The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION liM (M tWUMKUlt U> la!m:m Vkirf* rime w |j»a Hjnet ^M uat p«i HIM j 11 i linn m lint MC lay .... Most* fH tlmt Count fire airraft Hords. t* (fcf lilt. A« entered far ikiM *r fla ll»» a»« slupiKt bef«r« aiplraifea will bt chari- '« Jur the uttBkrr et llBta tkt a« a»- pcarM au,'. adjutUMit •( kill «a««. Laundry i*i< cfir muit Xit» may N •hurt U)>!». ..•iftrtlilat or4(r f»r l«««u>*r II ItW^ tak^i lh» *ke !!•• rut. No rnp3»s:)illll7 will to Uki> Kott !*>• tn« l»ctrr«ct lmuni »y Not/c« W. wish u> «npr«4» our |lai;»r« thntiks 10 our friends for th«lr kind- ne&s »hown ut it the Um» ot Vh« death or oyr lov*4 on« Mn. Ulonla Qo«:ett. Esptclallr wt wl»h (o thatiV lb« R«T. »T». Pl>[«« an<l tht UK. Vro. p*tttr*an. And Otrni« Viidfr- •k!n* Co. V?ist«t (UM*t> * f»ml'.T Mr. «n« Un. »«okltv LADIES Come to U-Do-lt Laundry »nd do jrour family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 a.m.—Close 6:30 p.m. Close Saturday at noon. OPEN TUESDAY AND THWtSDAY UNTIL » p.m. 323 North 2nd Street Phone 4247 io:;i. c k-3i Loans Money to Loan «n to repair or r«- p*jriM«nt, DO mor Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CASH FOB WKICKED OR JTJNK ATJTOMOB1LM Wade Auto Salvage Hljhw«T Phone 378S S-5 ck t) Expert Radiator Repair £ -^r Less ff< hava the beat La radiator rer>alr equlpmant. Ijt our trained men boll eut aau repair TOUT radiator fw TOU Quick Service Mckup and Delivery ntA ArmovED RATE J'-/. A8K FOR DETA1I* Max Logan, Realtor Ptiont 1034 Lynch Bulldin* Bl/th«>lil«. Ark MONEY TO LOAN It? property We alee buy aplee CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building tit c»-t Notice Invot your CASH IN COMFORT Buy a clean useo car from Foole Motor Company with taay monthly luslallment*. Poole Motor Company SOUTH HIGHWAY «t 8TEE1.E. MISSOURI PHONE ST1ELI 49 10110-ck-tl Worn piiton rinfi rob your engine of itt power and co«t you money in wasted (M and oil. Let u» fheck your engine and, if needed, install a newiet of Genuine Ford ringi to rettore new c«r performance. An Engine Tuneup Now, will carry your car .through the Winter months like new! GET OUR ESTIMATE TODAY! Easy Repayment Terms for Salt, Misc. for Sale OLD NEWSPAPERS COURIER illeU. 4 yi». oill. OH T. K. UltUakrv, 1 _!' **°' l>ht " 1 * 1UJ - '"I' 8 i"" "3 Oil h*at?n and cook ilorea. I l»rne International 7-» ixwin hmisv. •lore bullmiiK or church healer. 1100. 1 nix-room Sniier flame I7i 1 Four room Quick li«*t »50 1 larum Mouro'K clrcuUlor Mi I Warm Mu.nLnn Laundry jcovr. lank & plm'a $^ x 1 Three burner oil cook mo<« »I5 All In A-1 condition. Churl™ Hrliilit. ion* 25B«. li)3l-r>k TVa/tt/iv t Vk terestlnr. ITaCtOr UO. . j,eeaea DOUOLM LAWSON. atlr Phone 2171 tt ck u Building Material PA7KR KAriaiNQ AKD DCCORATINO PrM Xatlmatea Why spend money- Swap with ue. Klbert Huffman'a Ewap shoo. 403 t. Main. Phone MS. join ck tt I PRACTICAL NURSING EASY TO LSARH AT HOME Instruction. Prepare now for. this Interesting, well paid work. Mursea are needed many earn while learning. pare time training plan welcomed y doctora. High school not necea- ry. Information TKKK. Write today. 