Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on August 5, 1891 · 4
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Ottawa Daily Citizen from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · 4

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 5, 1891
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DAlLtf, CITIZEN WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 189 1 Highest of aU la Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report 9 AtFK?g3jLfgsiy game . JEWELLERS, ETC. Having put in a Dynamo for Electro-plating I am prepared to do nil kinds of Gold, Silver. Nickel and! Copper PI . ting At the lowest possible prices Tableware a Spec!al!y. A. MARKS, WhMiimIw .mil JpwpI Yr I HtlUlllwUvl W w t VB WJ 49 SPARES STREET. V LADIES' Gold Watches. We are now showing a beautiful line of Ladies Gold Watches, set with Diamonds; also a-Tew D'amond Rings worth $20 for $11.50. Silver Watches from $5 upwards Gold Watches from $9 up to $200. J-l.S 3 1 1 aiiverware auu iuuiu at proportionately low prices Wholesale and Retail Jewellers, 98 RIDEAU STREET A. & F, For the Ladies. During the hot weather while Sago and Tapioca are used to a greater, we have purchased a large consignment of both and will sell at 5 lbs for 25c. Take advantage of this while it lasts. We have also a choice Green Civlon Coffee at 25c. per lb. ITive you tried our popular Cocoa yet ? 35c per lb. 11 in M 11 1 290 Sparks Street. Telephone 742. EDUCATIONAL. Two Model CIVIL fchKUOK Have comnumnl at the Ottawa Busl-d- College. 15 O'Connor street. Pupil will be rerelrt-d any day this week. BANSHL SWIW, VLW I J. EIHEEI5GT0N, B A. PBIBHIPALH 16 O'Connor St. EftlleraDge, Lakefield, Ontario Ichool for Little Giils .lie MiMn Robert, members of I'ol-ul Fm-eHr and Aspartate lo Arts o; Oxford University, Lnatlanl. Terms on 1- pjieatioo. SPECIAL NOTICES FOR First--Ias Livery fall on W. If. ISrievcs, 315 Wellington street. Bell tele-phaaue 371. The l"t 1 uian is more H.lite than the Tu?Miiilo. MCttUtM2 he daiea uaat ar.-sent his hill until jiift laefore you hitve. Koflhe lavt st-lwtion f silks anal t ali-ineres twine lo l!rstu, tJrahaio k L'u l. The nMU -young ' theory evialently dots not aply to lish. If , how is it that tto m ny K"' wfc one' are taught by f very auutta ur lisln rliiitn '.' For blanks -onnteTiinc anil furniture tome to l'.r) 'li, Urahalu it Co.'a. Alaut the t.nly thins? that a man wishes to wrap huuelf iu thee etrniugs is luuiher. Edison Phonograph on Exhibition in the Art C ulldina. Landtdowne Park, this evening. i'coplc from Ottawa going to Montreal on Augui-t Mh, take the Cana-lum 1'aa ifu- Rail-way. Four trio in and low faren. The im-i.inltl sab- of ail surplus sum-ni.-r Kt k. hrvMin, liraluuu A Co. It takes a om1 miuiy y.-ars for a ntan to iii l old. but when he out r. gets it he hangs t.n to it The man who k.ivh he f ! like an idiot enerally acts like one. I'xiota mix I phK k for men. women an-1 a ll The lert at I'.rVM.n, tifalialU afc 'o Tak'nui- f'l -n.-t you'll noon laave that 51 'J' tha.1 )oii tun t lay a finger on. For .iil.t, n anal tuMe linens, the emi-aiaiiiutl rale liryona Qiaham A Co. 'o-t fto K'liti.r) NVhal in your oj.inion 1 1 my kuiuiiH r tiy Klilor Hi too liht-fo'r wiub i fuel, ho it iiiukan ol kindling mil -lial. All VIILLHI1 v II 1 11 II I 111 . Bill BEST PHOTOS OF IPinvd!3r IS YOUR IS' A ME ON TUB vorEns list ?t If not, miike your tt.t lui-atiou "at Messrs. Chilly t Cos olhee, 45 KIk" street, as stn BS possible. The olli.-c will be open every evening (Sunday exifiaft!), fnm hatf-iHtst seveu to half-pant uiue oYh k, toat . omnia aliite those who cannot attend during; tin- day. i WITH TIIE CONDUCTORS. Esttrlew rr tUm Mim-o at I He Plewle T-wrrw. The following; are the eutrhn at) fur re-eivel for the rat-en at the rouclm tir' ie-uio lo-iuorrow at LaiiMlowne I'uik : Free-for-all, i.iirw K. Arlnmr, La- hiue, b (C Fantcrn Boy; K. Mert, A) liner, blk M Auouiit: H SU'm1, Aylnier, b lu t'reumonia; CI' Wiighl. Hull, b (J Jamea lllM'nny. 2 elan, nnw f J. M l'liernon, Almonte, blk ni Velveteen; W. CuuniiiKhaiu, IK laws, ih f M. Niiliohnt; T. WurreU, Kt-nitville, k f Matthew ; M. l'loiille, (Ittawa, g lku li: A. ArmUoiij;, Ottawa, bg Billy J. Half mile luih, running. iire 1). White, Otiawa. b iu Mona: J., (Hlaaa, b h Bin uegal; J. II. tlervis, ch g 1'urse. 1 mile, heat nu e, 2 in 3, jmme $!.) P. White, C'tlaoH, b in Mona; J. Alexander, Ottawa, b b Buniegal; C. Fulling. Montreal, b g Thitle. The jmlk'e will be W. II. Knning, Pembroke, A. Johnimu, Kenfrew. IS. WimkIk, Smith's FalU, ami U 11. 1'ouinler, (itU.wa; C AiMixon, Ottawa, tim. k-t - r and weih-ni t-ter. Maale lte I'ark. The City Baud gave am-tlu r oh-d air ron-lert in the I'ark lat evening, ami the music, which was nodular ami rendered in a meritorious style, was listened to with delight by thotlMtuds of eOte. Every tissue of the body, every nerve bone and uiu le is made stronger and more healthy by takiug Houl'a Sanvaiarilla. HURRAH FOR MONTREAL. ! Take the excursion by the fail. I'ac. Ily. on Saturday lie it. He turn ?-'.'. lBtasisralt Allraellow. An exhibition of hotiograplis will lie, giveu by Mr. T J. J..nes iu the Art Gallery building at Laiidownc I'ark to-morrow, edneatlay, evening. Ih brrsl trarUl - Which petiiile iu rundown state of health derive from Hoods Sarasaarilla, niu- lusively prove that this niedicine "makes the weak strong. It loes nut a t like a stimulant, importing lit titious streugtii, but llmtd t Sisiiiarilla buihls ui in a ikt fectly natural way all the wcukeiied parts, purities the blissl and as-.jsts to healthy a tion those iniNirtaiit organs, the kidneys and liver. T k later rest ! Throats, The remains f the late N. A. Prenter were conveyed from the reoideiue of his brother, W.B. I'renter, of the C 1 JC , to the I'uion Station yesterday morning to be taken to Toronto for interment. A large nuinler of friemis Me'omiUiied them to the depot. ller. Win. Mclkle conducted the service at the house, and the pall-bearers