The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1947
Page 4
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PAGE FOU1 BTATHEVTU.E (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Banker Stresses Raging Forest Fire in Maine, Pushed by Fickle Winds, Jumptf*™* f°' icy ,.. . ' . . _ , ' _. - r Nations Farmers Highways and Endangers Town KXNNEBUNKPORT, M«., Oct. H. (UP)—A forest flr« r»ninR «t the whim of a changing wind ate into the stretti of thli town of 3,000 today, d««troylne 300 homes, two hotels and a grade xrhool. OIM man w«s deirt. Three w«r» mlMlng. Tht advance of the fir* through Kennebunkport wn checked temporarily. Gov. Horace A. Hlldreth Sew lo t«ke comnund of the flre mills frnm three itaUs fighting th« flaroM thit^lrody h«ve caused damage estimated unofficially at »MO,000. * — • The governor ordered out th«! [| ec ing with (heir clothes and Naiional Guard to police the de- household goods," Roberts repoil- \astated area. Police reported ran- d»U were looting homes *v*euat«d by farmer* c.nd to*'n(olit. Mr* chief John F. BdrJdge, who collapsed utter 34 'noun of lire- lighting, »td the iate of the town depended upon the wind direction. "If the wind blows toward the we'll be all right." he uld. porl ed. "My house 1» In the far slds of K«m>eljimkport and M («r hns- n't- been treated by the flames, but we have our hose out and »o'- re ready to right the lire If we have to. '"Hie fire I* almost Impo.ullile !o MONT1CKL1X3, Ark., CM. 22. Bankers of 12 ArKansiu coiinlii-s were told by William II. Steed, vice-president of the Reserve Bunk of St. J«uls. licrc lust night that H sound ftKUculluml progrHni is the key to continued prosperity In Ihe United Slates. The bank executive mid linn [ l»slure improvement Is one of llxej major i.ssue.s in developing th agricultural program. Ho reminded WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22, 194T Mental Tests Ordered For Bank Robber Suspect UTTLE ROOK, Ark., Oct. HI. (UP) --Joseph W. Pool, M-year old Pine Bluff buKlnessrmn who attempted lo hold up a Little Rock bank, wan uriderEOins a mental examination todny at the Stale Hospital In Little Rock. Pulaskl County Prowculor Edwin Dunaway tiled a .charge of robbery lo pave the way for the menUI examination. Circuit Judge Cius Fulk iliiied the order committing Pool o the Slate Hospital. According to police, Pool ttagcd a ^V'teht robbery of the Cotnmer- that~"ir"t]"e MnVsiVall pin 11'™'."lie"i tial *">«<>»»! Bank Monday, but wns 1 -•••-•• a. few minuter later before crssful (he United Stales must gel Bl because It Is moving through!', ,,.,. imiv<...oiv «r Mkan^'ii ml SH ttVtow? I,!" toward th? £™ ?' "T ".rrV/V '""•!& of"i'irSuHur? StaTe C^,', we'll beriihl blck wher. wi .Urt ^ '"" c " ' s '° n '" ulle « bfhl " d "'« vatlonlst Hollls Wi Hams; and Dr. »e.H b»rl|hl MCI wher. w. »t*rt-j u-ee-lop lUmes I, ...oilier slower-| ^ ,., Bartholomew, associate dl- conllnup its 1946 rate of prodnc-| hc C0111t1 escape wllh nearly W.OOO lion and Improvement for at Iciist! ' (1 cas h. five years. I _ . • Other speakers nl Ihe Hireling Lions Heor FBI were Dfirryl K. Francis, flnricul-( lural economist of ihc Federal jw-j VanCc Scllr |ock. Federal Bureau Llgation agent in Jone.s- boi'o, spoke on German espionage serve Bank; nenn IJppert, 8, Ellis j of ' persons were i-vn- , ... , , ' moving ground fir«. And both are \ ; c ,.. or 8ooi« 1.000 men due In along | going like hell" nnor School Street, about a half-mile ftunie MX) from the heart of the town, in an cuatecl and attempt to hold the fire at that quarters w line. "Thai will b* our main line ot defense," "Road Commissioner CUI- of Ihc ment stations. UniVfrslty's expcrl- during World War II at the weekly meeting of Ihe Lions Club yesterday noon at Ilolcl Noble. l a red crois relief hearl- c * c '*!_ \JLJ as Ml up at the Narra- | fort om/tn Woman Read Courier News Want Ads. With the Courts Chancery E. C. Kewcomb VR. Virginia Newcomb, suit (or divorce. Virginia Jones vs. Lloyd Jones, suit for divorce. Lily Sponce Sable v«. Garland Sable, suit for divorce. Arlln Killlngsworth vs. Willie faye Killlngsworth, suit lor divorce. UTILITY RATES (Continued from Page 1) rate, representatives of both brought' once rales 10 per out us reasons lor increase the I brought out 'eiigth of lime since rates of either | Bernard Allen submitted sUte- utility had been adjusted, and it ment, of .1 condItkn which was further brought wrat lhal op- tne watcr „,„,„'.„« will _„? IK "'"I? ™* '-reLAy leaps and PBo'ta^^^^.j"*.*' bounds during and since the war, Eucl F. Forest of Jonesboro, district commercial manager for\ the telephone company, explained the I need for the telephone rate in- the The *pok«m«n for both utilities were questioned by member, of the audience it * number of points cent, It wu | ind opinion appeared evenly divided Several persons, however, In. dlcated Ui»t th«y \> e unable t» delermlne from only the discussioni whether the increases were Justified. creases, and Jesse Taylor, attorney TO ^OOTHf » Ml ft •* for the Blyllieville Water Company, BBC B * * *• •• presented reasons for .the Increases •• *• 9 mm OH TI7TIR sought In water rales. Quickly apply aoothlnc and com- Mr. Forest, who spoke flnt. said ftV'wrTo.e^nU^SSfcd^. 