Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 16, 1893 · 8
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 8

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, June 16, 1893
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Ercps, Scarf Pins, Lockets ana Erccalcts. a fine lint- of Sterling Silver Goods suit tU! for Wedding Presents. Wholesale and Retail. A.&A.F. MCMILLAN'S 82 SS'JVRICS ST- WE ffc-FLAT All Articles at reduced rates in Cold, Silver, and Nicltol. C-ood yoihiiiiuislup guaranteed. Send ii your trial order before sending elsewhere-. t.oods delivered promptly by D. S. BURGH & CO. Electro Plating, Etc 0 O'CONNOR STREET. TELEPHONE 918 ANNUALMEETING tThc Amiaal Metin. of the Shareholders of the 1'li.iutficrc FJcdrie Lijdit & Tower Co . (LIMITED) Vill lie IVJdatthuoliiee of the Company, No TJ sparks 'trect, Ottawa, on Monday, the IGth day of June nxt, At. 'lio hour of 8 p.m.. for the election of Direct ore .tnrtthe transaction of any other bu.l- Uei that may be biought before the ineetiiitf, P. It. STKI.'ET, secretary, m i men. At it -rih. I wM. S4.0 I'nnts for S'2.2."i at 144 Kidcau St. H. Charlebois 'Tii IW line tlial l!il.i' the Miirli! eoruuail. Rut'lUlhr l lsipresx aililsi u Jiiy liii-nt file routine iT life liy Kitlns ,ue Braliil '.rurlii4 every week, wwiiier dill ami Siituril.-iy li) Oreavllle anil re. 1 11 r it lor 50 i-etitH. Grand Annual Esccnrsion of the Ottawa Cricket CIud to f The O. C. ('.will run their fourth annual excursion weat via the t 'auadian I'icitic Tor onto & Ret $5 00 Niagara Falls &Ket. 33 03 railwav on Monday ,lune l!)th, leavine i Ottawa by Ut ir, I a. 111. and 10. 35 p. ni. trains food to re-j turn Toronto live days, Niagara Falls six days, For tik -j ets, sleeping car I benta, parlor car j seats, Apply City j Ticket Oilice, 4.S I Sparks street. S--e Canada Atlantic "SU.M-MR SXCURSIOysv on Page 7 I'ltol'.VHII.ITli:. !,. flu? rf-iiKiiiiiter of Ihe vieek are 1.irm inn MuKry." T lie eooliiitf lri'e le nl ibe ' Eiiiue" are tile lel 'Will . l..le.-' MESTl.Ni: OK THE iliOH COURT. Second hand C'ALil . RAl'ii and RH-M1N0TON TYrEWRITEIiS for sale from Sio.ioi l.o SltX1 UU. Callai.d see them. JAS. A. liKOOK A CO. Agents Smith Premier Typewrit! is, 12 Central Chambers. St. Lawrence Rapids via Str. Paul Smith" daily line from Ottawa via Canada Atlantic Ry. Train leavs 8 a, in. Further particulars at Ticket Oflioe, Russell House Block. St. Jean Baptiste Celebration Maa'.rcal June 21th to 27th la connection with above the Canada Atlantic Pv. will issue thickets to Montrea' at -fr the ivu:id trip psod to go after-HoVm trains .fiuic -'3rd all trains -'4th aud retmn until done -Stli. Thickets will be H.iol. via Str. Paul Smith through the St. Lnvrence U-pids. Particulars at Ticket Utn.-es. .tr.l r.s! tr Si-'. '." at II. Charlobois 144 PidaiuSt. Knry Vatrers, chmist and Prng cist, 'T. Sparks and Pink streets and c r ftide'iu and Cumbeilaiid s-reets. Ottawt. iiasrc-cived a supply of Membray's Kidney ml I.iver Cure. -A-k f'-r it. Tiiilll. of il ! TheeiiealHlt nl let rur.loii in I sni'iiia. l- mile Hie t llipi l s lor oOei n!. tvery elleilay anil ,alnriiay. r-irA Worlliy i'anse. U r. J. P. Lepage intends organizing a ' picnic in aid of St. ' Thomas K. C. Church P 'li-i ' I'ri '"t. LaDdacow r.e Park has been S(ured for tile '-ist ins'.and St. Anne's Ba.! and the Dalian Orchestra will be in atten-dtiue. Refreslimenta will be served on the eroauds. For further icforraination nee vjrojjrafijjjgs i of Clothing, cinftifetiogof 50 Mtn'i Suiu tnc juh,. 