The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1947
Page 10
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BUTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, i«47 Coach lynum S««ks Improvements Btfore Game Wirti Swbiaco United Press Names Ray Eliot ^, .... r* i \i\A/ i Oi Illinois gs Coach of Week IT«w W'rHrr NITW YORK. CXI 22. (UP) — His l«am hasn't a chance to go lo the now Bowl, but It miBht Wind up with a J)>K Nine chani- pionihip nnd a belter record ihnu the «qnnd that iloci. me iviso B"S S . »!"J oh ho* WTQUS they iverc, s,\id • Ihut hU !<»m waji a little over-rated in the .... r 7"i first place and that it wouldn't «•» t!> R ^'"'^ «»»••"»'»• bounce back aff«r a ncck-oreBi;lng j A kindly ilfnn of men lold him early »e«»on sMiedala that II. hnsithnt he didn'i think he wns f.- Weevils Teams in Midget League The Boll Wr.evlls from Siidbury sninrrt undisputed possession of place in thc "Y" Midget foollwU league yesterday afternoon by trlm- Sucii.iii "Brighton dldii't r-vcn j mliig (heir brother team, Hie Benv- Jaycee Donkey Softball Teams Go Score/ess, But Not Sore/ess Hrlcliton, Ma.-,'!., was named roach at Illinois In 1012. siicrerdliiR I'M Ilol) '£n|>)ikc, under whom he hod been un [issl.slnnl conch slum 1037, ne vei thele.M mwte.-ed without <1c- f c.i If. A lot ot people will he surprised If hi* team does take :he tlllf again, but he's been surprlslnR folkj most ot til* life, so !l won't be a n«w role. , th« Untied Vrtss coach ot Ihe week. Ray Blot of the defending blf nine Champions from Illinois, i The; tlghttn' lllinl lilt their peak list Saturday -when they crnnohcd If Head Coach Firman "Nls" Brrum has hU »»)• about it. Die fBlyihevtlle Chicks will pro-rue a frrr.tVy improved running "' •jtiiMt. the S'-ibUco Trojan jf«tr night. The Big Chief made II clear >ef- Wday th»* he *as not at All with the showing made by in the first halt of the Jtttaeboro |une !*st *eek and he iat'out to do something abnul It, "Rie hacks weren't runX>:K in taw first half of the , (Jonesborol (MM," he V.ld, "had Ihcy been .v* would have scored more poinls, •ftt thejF had better' run against Ilinr Subtuo boys or they will wish th«fj had." The Chicles opened yesterday's drills with a lor* se.islon on block Coach Bynuni lined hl» irp In t»o parallel ISu&c' and with bailb .working Sixalnst bucks ,d linesmen against linesmen, anrt schooled them . In blocking which has been one of their weak- Mt points this year. Following ihf blocking session !«h« Tnbe tapered off - with a 'liing full time scrlrrimp.Ke thai. for approximately two hours. :rirui this drill, the ble chief ph&slzed offense using Ml of backs and running every play. row-Hoar Drill TruUy Th« Chicks will end their pre- drilU. wilh a four-hour sr>s- thls afternoon and tonlj-ht. jltoejr will\ hold a. regular scrhn- mace this afternoon and Inimc •lately following they will stage n drrs-s rehearsal under the lljjlits ?jbf Haley Field to niaVe sure every- !tb f ng is in readiness for Ihcir de- *p»rture t»rlr tomorrow morning. - Captain .Billy Wayne McParljuid failed to participate in yesterday's! •crimmages x dne to a bruised hanrti received In the Joncsboro EHine. 'Arisfctant coach Walter Davis B«e in cheek. Tlicy reinemhcr what *UtM this mornhif. ilml. his hand | he had to say when he arrived at T appeared to be "pretty save." and! Pasadena. Cal., that unless the swelling went out be may not start Ihe Sublnco contest „ , P«p» Seek Game !f J Bill Doolin, a reserve •• guard, Is kl«o suffering from a sore hand. Injured in the Joncsboro unine. Ho»pever,\ his Injury did not keep him out «f jeitciday's scrimmages. The Junior High School Pnpoos- tt'; despite the fact that Ihcy have po game scheduled for this week. And when' he not the Job. the know who' he was. for he liiul left there to «o to 'jlllnois In 1928 when his name was still Kay N«ss- uic'kcl nnd he Intel only $8.50 In Ml pockels with ivlilrh lo strike lilm- nancially prepared tor college vnid offered lo pay ills fare home. Nii'.s- plekel, who promptly clianued !il» naiiie to hi? motlier'K madden nnir.