Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 19, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 19, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes W ith a better understanding of the transient nature of the many physical Ills, which vanish before proper ef' forts _rr C ntle effoHs-rloasani t-ftorts r Itehtly directed. There is comlon m S? e knowledge, that so many forms ct /•Ickncss are not duo to iiuy tlon of Jaroily 1« remo^.-<- *••.*- --** , .- -, remedy with millionsoi Innulics. ;i:.d * everywhere esteemed so highly by »lf Who value good health. Its l.cnot^il' Sects arc due to the fact, tiii.t.it is 1 he one remedy which promotes niter mi cleanliness without del>iln:;tij; tlu onrans on which it acts. It is tlieref.jtv ill important, in order to get its bono- flcial effects, to note when .you pin- eb»se, that you have the genuine a'.-.;- STwhieh is manufactured by uic tuli- tornia Fig Syrup Co. only ana sow uj »11 reputable druggists. ,, If in tho enjoyment.of good honlth. *nd the system 'is regular, laxatives or Other remedies are then not needed, n ifflictert with any actual disease, one •my be commended to the most skillful •hvsicians, but if in need oi ;i laxiitivB. SI should havo the best, and with tlio tJiu-informcd everywhere. Syrup of fta stands highest mul is most largely »•«)and <»ivesniost general satisfaction. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLY Showu Baili RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose 1 |3 Exprc-ss Id, 25c. I revents Wetting Bead floor or Walls. Hornlets Water Closets. Sei d DYSPEPSIA PROOF. Oue Amor'mii Knee Th.it.Xnowl Nothing or tho Modern Curno. Much is said about Ainericnji d.ys- jitpsia, but, there is one native race of America that is certainly not greatly troubled by the -modern curse. J lie sturdy little Eskimos dciy nil the laws of hvgieno mid thrive. The Eskimo, like "tho oriliiiary ciwelU-r in America, cats until he is satisfied, but, tlwre is this difUerence, that he is never satisfied while a shred of his fo;ust. remains uncousimiod. His cap;iv ; .t.v is limited bv the supply, and by that- only. 'lie cannot mn.l<e any mistnko,. snys the Youth's Companion, about the mininer of cooking 'his food—for ns a rule lie does not cook it—nor, so far as (he blubber-or fat of the arctic nnimal is concerned, about his method of eating it, for he simply docs not eat it; he cms it into long -strips nn inch wide and an inch thick, and then lowers the strips dou-n his throat ns one might lower a rope into a well. And after all that he does not suffer from indigestion. He can make a good meal olf the flesh and skin of the walrus, provision so hard nnd gritty that in eiiHiiig up th« nnimal the knife must be, continually shurpciiccl. Tlu-tpethof thelittleEskimochild will meet in :i bit of walrusskin-ns the teeth of nn American child would meet, in the flesh otnn apple. And that, when, the hide of the walrus is from half an hieh to nn inch and n half in tViicVmess, and bears considerable rcserablauce to the skin of nn elephant.. The Eskimo child will bite it and digest it, too, nnd never Jaiou- what dyspepsia means. BELIEVES IN SEA SERPENTS. Monster nt,cp-So« Dwellers That Possosl Extraordinary rowora. I believe in s-oa serpents?" rc- "Do ftwt Proof Water UlcseM. Fell-Acting Wutcr Closets, Kolly Stop.nnd Waste Cock, THOS. KELLY & BROS., Madison Street, Chicago. When we consider that the intestines are about flve times as long as the body, we can realize tbe Inteiuse suffering ex- nerlenced when they become inflamed. DeWitfs Colic and Cholera Cure subdues Inflammation at once and completely removes the dlfficuIty.-Jno. M. Johnston. .THE PROSTRATING SHOCKS. 'Of malrirlnl fever nre not to be 'nounter- acti'd hy qnlnJuc with any degree o£ corral n ty, or'for nny length of time. The eradication nntl prevention o£ di«| ciis'es of a inisnsiniitle type, are, liow- j.uver, aicerr.