The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on September 24, 1902 · 5
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The Ottawa Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1902
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THE C1TIZES, OTTAWA. CANADA. WT?XE?DAT, sept. IS THE BEST BREAD IS WARNOCK'S THat'e becaus- Warroc. s bread s ?-?--?--r cc. Koctd e bakes such gcod ere ad. G-e?t c r te-npt.rj leaves. WeU fcro,-ed light, palatable. if yc k.c a- vr-2- e nest Here-made tresd Is. tner . c ktca rs-.v g ;.: 2 2:;,'; b?"ac Hcukecpers dcr.'t v.?t tr pt up v. ih a-y ct-er c';ad a minute lorger tan f-.ty rave tc. No rec-ss.ty for it row. Yea can buy ail re rc -r.e-rr ae iead v. ant at WARNCC K. S. Phone 534. APPLE PARERS3- Apple Parers with Push off and improved clarapiug device - - 50 cts each "Little Sta-" A rate p-.rer . - 30 cts each W. ' " , ; P H A R L E S O N Phona 14D3, 7, ol ana 3 R deau St. "EvERVT" !N3 IN HARDV.ARi.'' ro stores D-.nK VVk.t. Rack L '.ri? Wf. the Wcrid's Eist Trbla Water. D'tk Sorir.ii Eectnetrtr t,iatmats Milwaukee famous. SOLE AGENTS ?0Ft ABOVE. FiT I ! Pt- I PH Cor. Welli re.ton& Kent Phone 525. Fifty dollars reward will be pai d for information vhich will 1-ad to tha conviction of parties selling Tea u.icer my name; as I have no peddler out under eny guise, whatever. CORNER METCALFE AND QUEEN 5TS- f&S'jli Soda, Children's Boots . . . R. riasson. 72 Sparks Street. 'COPYRIGHT. FULL WEIGHT IS THE RULE IN THE OG1LVIE WILLS. We care not what i. !c in o'e.-s jt o tht i only or.e oarulto;! j.r:-- :,.o. t . ciatm anvbody c-in p:--e fal. e Birar.t'-e o-is :il -. i s we;:, a-d l.-.nt Claris a whole . p,. th s. v, ; k-' rv FIRST. iOo; V. I-lrlA'i --.''..VI'. MILLING: THIRD. f;r r.-:-e f r '--to be hud. V.'e sr ': ':. .-- . - or r :- - for Hunrirta:; ar.d - - - CiOioVit-JS S"i i-ii 1 OAT5. ciOiLVIE Ki.OVK Telephone if 1 j 'jlj.;-:: Soft Harness 1, jjjS T fei ac4 M Tcarh as tf SJC T-i 1 I Hsrsass Oil BEsfcearper'aost-twse- t"f B tii new. cf jf i Pi. fcee-r r-ytiei c:i. - -o-d Rert'tT rwMl to wllia. C -fe . '. S fcTiri tb wiather. Vr. ' i'a te. IB CSClS .lies. i I isfcuiirru nrstTifT. Mrer S:rkr J a fri.-.dl-- fort of j i cfep -5- t he' Over Ye hc '-71- fr-.rdlv. M"r rj-,-,. e .--, t 7 r;-.-r I H no s-' ou.ts .--ikir.z '-";'. V an 50c to $2 44 SUSSEX STREET. Vf J?. , Also Rideau & Dalhousie Phoiis S24. !. w nr, F. J. CASTLE Empire Soda BEST FOR DAflING is responsible for vholesome cakes, light and delicious biscuits ar.c rolls. Good baking depends on purity ar.d Empire Soda is absolutely pure. Those who have tused it will use no other. Test it your next bake day. All grocers sell Empire 5c. a packet. MAY USE GATLLNG GUNS INCREASED VIOLENCE EXPECTED THIS WEEK. Statement by Gen. Gobin, the Officer in Charge of the Troops Cost of the Strike Up to Date is Given at $117,-570.000. Wlikerbarre. F--pt. :i-';-r.era; C, .b,n threatens to lO'-ite H (;,.t:in- gun in -Mah.uioy C.ty whioh s'.vef, the i.iils about il-i. ii'ir. ut..ess ;h, violinee -i ha h has l-o-n aiiro.s; .-..r,i:r.L',us to-- u a-' oil-ii.g oi d hiji sday nieht '-'i-es ai enre. M.ahatioy ijiiy has men a hotbed of d ;sor lor th- last ' If ;h- is a l li on of la ('nr;r. ,, "na:.!'-iy or ar:u;;:i v, ar.d P-rhaps a regiment. wii ho jo'-ated in I t..n. j'r,ini;? have b-'-en m a l-s';'!- !' '--'r.r.-s :. c.:..,:- by for -e it. a: f-.v day-, I. s-pjp.-r tr.'.ins n r. i tr! ' y car. a r" Iru: h..i up y.';y n'-x:. ;inl .-a:.h'J fo: d-pu.p-. ; i'-T ki. ::-v who app-a;? m the town s -:iby to a:, k:r.-. ..uMs. and who "..'t to to work ri'e -,vav-.'in:-; ir,;. Th.?; -t of .' ' -i ir rr.u -t j w . lf r. ; ;yt jrrsr eC'jn fh-r- th;..- wii: b-- b to 1 r-.r h the hills F'jrr"'Un''.rir iIp- 'nv.-n.'' ' Il-th ' ;vi! and rriiii' iiv a 'jh r:"-? j ff-ir this -vff-k -.viK dfv:op th mo-t i r-rfu vio'ncf Sin-e : jn-iug'iira-; Tion of th- coai mr . Ht&rt:riK with ! oynamitin f.f Thurfd -.y n ?ht, h" i 'int uiiatvjn of jt Kr; jdy nieriT, and i t 'j atiacka and vlo.en-e which htv fi'.OvV'.