The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 21, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 21, 1947
Page 4
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>A«B nenrr BTATHEVILLE (ARK.)' COTJRIKR NEWS U.S. Defenses in Alaska Weak, Newsman Discovers Following Tour in Weather Bureau Plane NOTE: Charie* R. Moore, United Press cable editor la Can JtancUco, haa Just completed a "weather plnne" [rip to Alaska wttta ttw V. ft. Air Porc<w. While awaiting permission from Washington —* »•« n* v « aranfed—to accompany one of the regular weatnrr plan* fll»hU «ro« ttit North Pole from Ladd Field, Fairbanks, he had M opportunity to tft and he« r at first hand (lie situation of our dc- vfnwe* in the North. Hit conclusions, based on interviews with high and lev rank* of military men »nd personal observation, arc contained In ttib neludve diipalch—United Press.) •T OBAKUES m. MOOKK Trtu Stall correspondent) ANCHORAGE, Alaska, Oct. 21.(CP)— This territory, bought from • u«ia M years ago, k less prepared to r«l»t cnrpriie attack than Biwail or tht Philippine* were on D«e. 7, mi. Thi« 1* th« Impression given me br hl(h bru«, low brau and no ferftM, and confirmed by personal etawrration af almost all the drfenu forcM left in Aiulu worth talking about. Alatka k f« niort important to *w people of America, the generals here *aj, than »«r« the Philippine*. Alufca not only Is an oulpott for defeoie, aut could be a We lor Im- aediate atr aUack against the cities at th« United States. Eaey Jmap* lo Big CH[« from Ladd Pield at Kaiib:mki. in Central Aia.ska, it is only about 2,900 atr ml)« to Seattle, or roughly »h« distance from Seattle to Min- •eapolij. H la about 2,000 air milei from Ladd Field U> Eutern cities like Kew York and Washington, ur the approximate distance from San Francisco to Boston. It is even less to cities of the MidWest like Chl- eago and Detroit. MaJ. Gen. Joseph H. Atkinson, head of the Alaskan Air Command, said: "From Ladd Field airp]ane.s now in daily operation—not experimental models—can reach anywhere in the. United States. Our B-29's i an *> it." The U. S. Air Forces! B-M Facu•an dreamboat recently flew 9,444 miles noil-stop from Hawaii to Cairo, over Alaska. Eight B-29's flew 7J15 milas from Tokyo to Washington with one refueling stop at Bmendorf Field, Anchorage. More than 10 years ago, on July 14, 1W7, three Russian flyers landed in a San Jaclnto, Calif., pasture after flying non-stop 6,66fl miles from Moscow across the North polar »rea In a mingle-engined plane. It waa a world distance record at that time. Alaska's chances at this moment, •( surviving an airborne attack and holding out for reinforcements, as Hawaii did, were said by Atkinson te- be extremely small. '"The American people," he added, "•it In lor an awlul Jolt when they find out what it Is going to cost to Aefend Alaska. 1 ' Military building and maintenance eoeti here run from two to four timea thoae In the state, I was told kf men who chart the figures. The defense program /or Central Alaska, the generals here say, has bafety been started. V. 8. Has Two Airfields Brig. Gen. Frank F. Everest, com- nander of the Yukon sector—the vital heartland and northern part at Aluka centered on Ladd Field— •aid that at this time we have only two airfields fully ready to handle »ny considerable number of air- planea, and to ho'use the men whu fljr and service them. These are Ladd Field at Fairbanks •nd Bmendorf Field at Anchorage, about MO air miles South of Fair- bmnfcj. Anchorage is on the Cook Inlet leading to the Gulf of Alaska •Bd the Pacific Ocean. Their combat strength U puny. Reports of an "iron ring of de- fenMs" already built or being built In Alaska were termed bv Everest I "the most fantastic things I ever ' heard in my life." During the recent wnr, the Unit- lad States' Alaskan bases were aimed 1,400 miles down the Aleutian chain of islands at Japan. These, with minor exception. 1 ;, were built to la»t only a lew years. They are in large part being abandoned, while the Centra] Alaska scheme starU practically from scratch. Now, while armchair strategists »nd some military men Blike talk of possible airborne assault over the frown top of tht world, AUsiw as hardly mor« than a training ground for a handful of special air ground and .sea forces. That this situation is well known to any interest major military j»w- er, the top soldiers here are certain. Our defenses here are being beefed up, but at a mo] pace set by limited supuly, wenther that ranges at Fairbanks, from UO degrees above zero In the Summer to 70 below In the Winter, and the fantastic costs nf military building and Maintenance hi such a climate. Quarters for one non-commissioned man's ftimily that would cost, tU.OOO In the states nre listed here at slightly more than M8.000. A commissioned offlreis quarter's co.sU $18,000 in I lie states cost more than $36.000 here. maintenance is said to Be four times as cosily as in the states. Air Attack I'oulcl Br Costly A.i!