Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 3, 1886 · 3
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 3

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 3, 1886
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DAILY OmZBtf TUESDAY AUGUST 3 Mew Dress Goods -for- -JULY.- Canvas Clotlm, MaJnut MuslinH, Printed Muslim I.ce FJount-iiig, j N'tin'a Cloth, i AlhatroBH Clotli, ,, anl oilier ; French Wool (loodx n all tho Irailinjj colouiH at fILLOTT & HAMILTON. 50, 52. 51 Kideau Ktrrrt. f.va5ii:i.ii:i Preserving Kettles. iiF.-sKKVIX't FANS. ICE CIIKAM t'RKKZF.l'S, KESKMKKATOIIH ted a full assortment of eaa.tisble Hard 1 ware. Butter worth & Go,, tlO.BparxB otroel. (Jrrat 'hen Nlo at A in iuir'n aiiih i Muro, y llirfi-m i-trotd. .v;:ll.! k nu-t bo hoI I tiy Istif.Srji-4. i lu bor. Tub i'ci'AL I'iks. ricrr. Muuctiii w h taxed $3 tt'iil t-otdsct tlto I'oIIch ('cint test onlay for i!raukeunpH The Ki onoiny Furniture IIouMt mill k'u. ioiy Is now olferiim nil kWiilH ot Fur-tittti:-- nt in a i, niacin rn' rh t;n nt tho atgii :t5:t Wi-Iliuytoii xTftt. ('. !,- av VlTAi. tTATITli,Tl. TlltlU Hlti) C'2 ltliF, lu marriage: ii;'l f-2 birthi in Hull lurtt nin'.t.f. .V-I t.f I t l,..,...,..,.- ..I.. jf,' II Hid iliuiliunm p. i, n ., 4 littiip (or, Kt tlio i: oiiomy I'niiii-iiiro i.lou-", ::5;: Wu'litigti -drtt. l!i;h.r.A Jv.-.l!i:-t to the vuliu it about 550 wit Htolit.-i from f 'i nti r i II. 'liarlrlijii, Ili-ll,o:i Suml-iy nii' ' ju?"Tarl( ur rVti, Im-d vliit- ia thu lily, KccuoinV Fiii'llitlirn liuu-li-, 'Mt'.l Wellington itr-l. 1'o8TI'i"ko l'olfr-i Migirtrutd (i''Jain yiicnliy '-lOtdpouud a coujdo of lienor cimtiM tiir r w.ttk, at th lUHlancj of tho Li ;kii lnHpe4.-, ?2llililK l0r 1,,lf r) o at 1' AulIsu's brunch etort, 10'. Kbit mi strut t. fcvur)tblng lutiht be sold liy 1st ol Scp- '.--inl i.r. " DlkCIIAIMill. Ja. l.owi.t UIlcl J.H. l'ic km ll, atrostud on Saturday lor drunkenness, wcro dlHcbarged by Mr. O'Uara ypHtcrd'iy uicrciag.- Thcse unhappy perrons who tufter Iroui nervouaucss and dyspepsia ehould use Carter s Little Nerve Pills, wbicl aro wade tiprtlsly titr sleepiest, uerrous, d8-' ppptio ouflercrif. I'rlco 25 ctnts, ell druggists. NIllrtM, Urawt-r.4, ti ih, an-t a IhII totk. of g.itn' ItirnlMliliiKd t bo hoIiI at half pric-M at Am latr'rf tunncli llorc, lO'.t illlau Htret't. A Wiivr ('Hi iicil. A new Kl. Ainlrew'u t;iiur li In tj I ' l uilt i.t I'm li'Uin 1'Ihco, and Ziou ( liurt h U to l i iilarKod, thu l'rttsbytoriaus teloK ' ' MiimToiis tht uolttiir U tire: ti can fnrule li t ullji '.uut hi -voiumodatiou. Are you aware that Jerri h iakidK lirst-claHN Cabinet I'tiotoa at 3.00 pur !y:'. , If not call anil lunf u t oUi. btUillo, 1 11 Kparkii utret-t. j Th U. H. Lokbkb Tbadb. SjinoiXHly Lao taku the paius limine out thut the I nitml Sut-'s prcxlncfH uuouh larn-Lcr each year tJ loii 1,423,581 raliroml earn, cw b csrrylu 7,00 feet. It ia aUu said that this would niuke a t ram 8,500 iDiltH lorn?, or atfiit oue-thlrd around tbe world. Writ's World's Weuder or Kaocily Liniment is remedy tnat no well regulated household should bit without, as it is a posit Its euro for KhmttuRtitiu. It ia invaluable for Spratui, Cuts, Urumei, burns, Scalds and all diseases rtquirini; iter oal application. I'rlco 25 cents and () cents per bottle. Omission. The name of Aid. Lver-dure was uulnteutlonally omitted from the lut of those present ut the Liberal t'oDKer vatl vo convention at Hull on Aturday latt. Hi lus qalle a stake lu the county, and luovo.l (ho Toto of Ihaeka t3 air. K. It. KdJy. He I. a wrui uDil eQrgetlo fcupfottir r Mr. Cortuiei's candidature. Huy jour new Kurnttu;e and btovits t Kvtiuomy Kutuituro llti-e, 2j3 Wtl-i)iii(ton street. " 1 ; Tra Cii.iiAhv. Mr. anil Airs. P. A. Mcflub aud tbeir little con leave to night for Calgary, N.W.T., where ttey Intend to take up their residence on the lauche owned by tte family. Sir. Mt-Hugh t tailed acourlo of nieii ahead on hatunlay taut with a shipment of horses and aula. 