Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 23, 1893 · 8
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, June 23, 1893
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DAILY" CITIZEN nil DAY JUISE T. HiXJSTlDf A. :: & Animal Clearing Sale of Ready-made Clothing rOE T'WO WEEKS oztrxr JS'ote - f'-iv reductions Men' Twice! f-aits for J2.4 worth ... .' 7-Vi 1.7) .-. 7" k'lf'l 1 Vee-1 Hulls for Men'fe Tweed Hants for 1.75 0 ir w hole stuck ot Hits, Caps and Gents.' dollar. A !so JiU lines in our l'ry Goods Department at similar reductions. TerniB CWi- T. LINDSAY & 00. 299-27'-273-275 jt. D OCTOR FLATTER. fV.vai'i.TIVfi I'HYHICTAN. Chronic lijase-i ; Specialty, Iweases of ('nest, 0'ia'A-:fl Mutyilfe Htrwt, fourth door U-lou- Windsor Hotel, from 1 to 4 p. in. ; At Home, 3i fkewart street, Oant hoitae, rom & to 12 a. in. "EMPERAHCE TABLETS! To Treat Tipplers. The great Ami Li-ink Hemedv. For I')' a Ijnufinti.. SKB OUR NEW STOCK OF Diamoad Eings, Brooches, Ear Drops, Scarf Pins, Lockets and Brae Alsc a fine line- of Sterling Silver Goods suitable for Wedding Presents. Wholesale and Retail. A.&A. F.MciVSILLAN'S S2 SP-A-IFIICS ST- "electro plating avorks All work sent la will be liuished in tit st clues style. ;ootU from the Country will receive cur best attention. On order solicited.. D. S. BUHCH & CO. lol1, Kiler and Xlekcl Klectro I" lte r.ia. 49 O'CONNtJi: STREET. TELEPHONE !I7S. Oi Hoes, Rubber Hose. .AX.T SIZES. BUTTERVQRTH & GO St Jean Baptiste Celebration Moatrsal Jane 21th to 27th In connection 'ith alove the ('ana la Atlantic I'.y. will issue tMekets to llontfe il at 6-,30for the round trip good to go afternoon trains lane i'iril U trains h an 1 return untiljnne iStli. Thickets will lis good via Sir. Paul Smith through the St. Lawreuoo Rapids, l'articu'.ars at Ticket Oliiees. Canadian Pacific R'y, Montreal Excursuon $2.50. ( The Canadian St. Jea.a Baptiste I 1'acitic Ry. will issue ret urn tick J rts to Mnntieal I cn afternoon Grand train June '.'frd, I all trains 'Jtth, ( iootl to return Celcbratior! until Sth .'ur.c at ?.."n. Trains I leave Union dent -( Pt't t l Oo a. m. 8 ft. m. ami 4. NO I p. m. with Sun i If OSitreal I 'lay trains re- I turning at t .'i."i I p. m. and S.oti Julie 21tll tOTth, I p. m. (W indsor For all iiifo'-t"'a!i"n ai-I plv L'itv Ticket 1393 I Otlice 4-Sp.rks i. street. A DistreafsinfT Situation. What a dreadful thing a is to wake up in the middle of the night sulTertiy from cholera, the ..eavest doctor a mile away and no one to send for him. fnuuri'ie a more distirssing tlotueslie situation, if you can ; and vet cases of ftiia kiud are very common. The trouble, however, would never have become serious if the man of the house had a honle of i eki'.v mvis' I'AtN KIM Kit at hand fur it is a remedy that never fails to cure cholera, cr, diarrhea, or dysentery. Al! drug-rrjeta keep it. -oc. for lare new sie. Adirondack LikP and Mountains reached in 1 hours by the Express trnins cf the Cnnada Atlantic Hotel accommodation unsurpassed. 1 Stoves, km Mom 4 Gar-den Rates C O'S. in our i'r.ors:- 9.1 IjW 9.50 10.1) i.: 350 r,.ix 1.25 1.50 ,00 Furnishings will he reduced to 75c. in the Wellington St CONVENTIONAL Ir LIBERALS GET ONE OF LAURIER'S PHOTOS OR A GROUP OF ALL THE LIBERAL M.P's JARVIS Has Them. 117 SPARKS ST, DR. MATTHEWMAN, (DENTIST.) Doctor of Dental Surgerr, Toronto Unlveralt !, Iio NpnrkK atreet. tiw. IIAI'IB TRANSIT TO KOCKCI.1FFK The New Klerfrle Line ienet Wilh an frjirly Mornllis Trip. Time, three o'clock in the morning ! PUiee, the New Edinburgh termini of the electric and horse railways. "Let her go," aid .Superintendent Huicheaon, and h-aving the sleeping city with its glittering eleetrie lights behind, the first electric car upon the fiixUliffe extension sprang