-d, th-? temper fjf 't- au .e--s ' tr'-wd ha? been b-en ar"U.d tr, a. p 'a n ; v. r r- r r- n r-1 ; . ; j r ; r; h h the air hori'- is fur-l. The f'i'-t that tKy h-v b n una:i stop tr. re p.- ,t is e a:- 1 .-V of POIS0MN0 OF COWS. r. ,." . o -u f- I" IS TV- d f -.tit: STEAMSMiP APPIVALS. -e .er. -r,ve1 F J T- i y -k B-tt A-r v; d PO'.da.r 'e-;-. V Ivef 1 PAY OF TREATY INDIANS VR. CONROY PETLRNS FROM AN EXTENDED TOwS. c the THird Serv.ce Bst- i tei-en. H.iifsx W:li Ee Pad Cf "S G.'.t- a G'Etuitj o One Month's Pay Persons!. riur . :n-- ir Nortnwt.:. j.-.i tus j and boat. Dr. Conr.y ani tig party fcy pack trn. past lifter S av r;d to 13 u and h r: Vt: -V. r- '.' '.i 1 . IK A;)-,.; .-,. i 'M.n o' i'l'.'V.QrT. . t-. r- ;r... M H . , :-, . J,iiy Mid lh-1! : A-he; I h,: 1 li alii bi-iltg ll.d lie i trJM'itJf i:n icr.. .i-hal-isiii ii;- ir a"...- of ri'.f rih. v-ntr f 'n'i- F:. ' ".i . by himnns curii.ou :rt t.ii- h- v had . bn n---.i t barren ili g u i i n .s;j; cia, i;i G.'i'-i r;?:: rjarri.soii H.i ti'X r.ut. S'tu'h Afri'rdii wr br"K-Uaiimtii: w:d be j.uX-nt. C-'l. B. II. Vli'.i.i, ItiifS.r. A..M.J.. wh ll.mfax for tm- purp-.e. ih'- : -g:i:if nt art; in rt ' i lis,- " ill ;n l.. and ill ad o:;- ni'ir.ti.V pay in at The i!i d by I.' Ail r.,nkr i'i- pay u. to i t : 1 ; 1 . a It n ;"1 01 1 1: With tnt- limn 'if ii..titviit. will M't- in tin- pay.r, lift im 1:: ar.d a:si :o trit p.n1 df fuvh m-ff propt-rty. stm fisii of ev.-i y ki coi. Ida. ! t it- I'V.i" b' aiKii;.'tl s, fiirimur j' bt.i.iismK t-. tii guvi ri.iii-r.; us it may V"' de rid-d to d ;joip of. l.l-ut.-Col. :;r. vi;. .ui;i-nr.tir.d ttift rt-tuin ' i-.f arm, eiiuiptntint and tary or tn f '.-I 'oi th d ban led ..fl...-r. atnllplirrril UUITISI! IM'IF i r ' .' " ! Ihe ..,,., v one man was dm- d e'-, u le : respiit ve j 1 KLii-K liKllliU KLLL ; ' rt-r w-re urs-nl. . v..,,.,l w h , vn pile, or ten ,ver- u s J, hai- heir. d. id. J that nf-n- ! 1;"';n:''' M"-"!''-"'- " ,.,,. eael, ...nued o a lobl,- front coiomi-.ioind m-r and mm of Boer Who Trekked to German.;-;''; Xtr!"Ti,''h,m- ri -h.r.l.-d bitta o-i who may he ac- . D . , ,, 1 1 "" "I' ni'iHUo. oi a I ne , w.,s , , K-r. a plain private, one eV-med for enli-iin. r.l it; tin- penran-Africa Are Reluming to the iv of s.r.a'1 thli.e". shnuld not be de. ,.,., Hm km ' , .nya ,, em tone th-ir p'-i vi ar.d pen.sio will e at h.- aoo--M-d to r-titoii Halifax towaid- py i .. ;.. . ..,,,. . i.iotB who p,,sSe,j ,)-,. iniranie em inmatloi. for. ithe Hoyal .Mbitary tolii-'O have joined 1 that ms-t.itu nun : G. Baeon, K. Mm--i ian-n, K. C. iHrouard, A. . Oil!, A. . H Harris and C. ' M ai'Orh. II. . ; ! UmiOi, Perth: J. S . M. Ir.derwK-a- . Perth; and . M. are-ton Place; arc- also ation-imsr the colli-co. i Mr. Alex, (jili-on. M.P., 'Vork. N.K.. -.vas in the city yi-s-erday on d'l'art-m-nta: buitie?s. Mr. rih?on. who oon--U' ts the inreest luir.berihK business in the province, retains a very season, the b--! prieep bartns; been len-ivi-d for luir.b-r thai have been obtained i.broad for luany years. Mr. ;.bsor:'s t--t'iboslinei,' extlorts bi -ton ,, forty and forty-five million t -t of lumber b'-sides a ialRe iiuai-lt.ty of Fhing'-ea and lath yearly. With the exception of the pola'o yield, which J" be ow tr.- average, the rrO of rC-w Hrutiii k iuir.ed out -.veil this sen. fon. sr r;,,tt the rirovinee is sharing l'i :v in the ir.-n-riil prosperity of ths i ouniry. It .! ni thf dc-paitn-ent of air- rif uit'Ji.- a nuinif-r of apj i' fhip-pei s ar-- rnarkit: tSiir y or.'i era uppJ'-s 'extra, rxtca." instea.d o "XX," or "No. t.' - reonlre'l lr- law. Tii" fruit n-sp-i 'p.