'Ihey wIM ioiuoIu at I'ort ; Arthur, to luako a I reek in the Iock jouroey, until Mr.' Mrllugb's arrival there. Having the utruott i outldem o in the Superiority of W(fj Congh Syiup oer all otbero, Ibe proprietors feel justlne l lu oileriog to forfeit the above amount for any iae of Bronchitis, Jnllutnza, Coujbs, Coldt1, Consumption lu It early stages, and all Threat and Lung PU-that cannot be cured with Wsl (Jougb Hyrup. Tiloi 25.., 50c. and J 1 per bottle. A USNEKOUA DOJiATlO. llcv. f. Welt has lecalved Itoiu Kir George Stephen, president of tbo Canadian l'actflo Kail-way, a generous donation of $2,500 towards tLe ciu tlou of a bmldi inter a Hchool lor boys, in connection wltb Uorrin College, ol which the total coat is tstimated at $7,500. The rontruc-tion will be luamodlattdy begun. J'ret. liyteriiin Utiiew, Mr. Alexander Itobinson of K titer, ia writ'og- about on of the most popular articles, aud one that has done more good to the aill cted than aoy other medicine has during- tb short lira" it baa been in eitstence, saye: "I have osed four bottles ot Northrop A Lyman's Veuotable Discovery and Dyspeptic Cure, and have bseo cured ot Dyspepsia that troubled me for over ten year, 'art of lhat tune 1 bav it very bad, and I was at consider' able expense trying to get relief; bat this tioollent medicine was ibe first and ooir relief I received." ANNEXATION ADOPTED. Tbc Council at Last Deal Willi Ihc Matter. Till EIGHT iVAED 5CUEMK DKrlATID Oilier Amendments Vutetl llnwu-t he Mayor Keport, and Hie r xplana. tlou The jsew Hre hiallon The City to Accept Mr. Iloolh'a 5,noo The Civic Iloll'Iay 1'rocUliucil. DVilhli.e exception of Aid. Ileney ami Cox, who are absent on a trip to the old couutry, all the member ot ti.o Ci y Council werr present aud answered to their name at tlin logulai im ttio la-t tvi-uw, tho .Uyjr in tlie chair. in tde alm-r its ot Mr. W. I. L.t, cuy cleik, who is ulightiy iu.Jii(,o-J, r Jackson, liu adSisUui, orcupied ii, -iK a cbair. 1HIC HAVOK 9 llkl-nKT Tl first communication read aaj lie Mayor's report on the New Klinburtrb annexation matter, wbicii Lai len presented just be lorn Ibe Council abruptly adjourned lor want ot a iuoruui at its iat nioeting. It included gtaustics of tb two mtiDieii.alitics as lolluwi : Nbur Ottawa. t'dinturtfb. I'opuiaiion 33 OOo l,2WJ Atstwmont $ 11,000,0(0 Mt,600 Debt pr head withwii'. rl t'tttte asneta .. Kate on 5-1 ty whitij thid debt COUld ha paid off ii tiO 7.1 Cititi 5 75 cents Debt with $300,, 000 real egiat sajets for Ottawa .. Uu i u Jl ny which this could be paid oil'... L5 centa f .7.i cent Estimated IeI,t on Ut May, ltso'.; f.Jj,r,i,o 20,ooo The Btatemenl of tbo indebtednrsa ot New L liuburgb received undt r sfol sbnwe.ii it tobe 517,709 57. The county TMbtoT IBM'i aiii i'5 25. The valim ot al property was $31-1.475, and of per-. soual properly aud income 31,200, or a total aHueaaat'Ie valun ot i.! 15,775, A lttr Iroui the city aollcitor ai.icb aocompaniDd Ibe Mayor's couiruuiiicali.m conniudcd aa toKows : 1 liave txatnined tin, rueiiiarial hhIi. muted to mo and it ae me to bt in accor dance with Mm ri't-oinliou ol it.-; l.'oineil ot thij 7tb June, and I fcio no ot j tciniii to ycur n-.CM'.i-JK it it tbo Council pan a rt-H'JliiUnii author.; yoti to do go. Aid. lrow:i inoved, ati'mid'-d liy Aid liiemie, thai tb report l nceive.l and entered ntiou t!ie iniiiulf j ot tij- t'ouneil T he inottott wari aduplcd. TUB IHtl.lDAV. A leliliou BckiriLf leavf, tor tbe :,i( iuni t bold their pic-uic uu tbo iti'.b Aukus'. and tor the iaul raul of $25 wa.-t read, aou it.e prarr ol ilm potitionerd granted Another eiiiiuii aakirn; that liin IC.Ii of AiiKut bn pruel.'ilriii-d civic holiday wad aldii read, the Mayor auth.n.-nl to iroela'iu a holiday ou that Uav. TIU UMlil-.-HCOTKUS' U.tAV 104. A comniiin.catiou from Msitir J. en rung ton .'.-e.f pt:.-mt:ti, ihi clliccr cgm niandmn tt," Governor (ieuerat's Foot itiardH, wj read. ltrluid attention to li tact thai no s'ei s tiad yet been takeu li reel nioii'iiiiei,' t to maik the renting lcn ol i 'MVaus Oiigood aud Itogerj, t li.e (lt,Hrd' JSharpfhooieis, who i.ll m( Cui KiH Hill as itai iToipor a in, i ,w:ieii l'w in: tn-ne ou. u:ev ,ia-i in rigiu i erec. ui-juiic li.ent, h'.f Hi,! i ..i(ioikt uu jiteaU il th ! l.