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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 7

The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 7

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:

TIIE CinZEN, OTTAWA. CANADA. CEBTAT. (YTOBI7R SI, 1S99. JOHN MURPHY CO. Instructed to provide for the payment of to the widow, as per by-law. A communication was received from the Ottawa Car company, asking that permission be given to extend its buildings, and yet to conform with the fire by-law. This was referred to the city solicitor, who will be instructed to bring TTAWA'S VANITY FAIR. fbills. My Dear Kale: I learn that Major Olrouard. who lately was here visiting; 0 HALLOWEEN Watch for Ik Mischief Maker Tonight Silks Boys' High Grade Clothing his father. Justice Girouard. has. with ween Kent aod Lyon fltreetg Lord Cromer's consent, temporarily re-; The oar company was given prmis-signed his position as chief engineer Of slon msta, new filers in its the Egyptian railways and gone South Africa on the staff of General Tne board of underwriter has com-Buller with local rank of lieutenant- 1 plainej of the alleged danger attending colonel. Major Girouard Is but rt.y- upon the storage of calcium carbide in the erring daughter was satisfactory. There are a few good specialties thrown in through the acts, notably the dancing of little Miss Vashty. During the evtning Mr. William Lee introduced the -ballad. Lend Me Your Attention for About a Tnou.and Tears. His effort was very much of a failure. Trie audience, on the whole pleased with the performance. Original ramming Stock Co. Tonight. Hallow eer. will be celebrated at the Russell theater tonight by a production of Sardou's masterpiece. Diplomacy, as interpreted 'by the original Cun mings stock company, direct from the Princess theater. Toronto. Diplomacy is undoubtedly Sardou's greatest success, and In the hands of what is aid to be such a capital company, a treat may be expected. advance sale of seats has been unusually heavy. At the matine- tomorrow A11 Saints' day) Nat Goodwin's comedy success, A Gold CJne. will be preaented.and WednescJay night Pink Dominoes. Between the acts Trooper Crane, a well-known Toronto vocalist, will sing patriotic songs. Silks Silks The most complete Importation of toys' feign grade ck thing, that ever nue to Ottawa. The very nobbiest ana stylish garments in extra quality of Scotch tweed You tan secure for 12 95, here a luit tn tual of which 'is not sold uadnr J5.W c.sewhere. aa iv is phenomenal. Since becoming en gineer of the Egyptian railways he has found employment for no less than four graduates of the Royal Military college at Kingston. The marriage of Mr. Wilson Southam to Miss Henrietta Cargill. second daughter of Mr. Henry Cargill. P-. is announced to take nlace at Cargill. on the 7th of November. As both are great favorites In Ottawa society they will have no end of good wishes for their happiness and welfare. Miss Mabel Pounore. after a dellarht- ful visit of some weeks In New York, has returned to town. Mrs. John Gilmour is in Quebec seeing her son off to the Transvaal. FAIRIES WILL BE ABOUT Ancient Customs in Connection With the Observance of the Event. Tonight, when the world ia all asleep, or should be. and the clock speaks the hour of midnight, the earth, with its weight of care and cheer, is transformed into a happy hunting ground in which good fairies and evil spirits are supposed to disport themselves to the destruction anil disarrangement of things in general. That the visionary visitors are not responsible for the Hal-inw'een vagaries is a matter of slight satisfaction to householders and property owners, as human aeenoies displace the forces from another world in the mission of mischief. Hallow'een formerly eagerly anticipated and faithfully observed by old and young alike, is now apparently edging towards the ranks of the "has beens." and it is ieft almost entirely to the Juvenile portion of the population to attend to the observance of the