forward iuto the mlcnee and darkness of the woodland. As the trolley hell ealed forth its warning hundreds of feathered songsters invoke, and thus to nature's accompaniment was the Jong anticipated opening of the line to Itixkliffe Park inaugurated. With Superintendent llutche-son on the first ear was Mr. Aliearn, to whose untiring efforts the early opening of the line is due, and a representative of the Citizen abroad for an airing after his night's work. The run from New Edinburgh to the pavilion at the eiujtern terminus was uin'de in three and a half miuutes, and was successful in every resjieet. The track is of the most solid standard Hteaiu railway construction, with extra heavy guard rails upon all curves-The whole road is a succession of curves, winding through what is probably the most picturesque scenery in Canada, and terminating at the pavilion from which is obtained a series of views up and down the Ottawa and Gatiueau rivers and across the Liiurentinn range of mountains indescribably cbanuing- Near the pavilion a neat cottage has been erected for the caretaker and family. Light refree-hmeuts will lie kept, and ice and hot water mipplied to visitors and picnic parties. Conveniences for both ladies and gentlemen have been erieted in suitable locations. The a-vilion, which is !i0 by 00, is lighted by electricity. Hound tables are behig built around a ninnlier of the larger trees in the park for the convenience of picnickers. Conncctjou is made a.t New- Edinburgh with both the horse and electric cars from the city. The klngsfen ,1 Olt.-nva It'y Itemises Mr. George Kidd is preparing the bylaws to be suhmitted to the people in the townships through which the Kingston. .Smith's Falls and Ottawa Hail-way wid run, for bonuses to the road. They have uji good as settled on the liideau route, taking in Manotirk. North (lower, Iturritt's Rapids, etc. This route wii' open up 'the Jtideau Lakes whieh aiv generally admitted to be unexcelled for "beauty. CANADA "ATLANTIC RY. Change of Time. Commencing Monday, June 10 h, trains will leave Ottawa as follows . For Montreal and all points east 8am 430 and ' p.m. For New York, Boston, etc, 4,30 p. m Sent to reiiileiitlnry. Louis Villeneuve, sentenced by 'Judge Malhoit to Hen years for the offence laid to liis charge by his daughter ; and Joseph Treinhhiy, sentenced to five yeurs for bigamy, weretaken to the St. Vincent de Pun! penitentiary yestenhy by Dailiff Maxim, of Aylmer. The Letter vi has been postponed CarTier9 I until next Monday Moonlight evening June the Excursion J 26th. Tlie fmDliicturs' Picnic. The IJrotherhood of l'.ailwav Conductors have rented the Exhibition Grounds for their annual pienie which .takes place ihi.- vear on August 4th. The conductors are making every effort to have the itinie ever more Niieeessl'ul than any of their previous uues. Attend the great 10 day's sale at B. (Iambic & C'o's. See our add on the oth page. See Canada Atlantic regular Space Page 7 for important changes oi time taxing enect June 26th. Attend the great ten days' sale at R. (amble Cos. See our add on the .'ith l"Se- St. Jean Baptiste Celebration Montreal June 21th to 27th. In connection with above the Canada Atlantic Ry. will issue thickets to Montreal at S-,o0 for the round trip good to go afternoon trains June ilrd all trains lth and return until June 2th. Tickets will be good via Str. Paul Smith through -the St. Lawrence Rapids. Particulars at Ticket Offices. i CITY AND SUBURBAN NEWS THK LAST OF THE LIBERAL DELEGATES LEA VE FOR HOM E. 4 lJ-how In Ibe Liberal Huh Kuom Tax 1 filiation -k-i fftraiifiiifHrlaHt Ijh-uI !ii(lafrr Law fciil. About a Drain Hull to Hate a Putt Mr t a a re. Q F.Mr jr. Tin Canadian team fur Uwley wail on t)ii. Huriiia. to-moi-row. "Lt. T. C