The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1947
Page 6
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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Laundry Dili; rat. it, Me IK IZc K If *e MJilnuK Ckirn 1 time fr , ]!., I lint. K i |ia, p« H.j 1 HKII pti !»<• ixr «M I Illui ft. Hit Mr «<• U ibui r« !!•• )>tr »a Uwtk V«r UM ~ ..... c COUHI lir* AvtrAgf wurl* I* tk# Hut. Ad ordered («r Ihrt* *r »li time* »d il«j»|i*d tofoit etiiirAtiom will be cnarf- •4 f«r lh# BUnbcr of tiutl the ad ap- »tart* aat adluztment ol bl'.J m*dt. Alt utauUfed Adrertlilu Mligr <uk- »[|trd »» M"o«« Ktldlml oulildt o| I ih* «l»j aiutt ke *cci*»pA»led by cask. ' «»IM Mir W uill; rompult* inn Ihr atote table. Advertising otdtr far irregular later- tUm. lakes ihr oae time iat«. No roijxll.llllllr will • « tikta lo, •ox* IbaM »ne lacorrect iB.enton of »nj claaaUled ad. LADIES Come to U-Do-It Laundry and do your family wash on our modem MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 a.m.—Close 5:30 p.m. Close Saturday «t noon. OPEN TUESDAY AND THURSDAY UNTIL 9 p.m. 323 North 2nd Street Phone 4247 NotJe* It waa two year* »KU today Our hkub&nd unit father went away We miff you ft tin w ( alwan will Tour memory In our heard will tta-v four lctio» wire. Uri. w. 1. Wheat Ihlldri and Children 10131 pk 32 business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services CASH TOR WRICKED OR JOUR AUTOUOBILKS Wade Auto Salvage * Highway 01 Ph one 5,35 '_ 8-» ck II ^ Expert Radiator Repair for Less W« have the but In rkrflaloi reoalr a<iulpm«nt. L«l our trained mtn boll •ut aaJ repair rour radlitoi for you Quick Service Pickup and Delivery Russell Phillips Tractor Co. LAWSON. «gr Phone 517) tit e* «( foods PHONE 3003 LUTTRELL'S GROCERY AND MARKET for STAPLE AMD PArJCV GROCERIES QUALITY MEATS PROMPT DELIVERY We appreciate your business 30» NORTH SIXTH / lOIS'ek tt Fuels "ISeirThatSOf Kerosene and Fuel Oil Call 2089 G. 0. POETZ Your Source of Dependable • Service Office RR at Cherry toil ck U Building Material PAPER HANOINQ AND DECORATING Free Estimate* BILL DAVIS INSULATION •Mlult u* •» tk* H*t tla< te iu« ana the cheapMt w«y to apply It *. 0 KOBIlftON LUMBItK CO LUMJDCK CO 13-pk-IOiU P« four own eoncrm wort tad »Tt t"J i, M * tret « W«er *J d»j »i iKUt Phoo UK BOT 658 6l»tm»lll. ** l!ll-ck U Coal and Wood * l r;« ; ., -ota I oefort tn« WTDtvr nun U* w mi jour bin rnoai «e BOT Ill'l-ck r Household Goods User) Stoves, Electric Pumps, Water Heaters and m»ny other \ised items i food condition. Planters Hardware Co. Warehouse Store 118 North First Sf H«lf Block Off Main St. 10-21-ck-tf Leans Money to Loan >o you ritwl K lo«n lo rtp«lr or it- model? No down p*ym*nt. DO mor- t«f». no r«d tap* ?«A APPROVED RAT» S'«, ASK FOR DF.TAlla Max Logan, Realtor Phorj« J034 Lynch BuJIdlal BlTlrmllk Ark MONEY TO LOAN W» Coma money on firm land »nd city property Wi *t«w bur not** CONWAY & HOUCHINS Glencoe Hotel Building » 21 ck tl Musical Reroiut.tloned piano* for 3»Ie Fully Kii2i« meed, reasonably urlcntl 3li south Second. ifljii pk 21 Notice ilu. (or UMO. .urDiua lumi lu vrnuv at Elbert Huffman** Swap finorj. 