vigil. The festival of Hallow'een. apparently wholly given up to merriment, has also a religious side, as It is on this occasion that the eve or vigil of All better known as All Saints' day. November 1st. is said to be rthserved. In Its religious coloring Hallow'eeft is ohserved in the Romnn Catholic. Pro-testant Episcopal and Lutheran churches. The festival was first observed in the eastern churches In the fourth century, while In the western churches the observance ranks from Boys Suits, heavy Scotch tweeds, lined with Italian cloth, stitched with silk, Norfolk jackets and knickerbocker pants, stylish ft CO and very durable, sizes 22 to 26, worth 54.00, selling at CiDU Itoys Suits in handsome browu checks, pleated coats, lined with fine Italian cloth, plain fronts, very nobby suit, worth $3.50 4) ft ft any other place in Canada, for iUU Boys' Suits, heavy durable Scotch tweed in brown and light checks, very pretty pat ems, including the new snowfhke. made in the very test way and equal to the best tailor-made 6uits, sizes 27 to ft QC wortli $5.00. to clear at sCitlD Hoys' Brownie Suits, coat, pants and vest, coat double breasted, lined with Italian cloth, handsomely braided, equal in every respect to the highest grade tustom-made suit, to fit boys from ages CA of 3 to years, north 4.5, to clear at. iwU Boys' f'rownie Suits, extra heavy Scotch tweed, coat, pants and vest. Italian lining and braided, well made, to fit boys from mgk ages of 3 to 8, worth 55.00, to sell, while they last for W.DU Boys' Suits, very heavy Scotch tweed, stylish patterns including the new invisible checks, well lined and thoroughly tailored silk stitched, sizes 22 to 26, worth $4.00, to clear at swU Boys' Suits, to fit boys from 9 to 13 years, Scotch tweed, winter weight, lined with Italian cloth, silk stitched, double breasted, as good as any ordered suit that could be made, worth $5.00, to sell a at d.Vd I penitentiaries. -Mr. Huntley Gordon, of Montreal, is ylr Gilb-rt Parlor. vh is in hi the guest of Mr. Justice and Mrs. Gir- way to Eiand. iB for a day or two the ouard. guest of Sir John and Lady Bourlnot. The news contained in the following! -The Y.M.C.A. devotional committee clipping from the Cincinnati Knquirer i evening and 'he rooms will read with much interest by "brary committee on Wednesda Mrs. Chas. A. E. HarrlRs' many friends In Ottawa: C. A. E. Harriss. of; A new fire alarm box. No. 234. is Montreal, and her cousin. Miss Yates, to be put In between John and Ralph are spending a few weeks at Scarlet streets in the southwest section of the Oaks, hich is now in all the glory ot city. Its autumn foliage, its gray towers set Mr. E. J. McVeigh, general store-in a forest of scarlet and gold. Mrs. keeper A. leaves this morning Harriss Is looking radiantly, and has for ft two weeks' trip up Che Parry received a welcome from her friends Hound. here that must awaken a thrill even Hon Thrmas Mrinn.s, Lieuten-In one as accustomed to adulation as ivh.mM. We're now having a magnificent display of plain and fancy silks in styles and color combinations never seen before, and we're daily adding to our great stock. Such goods are the ideal stuffs for Evening wear, and the demand is more particularly for those designs that have the merit of novelty. The styles we're showing are entirely out of the ordinary, and the prices are decidedly worth your while to examine the goods. 20,000 Yards Handsome Silks to select from, including Fancy Bayadere Stripes, Fancy Plaids, Applique Antique, Stripe Taffetas, Floral Taffetas, Gros Grain Florals, Pekin Stiipe Taffetas, Plain and Fancy Bengalines, Fancy Pointelle Bengalines, Floral Marveilleux, Fancy Soutache, Stripe Satins, Fancy Quadrille, Plain Satins, Plain Pongees, and many others of reliable make too numerous to mention. Many of the extreme novelties are in Blouse and Dress lengths only, and cannot be duplicated neither can they be had outside this old and reliable establishment. For High Class Reliable Silks see our stock. Novelty is the