'ayne School of Practical Nursing, ox P % Courier Newa. 10130 pk 33 I ne ? BILL PAVJS Pbcae MO 10.0 pk 1I|9 INSULATION Consult ua on the baat Una to ua« and the chcapaat war to apply It « O BOBIHBOM LUMBER CO , •- 13-pk-iOiaj OB rorur nra txmmnm want and «T« Knnt a OOiCTM* mlxtt b> da! Ol hour Pbrm- WE faflit BlTtBtrtile Ark Hla-«* tf For a Ucenawl plumber or ror aaiMn atoT* repair work call Harry. Uerern at Hub bard Hardware 9 1-ck-ll 1 Coal and Wood * your ooitj ba<or« tna> wm««r rum ua nil your bin Pnoo« «• 801 Arkanaaa • Foods PHOrTK 1003 LUTTRELL'S GROCERY AND MARKET for STAPUC AND FANCY GROORIX8 QUAIATT UXATS PROMPT DELIVERY We appreciate your business m NORTH SIXTH 108, ck Fuels "I Sell That Stuff" Kerosene and Fuel Oil CaU2089 G. O POETZ Your Source of Dependable Service Office RR at Cherry Household Goods Used Stoves, Electri Pumps, Water Heaters an many other used itemi i: food condition. Planters Hardware Co. Warehouse Store 118 North First St. Half Block Off Main St. 10-21-ck-tf ttentlon Commercial TraTelera — Modern Tourist Court. Missouri Stnte Une, Highway 51 V177 pk 10127 Photographer SIX POSTAL CARDS AND ONE X10- PORTRAIT — »3 «5 O'Steen'a Studio 10116-ck-si Plumber Services Curtains laundered and stretched 14 S. Franklin. lOiH-pk-11114 5th at Wain-- ompany .-none 445H For Salt, Farms EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS ON iPPBJbXIMATCl.K 20 FARMS Runeltin In. sl?.e tram 40 acc«s «, large tracts. It yon mr« Interested In buying or .selling, or In making a loan be sure mirt call ui and we will be glad to ahow or dlscuu theee (anru wUb CECIL EARLS Noble-Gill Agency ' Otceoli— Phone' 03 Mj> nme— Phon» ) 3131 "All Work Guaranteed" it rVATSON & BBAL GARAGE Located at 338 8. Dlrblon Come In and talk over your car rouble with us. We hare Just whit take* to til It: Steam cleaning, lulck-Battery: Char King. Electric Welding. Washing and Greasing. In connection with our garage' visit Kerbough Gro- . i , , For s»\e tr owner: 80 A. sandy loam. 2>2 miles olf Highway 67 on gravel. All tillable, electricity, school buji. Immediate posse.-wlon, Clarence Raney 502 W. Third, Wilnut RldRe. Ark. 10120 pk 13 For Sale, City Property For ftont Personal PAGE THIRTEBff ' DOKB YOUIl JOH CAl.t. KOH A "STOr-AT-NOlllINO" VKIliG'l.K! Don't let hiiu-dcou mud or Ice-cov- tred ronda lilttirfero with your work lili whiter. Minim™. fllKlnccia «nd otn^ra who niutsl i;et lo olf-tlic-rontl woik <lci)cnd on thu nnlveritnl 4 wheel MOTOR COMPANY Kllis J'oolo, Owilcv, Oporntor South lliRhway 01 nt Stecle, Mo. Phone Sleole '10 Position Wanted tms SUWE: V I* A,' OCQ J0«p( New concrete block bulMlMK 34X60. oncr«le floor. WartluiiiMi ipace on rrlKO Kallmud Ml at jLH) s. Second Si. Ulmrlet rllhl, Munx 2M«. For Safe or Rent Setvlre .SlalLon, fl room home. Also JvM Rdrlge equipped. Wrecking ard. 1 were around and out bulld- i|is on Kay I Weit, Jiltl oilljlite of orgioratlon Kara Rood iHislne*.