401 •. Utln. ph ttt ll-ck-tf invMt your CASif IN COMFORT Buy a clean used car from Poole Motor company with eajy monthly installment*. Poole Motor Company SOUTH HIGHWAY '(I STSELE. MISSOURI PHONE 8TZELE 49 10,10-ck-tf Going to Wllmlnnton. North Carolina, Wednesday. Have room AV several passengera. Share eiriensen See Dean Burn*. R. H. Harrll Mule Barn. Ill Walnut. 10121 uk 22 PRACTICAL NURSING EASY TO LEARN AT HOME Inatructlon. Prepare now for this Interesting, well paid work. Nllrsea are needed many earn while learning Spare time training plan welcomed by doctora. HlRh school not necessary. Information FREE. Write today Wayne School of Practical Nurstnjf Box P <%, Courier News. 10:20 pk 23 Attention Commercial Traveler* Modern Tourist Court. Missouri State Lin*. Highway 61 9137 pk 10i27 Outdoor Supplies Photographer' O'Steen's Studio 10ilS-CR>3 Plumber For a licensed plumber or ror expert stove repair «ork call Harry Meyers at Hubbard Hardware. 912-ck-ll 2 Services Curtains laundered and stretched 2K S. Franklin. 10il4-nk-lllH WATSON! BEAL'GARAGE Located at 328 B. Division come In and talk over your car r ^ni^ l: S' to " x lt: Steam cleanlni; wi ,r " i.'^V c h » r K 1 n g. Electric Welding. WnshlnB and Orsaslnit. In connection with our garage visit Kerbough Grocery fur,"}! ","' ' n " n « m "" »""1 '«Kl Also hard to jret itemji ^^ CAB SERVICE WHILE YOU MOP ONE BTOPI 10 II ck 23 O'Steen's 'Studio 10;l«-ck-3 'For Fine Workmanship* Glass Cut to Fit ANY PATTERN-. PL.ATK GLASS MIRROHS • STORK PnONTS rtCTURfcS WINDOW OLASB DESK TOPS Safety am] Crystal Auto Glass Arkansas Paint Glass and Wall Paper Co. 105 I MAIN PKOKE 18.18 ck Typewriter JUST ARRIVED Carload Servtl Electrolux KEROSENE REFRIGERATORS POOLE MOTOR COMPANY • II at »tccl«. Mo t itttlt 4« T«n«tl«!i blind, now In .toe* Rnidr- «J a « «• M. Blind.. Dc.l r.lntsior. 10» t Mult! St chone »t50 ______ Grawhoppw Mjslery Grasshopper alaclcr, «t the ea«l- «rn edjt or Yellowstone n»tto;i»l p»rlc. in w unmcd localise of lh,> niyilMls of ira^hoiiiiers vvliich <>.« frcMn Into the Ice. No one knows Just alien these vast hordes ot Insects fell and met. their death on the hi)ft pheet nf Ice. Ho; 1 '/isumr. a; •;' ',;• ^r. h«\f r tilt corn crop of thi United TYPEWRITERS Royni. Smith, corona »nd R^mine- ton Portabli DON EDWARDS Ttl« Trpewrltct Kin 110 N Second Farmer's Column fni «41e South ^1 c S.«-DC-tf BUTHKV1LLK (ARK.) COUU1ER NKW8 Worn piiton rinjt rob your entine of iti power und cost you money in wasted g«i and oil. Let in check your engine and, if needed, install a new Jet of Genuine Ford iiin« to restore new car performance. An Engine Tuneup Now, will carry your car through the Winter months like new! GET OUR ESTIMATE TODAY! ( £osy Repayment Terms 5th at Walnu •hnne For Sale, Farms FOR BALE. 80 acre cotton farm located nuar Gideon, Missouri. In ler- <lle NPIV Madrid County, on R.P.D and school bus routea. electricity prosperous and friendly community. Write owner. Oren S. Llloy. B Houba Terrace. Jelreraon city. Mlasourl. 9:25-1)1-10:25, EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS ON APPROXIMATELY 20 FARMS KanghiR in size from 40 acres to large tracts If you nre Interented In buying or »elllng, or In making a loftn be sure niid ca.l us »nd we will b* Hlart to show-Dr-tlb«cii!m 'thw*' Tartns wUh CECIL EARLS Noble Gill Agency for Sale, City Property t room houte for ule by ownei pnrjne 3450. iQjn t>k 34 cate, good Kr owlni? bu»lne«a. doInK around $2000 ye»r. On M»ln -at. will tell from »5.000 on term*, selling be- CKUM n( poor he»ltl\. 