- urn oT.di(rd a'cor-line-y to brfifid a'! sur b pifKasr-s 'JalH'-ly marked.'' On f the frdlowinK marks must app-ar on all (lnf"i packages: 1. or XXX. No. 2, or XX; No. 3. or X AU iM r d in th packing; of fr.n t 5hoii!d Fnd a re-u?t tn the fruit "divisinn. d'-iiirt ment of Asrri'MjI-tur;, Ottawa, for a copy of the fruit mark? a'-t. The d'p"rmm of trade- ani corr-ri-ere h:-s re-:ved from th- inpe-tora in Wirmp'-g a parcel of grain representing an average farnp'e r-f the No. 1 hard vh-fiT "f the pr-Fnt fawn's rrop pafied to pt. 11th. It shws an ejp-r'ii'-nt qijality of rar( b'-d srmin. -3'JTip, e'en ard 1n everv v.-e v -t'fa' tory. i! t : r.'al Ar p'-i'e. re e in i ' u". i r,r I.', ''oi. Ja: AMUScVENTS. WAY r0 V'N KA'-T r.-ve b-e' rr.-i-v p'!5Vy v'"i'rn '- T ;i N e v K Ti ? ' 'i r. 1 h; ra : i ; ' e - r": F.e rrM v -?-- dT- . T .''. ''''! : '. IT W s pTP- i ' i h 1 - K j fc ' '. : a r. :eh o " : ' rov ..-r ft id Ti'" Tru- c : r. .'-r-r-n :rsti,r. r r t 'i . ' n '.v V v-' h e n - r ; r d o-'-'.i'y.. jm,;. Jiarl-! h w.h !' r v.- Iv, h 'j.Uifin K i f . r v pr ; si 'ove rv'th Ana Mkc-- .. or. tne fa-m. Ls-n- '.. .v. !-i whom i ard . r. j. be. , Impaired Digestion May not be ali that J roenr by ityjnn ! row. frit it will be if r..5ie--ted. Th -jv-.inee ster etm, St of nere-ir.i hdarr. Morriess of the stota-b. sr.d d rjelrh.r.g may &o fc rer n-J no--, btat tbey will be if th-e Ttcttsrli it . ."-r-d to srrosr weaker. teypepi is sora a mirbie J!se that the teKdefsry to- It s-b-mld . earfr atvmtion. Tlis If ttcrr.pietejy over-nt rrte by Hood's Sarsapcrilla sriu-jj t'i-iieistiitwteitltsilrtsjsT-a I troth J i As BoMoa ;rt-fss:r aoi i ::n is balkei. P.: iv. rrs t?ut i'ie v:,i -r.s the pin. Mr K . an es-if-rit-: rn rf :r. !:: - M Viv.a b .n nature;, :n.irr. r -.he Ir-jdiiir T1.-1-"" ' 'i;TTi'U" i pan i at i aiid ih&i soiTK-thl'-i: a brr.ik:::ft away fr ; the riitiu-.i he v.;,-e to have p:y M Th part? of the aqu:r-, n: n Oavld - : -mane. Tho tail for n-j k f ar 1 - rather ever iioin n::. SUDDEN DEAIH. Lcuis Coderre, St. Ceciie de Masham Dies in tr.e Imperial Hotel, Hu i. I;:ii ate a h .f tic in tn ir I'd hi.' ll-U.- -hop ., ;h--:i h- .? ?a:ij to ha nd dkd l odtrrt- nai : iv-;,ir.g--r . f St. feci . f . Jrii' tifiib:'. wr, Uf.,th. it -"aid to have v. n. :i he had an att April ' and 1. Wati-r f irnud in t!..; a i'riM"y d' vt-iotieti. w iiadi le -t.'d the heart. 1 r. Ouinil was called n about a month ago, bin operation n-:.-sary. I'"t i Mit-rre aa bc-en shoi ; ,.r gradually gtttine nor.;.. Dr. Oulni-1 visited him ; Ol.dif or. Furious. lie ,r .-nt r St.'-'s hospital f t"i-. Ctiorrr':i came d" r y at- en i hon l:ll 1 1 . i tv -' k -i ! :. ..til and I in - u.l ia V ! f. ill n i Ms --.! h;-n t.) - m "P -ra -; and etayeo a, it-.idi-iire purt of tise t:n.- tor w.i? away all day v.t -nt out in the rain h 1 d MP broth at th-1 d ii i; had hip meal at th-Dr. iiuiii'.rt says that ti in-' dotie-'s I, It liie dOa- irid i.'o iarre ;:')lii' v. M--tor' '. , Ip-ar- ;v: le li.rli -ri: a'-.!!:.' P. . ..v d out of piiii e by tat' i in tin- Fi-i'- and the h.-a-.y .. t bad 'fi -at 011 him al-o. :r.ihant an-! Chief i - i - t t or. hand. Irit will I" 1 1 l!' home at .::) o'ci'n k aiai -xp thi- rarimr the cirrumtatn-i can., tin- latter dwitW that a was unii'-' a -fiiafy. The b,..J- v nr - 1 r.ol f of tr.t- t . y w.i la k- n k i s: pu-1 ir--. Lake i -re is. to trie rieH.ijiuin under! ro; net of ii toria and and will be tr-k n to today. 1 ransvaal The HaKU Sept. 22 TI. I!o. re- ! preB. I:la'.i-. e'-eived Jelters troiu a r w'no "Iri-kk.-d" n.lo I number of Jeriii'in .-nitliwest Atnca m coiu-'-- ouence uf ttc- war.' j-nd tmi- wain tii.-ir ci.'iti pa -1 i ot s "that, no Al rikamb-r can liv...- undi r ihe rule of Gorman 1 tape, the government of petty d'--po;s for slaves b-ii.t intolerable to tree men." "Though the Knghsh have done ua grievoUK narm. our brethren tvili ii-.-e more coin. nt. dlr under them tdan under the I' sul-lieuter,iiiit.s i o manage to ltf-p tine country a hontn: '.viiiieriies.s as tor as the white nan i concerned." wys one of the lettem. CHURCH DEDICATED. New Baptist Church at Maxville Opened On Sunday. Maxvj., .'jir. 'ZZ- The litt' linptt '- i);::-.-n v a.s'.y d'.dicat. d on Sunday i.-sr by A. A. ''ann'ion. The fhui- i. ' ' 2liij and the cosi nf Tip- any. 