key-note." Mail Order Department Samples cheerfully sent to the country free on application. We prepay all express charges on all orders of $5.00 and upwards. the seventh century. river. Rumon says Wednesday. In fashions realm. Hallow'een was At the last council meeting it was in former years an occasion to he reck- I decided that the town should take no oned with in no light vein. Then, as' public part In the Laurier demonstra-now, the strangely attractive festival. Hon. We noticed that the Central pub-with its supernatural coloring, was the, lie school floated a flagon Saturday. occasion of much innocent merriment. as well as destructive revelry. Family parties were arranged for with elaborate preparation. Old and young together Joined in the siege of merriment, and! dance and game alike had its devotees. Apple-ducking and nut-cracking werej prime iavorites on tne program. which centered the chief amusement T. LINDSAY CO Ottawa's Famous Departmental Store, 263, 265, 245 1.2, 267, 267, 271, 27J, 273, 277, 279 WELLINGTON ST. nt the year. Then It was tnai tnp are out the lad and timorous maid called into ser- becomes Impaired and vir-e the supernatural agencies of the follows as sure as fate. Hright's JOHN MURPHY CO. So'e Agents for Ottawa for Butterick's Patterns. in a by-law changing area A to ter u. huildincs.and the matter will be threeh- ed out at the next regular meeting. Mr. Naylor. insurance inspector, will he asked to be present, and Mr. A. Holland. The lighting superintendent -was asked to see about the removal of some electric light or telephone poles that are an obstruction at the corner of Bay adn Xepean streets. Chief Provoet was Instructed to have the brickwork about the engine in No. 2 fire hall repaired, and It was decided 1 to place an incandescent light at the I entrance to No. 8 Are station, Chairman Hastey. Chief Provost. Sec- I retary Macdonald. and Aldermen Rog- er. White. Gareau, CampheH. Masson and Fripp were present at the meeting. LOCAL BRIEFS. I Mr. Geo. 1. Foster has returned to the eitv after an evtpnrled trfn visitins: the guest of Hon. J. I. Tarte, 330 Met- -f- w- PraU. Wellington street, a candidate for aldermanic honors In Victoria ward at the commg municipal elections. Mr. Mart. G. Kelly, lite of ilie office of the St. Anthonv Lumb-f has left for Port Arthur, where h-s iias secured a good position. Messrs. J. McLaren, A. McLaren and Alexander McLaren, of this city, have from a hunting expedition up the Parry So it; The Ottawa Trust and Deposit company has been named as cutors of the estate of Gertrude B. Malloch. The value of the estate is $33,000. The voters' lists have come from the hands of the printer and are now hung up in the corridor of the city hall, where they are open for inspection. Mr. P. J. Connell, Port Hope, western traveler for Mr. Wm. Howe, took advantage of the excursion to Quebec to say farewell to friends amongst the volunteers. The large warehouse which is to be built on Queen street next soring will be erected by Mr. Jas. W. Woods, and not by Hodgson Sumner of Montreal, as was recently stated in the Citizen. Mr. Beuou Renaud left yesterday for New York, to be present at the light on Friday night. and the preliminary bouts througu tne week. He was acconinann-u oy brother. Mr. Nelson -Mr. Duncan, city ticket agent, reports that the 8.S. Dominion, of the Do minion line, arrived in Liverpool si a rl ior Nimnav nrifl IflMT. I II .7." lniyi ui uie Aiian mi nn Innlsho'ven Headlight at 8 o'clock yes- teiflay morning. The Ottawa Trust and Deposit company has been appointed administrators of the estate of K. O. Karesen-Odegaard and Rasmus Karesen-Ode-gaard. of the parish of Sivanden, Nor- ot the 111 vn- The foundation is nearly completed on the new French school at the cor- ner of Chapel and Murray streets. The brick work will be rushed and it Is r.neri ti have the structure complet- -d by February, as accommodation for he classes is much neerted. The orchestra of the West End Methodist church gave a special must al service