The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana on November 2, 1969 · Page 65
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The Kokomo Tribune from Kokomo, Indiana · Page 65

Kokomo, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 2, 1969
Page 65
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Board and Bedlam As a treat from my friends, When they go on vacations, They "lend" me their pets For free room and rations. I've kept turtles and guppies, Hamsters and puppies Unhousebroken, howling; Tom-pussies night-owling; Parakeets by the covey, Lovebirds that aren't lovc-y, Chimpanzees, white rabbits With fertility habits-- Some fine day I'll rebel, Sitting creature and creeper, For fear I myself Might soon need a keeper. --Lenore Eversole Fisher QUIPS AND QUOTES A father took his teenage daughter to the movie. The next day he admitted to a friend it was a little more risque' than he had anticipated. "It wasn't that I minded her seeing it," he added. "It was that she laughed in all the" right places." --Richard Rollins Nothing makes raising a family more expensive than a babysitter who wants to eat in and a wife who wants to eat out. --Dan Bennett Young w i f e (at post- office window) : "I wish to complain." Postmaster: "What's the trouble, young lady?" Wife: "Well, my husband is in Chicago on business, and the card he sent me is postmarked Las Vegas." --Dorothea Kent "Just tell me one good reason why you can't buy a new car now," said the persistent auto salesman. "Okay, I'll tell you," replied the shopper. "It's because I'm still p a y i n g installments on the car I swapped for the car I traded in as part payment on the car I own now." --V. D. Palat Just Call Me Mother Hubbard After the day I've shopped en masse, When the gourmet meals are on my shelves, We dine alone, all by ourselves. The day before I shop, alas, When nothing's in the clipboard, Guests always slay on to be slippered. --Marrow Olcoll "Can your doll come out and play? Familu Weekly, November 2,1009 NEW YORK -- "There's no magic in magic," Kajar the magician announced this morning. "Once you know these few simple secrets, anybody can be a magician!" In an exclusive interview in his swank New York apartment-hotel (in the very studio where he himself privately trains professional magicians), Kajar revealed for the first time, how easy it is to become an expert magician. PICTURE YOURSELF AT YOUR NEXT PARTY "Magic is a monopoly today -- and it shouldn't be. Magic should be fun, and for everybody." Did you ever see a magician who wasn't the life of any party? Why should the popularity and good times be restricted only to the professional? In minutes, anyone can learn the secret tricks that mystify every audience... how to make things disappear -and mysteriously reappear... how to "read minds"-- even how to pull the rabbit out of the hat! You're in the middle of a group of people. You ask for a dollar bill -- just for a five minute loan -- then, you wave your hands dramatically, and everybody is stupified as you make that dollar bill mysteriously rise into mid-air! ... float through space!... defy the law of gravity! Or you mystify and amaze everyone in the room by reading with your fingertips. Completely blindfolded, you read the newspaper -- the telephone book -- any printed matter that anybody dares to challenge you with! You go on to read something you couldn't see even if you weren't blindfolded! No matter how shy you may be, you start a conversation by announcing that you're psychic, that you can actually read minds. If somebody doubts you, you ask him to think of a number -- any number from 1 to 10,000 and write it on a piece of paper. Then you dramatically burn the paper without looking at it. Yet in 30 seconds you reveal the very number! THE ONE SECRET MAGICIANS WONT REVEAL You, yourself, can do all of these things and many, many more -- without years of arduous training, without specially "rigged" equipment, without expensive props of any kind! You see, behind every feat of magic lies a simple secret. Discover the secret aud even the most amazing feat of magic can become fantastically easy. Eve_r try to get a magician to explain his tricks? He never will; it takes the "magic" out of it. In fact, most magic tricks are so simple that any child can learn them. The big asset of any successful, professional magician is not his natural talent, but simply his stock of tricks. THE LIFE OF ANY PARTY Suppose you learned all the secrets of the magician? Suppose, in fact, you had enough money to hire a professional magician just to teach you these very secrets, a professional magician who would personally work with you until you mastered every trick in his repertoire? Of course, you can't afford to do that. But now you don't have to! Kajar, the world's most popular television