Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1891 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1891
Page 5
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FREE READING ROOM, Open Daily and Evening, 321 Pearl Street Welcome to All. MONEY TO LOAN! Ind NotesBongntln any sum over $25 at lowest • rates. Larga amounts 6 per ceut. GBO. B. FORGY. Crokin ale The greatest of all .gamts To be toad at declSdiwBm MONEY TO LOAN, n any lum M the LOWEST rate*. Private roudi only, Koney nlvnye In hoed. No re 1 top* or d»1»7. Interest ond principal payable in Logan* port. Special arrangements AS to puymait ol principal and Intel-rot, made to trait < V wlahw of Oorra»«r. For farther particulars apply to Fred W. Munson, On Hondars, Fridays or Saturdays. 214 Fourth street, opposite Court House. DR. W. D. SNOW, OFFICE »nd Residence 102 Pawnee St. LOGANSPORT, • • • IND. Special Attention Given to Acute and Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Women and Children. Consultation Free. Night'Bell Promptly Besponded to. The Grand Bazaar. DR. E. M. HATCH, — HOM<EOP.VrHI«iT — Physician and Surgeon. Office, McCaffrey Block Broadway Cor. Sixth St. Residence, 1122 High Street, Logansport, Ind. aprld&wlm Daily Journal. FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 3 MONEY, (general tntrar&no* and Lous. All ktnde ol In• arP.noe plaow* In flrgt clans oompanleR. Endow- meat policies jrarohftMid, Bonde of BoretyaL written tor partie* boiding position* of trrun vh«re n bond In required. 31» PEARI, ST. S« M. Clos'son. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE. THREE NIGHTS. Friday and Saturday, April 3d and 4in, And Monday,'April 6th. Planpett's Charming Opera Chimes ofl Normandy Will be given by a strong cast, large chorus and lull Orchestra. New and Elegant Costumes! Bright and tuneful music. The production will be under the auspices ol the lady managers of the " ^ Free Reading Room And direction ol Mr. Demorest. ADMISSION 50c. GALLEEY 25c. No extra charge for reserved sea's. Tickets now on sale at Keesllne'sdiuK store and by the ladles ol the Reading Room Management. The Opera Pinafore Is also In active preparation and will be given, with special sceiH>rj, costume- stage effects and large chorus, assisted by the Logan Gre.vs; wh» In a body, fr gether with his Sisters and CousLns and his Aunts will accompany Sir Joseph Porter on his tour o! Inspection. DOLAN'S OPERA HOUSE ONE NIGHT ONLY. Tuesday Eve., April 7th. A. C. Cuiiter'.s Great Comedy-Drama, MR. BARNES, Of New York. •' Produced nnder the management of Mr. FRANK W. SANGER Of the Broadway Theater, Mew York, with the original Cast and Scenic Effects, Including the famous Railroad Scene. rrlcew-Sl.OO, 75c, 50c, 2Sc. INDIANAPOU8. SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST ACTRESS, BERNHARDT! IN VICTOREAN SARDOU'S TWO GREATEST PLAYS, , APRIL 14, "FEDORA" APRIL 15, "LA TOSCA" Pr«ent«d with the same Groat Company and th* tarn* EUbotate Scenery, Costumes and properties u wero employed In New York. PRICES OF RESERVED SEATS: All Lower Floor, $3, All 2d Floor, $2. All 3d Floor ( $U Sale of Seats Begins MONDAY, APRIL 6tb, S«iU «*n t>« Mcurtd by writing <x Dlckion It Tilboti Indltntpotl*, Ind. SPECtAU NOTICE^-Ptrtlw of tin or mor» ttn maim ndund KrtM. "Apply to Loc«J Agtnt Chimes ol Normandy to-night. Make vour ice contracts with John Baker. " mch24dtf Smoke the "Reoe" ciffar at Johnston Bros. Judge John Mitchell of Peru.was in the city last/ night. . Have you tried a "Kens 11 cigar yet? For sale "by Johnston Bros. Dr. Kis Kadin of Detroit is in the city on professional business. Q|MiBS Nellie >'osingheimer, of Cincinnati, is the guest of Miss Maggie Gallagher. Will M. Gordon, night operator of at North Judson. Ind.. was in the 'City yesterday on business. ••Isn'tshe beautiful?" "Certainly. She uses Flora A. Jones 1 famous ' 'Blush of Roses" for the-.complexion. 