-imed possibilities. Long has shown that there is infinitely more preventive-efficacy in the flue botanic medicine, Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, than in the alkaloids, drugs and poisons which were .formei'Iy the only recogn.lv.ccl weans of rcraoviOR and iiut'iclpatins attacks of fever and ague u ud bilious remit ten r. When the system has been depleted by periodically paroxysms, this agreeable restorative renews the fund of energy, awl is not only a positive specific, but repairs the damage to the general health, Inflicted by nil febrile eoro- pliiims partaking of the malarial character. DISASTERS OF THE YEAK. tn Five Months 1806 Acquires a Terrible Record. Mir*. Clurfotiiiurt 'BeyemuMi, of Ev:uis- viiMo. suvi-Jity ytf:wj oM, is <l«iCI. Twenty ye:irs :iso :Huil iwre her. husbtincUdc- sweil ht-r. imt -she always kept, a room La vwcV.ncss tor lii« rcrnrn, and it w:is her desire i'li;it lie slvjukl find her home .la t.lic best of unle-r. Sojne money was found ram-fatal about the promises ;vf- tw her deatli. D & C. SUMMER SERVICE TO MACKIXAO. Their new steel passenger steamers are In commission, making four, trips per week between Toledo, Detroit, Macklnac, Soo, Petoskey, Duluth. If you are contemplating a summer outing ••end 2c stamp for illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. BUCKLEN'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world :oi cuts, bruises, pores, ulcers, salt.rl-cum, fever •ores, tetters, chapped hands, chilblains •corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. . it to guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B, F. Keesling. BORAX. Havo Abont PLAN YOUR SUMMER OUTING NOW-GO TO PICTURESQUE MACKINAC VIA THB COAST LINE. It only costs $13.50 from Detroit, ¥15.50 from Toledo, $18.00 from Cleve-' Und tor the round trip, Including meals and berths. One thousands miles of lake ride on new modern steel •teamers for the above rates. Semd 2c for Illustrated pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, G. P. A. Detroit, Mich. in Kiiiuwta rhrashftns iv» acre of wheat •is estimated to cost $1.18. while the •j,oiisl,ns, after tho tlM-aslnl-ng is completed! costs 30 cents, .• ; Pass the good word along the line. Piles can be quickly cured without nn operation by simply applying DeWltt's Witch Hazel Snlye.-Jno. M. Johnston. The roll of'uieTii-bi'.rslilp o£ the League of A-merlc-n-n Wlieclniwi last week footed up 57,025. Of thess '7,001 are-Pcn-n- sylva-n-Lins. Pass the good word along tbe line. Plies can oe quickly cured without an operation by simply applying DeWltt's Witch Hazel Salve.—Jna it. Johnston. The most complete realization e-f solicitude Is that experienced to a r crowd of bic-j-c-le zealots by ap ei-son who doesn't rlOe a pcated Eugene 0. Blnckford, formerly s.tate fish commissioner, to n reporter for the New Yorfc Times, "I certainly do. Of course, I don't believe in all the details of. sea serpents ns seen nt the summer hotels, I do believe there are huge marine monsters which appear like serpents, nnd cause these tales about sea serpents to be told." "How is it that none of these has ever been captured?" "Their enormous size nnd swiftness, their extraordinary powers, n-nd the fact that they' are shy nnd seldom appear." "Why are their bodies not cast ashore?" "They ore probably deep-sea awell- ers. The bodies of the deep-sea fish are not cast ashore, except on rnre ami abnormal occasions. For instance, 15 years ago about 1,000,000 deep-sea fish were found floating: dead on the surface Of the ocean. It was supposed that a submarine explosion had lulled them. Deep-sea fish cannot petto the surface under ordinary conditions, or, if they do, they cannot get down again." "Wouldn't that keep the sea serpent up if he once came up?" "Xot necessarily. He may be constructed on a different plan. I think the sea serpent is a. survival of the great reptiles of the Plcsiosaurus species. It is quite possible that, though a dweller of the deep, -he may be able to come to the surface of tbe sen. and go down again at his pleasure." THE VALUE OF A Cueful Article to Always L thn Hon>«. The women of Holland and Belgium, .who make their linen'so beautifully white, use refined borax instead of washing soda in the proportion of one large handful of