umlay anernoon in me Sunday school hall, under the direction of J'rof. IS. A. Berry, the leader. The orchestra has made good progress so far this season and bids fair to become The battalion hazar committee i9 workill hard arranging the details for tha, pvfnt. t0 be held at j.m i iwmkr The draw- jne is ,0 ne held on liecember 4th and granil tomooia is 10 cuiismi ui trip to th" exposition. Among the other grand prizes Is a piano. Lt. Ewart la the secretary nnd most of the sub-committees have been organized. Itwlght Towmend Dead. New York. 3( Dwight Townsend died last nicht at his residence In this city, in the j-ear of his age. in ls0 Mr. Townsent became associated with John W. Mackay. and had much to wit1 the formation of what is now the Pos-tal Telegraph company. Markeniln and Mann Coming East. Winnipeg. Oct. Wm. Mt-Kenxle and V. M. Mann, the contractors, left yesterday for the east. CAXCBR SO KNIFE NO PLASTER. fTOTT JURY rtrt. Dept. Bownmn-riUo. 5EE IT IN OUR WINDOW hour to reveal what the future had In store for them on the financial and matrimonial bargain counters. Interest in Hallow'een is alive oi this account, as human curiosity and anticipation will never cease to play a master role In life's drama. Oa the Wano. As viewed from another standpoint, however, Hallow'een influence is certainly on the wane. Half a century since the festivals of October's closing hours gave occasion and scope for the introduction of new fashions and danc ing modes. Pleasure's devotees were then mfide aware of what was crpeeted Of them if they were to figure in fash- Ion's forces the coming season. On this: account the festival was looked for- Alfred St. Laurent, 10 Ci RADE- Jackets and Capes, Silks and Dress Goods, Braids and Trimmings, Novelties in Kid Gloves, ward to, with as great an interest i the higher classes as by the peasants crops. For the coming winter miiR, a and others perched on the lower rungs dealer states, will sell at prkes which AMI S-EMKNTS. THKEE PERKOKMASl ES ONLY Tueml iy, Weduesday, Weiltiesilay OCTOBbK 31st NOVL.MBEK Ut orKuai CUMM1NGS STOCK CO. i'trei from tin- I'riwes-t Theatre, iuraato. Tuesday evening- DIPLOMACY. WeJnesday matinee A GOLD MINE. Wednesday even Dd.viiXoKS lit i ween acts at eueh performance Air. Harold i 'I Crarie, KC.D.. 'i'oron-lo ii ianious baritone vocalist will lnis in uniform: of tlie gueen. Volunteers. Nail the colors iO the Mast, Vic. iur Queen of tin Years. Prire-n- 15c, HOe. 25r, 3iSc, 50c. Malinee Ij.i and 2ac. Beats now on vale. Next attraction For Her Sake. Kvas ats. MaU at I GRAND hopue Wlgnt fieri. W. hiiolis. UM.AMr Nat. Prices l()o anil IRo Prift oii Coiiiinenc.ntf A VWJ 1 Oo Weillil -at. Agno Wallace Villa liRr llAi ror Week ui: IThe World Against Her LAST IUI.F Or WEKK The Mystery of No Higher No HIHl-r Delgrade Urange Next attraction The Man of Mystery. DANCING AND DEPORTMENT Irof. ricfirvgors FIRST ASSEMBLY will place THI KSDAY. XOVKM-HE21 ruphs utnl friends please take notice. Private 'c-ssons given at any term Faniy Dances a specialty. For r. i- Mitrniuilifin tllO Klllldll MMIlClOUCffC A Thorough and Practical ocnooi is Mrs. Harriss. She found th old manslnn. left all these years in the care of Mary, the old housekeeper, as spick and span as when she left it. A pair. of thoroughbreds and the smartest vie- torla from the Sherlock stables, the men even in the Shoenherirer verlt s. i were at her service and awaited her or ders. Her visit has been simply a round of festivities two and three affairs each day ell quite Informal, tiut 'smart' to the superlative degree. Mrs. Frank Perin's dinner party Thursday evening was one of the handsomest of the series. Among her guests were Mrs. Harriss. Mr. and Mrs. larz Anderson. Dr. Dandridge. Miss Dandridge. Mr. and Mrs. Harries Hulbert, Major J. J. McDowell. Miss Yates, Mr. Robert Bowler." Scarlet Oaks was the home of Mrs. Harriss during her residence in Cincinnati, and is one of the "Iusl oeaumui places in mai cui. Mrs. Colllngw-ood Fehri' ber has gone to Toronto, and will