Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 23, 1893 · 5
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 5

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 23, 1893
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! ; f THE MEN FOR MONTREAL THK CAFITAL TEAM SELECTED TO MEET THE SHAMROCKS. Ajlmer Boailng Hub Organized for the Season TUe Annual Meetlnz Kecoriiof he .urd as Hill emeu t'uuoruien traclisinfj; for the Cup Contest, ' The executive committee of the Capitals l,eld a meeting last evening and ai pointed Messrs. J. Whitty, i. A. tieybold. n.ud R. K- Claire and Dr." Kidd, a committee to look after the training of the team in conjunction with Capt. Stewart. Harry James will not be able toplay to-morrow and Dr.Taylor is absent so that the team to.piay me ouanirocaB wm fce picked from the loUowuig lourieen play ers: Urown, ralterson, yumn, jjevine, Hueh Carson, Bissonuette, Carleton, Geo. Carson, Ketchum, Turner, Leacy, Murphy, Powers and Burns. Cricket. A team from the Ottawa Cricket club .with a few friends journey to 'Montreal thiB afternoon by the 4.1U train to play the Montreal C. C. to-morrow -The team is Messrs. Ackland, Alibutt, Bourchier, Bristow, Campbell, Crerar, Little, Kiiep-pard, pro; Smith, H. Steele and Turtou. lowered the Record. Boston. May 22. Eddie McDuff, of Aldeu, lowered the American 5-mile road bicycle record to-day. The course had been chaiued by a surveyor, but iu order to avoid any possible error, a start was made a few feet back of the scratch. The finish was made in 1 hour 31 alius, and 05 2-5 sees. Ajliut-r Voutluii t'luu. The annual general meeting of the Aylmer iio;-'tir Club was held at Mrs. Kitchic's hotel, Aylmer on "Saturday evening and was largely attended. The club rooms were not available tor the meeting, access thereto being prevented by the high water. ilovever good accommodation was found in the ballroom of the hotel, which was very kindly placed at the disposal of the members by Mrs. Ritchie. The representative attendance and the enthusiasm displayed at this meeting ougur well for the club's development. The treasurer's statement submitted shows the iinancial condition of the club to be in a sound and satisfactory condition; the debt earned over from the previous season has been wiped out and the balauco is now on the right side. The membership ulso has increased and now numbers iUO. It the pleasant duty of the Executive Committee to be able to report that their different undertakings in the club's behalf during the past season had met With a very liberal share of success. The ejection of officers for the ensuiug year resulted as follows: lion. President A. Briseoll; Hon. Vice-President, Cj. Devlin, L'r; President; B. Bitson; Vice Presidents, Geo. Burn, It. II. Uaycock, V,". II. Kowlqy and Judge St. Julien; Treasurer, K. M. Harrison; secretary, J. A. Jacksou; Executive Committee, J. Smith, C. . C. Bate, Henry Aylen, J. "W. Uaimiug, 1). SI. Farmer, W. K. Kenny, A. W. Campbell, X. E. Cormier and P. BuMoulin, Auditor, E. H. Hunter. A serious loss financially to the club and ol enjoyment to the people of Aylmer generally, occurred Sunday morning , when part of the wharf which has stood the test of over 30 years' wind and tide w;s carried off by the high water now prevailing. As a wharf at this place is absolutely necessary, repairs will be undertaken as bchju us the water lowers sufficiently to permit of work being carried ou. Ottawa vs. Crescents. The team to represent the Ottawa Lacrosse club in their match on Queen's Birthd.iy against the Crescents of Montreal will be selected from the following thirteen players: Shea, Whilhns, Redmond, Alex. Kobertson, Puiiord, Charleston, Brenn.m, Imlay, Curran, Goodwin, Young. A. Mackell and B. ltoberteou. Mr. J. Macdonald will captain the team. The boys are in good condition and will no doubt give a, good account of themselves. The officials have not jet been chosen. The Ottawa and Stars are urrauging a. fri-ndly match to take place next month. The Kille. The Guards' Military Bifle teams have averv creditable record. In 1SS0 and 1861 they captured first prize in the skirmishing matches. In 1S82, through eome misunderstanding with the late Gen. Luard, the team was disqualified, and inconsequence did not compete in re- rd for the Zowski cup and jsruisu Challenge shield, iiie loliowing is tueir reconi 1SS3 Tied for 1st place for cup with Bovol Grenadiers and obtained secoud place" ou shield; 1SS4, 1st cup and 1st shield; 1SS5, 2nd cup; 1880. 