The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 22, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 22, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NKWSPATJPi? nn> Mnn»rMWAftT k IUIS-AMUAC! * n»x *.„, _ ™ ^^^ XLIY—NO. 180 Blythevllle Courier Blythevllle Daily Kewi THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NOJITBBAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blylhcville Herald Mississippi Valley Lender BI,YTHKVIU,K, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY. OCTOBER 22, 1947 Socialist Premier And His Cabinet 'Resign In France PARIS, Oct. 22. (U.P.)—The government of Socialist Premier Paul Ramadier, pressed by Communist threats of continuing strikes and weakened by Gen. Charles De Gaulle's victory in Sunday's municipal elections, decided unanimously tonight to resign. ( + After a cabinet meeting late this afternoon, the ministers announced that they were placing their portfolios at the disposal of Ramadier as head of the coalition government. The surprise decision followed a meeting of the full council of ministers under President Vincent 'Anrlol this n^rnlng at which It was decided to call a xpeclal session of (he French Parliament Oct. Z8. SINGLE copiBi mm extra* At the esd of the afternoon meeting, Pierre Bourdon, of the Information Ministry, told news- mer. the entire cabinet hnd handed I collective resignation to Rairuuiier. Government sources indicated the 4-H Club Project WinnersSelected Farm Bureau Plans Banquet Honoring N, Missco Group Tli e names of 11 4-H Club project winners for 1947 were announced today by county Agent Keith Bilbrcy following the Judging of farm projects taken by each club member in North Mississippi Conn- N. Missco 4-H Club Project Winners Named Community Chest Drive For $26,780 Will Open In Blytheville on Nov. 4th. move was designed to enable: ty. The judging was completed last Ramadier to reorganize his cab-: week. pTtiet. It was believed the Popular' The winners nre Jack Duclos. of Republicans (MRP), chief victims Promised Land, tractor innlnten- of Sunday elections. probably ance; Lyman Henson. of Armorel, would not be included In the new corn production; tarry Lunsford, government, but would support of Clear Lake, dairy production; , Ramadier in the assembly. Ramadier already had summoned an emergency session of the assembly for next Tuesday to ask for a vote of confidence. The council of ministers — which Includes neither members of DC Alvln Duclos. of Promised Land, swine production; Johnny Duclos of Promised Land, cotton production; Sylvia Swain of Gosnell. gardening and canning; Meriedna Swain of Gosnell, clothing; Bobbie Byrd. Pawheen, meat nnlmal County Agent Keith Bilbrcy (bnck row loin nnd his assistant w O Hn/elbnker .bntk low right) n.c ihown above will, Ihe 11 North Mississippi County 4-H Club project umne.s fo, 194-7. 'Ihe farm youths projects were chosen from hundreds of others as lops in their respective classes, The winners are bauk row left to richt-Jack Duclos, Promised land, trnctor mnintcnanee; i.yman Henson. Armorel corn production; Larry Lunsford, Clear Lake, dairy production, Alvin Duclos. promised 1-and, swlnn production-1 Johnny Duclos, Promised Laiul, cotton production. Front row-Sylvia Swain. Gosnell. gnrdcnlns and minis; Maricdnu swain. Gosnell, clothine; Hobble Byrd, Pawhccn, meal nnlmal production- Bctte Dyer Armorel, home Improvement; Melthn Byrd, Pnivlieen, poultry; nnd Freclin Fencher Lost Cane ' dress review Gaulle's rally of the French peo- ; Production; Bette Dyer of Armorel, pie nor the Coimuunists France's home improvement; Melthn Byrd strongest political groups — met i ° c Pawheen, poultry; nnd Fredin for three hours under President: ^richer of Lost Cane, dress review, of the Republic Vincent Auriol. i Judging of the project was done They decided to go' to Dnr»=- i by Mr - Bilbrey nnd his assistant n tenuous majority with a weak j era ' f'P clul) '™ders. coalition to ask whether the de- /"'"'.'"S ™* based on the amoun", putics