« of Eliot, said "I think I'll slay" and de.spite poor eyesight which necessitated ht'ftvylenr,ed siVH'.vacle. he won varsity letters as a guard on the footbati team and a cal/.hcr on ihe bnsebMl nine. Moveovev. Ue earned enough money in COHCRC lo lake Ills Inldc on a Kuropean ,. lioncymoon. when they wcce. mar- perfect record Minnesota under- ! fled shortly a.'ter uraduiirlou foot. *0 to 13. at a time when they I He, became coach at llllno'a co,•were supposed lo be at low ebb \ Icgc In .lAcV.scnvlHe. 111., in IOM .foil&wlng their bniLslnj; 0 to 0 lie >• anil .developed such onlslandlng •zaliiit. -Army. Becnujie the Blj Nine. In draw- Ing up Its Bos* Bowl agreement with the pacific conference, de- e.reed that nn school roulrt play in the New Year's-, day ^anie two yenrs in a row, the lllini can't go back even It they slunild manage to beat out favored Michigan for I the championship. j That doesn't «<iiTy t'.llot. With the usually said eoiintennnce he I reserves for such s'.ntenients. he I said "I just don't think we, hove. a very good chance to win the Big Nine tllle this year." "Iowa, Army, and Minnesota \f were al! very tongli opponents, " he said. "We have several boys with injuries and a lot of utliu'rs are fondly l^ulsed. I certainly don't know hoy much longer we can hold tos-ether. " footbull nnd liaxcbnll teatns tliat lie returned lo ,lli<; University In 1037. Today the flghttiV HHnl I'ro mighty* Klail lie didn't, li'-fil Hie (Iran's a'lvtce nnd Uke that bus back to Brighton. 'Iliey fcnuw lie and they are belter olf because he rilrtn'l. Georgia-'Bama jTilt<May Become Baffle of Passers ATLANTA. Ga., Oct. 22. (UP)— Nobody but tlic Southeastern Con- <*rs by a 20-0 score on cne eutruury i.chool grounds. 'Hie smallci 1 Beavers sveve no match for the Weevils who have now won 2 and tied one game. The Weevil line Kilted llmiugh and smeared the Beaver backs before they could start, throwing lliem for lepcatcd losses, the losers mak- inK only iwo first dOR'ns file entile aftci noon. Tile Hotl Weevils had tioubte with their plays in (he opening quarter but scored late In the period v.hnn Ralph Snyder took a direct pass from center and skirted rifiht end lo tally standing up. The extn point WAS no xood. The halt ended with score still 0-0. In Hie third period tlie Weevils rolled from the kickoff with I/eon p.-ivetl Koine over on a line buck from the 5 and again the exu:i \>olul was smeared. Snyder .carried os'er for the third TD early In the luliilh period on tlic siimc play which scored tlic first and on ai'.- slde nullilled the extra point. Later in (lie period. Privctt's loiig boot | was token in the end zone, by a 4 Heaver back who was lackled for a. safety, niakinc the conn;. 20-0. The Wildcats [mm Lance ami the Central Rawwback.s mret at, the Division street !leld this afternoon. Battered, bruised and saddlesore. the Hlythevlllc Jaycee "Donkey Softball" team today ll .convalesinK for n return K$me here tonight with. Hie Oseeola Jaycee team, which llicy battled lo a scoreless tie at Csccola last night. According to witnesses, members of both teams spent as much time In'the air as the ball. No player from either team got past second base. ' Sanfoid Uoonc and Bill Orawtord made it a.s far as second fpr Ihe Blythevlile nine and one. Osceoia player reached Ihe mid-point pf the base circuit. ' The game was staged before ce crowd nt Osceola High School stadium mnd the upectntort weTe tept in varying st*ge« of hysteria. Outfielder J. R. "Big Noise" Johnson of the Blylheville club at least got revenge for the rough rides en the player* by the donkeys. After Iris stttS Wi*eu ;-.'