were Messrs O. Scott, W. Davis, O. Dalglixh, G. Cost el lo, R. Smith and S. Howe. SATURDAY'S EXCURSION To Montreal and Quebec by the Can. Pae. Hy. promises to be one of the most successful this season. Irenlated a false Ciieqoe. On Saturdnv last a short, stout, daik man waited on Mr. Cournolle, buU her, at the Chaudiere Market, and after ordering a dollar's worth of meat, handed in a cheque on La Iianue Natioiiale, drawn in favour of Joseph Sweeney and endorsed by Thomas Pratt, for $10.. The cheque was stumped as accepted by the lutuk, and the c-iixtorucr was handed the meat and the change. On Monday Mr. P. Burns, of Fallow tidd, sold Mr. Coursolle some cattle and took the clieUe in part paymeut. Not wishing to take it home he went to Lucey & Bediugtield and purchased some oats, giving the cheque in uynient. Messrs. Laccy & lVdirietield duly pre-nted the rlmiuc at the bunk to be cashed, when it wa repudiated, the accept ance stamp at once being detected as a forgery. The case is now in Detective Montgomery's hands. Fdison Phonograph on Exhibition in the Art Building. Landsdowne Park, this evening. Auction sale of l'.ooths at Iimulowne Park, Conductors' I'ituic, to-day at 141 Sparks street. To sell eight lxMiths under grand stand ami two outside. To be sold to suit purchasers. A. B. Machos aid, Auctioneer, Office, 141 Spais street. Portlanl Eicnrslon, Aiipst I2tl The Canadian Pacific Kailway is the only line through the heart of the mountains to the sea shore. Keturn tickets good for ten days, only $rt.5o. C. P. It. City Ticket Office, A'i parks street. 1 he Onlral ranada Fair. A meeting of the Agricultural, Dairy and Horticultural uommiltee ol tlie Centra! Canada Fair was held last evening in the Asso ciation s ottn e, Kunsell House Blot k. for the puri.oe of apttointinu: indues in these de- liartniellLs for 111. Oiitic liiliit i.,n Present Aid. Scrim It )i:iirini.n1 Presi dent Magee, Vice-President Chas. Mohr, and Jlessrs. K. Curry, J. Hi. key, H. Sims, II. Parks. Thos. Kliuett, and the secretary. The following; trciitleiucn were aniaiintetl as judves: lor Krain. tield ns.ts. eUv Hector .M' Lean. (Juio; Jits. lU-nnnsn, Bell's Corners; Thos. Armstrong, Kiiihiirn. Fruit Hon. U . Scott, Ottawa, D. N i. ol, Cat- araaUi; Jidm t'raig, KxeriniculAl Farm, (iardeu vegetables .Inroes Doyle, Montreal ; .las. Hit) ley, Billincs' Bridge; Jas. McMullen. Cummiugs' Bridge. Plauts in Mts, cut Haawers. etc lieo. Beiim tt, Moiitrutl: Geo. Vair, Toronto; K. Curry, Ottawa. Cheese, butter, i to. Newell Hate. Ottaw a: .laalin Tieruey, Arnprior; W. Wall, Ottawa. SOLID COMFORT SPRING BEDS and Mattresses. Special realiia tion during our cheap sale this month. Free electric tar tickets with each sale. T. W. ClllllIKH, IK Kidcau stra-t-t. P2KSONAL. Mr. C II. Allen. iiir.M-a la.r a.f the Standard Lite Aiu-iiram e Coiupanv, is iu the t ilt for a few days ami is stopping at the Ku.-.m II. CARPETS, OLD AND NEW. Have tbetn c leaneal, sewn, laid or altered, by J .ouch Marks, jobbing cabinetmaker a lie I ilbialtcrcr, .l.'ii; Coucesniaan street. Charges luaaderute. .Mr. J. B. Clcirlcsoti, the president, has pri st nted the im luU rs of tl e IKhkosh Club with jerseys. Ir. Lxgrin is away for his umer vac tion auu is exKt teal to retu.n Sei.temliei 1st. A new l.l:ia k nu. I go. iKn hiinns over the tooiway oi ;J it t a. lunar street. Isarinif tl lltall.aa .l I..... ...I a.'C i. , .P . . "'jaeiaila n l alWICC, t'ubl u.,.1 L..t :. If .. ar. ? le ... auiiaac iat,illJ House; When ytaii h.-c a rattltnnke with ten rattles an. a button, you touch the butlwu and the snake will do the rest. Never doe anything by halvesThe man asoo aiwajs ueais at a twcnty-livo tl: nt store. 1HE TARTE M'GRKEVT CASE. Two of Murphy's Mysterious Payments Denied. All INSPECTOR'S PRESENTS. It. port of the Expert Engineers on the Croas-w&ll Tenders. At the openine of the morning seeeion of the Privileges ami Klajctious Committee yesterday Sir John Thompson handed in Uio report of the expert engineers on the Quebec Harbour improvement tender. Mr. F. C. Lightfoot, of the Public Work Deiautmeut, produced cojaios of a u umber of letters on the British Columbia dry tits k ordered by the coiniuittoe. ilr. c.. J. Si line, one of the lusptH-uir to whom it was said irregular ieyiuent were made by Larkin, Connolly k Co., was the first witness. lie was examine Dy air. Huury. From 1B79 to 1888 he had been employed by the tjuebee Harbour Commis sion as inspector ol masonry ana cement, lacing en-Aged by the mouth and paid by the mouth. Asked if he had ever arrived money from Larkin, Cou- nolly ak Co, witness said he had been permitted by Ur. Pilkington to set as night foreman for the contractors, lie was (aid by the commissioner for day work. Sometimes he worked during the day for the contractors at the same time he was up- isast-d to be working for the commissioners, ami was therefore working for both. He got $7i a mouth from the Harbour Commissioners, and trusted to the contractor for what they might give him. He was aaid at irregular intervals, and in all $1,600, or almost $lo a year. The largest sum he ever received at one time wss $150. Hi transaction were all with Mr. Murphy. Witness persisted in refusing to answer the exact amount bad in Buy. year. Then, after much persuiujou, he waa induced to read this receipt : QtiHcc, Nov. 22nd, 1883.. Ilea eived from O. E. Murphy the utn of $l.:iou iu cash, and $ too iu cash and sundries; total, $I,i;ii0. (Signed) K J. Mat. On the back of the receipt was a memorandum enumerating uch article as a field glass, watch aud chain, compasa, suudries, etc. These he aduiittajd he bad received from Murphy; but the receipt waa given in l.HSo, and ante-dated three year. Witness still wore the watch aud chain and showed it to the committee. MlMrilV CONTRAI'ICTSD. Mr. Martin Foley, merchant tailor, Que bec, was next called. Mr. Osier read an extract from Murphy diary setting forth that he had lwid witness $1,150 for election purpose in 188 7 J The