1 action . S mrt, Ha, fair H jse an 1 Tit for -3 3 I) 7 -V) 1 00 1 ( -V) JO 00 4 '.) " " ' stock of Has, Caps i r, do t; 00 id Men's Furnishings Call in To-day. It Won't Take Long. You'll Never Begret It. S. J". iJABVIS will'attend to you ELITE STUDIO, 117 SPARKS ST. DR. filATTHEWMAN, (DENTI8T.) Hector of Dental Surgery, Toronto UnlverslC Olllee, Ilo NiarK4 Mnrt,iHna ' " LOCAL BF.IEFS. Ti:e I. O. F. parade to St. John's cijurcn on Sunday. Tht closing exercises of Coligny College' take place thin evening. The Federation of the Building Trades meets this eveuiug. A concert taken place in St. Luke's church hall thia evejjii. The Field Nuturalista' Club bold an excursion to Kocklaud to-morrow-. Hev. Mr. Smith, ot Queeu'a University. Kingston, will preach at St. Andrew's church on Sunday. The A. O. U. W. picnic, whicli was to have iakeu place to Kettle Lslaud to morruH, has been postponed tin til the 17th of August. ... , : i The grounds in front of the Proteat-uut Hospital have been beautified by the urraugiug of flower beds. The directors' thanka are due Messrs. ricriiu und Graham. Sergunt-llujor Duvis and Pte. St. Au-bin of the U. ft. F. ti., went out tolicecli-wood Tuesday and decorated the graves of Sharpshooters Osgoiale and Uogers with flowers Mr. W. E. Bennett, of the Post Ofiiee Dfpartiaetit, Vs the ayuipatby of a large eirele of friends in the loss he sustained on Wednesday, by the di owning at itri tannin, of his little eighteen months old daughetr. An elder uister left ii charge of the child let her wander down to the river. At the annual meeting of the Grand Lodge. O.Y.B.,, at Harriston, yesterday, Mr. Josrph Manners was re-elected trea surer, and Mr. t. . Uoss secretary. I he surer, and Mr. ( floss secretarv. The next place oi meeting will be Brock ville. Tlie IS ikers' Cj.rlevilliri's. Tiie jourueyiiien bakers of the eity to the number ot 33, heid a meeting yestcr da uiorning ami discussed the nction of the muster bakers iu ivt'itsing to endorse the action ot lueir own executive com mittee in coming to an agreement witl. tlis bakers re the abolition of night work and other maifrs. The men sign-ed a document to the el'ieet that they would stand by eacti otuer in the event of a .strike being necessary to enforce th'eir request. A I Klci Irlr I'urk, The people took the hint and massed in Electric Park last night to the number of fully fifleiu hundred to witness the splendid progrmtune put tin by the management this week, lint ee'ciaily to l.e-tr Mr. Carl o'liell sing uie Prhlu n song from II. Trovatore. To say that he delighted them would be putting it mildly, lie simply curried them by storm. The other features ot the programme, the concertina playing of Prof. Malhtirn. and the nerobie feats' ol Toner and Krobel on the horizontal bars, and flying trapeze i:md lmlanccd ludoer. were all taking features and executed in the style characteristic of fin-'.Ma-d talent iu the several lines represented. Tlie fiimrds' Band rendered many beautiful selections, and the audience went away highly delichted with the entertainment, f See Canada Atlantic "SUM HER EXCURSIONS' on Page 7. S4.00 Pants for Sii) at If. Charlebois, 144 RideauSt, Adirondack Lakes and Moun tains reached in 4 hours by the Express trains of the Canada Atlantic Hotel accommodation unsurpRSsed Keiiiuaius of Prints at O. 8- Johnston's 73 Clarence St. Hull City Band will give an open air con eert in Kddyvilie ro-uiorrow evening, the lilth inst. St. Jean Eaptiste Celebration Montreal June 24th to 27th. In connection with above the Canada Atlantic lly. will issue thickets to Montreal at f J.oO for the round trip good to no afternoon trains June '-'.'ird all trains 24th and return until dune iSth. Tickets will be good via Str. Paul Smith through the St. Lawrence Rapids. Particulars at Ticket Otliees. GUAM), Three riouiunt iirellv Montebelln or four Bl railnciivllle. Time enoiiirh rra lenint plenlo In Ihe nnKriniid (here Vmpress WeilueMlaj- nod Snllir-4y Ixcursiuns' l round trip 30 cent. ONE AS BAD AS THE OTHER MGNIFICA.VT EVIDENCE IN THE VILl.ENEL'VE CASE. liie IIiikii1 l Ihr t oiiiplalualll J be VtmUl vl ili-litii- Jli ttiTt da Uulli -The "iiiuii il-k l Hi-r al) lur) M tin- ilMr!rt- Hail l fay. Louis Vilieut'uve, who h;m been in cu--t.,dy lor tut- jwnt cuuple of inoiitbs un ILl- cuurgfK 01 raK oyi ilitst, the ii.