1— Dr. J. W. Ballard is able to be out again and attend to -his patients after a. serious tussle with the prevailing: malady. •Miss Bessie Young and Mr. Frank Young, of Dark county, 0., are the guests of their cousins, Miss Alta and Mr. Al Young. The fair ground school in this township, taught by Thos. Barrett, closed yesterday with appropriate and pleasing exercises. Abe Boyer, of Lancaster, writes the Journal that he Js ready to accept H. M. Winter's challenge to shoot for the championship of the State. Mr. and Mrs. James Rosier went to Monticello yesterday in response to a telegram announcing the serious illness of their ion, George. The police were looking for Al. Lyons last night, but failed to get him. Lyons was wanted for creating a disturbance in Hunter & Klein's saloon. Mrs. Carrie Erwin died at the residence of Charles Kinff on the South Side last night at 11:30. The announcement of the date of the funeral will be made latter. Samuel Gompers, president. of the American Federation of Labor, has decided to make his headquarters in Pittsburg until the carpenters' strike for an eight-hour day is settled. D Frank A. Webb, the boy who had his foot so badly hurt on the Vaudalia Wednesday evening, was.taken to his home at Andrews yesterday morning, his father having come after him. Charles Helvie died at the home of Mr. Myers, near Ford's Crossing, at 10 o'clock p. m. Wednesday, of dropsy, aged 54 years. The funeral will he held at 10 o'clock a. m. to-day from the residence, burial at Mt. Hope. Peru Sentinel: Miss Mamie Ream west to Logansport yesterday to visit with friends... .Harry Chapman, of Loganaport, a former resident of this city, was in Peru Monday on business. Harry is cow alOcomotive fireman on the "Vandalia'arid is prospering. Chas. Helwig died at the residence of Henry Myers of Noble township, Tuesday L evening- at 10 o'clock from a complication of diseases after an illness lasting about six years. Diseased was 54 years of age and leaves BO family. Burial this afternoon at Mt Hope cemetery. An elegant orchestra, accompanied by an aggregation headed by an alleged^comedian , posing as "Uncle Hiram," held forth to a fair house at Dolan's last night. The plot of the play was good but the cast very mediocre. The orchestra received abundant applause. Indianapolis Journal: Judge Chase of Logansport is-in the city, and last evening, in conversation, remarked that it need not be a surprise should the tow-path road on the Wabash canal bank be rebuilt. The question of building it is now. being agitated by men who can command capital, if Mr. Burucn of New York. Among the many complimentary things said of "Mr. Barnes of New York "by contemporaries, throughout the country,' the following from the Indiasapolis Journal is interesting; " -Mr. Barnes of New York' made a strong impression on the Indianapolis theater-going public last season. To. the widely-read novel of the same title the play first owed its popularity, but it was not long until the public found that the dramatic production was fully as strong in its way as the novel. It bus had the advantage from the start of all the effect a competent company can lend it, and the oast this season is not weakened." ••Mr.'Barnes of New Yoik' 1 is the attraction at the opera house Tuesday night, April 7th, when the original cast and scenery will be seen. A Simple Remedy. "Eat a good bowl of mush, and milk for your breakiast and you will not need any medicine," says a physician. "Indian corn contains a large amount of nitrog-en, has qualities anti-constipating and is easily assimilated. It is cheap and has nutritive properties. A course of Indian meal in the shape of Johnnycake. hoecake, corn or pone bread and mnsh, relieved by copious draughts of pure cow's milk, to which, if inclined to dyspepsia, a little lime water may be added, will make life, now a burden, well worth the living, and you need no other treatment to correct your nervousness, brighten your vision and give you sweet and peaceful rest." The FirKt Step. Perhaps you are run down, cant eat, can't sleep, can't think, can't do anything- to your satisfaction,, and you wonder what ails you. You should heed the warning, you are taking the first step into nervous prostration You need a nerve tonic and in Electric Bitters you will find the exact remedy for restoring your nervous system to its normal, healthy condition. Surprising results follow the use of this great nerve tonic and alterative. Your appetite returns, good digestion is restored, and the liver and kidneys resume healthy action. Try a bottle. Price .30 cents at B. F. Keeping's drug store, 6 The Od<i Fellow*' Banquet. Cass Encampment No. 119, I. 0. 