The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 23, 1931
Page 6
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SIX Bl.VTtfKVII I.K. IAKK.I SATURDAY, MAY 23, Army Pushing Ahead With Flood Control Program 10 KEEP .R El .V.- Visionary Ideas Go Into Waste Basket as Engineers Proceed Job. BY FLORA C,. Oltrt Tile I). S. Annv F •jlni.'si'lnj Ccr|)s lias sain" pr. it KB wasti;- • taskcls. It lias 15 -av: tli.m to tecelvc th? ions o! '< :-rs which . people write :.!>oui ]'.r.. MS Up the Old. Fatl'.-i ol Wstcrs thai he'll tern '<• xrm-: hl:nl:u; In om- pany.; C'.'-COUIS". :-e Ictiiir, ! "ve rather • fallen • : durln? : . pis', fe\v jnonthr- ;. si u 1 American i • . .< are at 1.', r t.icse'days and pc.-ij-le r.r.- t,l!:in; at:ut drouth' con: -ol and rnt:i- rath-r ill; fk.c<l control. Kut Jiist let cond:!' change—am! • they'irill change . L -'e letter: en flbod conlro 1 . will - : floce'iif: Into the War Depr .-t:r. :i. ae.:'-:i. Mahy of Ins pli'is. i ; . suggesiicns to harness th: eld .;. • slssippl and krcp hl:n >vi his ow. •territory lire wrlU-in to the fret: '\demVrnthcr than to Ihu War Du- fmtjiien!. Hill) ci coins •. th» Pi- .;Mint \ncver s:es tlie lottci :. The -.mail clciks In the White House g)> over the mull. s;rt.H, chick — It, ^vslamp i<i wilh rubber tlEiYrps- and >rcttr nil flood control missives to the nrmy fn-;lno<rs for r:ply. Sometimes detail?.! d"aw- incs Mid specific,- isns uc.i.r from techincril men with t inslUnabb engineering luii -•' (i ar.< experience! Occasionally c.i. ••»: In v n- tors •'.,':' laJl '., hi;, : r •• . p- usciu'.tive -.1 t,c *'.. ~.i. i.cs- man -so cnth..j,a£i!c ,i hturlus is demanded lie-fore a co.i-r.Esioml comnjltlcc. The cciier^s-inuii lu qu'stion may Intrc<iuc2 bills ^1:1- bodying the scheme In v.holc or In I art.! Colcnel Ernest Graves, member ot tli.i Mississippi Riv-:r Commission, 'says he tries to target some of tl-.c wildest ideas which I,.. - bee i advoTic"ed. but as ho recalls It Ihey tall Into four or five gcner.'i clat es. - First, there are th? canal build-* . ers. These, lads wish to run canals I v t ?. 3Et ?!^^X "^ ^r^^C SfQfiGBS 71EP •j> TREES lOA&SC*?. EXCESS No irtoii is too visionary for the goiiiusc.s who wvi'Lc in stiKgeslions foi 1 flood control lo ;:nd the War Department . . . Artist Don Woofton h:is sketched liere :t few of the propo; actually been nrnde liy inventive Americans. froin|var.ous tilbulfirl:s of the Mis* ns v^s excavr.'.ed for Ihe Pa:'.ama Canal. . . n Ihlvd clrss cl sch 1113 for •. lissippl to lower :ivcvs which can •carrion excess wnter into Ih6-0iilfju-.;p;nliii! 11.6 nniural river clwii- ;jf M?\!co. One su;!i relieme em-|, v l sa t!;at- it could take caro of • tcdies n cannl from the TcnnessM j n |] H S or ,- : , o xc «s vvnlrr Is 13 Klver to .tbo Warrior lilvcr. (Moirn- 1 :< iil .• boils -.vitlx plows nnj imr- tains:.are no impediments to such ro -;.s and keep the bottom stirred ; project* on -paper.) | u ., , 0 umt tlv. ra'.er ean carry .Another proposed cannl would O fr (\, e slit. Th< o:ny trauol^ v.-it., •-to from the Arkansas to thcl Red ;i. e ; c Inventions Is that the flow THE BOOK SURVEY BY imUCE CATTON Eels out at 16 to mnsn ;its way in NEA Strike Writer the world ns an errand boy in a' .. ,, , „. ----- -- F1 "° scovn n " u WUc1 ' lmlrc[l grocery store. 400 pages Inter, has' hivcr-ann irom me Keel itiver to : t f v.