-wii;,d eiiiiiild b,. linti l, i oer to :ln flirer iijins-'i -ii Iho Foot uarU Ins undertaking to bavo a tti!tli! ui iu'i- iii-ni placr.d there. O.i motion ol Aid. Ulnliain, uuconded y.Ald. (Jrieti-, tin iia inn meat Ion was (erred tin comoiittxe rowuoeed ol Aid. (Jjrdai:, . , i , i n. i : i . l.avnraur. and Ife .jver and t-eonder. viKAkca hiPvttr. A repmt iron tbo 1'ina iOB Committee, giving a sia-euienl ol the expenditure tor uly, was r ii and adopted. Tin Matket Commit I , in their nth ro port, recouiuiended tho urantiug of the etiiioti ul J - Dallairo to open a stall lor be sale of Sresh meat ou Lot No. 1 1 on tli.i south eidu of .Stewart stieet. As coal weighiug waa not to be enforced for some months tbo committee recommended that he corporation scales at the St. Lawrence Ottawa depot aud on iSlaler strut bo closed in the meantime. HKAVV wriliuT CO A I, MilVSIU-. Aid. . Wbiilaua aked whether it was customary for coal drivets ! nil uon their carts white their loads were being weighed, as bo bad been informed had been done in one cado a lew dars ago. lie thought small men would have no dhow as CO.! diivers If this becatnn Ibe fashion (Laughter) " AI4. O'I.earj Well, it j ut ilependa. If the driver sits there while tbo cart is being weighed before the load is put ou, I suppose it's all right ; but if be doesn't, then I suppose it's all wrong. It's a pnor rule that . don't woi k both ways. (Laughter. ) 1 be market report was adopled.aswujalao oue from ttio iiuard ot VVoiks authorizing the covering in ot the outlet of Ibe Bay stieet Oram. tiir tttw riBK eriTtoN. The report oi' tho Fire and Light Committee, recommending the acceptance ot Mr. J. It. Booth's odor of $5,500 cash In lieu of building ibe new lire ataUoa at the Cbaudiere, was presented. This report at last meeting wasrelerred back to the com miltee for iurthtr consideration, bu. the committee returned it unaltered, having not changed their mindr. Aid. Uotdoti again objected to the compromise agreed to in the report. Aid. lirown proceeded to point out that a more satislactory station could be built by the city tor tba $5 600 otfered, than air. Boom could tie compelled to build uuder the lirst agteement For instance, be could not be compelled to put a cellnr, uo ineuti.iti of that having been made in tbo original agreement, aud Ibis would ba a considerable expense, as it would have to bi blasted out of tbe solid rock. Aid. Uordou went over the objections urged at last meeting and was auawered by Aid. O'Keele. Iho latter said that Mr. liotb bad tooted that It tbe commit tee did hot agree to bis ctl'.ir t'io company might get tbe right of way over tbe U. P.K. track on Broad street, and tbe cry would get nothing. Aid. Wbillau thought It was a pity that Ibe Canada Atlantic did not get tbia right ol way, as the Council bad tug gested two years ago, in place of inter ruptuig traflie at Pooley's Bridge. He thought tbe Council should have nothing to do with put-log up tbe building, but that it shout J be put up by Mr. Boom. Aid. Cherry also thought ibe original agreement snould he adhered t. He ridiculed tbe idea tbat Mr. Booth would not put up a proper building if bo did tbe work. Al l. l.avsidurft said bo lor one Wa w-lt satikbjd with Mr. Booth's offer. Tbe motion adopting tbe report Aras carried ou the lollowiug division : Yeas Aid. lluicbiaan, Dalglisb, Brown, 'OLeary, IJermain, O'Keele, Laveraure a-d Deejardlos. -U, Nays Aid. Gordon, Cherry, Ortene, Whillansand Duroctier. 5. Aid. Cherry gave notice ol teconsi lera-liou. 1.I.CAL IMPU0VIMINTS. tkveral reports from tbe Board of Works and City Eogineer on proposed local linvrovi tunuu were read and adopted. MOba OUSIlilCTION. Aid. Durocber here moved the adjourn- ment, seconded by Aid. Laverdure. The motion waa lost on diTisioo, ouly three votioK "yea," Aid. Dcijirdini joining tbe other two reprcieotativea oi Ottawa Ward in their attempt to again prevent dibcusaiun on tbe New Edinburgh aasixATioa mxsTioa. Aid. Broan then moved, aecondad by Aid. Cherry, that whereas the electors of tie village ot New Edinburgh hare passed a bylaw approving of tbe aoneiation ot tbe village to the oily of Ottawa, ReeolTed, tbat tbe Mayor and City Clerk be authorised to present HALL'S Vegetable Sicilian HAIRRENEWER wax the first preparation perfectly adapted to. cure disease of the sca'p, and the brt ucccisful restorer of faded or ,ray hair to lu natural color, -.'rowtb, i youthful beauty. itatorsi, but none retiiiiremetits needful fortlic proir tr-at ment of tbc hair and Hall's Hair K'rown in favor, and (spread its fame mi nWuhieM to every rjiiarter of Ihc gl !. It unparalkled iU'cf,s can le attritiut- to but one catiie ! improtniifrs. The proprietors priM-d at the receipt of orders