3rd cup; jsb7, 1st shield; 1888, 1st. shield; 188!) .1st cup; 18U0, 1st cup; 1891, 1st cup and 1st shield; 1SU2, 1st cup and and 2 and 3rd shield, (two teams). During ls;il-2 the te .m won more value in prize than nuy other team iu the D. B. A. i The Guards have been represented at Wimbleton and Bislcy by from one to three members from the time the association first sent a team to compete at the X. R. A. meeting. This year the guards had three marksmen to represent the corps nt Bisley, hut unfortunately Corp. Ellis and Sergt. Short were unable to go. RIPI.E I.EACUE. The dates of the Canadian Military Rifle League matches are as follows: First match, Saturday, May 27; ranges 200, 400 and 500 yards. Second match, Saturday June 10; ranges 200, 500 nnd COO yards, ! Third mitch. Saturday, July 8: ranges 20U, 400 nnd 500 yards. Fourth match Saturday July 22; rauges 200, 500 and GOO yards. Number of shots, seven at each range. Position 200 jiards, kneeling or stand ing; 400 and 500 yards, prone GOO yards any, with head to the target. Shaniroehi PraHMn. The Shamrocks had a practice match n Kntnrclav afternoon witn xneir termcdiate team and put in two hours o! good hard work. The twelve who olaved in the memorable match of last October were out, and the majority uis olaved their last season's condition. To night s practice will be the last previous to Wednesday's match with the Capitals. From all accounts the Ottawa pecvple look upon the match on the J4tn as a sure thing, but they may be tooled and not for the first time either. The probabilities ore the game will be o good one, 09 matter ks It Kiafr U, The Montreal public will be given the opportunity of witnessing the reappearance of Mr. Barney Quinn after his involuntary retirement from the lacross arena and fame. It is aiso likelv that Turner and Lacey will also be i,ccn on the Capital team. This would :nake three changes from their twelve of last fall, and the men likelv to be found .ni. siny are Joe Kent, Norman Taylor and Bissonuette. Gazette. Fool ball. Belleville, May 'nd. The Mutes of Belleville will play association football in Kingston some time between June 1st and July 15th. A football match will be played on the Deaf and Dumb Institute grounds at 2 p. m. of the 24: h between ihe Alntes anri a team picked from ihe other clubs of the city league. On Saturday afternoon the Mules defeated the Helleviiln Rn.i,,.. fnL lege tnree to nothing and won the chan:-pionship of the city league. Itirvrle Tournament. Brussels, May 2i.The International Bicycle tournament was opened here to-d.13-. The American Sanger won the King's prize the principal prize to be given during the meeting. Concord, K. H. Miy 22 Tom Bur roughs, alias John Gibbons of Worcester Professional, defeated Jemes H. Crowley, cu amateur of this city by seven yards in a 100 yards dash for $100 aside at the Driving Park this afternoon, time BOATS AND BARGE;". Large Addition to the Ottawa Fleet This Summer.. Judging from the number of new steam tugs, barges and other boats registered this spring besides those that are complete and about to be registered, a lively forwarding business Ya expected during the summer. The new boats about to be registered are : The "Clayton," built iu Frontenac County by W. C. Edwards, capacity 18 tons; the "Florence," also built in Frontenac by Mr. Edwards, capacity, 40 tons; "Madawas-ka," built at Amprior by McLaehlin Bros., capacity, 15 tons, aud the "Bou-chere" and "Sampson" built at Simcoe, Out., capacity 13 and 15 tons respectively. The boats registered are : The "Juno," built by William Berry at Mareh Lauding, capacity 17 tous; "T. Osborne," built iu Hull by T. Osborne, capacity 25 tons; "Flora," Pembroke, by J. A. Thibs -deau, capacity 5 tons. Then there are the barges : "John Cuz-ner," Ottawa, Roderick McLeod, 46 tons; "Shepherd Bay," barge, Ottawa, Capt. Little G2 tons; "Carleton," pleasure boat, Carleton Place, owned by Messrs. J. Samuel, J. McLaren, A. H. Edward nnd Andrew Ypilxnn rtt itinf T1l..n To ! tons; "Turtle," Cash Bay, owners, Hay aud Irwin, Toronto, 33 tons; "Empress," Sturgeon Falls, owner, Mary Ester Perkins, 3(i tous; "Toneata," built at Kingston, owned