20» W«rd A^e Phone M2, canuherBvllle. Mo. 10.18 ek NEW HOME ?2200 Cash, uiiliiuce F.H.A. .-Phone 3309 , ioiit-ck-]) 10 lots — corner llth anrl Willow Charley Bright, phone 25M. For Sole, Misc. PAGE E SimlU, being iKMiiilfjiilcd, cnn- not M« bt-yoiul » few inclu'.s SISf]• Oil ti««ter« .ml coo* lilovM ., ' Ur J" 11 l 1 ,""" ttl( ">«' '•«'«"• l.°««e. I V«-roem S sIi r chutcl1 -"•»«. I1M. I Four room Quick"hl»t »50 I -,.?"' Mc) or*'« circulator IJJ lank As "i'l'iini''";! 111 * '•"'•••rtnr Move. 'i., T '' r " '»"•"« oil cook"f )|) Phmi. JVM 1 ' <mfll "°» Ohurl-., Hi MM '_[""'* •""• ID J1-1-I..14 For Kent An r *«t 0 ""<K>"""'* "" Frllro H»JlrO«« itvil-nk-M t for Sale or Kent M • u ". 'W" lOUM. Alju m » 50 Kiriue eo.uli>»ed. Wrerkliui l»ia. 1 »cn, .round and out build- J W>4t ' H " v f '0°* " n ln av « .. 'l""" yeara Stock can lie Ixjunht at Invoice nrlce ",,, r « n . M » I" w.ldln, equl,..!,e,,l win . """"""'"I looln liirnlahed wii.- r "Ji *" "" "O 000 "« r ">"»H Warn a Oar.,.. Ph 7 T 11. Parasould _ tO'» pk 10. J.I Htlp Wanted Man anil wife (or home ««'rvlce ^ear-round noslllont Clood. furnlMird llvln« duartrra. Rood pay ror rlnht ner- •01)5. Munt b* eiuerleuced can use either white or colored couple Phone ?B?0 or 3««S Oldeon, Mo,. p:o! noi c 10 9 Ilk 23 Htlp Wanted, Mali Z YOUNG JIKN To train for retail grocery mnnagers. Must have KO<><! rfifcrencc inuf willinjt to rniui- Rgf. stores in other cities. Liberal training salary. Write Liberty Cnsh Grocery, Pox 2G6, Joncslioro, Ark. Uln l.bor Vall.Yllel.1 O| n rlion. SO Ambitious slnjfle mi\n between 22-27 for position as adjuster. Give -in-nt employment, education and (nullifications. Box Q % Courier News. lO-lB-ck-22 Help Wanted, Female SECRETARY WANTED Must take dictation. For interview call 2428. , f ,i o »» o K« »he»d to Mutly work hi MtKilulppt County Oar necessary, Good pny. Box Tl **" CoilTier - _ ' lOilR pit 25 Homes for Rent Blyt —Phone 93 ille—Phone 3131 1—4 room honsp. front and bflck porch, buth room. Immrrtlntr PO^SPA- sfjsMori. By owner. N. J, HandJcy. On S. Lilly. jo.lB pk 22 House for rent ror mxn lo milk fnrt for 3 cows. Phone 2,134. -- ; -—- I Homes' Lots & Businesses _J^ L Ca^ L and_Pfn For <mle by owner: 80 A. sandy IUHUI - ,-j miles off HlghwRy 67 on gravel. All tillable. electilcUy, acho-al bii*. Immediate pos.te&slon. Clarence Haney 502 W. Third, Walnut llMge, Ark. 10;20 pk 23 SOOAcre" Momeplace ! Bolivar County, ftlisa. One of the most benutlful, compact nomeplaces In the Mississippi Delta WO acres In ciiltlvRtlon, tractor operation, bule pnr ncre production aver*3«. Half at cultivated Sainl Saiiav loan], liaif desirable mixed Ismd. Kfnln residence new nnd Insured for S25 000 situated In B 10 acre grove of beautiful tree*. 3-car gurnge aparimrnr »nd nianagcr-R house, 17 tenant houict. 