from ie im,te count ri-i, xvhere they bad nevi made un effort for itt IntrtHjuction. The uo for a short linn of Hall's Haih ltcxr.w :it wonderfully iinprov. ,- the M-ri'ti!il pi :irain'i'. It , ate -t tli' M;itp from all impurities, curei a!) Im-i.i'i-. fetir. aud drytics, tiiil tint pr. i.iit-- I.:il,lue. It stimulate the Weal- tied t-l.inN, mid f-nidiles them to j u-.ii forward a new and vigorous .'rovvtli, 'I in ell'ei ti f tlits article sn Hot train eieiit, like those of alcoholic preparation", t,n! remain :i Ioiim- time, which makes i!s ' i--e u matter of economy. Buckingham's Dye l-t'K THE WHISKERS Will change tin l-eurd to a natural brou n. or black, at !circd. It produces u pel nianeiit color that will not va!i away, ni"ltin;r of a single preparation, ii ii applied without troiildi'. ' l l:KfAt;i:i iiy E.P.HALL&C0.,Na8liua,N.n. .Sold lv all Dealers in 'Medicine-.. memorial, prepared bv the City H-ilicitor Ut the Lteutenaot-Goveroor in-Council. aiaiugmui to issue a proclamation an nex'D New E Jtuburgb to Ottawa Citv. on. the tirms set forth in the report of tbe rpumal committee adopted by the Counet u ttio 7;li of June last. Aid. lirown made a Ii nfclby speech In support, oi rus molioti. Aid. o Keeto said he was not cjiposul to the annexation ol New tudinburgb on an equitable basis, hut otherwise be waa. Now was an cpporluQity lor A KStllVISIO.f of all the wards. 11 ment, as follow ; bad an amend That all after the woid that in the onem! motion bt struck cut aud the following inserted in lie ti tberoof: "In the opinio; of this Council it is advisable to annex tho Village ot New Ldioburab to O-.tawa City and to provide for a proptr division of the various wards of li. e city, and that the Mayor bo authorized to prouoJ- to the Reeve and Council to have New Edinburgh admitted as part ot tbe City ot Ottawa, and lorm wiui all tbat part of tte city east of Ohaptl street from the southern boundary of He. Oeoree s Ward to the itidean Jtiver, one ward, with e.ll the righ's and privi leges t-f "Ik city, tue cily to stume all ih liabiliiiHi) and assets of the Tillage. TtMt with it:ij addition thfcity bedivided IIUJ eiuii r ah n.i, to tie known aud bout. did as follows Ward No. 1 All that portion west of t'oiieevHioii slreet from tbtt southerly houuilary of WelliCittou Ward to the (it tawa Itiver, together with the Chandmre. Ward No. 2 Bounded on east by Kent street, south by cny limits, west by Con consion olreftf, north tv tbe O'tawa Itivur. ' Ward No. 3 Bounded on the east bv Motcalfe strett, south by tho citv limits. west I y Kent street, north by the Ottawa Kivor. . - Ward No. 4 Bouti ied on the east bv tbe Kideati Canal, autit'j by tbe city limkr, west by Matcalfa etreet, aud north by the Ottawa river. , Ward No. 5 Bounded on tbo east bv Daihoutte street produced from the Ottawa river to Itidean itrcot. and Waller street produced trotn Kideau street to tbo canal, south and west by tbe Kideau CautI aod Ottawa river; north bv tbe Ottawa river. Ward No. ti Bounded on tba east bv King street produced to the city limits, soutn by tbe city limits, west by the Ktdeau uana Waller and Dalbousie streets; north by tba Ottawa nrer. Ward No. 7. Bouuded ou the east bv Chapel street, produced from the Itideau nrer to cstr limits, e.iutb bv tbe city limits, west by King street, aud north by tbe Itideau rlvtr. Ward No. V. Bounded on the north and east by tbe Kideau river, south by tba city limits, west by Cbapej street produced as aforesaid, t leather with the prewot village ot New Edinburgh. vitn the uoaersiaoaing mat mould tba limits be extended so as to imbracu uburbs east west or ooutb, ancb lauds shall b considered part and parcel ot the wards armcent thereto, and divided and bounded by tbe aforesaid n tv boundary toes. Aid. Brown thought Aid. O'Keefe's project should be teferred to tbe Redistil button Committee. j INI MAYOR SXPLAlKg. Alter considerable discussion Tbe Mayor said be bad been fiercely at tacked to the preis on tbia matter, but be hoped tn-nigbt to make soma corrections. It was false aod unfounded tba ary in fluence bad been txerciaed on' him for bis vote givtn on tbe 5ih ol July, lb' bad tbMi thought tbat tbe matter came irregularly before them, aod bo uiaiouiued tbat now, in tlie light of tba information siuco given For innanciy they were not before aware