by the Temiscamiugue Colonization Railway Company. Promising Entertainment. On Thursday the 25th instant an attractive soiree will be held in the Ottawa University H ill. The proceeds will go towards the defraying of the cost of the splendid new organ now building for the Sacred Heart church. Amoug the leading features in the programme are two enticing lectures, one by Louis Frechette and the other by L. O.David. Mr. E.Beloeau, has the reputation of being one of the best amateurs has charge of the musical portion of the entertainment which is saying that a treat is in store for the audience. Mr. Edward Lloyd. The Musical Love'8 of Ottawa are to have a grand treat next week when Mr. Edw ard Lioyd England's favorite tenor will appear at the Opera House assisted by Mr. John Cheshire Harpist, Miss Ella Walker, soprano, and Mrs. F. Mackelcan, contralto. Mr. Edward Lloyd and Mr. John Cheshire have arrived in this country to fill engagements at the Musical Convention of World's Fair at Chicago during ,he summer. Mr. Lloyd's voice is m its prime and will be heard at his best on Wednesday evening the 31st May. The Proves of UockclifTc. Rockliffc Park is more beautiful than ever this year, aud when the pavilion now being erected is completed, and electric lights strung through the grove, no doubt thousands will avail them -selves of the opportunity of spending pleasant hours there. The only expense conuected with a visit to this pretty spot will be the electric car fare. It lias been suggested that the Street Railway Company should engage a band to play theiie two or three nights each week, and an orchestra for the remaining evenings, as the pavilion will comprise a dancing platform, as well as a shelter during wet weather. The grove will also, no doubt, be the scene of manv picnies. The) Col it At Last. For many years scientists tried to con centrate the blood, flesh and bone making qualities contained in the oil of the Norwegian cod. They only partially succeeded. But by new chemical processes, rendered feasible by electrical forces, the life giving properties of the oil have ali been captured, and are safely imprisoned within hat fam-' ous remedy which is being talked about all over the country, known as "Miller's Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil." Physicians acknowledge that this is the greatest dieefcvery, or ratiier the pertection ot a discovery, ever given to the world. To say that it cores consumption ay making olood, tlesn ana bone for the patiei.t is quite enough. It is a remedy that positively needs no puffing. Many young people nave Been saved oy its use. in mg ootties, ouo, anu f i uu, at eii Drug Stores. Excursion. $250 to 82.50 Montreal. Canada Atlantic railway will issue tickets to Moutre .1 and return, good to go 3:25 and 5 p.m, trains May 2.ird. AU train; Mm good to return until 25Ui inclusive at &i. 50 ior the rouad trip. Passengers leaving on 8 a.m. train 24th can take the trip through the St. Lawrence Rapids and return same evening to Uiuwa. .4 lsirllidar Present ' The eldest daughter of Aid. Gareau was the recipient of a gold watch and chain last night, trom her lady and gentlemen friends, it loii the nineteenth anniversary of her birth. HEAR EDWARD LLOYD grand concert. Opera Iloue, Wednesday evening May 31st reserved seats $1.00. Plan opened at Orme's Thursday morning next at 9 o'clock. The St. Lawrence Rapids Trip can Le takeu in on excursion tickets to Montreal via Canada Atlar.tic Ry. Leave Ottawa at 8 a. m. 24th arrive at Montrel 3 p. tn. running principal rapids of the St. Lawrence, fare 2.i0. Tickets good to return same evening or all trains 25th. Call at City office Russell House Block lot u-funnation and time tables. DAILY" CITIZEN TUESDAY MAY t;3 THE WATERS RISE NO MORE Favorable Indication. Thul the I loot has tit Worst. A: noon yesterday the waters at the thaudieie had ceased to rie, and by midnight had lulleu about an iuch or two. only a careful measurement, however, t-att detect any diiiereuce iu the height ot the water and the curreut rum aj swift aud strong as ever. The strain ou th; pitis and buik-heads Is quite as' tiyiug, aud unceasing attention is neces sary to prevent a lurther break. With the exception oi the McKay flour mills, wnere mill of the power had to be fhut dowa yesterday, tLe big mills are all working