2 b*rnA- Optrated by resident owner with small ovfrhend espouse. School Inis, mall route, deep well. Dutnnc Kns. al! there, Community one of the best Excellent cotton crop belnp liarveat- ed. 75 tcres or ouls already nlnnted, « XH! Negro labor supply pivallable. nl* Is central unit of tr»rgc plnnta- tlon helnp sundivided, patttrncd to meet the wishes of R Rood producer who wauls to live on his property Mid farm with true-tors. Buyer needs about 5 tractors with equlpiprnt, Priced at $100 per acre, phts 110.000 additional ror the beautiful homr Total 490,000. Seller can Rive Immediate possession or home and fir Ms B.S rapidly RS crop.! are made and h»r- Tested. Terms $30.000 cash, assume 4% long time mortise loan ror the bul- aiT-R. Tnxt-s less tlmn *1 per ncre. ThK la ono of the most Attractive buys Rvnllabli* In the Delta for the past sevprnl years. Cnn b« shown f>v ipnolntment onlj. A R^rond unit will soon be ivili- able. This tmlt 1s 890 acre*. 72.% rul- tlrnted. reslrtence, Rln. otore. 5 tractor*. 20 miilcs. etc. Priced lo sell nn reasonnbTc t^rms. For full delft Us or aptiolntmr'it. plmnc or write HENHY T rnoSftY COMPANY. P. O. Box 102, nrrrnTll e, Mississippi. Phone. IOCS Grrenvllle or Phon» 23flJ Gunnlaon. Mls^L^lppl tOi.R ck 25 For Safe, Cars, Trucks 194G one Ion International, new lUlie body Fhonf 2074. 10,17 ck tr Holly Street. H 5-rooin hou 'i^r lot, West ITnrt. 3 pi nets, North jiEde. 5 place*. Suburban jrroccry buslnrases living rooms with sonic, one ttett mill Anything w.-inteU or for sale I'l-mtie Plelci 2:194 10:20 pk 27 5 rnbhlls, 2 hntrtirji (I bnli- Imv. No- mofcf. nuic K«ntftr. 315 H nWMon For Sale Lost and Found .. 1NVMTMENT OPPORTUNITII8I Nowl Now Is the tltru lo urab [hen tmrr;ntns hi Iiomc*. . farnii. urirl businesses. Ollaolii and Tlplon Real Es- ' tnte Firm has II31I||»» on the Best Buys In Till* Section! Itenrt Ihiitn h[i<[ eompnre. But. you'd better snatch It while Die griihliluK 1* nood. (I) 20 acrea on pared hLihway near Manila, urlct M.OOO. (J) Store Bulldlns Stock ot mercnan- tuse und flxturei, one larc* Theater milldliiB, nH on one i\cre of Kroum! on hlRhwny-nenr school nnil churrli A real bunlneu buy ror iom«m«. t3l Oroccry store In Mnnlla, Roort "pot and icftlly turnlnu merchaiid^r Frlcerl to Aell. Someone In ROIRR to nuy this store. Why don't yon In- restluMe? (4) One acre or land with at room mortrrn dwelling: olcctrlelly. hot nun Prjj. *'" ll!r . "n highway nor W«nll« (.11 C«(c In Manila. Dlenty of hour* attached lo this place but nrsctlr«!ly a scll-onf every day. An Ideal iinot lor a young couple who know resuu- rnnt buslneM. [SI onrc farm land, tluht room dwell- l"i([. good bnrn, pltnty outbulldlnei. fenced nnd cross (anccd on hl«hw»j " Bm '' a ' ArK ' I<S<:al *""" C r ' C * LOST: Wdlte Hold Lntly Klmn wr ,. H . wiilch i,t Joneslxiro-lllytlicvlllc loot- liall K nmc. Kinder uleMc call Mr.n usrland .[fsBiiji. nh, 3M5 or MI7 Joneaboro collect for reward. 10,30-pk-J] and lots (71 One 3 room ho Drslrnblo location. (8) One 5 room house practically new Ctood location, priced to aell 191 One fully i'c,iil|,pt<l store substantial fixtures well stocked lorated i.,". 1 . ln ttle "" rl of ">e bu«lnt«« district. Owner will sell this store and his horn, which lias every con- cclTable convenience that anj «m»ll town home could boast. Reaaon for For Safe, City Prop. Modern Home On Carolyn Street Part down O, S. Rollison Phone 3309 10 K.CK-.IJ FOR S.M.K — H-rntmall Tractor and ] TVn house* On one lot 3 rooms and «<lulDmrnt. 