are "in accord with mca- , °l C ' ub1 wor , k donc 'V tilc Wiviciual. sures" taken by Ramadier's govern- * he , ' ntercst shown, activities tin- ment on polities, wages, prices and I dei ' ta «n, number of years as a club member, difficulty of project taken and records kept throughout thc production or completion of the project. Winners Jo Receive Medals These winners will receive medals aHd cash awards presented hy the foreign imports. The Confederation of Labor, having settled the eight-day Paris subway and bus strike last night with a 15 to 20 per cent raise for 33,000 workers, presented the gov- I Mi Champions Banquet which will bo held in December, winners of some of the outstanding projects will present projects for judging in the stnte contest later - this month Mr. Bilbrey said. • ' Mr. Bilbrey praised highly the fin e work done hy the project winners stating that their projects eniment with a new list of de- , - r :~ .- - • ™ ••-' -•'• mand*. The main onc was for a 57 I MlsslssiPPi Bounty Farm Bureau at per cent increase In the, national i the Bureau's annual 4-H Club minimum wage. De Gaule's rally, which showed itself to be the. strongest political group In the nation in Sunday's municipal elections, was not represented In the assembly because it was organised after the last assembly elections. A government spokesman said j represented many long and hard today there was no question at the j hours of work done in their 'oare moment of any changes in. the time. k coalition cabinet. I[ Ramadier fail-. A photograph of the winners will <"d to win a vote of confidence, it be used by a Blytheville farm im- coilld open the way [or De Gaulle pieinent dealer on his 1B48 calpn- to get elected lo power. r aar which will be distributed wirte- If Ramadier fails to win, his ' government will have to reign. Two such crisis are necessary for a national election In 148 to elect a new. assembly, one of the ways De Gaulle could return to the premiership. Under the constitution, next May Is the earliest that the new assem-. bly elections can be held. De Gaulle mny, however, decide to attempt to get the assembly to Aldermen Authorize Letter Asking Arkansas Agency to Inquire Into Water, Phone Rates The City Council meeting in special session last night heard roprcsenUtives of two MM , CC M mP1U T, CX S , ft V! I> ", 1 ,° illcrC!1RCS wMc1 ' wm add approximately ?20,000 A imunll\ to the bills paid by 1 ythevil a ciislomers and took no action other than to announce that a letter would be written to the Arkansas Public Service Commission asking that K gonc\ to ook ailnr HIP nitv c mtm-ndf« ^ e *' List of Hollywood 'Reds' Compiled House UnAmericart Committee Inquiry ' " Earlier C. C. Wine, chairman of* the state utility rntc regulatory body in Little Rock, hnd announced thnt it would be necessary for the city council, or 30 interested customers of the Blythevllle Water Company, to protest the water rate Increase' before Oct. 31 and nslc for a sus- \ pension of the new water rate which i was tentatively npprovcd by the commission on September 30. There was no formal petition be Truman May Call Special Session Aid to Europeans ly, Mr. Bilbrey said. Decision is Near On Discontinuing Poultryless Days '•, WASHINGTON, Oct. 22. (UP) — Food conservation chief Charles '•" , "- .?•;• *"- :"~~ ' ™ Luckman met with President Tru- pass by two-thirds majority n con- man , s cabj t f d committee ^. stnutional amendment calling for : day to get Its report on the wisdom immediate elections. r dropping pou i trj ., ess T,^,.,, In such a case, thc proposed from " . - _ "intergroup" would try to provide him with the necessary majority. If the amendment, were adopted and the present assembly dissolved, the power of DC Gaulle's rally . . rhc luestlon of whether Congrc in the rase of the proposed In ^ is to '"-' cnll «l briuk In special ses would be tested In sembly election. national as- Department Head Addresses Meeting of Legion Claude Brown O f Little Rock,! ^ s 5 pest commander of the Arknnsa ' ollt o! lown - the graln-for-Europe cam- Chileans Break With Russians Emergency Powers Invoked in Waging War on Communism Hy WILLIAM L. V. HOHSPV Ilnlli-il 1-rra.i Staff Onrrr.s|iiii)i|i>nl) SANTIAC1O. Chile. Ocl. 22. (UI>1 — Chile, liiivlnit broken illplomnt'i; elntlons with Kussla and C/.vhus- ovnkln, proposed lodny to cuili Its i iomei;rovvn Climnunlsls uniler Itie ar-renchitiK iMiierKenoy |KIW«M-S net 1 Police and dclccllvo.s nlre.nly ' were assembling In Snntlnno uic- tropolllan hendqunrtcrs lo hunt lown nnd arrest Communist lenders nnd members of the Communist! 