-i victim b-iiig- h:s -liieeu year oiO Uiiiii-'hter, wu bruUjsbt up 'or trial yen-to.iy mum i ii ai tb Ayliuer Afii on l:.e fnt men' loneil t-uaru . Tlie char- tr pr. f. ried ug.i u t ;tu jji allege ii..iii!--iviioiiii 01 tae uiot lirntal char. iict.i-. Mr. yieiuiu y. C pr..futed auti F 1'. j-onin (I Avimer and Mr. Jjajor of Itiill defended me prisoner. THK otat.s tIOKNt:E. Ado Villeneuie, the victim of tht ieu'ed er.uie, alio tlie ouiy material On tue t. row n. was nrst called. ul Sn.. re.attd a dreadful hiory of her i .ttter mihdoings. Lust June sat- left her bom in Hull where tue li.i been iiviurf win her mother and brother for home years, to go and live with her latner iu tut Township of Ailtield. When she had I,,.,.,, tlieie about three weeks the pris uner asked her to go to tjuyou Village. Sl.e suspected his intentions and reiuseu He persisted, however, and forced her .. g,i u tureat. On their way home iron. ,.. villn-e. about dusk he turned tin i..i,. ni. in the main roati on to bush road and there made improper propos and lilted her from the ri mine to scream but he sa. Mie wan he would .w,. her life if she did. He then com m.ited the crime with which he ,.r, ed. Three davs afterw :rd ue was engaged hoeing potatoes along with the nrisoiier ami three bo; im: been sent away by the prisoner a .t,Ti,i of the assault ensued. he of t.., nil the resistance iu her power but w',ti,.,nt avail. She was eveutu illy uv ereouie with fear by the prisoner s ,,, L-,il her iv til a knite mat ae ueiu iu his hand. I,, liai- er uss exaiuiuation by Mr I... -iild she wan alraid aim annum.-" t,.n i.nvone inimediateiv aner iuc '. ees were commiittd, but she made f..ui,.n .( it to the oafish priest. l con Th. ,1-tr, while in the box was somewhat excited at tim-s and then started cry ing. IIKKOKE TIIE JIKV. Mr Fleming stated that this was tue i. . r,.,, ., ami .Mr. Koran eon case ioi tut .w,. tended that a ease h 'd not been . : . .. .1 l.t Lo-ilshiii let it go to lUOl lOlie.1, "" . the jury and the case went uu. tin behalf of the defence a Mr C'narron cs: iuion was nrst exuiuiueu, n. ,.i- no. irid having said him : - it is tt strange thing taut my brother shoiih have my father arrttsted lor a tain that." HKR HISBAKDS EVIDENCE. like Lizior Beaudoiu, nineteen years of age .,,! liiisbaad of the girl, oa being sworn said he would not oelieve her on oath i ,.,.,i..!i. ,it moutho after they were mar ried he noticed she was enciente and siie said a young Leiebvre ot Hull, was her seducer." She was of a wicked disposition and once spoke oi fe'oiut to poison her own mother Michael MeCauu lived about four acres and a half irom the prisoner. He iiad freiiueuliy seen the prioiicr aud the girl passing liis P'ace together on their way lo the Quyon. On one occasion the girl was 'with her mother. When she was with her lather they both seemed iiimiliar Out seemed to be as bad as the other. Stncrut times when he went into their hou.-e the girl was sitting on prisoner's knee. In answer to Mr. Koran, witness said he visited the house about a dozen of times last summer before the girl went to Hull to lay fhe eoaipiaiait. William Vilieaeuve, an elderly brother ni the girl, being called by Mr. Fleming, stated that the girl hail always enjoyed a good character when living with him. Address by the counsel for the defence anil prosecution followed, the judge delivered his charge, and the jury retired to consider the verdict. A SCE0JL CONCERT. l:cillenl (losing mierlaliinieiit liy the Virtual SI mien Is A well-filled hall greeted the Normal School students last evening ot their closing exercises in the new concert room id the institution. A very enjoyable and interesting entertainment was presented, consisting of vocal and instrumental selections, club-swinging &e. .wherein the following ladies and gentlemen took part. Miss B. Graham, Mr. Whilluns, Miss