Jlu-viiie, of the 43 ni, one of it n ember Lt-ttveis the city 'to-day. Pte. Tiui, on-orher .member, ia already in Montreal, iron whence the (ship sttilii. To Make ap for Lm Time. in the course of a couple of veekn, ileor. hue 11, Urr & iiurdman will uuiu-ijieuce isawitijr at night, in order io make up fr the time they iost on iccouut of tLeir mills beiug closed by tae J. iL water. It is not known, however, how lung the night watch" will continue. Li Ih-rait Leave fur iluuie. Nearly all the deifgut-8 to the Liber .4 Convention left for their Louies yesterday afternoon. In the morning the delegated from the Maritime provinces met and aim-il thi'iiusel vei into an organization for the purport of carrying out the platform adopted by the Convention. Sir. L. H. Javiet, 31. P., was elected as their leader for the proviuce.s. The Hull W. of L. Procession. The route of the procession in con uectioi. with the demonstration of the KuighU. of Labor of Hull on iJoaiinion iay, is as follows : Bridge, Wright, Head Brewery, Wellington and Bridge streets meeting the brother members from Ot tawa and elsewhere and continue by Ma-u, Lake, ictoria, Alma, Cuthbert and King's Boad to the picnic grounds. Ml. Andrew Church Notes. The work on the new Sunday .School iu connection with St. Andrew's church Ls going on very satisfactorily. The scholars of St. Andrew's jhtireh Sunday School hold their annual picnie t-o-inorrow to Be-sserer Grove. the steainei Ida will couvev them there and back. Rev. Mr. Herridge will preach on Sun day next. lie ha.s been granted two or three month' holidays, which lie will take later on. Miss HrlgliU Mission, Hull Despatch The first of a week's series oi gospel meetings was held Sun day night at Simmons school house oi the back road near Aylmer. Thus dis trict Las been apparently neglected in the past, and Miss Bertha Wright eccoui panied by a number of fellow workers accepted the invitation of the neighbor hood. The small building w-as not onlv packed full, but scores stood around the windows and door. The meetings will b continued every evening this week, Hull's Park Scheme. Hull Despatch The deed transferring the Main street Reserve to the city for park or garden purposes has been signed by all the heirs of the Wright family excepting Mrs. John Seott. As soon as that lady's signature is attached the council will proceed at once to have the pulp wood, aud other rubbish removed und make tin i; ppropriatiou to begin the work of beautifying as well as mi-te rially bv'f ''"!! the city. Fancy what an advertisement a well kept garden would be to Hull as the Holyoke of Canada. When the Liberal delegates reached ti;e Eddy Coy's paper mills, beyond thut point they did not care to go. The pulp wood and nestling place of cholera microbes scayed them off. l:uilliig the Uog Tax. One of the policemen assigned to the duty of collecting dog taxes said yesterday that there were probably more evasions practised in the matter of this (.-mull tax than any other in existence. Many owners attempted to shirk paying taxes Ty saying they had no dog aud wheu tne truth was known sometimes they had two or three. "I asked one lady last week," said the policeman, " if she owned any dogs aud the reply was that she did not. 'On two or three occasions at'terwards I noticed a dog in her yard and 1 again approached her 'on the subject. This time her re-ph was, 'Well, I don't keep dogs', for 1 only have one. ' " Threw out Hie Lamp, Quite a little excitement was occasioned last night about midnight on Queen street, ou the east side of Metcalfe, by a lively occurrence between ai husband and his better half. The husband, slightly under the influence, invited a friend somewhat iu the same condition, into his house to have a chat. 