'iitrul Cuininltlcp, ns wll ns In- : »r union officials known to be Communists. Forewarned, most of were hellevcd lo Imve nlreiuly gone utidci'Krouiul. President Gabriel Ooiv/nlcx VI- deln nnd his rablnet' tlvctdcd lust light thul (in; Coinmiinlst lenders if Clilip nnd the five Communist wnntors mid 10 deputies in Conss sliould be ill-nil with under tho enici'Kcncy powers ncl. Tlll.l ncl practically «lvcs Vldeln lilnnk check .but ho did not disclose his plans. .The official announcement snld: "The Kiivrrnmcnt tins rrsnlreil I to »l>|>ly Ml thr ilisix>sltlcius nf I the law (if Rxlr.ionHniiry rMiwers I to Communist leudrrn nm! In members nf the rnitral ennunltlre. of thnt p>rty unil hilior leaders. "As concerns conRressmcn, tlicy Budget for '4B Includes Funds For 'V, 19 Other Organizations A biKlRol of ?26,780 lo be distributed among 20 civic, wolfiu'o and youlli oi'Riini/.nlioiis included in the 1947 Com-' immity Chest WHS approved yc»lcrdtiy by tlie diest Board -'".- LiL'.iL^l 111 ^ (llllc r ° r Ule dl ' ivc was set for Nov. 4. f "* F °ur organizations have been added Ihls year to thos» which regularly IwncfU from the Community Chest nud as a result three niiiuinl drives have becii consolidated lulo tlio one campaign. Adrtril lo the IM7 Community Ohesl list were lhe O'ancer Association, Blythevllle "V," the in- funtlle paralysis campaign and (lie ISlylhcvllli- High School Cil«e Kiwanis Elects . J. M. clcvelnnd wns elected president of tlie nlyUicvllle. Kl- wanls Club at the annual clecLlou of officers nnd directors held lo day noon lit the llotelNobte, Ho surcct'ds Jlnunle Sanders. O. E. KniKlscn wns elected vice] president uud Hcnunn Cnrlton i Inclusion of these groups In the •17 Chest hns Increased the budget $15,2110 over lust year's ' budget of $10,1)50. Olhor Increnscs this yenr are $500 nddcd lo tlie sum received l>y tlie Boy Scouts nnd nn addl- tlonnl JlOfl to go to lhe American Legion Cloadtollows. No dnte hns been set for Ihc end of the cnmpnlgn nnd It will continue until thc $2(5.780 h obtained Chest Board Chairman Hnrry w' Hiilncs snld today. Largest Increase brought about by , the Inclusion of tho four groups nddcd this yenr Is lhe $10,230 which wm he sought for the Blyllievllle The Cnncer Association Is scheduled to receive $1,400, thc Infmitllo paralysis fund $3,500 and the Blee cluli $100. Parent-Teacher Associations In Hlythevllle will receive a tolnl of SUM, according to the new budget. Following nrc Ihn amounts to be Al] thc cabinet members expressed their aid and support °< the position taken by his excellency (the president)." Informed sources snld the'" government would nsk the Court of isls in Hollywood. "It hns complete dnta on al lenst 70 of them and will nlnce the material in tlie record either some time this week or next." Thomas' disclosure interrupted Blythevilte is included in the cities in which increases are being sought. The two cities where Southwestern Hell opernle.s which nre not I scheduled to get rale increases nre Hughes in St. Francis County, and The cabinet committee's report was based on an Agriculture Department analysis of a poultry In- - ...*^l 1 ,,|,LV11 . ~ -*" ~"'«>».J , <l,HI testimony . by James K. McQuin- ! ijltlle nock. Hughes is lo get ft rntc j ness. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer execu- i rc duction under the company's pro- ComnumisLs supported California 1 I 505 " 1 *° set up a uniform rate sched- aviation strikers before the wnr ; " lc based O11 the number of phones although thc late President RoafC- } scr ™d_Jhrougli central exchanges of veil "had. condemned the strike." Thc strike, at the North Ameri- ican Aviation Corp.. was broken •hen U. S. troops took over the plant. McGuinness, screen writer. - dustry proposal to substitute a farm-level grain-saving program for chickenless and turkeyless days. Luekman intends to confer by telephone with his own seven-member executive committee aftej the meeting. Then lie will decide whether to call a formal meeting. A meeting originally was scheduled today to decide whether poul- trylcss days should be dropped from the food drive. But several mcm- 1 bers of the food committee were Department of the American Le-j •-•--• • mefitsiN. Arkansas Methodists gion, spoke on veterans bei and legislation at t'- meeting of Dud Caso.. . -last night al the Legion Hut Meet in Forrest City FORREST CITY, Ark.. Oct. Mr. Brown also urged that the (UPl—The opcnine session of the Legion's membership drive be North Arkansas Methodist Confer- puslied to gain strength for the! ence was held here today, with res- organization, j islration indicating a record nt- Erncst McDaniel of Utlle Rock, tendance. a representative of the State ui-1 An address by Bishop J. Ralph gion Deparltnent. discussed the 1m- Magce of the Chicago area at to- portancc of actve interest in the night's session will be one of lhe Legion by younger members. '' — -' "-- - ' Fifth District Commander J. Ti ish-iwrn said Movie Writer ers at tlie plant. McGuiunefs said Vie was a member of the Executive Committee of Ihc Motion Picture Alliance for Preservation of American Iilenls. He said thc organization wns "designed to combat within our own industry (lie menace of Communism nnd. to a degree. Fascism." diatc committee approval of nt least SiBS.OOO.OOO In aid for France, llnly nnd Aiislrin. This would opnii they way for recnlllng Congress In December. on c month earlier than scheduled. Sen. .John !„ McClellan, n.. Ark., snid all plans for f nr rign aid will be nutlle unless Ihc V. S. adopts a "louglicr" policy Inward Russia, lie caller! on President Truman to "draw a line through Europe, lii-ymid which Russian tunrrrsslon will not he tol- ,eratcd." Unless such action Is taken, he said, American dollars countries squarely In lh e Soviet line of 'march." Some stnte department officials anproximnteiyten-Hme;';^miny! ^^^L!^ J^l monlh° nC f S " IUI * ratc °' W 3 " " Cr vl<llnB lntcrlm Rld tnr Westm, nionin for one-parly residence Europe phones, will not receive the different schedules. Rale Basis Kxplalncrl It wns explained by n company representative that the larger rmm- ! her of telephones served through veteran ', nnv olle switchboard the higher thc '•"=' of providing service and con- John Howard Lawson and others ' sc{ l»cntly the higher thc rate charg- sent encouraging telccrains to strik- i e( ' '° " Ic individual customer. • •• • - ' Greater Little Rock, which hns Appeals 10 take away the linimi- nltv of Communist members of Congress, so action could l>e taken against them or. sucli charges as . t(i | clUGI | i-hcysltll lo the Chilean Su- 'Court. ;Armv prepared, lo dislodge hundred '-onl mlner.i who refused to leave the Liiqucn pi Us on the shores of G'oncepclon Buy. On Monday, soldiers forced out of the Sehwnger pll.s with tear gas ?.OflO miners who struck and refused to leave. The miners set off rlyjinltlltc In noiu of the approach- . Ing soldiers, but none was wounded. ; Chile's thrce-week-old eual strllte. ' which Involved 1G.OOO to M,OflO men, wns the primary reason for the tllspule with lius.ila, C/cchaslo- vakla nnd Yugoslavia, A week ater the -strike slnrletl. two minor Yugoslav diplomats were expelled troin Chile on u chni'ge of promoting the cool strike on orders fmm their government. Yum»li\via, denying the eharcc, broke diplomatic relations with Chile. Yrsferrlnj-, Chile broke re- lallon.s with Russia anil OccliDS- lovakln and