-Mer doesn't seem to co-oper-1 mark Lionel BrlUou's "Hunger nnd mnnngcd to gel a while-collar job tho ' Oulf. Still n third envisions aie. it jur.l dcesn't cam- oft Ihe | Love." They mnke it one o( the j n n publishing house tl:e Ohio River's e.xcew wnlcr being mL( j tlic way It should do. I most re:«Rrknble books of recent Arthur Phelps is not greatly con- d.veited down nio the T:nne-,.-ce. (.ne man wr.ta in ileulhi for a years; r> book that Is hnrd to rend, ccrncd with malerinl progress H» "Mitt of these canals, e\ tf piu, Hue, lo run from i to MtaJiiri! diffuse, .rart.MIng and at time cvon wants, more than anything else lo could be buili, could , nu» ( 0 the Oulf, through which fxcc.a! Incoherent, but one that has more Uvc frecly nnd fl , nv . to uecDm( .' (0 carry off enough do much'ur.ur could bc purnped out. Colcnel : power than, a dozen run-of-mtne scmc extent, mnstcr'bf his fate- to toed-In a flood control program,", acclars- Colonel- Graves- cw csMmateJ that a strel plpa novels. ! know the world and to do well some ... 10 I. a thick and hundreds of icetl T»e author is English, and hisj lvor! . tnat can bc bolh j n t crcs (| n "I{ .exc:ss v.atsr from Ihe Ohio i n Jiamcler might be needed to and^Tcnncsscc could be drawn oil vvttlrtnncl th:. ^vccstit!' nntl thaC.A-cuU! t ike caro c-f 8n amount r;qu!rci for this wcrk. He grew of v.etor !_rgc enough to count. I E:II I «-b;n ho cciiitaiplnwd the LuVma-A alive, such a canal would amount c! £Ucl which would be! rcs -rvoirs to hold excess water. ra\cf b be as large as th= ir;e . ;ucl \ j. riv;rs combinEd. and wo hr.ven'l -jrtcjs fcr powir c'ams arc enough ' story-apparcntly more or less nn- „,„, sigrii(lc- nn t. He educnt-s him-! lobiogrnphleal-telh of- the Strug-, sc i r hnplmzaril contrives lo exist gies of young Arthur Phelps, who, on s i arvat | 0n wages-and. Ihrou'jh! cliauler af'.-r chapter, pa'scs all of English civllL7jitEon in review Most of these . • . . , , , . . combinEd. and wo hevenl -jrtcjs fcr POWLT c'nms arc al- „„_ „•; llot cnllrely econointcully enoupli pMplc In the TJiiHcd Stales wnys mixed up with channel . rr , 0 ' te b!e at Dili time, Colonel to dig It. H would take cate of schemes." says Colonel Graves. "i>.:t c-:ra\es Insl.ts. Ho says Dim lils- U-.- ur .-- n.M "•? mplcyn ' i -" t P""; 11 ™. Rll ! ll -< ! inventors scenv to fowl that -cry shows ther; were ncods even rightjjf we could otlord it." . |[ thry'rc going lo retain in.- w.u.ri^vt "•fcnus of Hie ccccud ' land ; the. riv-'rs • War • vu n, ic:- pcwer. te re5 :rvI 0 rs vill not , cnvi iy fcrMled . war Deinrt- -nf IL !t f",f c ' .T 1 " 5 * ™ nlcm - b: empty for hoUHivj cxcra iv.ilcr. Ir711l Engineers arc stlldy | u? the • ' J>\. -H i V i ^ K, , f" Wil " M:nc MOC P tlons I«^ r s'-Wiicstrrolr system, and Ihlnk llmt c.sspFl channel and-put ing It In ?t , mxl:y up ,„ ^ mountains , 0 ,ro rescrfoirs in certain strca-ns '' ' abandon i , :; ri'^r-e ? ' i alwi^onhig and Ihoss down below are nol econ- tt |iich seejn to present natural res- M rivers natural cou-f complete- cmically pracllcal at this time. Urvoir tttxs may Hi a lat.r dale A dam has to have a full rescr-,ba .UcvclcJr&l ns a. part of tlu; er foifr times ;•; wide a.; river ('• , cncugh fo-- ocean -.5 most fanttisllc of the Ideas I foxi control bill passed three fore his mind's eye. English civilization does not come '. off very well. We pel. in this: book, a different England than iho ! oiY! mcst writers describe for us. ] Mr. Brltton shows us the dcverrx 1 ' side of the