away. WOIU! FHoM THK NOMI1. Mr. J. W. Henuessy, foreman for Sir. J. u. Booth ou the Upper Couioiige river, arineu iu the city yesterday aud re ports the water in that tributary 1ms gone down somewhat during the past lew days. Similar reports come lrom other up-river puiute, which taken iu conjunction witu the state of the river here indicates that the freshet has seeu its highest. There is yet, however, the menace of the north water floods, which may uui yei nave uesceudeu. And in this connection it is recalled that the flood of l3 was caused by this rush 01 the north water, a day or two after the ordinary spring Jresliet had begua to subside, just as it is doing now. OX LAKE DESCUEXES, Householders at Brituuuia were busy i.e ucars yesterday securing their coi-tiiges agaiust iurther inroads of the ire-shet. btoues were being brought in boatloads ail day lung to ballast the two or three houses already sapped by the flood nnd to weigh down the plans, sidewalk between the village and the station, lest the whole aliair should be carried away; The big boiUhouse similarly secured, re-m.iins lirm enough ou its foundation, but uny lurtlier rise will play havoc with the structure. The iuCL that up to fuur o'cIock the waters had receded an iuch or so wjs a source of great satisfaction to the villagers. Several breaches have beeu m::de in the bulkhead aud when the flood subsides it will prob.ibly be fouud that the breakwater has sullered some, via; At Aylmer the demolished whirl aud stranded boats have quite au air ol desolation, while the rifts of drift wood , strewn along the shore attest the lorce of the current and the fury of the waters, Noue of the boats, although all were more or less damaged, have been destroyed. The mill hands at Conroy s were busy nil day yesterday, securing buouis und taking precautious agaiust lurther damage by the flood. OPENED WITH A BOOM. i'if'lceu Hundred People iU-vel iu IH'lijhls tii tile LtccU'ic Farli. Every promise ol si-prioriiy over p st pe:'lo.'lii..ucca in the oat-door entertainment line w..s more than fuifilleu in the splendid programme ol attractions presented ut the opening of the L.ectnc Park last evening. ?or was a suigle accessory wanting to complete the enchantment ol the surroundings, the improvements in the stage and seating arrangements; the comfortably dressed; walks, the flash of the electric lights, and over all, the pale green tints oi the new-budded Trees, contributed to m .ke a scene at once picturesque aud pieasiug The plcy-going public of Ottawa manifested their appreciation of the preparations which the management hud made for their entertainment by turning out in full force to grace the orieniug performance. Fully 1500 were present at least 1000 of whom occupied reserved scits. The programme wes not a whit behind the choicest ever presented ou any variety stage in the country. THE MUSICAL C JXTKIBUIIOX3 by Messrs. Swift and Chase were captivating in point of variety aud general excellence, round after round of applause greeting their several selections. Most interesting too, were the performances of Master Charles Carter, the( vwonderful boy magician. As a prestidigator he has few rivals and as an entertainer, exhibits a rare command of the resources of his wonderful art. Perhajis one of his most taking specialties was the "Hot-coffee" trick. It is one which hundreds will go to see night after night during his engagement at the park. The finest resources of ventriloquism were drawn upon, to the intense amusement and edefi-catiou of the audience, by the renowned Prof. Grcufield, whose equal in the ven-trilogual line is seldo mseen even on the first variety stages in the land. MIRTH AXB Ml'SIC. The city band rendered their programme of selections during the several intermissions throughout the evening in faultless style and equally appreciable, too, were the contributions of the orchestra whose selections are heard to very much better advantage from their new position in front of the stage. A SETTER SATISFIED AUtUEXCE, never quitted the gates of the Electric Park, and not only from their frequent marks of approbation during the progress of the performance but also from the commendation subsequently indulged in, it is safe to assert that the entertainment is bound to make its further wny into popular favor during the wek. The