Bayne, Mr. Hughes, Misses Stewart, Osborne, Gardiner, McGregor, Messrs. Myers. English, Whilluns. Langs. Miss Mac-Honald, Professor Workman, Miss K. Graham and Miss Genry. Professor Workman acted as musical director, and the various selections were most creditably rendered. In the Interlude between the parts, Dr. Mui-Calie. the principal, introduced Mr. James F. White. Presiding examiner, who in a neat speech congratulated the students upon their good future in having made their course iu so splendid a scjiool so ably presided over by Dr. MacCabe and situated in a city presenting so many peculiar, advMit.'iges to students. The school had turned out some of the ablest teachers in the province, anil from nil appear noes would continue to do so. He complimented the students on the good work they had done during the term, assuring them that the examiners were thoroughly satisfied with the "bowing of the students as a whole, aud wished them all a most pleas nit vacation, which, he said, they most certainly merited. ' . A ew 4,triiiiin I'.iper. Ottawa has hitherto had a Danish as well as English and French newspapers, and now a further additiou is made to the linguistic richness of our journalism, by the appearance of a German monthly ' ailed " Das Echo," of which Herr Drenge. 174 Sinter street, is editor and proprietor. Tie contents are very interesting to those who cii!i sp'-nchen Deutsch and amusing to those who cannot. The worthv mayor of H'tawa would scarcely kmiw 'himself as - Biirgermeister." but it is thus that he is designated by the Echo. Should his gallic sensibilities feel hurt upon the subject we might have another little war upon Bingham's Itridge precedent. We hope Herr Dienge will succeed with his venture. The typography oi the paper is excellent. . . DONT LIKE THE ISLAND. By HaBj II l ml ! ered a NmlaWe ' f.oea!lon. Tit-re U a utrong feeiing in the city iat Porter's Island is not the best piace lor the proposed coniagioi.i. m-la.-t- h .spCal, and a d. p-itation of jiro- ;e; t hw::tii i!i"ii will iiki-ly wai, -i;iou '. ,J..-;l u-m i:..i.da. ev...,' on-. (l.ik taat tlie lSiana o-r l.ot tietieo. A member of the medical stall ot tie- Protectant Hospital yesterday -said the mil cemetery bite ou .-saiio. ii.u. proper place for the hospital, by irepriating a few lots the act , d 1 complied with. It would be eh cheaper tliaa building a bridge to j-, in the itideau, aud buialing an embankment ou the island. He dio not ee why the island was selecfu. a, Lt- did not think it at all a good spot. PRESENTATION TO MR. TRUDEAU. I I'urlruil lit Ilii feton PaUerMin Krulii Hie li'liarlini-iilal SlalT. iist bitiiit the presentation of the por- ,.,i -.1 'lr T. irudeau. ex-Deouty -n : ,.f ihf liruartinent Ii Railways aud r.-i,a.s uaiuted bv Mr. Dickson Patter ..... cci. took olace at his residence in the presence of a very large auraber ui the departmental staff, wno, on his retirement from the service, have iu this to the warm affection and re-ii-'Ct with which he is regarded b, those amongst whom so large a portion ,,i ii L- life's work has been shured. The presentation was made by Mr. Mar- ens Smith. I.E.. one of the oldest of the d-uartmental engineers, and was replied !,. hv Mr. Trudeau in terms of mueh feeling. The address bore the signatures of nraeticallv the entire inside statf be siile those of the leading officers oi the outside service. The portrait is an excellent iikent and from tli9 artistic point oi view, pus sess.