return on Wednesday morning with her husband and the party of friends who lately accompanied him on a trip to the Pacific coast. Everywhere Lady Aberdeen has met with the warmest welcome of her Can-rdian friends, and not the least so of these In Ottawa. The marriage of Miss Corby, of Belle- vllle. daughter Mr. Harry Cnrbv. Mr Charles Lai Haw, of the Bank of Montreal, Toronto, tamorrnw morning. will take place1 Mia(l Rathbun. of Deseronto, is ihe ol slr Jarnes ana Ijady Grant. ...7 oufl WilV.rn-Il "'UB. niiianililli, entertained a number of the i ii ii 7 Irish football team last evening. Mr. ltowan, one of the barks of the team, Is a cousin of Mrs. Klngsmlll. Mr. and Mrs Frank Buell are in Quebec. COiMPANY WAS FINED i-. riliy MfC LigniS were UUI une Night Inquiry Respecting Calcium Cartide In a renort he'fire and lisht com- mittee evenlne l.iehtln Suoerin tendent Macdonald stated that 50 arc lamtw were out on Sentember 2Kth last, Ihrnuvh a crown wheel at the'i power house, and that he had fined the' company 125. I Aid Campbell stated that, vhile he: was casting no reflection on the super- mi 'e cumiiniiee menn tne council to ak the ponce com-, m.ssiorers to instruct the men to report, ny lights that they notice to be out. i This motion was adopted. pallty of Buckingham, offering $1D3 for four old Are reels, two for summer use and two for winter use. The tender was accepted. Tenders were received for long hangers from at and W. J. Ellard at IT each. Twelve were ordered from the latter at his figure. Two long hangers were ordered to be placed on lamps In New Edinburgh. Petitions for new lamps for the following localities were received and referred to the superintendent to report thereon at the next meeting of the committee: On Cooper street, between Rank and O'Connor; corner Theodore and College avenue; King and Somerset; two between Mary and Bank streets; corner of Bell and Louisa streets: corner Waverly and Cartier: corner Nelson and Theodore; corner of Somerset and Cartier streets. A letter was received from the widow of the late Jos. Favreou. captain of No. 5 fire station, who died September 14th, asking for the usual grant. It was decided that the finance committee be i I I I i i IT SMITH'S rAlAS TOWN. Vlrtisa at a 8erloa Bieyele Aecidea; RanvvriBg-Ttte Chxt of the Town. Smith's Fails. Oct. 31. Mr. G. Stead-man. CP. Ft. agent at Apple Hill, is the guest of his sister. Mrs. It. Craig. Mr. J. A. Little, of the Molsons Bank, went to Montreal on Fridav night. Mr. Little is relieving In the bank there and will he absent about one month. Mrs. Milllkin. Shawvllle. entertained a large gathering of young people on Thursday evening In honor of Allss M. Anglin, of Kingston Mills. Miss Kykeman. of the High school staff, who was the victim of a erious bicycle accident one day lass week, is able to resume her duties today. Mr. Wm. K. Rowan Legg. of Ottawa, will enter the Molsons Bank here tomorrow. One of the largest funerals which has taken place In this town was that of the late Mrs. Thos. Bawy. mother of Mr. Thos. Bawy. ef Elmsley, which took place here today. Wedding bells are still ringing, i nis time it is one of the most enterprising, merchants of Beckwith street, and a I most popular young lady south of the KIDNEYS (TOGGED. Many Tirtlmi of BrigM's THi Dial el ci. Dropsy sod Diitresaiog I'rlnary Trouhisj Dsvs Hern Sa.rit by the Timely I'm of Sosth American Kidney C'stre. The kidneys are nature'se filters in expelllnt from bod all Impurities. disease, diabetes, dropsy and distress- Ing urinaey troubles infest four-fifihis of the race. It nd not be so. for South American Kidney Cure is power in dispelling all tendency to the seating of disease. It has cured cases that have been long and rtutobom and that have baffled medical skill. Sold by H. F. McCarthy, Henry Walters and Wm. A. MILK GOES IT. It Will 'ell at Seten Tenia a Qaart During Ihs Win it. Butler and cheese have been higher in price uuring tne present mil niau 'or years past. o.iiiB drouth of midsummer, and the