only inaaney witness ever received from Muriahr was previous to that date aud in pavment for clo'hing In his evidence Murphy further swore that Foley "came also on election tlay for $500 mare in company with Heibert Carbcry Witness denied this most emphatically, sutnn; that up to that time he hud never handled any election money. The first time he had to do with money was in the local election of Hobcrt McGreevy, in Quebec West. Mr. Mills and Mr. Langelier desired to ascertain how much money he had received from Mr. Chalouer for that election. Mr. McLetad contended the local election of 18S was entirely outside the scope of this enquiry. Mr. Mill then proceeded to cross-question the witness as to the part he took in the elect ious. Witness swore that in one case it had been represented to him that a "elub' in Champhtiu required some $'JO0. He had never spoken more than twenty word to Murphy ti ; to that time. Mr. Davie took hand at the ctoss-exs mi nation and elicited from witness the isNiitive statement that he Uever received a dollar from Murphy outside of $36 for two suits of clothes; and when Murphy swore to having given witness the sum mentioned for the election he swore what was untrue. MORS RKKrTTAL. Herbert Carbery, examined by Mr. Osier, wore be ditl not meet Martin Foley on election tiny until late in the evening. A to Murphy's statement that he ' gave $400 the night Carbery was arrested," witness said he was not arrested ; but hearing a war rant was out for him be went to Judge Chauveau and gave liond. He attended several terms of the court, but nothing came of it. Arain Mr. Da vies cross-examined without effect, till he finally put an end to it, by tailing the witness he was 11 making goose of himself." Witness told a story of his possession and use of $400 on election day. It wits handed to him in an envelope. and at the tequest of parties who wished to organize a permanent " club," deposited with the Kedemptorist Fathers, to be paid over to these parties after polling day. It was paid soon after 5 o'clock that day. But witness was sure it did not come from any of the partiass to the present enquiry. Cross-examined by Mr. Mills, witness was compelled to admit that as he only surmised from whence it came, he was not in a posi tion to swear positively that it did not come from the parties to this enquiry. Messrs. Cross and Lmug, expert ac countauts, testified to the correctness of the statement submitted by them upon the books of Larkin, Connolly k Co. Mr. Cross, examined by Mr. ritxpatrick, said the two demand notes of the $25,000 scries had been paid evidently by the cheques produced, which constituted the ouly evidence of their payment by the firm. ArHeioai bmbIom. I he investigation was resumed at 4 p.m. Mr. James Wood, secretary to the Quebec Harbour Commission, produced a number of documents, includiug reports by Mr. Perley and letters from Larkin, Connolly ak Co. re specting the dumping of dredged material in the river. To Mr. Tarte Witness' keys were mislaid, not lost, for several day about the time Mr. erette lefU about February 18'jii. One of the keys was that of the cash-box iu which were kept the cheque substi tuted for the deosit receipt, and the letter from Thomas McGreevy, rtding, -I see objections," or "I see uo objections," upon which authority Mr. aim said he made the substitution. In February, 1BU1, at Mr. Valin's request, he showed him the letter and cheque, which he looked at and banded back to witness, who, without taking further notice, put them back in the box Some time aftei the matter was brought be- faare the board ami witness reported thereon. The Ixix was kept in the vault and the key to tlie vault was kept by Mr. Uinnctte. MR. ROSWKLL'S Ktl'ORT. Engineer Boswell produced a statement showing that in July, 18Hii, the contractor drcdgttt 4,500 cubic yards, and in August tiL',lc."j ; also that Hii,Hu4 cubic yard were dietlgetl uuder the contract of 1887 and laced in the cross-wall. Mr. Osier cross- examined to ascertain how witness made out the quantity dredged by Peters, Moore afc Wright as 518,mh yards, whereas the gross excavation really aiuounttnl to 111 7,000 yards. Witness explained why deductions L-ie made. To Mr. Tartt? He never knew till he heard the evidence before the committee tlmt the dredging inspectors were being improperly aid by the contractors. Mr. Itenrv, Q (' put in four letters written by the Harbour Commissioners re the settlement of the claim of the contractor for 5.ono and $;to,'.ioo also a letter re the payment of the iusectors by the firm for work iK-rforined during the winter. Ihe committee adjourned till 10 a.m. to day. Tbe Easiaearra Report. The report of the expert cnirinecrs pre sented by Mr. Osier is a lengthy document. 1 he plans not being the original aud the engineer who applied the quantities bciuir dead, the experts th nk that explanations wliia h might make ILe mutter nluin are not forthcoming. The tender at first figured by the late Mr. Bovd were: Gallatrher. 5)2 2. '5; ltcaiiCHK'c. $503,4)i3 ; Larkin. Conuolly ak Co, U43,o71 ; Sampsou k Sampson, 1,1 HI. beaucagu having written amending his figures for sheet piling, his tender was thus raised to $;40,8ii8. Then Gallagher amended his, and on the same plans the result would be : Larkin, Connolly ak Co., $iJ4,340; IImuiskd, $40.H08 : Peters k Moore, $i43,071 ; Simpson ak Samp son, $.11.4,181. .The engineers find, however, that apply ing such quantities of crib-work, etc., as they would estimate from the plaua submitted anl from Mr. Boyd's quantities the FUNERAL tender would figure out, Larkln, Connolly k Co $7&3,S43( and Peter Moore f73U,-X43, or 17,000 lower. Based on the final estimate, the difference in favour of Peters k Moore would be even grw.i-r, but the ex-porta learn fiom Mr. Boawell that the orrginal dtarign of the cross-wall was so changed during the progress of the work as lo largely Increase the quantities, and f cource render this estimate valueless as the basis of