-s hiih merit, conveying not ouiy n.i. vieii s..inli!iiiiei! of the subiect. but also that more subtle suggestion of char aeter and disposition which marks th bener class oi portraiture. Mr. Patter son. is, of course, well known as a Caua dian art Lst and has painted many of our distinguished men, including Sir J. A. Macdonaid, Spl".k-r Plumb, Sir Wil liam Ritchie, Dr. McCaul, Sir Daniel Wilson.Sir Casimir Gzowsky, Sir Williaw Howiand and Mayors Beatty, McMurriek and Boswell of Toronto. His present work will assuredly add to his reputation It will be on view at Topley's studio for a iew davs next week. The address was beatitifuliv illuminated in colours by- Mr. Lawrence F. Tavlor, the border con taining several clear views of the w-est em block and other appropriate and sug gestive subjects. An adiournment to the supper room took plate after the main event and toasts and cliaeipu gue were the order of the 'evening. C 'JNOR KG ATION AL CH U RCH. A Ueiiui-st ("or lir. IVooirs Kesigiiallmi Hie I'asliir's Ileply. a ltd Wednesday evening a special meeting of the memliers of the Congregational church was heid, on recollimendutiou of the finance committee, at which the fol lowing resolution was udopted by a ma joiitv vote, taken bv ballot, lucre was a comparatively small attendant-. lt waa moved bv Mr. J. L. Fayuc, ant seconded by Mr. Claudes Muniford, "Whereas, lt has beeu shown that the revenue of the church has this year talle far behind the current liabilities. " It. That ior one reason aud auotiic u considerable number of those wlm con tributed to the revenue has left " 3. That there are good reasons for fearing an overwhelming deficit at tlie end ot the year, in the face of mixed and pressing obligations. " 4. That the services of the church are poorly attended, and our yongregation is steadily diminishing iu numbers. ' o. That our young people exhibit a feeble interest in the services of the church. " b. That a feeling of apathy -tad discouragement has taken possession of the memliers of the church and congregation. 'Therefore, bti it resolved, t'hat we desire to record our deep appreciation of the long aud faithful zealous services of our pastor, who for more tliaa fifteen years has preached to us a, Gospel of Love and Hope, and still holds out unbroken affectioie, ; but we realize that a crisis has come iu our church affairs, in which the financial and. other troubles just set forth are greater than he lias the streugth and capacity to cope with. That our hope of relief lies in the direction of re-organized forces, w ith a new-pastor at the head of the flock." Mr. Wood, ou being seen iu respect to the above resolution, disputed the accuracy of paragraphs one and two, or says they are grossly exaggerated, and is prepared to show figures in proof ; that paragraph three is the utterance of un-beliet ; that paragraph five is a libel on the young People's Society of Christian Endeavour, aud that paragraph six is seif condemnatory of those who voted for it. R0CKCL1KEE ENTENSION. The ew l.lei tilc Line In lie Opened on Saturday. The work of connecting the present terminus of the Electric road iu Rideau ward and the Rochcliife branch, and the the substitution of electricity for horse power on the Rockclii'fe line will be completed this evening and the formal opening of the Rocktliffe branch will take place to-morrow morning. Two electric ears will run on the line, in thefuture and no doubt the present grove at Rock-cliffe will be visited by many every day, The pavilion at the grove where refreshments can be obtained and which will afford shelter in wet weather has also been completed. A lleaiitifiit rieliire. A beautiful painting can be n in the music store of Messrs Sparks street. It is a niouy picture, "Christ Nordheimer on copy of the fa-liefor.' Pilate," The painting is eight feet wide by ten feet liigh. handsomely framed. It is truly a work of art aud reflects pre it credit on the painter. Mr. Herbert Onrke of Nepean street, wln by his painting, shov,-s he is a true artist. Mr. Clarke studied the art in London. Eng., and several wtdl qualified to speak h .ve predicted n brilliant future for him. He is an Ottawa bov. ' A meeting of the C. A. R. employees takes place this evening to discuss the question of the annual pic-nic. The Executive Board of the District Assembly meets this evening