conse- cents a quart. The milkmen oi tne city are unanimous in tne opinion xnai m. conditions for producing milk were never so unsatisfactory as at present. MB. MEJlGEXTHAliER DK AD. Ints-ntor of (he Ty penetthig Machine rui Away at ilnltlmore. Baltimore, Oct. 30. Ottmar Mergen-thaler. the inventor of the linotype typesetting machine, djed Saturday morning of consumption. He was about 45 years of age. For the last four years Mr. Mengenrhaler had suf-ftred from pulmonary trouble, and had lived for the greater part of the time In New Mexico and Arizona for the benefit of his health. Pitparl0g to Trowirate. Toronto. Oct. 31. Mr. J. E. Farwell. county crown attorney of Ontario, wasi kent hiisv lavlnr informations aealnst i some twenty persons accused of brib- err and corrupt practices in that John ln-vaen, Lioersi. The judges in the first trial were Osier and Ferguson, and as the latter nut nf tnwn onlw nirl lie must 1 consult Judge Ferguson before issuing! tne necessary umniDiwra. in mc nct-i ond trial. In which Mr. Dryden was unseated, the Judges were Osier and Bose. and the papers will be considered by them. The result will be the trial of a number of prominent party workers on both sides for corrupt practices. WATKIS MILLS TO SAIL. Mr. Watkin Mills, the eminent Kng-lish basso, who sings In the coming performance of The Messiah by the Choral society on the 7th December, sails from England on the 3. Trave. of the North German Lloyd line, from Southampton tomorrow, for New Tork, and opens his Canadian season at Hall- fax. N.S.. on the 1.1th November. The arat basso writes that he Is In excel lent form and voice, and. Is looking forward to again meeting his Canadian friends with great pleasure. WERE EAGER TO GET AWAY. Mr. Fred Huband of Bate ft received a letter from Mr. Charles pence, formerly a clerk of the firm's, and who Is with the Canadian contingent on the way to the Transvaal. He stated that at Quebec the boys found the military gVub a little bit hard to down at first, but after they had done three or four hours of hard drill their appetites had sharpened sufficiently to eat almost anything. The boys were all In goo-1 spirits and eager to get to the destination. Do not dlajr In getting relief for the little folks. Mother Graves. Worm Exterminator is a pleasant and sure cure. If you love your child why do you let it suffer when a remedy is so near at hand There are a number of varieties of corns. Holloway's Corn Cure will remove any of them. Call on your druggist and get a bottle at once. Edward Robinson, of Toronto, was thrown from his wheel there yesterday and sustained a severe wound on the head. He died from concussion of the brain shortly afterwards. 'AIH3 IHEBIMTIC, SCIATIC 01 BE8MIOC CURED Dr. Price's Puts On. Cares snehe. tootttaehs he. id 'i-t Adjeaor Piioj of UT 35e Sold at Henry Walters' Drug Store. Money Makers. I I That just what koo.1 mining stocks arn, It is fact proven by expvt m- unit no otht-r torni of investmi-Tt: yirliis Much iarj; turns on the moi.t-y ms Hi mining stucks. ll-rv is a partial list of. B.C. mints that have mihsuntlal profit: le Koi, In 'ji: lit; in War Kagle. in 13 In Iron Mak, in tc in r. Athabasca, 3Uc In in 1- em, in vh: in 'I'M; old IrondVles 7c iti y. 11. i--in Knoll Hill. ISr In i.i H.C. "pper. IS. In ll in 'to. I i inn imrtixl list many others mhh'd. Perhaps yon nay "They rinl all turn out that way." To be nur- h.y ilo tun, hut I venture to say, and hear me out, that If you use the intelligence In aeleiiing your mlnitiK -toiks that vou tiae In any ether I u-i': ss Investment the prf-flt-t wl't 1" lars-r than frr.m iinv nrilinary i-ommerci il li- AKf'TIi' HL'PK stock -nre. money-maklnit Investment. We i valuable mines. capuMe manasi nu -ir. tr.d sufficient money to push i- vi-: anent. We do not offer you stock in an inirri -1 liuileveloped. doubtful prospect have Ti three nueeceasftil clean-upa tt-- the la ft one In days. Ioes this rot satisfy you that ve n.iii' something Boid? Buy now while pvire if low lee. Edwin