car service last night was most efficient end the Company is entitled to every credit for the ample provision which they made for the conveyance of the immense audience who attended the opening performance o! the Electric Park. . Queen's Birthday Excursions. See Canada Atlantic Railway ad. in regular space. No good blood is made toy the Dyspeptic. K. D. C. makes good blood by restoring the stomach to healthy action. Ask your druggist for It. Queen's Birthday in" Montreal The Canadian Pacific Railway will run a cheap excursion to Montreal and return to witness the Lacrosse Match between the Shamrocks and Capital clubs. Tickets pood to go p.m. trains oo 23rd all trains on 24th return 2Slh at. ?Z50. For oil information apply City ticket office 42 Sparks street and Union Depot. Crescents vs Ottawa's May 21th MitrAnfil it-fl n til (ITindS. Reserve seats at Beament and Johnsons. Forly tret rarn rnn to the Empress en the mornini oftheatth- It was decided on Saturday afternoon to postpone the organ recital in Grace Church to next 1'riday evening. .T Tt.berts Allen. Chemist and Drairmst, Rideaa B'.reet. Ottawa, has Membray'i Jiidney and . t Cw on bana. A SMART YAXKEE SKIPPER. HrEvadrd the i uvloins km m faashl Iij a t'rut4rr. The department ot Custom yesterday received information of the w'imre by Captain Knowlton of the crnioer Vigilant at the Magdalen Islands of the lnited States fishing schooner Lawrence W. Muuroe. This is one of a list of vessels which are liable to seizure for having last spring taken on board supplies ut Causo .VS., without takiag out a license and without even entering or reporting at !the customs.. THE ST. CLAIR CANAL. Mr. Wyatt, C. E., who is the nromo-ter of the St .Claire and Eiie Canal, which win practically make the couutv of Es sex au island and shorten the distance between Lakes Huron aud Erie bv near one hundred m iles, left forlletrdit last night, where there will be a meeting to-morrow 'between several large cnui taiists and Col. Tisdule, M P. tor Sonth .orlolk who, as stated, introduced the scheme of the canal to parliament near me close ol lust session, with the desire that the canal should be constructed by the Dominion irovernmeut. Col. Tis"- dale exoresses himself as .perfectly satisfied with the construction of the" canal by a private company, provided he was satisfied that there was enough capital at the back of the promoter to complete vut nua, Miiuout government assist -lauce. One object oi the meeting to-mor row is to convince the colonel that the capital will be forthcoming. MCST HAVE CAXADIAX SEALS. An important circular has been issued by the Comptroller of Customs with re gard to sealed railway curs in transit through Canada iu bond from one point iu the Lnited States to another point in that territory. The attention ol the Department has beeu drawn to the fact that many Customs Officers at thei fron tier have been in the habit of accepting the American Customs seals on the cars 8 suificieu.) iund allowing the cars to ;o through without further precaution. The new order requires th.,t ut the poiut oi entry Canadian Customs seals must be also attached to the car. This circular places the cars more completely unuer the Canadian Customs laws during heir tr..nsit through Canada. I-ntlt:HANT. AlTAliLL. At the 1'epartmeut of Agriculture a re solution of the Ontario Hoard of Health has been received which directs the at tention of tha Minister to the fact 'that iu the orde: '-m-couueil passed by the Dominion Go.erumeut Aprii IS, lbi)3, no provision is made for the disinfection of the personal clothing in nctual use by steerage immigrants entering Canada the St. Lawrence; that the nec essity ior the routine disinfection of such wearing apparel is shown by recent Mid past instances were immigrants personally protected by vaccina- ion, have conveyed smallpox infection o passengers ou railway trains nnd per sons at place of destination after having ssed quarantine free frou contagion; that in view of these facts this board is of opinion that the order in-council of loth April should be amended so as to include the disinfection of such weanug ipparel." . FKK.SONAL AND OKNEK.U, NOTES. Mr. Bain. M. P., is in the city on departmental business. During the .absence in Europe ol Sir Adolphe Caron Hon. Mr .Angers will act vs Postmaster Geaeral. Hon. Mr. Angers, with