*. wner Ima been In nuslnrfta 13 yeur» tuck can be tion^lit at Invoice price r rented wLlli wvldlOK «<JUI]>iLirnl nil all nm-liuiiU-ul toolH furnished L'lll ri'iil nil for $100.00 i»er numui. Vartl'a Clnnine. I'll 7 f II. I'aranuiihl. 10:10 i>w IOIM For Sale or Trade CliriOMK BREAKFAST -il 'ruly rink. I'rctrri full will roiukWr |mil Him, .vnliiK 0 to H. Ask ' ror loll, .-..4 J\l. .1. Private Rooms Bedroom, 311 K. Ninth. I'tioim 2MB \Q.'1'1 iik lliZi nev. SHALL THtSt TiRES INTO THE Nice ruDin. imuuiiro ill] Wnlmil Phone a-liw, M>.,i only. lOlia-i'il'as Brrtrooiu. nun; prnleirert, riioiu. 312!) 31J H. rrHiiklln. I0.31.iilt.ji 5 I"KCK Birf .STUDIO COUCHES OAI1INKT SINK nOI,l,A.WAV BUD AND MANY OTHER 1TKMS FOR SALK OR TKADF AT Blbert Huffman's Swap Shop 403 K. Main PhOH« R5S 1022 ck 25 Wonted (o Buy noHKbT CHICKS I'Aiu i : oii~7'K. UANa. WK 1IUY ANY AMOUNT I'KUM A 1'OUNO TO A CAIII.UAI). Jon HcsUn-'s (U'occry KOUTH 61 HtflHWAV IIKI.OW a'vYlr"J Oil, MILL I'llONK SIUJ li) Ul-nk-ll l.i Wonted to Rent 100 notos Hefp Wanted Mnn Hiicl wire (or ho LIM M FT Ice Yt'iir-romiil ixiiltloiu, Oootl. furnished iiK mmrters. nootl oftv tor rl^ht o«r- -t. Munt bf exncrtriieed. Can nnr er wbltp nr ro!nr*-d cotiptn Phonr 2A70 or 26B5 Olrteon, Mo., P,O! Box 2Sir 1 109 nk 23 Help Wanted, Male STOCK MAN WANTED Mnn to Assist . recelvlnK And Ahlpiilnii clerk In lianil- llng freight. Should be between an.eA2L and 37. Apply to Mr. Kefiler. Montgomery Ward. 10133 ck 26 or nioro Cluirlcs C'lly, Mo. ol lam) IH'fl Muloin- Hi 10 15 i>Ji l A [our. flvo or nix room Jnnisi 1 ivml bath. huhnrlmn i>n<rnu><|. Ntnr niv- ilicvtlle or imy lown nrnti>y witli Komi h^li hdiool. Phono T3? or 7 1C K \v t'hnmnni.. lO.JR nk 25 Evils of Inflation M1LLEDGEVII.LE, On. (UP) — For Sale 5 Room Resideno , Corner lot, ideal neighbo hood. Quick possession. Price $5500. ?2,500 cash, balance in loan 6% for 7 years. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 2 YOUNG MKN/ To "train for retail grocery managers. Must have good reference and willing to manage stores in other cities. Liberal training salary. Write Liberty Cash Grocery, Box 266, Jonesboro, Ark. . 10-21-ck-24 room ho VIM ne 34JO. by ownei. 10117 pk 14 'Cafe, good growing bualneee. dolnp around f2&X> year. On Main St. will sell from (S.OOO on terms. Selling because of poor health. 100 Ward Are. Phone 142. c«ruthert»llle. Ua. 1C IB ck AtnblilouK yonnK man between »RM 18-34. Opportv.nHy lor nrlvnuccnxent Apply Bnuthweslern Bell Ttletihotio Co., Mr. Horr. iQj22 D |t a« Phone 64.S 9134-ck-tf I Have On Hand At All Times Sevcrnl tractors nutl ctniliimo.nt . . . both new mid i^oil oueK . . JOHN DEERE, FAUMALL Blld other mnkes. Also. T bn\'c for stilt lit nil times 70 lo 80 liciul of mules. Terms cnn IK nvrniiKcd. Will lr«de for most nny(liin K you hiwe. F. C CROWE 1 Mile S. of am labor Valleirlleld Qln or the neat In fine meata and food Also hard to get ItemE. CAR SERVICE WHILS YOU SHOP ON« STOP! 10:21 ck 23 _ -DD SIZE FRAMES MADE TO OR- DZ» TO» DIPLOMAS. PICTURES ETC O'Steen's Studio 10]I«-ck-30 'For Fine