borax powder, to about ton gallons of'boiling water. Thus they save in soap nearly half. Its effect is to soften the hardest water, and, therefore, it should be kept on every toilet, table. It is good for cleansing the hair, is-an excellent dentifrice; combined with tartaric acid and bicarbonate of soda it is » cooling- beverage. Good tea cannot be mode with hard water, but nil water may be made soft'by adding a teaupoonlul o« borax powder to an ordinary-sized kettle of water, in which it should boil. Thcsavinff in the quantity of tea used will be one-fifth. .Gr»rtln« Hair. A dextrous Trench feat is that of. crafting hair along the foreheads of women with whom nature has been cruel in arrar.ging for. the hair to grow too far back on the forehead or when the hair springs in an ugly, irregular line. From other parts of the head new sprouting bails are delicately extracted and replanted along the top of an uncomely forehead. A peculiar accident happened receni.- ly to a stenographer of Alliance, 0. A celluloid comb in. her tedr exploded while she wns.:sitting before a grate fire. Her hair was nearly all burned; off and her senlp severely blistered. t -. FREE PILLS. Send your address to H. E. Buckten & Co., Chicago, nnd got a free sar.iple box of Dr. -King's New Life Pills. A trial will convince you of their mortis. These pills are easy in action.and arc particularly effective Jn the cure of constipation and sick headache. For malaria and liver troubles'they nave been proved invaluable. They are guaranteed to be perfectly free 'from every deleterious substance and to be purely vegetable. They do not weaken by their action, but by ghing tone to stomach and bowels breatly invigorate the system. Regular size 25c per box. Sold by B. F. Keesling, druggist. There are about two iMiridred different styles of forceps made for dentists' •use, varying In the size amd forme of the beaks and in the shape of the bundles.' BOY WON'T LIVE A MONTH So Mr. Oilman Brown, of 3-1 Mill St., South Gardner, Mass., was told l>y the doctors. His son bail lung trouble, following typhoid malaria, and he spent tii-ree hundred and seventy-five dollars with doctors, who finally pive him up, saying: "Your boy won't live a mouth." He tried Dr. Kin.?'* New Discovery aud a few bottles a-cstorcd ham to health and enabled him to go to work a perfectly well man. He says he owes- his present good hoaltli to use of Dr. King's New Discovery, and knows It to be the best in the world for lung trouble. Trial bottles free at B. F. Keeping's drug store. ,T. M. Rockwell, seventy-mine years old, o.C Ft. Recovery, 0., who was decoyed, from the ctapot at Mmicle nnd niasarultod ami - roMKXl, Has identified BcMJa.rn.tn, SmJirliM*s Iris iissaUfurt. Rockwell was badly treated, and but for an opportune return to consciousness he would Ivave been killed by a passing train. BandroclH of l.lvcs and nlllllonH of Dollar* Destroyed by 1'lru, Flood and Kiillwuy Accident* i\U Over tbe Lund. Disaster has been a frequent feature of the current year. With but five months to its credit, 1806 has written * record of destruction .that will staud. it cannot be surpassed, St Louis was vhe scene of the lirst horror of the year. Compared with the present black misfortune that rests on the city it was as nothing 1 . January 3 ,i jrreut stock of fireworks stored at 30 North -Second street exploded. The building nnd adjacent structures were ruined and some six persons were killed outright or suffered such injury they died later. Thirty-two were seriously, althoug-h not fatally, hurt. Parly in February a great storm whipped tbe eastern United States coast. The grentiist loss was to property on shore, as the warn ing- liad been fluttering from signal stations so ,ong in .advance thnt the sailor men had hugged the docks. Four or five vessels were destroyed. Hundreds of houses and other buildings were wrecked. In the state of New Jersey the damage was the heaviest. Bridges and buildings of all kinds were destroyed. Bound Brook, a small town near the ocean, was flattens! us if some monster road crusher hnd trundled over