'They went iu, and lighted a lamp, but in becoming somewhat loud iu their conversation, the Jady of the house came down stairs aud, by way of dispersing the meeting threw the lamp out of doors At this the husbund raised an-ket but Constable McLaughlin appeared on the scene and quieted matters bv threatening to arrest him if he did not behave himself, t. , All About a Kraln. Five or six inhabitants of the rural district of Hintonburgh appeared before Countv Magistrate Harvey yester day afternoon in the Police Court for the purpose of settling a dispute about a draiu. William Paul was charged with maliciously stopping up a drain. therefy ca using water to stagnate on the property of Thomas McCauley, the complainant. Thomas A. Stott, whose experience in litigation seems to have impressed the villagers with the fact that lie "nows as ranch about legal matters as he r-dinary lawyer, championed the case for the defendant. The plaintiff's witnesses were : Mrs. W. A. Allen, Mrs. Edw-ard Allen ant? Joseph Lepage. Constable Bell wa present to taiaintaiu order. After the evidence had been taken aud argument heard by the counsel the Magistrate decided to adjourn the case for a week, that he might have an opportunity to review- the statute in regard to drains. Au Important lildntr.r. The Industrial Tax Exemption committee was called for last evening to consider an application from W. W. Wy-lie for exemption from taxes on his property ni.l plant for ten years, but only Aid. Starrs and Peterkin. Mr. Wylie and the City Clerk turned up. In his application -Mr. Wylie said it was his intention to enlarge his factory, situated att :i.: corner of Kent and Slater fetreets, nd commence oa an extensive -ale the mitiiufacture of street and other c rs. Mr. VVyiie now Las tliir'y men empioved and has turned out eighteen street cars alreauv this y.-ar. Ottfirrllow, Ucrorallou. Th" oddfellows of this city hold their annual il.-eor.ition ijervife on ftuuiiuy ;. ar !! .hwood een;...erv- A tp-clai irai will b,; run from Prescott, Kempt-viiie and ilanotiek, arriving le-re about 11 am. on Sunday. The brethren will wear badges and white gloves. The procession will form at Oddfellows' ilall, corner Bank and Sparks streets, at 2 ., Sieaded by the Guards Iwnd. and pnseed to the cemetery, where the graves of the departed brethren will lie decorated. The visiting Oddfellows will entertained by the ciV' brethren. LOCAL BRIEFS. The letter carriers' moonlight excur sion tak'n place ou Monday evening- A n-w court of the Independent Onler of Foresters is to be organized this even- The officers of Builders' Lodge A- F. & A. M will be installed to-morrow afternoon. A lawn social in aid of the new- Methodist parsonage at Billings' Bridge taks place this evening-. The prize lists for the Central Canada Exhibition are being distributed by Secretary MacMahon. The cabmens' shelter on George Street has been removed further down the street, a desired change- A much needed new sidewalk is being laid on Metcalfe Street east between Albert and Sluter streets. It is understood Major W. E. Hod gins will again be executive officer for the D. 1!. A. matches m September. Dr. Washington M. D. will visit Ottawa June 4th. All desirous of consulting him OetoreSept. will do bo ou that occasion. ?a.Ask your druggist for Miller's Emul sion of Cod Liver Oil. No oily taste like others, liig bottles oOc. aud SI 00 A goodly numlier of Ottawaites went un to tarleton Place yesterday to at. tend the demonstration there- Au excursion takes place to the Cas cades to-morrow under the auspices of the English Church at Britannia-The Sunday schools of Knox and Con gregational churches hold their annual picnic on Monuay, July 3rd, at Chel sea. The Gardeners and Florists of vhe city-have very kindly fixed up