Workmanship' Glass Cut to Fit ANY PATTERN: PLATE OLASS MIRRORS STORE FRONTS PICTURES WINDOW O1.A36 DESK TOPS , Safety and Crystal Auto Glass Arkansas Paint Glass and Wall Paper Co. 105 X. MAIN PHONE 2271 10il« ck II 18 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Bo»i. Smith, doroiia and R«m[n<- uw Kjri.bla DON EDWARDS Hqmeplace Bolivar County, Miss. On« of the most beautiful, compact home places In the Mississippi Dell*. fiOO acres Jn cnHlvatlon, true tor operation. iMile per ucre production av- era»e, Hulf of cuUlvnteci In ml sanely loam, half desirable mixed InruL Main residence new and Insured tor *25,- 1 000 situated In ft 10 Acre grove of beau- I tlful trees, 3-car Rarage apart men? and manager's house, 17 tenant i nises. 2 barns. j Oparated by resident owner with j smalt OTtrhead expense. School bus, p mall route, deep vi'ull. Butane RAS, nil ' there. Comrnunlty one of the best. Excellent cotton crop hclnp harveat- ecf. 75 acres ol oats xlready planted, good Ntt;ro labor supply Avotlable. Th1» it central unit of large plant*- tlon be ins sUDdtvidtd, pntcemed to meet the wishes of a Rood producer who wants to llve_on his property Mid farm with tractors. Buyer needs about 5 tractors wltli equipment. Priced ftt 5100 per acre, plus *10.000 Additional for the beautiful home. Total 990,000. Seller can Rtve Immediate poucsslon of home and fields AS rapidly as' crops are made and harvested. Terms 430,000 cash, assume 4*?,, Ions time mortgage Sonn lor the bal- H nee. Ta xes I pw than SI per ncrc. This Is one of the most attractive buys aval table In the Delta for (.hr jiast several years. \ Can be shown by appointment only. A second unit will soon ue 'tva!T- ah!e. This unit Is 830 acres, ns cultivated, residence, gin. fit ore. S tractors, 20 nuite*. etc. Priced to s?H nn asonnble trrtns. For full details or appoint mrnt. phone or write HENRY T, fiRO-SOY COMPANY. P, O. HOT 107, Gr*rnp.l't), MlMlwlppl. Phonr I06fi. OreenTllle. or Phon« 2383 Ounnlson, KLssl^^Ippl 1013 Cfc 21 YOUNG MAN One of Blythevillc's leading department stores has' an opening for you to manage their men's and boys' clothing depart/nent. You must have a thorough knowl- $2200 Cash, balance F.H.A... edge of men's and boys' NEW HOME Phone 3309 10 lota — corner nth and Charley Bright, phone 2&6C. Homes, Lots & Holly Street, a S-room houM on corner lot. Wnst End. 3 place* North side, 5 places. Suburban grocery businesses. ILvinn rooms with eome, one feed mill. AnythlnK wanted or for sale.. Pnone Field 2394 10-20 pV »7 Tb« Tym writer M 8«conil 81 Carload Servcl Eiectrohix KEROSENE REFRIGERATORS POOLE MOTOR COMPANY millii Poole. Owner * oixraMr I KlRnwar 61 nt RtMl*. H» Prone Stecle «• IDI-ck-H Venetian blinds now tu stock ReadT- "!•*» K. "• Blinds. Deitl PalutBtort t» C Main St phone «»». 5Ut« to Aid VH4 ATLANTA. Oa. (UP'—The stale Veterans Bonn) is studying » pio- POJ«! lo sst up » "baby RFC" to make »5.0M,OCO in lonns to Worlrt W*r n veterans On a Iow-Inttre»t, k«i«-t«rm basis. The •illhorlMd bj th« 1M7 Slat* tura. Dogs, Cats, and Pets S r*bb.ts, 3 hiuchcfl « b«lt tiny. No- Amoke Dixie- Hentfr, 375 S, DlTlslan. Poon« *232. 