11 Ihat Ihe higher rates are needed lure aiding-medlc»tlon.N»thinr•!»« by the telephone company to at- like it—nothlnx «o eomfortlnr—or this time, and after cHlrjens attend-! ' Iacl - capital with which 'to make pleasant f or « x l«r/i«|]y , Ing the council session had bcpn | cxjinnslons in facltitics. given on .opportunity to be heard, < Mr - Taylor told the council and | ______________ Mayor Jackson announced that Ihc : spectators that rates for the water city did Inot have funds to hire a company were set In 1935. utility rate ennlneer to look into! Knllllrd lo Kulr Return the rate, proposals but explained; "The wa<er company can't con- Ihat City Atioi ncy Percy Wriyhl liruie to make a decent return on its would write a letter to the Arkansas investment now without the In- Public Service Commission explain-' crease." Mr. Taylor said. The utll- ing the city's position and asking' ity is asking an approximately 10 troubles. 35c. G«t • p«ek««« tod«y. ,..-,. , i The llames destroyed the Noo- ford MaMnj said. -W« have to hold nan Ol » rte se^ooj nll ,j lwo s ,,, llmfl it. Ihere. If 11 Jumps School Slreel | hotels in the Cap' the rest of the town will •• Police reported that 20 persons had suffered minor Injuries fight- Ing the fire Fire units from Massachusetts and New Hampshire arrived to a&slftt the hard pressed workers. Roads were clogged with farmers Porpoise section of Kennebunkport. One htin- FORT SMITH, Ark., Oct. '22. j tU.P.) — Solemn requiem funernt!, assistant paslor at Para mass will be conriiicted at the'gould. dred hnmes and collages In Ihc Church of the Imineciilalc Con- that interest of the customers of | per cent increase In rates which the water company be protected, j permit It to realize the six per i Attention wns called last, night i rent maximum return allowed by to the fact Ibat in Arkansas public the PSC. utilities are not allowed to make a i Any protest which mlghl be filed return greater than six per cent. [ by the city would have little ef- of (he very Ftev. Msgr. Thomas P 01 ' vpnr on their investments and i feet on the commission's granting, I'remleiBast, managing editor of lnal earnings in excess of six per j of Ihe Increases, he said, because] the Cixtholic ncwsiinvcr "Guardian,"! cent must be shared with the cus- as a public ulllity the water com- nndofthe Hev. Francis X. Pren-; lomers of the utility. i pany is regulated and should Ihe The sharing Is on a. 50-50 basis return exceed six per cent, refunds with the utility owners required to would have to be made to con- M.SBJ-. Thomas Prcndcrcast will be refund to customers only half of sinners or a decrease made. lowii n roiifr 4(1 mitlviiw r'nm imi,* ; reption here at lo a. m. tomorrow; celebrant of the solemn mass and: their excess profits under the com-! The increases would permit pro- |j > , jj i>, iiiimjiuus- . fnr Kfl . t ,, F ini^,>, n,o.,,!,,r,,n c f it : , i, n «»!,«.. t n» .,,;n i, Q ,i.,^^.«., n r mission - a ppro vcd polici'. posed ImprovernetTts and extension The open mccliiiK ot the council of Insinuations, IIQ pointed out. In- j lasferl an hour and a half and was eluded in the improvements Is a es and 60 Summer cottages were leveled. In 24 hours the fire had devastated 21 square miles, leaping b.ick and forth over roads and for Mrs. William PinMdergnst. 73, : the who died at Monday. Mrs. Porl Smith hospiul wife other son will be deacon of mission-approved policy, ma.s.s. Albert Fletcher deliver the funeral sermon. and townspeople fleeing ahead of | M (h( , W |,, rt joined f rom En . st („ the fire that roared through the [south. drouth parched foresU around this yesterday 300 Summer cottages at Heechwood near Blddefortl were destroyed. More Ihan 100 other minor forest flre.s hurtied Iti various arcns of New England, with the total damapn estimated at $1,000,000. was the of the late William Prcnrtcrcnsl, Sr.,:fnmi!y home tonight, and burial of Fort. Kmilh and was tile mother \vill be In Calvary Cemetery. Rosary services will be held at th<! | attended by about 3S persons. i SOO.OnO-sallon water tank which While the requests by the two' would put Blythevllle in Class fi as utilities for rate increases are sepa-: an Insurance risk and reduce insur- resort community. Kenneth Hobcrls, author of "Northwest Passage" and otl^r historical novels, said that from the porch of his Kennebunkport home "the enlire horizon was red with roaring flames." "There nre caravans of people Read Courier Newi Want Ads. I \ LET'S GO DANCING i i j at the Armory • | Thursday Night, Oct. 23rd • ! 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