'j:- 'up.elt wae i Key. Mr. r. I d.-dn ation .sa rvi' , Mryynt ai.u iln- u f-oi.d Jt led th rsif-ted bv U"V. -Vr-r-ld'-nt i-as'or. i n byti i ian a:,d C.-'U-- HUpend'-fi xr- inn lh" i'i K--K-alio;a 1 n'-i: v;ck iu fiv'.'T I r.'rpecl;Vt- Cul.-'-' in 'he d' di a'lo!.. v'i'---n i:-v. r. " ci'pi' nt s'TiiiOh. '"onditiOf; of ' ' ;.;vcd by H-v. M iHiUy oi ;n::.i Bfrv.ce to it church a:one, li ; R '.ry to operi ' aid;:f.r. to aco:ii:nt,-i,i'-of p''Op:e fr'jvn UTiHb.f to K t Tilt re?ider;t mm an addret th.-,i c;ated by in- a-id The cf r";nf.:i ,es aiv- and wiU J'"e of the r-id--!its f church d egH-ef jn,-.'ntr'-r o( ' At t he ;"!i)iie; h r -tpron pr a'-'ned in ;: ' roT, and a .i-- fo - , i nta k aid IP-v. ; M 'inday -v i. t;;: t r. Id in ihe Uapr-t i :' w a fuun1 rc ' ; i, 'he iThye-- a n i ; t r.urchen in ord- r v:it nf'-'-mh ay- ; i i i part f who v. t- , the new chur'h. : c'-ts ea' h dein.s'-'! greatly appre- -ere very iir.pres- in the merr.oiy ' .Masvliie. Uap'i were present fro Vaiikieek H- otawa 'orn Eominionvij , Tayside und - QUARTZ MILLING. The Will Establish a! Mill at Dawson to Encourage Mining. Van- outer, fieri on tr.e t ' i.c;r.i5 fjom c.iricia. y ar,-. dan n .ve.-.-.rr.' 'iriLktUs .May ar- i- : y E;.a? ,h-n. the c'ar.j.v- oui.d a 'i-iar-2 - ro'irt ho -, -r b-n-.-'Sr i-.-. i uf,' ,i irj K o.-.iiike. or- r'-e. in 'i r.e in;,: w:': 0" rj-. th" t 43P.D BwGLE EAND. Lat -'.!. a" C,r--i L- I held a Ma-. '-, -jr.'- work tvui iixr'r- " .,JU, - j ra-u e a' ,P le.rted to i.-i-oe fa.- r.r,'..-l V:.. .-. t- r. . . eo that tr.e ; a ir.'-r. i-a--.. v. trot rne ie'inerit ;'e - .t. th e .;- t.'-r ; i V,'..: be ' : ' r,e .on e?ve in ifie fu-- r f tr .s rraoe or, ;;.e , -e. apriia' ir o -e; ;i-ji f.- tne -- r -1 'he room ; '.eir y jtracti' e. t.o I ter 't. l-r 17. a r, 1 eer & i Ml hav p-. f tore. '; - e t -T th r by tenlirj e J crowded a. FLC'R TO AFRICA. Mr. 2J Hary sh.jmr'e Of 'nd: ii to A'r.'a. ' I -e-s be n;sd . he ;. of r-.e re v rr.-'.. rdte ''o-'-.r.r.. -h,'h on re-r.y.f t . -'v ill -or." at ! a r---.. - ;-er -'orf.-re- e ivii.e xT! at -.e-r'j:;.-. Tn (real EW LIFE IS NEEDED. 1 CO V PLAINT THAT BOARD CF TRADE IS LETH AT.CiC. Another Move to Get Better Quarter With View cf Prcmottrg tHe ln-i at itut:or? London Chamber of Com' .' merce Delegates CoTiipg !J : ir-S- jr4 vr:-:y fji-l :htr, :! :u th s i ir...lte- in- i ls in !: r-'-t or i fa.; : cu::d:t.on has be-.ume lelruiig-v. T.l? r:i?v5 : n.tvlingi harf bceri held at rare in--';tr 1 trv-a and lilt altendjne as a tn p.irt: ii.alio!i in 4ir.-uMioti on eucr. Kxasa.r.s h.-.s invamb.y be- o : conr.ueii to a rertam few. Prominent f the !...arj -ire thtnKir.f: :s j-l a'u 'at tmu soite nt" i.j-.v !i v. a . i" lo be one f t.i'.US ,11,1 11:!! Jul iim.-I i:i:ii ha? ina:il oj ,1. in fur :.. n.-ntb. d"-"r..t-i. OUl'IIPli. i u mi-, it is u:;.:Iki! iuirltm is ?J!UIi- .? ot .1- .1 i Li I It ' I Ollt- thi1 ITuiJOsi- e u; ,i'i ;u.y ,on-. .i sp::ii'r onf : to :i'i .iT to a:..-u', t,d to a Ii. .id. Ill the : d '.h ,- v!-. . ut.-4 ' l.r.i s ii, i;- ,i sid- in ..if - an -1 nt ;j .VI r J. It Ming Of- iiioi ili-e Mr. thai ii"t a si-rat ii f url hi im i' of e ii i ii i of trade fit Hi" rod of ituin tii'it up .n a tOD'.llMI. of ' ot ill;- i otm-Uliab.e to aitl't i h-ore. ii1 thai n. life n !h,- board o -n done tn.-- pi-oj.-. it i iii- . bul.d. r.g Fu,h a He .tn' t.'.ai li.lii; tiit-r.- w.i : opinion ainonit iri ;i. t il. but I in y . re upon d-'Ptds i f tlie ii--A d. Tapcart iia.l to be i..i i i tr ide or e ' and tone its in co to the bid ! A hui'dine w .is ' n bsoiuteiy reeioiry. Mr. A. Hoi!;in! riria! -1 that th b-.i!il nf 1 1 r- Y.-- J ft '.