™, into t~- mlddle of the outfield, Johnson returned the compliment by unending the animal xnd sitting on It as It lay on the ground. Ralph PS.UOII o( th« Blytlievlllc, team-.suffered an injured wrist bm> it was believed today to be sprained ind not broken. The last game of the Saddlesojtf series will begin at Walker Park here tonight »t1:S7 p.m. Ail-American Red Heads, Girls' Cage Team> To Play Boys in Jonesboro Memphis Pro Cage Team To Begin Practice Nov. 10 MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Oct. 22. (UP) — Plans for (he Memphis entry In thc new Professional Southern Bns- kuball l-ennue were minounccd JONESBORO. OH. 22.—Amei ica'.i * most licnutitul basketball team. Olson's Ail-American Red Heads, provide n fitting prelude to the ap- proaeninK bnsketlx.\H season in Joncsboro next Sunday alternoon wiien they meet, the Fontaine All- Stars, paced toy Maurice Miller, Arkansas State's classy all-state center. The Reil Hearts (all arc sorrell topped except lor Hazel Walker, the Little Rock £irl who was named on the All-American team ten straight years) will present Ihclr cage show nt ihe Jonesboro Community Center Sunday afternoon at 3:30. In a .special half-lime attraction, Miss Walker, world's champion free throw tosscr for six years, will match her ability at hitting the hoop from the (en-foot line with Miller. Last year, her first with the Red Heads. Miss Walker defeated £5 percent of her male opponents in free throw contests—and she shoots And molest lilen today whether Li[;hl- horsc Han-y Gllnier would throw Fellows, who have listened to i'"ore telllns passra (or Alnbnnm El'ot talk llkr that before think 1 than Jphnny -Hunch for Gem-gin that he .should have had his ton- i » cxt Saturday even they So far December ""with his Rose Bowl sfiunri. "Thc boys ni'c renlly down.";hc salrt. "The wetither In Champaign was terrible ancl we didn't have n chance for any outdoor practice I don't sec how we'll ever get In shnpe." Afler chronicling these sad words, fcrcncc record-keepers hud the re- i today by Lyn Dowdy, baseball urn- r [ );t rl of her tries while on her knees continued their drills yesterday the sports writers went out to watch lite lllin! In their first practice nnd saw a sharp, well-drilled eleven, hard-hitting; und ,bent on conquest. a rough scrimmage session. A. E. Caldwcll, principal of the junior high whool, stated this morning that efforts to book tune 'for this »eek will continue through todny He said that he gi>m<« this season nRnlnsl Purdue, bad contacted ft \eral schools In vicinity In aenrcTi for ». game Eliot, who worried nlxmt U.C.L.A. then went out and watched his boys rip" the PncINc champions to shreds in, the Rose Bowl, is Just as concerned ove.r his remaining •but u yet none ha\e glicn him it* answer j! WORDS DOFS IT BOSTON (UP)—Just before sh* fdteO, Mrs Mahala Austin scrawled ther-will on the back of an imder- f takers business card—12 words everything she owned.rto a Itrtend. • ' ,i Western Mlchlgnn, Ohio Stute and Northwestern. Askert hnw he kept his players "up" In game after gnnic-. he said "that's the doggone trouble/ "It. renDy Is tough to keep HIP Icnm going." he said. "We Just try to t>fke them one game at a at Athens, weren't sure, this year. Ollmer hns connected 31 limes nnd mlwed 22 for .SBS while Ranch hns brcn I more prolific, though less cffec- i live with 42,s nnrt 33 duds for a .SOD average. On the other innd. Ranch's heaves hnve netted ?lx touchdowns to Gllmer'.s two. Tireless Trnvis Tiilwell. Auburn's :nmc-]C(!l;ed but . strong-hcnrted o.sscr, wa-s i-ei>ortc(i in better form. Word from the ptsms sniil his .usk.s would be mn<le easier by ft rapidly Improved corps of receivers in Snturdny's conlevcncc tussle against Tulaiie at New Orleans. But In Neu r Oilean.s. the Ins apparently