handsome flower bed in front of the Children's hospi tal. The city seemed very quiet and desert ed yesterday after the two previous days, when there were so many stran gers here. ( The Kev. Father Ferreri, of Vinton, is making arrangements to have a big en tertainment this year. He is making greut changes in his hall Fire did about $100 damage in the bathroom of Khe residence of Mr. T. P. Gorman, editor of the Free Press, ou Coope: street, last evening. Ex-Aid. Borthwiek has invited the members of the Florists and Gardeners' club out to his farm in the couutrv. The invitation will "be accepted. Secretary McMahon, of the Central Ca nada Fair, is 'mailing to parties through out the country four thousand prize lists. About three thousand are being reserved for future distribution. The juries for the September Assizes and December session of the county court will be drafted ou Tuesday by the sheriff, Judge Boss and couuty treas urer. The roof of Dominion church leaks. The caretaker found that out last eveniu for during the heavy storm he was Kept busy preventing the water from destroying the new- carjiet of the church. Mavor Durocher and Aldermen Gafeau Champagne, and Roger and Mr. Itowliu; M.P.P., were among those who attended St. Patrick's picuic on Wednesday. The picnic w-as very successful. About 1,000 people were there. The successful pupils of Ottawa Uui versity were presented their jirizes yes. terday. A number of the outside stu dents left for home last evening, but the majority remained over until today. The hackmen stationed on Queen Street between Elgin aud Canal streets, arc out of humor these days owing to their stand being in a very muddy condition-They talk of placing their grievance before the Board of Works. Contractor Bruce has commenced work on the sewer for Broad Street between Oregon and Queen Streets. He has 20 men employed. Contractor Cassidy has a similar number engaged ou a new sewer in liideau Ward. It was stated in yesterday morning's paper that the lights of the Chaudiero Electric Light Company were twice, put out by the lightning the night before-The lights were onpy out for an instant wheu the electric current struck the wires- A complaint has been lodged with County Constable Head against the indecency of boys swimming between Daw's swamp and the Swing bridge on the couuty side of the canal- The constable will take immediate steps to stop the nuisance. Mr. W. T. Woods, of New York, president of Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Company, is iu the city on business. Mr. Lightboiiru, agent for the company for Toronto, is also here. Mr. E. A. Sehvyn is local agent. Mr. Woods thinks Ottawa a very pretty city. The examination of the defendants in the case of Leacock vs. Peter McLaren and Hon. John Haggart, iu which Mr. D- B. MncTavish is special examiner, aud Stuart Henderson aud A. Ferguson counsel, which was to take place to-tlay, has been postponed. D-. Robinson lectured before the students of the Wellington Street Public School yesterday afternoon on the best means to revive persons apparently drowned. A similar lecture will be de"-liverei to the boys in the Elgin Street School to-day by Dr. Pratt. Aid- Champagne, President of St. Jean Baptiste Society, will be the representative of the society at the big demonstration in Montreal. The local society will celebrate their day by attending chnrel. in a body to-morrow morning, and by a concert in the evening in the Inslitut Cunadies. I DEATHS MANY MILES APART FAT.LITV AXU IXJURILS NEAP. TEE CAPITAL. The litorui was Hur.ilu die Vt (,! rn Mates Whcrr AuiulM-r or People were killed hi l li htnluz. and Knicr. v. Aay hy the V Inn. The vivid lightniiig aeeouipuiiviiig tne Leavy wmd aud rain storm Wednesd, j" evening wrought