think ot tho things Ihnl wcro in his mind. How would ho daro approach Ills lovo ranking? Irene, glancing sliylr at him from under demurely lowered eyelids. womlercd ahout Ills wny with girls. \\'aa ho serious or was thU Just a flirtation lie wna starting? Well— II it wore a flirtation at .least she might get n good tltno 'out of It. Something heller lliau going about with Tommy. Tommy. who had no car ot'hla own arid could borrow his uncle's only at rare intervals. Hut ot couree, she mustn't break wilb Tommy definitely. Slio wished Eho had asked her mother not to loll Iloryl wliero sho had gono. HoryE did not uecd lo bo told. When she heard Prentiss' car drivs away from tho house nnd Ireno did not rush upstairs to gloat In ono way or nnother over his vlsll, sho WERE FT I WOdLD SUGUJ HoW A EQAP, I MAWBUE CitAMPIoMSlllP OF-THE W6RL.P S-racKrlOLM! PLAVED BEFORE 'Trie K(^i6 AMD GOtP MARBLES''.-^--THe WAS OUGHT-fo WEAR A -RICOCHET ocKEP LAS-T MARBLES BOOl^S AND HER BUDDIES HACK HOME By Martiii knew. Later called to s her mother,' lo.aak her a cju«Uoa. (To Be Otnlinucd) SISTER •MARY'S KITCHEN whipped cream with Ihe ueaten I and rub through a coarse sieve, re- cag whites to the custard prepared serving a few whole one to gar- for Spanish Cream. Fruit Bavarians substitute fiuit juice and pulp for mlk in the custard foundation. Keep in mind the necessity of scalding Ircsh pineapple fruit and nish the mold. Soften gelatine in co!tl water for fivo mlnulcs. Beat egg yolks wilh sugar and adri strawberry pulp and juice. Dissolve gelatine over hot waler and Clositiy Stock Prices A. T. & T 107 1-8 Anaconda • Copper — 23 7-8 Auburn Auto 207'.i Caterpillar Tractor • 24 3-4 Chrysler 17 Cities Service 12',^ Coca Cola. Continental Baking ll'i General Eleclric 39 3-i General Aiolors 37 3-4 Montsqmery Ward 18 7-8 New York Central ....... So!; Packard c 3-4 Radio Corp 17 3.3. Simmons -.. 13 1-8. Standard ol N. J. ...'... 34 3-4 Texas Corp 20" U. S. Slecl OB'.i Courier News Want Ads Pay. Fhnne 100 ';-'..-MJ^to'.* Slh St WillByiy Late Md^01 Used Ckrs \ ; "»•;•!,•- .-:''. '•''- • Lee Motor Co. BY SISTER JIARY dainty and appetizing during the warm days of summer. In addition of the attractiveness of gelaline concoclimis, we find that it's an important and who!e- some protein fu;xl; that it- is not only easily digestd itself, but assists in the digestion of other foods. It also tends to increase a&siiuilation, making it possible lor the body to use the maximum amount of nourishment in foods. Fcrxl chemists t;lt us that "gela- line is of animal origin, being prepared for the sinews, connective issues and fresh bones of the steer by carefully regulated processes of iming, washing and extracting vith hot water, filtering and dry- ng." I'here arc several brands o.I scl- stiuc on (he market, generally prepared in granulated form. The average amount ncctieri to jelly one )int—2 standard measuring <Aip- iuls—of liquid is one tablcspoon- [ul. This includes the a:i:o:im of liquid userl lo fallen and dissolve the £?tallne and flavoring. However, durini; warm weather, or when nuts or fruits are added, or .f Ihe jelly'must he made quickly, an extra half tablespoon of the granulated gelatine can be added for each pint o( liquid. Directions Arc Available No matter what brand ol gelatine is used follow the directions on tile package. Every manufacturer is anxious to do all in his l»wcr to make his product one ol never-failing SUCCCM and the iu- structions accompanying cadi package are designed for this cud. Otten alter, the first using a few experiments make it possible to suit individual tastes. When fruit or any other solid material is added to a jelly, it should nof be added until the liquid has begun to Ihickcn. This prevents the fruit from rising to tile lop ar.d belnR all in one layer through Ihe mold. The thickening jelly holds Ihe solid material in suspension and. permits it to IK distributed evenly throughout the mold. A custard-like mixture mndc with gelatine, egg yolks and milk iR the basis for Spanish Cream. This is made in a double boiler and til- lowed to cool. Then the sliffly beaten whites of csgs arc folded Into the mixture and the whole Ic turned into a mold to chill and te- come firm. Plain Bavarian • Cream adds juico before using wilh gelaline 1 ndd lo first mixture. Cook over since Hie pineapple contains a I hot wutcr until mixture begins to constituent whi'jli prevents gclntir.e from stiffening. Strawberry Bavarian Cream is delicious made with fresh fruit. It can be turned into a mold liit- tiie | thicken. Remove at once from heat and ceo!. Add whilc.s ol eggs DINNER -Roast chicken, pimento potatoes, creamed.spring onions, granc fruit nnd Breen pepper salad, sponge cake filled with strawberry Bavarian crcatn, milk, coffee. ed with lady lingers or sponge cake and served as an ice-box pudding or it can be juat- molded and f?rv- cd with cake or cookies. StiAWhcrry Havarian Cream One i[i;art tarries, 1 1-2 taule- s|X)ons gelatine, v I-2 cup cold wa- beaten until stiff and cream pod until firm with salt. Turn into a mold garnished with whole mixtures and put on ice to chill and become firm. • * * Monday's Menu BREAKFAST — Siloed fresh pineapple, broiled fresh fish, corn and raisin muffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON — Creamed aspara- 1 ' Somewhere oil the mainland of Panama is snld to be located a (jrenl s'.orc ol gold hidden by Sir Francis Drake niter he had sacked the city of the same name. ter, 2 ccgs. 1 cup sugar, 1 cup j gns wilh hard cooked eggs on whipping cream, few grains salt. least, cottage cheese Kibd, stewed V.'ash and hull berries. Crush rhubarb, cookies, milk, ten. For a limited lime I have reduced my prices on prime leather halfsolcs- Men's light liaHsoIra with Goodyear rubber heels — 51. Men's medium halfsoles wllh Oosriyear rubber heels .. $1.25 Men's heavy lialfsoles with Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.50 W. J. KNOX FRECKLES AND HIS PKIBNDS •FUSEE'S THE ecitx GfcSWT AHSAO OF V COM Tb THE 0TP.ER f IDE 'AMD THEM WE 8AHK. To TW£ TRACUS.-7W61J VJOSl'T HAJE FAH. To 60,To THE KUECKLKS HAS IDEAS By Btoes»l VMS JUST SOT To CATCH ~)fc02. DAD BEFCRg HIS TRAlM POLLS OOT... IT'D BE IF VJE'D BE T°c> LATE .'.' VIHATU. co? POP VJ'iLU ORIVIK WAT COFFEE At J ' ITHEBE'Ll. 1 WASH TUHHS SOMETHING TO UK.MEJSUEH! By Crane A nUhititUD 1 ITS EfvSRtLS 0'P.OWUV FERNA, M6 HEJ\Wi»ES, MJ' W MM «AV TO THKT. U\!tW, TU6RE - 61T IT (ABOARD. VOJ, • THM PRISONERS. «T C-lClES ftSOViETHEM, ftMO 6ua FIRES . •SHOTS &/ ^M of SHOMI.MG HIS COKTCHPT. TOESEWTV.V ;6 PLW6 W^OE^SOTF, AMD 15 SOOH FORtOTTES. j-

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