The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 20, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1947
Page 5
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OCTOBER 20, 1947 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.)' COURIRH XE\VS // City Editor Observes UN Action, T/ien Writes Home MOTE: Chart** Ratht, M-year-old editor of the Sauu Kerald, cam* down to the United Nation* a few days ia Hod out whart mad* it tick and report- t»ek to th* folks who fa Midair l*wis' bom* town—ecerie \a hit novel "Main Btreet.- tk» toUewin» "Memo to Bauk Ctnirfc" aath« tella what ba round . htt TMt to th* UN headquarters at like success.* BY C8AELES KATME »— = J (WrKtea (*r U* (Jail** fr***) i''_ . Lax SCOCBB*, N. Y., CM. ». Representation »>—r>* had thru day* at the . ,. _ In House Faces Change After '50 WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. <UP) — Population trends may |lv« California more representative In Congress than any other state except. New York aft*r the 1950 ceruui, K»p. E(J»-«rrt H. Re«s, R,,, aid Saturday. chairman ol the House Post Nations now. Three dajrc »t county fair and you know ev- Tthinc including th* name of the il' taking ticket* it the ferrit Mel. Thr«* day* at the UN and mlr* limp a> a rat. Th* bait war to get confuted •out It U to attand it . still, r« tot MOM Impreuions. For In- anee, the who!* thing strikes me ' j sincere. I don't think this Juet an art, Mayb* thU 1« ttrlct- baekwaeda philosophy but the acne* of (triped-panu, top-hat rplomaU who oow ^rotoool like atar from a apoti(« and the easy r ot informality here mak* it loofc ThanV a fwiinf of Unilon hire Dd aaoattanat rrtrrtodj- free>M Lite the othar m*min( wh«n :uana V. Klaaler,- the Breioruulan el*|at«, J»T« out with the "war- chart* atatn. A .vjrt or leetrle ahock went through the air. '« (reatbtaofne* became It gives \« et&tomera what they came to Mr. Dulles was playing with a aek look of hair at that point . It increased mt loo, that the jaertcan t>restige has come down pole awajrt. There li aome feel DC. I think, that the YarJts aren't Mag arerrthlnc right either. Uay- e that'a a pxxj thine 'or us to :ndw. Un. Rooaevelt tlioufjit so who: he told m* the oth«r day that the r. at paopla are aearccly a»'ar« of h* (reat power of their nation i the world today. Incidentally, etttag the interview with Mrs. eveit was , one of the high oinU of m}' vUit. . . I-waa aupposed to report back rV fiat, how this bminesa Is going nd me whether I thought the world government Idea Is a ood one. Frankly, I don't know. It's plhg to be a tough one for the Frilled World Federalists people to ~~ Moat .people out here say it's ^practicable now. It may be trial •chinery isn't what the UN needs. |'s a matter of people. It bolls ... to the Individual delegates ind probably back to peoples all • tha world. . . t The TJnlted Nations delegates may theraaelVM into something. ne of the critics call the UN a atlng aoctety which, they aaj', Bid. If you ask me that's its h. It'a the basis for under- OcrVe and Civil Berrtoe Oommlt- tee, based his claim on Kureau of Oanaua figures for 1MQ and estimate* for July !, 1M7. At pre«nt, New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois have more ROUM numbera than OaUfornia. But th* 1MT *t«t« population put California wty ahead of IlllnoU a* far a* Congressional representation is concerned and only one behind Pennsylvania. Under new apportionment «tl- mates, New York's House members would drop from 45 to 4J; Penruly- vanla, K to 11, and Illinois X 10 25. California, on the other hand, would Jump M to 30. If picsenl trends continue, California's population V.-111 hf still higher by 1950. Other »Utej which would |jaln in repr«*ent»tion axe — Florida, Jrorn six to ntven; Indiana, 11 to 12; Maryland, six to seven; Michigan 17 to 19; Oregon, four to five, anil Washington, six to seven. Other »tatw losing representation would be: Arkansas, from 'seven to six; Kentucky, nine to eight; Mississippi, seven to six; Missouri 13 to 12; New Jersey, H to 13; North Carolina, 12 to 11; Oklahoma, eight to seven, and Tennessee, 10 to 9. iRANBPA'S FULL OF Gunman Obtains $800 In Ice Plant Hold-Up MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Oct. 20. (U — A gunman staged a bold holdup nt an Ince company hrre last night 'and made a getaway with $800 In Police report-fid early today they had made no arrests. They said J. I. Walker, cashier for the Southern United ice, Co., told them of the robbery. Police quoted Walker a* saying the gunnmati entered the company office last nl£ht and a£ked for change for a (10 bill. Walker said lie opened the money drawer and quickly the gunman pulle<l a pistol and said, "I'll talce that." British Cabinet Members Confer / King George