it. T.he loss of property wns great, the fatalities comparatively few. February 10 in Madrid several residents of the town were killed anil much property destroyed by the explosion of an ac-roiite. The sky traveler wcntinto fragments just over the city with the deud-ly destructive effects of many bombshells. In one factory which waa immediately below the center of the explosion 10 workmen were killed. Of accidents in mines there have been THE EARTH'S LONE COURSE. Our Troubled Social Condition" Da" to Celestial Ciiuncn. Lieut. A..C. Totten, whose fondness for astrological calculations nnd inferences is well known, declares Uia-ttlie trouble with current affairs is not due to the United Slates senate, the bicycle, the new woman, or t.hc silver question, but may be accurately traced to the contortions of the heavenly bodies. Ha according- to Harper's Weekly, sacrifice of human lif FOR OVER FIFTT STEAB8. Hr». Wlnsiows Soothing Syrup has .,een. used for over Bfty. years by mil- loab of mothers for tnt^ children while teething, with perfect success. Ct soothes the child, softens the j?uins, .illaya all pain, cures wild colic, and ;§ the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Im- nedlately. Sold by druggists in every part of the world. ' Twenty-five cents i bottle. Be sure- and at* for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup." and take •10 other kind. ' David Bam-, u trawp, robbed the country home of Ctorlw Kilmer, in Lx'- porte county, and upon, being, pursunil Ho attempted to kl-11 Kilmer, who grabbed the revolver and forced- the •nuwwte down as the weapon was dUs- dluwsed. The bullet) lodged In the waistband of Kiilmer's ITOUSCV.?. It would be hard to convince a man .offering from bilious colic that bis igony Is due to a miscroue with an un- pronouncable name. But one dose of DeWltt's Colic and Cholera Cure will convince.him of Its "power, to afford In-, gtant relief. It kills pa!n.-Jobn M.Jotra- Iton. ' (jiinrles Lra-R-k and Miss Gmeo Stra- inan amid .Tamies Stratam. ami Miss Ethel PeacoeU, the last-iMvmcd only thirteen Tt .ars old, of -ib.'.- MeksM'let neighborhood, near Fawuland, are supposed to. nave doped on m.arrliuge Intent, and the relatives are trying to -interfere. We are anxious to do .a little good In this world and can think of no pleasanter or better way to do It than by recommending One Minute Cough Cure as a- preventive of pneumonia, consumption and other serious lung troubles that follow neglected colds.-Jno. M. Johnston In rhe triaJ recently coudtaded Oalla- her was sentenced to twenty-one years' ita-prisonmeiit, . - P ERF-ECT and permanent are tbe cures by Hood's Sarnaparilla, because it makes pare, rich, healthy, Qie and health-giving BLOOD. Small In size, but great In results, DeWltt's Llttie Early Elsera act gently but thoroughly, curing indigestion, dyspepsia and constipation. Small pill safe pill, best pill. .Persons who have'a cougtiins every night, on account of a tickling sensation'In the throat, may overcome, it at once by a dose of One Minute Cough Cure.-.Tno. M. Johnston. three in Mi is country marki-d by great In South Carolina' ISO men were killed. This was followed by t-he caving in of n Tonnes- Bee sliuft which resulted in the loss of 37 lives Sixty men were killed us the result of a gas explosion in the Vulcan- mine at Newcastle, Col. This accident occurred February 10. Three days Inter 76 workmen in a Grecian stone quarry were killed by the blowing up of the magazine wherein wns stored their n-iant powder. It was at the noon hour and the men were gathered at the sheds getting their pay. They were crowded nnd took the full force of the dynamite. . . The same day an explosion of gas in n mine in Wales killed 19 men, and 17 more were buried by the falling earth .which was loosened by the explosion. A great flood that came down the Oequabuck vaJley in Connecticut March ] swept away hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth, of mill property and housas and drowned many persons. Similar floods in eastern New York nn-J other Connecticut streams entailed property losses