had not bee prised of Voyles' new plans. Tiiey spcnl the nftcrnoon working out tigauist plays Aubuvii wns "expected" to use against, them. , LSU Conch Bcrnie Moore pulled a couple of Kiirprlses. too. He promoted sopnomorc Carroll Griffith plre and former cage star who will serve M general mannger and coach Dodwy said thc Memphis learn would begin practice here Nov. 10 and would open Its leaRiie season agVlnst Jnckson, Miss., on Nov. 28. Two home Annies and l\v<> rond games nrc on Ihe schedule lor ench week for ihe Memphis club, Dowdy snld. He added that he nlrf.txdy has assurance of at least three players with pro experience. naymontls Johnson, sports edi-j lor (if Ihe Nashville Tcnncsscenii. j , .. is president of Ihe league winch ' Includes, besides Memphis »i«l Jackson, learns from Montgomery, Blrminghnm anil Gadscien, Ala., and NnshvHle, Teiiii. ted Sox and Barons Sign '48 Working Agreement BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 22.— (UP)—The Boston Red Sox and the Birmingham Barons have signed a working agreement for next year Baron general manager Eddie Glen non announced yesterday. The agreement was reported soon after the Bed Sox and the New Orleans Pelicans terminated their contract. "I believe with the players we have and those we'll get from the Red Sox. we will finish high up in the first division next year." Glennon said. "I've always wanted to work Headed by six-fool, four-inch. Gene Love, the Red Heads boa-st the tnltest women's team in the world despite Ihe fact that little Stubbj Winter is only 5-2. Slie oflcn shoots while sitting on'Miss Love's shoul- j der.s, and dribbles between thc 'legs ! of thc world's lallest woman player, i The tenm also pncVs plenty of ; beauty, especially in Margie Arendj. ] crowned as beauty queen of thc KHS National AAU Tournament, and Mary Alice Hatcher, six-footer who . Is clubbed "thc Georgia Peach." Also, theie Ls Phyllis White, captain S. A Wucs who" won the : championship in Paris, followed by New England, 16 per cent, and the South with 13.4 per cent. The Rocky Mountain aren attendance was up II per cent, the East », the Midlands 6. and the Far West 1.5 while the Midwest was down 15. ' A nurse broke up « gin rummy game between SUn Musial and George Munger when it svas limp for the Cardinals to submit to appendectomies. Thc Cardinals are playing double-headers in » SI. Louis hospital. Musial also plnns a tonsilecrbmy. The pitcher is to have, several bone chics rcmoyed from his throwing elbow..' with the Red Sox or Brooklyn Dodgers. Those two clubs oivn more good young players than any.other major league club." The Mobile Bears, wlio worked wilh the Dodgers this year, finished first and the Pels second iu tlie Southern Association, race in I9VT. Glennon is still looking for a manager for next year. Set for Trouble DECATUR, Ga. (UP)—John Wesley Hill, accused of pilfering » commissary ear of items- ranging from underclothes to a fountain pen, told police he wa.s prepared for his new problems with other loot—four packages of headache powders. Read Courier News Want Adj. loiiah o wondcrfi POP CORN BAIL) fully, but I don't know how much further we'll be able lo go. H has been nn awful strain OH the boys, physically anil menially. And for this week-end Purdue Is really coming along fast." Eliot, who now uses thc "T" formation exclusively. wor.'dn't trade his cocky little riunrtcvhnck. r _ . •ince there seemed why it might not come off. There are, of course, m;i details to be worked out creation of a Jewish national approaches reality. Perhaps clash of democratic and c interests will reappear in cwssions, But as of now, tlie «rnment; 4 ha5 come into, line :jority opinion in a commendal typical, manner. The Russian decision see »nd humane. Future events ma • reversal of that opinion, those inclined to hate autom •very decision of the Kremlin c. • reason to complain in this ins * There^was danger of serious t If tlit Russians had espoused the cause. Backed by the might of t 1 ' Tiet Union, the Arab states mijr' opposed any UN attempt to enfo of North Llllle Rock, Ark.., to the right liMfbnck. sswt and n.s much ns snld that Dan Sandlfcr and Al Eleromnn, who have been sharing lime and play everybody ill slvldc.. ] the. duties there, bud ,not come 1 point out thnt tiie tenm we arc : u|i to expectations. ,,!