The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 23, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 23, 1947
Page 7
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"" THURSDAY, OCTOBM 237*947 Agri Economists Hey! What's Going On 'For FflmMrc S«*n; Prices to Stay High WJtSHWOTON, Oct 23. <UP>Tbt Bonau ol AKicultuw F-co- nocalcj, declarinc that "farmers will Juve another good year In 1948," yesterday s»ve this price-supply outlook '« food and other farm product* ntit yev: licit— Prices may average ac high or higher than this year. A moderate seasonal price decline this Fall «nd early Winter will be followed br in increase In late Winter and early Spring. Meal supplies will be down five to 10 per cent below 1947. Tile biggest Ciit will be hi beef and veal. There probably will be less chicken meat and more turkeys. Fruits and vegetables— High price* for other foods will keep prices about u high as this year. But prices may be lower compared to those of other farm products than in recent years before 1047. Eggs— Prices are expected to stay high and per capita consumption will remain at about 375 for the year. , Grains— treivtndous export demand is likely to keep prices of next year's wheat crop above price support levels. Larger expected acreage may hold rye prices below the 1346-47 'range. Sugar— Supplies will be as high or higher than this year's 95 pounds per capita, which Is about the same as pre-war. Grain feeds— Likely to stay high. Grain by-product leeds will be considerably higher and protein feeds moderately higher this Winter than last. I Wool— New price support pro- i drain assures wool growers of prices averaging higher than in 10-11 ami at least as high as in 1046, Shorn wool output probably will decline liightlj'. Tobacco— Small exports next yenr probably mean lower prices, particularly for some types. Cigarette output in 1948 will! or top this year's estimated record higii of 365,000.000,000. Cotton— Supplies tight. Domestic mills expected to use about l.COS.- 000 fewer bales In 1941-48 than last year. Exports may fall off, but will continue large. UN Wages War On All Diseases International Action Sought in Combatting World Scourges GENTTVA (UP)—A new world war has bwn declared, but, this one Is HRafnst disease. International action to combat such world-wide scourges as tuberculosis, malaria «nd venereal disease was decided upon by tlie interim cnmmlUee of Ihe World Henlth Organization (WIIOIC) ut Us louilh session In Die United Na- tion.s Palace of Nations here. IlepiescntaUvcs Irom IS nation* took part. The decisions of the WHOIC Included an aijrecmetH to send smnl) demonstration teams to countries on request to fight tu- )x?tcnlosls by Initiating Intensive programs of BGO vaccination as a means of prevention. A long-range ami-tuberculosis program to be presented to the first World Health Assembly was however, deferred to Ihe fifth WHOIC session. To Meet on Malaria The WHOIC agreed that the second meeting of the expert committee on malaria will be held Occupation Policy Change Favored By Sen. Bridges FRANKFURT, Oct. M, IUP)—U. S. Sen. Styles Bridges, H., N. H., tald today the dismantling of plants in Germany should be halted, pending review of Ihe entire reparations program. "It's crazy to shovel out hundreds of millions with one hind, and take out, • things which would permit. Germans to Bet on their feet, wi'.h the other," Bridges told a press conference. Bridges, a member of the Serial* Appropriations Committee, said he favored taking reparations from current production rather than from the actual dismantling of Genn.ui | plants. He said that,- because Jf Russia's non-coopcralion with ine PoLsdam agreement,'he would favor the creation of a separate Western •Germany, composed of the American, British and French zones, to save money [or the American taxpayer. • Originally, sweaters were designed for athletes to wear before and ttiter games to prevent them from taking cold. member countries. The World Health Assembly is to be called bix months after the £«th United Na-' uuLitt, un India* jit vitit i/i; iiciu in , . , Washington in May 1943 The I tions nicjnber country has ratified WHOIC rciiort on malaria held out ^^cousUluUouTUe executive KC> Roses and Smog greeted Margaret IVnninii, lelt, on her nrrivul Pittsburgh (or her concert. 