Hon. Messrs. Uodvell, Poster nnd Holy will return from the East on Saturday. Mr. A. P. Lowe of the Geological Survey has just returned from Chicago. The Customs Department has issued a circular embodying the new regulations respecting drawback of duty on ships' materials, limiting the time within which application may be made. Mr. Burgess, Deputy -Minister of Interior, found during his recent visit to Quebec that the majority of the immigrants passing through Canada for the United States have crossed the ocean on tickets prepared by friends in America. This practice, Mr .Burges ssays, is only becomes well established an immense becomes well established au inimaiisc impetus to immigration will result. Results of analysis of "House of Commons Scotch Whiskey" by Mr. John Clark Ph. L. , E. I. C, Public Analyst of the city of Glasgow and the counties of Lanark, Renfrew and Sutherland says, this is a pure Whiskey which has be n kept for a considerable length of time iu sherry casks and from the milducsi and mellowness of its flavour I am of opinion that it is of very line quality. 120 miles t bl-aiiliriil riv-r pcn-cry t.r !0 eiil. 'Ink Emprem 7 30 A. St. ttueen'n Hirllnty. PERSONALS. Mr R. II. Dobell, Quebec's premier lumberman, is registered at the Russell. Prof. Chapman, the eminent mineralogist and geologist, is here attending the meeting of the Itoval Society. ?5ince the death of Sir Daniel Wilson, Prof. Chapman U regarded as the patriarch of the facult'-. of Toronto University. Mrs. V. A. Coulson, wife of Mr. Coul-son of the Journal office after a two weeks illness has recovered from a ser-ioos relepse oi the grip. Her many friends will tie glad to hear of her recovery. By WHter to Montr"Bl t 'T the Jnen Rlrtlulny, r-tnrn lrom H.'trd to 2th Inclusive less tuiin siuKle lare2 OO- HEAR ED WARD LLOYD Krand concert, Opera House, Wednesday evening Mav 31st reserved seatiiil.OO. Plan opened t Orme's Thursday morning next at 9 o'clock. SEE Canada Atlantic Railway regular space. Rev. I'roF Clark will preacn ai ootn services in St George's next Sunday, nis eveningsubject will be "future punishment He will lecture ou r ioy ."6 Dignity and Duty of Work. Illeb watpr on Ihe ltwa, 1 &T on the 7lr Uoeen-a Klrlhday, .P" for 80 sot. BASE BALL O. A. A. (Champion) vs. Diamond B. B- C Morning of 24th, at 10 o'clock. Metropoliton Grounds, Ladies Free. Children Cry for htcher'5Castor L. II POULIN, 156 Sparks & 26, 28 and 30 O'Connor Street. The Wonder of the Age Even eclipses the marvels of the World's Fair Read : fi silver Hinted TW K,vu 1 Table Snoona. 3 niivor i,l,ii.I.T ,'.l V..l.. i silver plated .Sugar Shell,! silver plated Butter Knife, 1 silver plated Hckle Fork, 1 silver plated Heavy Napkin Ring, 2 silver plated medium Napkin Rings, 1 silver plated i eppor v.4isior, i silver piatcit alt Castor, 1 silver plated Salt Castor, 1 silver plated Salt Cup aud Spoon, 1 pair of Steel Scissors, any size from 5 to 9 inches, Button Hole Scissors included. The above package and articles along with many other useful plated goods, for the extraordinary figure of 25C. Some will say they are too cheap to be good, but we answer the goods are guaranteed not to tarnish, discolor or turn Drassy, even under the severest test, or money will be refunded. L. K POULIK F S Drees Goods and Trimmings. Notice. " Whilst thanking my patrons for the generous encouragement they have given, I desire to inform them I am retiring from business, I oflcr for sale the balance of my stock of cigars, tobacco, etc., na well aa shop 6 x lures. P. Bkdakd, 2HK DulhouBie St. THK WKATHKR. Ottawa, 22nd May. 9 p.m. Pressure ufter increasing nearly two tenths of an inch during yesterday has been decreasing since midday and the reading of the barometer has gone down to 29.81 inches. The flue, dry weather continues, however, with continuous sunshine again to day, and it was very pleasant, the violent wind experienced yesterday having subsided, the vune veering to south southwest and east. Temperature is not much changed, the thermonu ter registering a night minimum of 47 degrees, and a daily shade maximum of 07 degrees. Same nate last year lowest temperature 40 degrees ; highest 50 degrees. Kuin all during previous nigut oud greater part o the day. Toronto Meteorological Roport. Toronto, May 22. The etonn centre which woe in Nebraska last night haH moved directly into the lake regioiw. Heavy rain ih falling north and east of the Centre. The weather to-dfly has been fair in Ontario nnd the Eastern Provinces, and generally cloudy with local showers in Manitoba, aud tho Northwest Territories. 