to consider the present position of the journeymen bakers, f .. i bakers, . . "' . ...... . MM WORK l' COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN MACLEAN S RULING Pi SET AIDE. da-." f Hie Mreel ILaiinay Aareenitnl rralo i h i!eat(-(J iiMyi.sjiin 1 tic I f'lttulli Aitjuurns in a iMiuiewt-al iri-rgu.ui jinuut-r, At the meeting, last evening, of the Civic Street Kail way committee aud the rmrerrf-ntaflves of the Street Railway ompanies, to further discuss the niemo-andnm oi agreement, the chairta n, Aid. Maci.ean received somewhat of a set back bv having one of his rulings reversed while a motion to adjourn was e.rried aud the meeting ended in confusion with out any statement as to when they should meet again. , Altogether it wan the liveliest meeting of the lot, so far. Aid. MacLean., l.oger, McGuire, Biughaw, Curry, Greene, Sturs Campeau, the city solicitor, city engineer aud Messrs. J. W. MeRae, T. Ahearu, W. Y. Super aud F. U. Chrysler were those present, j THE BALL STAKTEI). At first eveiything was conducted guiet iv, the first sign oi warmth of feeiing being evidenced by the City Solicitor. Mr. Chrysler, for the company, desired that a w hole clause should be struck out, vvkeiu the city solicitor remarked that if such were doe there was no use of iiis being there, i On a clause providing for apeu'ilty ot SotRl iu case the Company did not comply with the condition, Mr. Super objected. ! The city Solicitor showed there was a clause in the Toronto agreement which provided for a forfeit of $10,011). The clause stood. -' ADJOCB-fMENT MOVED. At half past ten Aid. Curry moved an adjournment. The motion was not noticed by the chairman, aud discussion ou a clause providing that the comp liy should defray part of the cost of renewing bridges, that reouired extra repairs by reason of the car traffic over them, was continued. Engineer Surrees made a recommendation on the matter, and it was discussed when Aid. Starrs moved to adjourn. Aid. McGuire moved a motion to the effect that tlia. chuuge the company desired should be made. Aid. MacLean went to put it when Aid. Starrs drew his attention to the fact that he bad made a motion to ad journ. Aid. MacLean said he would take the yeas and nays ou Aid. McGuire's motion. The clerk proceeded to call them. Aid. Campeau voted, but Aid. Bingham would not. Aid. McGuire tinm claimed his motion was made first, when Aid. Corry said that if the facts were taken, he moved an adjournment half an hour before and the chairman, had taken no notice of it. HOW THE VOTE STOOD. Aid. MacLean still pressing his ruling, Aid. Greene questioned it. On the following division the chairman was overruled. To sustain the chair Aid. Campeau, Roger and McGuire. 3. Agaiust Aid. Bingham, Greene, Starrs and Corry. 4. Jhe motion to adjourn then carried and the members left hurriedly aud angry. Aid. Sturrs remarking there was no use any man trying to force anything dow-n his throat. The very tiling to please the children. A tlriit on Hie liupteNs to 4reil,ille and reltiirn oit Wednesdays mid Saturday two lor one tare, l-'are 50 oents. Canadian Pacific R'y, Montreal Excursion $2.50. f The Canadian Pacific Ry. will issue return t ick ets to Montreal on afternoon train June23rd, all trains 24th, Oood to return until 2Sth June at S2.50. Trains I leave Union de-- pot at 4.05 a.m. S a. m. and 4 30 i p. in. with Sun- day trains re- St. Jean Baptiste Grand Celebration at Montreal turning at 4.35 p. m. and 8.c0 I p. m. (Windsor June 24th to 27th, I Depot), tor all information ap-I ply City Ticket I Office. 42 Sparks (street. 1893 $4.00 Pants for 144 Rideau St. !25, at H. Charltbois, Camkrox-Epwaktis On the 11th inst., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. G. M. . Carey, Douarlas Winder Comeron, Assistant Accountant of the House of Commons and second son of the late Chief Justice Sir Mathew Crooks Cameron, to Florence Alberta, eldest daughter of John C, Edwards Esq., of Ottawa. WANTED at H stew-art street a first-class General Servant; also a young nurse for two children. IOST On Thursday morning, the 15th inst.. j on or near By Ward Market, the sum of fifteen dollarR lone ten and one five dollar bilb. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same t Citizen office. JOCND-This morning, loth inst.. in vicinity of By Ward Square, a sum of money. Owner can recover same on proving property and paying for this advertisement. Apply u C. L Belier, "1 Metcalfe St. Mrs. Scott, SSimrs ISlock aIIsS The hot season has nrrive1. and we are on hand with our white, liglu-weight. Summer Blouses Of all descriptions. The Hual dollar Bloue we -ell for and so on through the Ask to he shown what you want, eiee the newcoUirs, belts and pauntlct g'oves. Infftnt hoods and bonnets for 20r.; sun-bonnets 4' c. up : 9 oaks 92.75 up; robes $1 up; white dresses. head shawls, etc.. etc. Ladies' and children's hose, corsetp, corset waists, fancy wools, new knitting silks, all very cheap. Mrs. Scott. Minn's Block iffis W7"ANTEI A thoroughly CompeTnt Person W to take charge of two children. One f-uitable in every respect can find the highest waes. comfortable quarters and a permanett-iitiKUion by apTT-Tig "t thja ortiW, GEO. SHIPMAN Leading Ftineral Director and Embalmer Best runeral Furnishings. Moderate Prices. S9 Bank street. Always open. Tel-- ephone 8. Seasoilile Hardware ROBBER HOSE, LAWH SPRINKLERS, LAWN MOWERS- Also Small Force romps Soitablc for Spraying Trees, etc ALEX. WORKMAN & GO OHAMBEAYS -A.3STIO Chambray Embroideries Having a very large strck of these goods, we will bold a special sale this week. They will be reduced to prices that will aitonish you. Embroideries worth from 10 to 20c will be cleared out at 5c. per yard. Hoc. to 50c. reduced to loc. Wide floutc-iug embroidery, reduced to 25c. Finest Swsss Chambray, worth 25e. reduced to 13c. All to match. 71 SPARKS ST. Factory Prices vs Eetail Prices. By buying your goods DIRECT from the factory you save the retailer's profit, which is at least 35 per cent. . THINK OF IT. This Clothing House manufactures all its own clothing, Right on the Premises and supplies goods retail. It will pay you to see these goods before purchasing elsewhere, DRY GOODS Of every description, Hosiery, Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, Corsets, etc. They are the best, therefore they are the cheapest. MOOT BURROra & CO- 2554, 257, WELLINGTON ST. Opposite the Bank Note Building. HOUSE AND VILLA PAINTS In all shades, ready to apply with the brush and manufactured from the best and puiet matcri combined w ith pure iinst-ed oil, no water or chemical mixture being used in their manufacture. These celebrated paints are put up in convenient packages for home uae.. Prices right. ENGLISH ENAMEL PAINTS In all the different shadessome forty shades in number These paint s are handy for amateur and professional painting m all branches, and are not to be surpassed in finish and gloss. A popular prices. JOHN SHEPHERD, 225 and 227 Rideau St, 275 Bank St.. and 483 Wellington St. Cafe Parisian. RESTAURANT A LA CARTE. 74 AND 76, METCALFE STREET Guests can rely npon being able to get al Delicacies of the season. Dinner and Supper Rooms elegantly furnishe for private partie Wines Liquors and imported Cigars always on hand. Private Dinners, Balls and Wedding Break fasts a specialty Served at Residence. Pate de Foie Uras, Truffles, Jiushrroom French Peas, Sepen a Huile. Elegant!) Furnished Sleeping Apartments to GENTLEMEN ONLY .by the day or week C L BELIEF, Pro rietor CANADIAN GRANITE GO. (LIMITED.) Manufacturers and Dealers in MARBLE & GRANITE MOMENTS, HEADSTONES, ETC. THE CAXALBASLX, OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE. OTTAWA, OUSTT. Cemetery "Work Promptly and Neatly Piecutcd, H.W.WILS0N1IJ0

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