The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1947
Page 7
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WETWMDAY, OCTOBKK 12, 194T Priorities Given Hospital Distrkts •lythcvilk Ar«o G«H 'C' Rating for F«d«ral- StaU Medical Building Th« B)ythevil!e hospital district ol the multi-million dollar (ederal- «i»t« hoapltal construction plan yesterday was assigned a "C" priority by the Arkansas Hospllal Advisory Council In Little Rock. K also assigned & top-ranking "A" Priority to the West Memphls-Dyees district. Tlie plan, approved yesterday by the Advisory Council, will be sii'j- oiltt** tomorrow to the Ar;:~ State Board of Health for app. The KyeMm o( priorities 'ji-as oci, •ip lo give the KrtateH flnauciaJ »*- »istanc« where It can best serve th« hospital need* of die «tate. The federal (overnmem lias offered to allot (2,000,000 thli year and alnillar amounts over a five year period, to help finance Arkan- <u hotpital construction. According to the plan, organiulloiu within the state must contribute two dollars lor fcvrry dollar ol federal aid. The priorities were' apportioned on the basis ol hoepiial districts. Given a top priority ("A" rating) WBA the Little Hocfc-Benton district. It is on the Little Rock Grounds of t,ht Stale Hospital, lh« only one in (he area to qualify under the plan, that the proposed slate medical center would be located. -Another hospital district to re- ceil'* an "A" priority was Arkadel- phifl and Malvern. Among those receiving a "B" priority were El Dorado, Camden-Fordyce, and Rojr- ers-B«ntonville-Siloam Springs. The Texarkana-Ashdown district van among those with a "D" priorily. The Batesville, Newport. Hope and Hot Springs districts received the last priorities—"E". (ARic.y ooTJRraw Famine Threatens India in Wake of Other Woes Incident to Independence Granted by British Pictures and Text By BERT BRANDT ] NEA Staff Correspondent CALCUTTA, India, Oct, Ofl (NEA> ! — India is drn\siiiK very close to a \ famine that may prove one. of the i worst in her history. Only by out- Jide aid can her people be saved. 1 Such aid must come soon If It is | to be effective. Already report* of dcallts from starvation are beginniiig to come in Ironi tile northern border suite of Assam, from SeraJgauJ and E.iM Bengal, and even from the Cliitta- gong area 200 mllM from here which is » major center of India'.'; rice production. 'llie while de«tli of ttarvalian will b« no ghastly lhan the bloody communal riots, Hourah, an industrial district Just across the CWiiKes from Calcutta, with a population of 1,200,000, ha* exlmusled local grain SMI»- plien and now depends upon inadequate .supplies brought. In. In j late September a thousand hungry I persons marched thiough ills streets shouting "Howrah U in the tfrip of famine— give us rice or we shaJl die." The poor of India have a precarious hold on life at besl. They live from meal to meal. Even a brief break in the supply of their scanty food finds them without, any reserve. India has had' two successive years of bad crops. This was followed by six months: of devastating floods in the Chittagony area which wiped out much of this year'* vital crop. The resulting shortage is complicated by the political .situation. Great masses of people Kfcve been moving from place to place. Some were farmers, who might have been growing food. The general displacement ha.s made it difficult to distribute short simulie. 