0. F. enjoyed a delightfully informal banquet at the Vendome last night. After the regular meeting of the en . campment the body 60 strong headed by the Military Band, marched to th« Vendome where an elejant supper was discussed to the evident satisfaction of all participants. The encampment then marched back to Odd Fellows' temple-where the following resolution was unanimously indorsed: Resolved, That a vote of thanks be extended by this encampment to the Military Band, the pride of Logansport, for the excellent music furnished for this'Our first banquet. Woodmen of the World Woodmen •! the World organized Maple Camp here laet evening with a large charter list of the leading business men of the city. The following officers were elected: Consul Commander — Thos. J.Tuley. Advisor — V. C. Hannawalt. Banker — Herman Frank. ••; Clerk— Chas. N. Graffis, Escot — Wm. A. Gram's. Watchman — -Chas, J. Kauch. Sentry — Chas. N. Robinson. Managers — J. Hecht, L. E. Rogers, and B. W. Booth. Officers were installed by Head Consul Smith. Camp will meet next Tuesday evening iu Knights of Honor hall, corner of Fourth and Market streets. An exciting double runaway was witnessed on North street yesterday. A farmer's team came dashing down the street at a high rate of speed and ran plump into the team of Mr. Barnett living north of the city which started this team and both then ran a race. The teams finally brought up at Shaffer's blacksmith shop on High street with but little damage to either outfit. Commcudirblc. All claims not consistent with the high character of Syrup of Figs are purposely avoided by the California Fig Syrup Company. It acts gently on the kidneys, liver and bowels, cleansing the system effectually, but it is not a cure-all and makes no pretensions that, every bottle will not substantiate. The production of the "Chimes of Normandy" to-night is given for the benefit of a worthy local institution. the free reading room, and it is pleasing to see that the benefit will have a very large attendance. In fact the four nights which the "Chimes" and "Pinafore" will hold the boards wTll be the occasions for the largest audiences of the season. Carter & Holmes, MAKERS of NBCKWAER! CHICAGO, March 23, 1891. OTTO KRAUS, Loganspori: Dear Sir—Your recent order is just completed and goes forward by to-day's express. V'e have used every/ effort to make your Goods to the highest standard and trust they will open to your entire satisfaction and warrant a continuance of your esteemed patronage. We are Yours Respectfully, CARTER & HOLMES. ,The above Neckwear has arrived and we respectfully solicit your inspection. OTTO A. KRAUS. Bradficld Feimile Re Should be used by the young woman, she who suffers from any disorder peculiar to her sex, and .at change of life is a powerful tonic; benefits all who use it. Write the Bradfiel'd Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga. For particulars. Sold by Ben Fisher & Co. to5 Hor«e Cllpplne. I am prepared to do horse clipping in first-class style at Earl Stuart's Livery stable. WARNER STURGEON. mai-31d6t T R Y BEEF, WINE and IRON, As a Tonic. Sold by H. C. PUR CELL, Druggist, 418 Market Street, Near Pearl. BRIEF DISPATCHES. they once decide favorably. The Knight* of Honor Dance. The masquerade ball given by Logan Lodge No. 1246, Knights of Honor, at G. A. R. Hall last night was the best masquerade dance given here for a long time. The hall was den-ely crowded by the gay maskers and many of the costumes were especially noticeable for uniqueness and elegance. The affair was excellently managed and was a complete success. It was one of the notable social affairs of the leason'-and further established the reputation of this order for doing such things about