comparison. DID MERQERGK I THE MONEY Granted as a Subsidy to the Baie des Chaleurs Ry? STORM ON THE SENATE SIDE. Three-Corni.rod Duel in Railway Committee ;tho A breeze of unusual briskness ni filed the usual serenity of the Senate side yesterday. It arose out of tbe opposition made to the passage of the Baie des Chaleurs Kailway bill by tlie Railway Committee of the Red Chamber. When the bill came up for consideration, Mr. Hector Cameron, Q C, ex plained that it was necessary to empower the new company to bond the road for $20,-000 a mile in order to raise the funds for it completion. Senator Kobitaille, as president of the old company, claimed that they were ousted for political purposes by the Mercter UoVeru-metit. He read a statement showing that every dollar received in subsidies had been honestly expended in building the road. Mr. Armstrong, the former contractor, was asked if he had received $175,000 of this money and what he hail done with it. He acknowledged having received the money in settlement of his claim for $:i0,0O0, but held that the manuur of its employment was his private business. THS OTHKB SIUS. Mr. Walter Bar wick appeared on behalf of the Kastcru Townships Bank, the Ontario Bank and estate of Mr. Macfarlano. The company was, he said, as appeared by ' the bill, incorporated in 1883 with a capital of $300,000. In 1880 the company maale a contract with Mr. Armstrong for the building of the whole road, about 100 mile. Under tbe contract Mr. Armstrong was not to receive a dollar in cash. He was to be paid $o,400 a mile by trausfer of the subsidies and $13,600 per mile first mortgage bonds, making $2t,000 per mile, and he was also to receive one-half the cupital stock of the company. For. this consideration he was to buy the right of way and manufacture the railway. The subsidies this road has from time to time received before the passing of the last Act were $020,000 from the Dominion aud $7oo,ooo front tlie Province of Quebec. The Dominion subsidy was matle up of $J00,0ou for the first twenty miles, $128,000 for the stxt.nd twenty miles, and for the balance $l'J2,0i0. Mr. Macfarlane, who has since gone into insolvency, entered into a sub-coutrsct for the construction of the road, ami has UO miles about completed. There is a balance of the Dominion subsidy still due of. $31,000, and of the Quebec subsidy about $28,000. The Ontario Bank ha matle advances to Mr. Mat farlane which have actually gone into the construction of the road, amounting to $8'.v,00i, and the Eastern Townships Bank has also matle advances, to the amount of $17,000. There are other ' creditors for $5,500, that is, irrespective of tbe claims of workmen, which it appears, have been satisfied, by the payment of $08,000. Mr. Macfarlane was forced to make an abandonment of his mtate, not being able to secure y-nienta from tlie company, the latter holding he was entitled to nothing till the whole line was fiuiahed. The coniaiiy then sued Mr. Mac farlaae to get possession of tlie road, and while that suit was in progress secured an order to use the road temporarily for the purptsw of making repairs. Meanwhile application was made to Parliament for this bill, Mr. Macfarlane insisting that a clause should be inserted protecting his right under 'the contract, which provided ,that he should retain possession till aid in full. "At that time," continued Mr. Barwick, "we were not in - possaxftiox or rxcTs which have since come to our knowledge. Subsequent to the agreement that was reartkod before the House of Commons Com mittee and notwithstanding the tact that their application was merely for the use of the road to make repairs, and notwithstanding that tbe most positive assurances were given that when, the mutter came before the Railway Committee it would be dealt with iu the fairest manner possible the order for ta-iuporary possession of the road has been used to secure practically com plete possession, the curator of Mr. Mac- farlane' estate being thrown out 'neck aud crop.' The rouud houses have oeen buret open, the rolling stock has been taken pos session of, and the new company, as it is called, is to-day as much in tmssession of the road as t lie-Canadian Pacific is in possession of the Ontario and Quebec or the Credit alley line." The company represented to Parlia ment that hut sessiou the Quebec Legisli ture granted them 800,000 acres of land, computed at 35 ceuts, equalling $280,000, which sum was available for the payment of Mr. Macfarlunc's claim, which the company promised to do. " Nothwithstanding the assurances of the Premier of Quebec," con tinued Mr. Barwick, " we fiud that this money has been spent. If I bad the oppor tunity 1 could prove that $100,000 of that money never reached the company, aud has not been used for any purpose contemplated by the company. WIIKRC, OH WHEKK? An hon. member" Where has it gone?" Mr. Barwick " I understand that $75,oOO has been devoted to political purposes in the Province of Queliec. By whom 7" " i understand tins arrangement was made by Mr.C'hrysostom Langelier with Mr. Pacuud." air. Uarwick said letters ol credit were issued against this $280,000, one for $100, 000, aud one for $75.0oO. The $1 00,000 was discounted by the Uauque du l'cu- ple, aud the other by the Bauque Natiouale. aud he claimed to be able to prove that the $100,000 was used for jaoliUcal purposes by the Quebec Loud Government. These facts came to their know ledge since the bill was before the House of Commons, and finding the $280,000 gone, his clients came to ask protection. The comnuiy now sought to bond tbe road lair 20,000 a mile, which would render Mr. Maclai lane's lien worth less. He asked, therefore, that the bondine privilege be giauted only on condition of paymeut of such privila-ged claims as are established in court. Kt'RTHKB tXuriRT. Hon. Mr. Miller suggested an adjourn ment to give time lor presenting the faclt in the case, and after a short discussion this proposal was adopted. It was decided