acemcd the tllpio- matK of (hose two rountrlrs of "altempllnr lo paralyse the life of tbe IChllran) nation." Cnrnblnicrl surrounded the Bo- vlct embassy, a somt>er-looklnR Mr. Cleveland, who served ns vice president dining tlie past year, and oilier officers nnd directors will take office ,Inn. 1. F.lcctod to tlie Hoard of Director worn C. II. nognn. Ste*nrt Frel- . . . inan, Tom Lltlle Jr M. ., . . Manors, F'rcemnn Rob I mon and G. II. Rolxsnn. Mr. Nabors was the only director re-elected. -Mr. Robinson served on the board last year past president. Immediate Fxlwnrd fl'tlll. . »t today's meeting ' a rale in-: However, other government fl- crease. „, BlylheviHe. where the nanciat experts bcllcT"ncmay company has approximately 3,300 have found means of keeping nccdv , telephones, users are scheduled to nations In food and fuel until Con— ----- r..... v,,-,.,. c,™ VC an lllcrensc r >°'" S2.50 to; gress can appropriate money al the But, McGutnness nddcd, he hnd „ ' , ncr mo »th for one-party lines.: regular session which begins In .„.. _..:_, , . _ . RllSinncir T\lm.* n 1__ ...:ll Ir .... ».. ._ . *>.*>•"•' ,"" . nc. e n „ , - , sessn wc e seen no evidence of Fascism in the • lcss Phone rates will, if the'January. These experts ha •e sug- I features of the convention. Deler,. U i uiauici, wommanaer j M. Bl>tcs to thc eeneral conference in Cleveland announced that the an- ! Kans ns City next Spring will be sc- nual roll call tor the membership Iccle d (Ills'afternoon, and the con- drive ending Nov. 11 will be held ference will reach n climax next ' at the War Memorial Building in Sunday with announcement of the Little Rock Nov. 2. A discussion of plans for a Navy Day program nt the next Legion meeting was led by Oscar Fendler, 1 local representative of the Commandant of the Eighth Naval District. To handle business and lems of the weekly auto races sponsored each Sunday by the L"- | pastoral appointments. Blytheville Churches Represented | Four Methodist ministers residing^ : In Blyllievllle were in Forrest City .schedule Is npprovcd. be Increase! customers will pay. with snch plans. grams encouraging the striker? in- • Thcrc w "' bo no increase in the The White House snld only that eluded, he said. Lawsonaiirt ste'wirl """'""'»' charges paid by the Bly-' the conference would be n "further Questioned about Communism In'i ° con - TOm ers of water fur-1 discussion of foreign aid." Eight his own studio, McGuinness .said "I don't think It's Ihe whitest place in Hollywood. We ha share of Communists." Furniture Men Put Emphasis On Sound Credit —~....^ v-un.miiKM.> ui water lur- i «"j.v.»j.^.^ji>ii t)i IUILIKII aici. DgiiL nlshcd by the company but il was' Renubllcnns and three Democrats disclosed lhat this rntc already is j »'l" attend. considerably higher limn the nilni-' Among the Republican leaders mum charges ninrie in some other ! Present will be Sen. Robert A. \ cities of similar sl?.e. i Taft. R.. o.. who Is expected lo ! It was suggested that it wns mi- ! announce his candidacy for Hn fair to compnre the Blytheville rale GOP prcsidcnllnl nomlnalion Inle with the rate charged In Garage at Sfeele Damaged by Fire Owner Places Loss To New Building at Nearly $50,000 While Insurance company adjusters today hnd not completed their Investigation of lhe lire which gutted the Rnragc nnd parts room ol the newly-finished Poolc Molor Company building nt Steetc, Mo., yesterday. Eilfs Poolc, owner, estimated thc damage "would run in thc neighborhood of $50.000," The lilnzc. which was caused by ' explosion nay Smut, »3,0fl« (!lrl Scouts SOD Blylhrvllle Library Ass'n"]! 3,000 (•oddfellows (Amrr. Legion) 400 Blythevllle H. S. Bind 1,500 PTA Sudhury PTA '".'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'," Central PTA ......... Junior IhRh 5cho«l PTA. Senior PTA AuooUilon '. . . High School PTA . : ........ Harrison PTA ; ......... ... KlemehUrjr Book Kyind ..'. Social Welfare (J1S per month, If needed) .. '' ' Contingency Fund 1M • 100 100 100 too 1M Sfl« BOff •«-.7? 