1021 pk 2 PI Former's Column rfn for Mie Soutb 81 O Abraham i*Or. SALE - H-Fnrrnall Tractor and eniilpment. I-b'jttom 14-Inch plow. r;iilt|vAtor <md disc, All In Ajl condition. K Kl«pe. 310 TCnst 4th atrrnt. Caruthersvlll*. Mo. Telephone* ,712-». 10 ,S-pk-23 Ooetf use* lnt«m»tlonil R +5 corn- bin*. Can be seen at ScottyV Service Station ai Ark-Mo Stnf* Mn* I0?-i oX 38 For Safe, Farms 8fi *cre cotton tarm to- mr Gideon. Mi««nurt. ,n f«r- We^ Wadrtd Countf. e>n RTD ^rhaoT bu» routes, M«ctrlritT >f!rnu,i *nfl rrlfnd'v rommunliv - nwn*r. Or#n « Mt*v. H Hn^hr r^ .Tffff r^-nTi C'.tv Mi<"*\ii r ^ V*, rV -~, fi f\- ,.„*.':! s ^:r*;-.:ri.«v | Wllll. Pnrcrll at T«rhro. 100 ACRE FARM 5-room house. 2 barn;, concrete Kilo nj watenns troitgti. with windmill, 11 fenrrtl, Rll in cViUlvatlon oti ViUcit- top road. S6.i acre. j. n Elonev. stkrs- ton. Ml^»ourl. 1022DX 11-22 clothing with a good sales background, and be between thfc ages of 23 and 40. You. will have paid vacations group v insurance privileges good pay, and best opixnlun- ity for advancement offered by any retail organization Address your application-, tc iox S * Courier News. 10133 Dk 2S Hardware Mutual , insurance Company of Minnesota Lnrge Dividend Snvlngs Low Nel Cost Pi'otecllon For Service W. L. TAMKE 408 K. Davis St., P. O. Rnl 4.TI Phone 4127 Blyilicvlllc, Ark. For So/« For Sale, Cars, Trucks .. INVESTMENT OPPOKTUNITIESI . Kowt Now Is the time to Bi»h ihCM hBrRBins In homes. I a mm. »nd ncsses. Chapln »nd Tlpton Rn«l «*tale Firm hfcs Metlnen on th« Beat »uya In This Scctlonl Read them and compare. But. you'd belter snatch U, while the prnhhlnK Is good. UJ 20 Bcrps on paved i.lailim'ay ne«r M r.n i En . prl ce 54 ,000. (2) Store BnlldlnR, Stock of mrrcnan- dlse and fixtures, one larne Tnenter hnUdlii;i, R,I on orie »cre at ground on hlghwfty-neur school mnd cburch A real business bx\y lor Romeone, Price »9 500. (3) Grocery stor«" In Manila, aood spot ana venlly UirnlnR merchandise. Priced to sell. Someone Is gains lo huy this store. Why don't you In- vpRil^attt (4) One acre of Und with »l)t room nio-'rrn dwelling: electricity, hot and cokl wp.Ur. on highway ne&r ManUn. Price S1.500. (5) Cr\/c In Manila, plenty of hour* attached Lo Lhli plv\cn but practfcaUy a "^cll-miV e»err Oay. An Ideal spot for a yoiinfr couple wno know reatavt rant hu^lnrs*. <6) Acrn. t\rm Und. Right room dwelt- n n-t* jn ^- Rood" barn, picniy ontDuLldLi ---- fenced and cross ff need on hlRh near Par^KOUld:, Ark. Ideal Home, prlci lots l!KO atRlco on« ton lnittr. ouya Phone 2074. For Sale, City Prop. Modern Home On Carolyn Street .Part down O. S. Rollison Phon« 3309 10 16-c Two hoxi»e« on one lot. 5 rooms and t)»lh on /rant or lot, 4 room* und hftlh on rear. Rental house will UAV for both Quick possession I>«rpe rccondHLoned Iiousc In perfect conrtliton. Divided into L*o Roart- ments Renttl house on b»c)t or lot Home «nd Inrwlment combined. C*n be flnknc«4 New *nd miXIern