<,«:!.,„ next is polng to be a Meanwhile. Vanclerbllt, ISU's one iviul the. boys respond Siilurday night foe at Baton Rouge looked' for wlngback Joe., Hicks lo return to thc lineup. Hicks misled Ihe Kentucky scrap last week due to a sprained ankle. Elsewhere around the SEC circuit: Forwards Bill Tinner nnd Cuinmings were sidelined with knee | committal services at a grave injuries ns Florida prayed for a ; the, ivy walls of St John's Prcpa- PCITV Moss for anv other In the j break In heavy rains thnt smt; mtory School. country. Moss has been the main- j the 'Gators inside to prep for Sit- | —- —--— --— snrlnc'of the. club and as fnr as nda.v's homecoming against Nnnli j Saturdays battle with Arkansas n - • Carolina. 1 Memphis Sntunlay — frc^hmai.. Ole Miss counted two almost! fullback John Dottlcy anil Varsity certain losses throueh Injuries for I Jight half Farley Salmon. I j. p .. cireen- Scfioo/boy Pinch Hits For The Babe at Funeral For Discoverer of Ruth LOWELL. Mass.. Oct. 22. <UP>— Humble Brother Gilbert, discoverer i ot Bnoc Ruth, was laid to rest today, i nnd beside his bier knelt, a freckle- faced schoolboy—one of the,fcw persons In history to "pinch 'lilt" for the Sultan of Swat whose 'frail health kept him home. Hair slick and gray Sunday suit neatly pressed, 10-year-old Frank Haggcrly of Dnnvcrs cnrried on for "The Babe" at funeral services lit St. Peter's (Catholic) Church here for thc 62-year-old Xnvicrian wlo died while at prayer Sunday. Then, with black robed brothers from Keith Academy where Brother Gilbert was superior for nine years, the lad rode back to Danvers Ray Scott, ace of the Lcachville High School basketball sqund last year and his two brothers L!oyd and Floyd.' will piny with the Fontaine team in Sunday's contest. The Red Heads will meet Stanley Keller's Arkansas Bloodhounds, formerly the Royal Crown Bottlers, in the Armory at Blytheviljc, Oct. 28. College Football Drawing Larger Crowds This Year Illinois folks arc concerned, he should be on the All-Amerlcv and to h'eck with Johnny Lujnck of Notre Dame.- Eliot, a high school star In NEW YORK. Oct. 22. (UP)—College football is drawing even larg- croivds this season than it did during its record shattering attendance year of 19-rG. a United-Press survey disclosed tortay. The home games of 64 colleges throughout the nation have drawn 6.5 per cent more Inns this year than last and* all sections of the country show an increase except thc Mid-West, the survey revealed Thus fnr the 64 colleges have played before 4,432.317 persons in their home games agninsl the 4,158.955 which they drew for thc'same number of contests at the mid-season mnrk in 19W. In pcrcentnge the Soul.bwcst. kr with an increase of 18 per ce"hl Also Black Label—Ml Proof BARRKTT HAMILTON, INC. Distributor*, Little R«ek COLUMllA 1KIWINO C ST. LOUIS Dick Dunkel's College Football Averages for week fading October 26 , *<i pvctun o( IH* I»l»liT* «li*ogAh of IBMBB * •coring correlation m»tiiDd. Th[» m»lhorl <nnr*r« !>>• qu««tion. "How w*ll h«« «ich T»ftm p«iiorm*d r*]atir» III opposition lo d«t«?" Tb* 1*arn» *«t tb«ir own fio^it*« br lh» «T«r«7* •cccing • T«r«g» Z^ILDQ ol tH*ir opponent*. AT«iag«« are index n\r^D«rB — not percentage!. marqin in 1ke PAST orer the weakeet learn in 1b* couoUy. Thui, « SO.D team hae been 10 »coTiriq: point team. In Ihi! manner p4M p«i tor^aneee- of any two teama 1 can be ocmpaied reqatdleM oi localioo. Tn« continuoue aince 1329. not percentage!. Thef indjcal* each Teara'a potential ecorino; « SO.D team hae been 10 »coTiriq: point! »rrrmg«r IhM • 40.0 aring* n«re been [;4- *'tk>n with military action. A fmcticall 7 new e ng in «j ?