pleasant picture ivo nre u?eel to. This Is no society ot leisure and reftneuiint llmt Arthur P)'.elps moves in: it Is a dark.I 'mclly place where men live on the "<1ge rt starvation and admit t! thev villl nevpr be able li> span the sulf that cuts them off from (he well-born. As I snkl, hatred scorn per- mrntf Hie b^ok. The boik ^'.ilfotv In a any. ns a result. It Is iir.ilK- clpltned nnd over-long, and the Ich people have put 0:1 pap:r : vc.irs a-o, ar.d {3:5,OCO.OOfl was nu sloamrri tr> *_^l up ercl r.;ni. lo l!:e Hr<s:d nt o A;ong o good -dv sh-ctiW ret nil every tub. '-vces hive b;.n raised nnd ;rr:'.l. basin, or otlvr con:aln:r : SrcnrlViiCd; -, m.uonrv type con- li'-o'.hers nnd retails nt S4. TF.ll.S M.r, LivuijSton Rikcr, author could control the let w,-,t r carriers, and when the amount of water f.cwin? down Ihe !;ivc,- rises It will So no damage. river and the velocity of the water . flowing down tho spillway 'n prcs- ... s:nj electric bultc'is In She.' While House; that thfrt \vou.d bc no . b.-nk ercslo.i, ca\i: : nk. ci bar Icraiationt; tha-. > dams, 1 power rc-iM which ••- .ulrt ean S;O,WA-,.CO,O-, i five 4. install vaporizers and when th:re Is too much water, vaporize it* and tend R of.' las steam. 5. Dow i>p the levees and 1st w-(;r run ever the bnd ns H Also included In the focd con- ti-cl are channel improve- i m nt works, construction of revel- i Jiitnts for bank, protection. Becau;-.' engineers decided It would bc best :-• comproa.Ise with tlvr Father of exhaustive detail everything i;,:i-. happened to him from the lime !i> entered the world until h- hn.i ! nnlshcd his 'leens. I The Dreiser family lived In Terr- Hnule. Ind. It was AREA. SUBJECT TO OVERFUftrf EXIST'HQl,£VE£SB£IH6E*.A*«6a> — PROPOSED LEVEES ^ ' — EXISTIK6 1.EVEE& BtlNa UFT AS THEV « oe ' * WOQK , utvets ^ ma REVETMENTS t 3PIL1.VAY and the • prize dicks of En»'Tv!. P^an^i 1 and Germany coniliine forces to catch the murderer. Extremely Ingenious: a good compnr.i- tive sluily of three schools of crime detection. "Thp I'ymn Tune 'Mysterv. 1 '. by,, George A. Birmingham iBobbsMernll: $2). An organist gels killed In an English church, and the clue Is hidden in Ihe notes of a hymn. Not at a!l bad; nicely •. r.i- . 'The Ni'ght of Fear," by Morav ">al:<m (Harpers: S2). A gro;ip at a House party play one cf the-.: V'der-gumes, and naturally a real murder Is 1 done. '-A dizzy private dick"helUs • Scotland.' Yard find -out -about • It. Readable, but not one of the best. '"The Gyrth Mhallw Mystery," by Margery 'Allingham ICrime Club: SI). Queer goings-on in • the ancestral tower, with a hard-belled horsewoman ' and a- pink-fuccd sleuth who isn't as silly as he :ooks: . ''Cambodian Quest," by BbV'-'t J. ' Cose'y'--<Bobbs-M,?rrlll: S2>. Murder in the jungles of French :'ndo- China'. Well below Mr. Casiy's standard, but pleasantly U:r....n;. PHOENIX, Ariz., (UP) — The state highway commission art! beards of supervisors of various counties arc co-operating in a uum- paign to prevent Arizonan irjm avoiding paying personal pr'jpcity taxes by using out of slate iiiito- mobile license plales. It Is cli- mated there are 5,COQ.such i 1 or- Ists who are residents of Arizona. WARNING ORDER CHANCERY COURT, CHICK.-\- SAWBA DISTRIC1', MISS.: ..H- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Equitable Building & Loan As<- .Motion, Plaintiff. . vs. W. L. Cunningham et a:, ^o. '. 