that in tbe consolidated debt of New Edinburgh tbere was $!.5Cn for an embankment. Then, on ttu otlter side. they loiiud tbat the city would have to ittle with tbe county tor the tate paid bt New ikliabnrgh. Il bad been said tbat be gave two voice. He waut-d t uoderstood, however. that be bad no two votes. When '. heri was a tie, tbe Mayor bad tbe casting vote, but when be himself created a tie, this bad the ertuct merely of nrgativing tbe motion for tbe time briog. IT'S oily wish bad leD to give a vote whici stayed proceedings of the Council wbicti he then and stilt contended were iriegular. Tbe proceedings to-nlgbt were regular, and therefore it the Council pasted toe resolution he intended to sign tbe memorial. Aid. O'Leary said it '.be New Edinburgh peoplo tbongbt to protect tbeir village by building n dam, tbey would bave to commence it away op at liurdman's Bridge, or eiso tbey would fljod the whole of Corotninga' Bridge district. He thought tba less they said about tbeir dam tbe better tub 8.WAHD scams huatitid A vote being taken on tbe amendment of Aid. O'Kseie, providing for tbe redistribution of tba city Into eight wards, it was lost on tbe following division : Yeaa Aid. O'Leary, Uennain, O'Keele, Laverdure and Derjardins. 5. Nays Aid. Gordon, Hutchison, Dalglisb, Cherry, Greene, Brown, Wbillaoa and Durocber. 8. aoaa BtDiaTBicuncn. Aid. Desjardtni moved in amendment that all tba documents in relation to tbia matter be referred to tbe Kedistr.bution Committee, and tbat tby te hinrueied to prepare and submit tu t.,-1.. no f . r ibe redistribution of wer.1- lt J n Ust on a division ot 7 to 0. a .. D.irocber this time being wttb tLe wiu-rtty, tbui nttktag tbe change m tbe E.ures. IBBlTaATlOM PIIOPDSBO On tbe aame division another amendment by Aid. O'Keele, tbat the whole matter of annexation and redistribnlioa be referred to arbitration by Judge Rosa, Judge Daaiell and M. O'Uara, Q C, waa declared lost. AValXATlOM 0ABBI1D. Tbe main motion ot Aid. Brown, autboriatng tba Mayor to memoralixe tea Lt. -.Governor tor m proclamation annex It Las bad many tee have o fully Met all tb (tcalp. Ukxewkk lias uteadliy thr thtire fulfilment lme often l'it anr ing the village, was then carried on the louowieg division : leas Aid. Gordon, Hutchison, Dal glisb, Cherry, Greene, Brown and Wbil Una 7. Nays Aid. O'Leary. Getmsin, O'Keefo, Laverdure, D-nardins and Durocber. tt, KMocoa vor oa niiht. A1J. Brown then slarud to tutroJuce some moro annexation legislation, but tbe Council insisted epoo adjourning, having seemingly enough of annexation for one night. Aldaalglisb. Cherry, Brown and Wbilians wanted to stop longer, but were outvoted. Aid. Brown s now proposition was to annex ami tuciude in New Edinburgh ward all that portion of land lying ncrtb, at far as Hemlock Creek, ana east as lar as lieechwood cemetety uonnuaries. The Council adjourned at 11.05 p m. A Standard Morilcal Work for Young and MiddJc-aged Men ONLY SI BY MAIL, POSTPAID. ILLUoTKATKD SAMPLE FREK TO A Lb Um THYSELF. A Oreat lueoicai work on Manhood Exhausted Vitalilv. Nervnnl and I'hvuln-d Dehilitv. Prematura Deellna in Man. Krrors in V outh and the untold miseries retelling: from indUoretioo or eseesses. A book for every man, yonor, middle-acred and old. Jt eontalns VIS r''erioritinns lor all aeute and ehronie dieeaee, eaeb one rf wbich is invaluable. Ho leuad by tba Author, whose experience for twenty-live years is eueh as urobab'v ntv.r befare fall to the lot ot any rhynioixo. SOO pates bo nod in t emitiful Krenob monliu, embossed eovors fnll silt, guaranteed to be a finer work ia every sense than any work sold in this eoun try for $2. Ml, or the money will be refunded in every insi.iDee. Pries -nly &1 bv mall, iMstaid. Illunlraiive sami-les free to any body, rend now. lld medal awarded the author by tbe National Medical Asso ciation, to tbe Pre ideot of wbieh, tbe Hon. P. A. liifssll. and associate offleers of tbe hoard the reader is reineo'.lully referred. I he heienee of JJIle n worth more to ihe rouuir and middle-aaed men of this aenera- tioi than all the suld mines of Calitornia and the silver mines of Nevada combined. . r. Lbronlele. Tbe Hcietios of Life inlnt out the rooks aad uuieksandt on wlooh the eonititulion eeVnT.? Mirror." bM ! Tba eeienee ot Life i of areater value than II ihe inedieal works