that tlie committee should meet agaiu on Thurs day, wheu the circumstances outliued bv Mr. Barwick will be more fully inquired into. a Laeroase ClMllense. The Nicolet House having received rhal- enges foe a lacrosse match are desirous of meeting all-comers from the city hotels, aud nave seiecieu me following term : Driscoll goal; Dempsey, point; Johu O'Brien, cover-point; NcBl Griffin, Lafernicre, O'Connor, de- lence neltl; 11. laston, centre: Thomas Tierney, Darby Fox, home; Maguire, outside u.uie; O Donovan, inmate heme; Mullane. jici.ean, spare men; J. awuristian, captain. t ... .. . . Tlie Etoetrle Vmr Myateaa. Yesterday morning the electric cars were run tnrouKh the entire line from New Edinburgh, through St. Patrick. Dalhousie to Kideau street. Last evening the streets in Lower Town through which the splendid cars traversed were lined with admirers who watt-nca their progress witli eagerness. The coniany deserves praise for its enterprise and the careful direction iriven bv tha. suierintenalent, as well as the prudence of uie wiaieawakc motor men. The car innovation in Ste. Anne is welcomed by the ratepayers, wno win uerive great benefit tuerefrtun. See the Edison . Phonoeraah kanasaowne rsrs inn evening. "Is he honest?" asked a flat-o wner r.t friend who recommended a man for the position of janitor. "I don't know; but he returned raeti a norrowcti umbrella to me to-dav ' right; I'll take him." All PROCESSION AT PITTAWAT'S -FAMILIAR IN MILLIONS OP MOUTHS AS ANY HOUSEHOLD WORD." Th Tins. Loetiaa. Apollinaris "TIE BHEEI OF TABLE IATEBJ." Tht ApoUinarit Spring yields enough water not only for present requirements, but also or those o a future which is still remote.'' " The existing- supply is adequate for filling forty million quart bottles yearly." " The volume of gas ts so great thai it is dangerous to approach the spring on m windless day." Tux Tuu5, Lojtdox, aothaSepL, 189 THE Cim DILEMMA. Ratepayers Will Again Appealed T.o. be Ik Mayor Atmw te Mapport m Ww Bylaw Kjulr-d tme rnsl Imarsmarat and Repair. At a meeting of the Mayor and sevend aldermen, held in the City Hall yesterday iiiorniug to discuss the position of the city as regards finances, it was generally agreed that the only way out of the piescnt difficulty was to submit a new by-law to the people. The Mayor pledged' himself to support a by-law to rise $5o.tM $16,000 for the grading necessary 11 the streets Uhju which Hie Electric Kailway runs, $18,oo0 for street repairs, and l'".ooo for Cummings' Bridge. The new by-law was drawn up by his instructions, and will likely be laid before the Council at a seclal moeting to be held this evening. Aid. Henderson, Stewart. Durocher, ltoger, Grant, O'Leary and Campbell were present at the meeting. It was said Aid. Durocher had matle up his mind to resign previous to this meeting, but afterwards changed his luiniL SIR JOHN MACTJON ALD'S PARTEE. HE- A KecaialsreMre mf m Bt(b New TtMtr Day. 'Twaa New Year's Day that it befell, As he who heard rememliers well. To greet the Chieftain'' on that day. To "Kamscliffaj" crowd had ta'en their way, And when they gain'd its portal wide, Where wit's bright quiver doth abide. Their hot and hostess soon they view, "Happy New Year friemis old and new" And thro' the throng with playful air Then mov'd "Sir John" so deUunnair Till close beside a lumber king, Kir John jocosely said to him : Well what can I do for you ? " "A favour small Sir John. I sue." Then quo tli Sir John ; ''Tell me I pray, "And irknf I shall not say you nay," "The weather clerk, Sir John you know, "Is this year most exceedingly slow, "We lumbermen have felt the pinch, "Yet he'll not grant u e'n an tnarA," "Green Christmas in the woods you know, "We crave you for a a little oir." "Nay, nay, my friend," Sir John replied, "Respecting snow, pray let it slide, "TIW the woodman sorely lacks it, " 'Tis niv mat r rial I caunot t.r it." Stahacosa. 02 Slater street, Ottawa. See the Edison Phonograoh Landtdowne Park this evening. at New York, 4th The proposa-d wcei- stake betwrcn Tenuy, I.ougstrect anil other honves at Morn Park next Saturday lias been declared off. Tenny 1ms gone wrong, hi owner says, aud Longstrcct is slightly lame. TtMB Basaeball niamsBd. Tuesday's ball games resulted as follows : Kastern New Haven 6, Lelmnon 3 ; Troy f! Providence 3 ; Buffalo 13, Albany 0 ; Syra cuse 2, Jtochestcr 0. National Cincinnati 7, Boston 0 ; New -York 9, Cleveland 4 ; Brooklyn 4, Pittsburg I ; 1 hlladetphia 7, Chicago 6. Association Baltimore 7, Columbus 5 ; St. Louis 8, Boston 3 ; Louisville G, Ath letics 0. Tits curritRS VICTORIOUS. The postponed match between the Clip pers and tbe O. A. A. C. nines, in the Local Baseball League Championship Series, played on the Metropolitan Grounds yester day afternoon before altout 100 spectators, amongst wbom were a number of ladies. The Clippers won by a score of 16 to 3, playing the best ball throughout. The work of their battery, Vatican and Sullivan, was perfect. Only one base l hit was secured off the former, who struck out 19 of his opponents. The other members of the team did good work in the field and at the bat. In the second inning Mullin batted a ball which struck the feuce. Mas- son put up the bent game for the O.A.A C. The game was close until tbe fourth in ning, when the Clippers batted Young all over the field, and by this, together with the errors of Popham and Kirby, they scored ten runs. Masson, who covered 1st base very successfully, then took the box and held the Clipper down well. in uie eigntn mning .Sullivan stole sec ond and third beautifully. In the ninth Popham matle the only base hit for bis side. Messrs. J. Shea end A. N. Payne were the umpires, and the players as follows : Clippers Pitcher, alleau; catcher. Sul livan; 1st base, Deslnuriers; 2nd base, Aiurpny; 3rd bust-, Allen; short stop, Hin- tou; left field, Mullin; centre field, Hiuton; riglil Uelaj, nussell. O. A. 