E. LaBeree Mining lniimcnla, 133 St. "Market Tolls, 1900. Tender, fr.r the lease of the ,11, of1 By anl Wellington ward markets lor the year liwti will be recfivert up to four o'clock in the afternoon of THl'RSDAY, lbtn NfliEMBEB Tenders to he on prltue.I forms, which i i will be supplied by the market inspec- tor, from whom any information re- tuired ill be received. To be enclosed in sealed envelopes addressed to Alderman Hut lev. Chairman of Property Committee, and endorse! on outside, "Tender foT Market Tolls." Kach tender must state a bulk sum and be accompanied with an accepted heck, payable to the order of the City Treasurer, for ten per cent, of the amount thereof, which will be subject to forfeiture to the corporation in the event of the successful tenderer refus ing or neglecting to execute the of life's ladder. Bobble Burns, who was one of them and with them him-helf. has In immortal verse set down in the doings of the Scottish peasants: "I'pon that night, when fairies light. On Cassillls Downans dance, Or ow're the lays. In splendid blaze On sprightly courrers prance." The human failing to pry into the future with its storehouse of joys and sorrows, waxes strong with the Scotch and Irish peasants, living as they do In an atmosphere of folk-lore and romantic traditions. Little wonder then that in the old land. Hallow'een should he looked upon with a degree of awe approaching reverence, and to the happenings of the night, dismissed as commonplace and unimportant if occurring at any other seasons, the greatest weight should be attached, when their bearing on the future was considered, In America, however, where the tra-i ditions are at the best but transplant- ed. and the express train displaces the fairy throng, as the imaginative gives place to the practical. Hallow'een is Ladies' and Children's Woolen and Flannelette Underwear Men's and Boys Underwear. Special Attraction, Double looked upon merely as an ocacsion when i county in the election of Mr CaWer. intendent. yet the system was far from i one of the leading musical i Conservative, and later of the Hon. satisfactory. He movel. seconded by turns nf the otv. Alfred St Laurent, 52 Rideau St. The long Ht of graduates and umjer-1 hi wa'r- Police and property-owner graduates of this t'oilcge who are now have, however, registered such vigorous holding good positions everywhere is an protests against the 'freshirs' wan-evinenee of the thorough anil practical ton revelry, that that nervv personage Trading Stamps on Friday SCRUB and STOVE nature of the they ook th.ater partV-Also, the faet that tile is aftli- tra 't. ithin one week from the award- soclatlon of Canada guarantees to stud-Ins- of the same 1 the highest standard of instruction. jf EDDY'S 3 I HOUSE, HORSE, RUSHES a house partv. or work a ioke on one's i neighbor through the removal of his front gate. In the cities classified as i. ipi iece renin ri. me kdih ut iiie uiu. ountry fairy was until recently done to perfection by- the new country stud- to whom all was prey that came thns-ia-m. In the towns the small boys still levy toll on the merchants, as they march along shouting the lusty battle cry. "Shell out. receiving every thing in turn from nuts and fruit to veteran vegetables and superannuated hen fruit. Modem appliances and watchful owners now manage, however. Keep gates, fences, signs and other movable property moored to their proper anchorage. In the country districts. the reveler out of his teens, together with the smaller fry, will still expend the energy necessary to cultivate whole countryside. In hoisting a cart to church top or erecting a barricade firewood, fences, across the public highway. It is alas only too evident that It is religious significance that saves Hal-lonv'een from being trampled under foot and lost forever In the march of progress that tolerates only the practical and utilitarian in everyday life. AMrEMEHT9. ftraad Opera lloaie. Agnes Wallace Villa last evening opened this week's attractions at the Grand with The