Tuesday To Open Settlor* Of £<ew Parliament BY BRUCE W. MUN'N (United 1'rru SUff CorrespomlMU) LONDON, Ocl, TO. (UP)—King George formally adjourned the «ec- oncl session of parliament under the labor government today preliminary to the opening tomorrow ol a new session lo grapple with economic problem* threatening to undermine th* national existence. Left Wing Laborite* w«r* demanding action lo strip th* comer- tlve-domlnaled Howe of Lords of 1L« Inst remaining legislative powers in the session opening tomorro*'. They sought to prevent the upper house from delaying the labor government's program of nationalization and other Socialist meanuret. The cabinet met at No: 10 Down- Ing Street today for a final lerlnw of the speech with which the King will open the new m»etiiig of Parliament, which has been on » protracted Bummer vacation. Written by (he government, the speech will list the main legislation to be introduced. Tile uaUonallzalion o( Iron and «tc«l was almost certain to be put off until IMP. It was because of the postponement that the Left Wing l*nborites were pressing for reform of the House of Lords, Informed sources said I ho government had decided against mentioning any lord* reform bill in the King's speech, although Health Minister Aneurin Beran, L*ft Wing leader, and several other ministers favored It. The l*ft Wingers nevertheless Intended to raise the l.wue on the,floor or the House. King George will ririe In itate to parliament tomorrow and peraoua open the session. TodaT, however, his ipoecli, while like tomorrow's was written by the government, was read by Lord Chancellor Lord Jo- wltt. Praising the United Slate."; for efforts to increase European production and vorlc! trade, the speech WHS largely H review of legislation passed during the concluding session, "My government has been fully aware that our own difficulties cannot be overcome except In conjunction with nther governments," the king said. "They therefore warmly, welcomed the Initiative of the United Slates in seeking to promote Joint action by the government ot European nations to increase production and extend International trade, and they have given thU their strongest backing/' Scientists Suggest Silver Smoke Screen to Control North's Climate SCHENKCTADY, >>'. Y., Oct. 20 (UP)—General Electric (iclcnllsls announced cxurrlmenls with n silver fmoke screen today that might change the climata of tho Northern United Stales. Dr. Irving LaiiEnnilr made public partial report on .the use of smoltc naklng machines whose man-mafic •loudg may produce rain, snow and irovldc moisture for Irrigation. The smoke. ti> be made from silver odlne particles, may be used to modify the climate of all the Northern states, the report said, The smoke, Dr. l.angmuir said, would be generated on the ground by special machines. The ".silver smoke" would rise, penetrating the :touds In what Is cnlled "seeding." Each particle, he said, may become a snowdrop, provided the smoke drlfU Into below freezing clouds, which are not themselves frozen.' The report said that considerable w»ter could be stored as snow on mountainsides for use later in Irrigation projccls. Mountains in the states of Washington and Oregon weru riled *s favorable sites. At the same lime, the experiments were linked with methods for com- batting Ice on aircraft by which planes would be able In 15 minutes to clear n hole In an icing cloud The experiment* Involve, the seeding of super-cooled clouds with dry lee pellets, thereby clearing the standing—these words. BeMde.5 it seems to me If we can keep them talking nobody is going to be fighting. There Isn't time for both. . . Maybe the UN is a little like our Minnesota co-operative*. Everybody is supposed to put something In. Then everybody hopes for the big patronage check. The check here is: Keeping the peace. . . cloud or part of it. Since an icih& cloud IE always super-cwled. and Its moisture is always liquid, even Ihough below freezing, Hie dry-ice technique is naturally adapted to Icing clouds, the G. E. report said. When a super-cooled cloud Is dry- iced .the rate of lateral spreading is approximately tliifc miles an hour on each Klclo of the seeded cloud, so that a line can be c.vpccted to grow a width of at le^st five miles an hour, the report raid. Annie's Got Xo dun WINDER, Oa. (UP)—There's an Annie Oakley in the city directory here but she has declined membership In n newly-formed Women's Gun Club. i Wroru Track • CAMDEN, N. J. (UP)—Racing Is Jockey Henri Mora'i career. Th« faster he goes the mor« money he makes hut not olf the raca track. He was arrested by Camden Bridge police on » charge of driving 60- mile.s an hour over the span without a license. He was fined $25. Equitable Lifelnsurance Society of United