'A. C. Pitcher, Masson; catcher, Payne; 1st base, Pophum; 2nd laasc, Codd; 3rd base, Kirby; short stop, Young; left field, Ogilvy; centre tield, Morrison; right neiai, vtaisou. The score by innings was as follows : 1234 5 0 7 8 9 O.A.A.C 100 00010 1 3 Clippers 1 0 2 10 b 0 1 2 X 10 Hprtlajr . A letter has U-en received by the Capitals irom tne .ew 1 ork Athletic Lacrosse Club stating that the latter club propose making a tour through Canada aud are desirous of arranging a game with the Capitals ou either September .'.th or 7th. As the Capitals are at hatluled to play the Corn- walls on th- ;ith, they have given them the mi (labour Jjay) as a suitable date for the match. 1 he meeting of the executive of the Ottawa Lacrosse Club takes place this evening. 0 The Oslikoh and Dufferin Lacrosse Clubs played a draw game last evening, each team scoring once. Aid. Heudcrsou was referee and J. Cherry and P. Jlyan umpires. The Pastimes of Arnprior and the Carle-ton Place baseball teams have amalgamate.! ami uie men are practicinir hard and mean to make a irreat ellort to win tha $50 purse, for which they plar the Pastimes of Ogdensburg at the Fireman's picnic on 20tb inht. i nai tireti leelinir now an nfion l....i is entirely overcome by Hood's Sarsa,arill " "-" u'ea menial auu tsxlily strength. SOOTHINO, CLEANSINO. Heaunq. Instant Relief, Permanent Cure, Failure Impossible. Many so-called rlisssiM n simply symptoms of atttarrh, sueb as bsaaisoh. loaritiH sense of small, fool brsath, hawkiua aud spitting, gmavai (9aslii.ii ol dability. .to. If u U J tronbUd with any of tl.taavs or kiatlrwd svmDtouis. VfMl Lava Cataxrrh, and should loje no time procartns a bottle oi NasaI, Balm. B warned in Urn. ngarta1 cold in 1m vault in Catarrh. foJlowaxl by eonsumptioa aad j-ih Bold bv all tiruaKlsu. w ml post paid, on rsoatp of pnoa (SO eon Is aod SI) Irysililrasiliig rv.rai.iii fcO. 1TeVlltS. USA. I, PS Local Improvements. TAKE NOTICE that ih Municipal Oonnclt of lbs Corporate n of tUo City of Ottawa I aits nain to pass by-laws. In pursuant? of th Municipal Act, lor levying a iroinsss ran y fair the construction ol the lollowiog oral Improvement : in construction or a l-I'-ei tranouimo Sidewalk trontlns lot No. 6Sou the north side of I ooper street; also on tne east side of Oartler street, botwma cooper aud Llssar trrets; a o-feot araooilihto stale walk on tne westaiajaof Nlcli la sMawai. from lot uiu- oiuslve, to Hie s ulh slaiaj of rUasodoro siroei; a4-fet sranollthto sidewalk on tne south alda of Llsarar. IwiWMil i-.lsin and Cartler streets; a feet trans vei sag, a-iucn piana siuo- waiK on both sides of Man street, ueiweeu t.'ambrldse stivei and 4'erey street; a a-fset transverse. 3 inch plank sidewalk on me twin side of Albert street, tmiween com missioner street and MoeUesier alri; a 4-feet transverse 8-looh piatik sldewaJk on the north side ol Crt-lshton slrael. tslwn llaalTatrln Haad anal HeachwoOd BVenuas: a 6-fa9et transverse, S luch p. auk sidewalk ou the weal aids i.ra.oiumiasiouer streei, owna VVelllnicton au I Ckmtwsslon slreeLS, anu on the waaaL side of Conoesslon street, between Commissioner sliet anu Maria street: also on ths east side of c oncesaJon sirajet, belwawn Maria aud Albert streets; an s-feet frsno-llthlo sidewalk on the norm side of vtueen street, fronting- lot No. 24; a lo-feet grano-llthle sidewalk on the south side of r-parka traot. mam IV t nf lot Nil In an S-leet b lnell kranollthle sidewalk on the east side of Bank street, fronting lot So. ma; a lo-feet grano lithic alalewalk on the north aid or hltieau street, fronting lots P 4 Hand 8 ; a 4 feet transverse 8 Inch plank sidewalk on the south sldeoi Jamea street, betwaaen Kent and alynn streets; an 0 feet transverse, S-loch n ana alalawaik a.n the south stale of York street, last waren Dalhousie street anT Cumber- is no street; a w et trausvane, a-rnon pi" sidewalk on tbe east side of Barrett Laaue, between Clarence street and Murray street; a at-iMt arrannllthle sidewalk on th north side of Hi an ley avenue, fronting lota and 8; a 10 feel granolithic slduwalk on the east aide of busses itrwt. between Kideau and York streets; a 4 feet gianolilhle sldt- walk on the south side of Cooper street, between Klsln street and Cartler street; a feet trans. erse. S-lnch plank sidewalk on bMli aiutrs of Kocheater street, Mvwu Wellington street and the Canada Alls otto Hall war track: a s-fuet transverse, a inch Piank sidewalk on the weal side of AJtile eussex street, fronting the east aide of lot btasaerer street north; a to feet granolithic sidewalk on the west side of Metcalfe street from a point :oj feet north ol the south aide of lot No. 21, Wellington alt eel north, to sparks street, anal on bparks street, norm sine, iruni Metcalfe street ur the ia side of In Kaal of lot No 14 on said parks street north; a li Inch vitrified elay pipe sewer In tne eeuire of Bolton street, between the main sewer In salu Lolton street aud the Ktdeau tUver; a U Inch vitrlQaKl elay pipe sewer in the centre of iciona avenue, irom tne sewer in in street to lot Ntx 14 inclusive, on tne wwl side of said Victoria avenue; a Is Inen vltnuea elay pipe sewer In the centre of Maria street beirluulu at the sewer In Bar street alii running In a westerly direction to Percy at rasas U a l'J Ineh eltrined clav d!d sewer le Union strasec betwaien the main sewer and Stanley avenue, and In Btanley avenue lx twee a Union and Keeier atreelat; a li Inch vltrinawl eiar pipe sewer Jn the centre or Lorne avenue. beclnnlDC at the aewer la Albert street and goins in a southerly direc tion a distance of i4 IIDaaal rtei: a li men vitrified eaav pipe sewer In tbe centre of Pteston street, uvgtnulng at ibe sewer lu Kliu street and going In a avouihei ly direction along freslon street to th centra of 'pruee street, also tbe couslrnoilou of a Inen vuri fled clay pipe sewer In 8nruce slrvet. between Preston street and the easterly line Of lot 8 J on tbe north side of fpruce street; a li Inch vitrified elay pipe sewer In the eenlr of Oloueater street, bet vmi Klgtw street and Metcalfe street: a lo Inch vllnOed clay pipe sewer la the centra of nt. Andrew stitset, btxjlnotnc at the main sewer In King street and going la an easterly direction M Notre lis me street; a li Inch vitrtlted elay pl ewer In tueen street bctwasen Kent street aud Bay street: a li tacb vitrified clay pipe sewer lu Commissioner street between Albert street and slater street; and In Biater street between commissioner street and lot li no.