4%4, Defendant. i The defendants, A. HarrlscM Mrs. A, Harrison, are warnej ti -.xp- pear within thirty days in tlu- : .urt t named In the caption here.; and answer the complaint of the -ili-u- tllT Equilable Buildlnj <k Laj'u As- sociaiiu... Oated May 32, 1931. R. L. OAINES; cs.-r*. By Harvey Morris o. C. Jesse Taylor Atty Ad Lltem. 22-2J 5-12. . . Wntcrs ralhor than oppos- his d-- ' rcrtl:ceci clrcumstanres: nualn How tlie fluotl control scheme really lines up ... a map showing what is bciiiij done in the Mississippi basin to prevent disastrous floods. ••neaiis f;wlll. The river v;lll llicn bj blazer j tires r,'l nlonj Ihe line, "the plan a?al " ll lnovcd from 01 ''- Cltv But Colcne. Jrav;s an-1 bro:der. bul what of V.1 "To the ge.iius who wrct: in that liv.t tu?i;eiUcn." says Colonel "To ; complete such a cansli tian ar.d spillway proicc; mil - !t dlf-icir.i\e.-, "we wrote a reply, tellin; . m w r«p'; decs not preclude eir^aln ov<rilow- i.i; of lands \vlilch have nlways *" n " 1 " ' tllc ot fc etifr i: -,.: n Inundated. In flood time. - - _ Iro::i Birds Point, 11!.. to New i-ere f.xvrful thai too many Madrid. Mo. a llccdw.\y p:niilitin' throughout Ihe country j tl'.e crcap^ cf exccM fleo.l « i't-i-s the rn»ocd edge of povcrf. \\v t-.- • tlie novelist coming up thrr.'.ich ; ; barren and rcpress-d chi'tiliiv^i back-breakine ;, i : , a toy. fctling a b: [ his solution Is about connected. >t (t ^m^ r02r 'T,' ?° ".HI? 1 deal towards P rev ™t"- r,prlnj In time to hand!} the s"a": v ' tt !» felng moved (n^ floods; hnd the building of sonal high water. I However, that u tlie way M r j O'otacr writes. He Is wcnrisoirg and iinplcasant. all loo often—but he does have something to say, and he Is tremendously in earnest. This is ns true of "Dawn" ns of any of his books. I don't believe 1 would recoraniend the Iwck to anyone who Is already familiar with Mr. Dreiser's novels: but ihose who .ive, will find In H much that Is highly interesting. "Daun" is published by Horac.5 I iveright, Inc.. and sells at $5. MR. MORLF.Y ALSO LOOKS AT TIIK RYGONK YKARS In "John MLstlcloe." Christopher Morlcy nlso looks back nl his own l:fc. Need I say that this book lias nothing wh*toY$}' In common with "Dawn?" Dreiser's book Is a' look of turmoil and confusion, of strange currents nnd dark shadows: Mor'ey's Is gracious and urbane, mellow and cultured, n backward glance at many pleasant years. ; Idyllic years nt Havcrford College, days al Oxford, experiences In Ihe publishing world and in tl'o city rooms of inetropoii- 1.1:1 newspapers—these make up , Mirlev's remembrances. "John mis-, ' llctoe" Is a book to read by snatches: delightful If assimilated, .in small portions, It Is a trifle cloy- jing if road all In a stretch. I The l:c.a thing nbout this book Is : the author's fine enthusiasm for olher books.* Clirlstopher Morley can have the satisfaction of know- In? that he has already broadened many a reader's horizon. This book should carry on tha good work. Follow the author long enough on h;s amiable rambllngs nnd sooner or Inlcr you will bump up against first-rate literature. "John Mistletoe" Is published by Doubleday, Uornn it Co., at $2.50. SOME MYSTERY STORIES YOU MIGHT ENJOY Kecent mystery stories you might be glad to know about Include the follolng: "A Murder of Some Importance," by Dnicc Graeme (Llpp'.n- cott: J2). A French ambassador rets stabbed to death In London, TOkin "Wishing Wont CLASSIHl :

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