publiehed ia this m unt, V for the I'aul ! rear. Atlanta Constitution The tSolenee of Life is a soperb and inwt-etly treatise on nervous and physical debit-it v. Detroit Free Press. Tbere is no member of -society to whom Tbe Holeoce of Lite will not be nsefal, whether jroulh, parent, guardian, instructor or (.lerayuiAn. Amonaot. Aedren the Pet body Medical Ioititole.or Or. W. II. Parker, No. 4 Balfineh street. It.wtr n. Mass., who Biav be oonsolted on all disease rcqohies skill and expeneoee. Cb'ooie aoa obstinate dieasa that have hi. filed the skill of all other .byioiaos a st-eoialty. buoh treated ucoemtnlly without an tnsunee of failure. Mention Citiaaa. ttrtaaa, Ontann. Important Jews. I would reoorumand f or lpepfila! Fndlicetaalon I And kindred diseases, the use of MALTOPEPSYfJ Ifor t,'or,uiii,tion snd all waetiot diseases, the aae ot lanv'i CarULiM Ksnrfgiu W lirff Oil I Vor l. eihir( Infants aad Nerveas Troubles, the use of ClYCFf OLE OF CELERY COMPOUKO (Containing no opium, Yoa Probablv Atk Why I Keooratsnaaa Tlieee Iteiuedlee- ti m b. u- t know them to be rliaiU tbrouabout the Doiuiuion, lor the oure ol n'trtfir, and not claim lax to care everything. Also bnonKa tbey bave tba txact f,rrmuia printed on eaeb bottle label, thereby the purebaeer to know iast what be is takioa. The tiute is rapidly epproaohina a hen n-tailiseot people will refuse to take eaoea eurr-utiA. the tnaredienis ot whieb are kept trrtt, but will insist upon knowing iast what tbey are lakinn. I bave oa band eonstaalty a trash aad eooa-tdete stook of DBUGis FiStl liOOOS.PKRri'MlBT Ete., also all tbe leadinc PATENT . alEDIClNES. rraserlptioa eareially dun-ensed. Oood Value attaraatead. Favour us with . a oatL EL- F. MaoCarthy,' 2W WELLINGTON ST., OTTAWA. JAMES L. WISEMAN. islili 4.nrl::V':f , ....... l. -if, MIMo'"JfVJ rv. I -PUBLIC AaSxCA-" tfaSa-i V"2Fi2 IMCHAIITS BAH1! OF CANADA. " 0 B-TAHI.Mtl 16I. OTTAWA BRANCH. OKSKRAt. IIAIiKIMI ii i eerrleO un. CtttKS5!tT AtcOCNTS are kept with "ICSCANTII.K l'EKtOIM M riKMM. with COBrnUTIO!Hud-tli rRt. VATstINIlVIDI?AIJ. IfcKRKSTI-MLIWKIi on Katlags Uaafemd oth.r,. M , fti. COlLKCTIUKH fate luade at all Poteu, and are i.tulti.,1 li.r ptoaiptly, MEWlXOMCHAKORand IJMTItl 8 AT KM rUNlH a. e bought asd aotd oa U -noat favonrab'a terota. CABiK iTllAXSTKHS marte. I.KT-SOF,CKKDIT laaaed available at an poiuu. W. H. K4tLJct, - SaoAr. BatilloK flooae, IS Maficlfabireet. New hit stock and Oram Kartell. utreat, Oiu. leleebooe eonneetioa. A u. .- c a 3 G C. UarliBaton A Quiney . . ,i:Mf ItfjiirW 1 New tork L'entral .lH'l lilt I I 'a ll!j t'anada Houthern. A- ! A',. K A.. I A, pei. and iluueon , . ., JJel. iaekaweua and W. rrie N. Jersey Central M. K. A T Louisville A Kahvilie... Lake hhore Northern PeeiDc Nottbern Pactuo (PfdJ. ., North W,h.. ; Paeifio Mail Headioc ... Erie ctaeon...... fit. Panl... Omaha Oinahe pfd Texas Pacilia Union Paeiiie , ..... Weiitarn I n ion Oreaon Xran Missouri Paeifie..... ui i.'s't'iiflf j.-i'i XI X't Mi 45 at. tt"i "Jti O-l tri UrtJ'lUI D 'j'lHi bi f,7j: fi7 57j Vi !...).... tWf 17J d 1 ' V Ii llof lliirDii-ilpo .! 4i i:? iH "it "! I to I 67 l"7 .'Mil .H4t .'(4 Mi U2 1112 '11112 CHICAGO WiiftAi. lUKN.UArS. ryitu LAKI) AND OILS. t'cea jlliha't LowMtjciotiaa I Wheat r-ept.... 7fi ct ... . 7'.i Nov .... .... Dae Core Sept.... 4'i Oct .... 4'i j Nnv....t ...J l.e ... I ...! Porir ; Sept....! 10 2 ti ....I P) ;n i Nov. ...i Deo ....I Lard Hopt ... f, C Hot-.... ti 7- Nov.... De..... Oil.- Mai.t.... ttl 7t-i; 7ft s U 10 J2 M 1? 10 15 to r. 10 12 7 to C 77 f- '.7 t. 7a 7 n ti 75 tfi i Itttts of lif Irtiio CMcago Grain and Fromion Markets ipeolaliy ro ported from Board of Trade otneial report by J. H. IlKsnEY, raui Broker. Hoom I., ti. y. W. 1'elesrapb Build nrs. UtUwa. Telephone CoonentioD. Aoa 2 Oin-tS. juish'i Clos- i Prev Lows' day's Wheat- I Cash. Hp .. 51 I 7'1 7'" 1 7".7i 7!, 7fi-7il Oot ... Nov... Dee . . 101 ( eoi torn - Cash. Sort., 'tot. .. Nov... 41 4'i 4IJ 1 4-d I 4.i "i I - 2-J 414 4-W-j Sat La-ih . . Sept tv.," et ,..i..... Nov... Pork 1 Cab.. Hope, '10 it Oat.,.i)0 27 tear. t 'in io' ,'10 2 in Jo 1 10 I 7 io as bard-' Canh Spt Oot. Nov. e 7 6 irt Sr7 e is 8. Kib Cash HPt.. ....... ! f, ?,! 