1,500 Action in UN \ Sought to End Dutch Wrangle LAKB SUCCESS, N. ,Y.. Out 22. (U.l>.)—The Philippines Republic ntlackcd both the colonlni powers and Russia for their stand on Indonesia today nnd called on th» United Nations Security Council todny to enlist the Big Five military slnrf committee In the attempt to halt civil warfare in th» Dutch Indies. Gen. Carlos p. Roinulo, chief of the Philippine UN delegation, told the council that the military staff group might be able to work, oitt ' '" ' between Dutch villa surrounded by n few strands | lif;htlng of a welding torch near a Indonesian forces and them- barbed wire. Lights burlle< leaky gasoline tank of a car In the quick work done by the Slccl Brazil also broke diplomatic re- Department In bringing the lallons with Russia ycslcrdny, but for Insulting President KUrlco Gaspar Dutra In Its newspapers. Thc Communist Parly, Is outlawed In Brazil. Dispatcher from Huenos Aires, capital of the other member of lhe under control, my entire building would have Rone up In smoke." he said. Members of the nre department were on the scene In n few minutes after the nlnnn wns turned In. he said, and hnd the Maw under control In approximately 15 were beinc ' ,, i, i " ' g ' r "« C "ABO Woe," quilted diplomatic minutes sources as saying that Argentina ; Thc ',{„ comp]r[( , ly < lcstl . ove[i t had nn Immediate plans to brenk i model '""j-i.ii i»u with Russia. They said, however, that there mlgh be some developments Friday when President. Juan D. Pcron nnd Foreign Minister Juan A. nrnmiiglin return lo Huo- nos Alro.s from Ihe border, where they are slcnlmt a trade and financial agreement with Bolivia. New York Stocks der which the council sent to both sides. He also hit at Hussla with * thinly-veiled charge that Soviet spokesmen were using the Indonesian case for "political or other reasons" nnd "for purposes of propaganda." . t Romtilo led off In the council's Indonesian fight a few hours before thc 57-nation political mm, c r;:.^' E!«» .°j«« f™ affi"!^ 1 - this week. Tail, who heads the '• A T and p.m. Stock*; prob- nun! sessions of the North Arkansas Conference. __ , „ v ., v „- 'Hie Blytheville ministers Include gion, the following were named' lnc Rcv - Allen D. Stewart, pastor as a Racing Committee: E. A.i ot thc First Methodist Church: the Rice, chairman: Jack Flowers, vice 1 Rcv - H. H. Blevins, pastor of the today along with lay delegates from I ine ' ^""' their churches to attend the an- * a On<! of , , chairman; Louis Green. H. L. I . , Street Church; the Rev. Ray ci:ised during a nt a regional mr^ roundtihlc fon;m lim of t'-<- ArV-n- boro where the water Is furnished Republican Policy Cimmlttce, wns on a speaking tour In the West when Mr. Trumon conferred witp party leaders three weeks ago. Governors' Conference fleets Laney to Office ASHEVILLE. N. C.. Oct. 22. (UPl — 158 1-4 lhe time of Ihe blu/e and seven new refrigerators lhat had been placed In the garage to await re- j inovnl to the show room. " The building, one of lhe most modern In the Slcclc vicinity, was completed only Iwo weeks ago, he said, "We lost most of our automotive maintenance equipment." Mr. Poolc. stilted, "but we are con!Inning business the best we possibly can." from a municipal planl. Tlie mil- °' nic-ipal plants, It was brought out, do not have to show a profit on tlie plant Investment, nor do they have to pay taxes like Ihc prl- valely owned plants. The Joncsboro municipal plant. • ,--- ..... A-SHK vu i *• ~ <- fi-i -n rum ment allowed b th ; lcnrlnK ch ° rKC * that rallrMds w " . . . . Halsoll Sr., Marshall Blacknrd, c ! lj - McLcster, pastor of churches n W. McDaniel. T. L. Mabry, Hollis] Yarbro and at Promised Land, and Moody. Bryant Stewart and T. p. lt >e Rev, H. I,. Robison, of the Bly(Doc) »ean. I theville Parish wilh churches at ; Other visitors at the meeting Gosnell, Ixine Oak and Half Moon ' were Chief Petty Officers W. p I — _ '— Mshcr and C. w. Weathcrford of the Navy Recruiting station here. . 