-.Sfil-r-. ''I of t iit- iui.i-iice it --iioul h.tvf an a b-tHiJ tn t!:f r.q it.l of (' Tlut llie 'f"iii. i h' r;1 t.' :ii::iv qi-t l'lns w isi h umMi in hti t.'k- !) up. th. iji ai'i"CJ(-M:iVt' for (on-d-T- nu n I w w ;ti i h f fjj'ho.i- v -ft urn i llir ii ii v ivm i.s'jt y of '-ii f ! itifc into with thp Tpl"'i'h'!.p f t h ? '.i r s i.t in nt buil'lins-s, out.ut i of!i. i ho J p'tt ou stion iid the ' .p'-m1ituri P of ho fmptovi'- n.t'i!i. t-iriisii.ij-siiii. wi i'f .t-i-; iiuMit suh- H. th'.uK'"! ' ii;' rnui li t nin!i. - ha : h--n ut :n Dm- ;?i p"" f'i I hi; i!y. The hitjij. Jt-- ihout'ht. MM)n ti- t .tv-'- qii.i r' i in o!nf rtin- T'-M!f,:i'. i bill;.!:! b-- put up by I I i't r.-:np.tni ? Mr. M.i.'it.iKii.' Arid' --son f ivir1 np-I"Hil:r. .i fen tn:: 1. tr t ur op-ti'iMb "n ti'-Mt ;i )!.- s;t(-p M r. .T . W . Wit- a con - ifVrc fi thi--! n-r,v life j-h-.uM b ;iifu"l in tin- (.ift. A a f-IM. m 'K (n-tiiii Mr. II. I Harv. mat!. ' favor, d the refer-to a eoin- of tic mitt. e. Mayor Co. of t-i lint . tfiOIH'ht the ill tip. malli t spok. nf th. nuessdlv suitable biijld ng. Tie lioarl niiuh! io-on-r.i to r ith ih" nt vv bio;inis ' itp n f tdiil) jn prnccf x 'if formation. On f h-1 net loo of t'lo nia r th lar--- commit e w.hnh had beoi d r; f -iiiir with 'h: b'litd'np matter and li'td done v-rv ) itt ' . w.i m dif-:i; ,-fl wit h 1 h.".Ks fo-- i j-.fir f -rv ''J. M'-frH. T. M:rptiy. M l' IV, J R. K'Sd O F H'-'id'rh. J. W. Wood n ii 'I T'et"r 'Mt '..' ajpoi tt d lo ?' ( Wtiat i ' f:'-y ! d i in f u ! ! h-r a:,ce of t he prop' ii- it :'iri. Ttp y vt:i c'ny:dr-r t.'ie I v. h'd fjnrvi.on ,f bu'idinK rind fife. ' ' i.M ' NI' IN IIO. I;li. Mr. v,on-a- .Mvfitr'.iUi ; i- t 'u pr: r:t- d f-port of tiin eon v-n'ion Of I !!. ,; oi :i II. ii -u h- di-ii r; ) d bv m Icial r.' f. r th'' id- at To-a- a ve:-,,i! mention- ,n .ii'.- !- M ire :! ';(-;) . j ai d!-n !(,. COfTC - of (ho '-O'llMJi' f-lo on lit- f'T-ntial p'U!. ' d lt:e I'p'-r' 1 va in pn-F- no 1:' !.;- b- -i. Tft- for ; Th" f he .M ;t T fl' f-rn- b" rov ind a i n iter 'y rialrif-d ' v. a- MJtrg' i-t- ferred to oun 4 -: ij' f d to wri'e V. -i :.'-! Kir! of t in an b ilr.t.? it;- i;.p effort ' 1 ti' e Of 1 hold 1 hum run year a tor 'e i'f ff' r'e n rp .1 !. I'.eld repor empire i on the pui". rp th' Ttnlry- of (ctav.a in r or ition In Jar.tiary pext. He T poo-1 re.ul!! -ouId fo'- d'r.g .f the 'or.virolon 1 x ;e tea tl.oo- the here. Thofc.. pri.'ni Were M'-ri'p Ten'S . Mayo' c,,.,!, -, r. -I .laic's !-,0-tHtvni.. ;.M.irr.iy. IP y :i m r p It Ti" ri. la rt. "-i Hope.VllI, A. I j CHANGE OF LIFE. A TIME OF INTEREST AND GREAT IMPORT. ANCE TO ALL WOMEN., Wre-tt i'- J !, le fro-iu-ed by ii'g- le t;..a try it. i? I-rio 1, ar.d r ir,.;t e. 0101 n look forv.arj to i"i f'jn.:.?, for If tmt '- '.. 1,1 tne bi-Kioiiililf H-itb dr-a,. y of an rcili ll'lOI, kr.'-. o. fi i' ;,;;'. -rale ; 'lit.!, '.f 1 rouble. it.e iiiios'i;;!,lii sitr.s i v-orL'-n raalte tt;.lr first j--: .'OX.iJ.e er o:,:-! be Ulttd rir astlv. uri If ; 'alten m.ll be a, K.-.-ra-.-e. of ba;,:,y, h.aithy. Old ti?'-. ,v,tS;i.? 'in br.i.if n.ore 1 Jm-Mm thin to know ttut t t o-.-a of P knw end ai- Thlti 'an best aer'.rr,; ;i.-.d by bulllir.c up the lye-err, with Kerreieir. hl-h pro- do' e blor.d. mus-'le, tisinjfe, anil '.rtr.sf'h to :--." 1'eircs'r.e Jr.-itrtrt;t.'.''r.s a: d ward off !, The gr,:-tlfe, ,n,r rove, nerve', one a.r.d dr'a ees. I'nereby j trer.r-'-fcoii ef 'i'l invis-orati: ; the i whole eyi.-v It lve tor, to tb4 , b'a.rt. reyu'tes lta a'tior. remove pa pit at: tins, and Jt lays the ound foundation of perfett health. 1 KerrT.nne j tt B.rje)Kie and effi-ient J trir.J'. : It brlr.sti ba'k very Q.i'.rtly. ar.d few ttor; are so stroos; hesi-.hy, that thy ould not t : ber.ef.ted by uftio; IV. , Ee tiviad ar.l try Ferrozone. It ts very piearact to, take. r.e titbiet sifter eaeb n-ead- A!l reiittii. drui!?;s' eil Jt f'r Vi?. per ly,z. or three boxes ' fir II Ey mail rrom X. C". Poison i HoUard, K. ArnoMi, J. A. Ewart, I-L to". n:te. Thomas Maotar er.e. R. J. w. Wood. V. Strachan. M. i'. Kdoy. John SliKini't. H. A. H trv.y. lIunt.iKije AndFrmn, G. S May. Vtr Wh'i'B, V. H. D Jrr G 1. DfTar. . THE NIAGARA CAMP. N'ir.irara-on-Ihe-Lakp. Sfpt. 21 The f-st annu ti camp or lnsiruetnm for of-tifers and nun-cominissione.J oft; :s of the rural infcintry rejrimliia of Ontario l?gun here today. L'p to noon vt-ry f. of the troops had amvej but c!I arc exie t--d to be on the crmini! by t.iniKhl. When all have report.