2-houom H-:nch plow. h«tli on team of lot « rooral anil ciiltUalor snil disc All In A-l con- b«th on rt.r. R.nul 'h«,ii« will D"" niuon H Klepf. 210 Eahl 4lh Slrcet. ' for both C3ulrk po«^eulon C«r>ithersvj]|«. Ht,. T.I.ptionf 341-J I l.«rR« rcrondlllonid' hous. In tiw. j 10;lS-pX-JJ ! feet condition. Hirlded lalo two nnnrt- .—.— i rnent^ Rftntnl house nn bark of lot Homr? atul Inv^F'mcnt. comh\ur\l Can l>e tlnnriffil N*w *ntl modtrr, Aurlnirban home four roonif nnd Ualli on larKe 5hinlv 10! V'urant now. iirlt-fd rluht. Fortv acre*' Pomlscot nountv land On uravcl rojd. KEA line nnd school bus rm:le will c«rrv sood f»rm lo«n Max T.ojran, Realtor rKOKK ?'•; .•••-., BUM.D1NG • ' '' "m;in fJO Ons home with five room«. front nnd buck norch. screened, bath. Milo- niitlo oil-water hmt<r. wcll-hiillt. rlno nrlBhborhood. price M.500. ,. , us "Ixtnl. some real, rolton prodnclnn farmland. Priced »l |Ui ?i« r " r .'n' " b ? ut 3M <u:r " ln «ul«»»- tlon. Alluvial rich soil on hlnhirir 1121 A comblnittlon Ire cream »n<l sandwich «hon. H250 bulldlnit can be leased lone term. J , Vnrl *^v Rtorr, rioln? extra eood bii«lnr.« Owner will .ell riiturcn and contents at Inventory less lire percent. , lii'ii?. 1 "" h0 "" "ear hlKh school. Good rendition ^ rooms comnlcte with lur- nltlire Sacrifice at S«00 CHAPIrf AMD TIPTOK V MANILA. AHK Phone 12 For Sale, Miscellaneous l>f refrlrfrator. Modtrn Almott new Priced rIBht. Plione 373.1 RnnKe. burns coa' or wood Waler Kl f ir nlr ""' w * 1 "' neater connections S^OOO 3J8 Fust Kentucky at ll-ck-ll ion* I«n acrM or more of tsn-1 Best ol if/. "£?* , ch "'" Malore. Ht I. Brass city. Mo 10:15 pk I nil sale. Rrtrtlnit machine fo» ne>« in 11-rk-J? For S-<^ O!,l) NEWSPAI'KRR COURIHR NKWS ornci I^JBt—sofa pillow, between HlRhwav """ , Ash »' Monday. Flndrr call I. W. I'ntlon. I0!2l-,>k-21 LOST—I.IBEHAI, HEWARD MaiiR fjrfty dress conl with KlaKaeR In r)eTl1l. IW Frlda Bet *"' 11 ".'" " n<1 Blv - iL»rn to Alrln Hardy. Rlythevllle I0i21 14 Personal Slie's vcrsat.ilc, with K 4- way. personality. , <7" il be , "" ert »» Iniclt. Unlit Irac- is?"fev or ».ff2?-" !BnB<> ^r, rii p 0i i I'OOI.K MOTOTJ (-0. ""• Ellia Poole, n wn nr &. Opnnilor South I Tiff h way 61 »t Stcelc, Mo. Phone Steelc .in 10-15-ck-2;' Private Rooms Phon. i«SJ"V, fntr ""' Tt «>» Walnut flmnt 74M. Men only. 10 lfl-pk-35 Wanted to Buy PAID FOR n- -Ton Fleslnr's Orot-cry SOUTH SI HIGHWAY P.KI.OW n'wiri' Oil. MK.t, PHONl! !«33 10 10-nk-ll!10 DIsroTerr Was Boon Many dlabclics dirrl of stnrvntio:i within a few months After coiHrnr.!,. IIIR thf. Msmsf. while riialwlic dill- tiren snr i rlijibt-llc coma canes •]- mojl nlway.s cllprt. prior to the rlln- covt-ry of Insulin by Dr. Banting »nd his «s5ocl«tr.s In l!>22. Would fir I.fnkfrt If Uie water hclwcrn the North American and Asiatic continents *cre IflR-ertrt but 200 feel, Ala-Oca And Siberia would be Jolnrd loztth- er. Read Courier Nows Want A<U 19.18 U l ''" l> '"•••'01. Phona 7*3 or Chapm.n. Dlytiicviiu. Ark. 10, Home Comfort ran?e. coal or wood svllh liol • ••-• >-n': «n1 contieotlons H. n«rhy Rt. ». BoV J7». iv-in jille. lollfl rk 7? Steel Oil t Barrel Racks APT Sire T. L MABRY » MISSOURI ST. PH. JM1 For Complete Protection Against All INSUKABLC HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldq. 124 W. Ash St. Oi« Man Winter Is Jutt Around the Corner l.