1 ft 32 I i7 I 6 37 ..... .ov...t Whsateurb 77. pot 7t', ealls 771 JSemt ar reoeipta W beat 2D2, corn 'M, oats 2d Corn, earb 4,r j, puts 441. ealls 5ti Kept. no- Reotipn-1 7 t mr, 72 above. cieer. Visible grain sarply-Wheat, 3,Coo,000 ln erease. Nn eubles to-day. i Montreal siock marict MoarsniL Aug-. 2oJ. 4 p. an. Btocsb. lA'd 0d Kales. Bk of MontreaL.!V!l4i 214 iintario liok...Kii ,114 Ha do Poople... . UU I 5 at 2l4t aioisvna Hank... I4i 'I.ll) Bank of Toronto fui ay.i liangue Jaequss Vartier Merebatits' Bank 127 i 12l. I2" 7 colon Hank .... IUo' Cotumeree I2t Can Paeifis hv i ,7t 25 at Moat, eat Tel Co I24J liU 12 at IA.). Pit at I Riehaliau A Oot.t Nav Co I 7 City Pass Jty.... 173 Mentrsal Has Co 203j Cot toot o; H- DdeCottot.lV 7il t W Land Co... .."'Mi, 14, ion at ii t. 771200 at 74 173 i.'i at I,,,), ro at 17.!i 200 at 2 203 an o o 0) T.I lien fc era aail 1 rokera IKriabiishedltl7sI Bravnoli O face, 8 Union Chamber, Ottawa. Head Offloe-1719 Notre Dame St., Montreal Our or Direct Laaaed Wires from our offiecs io New York aad Chieairo to oar 2- Praaeh ffises, Ameron Stoeks. Bonds. Oil, Oraio, Pro visions aad Cotton dealt In for as or "0 Margin. Tersss utrictly Commuioti. Ootstde trders by roait or telearaph promptly exaetiied. LeUers Cirenlars. ete.. Quo a Markets Prea. S 1 5 .O O O WOBTO OP MI JL'M XTJE K Y at eott for one month oely. LUIS. BnCKBT, NKW YOHHBOCW, 5G7 SUSSFsX STBEFf r W. PEASB, General TTefiliinlstt Oaas aad Revolvers Bapaired. Work doaa. Skates tsraand aad haeaired. ! 7 W .... j 7 0) 7 .......( 6 7i 1 6i7 The JNTiuth BATHS lia M1J -UUMaa W11AI BllUWHr EO"5TJLi EXIOBCA.JSrG-JII HOTEL teraaa, derUe. A IMaUftal la.lUI, rUl ttu?llS2tS2S!Ll2?l: ar v Ik ak all as M aBVWaa-aa-a-Bia-BW a-aw bbbub a, To) 7PV IT U LA Are Iht3 AljLillN IjLNB HOYAL MAIL WaaJBSHlPP LONDOMIKSlir A llViKl'OOI. ai raga to er from Fort land or Halites at leweet rata. fcTatAMfCK. rmm tla.bM. CIHCAH-IAN.. Friday. JSrd JnU. P.;LY K ESI AN... Thorad.V. Mh JaV. PA Kit 1 AN Then-day 6th Aug. Kexae, let Cabin, $50. ,., ftTa aad Mrt, letermediate X, bleerace tJl. By extra steamers, Cabia i aad S'V Intermediate aad Steerage paaeenaers for Olancow are for ear Jed tree by rail In m Liverpool. Par berth I and ticket, at-ply to KDWaim KlXfi, JkKeut. jitresH. Oiurt, Hot Passage Katea ULednot.u ANCHOR LINE. fcTKAMKKS KVKRV SATl'KPAT trom N K w v.8K to 4I.A.W JW' JMMlMlKKKV. Kt cf Pa .ace to or from Kw Yard. Glasgow, ttiercoal, LenCeaaeot or eettaU. Cabia and S. &n-sd Hu, sso. A'laotoJ Kxpre hr-rtif. .t:itl'OOl. lm lt Kt.NSroW M. Bieamfhin '"City of Rome." r..,n York, W edfe-tay, Auiit i, S-, te!,tr 15. October 1 Noveust.r 1 '. Salon I'MiMite rd ui jrj t .na Cl S35- Sri(ia ootrard rr t rt.attt. eithsreiviea S20. For li cf Tnura. Tieat. or other iniorwstiAQ ai-rnr in 1IKNHKU3 .N BK'nii;R. New V. tk. or P. Ltrrtiuiiih or Ch.. Drmardi-i, tntmm. QL'EBEt' STE.-ySIFf03PAi. j ItlT-rr mid (all of Nf . Inrf ac t. -.The S. "Miraicicht" leaves Montreal Monday. 14th June, at 5 o'clock t. ro. and everv alternate Monday f"r 1'ieton, N.H., calling at Itsebee. fat her Point, Uai e, I'orce, Mou menide. P.K. I., and Cnarlottetowa, P.K.I., connecting at either terminas with pleasure travel routr to and frt m all parts ot tbe Lnited State and Canada, Nteamers at Halifax for Newfoundland aod for New York. The route offers special attraction to lour-it in tbe summer month. ' NEW YOKK AND Ills KM I'D A LINP.-TUe mmrnilinant new stcsmshtp "Orinoco" leave Maw Y'ork everv allereate Thurdy. WEST 1N0IK3 LINK.-For hu Kitt. Antisua. Martinique, llominioa, bu Lueia, Barbii'tce acd Trinidad, W. t., etaaruer leave New Vera Lr lbte ports every tour-lean day!-. Pauipolats and map of tbe routes with all particulars ean be obla'ned from FDWAhD KIM. 1 icaet Aeeni, 27 torr.rk SU AHTHUR AIIKHN, Seeretarv, julee. ' DOMINION LINE OPBOVAL MAIL STKAMHHIPX o.lvvpool Service. Kaltmg Dates ritOM UUKIIKU. ToronU. Friday I'ith Jo'y. 'Vaneonver Thnra-lay 22nd July. Sarnta Friday. 2h Joly. Montreal ... Friday, eta Aug. 