<ed nlxiiit large appropriations lor Alaskan military nflnirs. Everest Miid: "Von cannot figlit battles with dollars. It- takes airphuie.s, people, tanks, guns and bullets. It tnke.s airports Iti being, not on paper. None of these are In Alaska in sufficient numbers." It doesn't take long to see what he is talking about. In an area twice ttic size of Texas, with extremities of the Aleutian chain ami the Alaskan panhandle as far nnart as California and Florida, a couple of hours by air will do for a fairly complete tour. And in plane no faster than the average DC-3 airliner. The military "men on the spot- when they say that they mean It both ways—arc wide awake to the possibilities. Atkinson, noting that Mights across the >Vorth Pole nre routine, said: "The only feasible attack against Alaska is airborne." That might mean, based merely on the experience of the recent war, a swarm of soldier-loaded gliders, parachutists, fairly heavy guns anc! small tanks. Their purpose would be to grab the airfields. The enemy's bombers carrying nerinl navigation charts ol Alaska, Canada and the United States, would be right behind them Everest snid the present program for Alaska, which he termed "a long way from the goals set nj> by higher authority," is justified on the basis of training nlonc. "This area is ideal for Arctic training," he snid.'"because \ve nor. mnlly can expect periods of two 10 three consecutive months with temperatures 50 degrees below zero. Then it will be minus 20 for another three months." is described by the army men here Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR ORMS Equitable Lifplnsuriincc Society of United Slates See Ucpr^sentatlves GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. IIS W. Ash St. Tlionp 3H93 Listen to "This is your FBI" Fridays 7:30 p.m. WMTS ABRAHAM'S COURTS Open For Business if 16 Deluxe Cabins , if Showers—Hot Wafer • if Gas Heat if American Beauty J Innerspring Mattresses r |A P«rf«* Accommodation for Businessmen or Tourists t —Reasonable Rates— WATCH FOR THE OPENING OF OUR RESTAURANT JN CONNECTION! 'Girl Who. U.S. Presses Claim Against The Railroads WASHINGTON, Oct. 21. tu.P.) —'Hie government todny continued Its series of moves to recover funds from the nation's rnilroiuls for alleged overcharges during I lie wnr which it estimated eventually mny reach »2,000.000,000. The government instituting (he 10th such action in the series filed with the Intel-stale Commerce Commission a coinplnlnt thnt because of the large amount of shipments of inert explosives and nnummt- llon during the wnr it was entitled to lower rates thnn those chnrurd by the railroads. Attorney General Tom c. Clnvk I In anmmncing the new arlion' said repented efforts were mndo 1 during the war by the armed forces to obtain lower rales, Ini! the railroads refused to grant such lower rates. One of the- romjilnlnls lllrd previously covered "hot" explosives! and involved from $30,000000 to > TO CXPtCTftHT MOTHtHS With the Courts Chancery Ocorpo Crawford vs. Vivian Crawford, suit for divorce. Willlr Valley vs. Wilm« Valley, Milt for divorcs-. \Vrtrld Milk The United States produced more thnn 5K.OOO.OOO.OOO quarts ol milk in 1»45, us compared with 8,000,000.- $40,000.000 In possible recoveries. Clnrk snld that the Justice De- pnitincnt Investigation indicated thnt explosives and animnnltlion traffic \vns "Ihe most profitable ever enjoyed by the rnllroarts," nnd added: "All unjust nnd unniisonable profiis should be recovered for the 000 In the United Kingdom, 8.000,000.000 in Cannda, and 4,500000000 In Australln. Grand Relief MOM JNIFFW, HUFFY DUTIES! 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The X-ray itself is actually a special kind of electricity—and that's no rib I MOVIES? Electricity screens 'em, keeps 'em moving, makes 'em talk, and even keeps the customers cool I r-i "•'T,s''-« t .tVW;'<r!-'i'>ftf!f> = ->i'''V^ r I 7 ^ RADAR? Only electricity can spot a field or a fleet through fog or clouds —and control a landing. HOME flPHlANCES? Electricity makes 'em work—heats, cools, freezes, lights, cleans, entertains—and then some I BIGHT SPORTS? No night basketball, football, baseball, hockey—without floods of electric lighting. How many of these need electricity ? You're right. AH these—and many other good things of modem life. That's one reason why, in a recent Gallup poll, Americans named electricity as the most important invention of oH Hme. Another reason: good electric service is available to almost everybody, at low cost. CHARM. iiii<«|i, 4:34 r. M., FST. Ctl. 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