1 ; properly. And Doctor's Widow Seeks Release from Prison LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Oct. 22. (UPI — The Arkansas board o[ pardons, paroles and Probations will meet Nov. S to consider 13 applications for clemency. They include ri* applications for paroles, 12 for (nrloiiRhs and five for commutation of sentence. One of the applications were filed by Mrs. Tracy S. Eschweiler, convicted In Pulaskl County on a voluntary manslaughter Charge In connection with the recent death o( her husband, the late Dr. Paul Eschweller. She will have served one-third of her two-year sentence on Oct. J4. and will be eligible tor clemency at that time. In Hit ll.iur.ih srcllon of CuldKla. «lr»ily ripe for [nnilne'.s wl\lt« ili'.alli, th.«w slrtewalk nn-rchaiiU hurtdir »r<um t | their mM|rr »tock> of foodstuffs and 5|>lre« thp governmonl. has been so busy wi.h prob.™ «„.„„ out of par- Too Much Deer Traffic BISMARCK, N. D. I UP)—Other cars and pedestrians are not th-i only driving hazards on North Dakota's busiest stretch of highway. Deer have become so numerous in the Missouri River lowlands that herds often obstruct the highway. I Mt Only white-woman in Itie Bugmari seclion nf. Calcutta Is Mrs. Russell Curtis of Thr« Rivers, Calif., shnwn here examining food for her dinner. A member of the Friends Service Unit, she Is helping supervise reconstruction nf the ridl-tlnmncerT urea. PASSENGERS RELY ON COCA-COLA AND TRAVEL REFRESHED e ' THI BOTTLING COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE PACT! Hursts Adopt Program UTTLK ROCK, Ark., Oct. 33. <TTP) —Arkansas' nur.<pA Imvo pledged 'inselvw. lo a.program n( r.aim- >iellii6, placement, and distribution representative, has marie an ureent Ap|>eal lo Wnsnlnftlon to add 1SO.OOO tons to Hip 63.000 tons of grain al- localed lo Imllu (or each ol the months ol November and December. U. S. nfiir.tals wore aymyiathello but pointed out ilul their country hu niRdo h«vy commltmenta al- ro»dy lo Enron* »nd other p«rla of Asia. One -fear of Abliymiknr »»u oilier Indian uMlclnLs Is thivl lumen 1 would add to the unrest unit ilotlnn which the government haa worked hnrd lo ronirol since the p»rlltlou- InR o( (he country, "I! tlie V. S. ran |iv« un adilltlon- al help rlpht now." he. says, "II will save our rationing lyatrm. If Hint breaks down, there will be a lamlne worse limn that of 194,1," That wns when the alreeU o[ Calcutta were littered with thousands of dead and dying. Cholera Cases / On Increase . Around Cairo CAIRO, Oct. 23. (UP)— The Ministry of PuWlc Health announce-* last nlyht Hut Ml persons lind died of cholera In Egypt. diirlnK'Die past '24 hours And Hint 1.022 new CUSPS had been reporlou. an if approximately 54 p*r cent In the rate of Incidence, Marriage License* Tlie (ullowiiiK couptfs obuiiwtl man-hint.' HctHiSiVi yi'.steiilny In Ihe older of Klltttbeth Blyllie, M rcgtsttM'Ort and i\\ixi\lnry iMmrs, Arkansas Nurse* Association Pre.s- iilfiil Mis. LRIIIHI Mi'Mlllln siiid in l.itllo Hock I lie purpose of Ihn lluce ixilnl proKrani l.s lo incri'nso the, service rendered by Ihe nursen lo Ihr slatr, and also to aid I he nurses In [hiding flnanctal Mi-wrlly. county clcrki , Ray Vlllarreal and Mla« Th«U Johnson, both or Blytlievillc. Wllllnm Enslwoort and Miss Et- norn Monkon, Iwlti o( St. Ixjuls; Mo. A. M. Yiubioilth and Mis. Fcrblo lllackiimn, both of Lilbournc, Mo. 'romptly relieve* cought of TIGHT ACHING CHEST COLDS KUION * COATS * SUITS * DRESSES Sizes 2-6x All '/a FVice TOT SHOP 110 So/ 2nd St Phone 2398 l ! l!<m °' Ul<> ™»nli-J-. tlin food problem. Under these conditions quan- MtiPA of ricp ;md other grnSn have jslipprd out from control of the rationing program and VISVB gottftn into the hands of profiteers aiul bluck niHrkcteeis. 