-d about 2.2uO men will be under mpu. ! l'or Iund;n,ild. and Trcy airlved j -ieraay anernoon and tor the prea- ' rr . -- un,. u k 'i.C VJUM1 UUDSF. 11 U eipectd the chief officer will later j take uf hii reid.Ti e in the Ce.-iie : house near h ca.mri a rounda. mhl.-Ji , he will m ike hM headquarter -Mim j here. The weathej Im fine end verr M arm. ROBBING T03IMY ATKINS " ORGANIZED SWINDLERS ABROAD RETURNING TROOPSHIPS. A Gambling Game, Called "Crown and Anchor," Used to Gain the Soldiers' p Sad Stories of Returning Reservists. Lond ui. Si pt. 23 The Dal y M i l nays that ar. org.iiiiz-.ij band of swind'-" s ;s robliaij,- tile so'dier- reiurnirg from South Atrii-a or their hard-earned pay bv nitaiih ol a tndlins; g.inn of rown ar.d .in. ho:." fiver J.o.m r. f rv-lfts a-tjved at Southampton rece-itly In Hit- ir. ummii (tt I'.ii upoili I'uh'.wan and Minila. .-.t 1 -; re toil lv ollk-fr." n i the B.vstr-m,i f j.- - eom- of Ihe ivind'Oiir ;h'it L.iisf-x p;...f , .,i 'U shi" I-i!- le r i on h tv.i v Iumii. ui"i i. 1-0 .r unuf of ariny piV. TI-. ."l.ari - ;, ..lit a ii l. n .ii.. ird th-traii.-j.oi u lis Mnkfif or a- menib- . r i!k'"' '!- K &br'..'i.i t,ie tiiw in v.i! Ktus " ap.ii it,.-s jt,r lht froii- p-ir-I -ose uf rub.mia; the MiidfrM. h- in Hu work aMiiiting thcin. A nun tiririiKiiiK ;(, id. Kov.,! o;i ait lh-iy went l ihf ;tu;hoi'tlti at uii.ujiptujn and aske-d for p.-fniti1 to V.triiH.uij. ;is Ir- was (iriiiut(.. A b'tior.ib story wk thi-n mifol-1-1. Hi-.av ) his ni'ify, it:J7. .u;.( h.; r,i rpfnlly iihssaini'fl rrom giiinb in our. Ji-y the Mhic,-. but ihe v1-"! bill aiMVul a; Kout bampton tno 'at fT tin- truop to bv entra tu-fl t.j;. J.iv. nd ih.-y were k'pt on board all nihi. Sonii? tthky w;m mu!ti,-1 on bo.,!,:, anl this man, who h-id .lrr-Ai-f it!! tii- wuy hn;ne of tiikrtiR the- l:'7 t h i; motht-t, H wiinw .it Yarin itilli, ;imi ha.i fhoiight with d Hk' of t Jy uf plat ing th money hi hr Ji in J. b'!l it uii tli at n nt "tnijvvn .ini aiH-hoi .' At oiii-r K'i'iH of bj.rH ihr N ft '(Kjhiiity of tin- plityiTs unrnnf, b-it hi "t rortu mifl uiichor" thi- ..IN ar Wi v-loiiiiH In favor of the bank r. l ..i-MOM every IHtlpOtt tlldt H Vt a: S.uu hampiori w ith ortioi i,..f n-:i r:itim a'iny the fiiri a hav? throw n ovrbo.-(ifl in b'liirti.- n- -i'-" wtih which tip- game if. played, b'l-further ujj(I,i'h arc Kfip rally t or .'.n'1 tin- k iiih jyti on in isai ts uf thj tOiip .)IIK'U.l 'it Hrr,-fH. ; led to throw himself i,verbo:tid. but .if previntid by lnti cfimrades. A MILITARY FUNERAL. uoiaen Clobrat.on-T ho . fll b !he rorol.rM jury minl4 Nash-German t(, ImiuU- Info the fatality at the If. ib viiie, Sept. 28.Th remains of j power houi- lat Thursday. The evi-tb? William Kab oner, w ho waa ! drmt-c mbmitp-d In the caae ahowe.i kilk-d in an accident on (be Midland I that lroiia working at one lailv.ay. weie givf-n a nnHtMry funemt i ie dynamon and In doinc hold-In tbiM cdy thia ulternooii. 'i'bi ei net 1 jng !n hi hand a portable meand-' n!-;jnd tiri.oT parly were furntHhed by the UUnt. It ( fuppof-ed thattbc ire I'ateciiJh lepiPK-nt. Knl'-ut.r wan a 'connectr-d wMh thla iMmp had bom m.-iiibr of tiu- iid eontinifrit and took i ,-rtml by hlsh olttg wire going out i; n in the bailie of H.h ih' Itlver. !of the eiei trie radway power houMr tb' Th'fi. Ilia, county itfaMiirvr of jcriiiniog' a-Uideii an. I nevre nhu' k whi' h Ha.sliPKK ounty, ami bl wife, laat j reaultetl in de;th. tfupt. Jlulth"ii nli.'ht ceMhiated their Kddon w eddlaff- i the K. railway, supt. l-un vt lh A Una number of R-m-wts -tre pp-wnt Ottiiwa KIctMf . Mei. Mutpby, af lb,- fur.'tion, which v aj rnoul un- KavlKn and nh-r witnefpea were ex-iou. and eniovahlc. amim-d. The verdl I, w hi h w -8 qui - 'J'how Niih, Mm of Ir. N'aeh, ,f Hh th, and MIhh