The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1947
Page 3
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, OCTOBER 22, 1047 Foodhandlers To Get Training ' Special Instruction • To B* Provided for | B[yrh«vil!« Group 1 * : {- xwl Service Training course j *'<! '.?• conducted here Oct. 22-231 py tl:> Statf Board of Vocational] Education In no-operation wl-h; "lytheville High School, it was an- "ounced yesterday. The training courre will be Riven "*' p»raon« engaged in restp.urant, [ - - and fountain work. It will iw •onducted by Miss Roie M. Clark, i fcstructoir of the Distributive Education DiTtslon of the State Board * Vocational Education. I The clause* win meet in the' Municipal Courtroom In Cil.y Hall ' °°* and ode-half hour* a day on Oct. a, 33. 34. yi and 18. Two elaswa will b* held cliily on the •*»e nb.tects to permit a greater 1 •umber to attend. Classes will be" '• fin at 1 p. m. and 3:45 p. m. i MJM Clark came here on in- Titr.tion of W. B. nieholsor,. super- • tetendent of Biythevllle mhools.: *nd the course Is said to be an .' Inteural part of the ariuit irainiiiK | prcKram now held at the hiph i aehool here. B . The course will be xivcn without I ehkrge to employer or e7nt)lov» l e • Upon completion, each meijibrr of the cl«£ will receive a c*i'!!ficate from the State Department o!, Chart.'i, icund films and Icoturcsf will be prewnlert during the i course. Miss Clark received i,. r i training at the University of Floi- '• W> and was formerly ronne'ted with the Southwestern Hotel ~\t. Delation as a hostess and iwr^ci'i- ^rt manager. She Joined the State Board for Vocational Education in BLYTHBVTU.E (AUK.)' COURIER NE\vg But Ike No Like ' Globe-Girdling Pilots Await Permission for Landings in Soviet Area TOKYO, Oct. 32. (UP) _ cliff Ir? n n«i a ," d Ge01 ' 8C ' m "»<>"£ Who are piloting a pair of tiny Plpci- cub airplanes around the i vor id said today that they will take off from Hancda Airfield here tomorrow for Northern Japan They plan to land near Sapporo on Hokkaido, ja'pan's most Northerly Island tomorrow night. The filers have not received a "ply lo their rcnucst to the Soviet government for permis.sion to 1-jid in Russian territory during fhe following phase of their flight In the event they are forced down py mechanical or unfavorable weather conditions. ' f -' The request was forwarded to the Soviet government by \v C Sebald, U. s. representative on the Allied Commission for Japan. being a candidate for any oBlce. 1 Korean scientists to carry on a rice research program. Rice is the principal Korean crop. ROTC Head Charged With Neglect of Duty ATLANTA. Ga.. Oct. 22. (UP) — Third Army Headquarters announced yesterday l!>at charges of lies- Sect of duty and fnlsc statement had been filed against Lt. Col. Newman Burns, former heart of the ROTC activities at Knoxvillc. Tcnn. Burns was recently rcliev- : *' the position after an Army p; * inio his alleged private busincs' ::tlvi- tics. It was charged that he \vas rte- voting official time to the opcj'alion of a radio shop at Knoxvilte. Burns denied the charges. Hitch-Hike Slaying Case. To Go to Grand Jury ASHLAND CITY .Tcnn.. Oct. 22. (UP)—The Cheatham County Grand Jury is expected to take up the Monday hitch-hike slaying of a Chicago salesman by a young Navy veteran when it meets here today. Charged with the murder is Ralph Abbott. 20. Port Smith. Ark., who had hitched a ride with the victim. Pierce C. Gallon. The boy contends the shooting was accidental. He said ho drew the gun when Calton threatened him but did not mean to fire it. Abbott's father arrived yesterday to see his son who is still in jail. The boy recently hart attended. Arkansas Tech at Russellville. University Announces Lecture, Concert Series PAYETTEVILLE. Ark., Oct. 22. (up > — An address by Foreign Director Laird Archer of the Near East Foundation at the University of Arkansas today was to initiate ^seven-months lecture and concert |k Archer. former chief of the Unlt- •ed Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency In Greece, was to discuss "Greece, Russia and the United Slates." Included in the list of -niest speakers who will appear during the new series were Marquis chiicls author and Journalist; Author Emily Kimbrough, and Actress Rut'i Draper. Among the concerts -scheduled for the University thfs winter are (he Bel Canto Trio, the CincmiwU Symphony Orchestra, the Arkansas State Symphony. Violinist Carroll Glenn. Tenor Jussi Bjoerltng,' and the Westminister Choir. Arkansan Aids Koreans In Growing of Rice •PAYETTEVILLE, Ark.. Oct 22 (UP> _ prof E. M. Cralley will continue hU research on the diseases or rice, when he returns to Mie University of Arkansas In February. Dr. Cralley has been work- I ng with the American Military x3ntetnment In Korea. Cialley a-K'sted and instructed For Complut* Protection Against All INSURABLl HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD A C I N C Y Gl«nco« Hottl Bldq 124W. Ote Man Winter It Just Around th« Corner Lei M the w»ler from j«r lire, and fill them with cnl- cl«m chtarMe anll-freeie wla- tlon. W« win k« jl.d t« m. kc »n appointment i* care for all .'0»r tractors at yen- farm—(has saving yo» time. RCMEMBEK WE SERVICE ALL MAKES TRACTORS Russell Phillips TRACTOR CO. Just Around the Corner So. Hiw»y «1 Phon« 2171 The Crude Is The Answer To Phillips 66 Fine Motor Oils The stately Sequoia tree is one of Mother Nature's finest works— and we can say the same for the prudes that go into Phillips C6 Motor Oils! That's why we point with pride to Phillips S6 and Phillips (56 Premium— motor oils that start with fine crudes. Expert know-how, special refining me-ouxls, plui the crudes that, many oil men recognize as among the finest in th« world have gone into these two great oilf. Why not give that kind of protection to your :notor? Phillips 66 Oil is our fine motor oil for normal service. Phillips 66 Premium-is a brand-new Phillips product ... a detergent "type, corrosion-resistant oil that cleans as it protects your engine. Stop in and see your Phillipa G6 Dealer. He has 'em both I Spectator Gets Booted Out of Hearing Room WASHINGTON, Oct. M. (UP) — Charles J. Knlz. Hollywood attorney. \v»s removed from tho House UnAmerican Activities Committee hearing room yesterday by ciipitol police when he Interrupted (lie Hollywood Communist hearings Katz' Interruption came dnrlni; testimony of Writer John chnrles Moffltt shortly after stall of the afternoon session. Mofflt( had testified (hat Ihc Story Annlyals Ciutlrt submitted unfavorable syno]>- sli of non-Communist writers :o the studios. Katz IrnmedlKtoly leaped from his seal In the front row of the .spcc- Utors' section r,nd strode down the center nisle shouting. "Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chnlvman." Committee Chahmiin J, Purn-ll Thomas. R.. N. j.. pounded his gave), klteg Sights went on us cameramen began filmtiiK the scene, anct policemen scurried from .ill l»r;« of the room toward Kaly.. Thomas shouted he would not permit the Interruption. Prom iniru of rh- room came shouts of "throw Hie bum out." Thoiims. nimble (u |> mi ,mle Kalis to return lo ins sent, culled for the police to ejivi him In I lie conWur outside the hfiii- Ing room, he t,,ui neWMncn that IIP represented son,,, ot ,|,,, subp^,,,,,,, Hollywood wlim-vics, uotnbly Him writers, and »;im,.,| ,„ o!; j ( . ( ,, ,„ Moffltt;S testimony (| 1|U | | lc SV|1(> ws were stnntrd In order lo Rive I he breaks lo all- (o, w ;, Young Lovers Take $30,000 for Trip Through South But Police End Juant Plane Wreckage, Skeleton Found in Virginia Hills KNOXVll.UC, Tonn,, Oc, a , (Ul>) _ Depon,, rt , m .| u -d hen ' <|iy Hint «'TO'k Ilg< . r)f „ IlB , lt plane conlnlniu;. „ sk ( ,|,,i,i,, found by a huuier In'the VUiinln footlillls and offidnl.s horn' n would clear 11,1 „ year-old nilt^hij plane niystcry. ' ' b | 'fhe report .s :i ld „ H B |,1 emit w ., s discovered t,y „ |,, mll ,,. ,„ „ , '„' ! socllon urouiKl Chllhowee Vn cl i J'11 AoronmitU-s Admlnlstvntloi, of- JKIals have Sl) , l(!la Io | 0iu . n w|)n( , .I 1 ' 1 "' 1 "' 1 ' '" » Pl'ine ]iiloied bv I o^HrimT,,: 11 ;^,,!