• »utcome miirht Mw« hpo.n .jrfbtmance from a re-| "conditioned engine. So •utcome might hfcve been United States and Britain been driven out of the Near As things stand now, any improve\truck perform' t«r is remote. With " is remote. 'ranged against them,' 'e»n scarcely make a n<^ the eventual decision. Syl would only seem pos&i" - powers within the III"* 5 that decision. ri Th> UN agreemei " wekoirw since there i - b«lieve that the violt pmrtition is pretty we' top l*relg of the Ara. fjfcrho have b«en in Pal £<th«re is no serious bat, Arab and Jewis' ^fci*h have taken ^British. Thwe is the iws 1 once a start wf decision intd mishl »nce and cut operating costs with art engine reconditioning job here. Phone and tell us when we may do a job for you. NQ O f — •*'• HARVESTER PHONE863 PRINCIPAL GAMES THIDAV, OCTOBER U artoa CoU.. '8ff,l T» Vill«noT« . kl«. A. 4 M..69'6 v» Dr*k» t.Mcrr'>,C«]. B7.9 ra Loyol*. Cm], SATURDAY, OCTOBEH 23 .5«.0 •<7'.6 laa '&«.* » rmr ' 109.6 » »ylor ,. .8B.3 i Olq»l« -70.1 1 ' (ado 62.1 \ ---- . T*T«« A. 4 M.,-77,0 Biown ........ 67.2 B ColoJ-doA.AM.-5eM "31 .3 T»ch. ...-99.4 »• Cil«d»l ^.52.1 iolr Cro«« . -7B.-3 T» Sj-r*cUM ... Uinoi» I ID.2 TI Puidu* ndiuia .... B9.4 »• Northw»«l«in . •nlucky 97.6 »• Michi5*n Slat* lignn .* 121.4 v» MinneKtK 3Z.( iuippi . *8o.B »« MVurii" ..'....86.E «uri"!*'.'. .82!z T«Io*w*'"siw" .. "^ rflBfca 74.6 T» KaTiM* SlAl*. No C«iolkn«. .as.* rwr« D*ffl» '112.0 • B Flond* ...... *71• Tow., .......... 90* P.t.*buiqh . . . '74.8 ...33.9 ..R7..S ... 1. jit-w* Buckn*ll T*OB*« . 86. .. ---- , M T*cb. ,.7I.« v« D*tiT*r ...... '66.: B* .. -*BI-0 YB Aw burn ....... 70.1 II. C. L. A..,*SV3«So. WMHcKffX. .31, Utah ..... 10-7 Y« Wyoming . .. , "63. Ut»h SUI».. . '«>-3 oming . .. hum Youn ..J.I. . W>V* Foi ., M. 1 ."72.* rm MarrUnd *»-»^« Dili*. .... ."77-? »»S!*nJoid . Wath'ton St. 'T4.1 TR Monlann . Wm. A M*rr •**•* »" Rftrton U. WtMmrin ..*».» ^M»rmi»«« Xa-riei, Ohio. '->.3 T^ Cindnnsfi . , '59. 77.. If You were a Nurse You'd want'em Clean Kverythingf from your l)«Rt dreiw . . , to your favorite sfvovt coat . . . hospital clean for the new season. And you do! That's why we suggest our swift, scientii'c, inexpensive service. Prompt deliveries! Boone Cleaners Home of Fine Cleaning 119 SouHi 3rd Street V'' 9738 SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BUNDED WHISKFY. 86.S Piuol. K'/, Grain Msulial SpiriH. Setit'ini-U'^ill"^ Comoiiiljiii, Chryiiei Buiklmf!, NerrYoili It^ft^fftjl I. mcKtGAK ..121.4 J. NOTHE DAMJMI2.0 3. tUtNOTS ....110.3 «. ARM? 10" S. TEXAS 1M.I c. so. cAtrr. ...101.4 7. FEHH STATE.. 100.0 1 C.A. 7TCH. ... n.4 8. PENH M.5 10. CAMTOHMIA . r?.7 •!>««•(•« Hem! T«e«l Tl 1. mCKlGAK ..U1.4 j. norm; 3. rtintois — no.j «. nmnnsorn. . «* s. ptrnDDi: «i.i 1. IOWA 90.4 7. WTSCONSTH . . 90.3 i. en..«,noM* .. n.t ». INDIANA «9.4 ID. M'wraTEim... »7.» MS WKK'S UAHK **rr* 1. TEXAS 106.1 1. C.H. TECH. ... M.4 J. KNTUCIT ... 97.S 4. SO. METHTllST 9H 1. TEX. CHHIST-H 9!.7 S. VTRGWIA ._^9J.I T. VPA>TE FOREST *>.« ». L. S. O ej.l «. Dura w.» 10. HATLOR »8.J S Fur WtV 1. SO. CALIT. ...101.4 !. CAUFOHN1V. 97.7 3. U. C. 1,. A. ... 93.3 «. SA>«FrlA>fS<X> »9.1 5. KEVADA M.7 «. UTAH 80.7 7. OHEGOH ST.. . 79.7 ». OrltGOM 7S.1 3. V/ASHTHGTOM 77.9 10. SAH IOSK ST.. 74 « OopTrt tn> L M>n res.s J. fTXH STATE. .1000 3. PEKH M.I 4. W. VWCIH1A. W.7 5. SOSTON COtt.. SS.l t. NAVY »7.s 7. VTLtArtOVA .W.I I. YAIE H5J «. COIUMBIA ... M» 10. HARVAKC ... M.8 •JV.UM7. ST X. C. Cemtot.

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