considerable havoc to buildings in this locality, and its stroke has left deop sorrow in more than a few. hoinevj. Kolihie Watson an eight year old sou of Mr. Robert Watson was iu the cellar of his father's house on a f. rm close to Billings' IWdge, when lightn ing entered the cellar window and killed him instantly. His body was badly burned. It app-ars the vouth was terrified at a previouo flush nd went down to tne cellar, thinking that he would be safer there than anywhere else in the house. The house was not damaged A lll'IJ. WAX PAKALYZKD. Another sad event occurred in Hull. Mr. O. Thiberge was sitting in his house on Church street and ligutniug struck the chair he was on and ripped up the floor below. The unfortunate man was hurled several feet from where he was Bitting, by the shock, and was so stunned that for several hours life appeared to be extinct. With medical aid he was revived however, but jt was found that he was paralyzed on one side from the effects of the lightning. One of his legs is badly scorched and swollen. The chimney was knocked from the house and the walls are more or less dam-aged. OTI1KK UISAKTKKS. Mrs. Philion of Duke street was over come with a heavy flash of lightning' dud fell senseless to the ground. Sh vived shortly afterwards. She had a buby in iher arms at the tiem but the infant escaped unhurt. A louse occupied by a Mr. Belmont on Duke street was struck, and a li.rge quantity of plaster ou the walls knocked down.. A bed that Mr. Belmont had only risen from a few minutes before. wa3 struck and smashed into several jjieces. A onan named Pepin and his family who live in a house on Victoria street, Hull, belonging to Mr. P. Durocher, had a narrow 'scape. The house w. B struck and one of the wa' Is was almost completely torn away t .- Mr. Martin Benson's house at the east em end of Rideau street w-as also struck. The lightning passed down the chimneys in the house and burst' out a couple of grates. The ceiling was torn off in several places. 1 Mr. James Johnston, J. P., was knocked unconscious by a havy flash, while in conversation with Mr. Robert Cummings on Cummings' island. THE STORM IX THK STATES. St Josepli, Mo., June 22. A cyclone at Conception, Mo., blew down the house of John Doyle, and Doyle and his wife and an old man were killed. The solid front wall of the Abbey of New Englebury, being erected iv the Benzion Monks, was blown 'down and 10,-000 feet of brick wall tumbled inside the btructure. Torrents of rain completed the destruction of the edifice. Twenty houses and barns were ""blown down and a number of people hurt. The Omaha and St. Louis railroad depot Was unroofed. Stansberry, Mo., June 22. A terrific wind, rain, and hail storm struck Stansberry yesterday afternoon, doing much damage. Wm. Cummings. a farmer, five miles southwest of the city, was'instant-ly killed. West Superior Wis.. June 22. neavy rain fell in Northern Wisconsin yesterday, extinguishing the forest fires. MANY PERSONS KILLED. Perry, Kas., June 22. A destructive cyclone passed through Willianistown and the Surrounding country in Jefierson County about 7 o'clock last evening. It passed southeast and took in a strip of country half a mile wide and six miles long. Not 'a house, '1arn or iree was left standing in its path. It was accompanied by a terrible rainstorm and midnight darkness. Eleven dead bodies liave so fnr 'been discovered and it is known tliat at least eight more were killed. Among the dead are : L. F. Evans. Emerv Evans. Mrs John Hutchinson, Samuel Kincaid, Clara Kincaiu Snkie Kincaid, Walter 'iincaid Eva Kincaid. Wm. Kincaid.Saniuel Steward. The bodies were all terribly mang- leu. ine lataiiy injured are: James Baker. Wm. Geofert, Mrs. Geofert. Seriously injured : Rose Gray. "Horace Gray, Arthur Jones and Walter MeCracken. BIHTHS. ' iAXsox-On Saturday, June 17th, the wife vv. Ianson, M.D.. of a daughter. of TiKNER.ScpTT-OnW-ednflSday,the21st.,bvthe -;v, Kj.