right. John Weyand of Harrison township, who recently returned from a trip South, had an experience with foot pads while on his way home which he vrill long remember. At a small junction in Alabama, while waiting for a change of cars at night, he sauntered down the track a ways and was beset by a gang of highwaymen who relieved him of all his valuables excepting his ticket home. Mr, Weyand will carry several guns the next time he goes South. Flanagan'* Cow'n Tail. At a meeting of a committee of the council composed of Messrs, Winters Berry and Tousley pound officer Cullen was exonerated from the charge of cruelty to animals, a couple of veterinary surgeons declaring that George Flanagants cow's tail had been broken some months ago, and the fracture could not hava been inflicted the other day as alleged' in the complaint. J. P. Sebastian, a short time ago came across some Havana tobacco of unusual fineness that he fell in love with and bought the whole lot, some seven thousand dollars worth. Last evening he remembered the Journal office with a box of his "La Patrona's" made up from the new stock. They are unusually fine. Howard'Stitt and Harry Laughlin, attaches of the opera house, created somewhat of a sens ition at .the masquerade dance last night by appearing in full costume of Roman guards, made up from the "props" at the theater. Their • costumes were striking and formed an effectual disguise. .obert Fisher, IS years old, livmg at :JCiexmg1,on, Mo., accidentally killed him; self while hunting'. .Gov. Fifer has issued a proclamation setting Friday. April 10, as Arbor (\a,y in the state of Illinois. The SOth birthday of ex-President James AlcCosh. of Princeton university. was eeleln-ated Wednesday. Sir Charles Tapper, the Canadian minister of marine and fisheries, arrived at Vi' ^ hing-ton Wednesday. The John McNabb bank, one of the oldest-and most substantial institutions of Euiaula, Ala., has made an assignment. The wheat acreage of Kansas is 33 per cent, greater than last year, and the prospects for a crop were unusually good. In his address to the Mexican senate President Diaz advocated changes in the extradition treaty with the United States. Hundreds of children in Council Bluffs are ill with either the pr'P or measles, and the public schools have been closed. The Mexican congress -convened in the City of Mexico. For the first time 'in the history of the republic the budget showed no deficit. The North' German Lloyd ; ancl the I^mb-urg-American steamship companies have decided to use American coal instead of English. David Sills, a man 65 years of age, fell in the river at the foot of Oak street in Peoria, III., and was drowned beforo assistance could reach him. Arrangements -were completed Wednesday by which Terre Haute, Ind., will become a member ol the Northwestern baseball league. All papers iu Alabama publish a call for a state convention to meet in Montgomery on May 20 to start a movement to raise $100,000 for an exhibit at the world's fair. A telegram to Secretary Blaine from Fort Scott reads:»"A hundred thousand Kansas cowboys would like to spend tbe summer in Rome. Can yon furnish transp ortation ? " The stockholders of the Keystone national bank of Philadelphia have decided to resume business, and the doors of the bank will be reopened in a few days under new' management. At the meeting of the executive committee of the Illinois League of Republican Clubs at Springfield Wednesday evening, . delegates to the National League convemtion at Cincinnati, April 21, were chosen. A hot county seat contest is in progress in Harrison county, la., between Missouri Valley and Logan, the present location. The Valley people offer to build a SSO, 000 courthouse if the location is made there. Warning to Tourists. LONDON, J.pril 3.