World Against Her, playing to a very good house. The play itself is a very strong one. and affords many opportunities for good acting. The plot of the play lies In the fttterrpts of a villainous employer to separate an employe from his wife, an sweetheart of his own. He succeeds for a time, but of course Is foiled tn the end. to the great satisfaction of the gallery artists. Of Agnes Wallace Villi herself. In the leading role, little ne 1 sail. The Ottawa theater-going public are too well acquainted with her acting to need any further comment except that she sustained hr part In her usually able manner. Harold Co-hill, as James Carlton, the wronged husband, was strong and effective, William Oorptt, in' the rather nnpopu-! role of villain, did his work fairly well. Miss Villa's characterisation cT Her Ladyship From Head to Foot with the Business Educators a Inoked by those Intereste.l in securing a education. As a student genV- auy hA bui one chance of pursuing a eoi'irse of business or shorthaml instruc- tion. It pays to attemi college which ha" establmhpd a reputation for thor- tisrhiiess jinil reliability and which of fers students the advantages accruing from rnemliervhlp In the Association. Iav anil evening sessions. Cataloeue on reipiest. 8. T. WILMS. 1S6 Bnarks street. Ottawa. WATCH TOL'K TiiBlii. It Is not difficult to have good teeth Jf you keep track ef tneir condition make your teeth beautiful nd ose-fnt at a cot within the reach of everyone. Set of teeth, tS: fit'lrsi nj: crowns. s're- ffuirs. KAe es OTTAWA DENTAL PARLORS 110 SPAItK- StKEt Open sirhtsrartu to. )uidoor to bryson. Onbaa Co. Dr. Will I. Brswslve, Froprllv( to a of its old be lar -'-fr sion of the corporation and be applied in part payment of the whole amount, and such whole amount shall be paid withln three days after notice of the acceptance of the tender shall have been mailed. To each tender must be attached the signature of two responsible parties, willing to become security for the due fulfilment of the contract. The highest or any tender not neces- JOHN HENDERSON. (Mtv Clerk. 1 Ottawa. 31fct October. t99 I Money to Loan On straight loans or r.ri monthly repayment plan, tn large or tmaii amount. Kor lnn of th fniiowlnc Fponhlv art mire-i: Kir ynr live y-ars. i ix rTn yean. J.4 fit, right vars. nin tlZV; years. 511 lu; yrftrs. 1 yfars 4' A lit spprln! 1'wns to erct rrp complete bullillng on com-ration fr rale of prupt-rty. or at op-linn rt borr wr Intrnrtinir flnf fit f1Tur lowrr than any from any rity or enpany. It you bappVn to pajir off a loan, mm- r're thr itbit v-v. sire pT-ir Tou flni a diffr- A mirror ff frrrerrTy frf-M i3iiw tn eonra of rt.irab!e err fr. I. M. CROMWEtL, TT SPARKS ST. 'PHOXK 238. BORBRIDGE DIISGMAN 52 Queen St. Tslcphooe 0S1. FIRE INSURANCE AGENTS. are distinguished for their LASTING qualities, due to the manner of theft construction and the excellent quality of the materials used in their manufacture. They are without doubt the BEST on the market. Cntess there happens to be a large mirror in the house fwhlch Is seldom the easel ladles are unable to view themselves at full length. The dresser forming part of the Bedroom set now In our window supplies this desirable adjunct. It has a Swing Oblong B. P. Beveled and Shaped Glass 60x30 inches. WON'T SCRUB CLOTHES. 4i which enables a faithful nd entire head to foot view being obtained. The set as yon siay see. i handsome enough. Made of golden quarter cat oik. hand carved, solid brass mountings and Mntshed in best manner. The dresser Is low, Inches wide, rounded swivel cabinet on each side of mirror aod two drawers. The whole at tmpos ing. One set. It can be yours at an Every Day Price on Easy Terms Ilka all our Housefurnishings. GENTS' AND XAfCL E. MILES, Diploma aworded 1896, Ottawa. A. IvVilt? ts "The Metropolitan" Houssfurnishers, 59 RIDEAU STREET Phone 1281. Note: Gfeatest range of E- drcoci Sets In town. style liair ornaineats. The cheapest Hair coo'Jo. f- i

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