aggregating, several millions. ' • _ March 23 a cyclone left a trail of death and ruin across southern Illinois. Alton was a heavy sufferer. April .W northern Ohio was visited by a cyclone. The loss in Sandusky county vrasgreat. Few persons were killed. Cripple Creek, the wonder mining camp, was destroyed by fire the latter- part of April. On tie 25th of the montli the fire broke and destroyed 'nearly all the business part of the' city before it was quelled: The damage-was: about $i 500,000. ' Four days later the remainder of tlie- town was wiped out. The total loss was nearly $2,500,000. May 4 nn explosion of gasoline !.n a business block in Walnut street, Cincinnati, wrecked two buildings and killed 11 persons. More than 20 were seriously injured. Five days later fires at Ash- land.Wis., destroyed five lives and many buildings and lumber. May 11 forests in the southern .part, of Xew Jersey burned. The flames swept over great areas of Cape May nnd Atlantic coun-. ties. Houses aud barns and live stock also.burned, but no loss of liumfin life was reporte'd; : •':'•' ' '-The"' e"yolone season opened May 13 with windstorms in Wisconsin and iyi- nols. Tlie principal damage was to crops, buildings nnd animals. In the two states six deaths only were caused by the storrus, so fur as known. The wind in this section wns but a zephyr compared with- that which blew at Sherman. Tex.. May 15. This was a true cyclone, and in its/path was the local baseball grounds,-wherein were gathered 1.000 or 2.000-peopl^pf Sherman-and neighboring towns.. More than 100 were killed and several times the number were injured'.j.'.Theidayfollow- In", Scioto, 111., a small town.nparBush- :'ne°n. wns wrecked' by "a/hurricane, and May 37 Kansas'towns suffered similarly Sabetha, Kan., was the most heavily injured. It was a mass of ruins. Afterward'.came the windstorms In Michigan, the Elgin and Rockford and northern Illinois' cyclone, which had not exhousted its fury in Iowa, An- l.hat when too many of .the planets get en the same side of the sun eit (he same time it makes troubles for the earth, and that now, for the first time in the history of man, all the planets, except earth,' are .approaching: coincident perihelia, and within four or five years will be in 'line tng-g-iiig nway nt the sun, while earth, alone on the other side cf it, will ha.ve an exceedingly hard time, and will be the scene of all sorts of disasters nod devilment. Earth will pull through, he thinks, after sorrt trials; nftcr which he looks for "th" lUovnl rule of the returned Messiah," ti:ul t'he winding up of the confusions now formulating, at Jerusalem, which city, he believes, will cease to lie trodden by Gentiles, and will become the center from which right rule and justice arc to spread over tjie earth. Lieut. Tot-ten is familiar with both the Bible .and the higher mathematics, nnd IKIS a remarkable gift for stirring them up together into concoctions that give people bail drcnms. Ho is a, very disconcerting person and a chronic "bear," and his deliverances are well adapted to make timid believers realize on their ,investments and ta'te to the woods. THE TICHEBORNE CLAIMANT. One of tho Mont Kcmarkable Trial* In the Illxtory of British Court*. The Tichborne trial began, says the New York Sun, in London, in the court of common pleas, on May 11. 1871; the case of Tichborne against Lushington, the defendant being trustee for Sir Henry Tichborne. The'casc was tried steadily until July 7; it'then went over until November 7. On December 21 Merit " Merit talks" the ••§ | | Intrinsic value of • O_| If 6 Hood'sSareapurilla. •' **• «^%* Merit in medicine means the power to cure. Hood's Sarsaparilla possesses actual and unequalled curative power and therefore it ban true merit. When you buy Hood's SaraaparilU, and take it according to directions, to purify your blood, or cure any of the many blood diseases, yon are morally certain to receive benefit. The power to cure is there. You are not trying an experiment. It will make yoar blood pure, rich and nourishing, and thus drive out the germs of disease, strengthen the nervee and build up the whole system. Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best, In fact—the One True Blood Purifier Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mass i-w.ii Do not purge, pain 01 PlIlS gripe. All druggftu. 25C, Novcmbe jlaintiff's case was closed and the went over until January 15, 187.?. „,„. attorney general, for the .defense, spoke 20 days; on March 4 tbe jury declined to hear any more, and on March 0 the plaintiff was formally nonsuited. The next day he was arrested for per•jury. .and on April 9 was indicted there- for' by the name of Thomas Orton, alias Arthur Castro. His trial bcg:mon April 23, 1373; the prosecution closed its case on July 10; the defense began on July 21 and dosed on October 27. \n adjournment was taken from October 31 to November 27; Dr. Kenealy summed up for t.hc defense from December 2, 1S73, to January 34, 1S74; Mr. Hawk-ins (now Kt. Hon. Sir Henry Hawkins, judge of the queen's bench) summed up for the'prosecution from January 15 to 23, 1S74; tbe. chief justice charged the jury from January 29 to February 2S; and on tbe last date the •jury brought in a verdict of guilty. Ortou (Castro) was thereupon sentenced to 14 years' penal servitude at hard labor. He was released in IS.b. .FASTIDIOUS PIKE. Want Vounu Duck* for Dlnner-Wi.il ot an EnKllilinja"- An. Englishman is in straits because the young ducks are all being caught and eaten in a loch atPitgevcny, biffin. He writes to the London Field: "I am just broken-hearted because the pike arc eating all my young ducks. We shoot them, catch them, «nd kill them all the year around by fair means and foul,'three or four every day, anrt Borne have young ducks in them. In one was a young black headed gull, a young duck,-and the toes and skull of another; in. another were two small ducks and two small coots. There are thousands of young coots on the loch, but the brutes of pike prefertbe ducks. Fish arc notorious eaters of ducks, and what is the. Englishman's -misfortune has been the luck of many a fisherman, for bass pickerel and trout; A live young bird tied to a hook, not impaled, cast gently on a still:'-•water -of an .Adirondack stream, has raised many, a troiit. "as big as-hand saws," and-resulted jn the death of a few, but the boys who use birds as bait are not'usually• skillful enough to'land 'the -'big ones;,'A small hird is ns good as a young field mouse for. trout -bait, and that is. saying a good deal, as any woodsman will adroit."'' GAS PRESSURE A SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN' FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co -SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. jver the Sunset Route—New Orlean to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April 16th. T& .aperlor accommodations given th ireat number of patrons of the abov .r»ln. during the past tourist season warrants the announcement of plan ••r next season of finer service wltl equipment superior to anything ye tnown in transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-inauguration o •8ONSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific C«. "Sunsi Koute" In connection with the "Quee ind Crescent Route" are running th >oly line of through tourist PiiHrna keepers leaving Cincinnati ever Thursday evening for Los Angeles an d»n Francisco. These excursions are specially coi looted, and tbe object Is to enable thoi win do not care % to»buy the flrst-clai •mind trip or one way tickets, to enjc « comfortable ride with sleeping a »r!v!leges and no change of cars at U rery low second-class rate. '• For further Information, address T .1. CONNOR, Commercial Agt S. »o., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMTER. G. W. Agt. 8. •lo., Chicago, 111. g. F. MORSE, G. P. t T. Agt 8. •o.. New Orleans, La, DECREASES. • In II Gr«t v lhc favorite- tcn.ni .of tno emperor.of Gcrman-i' is n pair of chesstuwts, one of which was 'raised In Susqueharena, Pa,, tlie other earning from BtoigtaJinpton, X. \*. .. • '• ' "Wake up, Jacob, day Is breaking!" 