'maneuvering to raise some rales" b ° Ul " 1 * V1 "*' ARKANSAS—Generally 1 Uon Thursday, to- of the rienVrs \\vs tin', they won?d comnlv v.Llii Prcsirte:it -- - ~,*Truman's request to nrariice souinl lncnt allo '' v od by the state rate mak- , .. mnn fS, d JL?'" cte » ln ord " t0 ' ra "' tat ; l "*,?*S ?,"" ° lylh "" ! ^I"^^ lowered only last Au ? ust bv .... Whiif n i ! ' ? Inl-rstalc Commerce CominiMlon. no t-ivr, u J'l™, < ,' ',' Pn ' d Fifteen sovcrncrs heard thc clmr- "„. f"' , ? I " ni ' rnC firc i ^ * erf ^ I'" flnal «••»!<"' <" thc rim .T" 131 , 10 th(1 Clly ' In B1 >- ol-hlh nmiur.1 meetln K of the con- theMlle the city must pay $20 *\, Krc . ncri rirsl orB! , n |,«| to colnb :.t Firteen doaler? of (his ?rca n'.- tcnded. including representatives from Manila and O.:rco!a. Officers of the Association unending were H. D. Bennett of Hot Springs, pres- . -- ^ ,. c Idem; Byron R. of Little Ror'r:. f omi of rental on each of thc city's secretary; nnd H. E. Dill, executive nrc hydrants. secretary ol the Arkansas-Texas of- i After representatives of the two lice of the Association. ] utilities had presented their rca- t ~~ ' ~— " i n:it-in:i-. ursi. ur^ 10 coiniiai fo", l°r " 1 , < ;,™.^. r -™!"^ I1 .\._ in .,. lh . C! ! "di^'rimlnnlory soulhern lre! S ht At the closing session Gov. William Preston Lane. Jr. of Maryland . . was named conference chairman i-.» -~ I \j,.«, o i V .., , I'ltnumuu uii:n ica- was namcrt coniercnce e lairman est por- Muriay Smart of blyihevUle pro-| sons [or asking rate Increases at and Gov. Ben T. Lin»v of Arkansas 1 &id<?d at, the ni/v»^mo L «— m-n IT™. «*^...- ^ , , . . ' . Atnrr Tobarco Anaconda Copper .... Hclh Slccl Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motor* Montgomery Ward .. N Y CcntrM Tnt Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum ..., filurtcbsker Stanclanl of N J ... Texas Corp Packard U S Slcel i ,n> i - ^ —— II £3 2/ * Passengers Injured ... m i'" Railroad Accident ... 65 1-2 i ST. PAUL. Minn.. Ocl. 22. (Up) ... lfi<! 1-2 i 1 Twenty-four persons were Injur- ... 31 1-21 rd. (ive of them.seriously, when an .., r>0 1-8 : Eostbound frelRht train apparently ... 58 7-8 ignored a "»-ait" order and collided ... IS 1-2 nenri-on with a Chicago-lo-Minnea... R6 I -2 polls passeiiRer train today. S 7-8 Sixteen ol thc Injured were taken ..- 2« 3-1 i to hospitals while eight others we-e " - = | trented nt the scene and released !) 3-3 16 3-S 22 . The accident Involved a Soo lino t passenger train and a 13-car Nor- .. .. . t - % t-f){ (hern P.ieltlc freight train which --- Sfl 5 1-t 76 5-S . wn.s traveling over n stretch of Soo track. Soybeans (Prices f.o.b Chicago N. Y. Cotton ' sided at the meeting. Nov. UTILITY RATES on Page 4 ' wa/i chosen assistant chairman. Mar. ! Mar. open high low close ; July 3M 3.V) SSD sss Oct. 352 352 3M 330 , Dec. open high . .12!17 3319 3278 3307 3193 3221 2987 2097 3273 3300 low close 3270 M62 3221 3964 3361 3317 3303 3215 2995 33M . -_the long-awaited fight between Russia and - the United States over war-mongers Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei V Vlnslitnsky stood by with his opening blast In the debate of the Soviet . campaign u, i niUct the United States on charges of spread- Ing war-Inciting talk. Watchman Overpowered, Electric Plant Damaged KENTOM. O.. Oct. 22. (UPl— Between 20 and 30 men forced their way Into lhe North Electric Co. plant here early today overpowering a watchman and causing extensive damage k> machinery, police reported. Company officials and police said n two months old strike at two other Ohio plants ot the company might have caused the incident. Gates of the plant were immediately closed to workers. Thc raid took place at about 3:30 a.m. Police Chief C. w. Sheldon said. Mercury Soan to 90 Rising again to Summer-like temperatures, tlie mercury here yesterday «o»red to a high o< 90 degrees, according to Robert E. Blaylock, ofi'clal weather observer. Lowest temperature ' ' ' - '

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