1'KOBAim.lTIKS. Lake West to north winds, unnet-tled with local rains uud thunder storms, turning cooler. Upper St. Lawrence Mostly cloudy with local rains and thunder storms. Lower St. Lawrence Strong wind, and gales east and north east, cooler with eome rain at moHt points. Gulf Winds motflly north and east, fair and cool. Maritime Fair weather. Manitoba Mostly fair with a few local showers, stationary or higher tern- I piiratiiro. SUMMER. Coats, Underclothing, Vests, Flannel Shirts, Belts Bathing Suits, Towels, Neglige Shirts, Socks, Bath Roles, Blazera, Silk Shirts. JE!tc,f Etc I. M. PYKE. DON'T KICK ti ...... im W not. what, vnu e?rMy:t. iwaum Jnt. -- J ' - I ed, but go to either of our iUre on Rideau or hpark street ana we can auiy yuu ir the morlent price of 35c Oar hlaok tea at that figure in something that pleawa every one, they don't tell uu to, but they come back and buy more and tnat't what we want you to do. STROUD BROS. Ridean and Sparks Six. Ottawi. a From Monday' April 24 Until sold out, I will offer Cheap Wall Paper Retail at same price and in many instances lower than the purchase price paid by any dealer in Ottawa. Having purchased at special prices granted for extra large quantity, I am able to olTer as above, aud Blurt tlio prices from 3cts. Per Boll Upwards. New Patterns, and same Quantity and quality as offered elsewhere in tha City at Sets to 6oU per roll. All other grades in proportion. WM.T0WI. Howe Block, 18 to 24 RIdeau St -I HJ ! 'X'O Organized Workingmen! AND IN FACT TO KVERYUODY THAT WKAR8 GOOD CLOTUKS : GENTLEMKN, We wish to cull your attention to the fact that we have Introduced and adopted the Union Ialwlwid employ noue but memlers of the Union, and consequently skilled mechanics, thus ensuring superior workmanship. The organized working people can now procure, at a reasonable price, good fitting clothes made bp skilled labor. Io sure that' every garment has th Union Laln.1 attached. McCRACKEN BROS " The Bank Streot Tailors," 136 Bank Street. YOU CANT ENJOY the Queen's Eirthday with ill fitting Shoes and to get the right kind at the right price call at DOB1ER 8c CO A full line of Ladies, Misses, Gentlemen and Boys Black and Colored Shoes in Stock. CRICKET AND TENNIS GOODS AT THORBURN'S, 80 SPARKS ST. Sole Agent fur McC'ullougli of Montreal. Chat About the Carlsbad. ' What't the Oarltibad t " inquired I Citi- zt:n reporter of Mr. Nolan. " It one of the newent and moKt popular' tnnrittt' thapeii in toft felt ljutt," he replied. ' HundredH are alrcad5' worn in this city, although tho myle i one of the latest products of the aeanon. It't especially becoming, and looks as well on young as it docs on elderly heads." It's impOHftiule toconreyan idea ot the "chic shapes ot some ot tin new lightweight soft felt halt at Nolan's in a newspaper picture or di.ucription- 7'hey are the best fitting and best looking softfclthatn of the season. They retain their shape and the prices are extremely moderate at T. Aolan s, 40 nmeau street. J. ftOMifi. Ottawa Gatineaa Valley Railway QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY. Hound Trio Ticket to at! tnl.'on will he snW on Miy 23rd and iitt.h irood in return until May al 'n fclnrle l lr M l. Fnrs. Will leave L'nion Htation on Mny Ultlj at 10 a.m. for Caale and WaketlcM. .'elummK leave vkehld at 4 p.m.. and CrwudeH a' 1.15 tt.rn. Fare for round trio to eiLfrer noint; Aiiultjf 50c. children 25a. 7lcket will be limited tn unatlntr caoocftv of cars. Ticket mut h purchawxl at oilkc or the Company, W Central Chan-ilierH, or at U'-kt of-ft'ie In utation before train leaven. No ticket will!: -old on the train, and only finecul Vto-Nic Tickets will be reei veil frr-anco. J. T. PRIXCK. Ottawa, Mar Ztrth, lifO. Oen 1. Supt. 1 ' ' - -T - ICCV I'Tian utreet.TI Plate, Bhe JCtlfll Iron, and Otfjpcr Work I PhimMny, Unrfir v act HeaUrnr CW'BlfVJTI tinites iflven for sll kinds of LilulUu I M"Vi.K. hioven sr.rt sur pips icboirg pr mptly attended 10 D R IIOIUKY, &i Z 8 :.. T::.v.-T (oair Wellington I r

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