surbnrban home Fovir room* unil hath on lar 1 ^' shmiv loi V«rni,t now, priced rl&lit. 1'orty acres Pemiscot Coutitv innrt On nravcl roarJ. REA line nnri ficnoo' bna route. Will carry Rood f»vrm toan Max Logan, Realtor PHONE 2034 bYNCH BU1LDINO t T- Hvibbsrd. SftlcMnftn Thonf 4129 BlytheTlllo, Ark. 1C U-rk-lf i On* 3 room hovit* find .lirahie locn Hon. i One 5 room house ur«ctlc*llr new j f rood location, -priced to *eU. , (9i One rnUy f>qnlopt:d store M.b- j,l;inilR] [«, Krll Florkrd. located rlirht in the heart of the huslnr.w district. OwTicr will sell this store i And hi& hern*; which tor.* ercrr ron- . cclv^hV (". that • lovvtx hotnn. rovltl hoa«t. R'.-von for sriHnr: owner i- Inking Joh In an- I '"L'l np II01 "' 1 v/ltli fire rooms, front i ana hack porrli. screened, bath, automatic, oll-wftter heater, veil-built tin*. ri?tThborhoo*t. price M.500. <11) A^k tix tbei]t, some real, cotton pro4-ir1.iv farmland. Priced «t »I25 prr arm. *hout ^0 acres In cultlTA- tlon, AHitTlai Mrh soil on hlwhw (121 A coinblnntlon Fc* cream anrl .^nndv.-.rh Fhon. ?,-)250 building can he l^-iscd lone term. (13) Vf-rielv More, doln^ extr* FCHX! buslne^. Owner will sell fixture* *nrt content* at InTenterr I«w (We per rent. (M) One house nwr hKh school. Good conriltjon 4 rooms com"l«t« wlih r«r- niture p-*rrldrc at CHA^TN AN . Phone TTPTON ARK. 72 For Irt* ri»fr» new. Priced f>\ Minos ' 37.13 1020 rX 2! mc"T« | n« fn 10 ie-clc-1 SALESMAN—T HAVE A POSITION for a msn who can put forth aomc e»l effort «very d»jr. He mint haye :lean character and fair education. HA «.'el1 as Rood person (Oily and common ensr. This la a ttfetLme position with nimedlRte bl? enrnliiKK. I cto not v/anl < Job hunter. I'rclcr married > IMI ivcr ,10 who lives In Hlythcville. lln«t iRve K or. Personal Interviews i.r- united thli vr^k. Wr.le staling experience and phone number. Box N, Courier N«wi. 10,23 ck li Notice Watch for Big BINGO PARTY LEGION HUT Thursday, October 30 Ladies of Catholic Church 10-22-ck-31 Help Wanted, Female A lady ambitious to net ahead to study work In Mississippi County. Cur nece»fi«rF. Good pay. Bos R % Courier. io;ia pk 15 Gin Supplies Don't Icnve Blythcvlllc lo l>uy Otn Suiipllcs. We nrc competitive with any Mid-South firm on these supply prices.- Buy here for better nncl lower prices. •A- U. S. Belting + Detroit Belt Hooks •jf Crane Valves and Fittings •jf Pyrene Fire Extinguisher! See Plnnltis Hardware Now! Homes for Rent House for rent 'or man to milk and tend lor 3 cows. Phone 2334. Waitresses Wanted CALL 937 Simpson Oil Co. Lost and Found LOST: WhltPi Bold Ladjr Ilirln wrlat- wdtch at JnneKboro-BlnrteTlUe toot- bsll Rflnie. Finder nlcnse call Mrs. GarlAnd Je57i]p. ph. 338.S or Mn. Joneabero collect tor regard. - 10.JO-BH-SJ »35 reward ,for return of tiQO bill lo«t set era I day* MO. HeUirn to Conr- T.ost- -nofn 1>11V>W, bi*tw«en Hixl.wny fil AIKI A-ii St. Mondny. finder cul 1 F. W. Patlon, lOi tub fnrt ruck, char" 1 " n.''