CalMdlc i'i'ian, da uhtei of K v. J. V. jerniftn, of fuilti, wpih rnarriel in this 'ity. Th' ct-reniony took pl.t' e at the rcid-m e of lr. Iay. tii brido'a uri' le, ind waa trior n d by K-v In: 'laihiaiih. The bourn- wmh maKnifi' enily decorated with fern and flower. Th.' young roupJe, jtfter their veddinn tour, will relde in thia by. LOOKING TO CANADA. Mr. Harold Harmsworth. Pro- prielor of London Oaily Mail After a Pulp Mill. Mr. JfaroM Haimsworth. propnetot ! nf the Ltondon Daily Mall and of !h m;-(r.izirie vtnier; beam hi name, ar- I 1 ,,B r. ve.i in the ciiy last lh and in t-. TUB HOT WEATHER TB9T mk'i si.-i' rd at the Itiiffeii. .Mi. ijarnia- ; people biter aciiualnted with their re. j ..rth was acompanied tj Me.r. : m,,, ;, f,f (trenltth and enduran-. V ll.-ton. 'ieoe Man.on .n S. ; y , ,,4 ,, B,r,.rr- H nu, all of ltondon, t.nx. Jt 1 un- ... ,,..,. , h. hlnod nru-' Jrt..4 tht Mr. Harn.orth purpose ;" h,'b '"'.torate. the Wwt pr I a.omtin pulp or paper nml that mote, refreshlnr sl'-P nl overxomst h- villi be Iii a posmon in -,.Ur the i that tired feellnr in.Iiicrire nuaritltie. of paper that he i ' ' rt (; re, lfc.ut dependirn ,m mil's VICTORIA PREMIER'S APPEAL. I not conirolad by b.meelf. He . . . , ... ... ! ItiarvieT local pulp end p-fr .apl-! tndon. Kept. M-In n '"''"' t; with K VI' VT to till" ' hi to 'he faiiOal ,n fhlr eon- I I i .. it,.. ,i ne' i CO I.M i i. ,...o. - tilth pu!;i b..iiy of :ariida .utipiy.tift and l..-'...-r a i.d M l.l.liab.e that b.fc- i-'j fi d-ai ie ne;oiateil. TOBACCO COMBINE. Mr. Geo. Marlin Sweart That Hi Business Was Threatened by an Agent .110 to. .c -;jt. 23 The royal cim-10;. o ercji.dre Into tb tobacco - -Ii.--. rriominsr tieard trie vldence r, jn.!H-r ol lel.-iler. Thei moat Im- of a poi-M.r he- a ,1.1 te..:.n.i,r ir,t , ..or in. l. el or-, who ewore IP-. h- believed, he had refu.. eri'ur. T'lba'"! ''o.. Mr. W. Ii. K-ld, -.Tie 'if 11. ieadmsr handier of tnat o.r.l.anjr a s-oodit In the rity. paid lart-'-iy increased refill for hl store and drove bun out. JjjrliMs quarrel stortia. h-a' he. even wnen it is an. v -th -Mr. Rei J tbe laf'er eald he would ' enourh 10 nuke a strong man srroan-dr.-e iir,ni out of If 11 ost Lwn't be fooled by Imitation, iic n1 rrim .j.u .-i. .Several retarier testified 1 ioc. . litest the Am'-nian niir.iiariy wlrbed the ! 1 r! "v" brand remove!, "' AN EXPIRING CAR LINE. t JflOtns. ijnt.. fc pt 23 t or twst 'en dov ein-rir- Ktree Jtas'ef the rir. oy wvw. re-ten rurir,ir:y on Taflrf air--e? and to - railmay Uon. Yesterday a meeting of ste kho.-i rs of the street rail-sray -.-ae caiied. but nothinr done owtna; t', the atov-rce throosth ilineea of J. H. Jtooei-tso.'i. the comptiny solicitor. This morning the ylry uses ter.t to the ban. and bues were BUSSMN CROP ESTIMATE. Ia t.b.cco. .r. th. asm. . snd H,""'" "tpt -Tb. ro- (Pr H. ., fonrly. W. eri ir-er:? eetimati-n f - han-eit a fo!- hsvc lo .Ktended th. time for tS re-ioe s: Ti-ei. ! V'i.rM P? ' T?- I demption of Sne Sro tscj to J nu- 1 i -.' f'l'. . -wej her-.ey J?.' 'fll f'etids. A io4 tm l'al to pound THE PUBLIC AROUSED INTENSE INDIGNATION WJTH ALDERMANfC DECISION. ! i EM-Myoe Pamtnt Encouraged by Prominent Citizens to Hold a Public Meeting to Protest Against Ex tension of the Bell Monopoly. The actum of the city (ouncil on MunJay ninht on th Hil Telephone fraiuhi.e ., njt b? the at hoard of the mutter by any means. Aid. Payment is one of Ihofe who are look ins; lTer the tnterets of the taxpayera of the riiy and he do not propose to V; the franchise quf-jstirm ret for mom-nt. He has ftied ith the fi-y rlerk a notice of motion which asks that all the muntcipaliUt-s of Ontario us n the BH Telephone stem com-b.r the'r inf.uence to impvss tse Io-irlmon nroernmnt with the ne.esity of It?'iri5 tt-nietiiai lgii;iton to re-ii"ve rnuiii.' e-irpo: t ions from thfc Kru?p of the li-il company. He will a'o tak nrps ta ail t pubiU- m' nz to prott-.