10 said DeWJtt's Little Early Riser to the man w'no 'had taken them to .arouse Ma sluggish llver.-Jno. M. Johnston, . A great crop'of raspberries, bliK-kber- des and other small Irults Is reported on rhe Honey Creek township berry .'fftiims. Howard .county,. a»d : -several litradred :men; Vpmen and-children; are ejuptoyed-dn picking The farmers club to?etlher and sWp..l>y ear tots, and the .pickers earn, from 00 cents to S1.50 per day. Thirteen per- Cairo by the' 14 U" CA u u u-jn-« • — -j . , other and less extensive cyclone passert over southern Illinois. ""---* BOBS were drowned at ««arnping-of a steamer which lay in the path of the wind. The next day but- one St. Louis was in ruins. From May <I3-to Mav 27 His probable that l.SOO.per- so'ns lost their lives in the storms which •tave raged in a radius of 450 miles of Chicago. The property losses will off- upward of $75,000.000 disasterspossed almost unnoticed. Blue liland; 111., nearly lost' Its. place dn the map as a Mwn. Fire destroyed 36 houses and business blocks May 17. On-the game day tbe schooner Ayer and steamer Onoko collided off Eacine. Five iallbrs; were drowned. The other day*: weak 'railroad bridge nt Victoria, B. C. permitted n loaded passenger car to fall through. Nca»ly. JOO.iperson. •were drowned.—Chicago Times-Herald. Notable Fe»tnre of the - - . Industry. -• The natural gas production in the United States in 1895 is reviewed in a report of the geological survey compiled by Expert Joseph D. Weeks. The total value was $13,000,650. against $13,954 400 in 1S94. The value of the product consumed was '$7,020,'] 87. and $9- 70S 230 was the value of coal or wood displaced by'p;as. The total pipe laid was 43,830,241 feet, nnd producmgwells opened 3,820. Tlie value of the consumption durinff 1SSC-05 was greatest in JS88, when it wns $22,029,875. From then (o 1891 the decrease wns rapul, and in thelastfouryearsthefehnsbee:i a m-adual decline. The most notable feature of the year was the decreasing m-essure in all of the natural ?as fields of the country. The life of the wclla also has been greatly reduced. 811k 'from Fl«h : Ke'»i. A French chemist has recently dis- Graham fcMorto TRANSPORTATION CO. TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CI CAGO. CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAII^ WAT AT ST. JOSEPH, Beginning May 25th and contlnnl mtll about Sept. 30th the steamers Ihis line will maks two trips each w dally between St Joseph and Chlca tn the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. 10:30 p. m., dally, including Sund L*aVe Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 13 p. m., daily, Including Sunday. Es Irlps on Saturday leave St Joseph I a. m., and leave Chicago at 2 p. Running time across lake 4 hour* TrI-weekly steamers to Mtlwairi leaving St Josep.M Monday, Wednew md Friday evenings! The equipment of this line Inclu the side wheel steamers City of Chlci tnd City ot Milwaukee (the largest r Inest west of Detroit), aud the ne rebuilt propeller: - City • of Ixmlsvl Service first-class'. Connections'with fandalla trains. Tickets'on sale at Vandalia Line stations. ^ Chicago d foot of Wabash avenue. ,T.H. GRAHAM, Prei Benton Harbor, M covered that egrgS of certain spe :ies of Uf/> W Vil -* «»»"•«• -TOO™ ~ " , • " tn fish ore envcloped ; In veritable silken cocoons. Since the learned Frenchman bcpan his experiments in this line (m IbtH) he has found seven different species of fish' that produce: egg* frora .which a. fine quality of .silk .may be woven. . : " Vlflton to Greece. A few years ago Greece was visited only by archaeologists and students. General tmvd in this'direction has.bul. recently set In/' Last- yearabout-1,500 Americans visited Athens.'and 42 citi- .zeris'of the United States resided there for the', winter. Going For A Lake Trip? • You'll fully o^T al1 of lts de " 3 oftno MICHIGAN AND LAKE TRANSPORTATION CO'S EfiANT 5aliln'z« between Chlc««o and Miicklm Island tour tim§§ every week. , reading matter, free ask jrour nearest a Adffress Jos. Bero G. P. A. ', . LAKB mCB. AND M SUPEB10BTBAN8.

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