«t u« »ini>rr Ilif frnin your Urn ami rill 11 ..... i with cnl- Hum chlorlrl* »ntl-frrr;r «,>lu. Hun. We will br nlml in niul«> »n xplioliilinriit In carr rnr' nil rour tni'lur!! u( rum- fnnn— thus HMvInt; you time. ,, SIAKI-S TKACTOItS Russell Phillips , TRACTOR CO. .hist Avotnul tile Cornet- 50. HI way 61 IMione 2171 I Have On Hand At All Times Sevcrnl lnirlur» mill ei|iil]>tm>iil . . . bodi nc-w nnd us«l nurs . JOHN DEEUE. PAHMALI, nnd oilier limkd.i. Also. I luivo tor Mile ill nil. times 70 to flO liml of mull's. Tc'rm.s cun ho nri'unisctL Will trnde for nnylliliii; you Imve. F. C. CROWE 1 Mile S. of Hardware Mutual Inturance Company : of Minnesota I.nrcc Dividend Siivlngs law Net Cost Protection Tor Bcrvlto W. L. TAMKE tO* K. llavli HI., I 1 . (>. Hox 4S1 I'hone 4127 Ulythrvllle, Ark. Gin Supplies Don't. Iciive aiythovlll«' lo buy ain auinilles We nre competitive with Hhy Mid-South rirm nn these supply iirlcns Buy here Tor better merchandise inuj lower prices if U. S. Belting if Detroit Belt Hooks if Crane Valves .and Fittings if Pyrtne Fire Extinguishers See Planlers Hardware Now! . POP SHALI. THESE TIRES INTO THE nio'lo?" '"m'i " UI> -" '" '" llle *»" r 0"' °' <*« radhtor a*d ' TODAY ... It h So Different '. NOW and b« all ,el for the cold da»s ahead. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Wri'i-krrs 24. Iln Service revncn Product* J/O Selherllni Tlrn BRING 17 BACK TO CHEVROLET FOR HRVICE • PARTS • ACCESSORIES Only One Kcslgrutlon Only once In I'ennsylvutiln's lils- tor.v huH ono of her jfovcriioi'R TC- ulRnril. Nent- (Inalli. Pmncls FiRttii Hliiink i-cslKiic'il July 9, 1B48, nn<l tiled three week,* lutV. IW7, HARVEY MORRIS, Cterk Dy Uctty Peterson, D. 0. Attorney (or Plnlntlffr H. O. Pnrttow. INX; OKUI<:K Lily bpcucu Quu.c., IMn.lUtl(t vs. No. 10.283 aurlnnu Onlilc, Defeiutnnt In (lie Cltiincory Caurl, C'lllckit- ninvbu Ul.stik'i, Mississippi Crnint.y, ArkEui.siis, 'TUB rlcfomlntU, Q<iihincl aolita, Is hereby wnrnotl to nppenr within thirty thiys In tlic court nnmccl In tho c.i])t!nn hereof nnd answer Hie i-niniilnliil ot Ui« plnlmld, LHy Hpunce Uoble. Dined this 20lh duy of Oidobw. PRESCRIPTIONS I'Yi'.sh Slock (•imriinlecri DcHl 1'rlces Kirby P~jg StoreS Reconditioned Motors for Sole AM, COOD AIOTORSI Kecdntly recoiufitionod in our shop, using latest (Victory metliocls. Come in 1-:!0 H. P. to !!/>' H.' p. These motors will do the job. See Hi em today! Medlin & Lane Klettric Company 129 So. First Prjone 2180 City Radio •Service- Dial 2407 For Kvprrt Itepafra' 124 Elftt Main »t. Felix A. Carney ABSTRACTS Of TfTLC REAL ESTATE < LOANS TERRY ABSTRACT* REALTY CO ?rj W W*LNIIT!T. PHONE J5JI BLYTMFVILLE APK. Don't lake rh.iiicr* on ky road« with old (Ires. Stop In I.anstslon- tt'rolcn <'om|> today anrl sw. our Bne .selection of U. S. ROYAL TIHKS »l (tcum-fo-earth pric»'s. Protect your car—protect your Family . . . drive nn saFe new tires this whiter. Liberal Adjustment Policy for defective workmanship and road hazards. See us for all your tire needs. LANGSTON-WROTEK CO. Dial 555 For Service Walnut at Broadway

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