magician, has published a one-volume encyclopedia of Magic, packed with over 22,000 words, literally do/ens of amazing tricks, plus nearly 300 step-by-step show-how pictures ... pictures drawn by famous television artist Jon Gnagy! With this book, it's like having Kajar always by your side to teach you himself. IF YOU CAN SNAP YOUR FINGERS YOU CAN DO THESE TRICKS With this amazing method you need no talents, no long hours of study, no special equipment. Every trick comes easily, quickly, naturally -- no matter how fumble-fingeied you may be. In fact, in 5 minutes you can mystify your friends as you expertly perform the famous card-in-the- grapefruit trick, found in Section 1 of this fabulous book. The almost unbelievable trick where you ask someone to pick a card... your friends see you put that card into a sealed envelope ... yet t 30 seconds later, you startle everyone by pulling that very card out of a grapefruit! Just a few minutes after glancing at Section 2 of this treasure chest of magic, you'll discover the secret of reading minds ... of pulling dozens of eggs out of your friend's h a t . . . of imitating Houdini with a miraculous escape from a sack that has been bound and sealed! In Section 3 alone you'll find 18 professional magic tricks you will do smoothly, perfectly, faultlessly after just a few tries. Here are card tricks, handkerchief tricks, coin tricks. KAJAR DEFIES THREATS Reveals trade secrets. Shows how anyone can be a magician. even The Million Dollar Mystery. Here arc tricks to make things disappear and tricks to make them come back again -- tricks that are easy for you to do, impossible for your audience to solve. And most important, Kajar shows you how to avoid a slip up, teaches you how to perform so even a trained magician's eye can't detect your secret- With Kajar to guide you, you can actually star in magic shows, and earn money as a professional magician. HOW PROFESSIONAL MAGICIANS GET THEIR TRICKS Most tricks have been handed down from father to son, through generations of magicians. Tricks are jealously guarded. Very few new tricks are ever invented. Most so- called "new" tricks are simply variations of classic magic arts which go back thousands of years. In fact, up to the publication of Kajar's MAGIC SECRETS, there were only three ways even a professional magician could get tricks: 1) Steal them from other magicians. 2) ~ - - ' Trade them... Sometimes two professional magicians negotiate for hours an exchange of tricks. 3) Buy them. Selling magic tricks has become Big Business. Some tricks cost S25, some S50. Magicians report 55,000 as paid for the secret behind a rare Hindu magic act. The Thought-Transference trick on Page 34 of Kajar's MAGIC SECRETS has actually been sold for SI00. RAJAR REVEALS SECRETS "Magic - and all the fun it provides -- should be available for all to enjoy. Only a court injunction can stop me from offering my 'Magic Secrets' to everybody!" I have now selected ray most mystifying, the most interesting -- yet the easiest-to-do magic tricks -- and condensed them into one big illustrated volume. I can now offer this edition for only S3.98, and you can test this book on a no-risk, 10-day trial offer. Act now. TRY TEN DAYS RISK Send for my MAGIC SECRETS now. When postman arrives, deposit only S3.98 plus postage. Keep it for 10 full days on this iron-clad, money-back guarantee: If within 5 minutes, you can't expertly perform any trick in the book - if within 1 week you aren't baffling your friends and neighbors -- if within 10 days you are not an expert amateur magician ... simply return the book for your money back. No questions will be asked. SUPPLIES LIMITED - ACT NOW Only a very limited number of this low cost Volume of Magic has been printed. Once they're gone, you may never be able to take advantage of this offer again. What's more, if rival magicians make good their threat to sue me, I wflt be forced to withdraw this offer until the courts decide. So today clip out No-Risk coupon below and tush it to MAGIC SECRETS, Dept. 1402, 4500 N.W. 135th Street, Miami, Florida 33054. MAIL NO-RISK COUPON TODAY! MAGIC SECRETS oept.uoz 4500 N.W. 135th St., Miami, Fla. 33054 Please rush me a copy of Kajar's-illustrated book, "Magic Secrets," the book that will help me perform secret tricks at home without study. I understand that if book does not live up to every claim, I may simply return within 10 days for full immediate refund - and trial will cost me nothing! Q $2.98 payment enclosed - please ship postpaid. ! save postal charges. Q If you wish your order sent C.O.D., CHECK HERE! Enclose $1 good-will deposit. Pay postman balance, plus postage and handling charge. Same money-back guarantee, of course! CITY_ STATE ZIP | p SAVE 51. Enclose only $4.96 for 2. Makes a Fine

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