-: :::c ..""-o-vvi'"0. "''"" 01 v',Y """IVu s, '"n ssreet, Menry Allen Turner. M.D., son of Henry Turner, M.D., of Jlidbrook, Ont., to Alice J., only daughter of Thos. S. Scott, architect, Ottawa. .Montreal and Toronto papers please copy. 3IE!T- BtRPE-Suddenly at Ottawa on Wednesday morning. Lnleah Hume, widow of the late Key. E. Burpe. in the 71th year of ber age. Funeral will take place on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock from St. Margaret's Church, Montreal Road, Ottawa. TO LET-Furnished or unfurnished rooms In brick house, vith use of bath. Term moderate Apply 49 O'Connor St. mo LET-Several Rooms on first or second jl floor, furnished or unfurnished, in house with all modern conveniences ; nlso double parlor, with grates. Apply 171 Metcalfe St. GEO. SHIPMAN Leading Fiinfml Director and Fmbalmer Best Funeral Furnishings. Moderate Prices. 99 Bank street. Always open. Tel-- ephone 8. Mre Sonfl Slmn'u llel- 153 Bank, betw- uiiri. mini, muni a tuei n , Maria and Slater The hot season has nrriyed, and we are on hand with our white, light-weight. Summer Blouses Of all descriptions. The nnal dollar Blouse we oll for 60c, and so on through the list. A-k to be shown what you want, toee the new collars, belts and gauntlet gloves. Infrtnt' hoods ana bonnets for 20c.: snn-hon-nets -f,(-'- up : c'oaks $2.75 up; robes 1 up; white dresses, hend shawls, etc.. etc. Ladies' and children's hose. coretp, corset waists, fancy wools, new knitting silks, all very cheap. Mrs. Sfett.SliDnV.lcfk.? Seasonable Hardware RUBBER HOSE, LAWN SPRINKLERS, LAWN MOWERS- Also .mail Force Pumps Suitable for spraying lrees, etc. ALEX. WORKMAN & CO SALE OIF LADIES' SHIRTWAISTS We received by this morning's express 8 doz. of Ladies' coloured Shirt Waists, Stiff Collars and Cuffs. These goods were to have been delivered six weeks ago. Being so late in delivery we got a large reduction made on them. To-day we will hold a special sale and offer them at prices that will beat anything we have ever offered in these goods. Q Z 71 SPARKS ST. CLOTHING, DRY GOODS, CHOTHING, DRY GOODS. CUSTOM WORK A SPECIALTY MORPHY BURROra & CO. 255i, 257, WELLINGTON ST. Opposite the Royal Exchange. HOUSE ANDVILLA PAINTS In all shades, ready to apply with the bro?ta and manufactured from the oestand purest materl combined with pure linsted oil. no water or chemical mixture being used in their manufacture. The celebrated paints are put up in convenient packages for home use. Friceer-right ENGLISH ENAMEL PAINTS In all the different shades some forty shades In, number These paints are handy for amateur and professional painting in all branches", andt are not to be surpassed in finish and gloeg. A popular prices. JOHN SHEPHERD, 225 and 227 Rideau St., 275 Bank St., and 483 Wellington St. Cafe Parisian. RESTAURANT A LA CARTE. 74 AND 76, METCALFE STREET TGuest. can rely upon being able to get al Delicacies of the season. Dinner and Snpper Rooms elegantly funushe for private parties Wmes Liquors and Imported Cigars always on hand. Private Dinners, Balls and Wedding Break fasts specialty Served at Residence. Pate de Fole Gras, Truffles, SlUBhrroom French Peas, Sepes a Huile. Elegantly Furnished Sleeping Apartments to GENTLEMEN ONLY, by the day or week C L BELIER Pro rietor CANADIAN GRANITE CO. (LIMITED.) 'Manufacturers and Dealers in MARBLE & GRANITE MONUMENTS, HEADSTONES, ETC. THE CANAL BAS1X, OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE. OTTAWA, OIsTT. Cemetery Work Promptly and Neatly Executed. SpeeialSaturday II. W. WILSON

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