-H LOST—MBEHAL REWARD Man's sr«.y dress colt with slntits tn Innf nO"V-t.. B-'-o-n r-n fn'l Bl7 lherl"» FrlrlAr r'^ht. Fln.V- n)rr., rclAirn tn Alvliv Hr t :ly. R|;Ou-i|ilr City Radio •Service> i Dial 2407 For Expert Repiilrm JU Alain St. Felix A. Carney IN THE GOOD OLD DAYS Bank in tht "good old diys," a* pop call* them:. . . it'wai quit* i chore lo own t or »nd gel it rc*dy for winter. ..Nobody evem of trying lo iWv« a car after the first ino%.ot fro**.' It w»t too much trouble for «ny uie. .r '' So, you jncked it up ... let ill the water out of UM radiator «*4 motor , . . put (rease on part* that would rust . , . and »to**4 the lir« away in attic. Then let h«'r »it there till sprin< ... TODRY . . . It Is So Different , ; . AH you have to ilo U to drive your car into our place and Ufc u« to "get it ready for winter." We will tune-up the motor:. . . change (he oil and grease to winter lubricants . . . flush out (n* cooling «yalcm , . . charge, the battery . . . «t the generator »nd carburetor . . . and do everything to make your car trouble fre« this winter., BETTER DR1E IN FOR THIS IMPORTAHT SERVICE NOW and be all set for the cold days ahead. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phone Texaco Pvoil»rt* 24 Hr. Service f Ttre« BRING If BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR SERVICE-PARTS-ACCESSORIES Dr. Donald C. Fuller, henrt of the business ndinlnlstnitton department at Gonrghx State CoHege lor Women, nddressod a |)ay-a»-ycu-cntcr dinner of a coUtRe current affairs group on "Tlic Evils of Inflation." After Llic dinner, the groti[> chnii 1 - ninn' niinotinccil that fees [or tnch ncn! would be five cents hlglier hereafter. WARNING QRI>ER In the Chancery Court. Chlckawiw- l»t District, Mississippi Cinnily, AtkunwiN. EdWnrcl Risk PlRlntllt, vs. No. 10.273 Opnl Risk Dclcndnnl. The ilcfciulniit ooal Risk Is licrehy wiu'ncd to npi>enr \vlthtti thirty dnyw In the court named in tlx; eapllon hereof mid answer the complaint of the plnlnUff Edward Risk. Dated this 15 day of October, 1047. HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk By Betty Peterson, deputy. Attorney for Plaintiff: ; • Doyne Dodd - . \ PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed lies! Prices Kirby Drug StoreS (^conditioned! Motors for Solje ALL GOOD MOTORS^ Recently reconditioned : |n our shop, using latest factory methods. Coitie'jn 1-30 H. P. to ti/i'H;'^. Tliese motors will dp the job. See them today! ',;.j Medlin & Lane Electric Company .-.j 129 So. First Phone Zlcio •- I Of T(TL€ • REAL ESTATE < LOANS • ' TERRY . ABSTRACT^ REALTY CO You Will Lead When You Buy I Oneflfthe ^1 THREE LEADERS : 1. U. S. Royal Master For eicven years—FIRST in sales among lop quality „ tires. 2. U. S. Royal Air Ride ; Has become (he fastest selling extra quality tire In • its first year. 3. U. S. Royal DeLuxe Is recognized as THE outstanding tire value In America today! Liberal Adjustment Policy For Defective Workmanship And Road Hazards Call Us For All Your Tire Needs! LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway

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