1'lowers were given to Miss Truman 3-year-old Barbara Bcegle, daughter of one o[ the Barbara was imjv*j:ed by the Piesident's daughter, but tcund cameramen nure fn.,dilating d\EA Tclepholo.) Ex-Cowboy Expects to Get $12 Million From Will of Miner He Grubstaked CHICAGO, Oct. 23. (UP)—"Texas Bill" I/icy kept an eye peeled Tor the parcel post man today. Tic package he was expecting—from Mexico Cily—may contain 12 million dollars. 1D21. and written In large, shaky script, was filed in Probate Court 'Kiesdny. It loft one dc«'lar to Clark's cousin, Norman McVlect of London. " order to legato; this will and not by reason of any Demand for Workers In State to Continue LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Oct. 22.— (rjp)—Employment Security Administrator Purifoy Gill has predicted that the demand for industrial workers in Arkansas will continue steady for the next four months. Gill said yesterday .that employment in Arkansas industries in September reached 2fft,000. an increase of »,000 over the preceding month. - He attributed the upward trend to seasonal demands, a ; continuing high trade volume, and the opening and. expansion ot business. selling up ol an International influenza center in England toMieip I by j combat another world-wide tnflu- ' oncert sponsors I enza epidemic such as thc one after I j thc first World Wiir. The, United ! 1 e States representative offered to. I make available the National Insti- | tnti' of Heath lu Bcthseda, Md., as a regional Influenza laboratory. ; Re»ulnr testing of approved yellow fever vaccine was approved to be considered by the WHOIC yellow fever panel, which includes representatives from Canada, Brnzil, France, the United States and Russia. It was decided further to set np shortly expert committees on ven- ercnl diseases and for revision ol existing sanitary conventions. Thc ; Internationa] experts on venereal diseases are to meet before the end of the year to plan a world-wide campaign. A new expert committee on International epidemics control will re-study existing International controls to prevent epidemics from spreading around the globe and to cope with the problem of disease control in connection with modern *ttwfllopn>eji^ in transportation tiy £avf hl!S%^W*"k7 """ Lacy i «'"»« ^IncBM'to the" wUu£ «dd 't ""^ '^fab^''Considered ga\c mm a $!,A» sinKc. | tnc pxkasc lo him. He said he was The WHOIC secretariat was in"I never saw him again. "Latj j certain H contained the $12,000,000 strutted by the conference to fctudy said. "Tlieii one day while I was or else some deposit books or safety ti 1D ynadequacy of present and fu- nijxlng candy batter, I happened <o vavrlt keys. lurc i, lsu i ln .supplies for diabetes, think about him. I knew he once liv- ' ed in Mexico City and wrote to him. " ls auoillc y Montiny 1 sot a letter Irom a lei- low named Rios. He said that there I was a package there that Cluir; j left for me, and he enclosed this ! will." \ ; Ttic docun\ent, datetl Jui\c 15. ' thc World Elcalth Assembly during the first half of 1SW8. Scenes of Old Sod Delight New York Irish NEW YORK IUP)—The Rev. Dan Qlcason with his movjcs of County Monaghan in Ireland is one of the most popular men around New York today. When Father G leu son went back on vacation lo the county where he siwrH his childhood, he took alontr a movie camera and rolled oil 2,000 feet of film of the scenes that acre dear to him. He and his movies are in great demand among the Irish of New York. Sometimes, during the one hmir and 45 minute program, a Monaghan County man in the audience long from the old country—will shout: "Hey, look, there's Mashone Qil- hooley—dlggin 1 potatoes." Father Gleason explained that he turned the camera on any scene or any person who seemed interesting to him, and at nearly every showing someone recognizes friends or relatives. Often, a man will see his parents for the first time In iO years. Father Gleason said. THI TRUTH ABOUT PIN-WORMS B*rloui ftcts *r* revelled by r«*nt re until rtporU. O»* out of *«IT lhre« veogla •umTned w«* found lo be a victim of PfU'Wormi—often vrithout «u«p«ctin^ ftl And tbjj o*ly infection can c*u*« real distrcti If