^,,;^^! ! Inst report from It "nine'oJ"" v'lr- Sintii Todny's rrgiorlnl ilLscovcry i I of jjitne «rocii,, so | s ( | 1( , f j st , • , j thnl has been [omul, I SMIIKVKI'OBT, IJL, Ofl. 22. iUP) —At Iciisl oiin o[ true, ttc'ii- "K<' love winged Its way buck 1" llronklyn from hero loduy, the two iiwvcllienrls IryliiR lo explain lo Iholr parents how they riblnlnccl ?:ill,ooo for a romnnltc excursion lluoiigh Ihe South. The ciipht-Miilllen pair, Morton KilBiir Uusenbloom utid Joan Mel.son uiilh IS, were taken into custody ueur Mlndi-n, I^i., two (lays ago by sliite poll™ who were curious iiboitV Hie joung coii])H' drlvliiK «n oiit- o[-hiale automobile. I'olico lound In a bnlteivd siitt- fosi- In the back 6ont of the cur S.I.100 i(i, llu; remains of J30 000 which yumix Uo.scnbloom saiil he l«ik from tin- wall .safe o[ his fill her. Dr. Jncob Uo.wnbloom, :i prominent Jlrooklyn Pcdl.ilrlclnn. 'I'lie i-onpli's pjiivnts were notified «"< th.-twofatl,(H-s. Dr. llosmWoom "ml Jiu-oh Melson, llovs' lo Shrevi'- I«'M, wlu-rc. the pulr w,,s held by luvnule nmhorltles. Pnronl.s u ,id rlilldiwi |,. U , lim, | llsl ,,|,,| lt ,„, llrookljn. leuvluu lichliul llu- t14 • l(W,..thi' nutotnobile UIMI « qunnli''y "I nirloslly on the part o[ the iiinvaii of imcriml revenue uneiita. "Wo iir«i definitely Interested in Mie MO.OOO und why so mi l( .|, was deiKBllcd In a wall-safe In ft prlvnto home." an agent Bald, add- hiK that the Now York ilureau will complclo the Invcslinatlon. Nf-IHicr of the pnrenls had any comment lo make to reiwrtm. Hut yoiiiiR lto,scnl)loom proved to be 'l"1le talkative In conversiltlo'ns wl'h Stute I'olice cupl. J. P. Oreer. Di'i'ldeil (u 1'ake Trip Ho .•xpliitncd -thai his romnncc with Jonn bomin two years ngo when they were cliissniiile.s In a prlvnte sctiool. i,ii«t month, they decided f> K" to California, diver reported that Morton mimllled getting Ihc money for Ihe trip from his fiilhcr'n safe. "!)ul i didn't know I Imd taken f.10.000," lie explained. "I thought It wns,Jml about $7,000 or $8,000," After buying n used car for «000, I he couple loll Now York Oca 0. hound for the West Const. "Wo wanted to got us far away from llrreiklyn as pousUjle." Young llrucnlilnfljii Mild,, outlining their leisurely Itinerary through Pcnnsyl- wiiiln nnd rtoiwi !o Ch-orgta and Wostwiirrt. "We iilnmiMt every thing for more limn two weeks before we took llio money," [lie li'on-agor said, lint liu iipimrentty overlooked hotel registrations before starting the Jaunt., Askeit how he got around the urob- lem, he »aid: "I .signed Jut ray name on UM register bec»u«i rm young mad 1 know I look young. I wa. afraid th« clerk would not have let us «Uv J I Imd put both our names down." When the couple' wa* halted *> state Hoopers, two hltch-hlkera wer« r .ling with them. Both of th?iSJ! clers. Walter Crewn. U, and Robert Dreckenrldge, also 19, of HaveVfoS Petm.. were broke, according to no- lice. They were later released."Those fellows were absolute* speechless when they found out they ' had been using a with tM- "0 '" it as a footstool," Grew laid. Beware Couhs fTMNWMIMUs That Hang On Cream uudon reUere* cause. It eoes right, to the trouble to heft looten porin laden phleg io eootha and flamed CREOMULSION § * v >>' ^Ltt^ IT'S EASY TO GIVE THE BEST...A* DREIFUS IAMONDS ,49.95 On Budget Terns ...At No Extra Cost OCIN AN ACCOUNT Large, brilliantly cul diamond loli- laviilily doiignocl 14k yollow gold setting. I , o^ ^ 1S 9 ° *'«*s:>.. 1.15 A W(CK 2 fiery side diamonds glorify the gorgeous center diamond. Uniquely Hyled gold mounting. HS.Of 1.25 A Popular fishfail mounting in 10k yellow gold enhances the 3 flaming, quality diamonds. 125,00 1.25 A WEEK Beautiful center diamond flanked by 4 fiery sido diamonds in lovely fishtail mounling. n m i F u s MRE! Draii'iis . . . Wnar 'Uitimnnds :HB WEST MM\ ST. r STORES IN BLYTHEVILLE, MEMPHIS AND DYEUMIRG 0

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