States See RcpreMntatiT** GUY TREECE JOE ALEXANDER, Jr. 115 W. Aah St. Phon* SW3 I.iitrn to "Thi* t* year FBI" Friday* 7:30 p.m. WMP8 U. of A. Agromisti Din TO coins e«Md without "dosing" when yourub throat, chest and " b^t^yicKS Grand Jurors Investigate Russian Ties WASHINGTON. Ocl. 20. (UP) — i\ special federal (jrnnrt jury in New York has nearly completed Its investigation of the Soviet ties of a group of former government em- ploye*. It was learned today. Justice Department official* still refuse to discuss the case, underway since mid-Summer, but a reliable source said the Inquiry would end within a month. The jury's function is to return indictments It it finds the evidence, warrants them. Tiie charges might range nn to csplonabe for a foreign power. with time-tested Read Courier News Want Ads. THE -77**.S£~KIND OF SERVICE FOR LESS THAN YOU EXPECT TO PAY SERVICE Our modern shop U equipped to give you the finest service available anywhere in town «nd on any make of car. Our mechanics •re factory-trained ... our tools of the late* design for fast, efficient work. Our attitude is one of friendly intere* in you and your car. Th* pric«? Less than you might expect to pay. Make this youraervic* headquarter*, no matter what mi<ke car you drive. SHELTON MOTOR CO. "A Complete DM of Nmh Parti" 11» W«* A* StfMt P|MM ,. 4439 W. II. CARMAN FAYETl-KVILLE. Ark., Oct. 20. I>r. W. II. Gainmn, a graduate —of Pennsylvania Stale College. was recently appointed head of the department ot agronomy in the University of Arkansas ' Col- IPBC of Agriculture. He will assume his duties at the end ol this month, Dr. Garman has had experience In Texas. Georgia and South Carolina. As head of the department of agronomy, Dr. Gatinnn will succeed In that position Dr. R p. Bartholomew, wlio has served ' for several years both as head of the department of Agronomy and associate director of the Agricultural Experiment station. Dr. Bartholomew has been released from his teaching duties to enable hbn to devote full time to 111-, experiment station work. LIT Columbia Records A DATE WITH DINAH" AND "TORCH SONGS" TV. Firrt tody of Pop-lor Sang DINAH SB DIE "A DATE WITH DINAH" "I've Got You Under My Skin", "D Ixlfl". "Can't Help Lovln' Dat Man", "The Kerry Dance". "The Thiill Is Gone". "After I Say I'm Sorry*, -There'll Be Some ChanKW M>da",'Th«v Didn't Believo Me". Columbia C-l 25 "TORCH SONGS" "St. louls BJix-5-. "Tess's Torch S<X1K",I"I Had A M«r,"Hrom "U D In Arms-,"B«"fronB "Show Bout".' "When A Woman Lov«3 A Man". Columbia D-l Private Listcninj; Booths for Your Convenience ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. i. W. ADAMS, Mgr. A Comnlcle Radio Service Department in Connection 20G-08 W. Main phone 2071 CHIROPRACTOR "Health Is something that comes from within. The creator put within jour body and mine all the elements of health. When your nervous «ystom Is In tune with nature's forces, you will b* well. Consult a. chiropractor about your health problems." Houri 9 to 12 and 2 to 6 Neurocalometer Service Dr. Torsten Lindquist V^l *Dlsl rr ' ^* Guard Bldg. Blytheville, Ark. FARM '& LOANS Home Office, Newark, N. J. LONG TERM PHOMVT ClOSINO LOW.KATI CM.!,, WRITE OR SEE RAY WORTHINGTON t!5 S. Third St., Bljthevtlle, Ark. Serving This Section 25 Yean Authorized Morteagt Loan Sallc«or lor THE PRUDENTIAI, INSURANCE COMPANY OP AMERICA Starts 2:30 p.m. Featuring Otto Scrapps and othtr Professional Driven Main Event: 10 Mile 20 Lap Grudge Race "And don't give me any of that something-must- haye-happenerHo-the-motor line ... I happen to know that couldn't happen 'cause SEAY MOTOR COMPANY put a new motor in j r our car!" BLYTHEVILLE AUTO RACES Sunclay, October 26th At Blytheville Fairgroun'ds Spectators Grand Prize man's or woman's 17 Jewel Gold Wrist Watch from Guard's, 6 THRILLING RACES by CHAMPIONS Admission Only 60c Sponsored Jby Dud Cason Post 24 American Legion Pride & Usrey General Contractors DIRT FOR SALE Phone 517 BLADDER IRRITATION Thousands Have FounS Relief m Hi* N«hw»l Mountain Valley Mineral Water from famous Hot Springs, Arkansas. A pure, soothing aid In relieving Irritation of these delicate organs, helpful in stimulating kidney action and eliminating systemic wastes. Doctors have prescribed this pleasant water for over fifty years. Order a case today. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOf Main and DrrWm BrjrthcTiUe, Ark. the RAZORBACK * Open lla.m. — la.m. DELICIOUS PIT BARBECUE With Hkfcory Gfrareoa* Steaks - Fried Chicken - Seafood All Kinds Sandwiches Plenty of Parking Space Call Us For Football Results Scores of High School Games at Home and out-of-town, available at the end of each quarter Phone 4341 276 So. Division St.

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