1 First cliu«y> rice, which before t-h« war could be boitghl in Calcutta iU Just under $4 per maunrt t82 pounds) now brings a IILLlc more lhan *40 on the black market. The average worker makes about $15 a month. He cannot pay such prices. Dr. Urtjenttra Prasnd, rood Minister, ,-says that October and November are the crlttcRt monUis, By tlie first of November ina^y provinces will have no more than a two-week .supply of grain on hatici. Tlii* government has »sked all grnin-nxpoiilng countries for heJp. Even if they produce, there will be weeks of distressing shortage be fort* the imports become available. Dr. Pvasad lias little hope of get- ling enough grain to meet. India'* needs, because food shortage i.s A world problem, nice is India'* xtaple food, and the world's export supply of rice this year is estimated at only 2.18 million l<*i.s, contracted with 7-8 millions before the war. . N. G. Abhyankjir, India's food the last *f . . . still THE $H/N£ THAT STAVS because it has a hard-wax finish! GRIFFIN H»rd w»i muni «*sy ihor cure ... more •>it>c jhine with IMR *ho« thinlng. GRIFFIN ABC VAX SHOE POLISH has the higher biirJ tr<>\ content thai give* you easier, brighter, Innger-Ujtitix ihines. So u.le omrriN ABC WAX SHOE roLiiH for ihe »h>nc thMt itayil • LACK. MOWN, TAN, OKtLOOD In Ik..a,v op. nil,, B C *n< f«r qulik nn* «oty thlnci ui *** Mif-poiiihing SRIfFIN LiaUtD WAX GENER\L THANKLESS KITCHEN TASKS AUTOMATIC DISHWASHER All THf OMNU MM CLCCTWCALLY •ISMSALL* kl No mrvf€ rfrtiry sWimg diihc*. The di»Hwi»H«f in th« OF. FUnnc $ink w«M w»j^ th*m xpirkling cJew* — Mrf*mdWrW/jr. And in irtit partner, the G-R rMnorM food wtftr the wfcf — right down ek« l mit ol tbt 1 Equitable Mfcliisnntnre Sncicfy of Uiiili'd Slalus ' , GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. llii \V. Ash HI. HIOIH> aO!!3 I.lstrn In '"1'hls Is your 1-'|U' >>'rlclays 7::(0 ii.l Tlint iiltK-liliiR, niiiinyliiR, iminlul vuni]] cnn Ijo reciit hero so U Is ii'ully coiiUort- nblc. Biniirl, lino \vorkiiiun- sl)l|i, nwvli'sl chnrnra. H-flUTCRS, QUflLITY SHOC SHOP I Z I W. M fl I N St. We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads Lot Your Next Tires Bo GENERALS More — Worl h Mnr FARM LOANS At Lowest Rate of Intel-oat Quick Service A. F. Diefrich United Insurance Agency HiO S. 1st St. Ingram Bldg. Save a Little— Have Much! Mfc insurance Is n fortune . . . and whether n policy fs modest or wtuixll, everybody buys It oti the Installment plan. E. H. (Eddie) Ford Lynch EluHiilnp 1'honcs Hus. 2811 Kes. 31(5 SOi J,umi;rnt« St. Blylhevllle Gwiurul ,\n\crlc»n l,l(e Int. C«. MODINGER TIRE CO. ! 418 K. aialn IMluua 't!ft\ ' *%**« PEERLESS CLEANERS Nnw Hc!a<li|iiiir[crs Cui'tain Cleaninjr Dial 2433 (> K. Frnnklin S(. FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Point 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain <jr reinforced / - , Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SEtiVIOE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEB. RELIABLE PKONE 2642 \Vo call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Blcdritnl Appliiince' Co. Authorized Moturob Kldlo Suits anil Service, lOfl Soulh First St. CLUB 61 Open 6 Nights Weekly Orrlitalra Kvrry \Vcdllcsiluy Night OPERATED BY GENE POWELL Dial 2231 Tor Krec Delivery on All Sifipic and Kaiu-y Grnccric.s Quality Meats Fresh Fryers (F.ivc or Dressed) Freeman & Hfenley GROCERY 201 fi Wcsl Alain St. Allen Pickord's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Arn>y Goods • Supplies • Shoes See us fa- (he very best In Array surplus shoes. Nearly new—Rebuilt—To Be Rebuilt. Hundreds for sale. Quantity Prices Arall- able. EAST END 112 Lilly Straet !/2 Block South East Main HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY fOXKEAt Still & Young Motor Co. 1 Lincoln-Mercury Deahr Phone 3479 Blytheville Ark, 112 W»tnt 9t __

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