- 4 Inclusive; an IS Inch vitrlOed clay pipe sewer In Murray street beginning at the main sewer In King street and Klng In an easterly direction alons: the cenlie f said Murray street to the east slue of Chapel street, also tha ooostruc t'oti of a IS luch vl trilled clay piper sewer Ir the centre of roadway ou Uie north side of Anuluaea Square from Chapel street to Augusta street, aud m 13 loch vltrl rt- eo ciay pipe sewer lu Augusta street irom in north slue of Angaeaea cfciuare to tne northern boundary of lot 3U on the north slue of Kideau straeet: to IS Inch vltrilled els v pipe aewer eouiiueuelug at the brica sewer In riorenee street, east or nsr street, menoe going In a waMlerly direction along tbe centre of Florence street to its Intersection with the centre of Percy street, thenoe northerly along Percy street to Its Intersection with the centre of Jamea stieet. tnenoe westerly along James street to InterweaBtlon with the eeolaTe of Conoeeaton street, thence along C nosislon street to Somerset atreet, also In Christie BtreaM between t neesaloa and Cambridge streets, a 14 loch villi lied day pipe sewer In Cambridge street oetween cnrteiie and Maria streetax, in Bomsrset street between Cambridge and Bell streets.. li Inch vitrified clav Dine sewer In James street be ween Bay aud rercy streets. iu unmoor sueei oeiwa?ea nay anu conoesslon streets. In MacLaren street between Bay and Conoel.n streets. In t-otneraet street betwtien CoonMalon and Cambridge streets, and In Primrose avenue between Cambridge and Bell streets; a 10 feet cranoll tblc slilewalk on tbe south side of bparks atreet rronung lots isos, Ol and ii And that statements showlnr the lands liable to pay tbe said rales, and tbe names of tne owners tnereof, so far as they can be aacerlal nej by the last re vlxad aasessment rolls, are now Oled In the offlee of tlio Cltv Clerk and are open for Inspection during oinoe nonrs. The following schedule shows the estimated ro -it or tne proposed works, the amount thereof to be provided out of tbe keneral fundsof the municipality, and the amount to oe cnargea as a special assessment upon tneinnus immediately Denentasd. vis. Granolithic slilewalk on Cooper and Cartler Dt.kiotal cost tvVx.M, city pay S-vvuu, tpMlal assessment l.Jt4 ; granolimie sidewalk on Nicholas street, total cost l,ell Ou, city pays aV4ctjO, speclsl assessment 1 1 .toLtki; grano-lltlilc a'.dewalk ou south side of Llagar street, total eost 72o 87, city pays tS J-& special aamasment sHaii.84; piank sidewalk on both siue or as ana treet, total oast ia.w, eity pay apeclal aasassament 1HU64; a plank aluewalk onaouth slue of Albert street, total ooatt 7ijM. elty pays eVtt.117, special nesiuent toiuo.; a plana siaewai t on north side of Cralehton street, hot' Dotterln Koad and Beebwood avenue, total oost $A.04, eity pays, special aaaeaa- ment axM.KC Plana aldewalkoncommlssloner and Concession streets, total oost SoiU-uo, city pys taviias special aaaesameni kjiw 67 granolithic sidewalk on uueen street, total coat t2H.i, city pays S103.8& spacclal aioes meal urauoltlnlo sluewalk on south sido Of bparks street, total oost 1. kt. cut pays s .i-ot, spasciai aaaeasment U7 4; grano uinic sidewalk tan east side of Hank street. oust aui iou.iv, city pars w. soeciai essment iXTLou: sranolilhlo sidewalk n Kideau stieet north, total oust al-sMitu, elty pays si&l.u-i. special asstsment tsaUi u: nlai.k sidewalk on James street south, total ll.otc city pays Ia64, special as ment Ittaat: lilank slilewalk on south side York street, total acost (AI.2, city psys luu.M. special assessment eauaa.o; piana siuewaik on iSS total cost 7 Si, city pays ( meat ,oa on; grauoiituio sidewalk on Btaniev avenue, total eost, city pays $u.oo, special assessment 8u.0u; granoilthlo side- waia on rtussex si reel total cost IfcHV.iU. citr paya 4l.lzXlu, apeclal asset isment (lMXAa-; granolithic sidewalk on south side of Cooper street, total acosl JTIlvtS, city pays .4ijS, -ieiai aiasaussment ioauu; piana sidewalk ou win udt-s oi Httrnester sireet- total noat,city pays ai.ifcia.lfl, special aasesmenl ijsu.i; Plana sidewalk on LJtlls Haauu- street, total oost .l..t, city pays m 17, special assessment 32..LJ: aranollthio aldewaaic .... Mealfe and Sparks streets, total ctt27a ami. eity pays hs4 is, special assaMsment liisii; aewer in notion street, total coal fta3,ti, city psys 70 Ml. special assessment 44 nn,i Victoria Avenue, total cost JSmni eit I "iwawa aHaaaiaaaaaiviaa. aja.ui', eewer 111 SUtW street, total oost 447.i4, city pays A 70. special ainiimtiBi sit m; sewer in r.taniey Aveuue and Unloo tteet, total cost itisou. cltv rsvi SS6.JU, special assensment ILlNi uw.r I n e AVtsus. total cost (Salt itl. Cllv nava .M US assessment 6 MU7; ewer In frestou aud upruoe streets, total oou 1.4.-4 tVi. cllv pays Btal.."sl, sp clsl Bsasrssnient I JtW4: sewer In Uloucestei stieet. total cost !1 to. en v t.ata ajart;iai aisa itietit ..O-i, sewer 1 11 aU 4WA.70, special aaatessment l,M.Ki; aewer In Uueen street, total oust I 4rL ciiv .. v- nuuivar BtrtTaoaa- total DuM Xiaal t.iiv a . iwisi uiiiiHBst asjs ,e; aewer in Plater and Commissioner etreeia. total ww 2,18.00, city pays SoOtU, Sa9rlal aamsament 1.1BI.4U; aewer in aukusib. Murrav anal Anelesea (Miuare. total cost 2.4.V.ti.i- ei'tv nava, ,v i a asiaaaa. an men t a ra,..v ., sewers in Florence, Percy, James, Concession. Christie. Cambiitlge, Ailbur, Soineiaet, MacLaren and o.aiiiour stieets anu rnmroae AVenuSata.iai acoet in.i.iti, city paya ,i-iu, sH?clal ment st.o7...; sraiioiltnio sidewalk on hutk. street south, total cost lSi.Ja,eily aaii .40. aiau aaaaasaaasauia u av a,ou.iAr. A Court of Revision will b tisM -1 n,. -i. Ball on the lUlh dav ol Auir.. Iss,. at ti. k.... of 7.30 o'cloek In the aileruoon, lor heartnc complaints against the proposed assessments " aavvtttaejr ui uie irouiage measurements, orat yotner cxiraplainta which pursa.ns Interested may desire to make and wblcu are J ...w aj j uiai court. W. P LETT, a d a- Ottawa. Aucnst 1S91. i.