net:)*cted. So w»tch for the wmrntnr iff" that may meftQ Pin-Worms—«n pec Tally t!ie *K- Kf&vatinr rectal iub. Get JA-YNfS P-W Tfrht twajr. f-W U a tntdicully sound treatment bucil on an officially recognize*! •nd hichly effective drug element. The iraaU, c**y-tA-tahe r-W tablets work In a. jjpecL&I way to remove Pin-Worma easi 1 -," and »afc(y. Ask your drujsM: P-W for FHn-Worm 'Fishing' Tackle Lands Liquor Start Bottles PHILADELPHIA (UP) - Three "fishermen" used a bed slat, H wire loop and some clothesline lor rod and tackle on a little expedition. But their expedition took place in a liquor store and police said they had lucit hauling ) n their catch. By pushing their "rod" through the bars of a liquor store and man- ueverlng a slip knot over bottles, they pulled up two bottles of wine. Police said the two bottles were already empty. They added that the three admitted "casting" and bringing up 12 bottles of whiskey on another occasion. Arc you troubled by dtatreu ol female functional monthly disturbances? Docs thl* make you suffer /rotn pain, /eel so ticrtouj, tired weak—at such times? Then DO i ry Lydla E. Ptukhain's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Famous to help voratn troubled UilE wayl Also a stomachic UmicJ Equitable Lifelnsurance Sociely of United States See Representatives GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. 115 W. Ash St. Phone 3933 Listen to "This is vnur FBI" Fridays 7:30 p.m. WAIFS FARM LOANS AI Lowest Rate of .Interest <! Quick Service A. F. Dietrich United Insurance Agency I ICO S. 1st SI. Ingram B!dg. Lacy said the money had been I love I hnvo for him." waiting for him since 1927, but he'] it, gave another dollar to "Bins! Crosby of Hollywood, Cn!., just in order that he may remember the bum he fed." « list found out about it Monday. The former Texas cowhand sai'l :ic inherited the money from Kay- nond O. Clark, an old time Kloii- Croshy VVRS ,„ vaudovmc aud like gold prospector whom he grub- p carinB tn „ sinB Uig trio with Paul staked ycnrs ago. j White-man's orchestra from 1927 Uncy. now an employe o! a Chi- j to 1930. and moved to Hollywood cago candy factory, said he met j pennnncntly in 1930. - ... Clnrk 2-2 years BRO in Texas. The < . sfti ,i i lc |, nii R i 05 , O11( , was non-cot: court attendants were skeptii friends were uon-plussed and Lacy Kiinself was worried. "How much of thnt money do yo.i figiiro tlie government will take hi taxcs7" he asked. TANK PATTER'S FOLLY. It U hot ... it U cofd. You never quite know. But it gives you hot water, IF you keep it going. Hot water this way may b« very expensive, for yoj always heat too much or too little. And it keeps yoj bopping, turning it ON and OFF. nmlltal Tlie conference also decided to call ical the tllc attention of thc first World Health Assembly to thc problem ol alcoholism and asked for a study In co-operation with United Nations I agencies. • ^ Fifteen United Nations' member countries so lar have ratified thfi WHO constitution and eight non- F. M. S^tton Presents GULF COAST SHOWS -BLYTHEVILLE- All Next Week Commencing Monday, Oct. 27th SO ATTRACTIONS Rides-Shows-Concessions Opening Time 7:00 p. m. 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You'll us» at much os a quajler-loh ol cool a month, ond still NOT have constant hot water. You know hew many times you've wonted hoi svolar end couldn't get it ... how many limes you've needed hot voter and hod to waH for H . . , GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC WATER HEATER ' Now! All the tint Water You Need fore/ew •Household Use. Tkre's a Model to fit your Needs and Your Budget. SEE IF TODAY AT,... ^^•^•PHKP^H 30-40-50-60 Gallon Sizes HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. PEERLESS CLEANERS Now Headquarters For Guaranteed • Rug Cleaning • Curtain Cleaning Dial 2433 '116 S. Franklin St. REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. 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EAST END ft 112 Lilly Street '/a Block South East A <A«<TV ' HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY W f0* K6*t MtKCUW $£WCl MM* you* Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Blvtheville Ark. 112 Walnut 9t.

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