—It is reported in this city that a prominent Italian, has warned Americans against the danger of touriir.g in Italy this year in view of the excitement and feeling caused in that country by the" New Orleans affair and Barop Fava's recall. THE FLYING FROG. A TTeb-Footed Creature 'Which May Yet Develop Feathers. Traveler Wallace wrote: "One of the rarest and most remarkable 'poachers' which -is to be found oh the island of Borneo is a large frog, a specimen of which one of my Chinese workmen brought me. He told me that he had caught it flying down from a high tree.'' This is the first report made of a flying frog-, and gained Since 1 then this is about • ten of a glitter- THE FLYING- FROG. general attention, flying- frog, which inches long- and ing green color, has been repeatedly observed by scientific travelers, and it has been found that it can fly down ward by means of its abnormally developed webs, but not upward. It lives on the Sunda islands in bushes and trees, and devours insects which it catches in its flight. Killed a. Striker. CHESTEK, Pa., April 3.—Wednesday night William Brown, a striking m older, was shot through the" heart by a non-union man whom Brown and Dthers had attacked on the street Huiltlinj; nil Klectric Kiiilwny. LA PORTE, Ind., April 8.—Work has been commenced.on the electric street railway here,.and it is expected to be completed June 1. Chlckasawri .Sutinlicd. WASHINGTON, April •>.— Tho C'hicka- saw Indians have ratifioti the stile of the land o\vm;d jointly by ihem and the Ckoctaws. Tney will receive ovur BayardV Daughter Weds, Del., April 2.—Th«' marriage of Count E. A. Lewenhaupt to ?\Iiss Ellen Bayard, oldest daughter of ex-Secretary of State ' Thomas I*. Bayard, was solemnized'•-in -; the old Swedish Episcopal church in this city at high noon. Count Leweuhaupt is a Swedish nobleman and is employed at the works of the Tiarlan & Hollingsworth company. He is a skillful and- industrious workman, and is known as one of the best draughtsmen in the world. Grouping: Pension Afifen cies. WASHINGTON, April 3.—Hereafter the various pension agencies will make disbursements quarterly,. but at different periods. The different cities will be rearranged in groups'as follows: July 4, October 4, January 1 A and April 4— Ctjloago, Des lnoinos, Buffalo, Concord, Milwaukee and PiCtsburgh. August 4, November .4, February 4 and. May 4 —Indianapolis. Louisville, Topeka, Philadelphia, Knoxville and New York. September 4, December 4, March 4. and June 4—Columbus, Washington, Boston, .Detroit, Augusta (Me.) and San Francisco. Killed In a Collision. • HOKNEI-LSVILLE, Jh Y.,. April., 2.f collision took place 2 miles east of Hinsdale between two''freight trains. Fireman Morris and Brakemen Fred Moore and John Conroy were Rabies in a. Flock of .Sliefp. ' JEFFKKSOXVILLE, Ind., April :;.'—A flock of sheep belonging-to Georg-e Bower was attacked by hydrophobia and all had to be killed. • Found I)ci»i;. MARIOX. Ind.. April S.—Lewis McEl- frosh was found 'dead in . the woods near here Wednesday. The cause of his death is not known. Do you know that you can buy a chimney to fit your lamp that will last till some accident happens to it ? Do you know that Macbeth's " pearl top "or "pearl glass " is that chimney ? You can have it—your dealer will get it—if you insist on it. He may tell you it costs him three times as much as some others. That is true. He may say they are just as good. Don't you believe it— they may be better for him; he may like the breaking. Pitteburg. GEO. A. MACBETH & Co. ENJOYS Both the method and results Syr&p of Figs is taken; it is pleosaul and refreshing to the taste,,and act* gently yet promptly on the, Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, .cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is thf only remedy of its kind ever pr» duced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in, its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared-only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. feyrup of Figs is for sale In 50« and $1 bottles by ail leading .druggists. Any .reliable, druggist, who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one' who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FI9 SYPJJP CS SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.^ iOlflSVILLS'. KT- tIFW YORf. ff.t Fin-salt'by B.F.KeesUnganc! all Druggists.

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