'Oreaon Tborsdar, )2th Aug. Briatoi 8rTic for Aronmoath Dock Halllnar llatea KIKIat MOfllKIAL Ontario Friday, lUh July. Donilotjo ..Friday 3otb Jaiy. Uu'o Friday, Lith Aug. These steamers bave saloon, latuie room, state rooms, sraoktne room and bath rooms en-idablp, where but little (notion is felt, are handsomely fitte aad tbey oany neither eaiue nor sneeo- . lUlu r fauaaa From Ouebee. Cal-ta $'0 to $80 aeooydiaa to steamers and berth. Seiond cabin J.lo, slearaae lowest ratest. For all further intormation apply to A. H. TAYLOM, Otuwa Agent. Or to DAVID TOUKANCK A CO. General A genu. 41 on t real. Freo Trial of Connors' Improved Washers fcOLK AOKNT PUR T1IK 41 544 Sntnex'street. N. It, Wrluger-i reitalrod and goods aobl by InstalmenU. ; Window Shades Aii'l flttitiH, Curtains Poles- Ami fitting. Awn inas. Our Nbock ti aliovo in now cjiu-f-lf anil will c-uiiuro ftvouraLIy with any in Canal.t, -aliilo jrif-a art roluc'l to tlio lrwet (mattil-L oint. TKNTS, CAMP OUT FIT8, HAMMOCKS, HOIlK COVKF.H, TAItrAUUNS, 4 Our " Ctiiiiioji Sv-riMJ " SLEEPING COT " Ia tho la-si anol client -i-xt ia .the market. A full aaaortment of LACUOS.SKH, KUDORIl BALLS. CLUBS, ta, etc IslerDational Teat & AyiIbe'Go A. G. FORGIK, Manager, 181 Sptarka street, OtUwa, FOR 8AIsjV Tke aorthnet aart af Is4 No. 30. la Ik ath Coa. ol tha Teweshia at uaceooe. e. taiaiac 10 aeree. A oolv to a MM. w. . "---, MMmmmm mm tawa. 7ta Mo., laaa. Season of the IN OTTAWA l. w iiui lit. -a ' , ""r. UA4.atX Ala Best- MS Six lines which must be cleared out regardless of cost. Prints, Sateens, &ingharas, Muslins. osiery Thread, Silk and Cashmere. All colours. All sizes Carpets cent off them ? nrr nn iMo kick E B EDDY, Mfuiufncturer & Wholesale Doalor in Pine Lumber, HULI-, P. Q. SASH, DOOR AND BLIND FACTORY. Tlioroughly Equipped with New and Latest! Improved lax3liiiieiv A General Assortment of JIOUHK FJNIHJ1 oon.Untly on hand. Htair Uuilding and Turning, Specialty. Lumber t horoughly Kiln Dried. ' VAr'orkmHnshlp Unoxcolled. The I'Juiiiiitr MIUh Dopsirtmonl OUNNECTKO WITH THE FACTORT EifiBLBS and UISNKKAT PUHLIO ta nurohate IN O.NK ESlAHIiIHHMKNT. tMarrVK&Y EJEQUI8ITJC STOH UUUSE BUlU)llia.wM BUILDINQ & DIMENSION TIMBER cut to order Floorings- clapboards heathlnztj. elilnplon, lath and mouldinti-f in itoek. Wholojalofand lUtail. E8timatfi8 Furnisbeti -' - Writ4i fnrPriroK Ti, i-iue-KISGSTOS TO CO Leavts Ltoa' tVharf : Wedntaday evening nrtaina0a and loteradUe t. ya4e -ooraing for Montreal and ioeroe4tate erU. Iawu siiecla fur Ulieee Friday alterro a. Laavs M mtreal lorOtlawa Tuaedavevewin; W OARRETTv '. "p VAIfCETY HALL. o ' Tablet. C'.air. IdsteaI. Poreaaa, .N.ilr.l- H'ahtas J, H kef-aots, it Ce, to k Shelve, M'titirg I ... I1 1 .r M iir..j. H I ,M n '.. i.ue Met'reatea. ,rteg )i4, Jteletl, lionk. teltera, Ceebe, n.-l ,e .lia, .Mitfi r, Lwk-og 'llaoe-, ( etettt Pi lea. Tba only in tin I io,;?i..-i nrhere v a fo.i-h a ! ue ihrvuhat. IS. SOBERS ..& SON, mm. r.fl'.KTAIi Kit 4M I'., G O rOit YOUR FUItIIURE. Bedroom Suits from SIC upwards, all hardwood Parlour Suits from $40 upwards- 3G ' 38, 40, and Londonand Paris Hair Works 'i-fU.-IT lst OtriCK.) J tint art ivcl from Urilavl a 8--octal (Joasinmr-iit of All Hair Hwitchrra. Also Natural rartitt Wav.-a ami Toiir t lU'iuiatbia. -tS-E. MILES'. FRAVVLEY'S UlaacicaJ V Commmarciai Academy tEVaCKT K-rstXItSO tvwaa 7 !. Tba ebjeets are r latta Bvaoara for CIVIL MKKVIi; aad UKTirfrKMlTr KMlKAWbK KaAatr NATION-. a Mann fcaelneee ewlaea- SrSI make ay fwr aeBoleaelee la mt kraackM. TavSiBU. m3 per taualti av 7.S pa ttgtai leij A etaes la raeaaUo Saorlkaa 1 is aboat u HCBIBT J. FRAWLSr. M.A.. At-aioa Hotbl. Pnocipa TUI42 DADCD tur ronaa mikm om I rliO VArCn V Hnwell aew.-ja-jea .1.ntolne BM-wultH-e--'eee4ei-tl i BATH HcrTrTrTTwn w-a e. mm - "" AW1SUUKM, SOO PICHOLAS STREET IXATHS. J. JOHIXSON. Propritatoiv Try -Tlitmi- in uotton. less 20 per Who wants HflMREAL - - Tr..,fer.r S JOS. HOYDKN JiMlUWIlHN, 7 Kt.r.n'os f- ctiH.srcTioH. T 0 r A . ... 1 ... 1 1 i O'CONNOP. STREET. 3IRS. llAMftlOJNI). Fuiivjljlf XxrA Xli lutkllarfy l"g to Icferta Ladies bvlag a a dWtaaee that she has eed a FttlCliASlJlti A'iKSC i , aad is aiard U de vt-fist; e everv dorertiHioa. All orders will -aeie rnaH aad earelet att- . ISFaNT4 Oi l FJTi aad w fcDDIWU TROLnnKAI-.l a Hreeiaity. Ma-Sea4 r ireeler wtt laii f aruoolars. tH kiiaa tol W et. Tereale. HaVAK k,iu ot 'jottia. ! aad f Steves, by the Ust atetare. tor !. Uea-ail litaka.:Ut.ia 4oee i aiae e- retai'-Ibs ia all IM braeee-. A large aotel.l ofBtoae Mm leU, Hateuer, aad Cfci-eis to' 4e- A . kiads al I tUa. Loaee. Braes Cof-er. Lead. BsUtat aaV sWia keukt Ur eaaa. ia Uraacf saaaU aaaautie Mabia-T iMMtakt aad . . . ts Miaftu-a . K)a A tUdaee tee

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