-or a Disordered Liver Try BEECHAU'S PILLS. FOR BALE BV ALL DRUGGISTS. CEMMILL & WAY, Barristers. Etc., CARLETON CHAMBERS. Ottaw.. J. A. OemmllL .. .7 IMELLIS & MONK. I Barristers, Solicitors, Su- iSAcuiu twourx Agents, etc. 27 Meteal fe at na.i I life I ,f 1 .Wo.?"y Sain, n Heal Estate Heeuritr. AUUUMr.xieiiis. lluuryCMonk. JAPANESE FINE Bedroom Suites. Parlovur Suites, Tables. Easels. Screens, Sofas, &e. GRAND DESIGNS IN ART FURNITIM OK EVERY DESCRIPTION IXCLtTDINO ' Solid Oals Furniture, "Walnut Furniture, Pattan Lawn Cb.2tirs, Latest Improved Brass Bedsteads, etc. Our upholstering being un8UTpns.snbIe. HARRIS & O'Connor street, POST OFFICE, OTTAWA. Arrival and Departure of Mails. July, 18 91. CLOSE. A. at.'P M. WaaTBH! Toronto. IfamSltoo, IonaJon. IVtorboto. ...... ..Mmlth's Kail's, fettn .. I I SO art HI sul 7 uH.. ! ij.. "w 7 S.. .... . t ...llellevllle, Nartnee, lawmanvllle. ...Manitoba, N. W. T. anJ Hrlttsn Colombia .... Hharbol I Jilts. .Horwool Brack villas, Kingston, Hamilton.. Kastbkm Montreal, eto.. ....... ........ Id Sul 3 a ai a hi n uo 1 uH ...Halifax. He John. s&4 ....... Maritime Provlneee 7 uua........i'nrawall. Vornsiiur. Lancaster, t-le.. 7 and Tnree Ktvere ............. 7 OajPniTBO statu- Via Usdensbarg. ....... 7 io( Wiirni.i Currao Rtatb ....... 3 :S Vobk through mall 7 1 dti dat 10 SI a :m i -j i lu xA I 40 11 l"v M 15 li 15. 13 IV li 14. SaT.HOSTO.'V AMD MW K.NOI.A .. House s I'oi at ..... 7 Oh.... ...Pre-oou I IO MtHlll4HI44H 7 !........ Komptvtlie luaul Merrlekvtlle IrtT. L. AND OTTAWA Rt. Keumnre. useatotle CAKAna. I'aciriC Kv.. West-Mstta wa. North Hay, all pot ota west of Fembrtake. ........Arnprior. aVasenham. lenl broke. Renfrew 10 SLM A Imamte . ... .Carlvtaatn Hlaoe .Anpletnn. Alibn in sol 10 x, i JO, 1(1 H C'AJf ADtAN l'ACino KV ham, Cumheiland. Thurso, Clarence, urauvllle, LOMsnal. etc. Montreal .... a oo; 7 oo, CA ad a Atlantic Rt 3 (Ireenflulat. Max villa Kasunsn a prln1r, ?outn I nails n. St. foivc irpe. ( rojcTl au Paciric JrxiiniH Hv Quyon. Kantley, 1 Hrvaon. Brlslol t Kort (htulong! a 4V 6 Su! 4 oo .... lyiintr J BY STVAWBK-r,oinharland, Rockland, Thuran, Wend-I i over, ireauweii ana J ool Br btagk Hell's C'o-ners. Rlrbmoad, Hkead's Mills.) nintoaburgb, Fallowfleld.Motucrove, ete... ....... Hull ......If arbonrd .. ........................................... nn' lu tii ...I 4 Oo tjAHKBA-j lt Klver 0U t.ntlsaas sod Iroosiaivs ................... Kamsayw Cnraeta, Hawthnroe-Mnn.. WL. Krt... .......Rulings' Brlds-e Mouth Olouerster. Metcalfe, etc.... .......Cummings' Bridge, Orleans, Hur.lroaii's Brldfa.... (Aichvllle) Ottawa East ..Merl vale, City Vlsw, Joclrval Tu., Ttiu. anal fat. 12 au ii"oe 30. B RJTTfsH MAILH. 1 IVMondav. R h. l.ttb.SUUi.ZTth. taiiMoiad S h. ch. (.upoleroentarv 1 IslTuawatlay Ulh, 2Mti. Huofilemsniary.. iM eaueaaay lata. cno. xn 1 ISiThurrd.y l.ath. SHrd. 6 Sin I huisdsy 2nd, Wh, V3rd 8uppleiuec:ary l 1j r naay li in, supplementary Parcel Pratt Mall via Qoehae L tters for rMtatrvtfon sanst be pnated malls nv which thev are despatched oma-e Hours From a a in. to s prn. Money oraer umee a m to 4 00 p.m. gkoiuh: i-.iiiriA.iv, UNDERTAKER AND EMBALMER. Graduate of the ITnttasd !taUe College of Embalming, New York. First class good and moderate piiaws OO Bank St. Bell Telephone No 8. Orn it pat ano Niobt. GLASSWARE LATEST NOVELTIES IN Table Glassware SEE OUR WINDOWS YOUR CUOICE FOR WWW .1 (0. 100 Sparks Street A. B. MACDONALD, AUCTION FKK, VALUATOR. REAL . . a . l a ' nuuMi AuK.ll, Residence 2SI Nicholas tinaL Teiephoue Kl 1 r, M. G. KcElliirinev. LDS. nraduatenf Rnval Dental Polieite and Hoa-lur tiraaluale ol Toronto University. Cor. Sparks and Bank Sts., Ottawa Friendlees "Women's Home Any wminor al 1 alaslrinr to t,r.k. . Of Sin Wtal Oll.l a ha ia''l.n.l a ...I ... . T nevtltl. In I UO Haallaaa l..r l-i. ..... Women. WeUlnglon sueei. 1 58 SPARKS STREET HAND-MADE BAMBOO acknowledged by all ad CAMPBELL, cor. Queen street. 1U1 f AIL. r. M.-P K. Ool S uoj "i"m Zj 441 n oil 4 etc. Cohort Line)... a no eof 46 S UU 4& j at "i"U a - u t au 'IK If 90 ! O STATU u an. u aw, c 11 H ii h 11 4 , Manntlek, North Oower, Kara J a U Kiatlon. Oxford xtatlon It ti and and ool ..... and Ktltfsvllle .. M It 1 a o. ti It'. EaBst : tiatineao I'o'nt, Bocklng-I 0d Alexandria. Oleu Hobertseu 1 1 AiS rinss, TMratn jotiian, eat. rravr irpe.. . JrMHa.s Hv Quyon. Klaratley.l 4, Vinton, Bnuwvilie, Hey wort h, 0 . - a e a a f 11 s 11 45 fSM "1 Laeraivre u ooj IS is oo s 7 4 10 SM.... 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FEDERAL AND QUEBEC COURTS, Victoria Chambers, 172 Wellington t-Usst. Ottawa. EDWARD MAHON. Barrister, etc. IW Offlraa. t'oaart tru A w. Iwl. Street. Otiawa. ' RITCHIE & RITCHIE Bakristkiu. Solicitors. Etc. Hupreme ourt ami Itepartmental Areata rc -ttlsh oniarto Chambers, 44 sparks a I rare-L, . Ottawa. J A. KlTCHlB. llvnHM.aaia HODGINS, KIDD & RUTHERFORD. Harrltlen, Saollrl tasra. Sa,r.aau. luarl s ratrllaaaasstiary Airaia. ONTARIO CHAM BtRS. John Ilodulns. Omi. k Kuta. ii., t' Ttni hertt.rd. A. FEKG0S0N, BARRISTER, SOLICITOR, ETC a OA HLEj ONJPI 1 AM E R S. OTTA W A. F. R LATCH FORD. aHasllCltasr. f.t. Sunreme fVllirt an.l I n, rl inert 1 .1 I...I Money lo lend at lt.wet tales on cllv and farm nraioertv IU K'gl Street, Ottawa. THE Ottawa Daily Citizen ESTABLISHED 1844. I'ulalWt.eai at the mee of Thk finis I'KINIINal AM. ri'HLI.lllU Co., every maarnlug (Muiidays esorptasdl. H.llt. JnMITH, ilaaaglng 1 1 rec lor. M aW 4 li 4 IS U OS ta

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