-t aR.v.nM the action of th council r any further extension o the t' fran hif. To a CitU zt'n rv-preyt-ni .itiv . Ad Ftfymf-nt said laf: nijht: "I have been ppokn to by nu'iibera of bunint-s men 4oaay, ail of whom toiigiatulittr-d me on the stand I took at the council nice! in r, and all of v. iiom demanded a rubjic mti!: at which they mtfiht reistr their objT-t.ona to ihe w iiou of the coun ii. I ini oing to see that such a niftina; Is tailed and th citintois of Ottawa hitve utt uiportuntty to condemn the .rsie-!ntion of their rpreypntaflvi s in council.- Th exjo.'t. mad- of the jniuation In Th ritnreit lo t evening; hrs Riven nst to a lot of talk, and it t Almost imponible Pi find any one to d'frd thi actton of a majority of the a;d-r-ir- n in playing into the hands of the monopoly. "1 res: ret exceedingly," oorerved Mr. t' S. O. Koutlr'au!t. "the ejiernc-ss displayed by aidt'i-nten In onciu-i)nir a lor it term uprreem nt with t h HU Teiphe company, es-e.-Hy in view i.f the contempiHted iegislattnn pr:ni-d by the gitvcrnincru. It was xpct-cd that thoe who had Biven mum ipa! ownrhip i.nM'lnHii"n ould l.AVf at thouRlit (it, unti'tring the lm-.ortnt intereris at slake, to ief k th-: iatc! pi.Ktiial Idformation ftoni cctiiern whi-fp Tnunl'ipal nyclems have hi a ti ir lr:a!. Had ?t.-h iff n " be infoi ota t Ion r. i ured would h.v I.d to a far rilftVrent b-. tfion. I hope he rc "n : ti -ration .kei for by A.d. r.iymeiu will ripult in Turther l-fpn-y Mini a .leci1on more onfonrab'e to th-'- public intrett." It is a downr.ght j-ham that th chv should agatn le inuxzlcd up t' t1 Tnli-phcne monopoly at leaJ? without MTUr'ntr v inore Hdvnntag -ni u h." -Me, (Itorge S. May. I am not in favor of tiding the h.ttid of tins vi'y to Hny corpora' o!i.ei(i. T.un. is no hurry to enter into itn asrcciiP-nt nd !f any eu h thins; Is done it fdviu!dfb for the ahort-e-t term TM-rtbir-riot more than a v.'nr at a Urn. "-Mr. Henry Carl-ton Monk. LCROUX INQUEST. Jury Finds That Death Was Caus ed by tlectncity ana was Purel Accidental. . "W. Imd that Mithel Iroux cyme to b s U' ath on the morning of the U:b In Ihe poirr houne of the Ot- titwa. Kiec.tric railway from the effect at au electric fhoi.k and tbat the aame wui an id-iital." The ubove verdict wai rendered iat arrived at, wn uiiannuuue CaTiing Theatrical Attractions, (The metter Klven bT'-ilth ) by the mnlM uf the th.aters men. tloned ) A U'T KfflTfU .MAJ'ilt. HriKlit, fnappy and n ,ntlllatlli(f ' Ihe best ivink A Hot Heoich Major, toe Htii i)'. in Ihe b.-t that hum Cill bus done. And JilM a n'--rniy are T.aten Hmith'n lyrics, aid J.'ariy Von Tilrf mul-. Mr. fm'h wrote the ijihm.ta! ver lo hlch r- Vira Tilsi-r has et .ome of the im ft ni'lodlou Of iainiiof:t.oii., me'odiea ihal chaim the fanrv and lltmer luni in th memoir. At he Hunseu wieav-r Friday and rUturday and Saturday matinee. , pe o. e .ir-,, . ...., . ' b;ir " the.Tirnes. the pietll.e- T- iea.e.1 for sunport for the go .-ei i.rn'i in i.rii- r lo enao.e i, i. 1....11' . . "ioke ironly about the arroaani e of 'r.e ptlTil)..' eervatiie. alio r.-.j - ceitox to prevent them from govern-li the ciuntry. Monkey !trnd Koup removes all Hams, mt, di.t or taroikb Vmt won't srrsh, clothe. SENSATIONAL ARREST. Toronto, Fept 11 Sensational d-ve opments In the Whalley 'ieen tat? occurred thui morning in the arrest of W.n. ri'Ott, fore-nan. and fharl-' A. leiti h emtaovM In Evans tr. S r.s wholesale Jruf iore, on the charge of . t ThuI , not ti'c'o-' V ' tH wlln fhe previous my?-ry . .,, r-.t... found In th ir I rooms. I Fiv little minutes are all tbe time . Perry iJavis J-alnkilier needs to etop ' CHEAP EXCURSION T7 B-iums. N.V. FARE $1.50. f fc -y " ' . . . ..vira Dpt. r.5 ..e.. vi. C.n.d. 'Atl.rrtie York Cntr.1 r..l- road. NO ADVANCE. W h.vf not Jvanced th price of ur Toeaccw., eo.u.. , ... e 1 Bebs. Currency. ii Fir Piy ehw- r 1st, 1904. Empire Tobacco Co, Limitt. kail toaa hi trjes to jta-l rcur its. S;i, E:-..r..

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